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REVIEWS OF Michigan Beer Company IN Michigan

Joanne Toth

So disappointed. Usually service is great, but today our bartender chose to spend his time consoling a friend crying at the end of the bar and giving a personal therapy session rather than waiting on customers. Would have ordered food and additional drinks if we had the opportunity to do so.

Bre Jones

Ordered Cajun chicken pasta & was very disappointed the chicken was OLD & Dried out. You literally couldn’t even bite into the chicken. On top of that it was accompanied by flavorless noodles. I had high hopes but was very dissatisfied.


Great bar menu, excellent variety of taps

Tom W

Bartender didn’t seem to happy to be at work and he made a Bloody Mary with no gloves and totally man handled the bacon and other goodies that he speared with the little skewer... gross.. Beer was good but that was nasty

Kevin Obrien

Service was great! Beer selection was decent. True to it's name it is all Michigan craft beer on tap. The Apps we're good as well

Alan Gutowski

Overpriced 66 bucks for two without tip. Cajan pasta had no taste.

Dave Campbell

They have a dueling piano bar that is out of this world. The best act i have ever had the pleasure of singing along with! Will so be back again.

Anthony S

Worst service I have had in a long time. Over an hour for 2 drinks and some nachos. The waiter was too busy taking to other workers or following girls around to ever check on my table. He didn't even bring napkins. I went to the bar to ask for napkins and couldn't even get acknowledged buy the bartenders so I had to grab my own napkins from over the bar. There was only one good worker in the place and unfortunately for me she was working the patio not where I was sitting. To top everything else off the food wasn't very good and the 3rd person to come help me didn't even ask what was wrong when I told her that a whole plate of food could go in the trash. For a Friday night they didn't seem very busy and now I know why.

Pierre J

This place is awful. I ordered a burger and waited 45 min until they came back and told me that they accidentally gave it to somebody else and that they had taken a bite out of it already so it would be a couple minutes for another burger to come out. I patiently waited another 20 minutes and after an hour and some change I had lost my appetite because of how frustrating the experience was. Safe to say I won’t be coming here again!

Zack White

Great selection of craft beers. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Nachos were enough for two.

Tami B

The food was great!

B. Darling

Fun place to hang out. Food was good too. Our waiter is one of the best! Highly recommend this place

Debra Spellman

Had beers outside during Novi Main Street Festival. Shayla didn't rush us and was great.

Mark Murphy

We had fun watching the dueling pianos! Food was awesome! Beer selection was fun! Pretty cool place to stop in and check out!

Megg Geiger

For the shear fact that their employees paychecks bounce and they refuse to correct this, I wouldn't recommend. Why don't you pay your employees?

christa kulp

I would actually not give this place ANY stars!!! They screwed up 3 of 4 of our meals, one was chared, the other 2 had stuff in it that was asked to be eliminated. No apologies from the staff..just not somewhere I would EVER come back to or recommend!!!!

Tom Harrington

Ordered the Chicken Breast, it was served on a dry bed of broccoli slaw with a small amount of salsa on top. Not what I was expecting.

snezana stevanovic

My firm chose MI Beer Co and Duel for our Holiday Party this past weekend. We had a WONDERFUL time! The service was excellent, the food was good, the drinks kept coming - they handled a group of 80 people beautifully and were friendly and fun the entire time! I can't say enough positive things about our experience! Huge thank you to Terri and Ray and their entire staff!

Leanne Nicholson

Staff was great, extremely quick service, and great selections of beer. Will go again!

frank reeves

Great place where you can try many varieties of Michigan beer with some grub. I’ve had the seafood poutine and meatloaf and both were tasty. A good selection of beer (not just 20 different IPAs).

Dan Cholish

The truffle fries are amazing. Nice and big place.

Bridgette Tobey

Great selection of Michigan beers on tap. They had unique selections from some of our favorite breweries that you wouldn't see at some other taprooms. We ordered the charcuterie board to split and we so disappointed. Charcuterie boards can be very hit or miss and this was the biggest miss I've seen. I don't even know why they offer it on the menu. The most enjoyable portion was the variety of pickled vegetables, however that's where it stopped. They made an interesting choice to offer water crackers because they really wanted their old waxy yet limp cheese to be the star...They offered the basic cheddar, swiss, but also surprised us with american cheese. Over all the platter seemed like a mix of cheap deli meats and sandwich cheese school cafeterias pick up from GFS, but they left it out over night. We ate it because we were starving and were on a tight schedule. I would highly recommend passing on the Charcuterie board

Mark McFarland

Excellent beer and bourbon selection

Robert Hayes

Sat at the bar. Good service. Good selection of craft beer. I definitely enjoyed the place. Will go back

Jason Morse

Good but very average bar food that's a few dollars too pricey.

Ninad Trifale

Good selection of beers and you can always find seating here anytime you go.

Mary Johnson

Very Good food. Just Do Not Go there on a Hot Day because their air conditioning system to weak for such a large area. Plus they have the outside doors open when the air is on for some reason. Probably wouldn't go back because of this.


Huge variety of Michigan beer. Great service and delicious food.

Indyfinestgamer Online

Service was excellent

Rebecca Barlow

Food and drink is great. Very attentive service. The live music was really great too. Nothing better than watching a football game with dueling pianos in the background. The only negative I would say is that the lasers on the ceiling are pretty tacky and kill the environment a bit.

Andrea Woody

Never have to wait for a table. Good mixed drinks. Had a delicious burger. Enjoyed the fries, too

Joseph Ferraro

Food was good. It was a nice day to sit outside.

AA Ron P

Two beer flights (Four 3oz pours) for $24. Nope.

Suzanne Utt

We are from WV and came to visit our kids and it was our first time as well as our kids to visit this restaurant. Amazing service and phenomenal food. I had the fish and chips and my husband had the meatloaf and we kept sharing from each other's plates. Our grown kids had the MAC and Cheese and Kale salads and said it was great!! So many beers to choose from, the selections and ranges of flavored are well thought out. I had a cream ale and the others got a Growler with 4 beers of their choice. Will definitely stop again the next time we're in town.

Sam S

Good gastro pub. Nice selection of beers on tap with a varied menu from fish and steak to burgers and pub fare. Lots of competition nearby these days though. Hope they keep it up!

Cristian L.

A very neat location in Novi. Make sure you stop to taste their burgers. As we arrived the place was full, but we had a reservation, so we were accommodated very quickly. The music was decent, not to loud, and as we waited for our food, we tasted some of the drafts. If you're drunk you can't complain about the food, right? But there is nothing to complain about! We ordered a three types of their burgers (pickles included, lol), which were very tasty! Thank you, Chef!


Great beer selection. Food is good. The tuna steak is delicious!

Spencer Salow

Amazing selection of beer. Cool place to stop in and grab a beer!


BEWARE. Owner has no idea what he’s doing. Ordered items from online store a week ago, hasn’t shipped, he told me to call back next week, too busy to check today.

Jackie Yelinek

Food and beer were way over priced. My salad was $17 and the flight of beer that didn't even come out to a pint was $18. Service wasn't great either considering we were the only party in our area.

Sandra Anselm

Had multiple contacts about a birthday party of 10 with Buffett. 3 people in audience for piano bar & then they announce that buffet is closed & we have to order off the 5 choice menu ! Food ok but didsapointing. Dueling Pianos good. But kind of get the feeling that this place may not make it !

Lillian Stevenson

Absolutely loved the truffle fries

Jackie Lenk

Enjoyed both the food and the drinks

Bulldog killeen

Great food and giant portions just how I like it! Piano was fantastic and we got to joke around with the pianist like they were friends, I even got to go up and play a little bit! Great experience and I think I'll bring my homecoming group here.

Eric Dowle

NICE selection of yummy crafts!

douglas brown

Michigan Beer Company has a very nice selection of beers from across the state, but does not brew any on site. Reasonable pricing and selection compared to similar breweries or mega-tap bars. Menu might be considered limited, but everything our party ordered was quite good, larger portions, and again fairly priced for the quantity. Apmosphere was quiet for a Tuesday night and could get quite loud on a busy night. Ample TVs around the bar could make for good game watching. Our server, Gabby, found the perfect balance of attentiveness and service. With a few fun stories, brilliant approach to a menu/kitchen misstep, and birthday treat, she nudged the score up for us. Overall Michigan Beer Company is a quality establishment that we would recommend. It's missing that special something to set it apart, but you will have a quality experience that feels familiar. I would give a 4.5 if that was an option, and Gabby's service gives us the nudge to a 5.

Thomas Keller

Really enjoyed the selection of beers. Good food and price. Wait staff were very friendly and courteous

Mark Myers

Selection of beers was smaller than expected. Many signs had not been updated for quite a while. The best I had was a dark beer with banana and coconut hints. Would do it again!

Daniel Buben

Great beer selection, but the food selections are *only* good - not great. I wasn't too thrilled with the burger bun that fell apart and 'normal' fries that are barely better than fast food quality.

Donavon Hoover

The review in the picture says it all. I hope they are able to turn it around and start having well-cooked food again. It used to be a great place to eat and hang out.

Patrick Miller

The beer selection is unbelievable and all Michigan breweries. Super friendly staff. Food is good too.

Dave Bass

Awesome place! Pepper corn burger and truffle fries were amazing! Highly recommend this place

Jason Grewell

Always a great rotating beer selection. Food is great, and overall just a really fun atmosphere

Ron Mesic

Excellent selection of Stouts. No handgun sign on door means criminals know you are easy target here.

Kari Rosinski

The smell of dirty fryer oil emanating from the front door should have encouraged me to turn around, but I was hangry. It took about 5 minutes until I was greeted at a bar seat. I was handed a beer list but had to ask for a food menu. Beer selection was so so, but that's all a matter of vast opinion and the food was ok. Service was friendly, but I couldn't imagine having to work in that strong dirty oil smell that will follow me until I wash my coat.

Carolyn J

The biggest problem on our second and final visit here was the service. The waitress was taking our order and then turned to the table behind us to say something to them in the middle of our order! My friend ordered the ravioli and 10 minutes later the waitress comes back and says 'we aren't serving that tonight.' Not that they ran out but they weren't even planning on serving that dish that evening. You think she would have known that prior to the start of dinner service. Also the women's bathroom was so dark like they didn't know how to change burned out light bulbs. Plus there were several stalls that were locked with no sign saying they were out of order. Will not be going back.

Jeff Risdon

Decent selection of craft beers from around Michigan. Burgers and fries were great.

Sue Hart

Their beer Bloody Mary was spectacular! Loved it. Chris, the bar tender was great!

John Javosz

Great service and a pretty good beer selection!

Grant DeLay

I've been to this location many times. Beer and apps are ok but overpriced. The burgers are consistently underwhelming. If you are considering ordering a burger go to the Library across the street and save money. If you want the venison go to wal mart across the street and buy a hungry man beef microwave dinner for $3.99 its better than the venison loin and barley which is the most expensive item in the menu. A lot of room for improvement in food quality.

Michael Van Dyke

Great food

Mimi Kue

Large selection of beers on tap. Love the pork shank and the sweet potatoe fries.


Good beer selection, good food! Will try it again.

Kristi Dunlap

Nice restaurant, lots of beer on tap, but service was extremely SLOW. We went at 1pm and the restaurant was not busy, but took so long to get server that we ended up ordering drinks and food together. Good thing since the server didn't come back until she brought food. May have ordered another drink, but didn't get the chance. Had a burger that look big, but then you noticed it was really mostly bun. I will say the fries were really good. Once again though didn't see server until we were done eating sitting there with credit card on table.

Christine Gohlke

Great beer selection and very knowledgeable staff, directed to some very tasty brews...

Matthew Souchuk

Great food great beer the chef really knows what hes doing their

Christie Rothenberg

Will definitely visit again

Alyse Johnson

Pretty good beer selection, a few of the beers I tried to order off the draft list they were out of. Still found something to drink though. Our food was REALLY good. Among the food we ordered was poutine and Cajun shrimp pasta. Both were awesome (the poutine is verified as the best in Michigan by a Canadian). The service was okay, I had ordered a drink and the wrong one was brought out, but our waiter insisted multiple times that was the beer I had ordered after I had tried to say that it wasn't. Would recommend this place and will come again!

Stacey Anderson

Fabulous! We booked the Beer Garden for our son's birthday party, and the staff was so accommodating, professional and made sure everything was flawless! Our guests were blown away and we were able to enjoy the day (vs. worrying about clean up, etc). From the food, to the service to the space, this was one of the best venue choices that we have made for an event. I can't wait to book the Beer Garden and Duel for an upcoming corporate event!

George Karpathios

Beer was warm and food was cold.

Kari Keating

Nachos were fabulous. Good staff

Scott Lancaster

Beers we're good but all the beers we're very expensive compared to most brewery's. Good atmosphere. Only had beers.

Taylor Morse

Great food and beer! I will def be coming again!

Andrea Stinar

Good food and drinks.

Dennis Weber

Excellent Service

Maxwell Castiglione

Great selection of beer, friendly staff and a good time! We went in winter and see that they have a huge beer garden! Can't wait to come back in the summer to check it out!

Scott Minck

Waitress was Awesome food was good

Terry Marrs

Ran out of wings, what the hell poor kitchen manager

Ror Shak

Me was hungry poutine. Me no hungry anymore.

Robert Senecal

Great service and food!

Anne Shields

Food was good, beer was good, server forgot about us.

Mike Spurlock

Great beer selection, super service, Reuben bites were yummy. Thanks Anya

Paul Mullett

Service was great food and beer were a bit pricey for what you get

Casey Taylor

Good food great service nice selection of beet

B Thompson

Service was good, beer was very good and food was nicely seasoned until my girlfriend cut into her chicken and it was raw! We didn’t throw a fit but asked the waiter to please cook it until it was done . At this point I would expect a manager to visit the table or take some money off our bill . Neither of those two things happened . Questionable service here.


It was ok. Part of our order was forgotten about and had to wait while some of us were eating which was annoying. It was also pretty pricey for what you're getting and I don't know that I would be willing to pay that much again. Then we were there after close apparently because it said online they're open until 1am and it was 12:20 when someone finally came around to us and said they closed at midnight. That really should be changed online.

Dawn Haworth

Pricey and the food was just ok.

Brian Johnson

I love this place! The food is amazing and they have a stellar beer selection! 9/10

Joe Jiovani

Happy hour was a great deal on draft. Poutine was delicious! Would definitely come here again, was super quiet on a Sunday afternoon/evening.

Carrie Haiflich

Food was great but need working air conditioners


We let our son pick out the restaurant and boy were we glad. This place rocked. It was the middle of the day on Saurday and it was pleasantly calm and a dark atmosphere with old rock classics playing as we ate our truffle fries with truffle aioli and the beer battered whole cod. Everything on the menu looked delishish and if we come back to town, we will come back here again. Expensive but worth it.

Ryan Mifsud

Love this bar. Tons of toilets and sinks. Nicole is a super friendly bartender!

Timothy Paul

Great food and beer

Nick Cray

Nothing spectacular with the food; dry chicken breast and odd vegetables. Should've stuck with the burgers or meatloaf. Beer choices are excellent.

honesty lee

I would highly recommend this restaurant and bar. The staff are friendly and the drinks cold. The burgers here are some of my favorites but the truffle fries are the icing on this cake. My palate may not be as refined but these fries are so savory and addicting. These keep me coming back.

Nice Cycle

Love this new addition to Novi! Huge selection of drafts and bottles. The food is AMAZING. Michigan comfort food at its finest. I highly recommend checking out the beer garden on a Friday or Saturday night. Highly recommend.

Jocelyn Hankins

We were there for a group party. The server dropped our beer order and took 20 minutes to resolve and we had to wait equally that amount of time to get our bill. We ordered sweet potato fries which came with sugar/cinnamon (not indicated on menu). When we asked for a replacement for just plain fries our server made a face and made us feel it was a big inconvenience. To top it off a male worker was in the ladies bathroom (he ended coming in twice) without any signage indicating that bathroom was being cleaned and 4 of the stalls had out of service signs.

Jack Murfett

Great beer selection, decent food, always able to get a table even on Friday nights

Tanya Dias

Food was overpriced and drink was not so great.service was slow. I ordered an old-fashioned and it was full of ice

Kirk Teetzel

Excellent local beer selection. Quiet, cozy atmosphere and a nice, varied menu which is carried out well. Over all, a recommend. Little pricey and maybe not the kind of place to meet up for a few beers / snacks, but rather a nice place to have a dinner and sample some of Michigan's finest brews.

Fernando Huacon

If you Hispanic they will sub estimate you, I was there 1 hour and they serve me one beer, but I was ready to drink a lot, so disappointed...

Sapphy Megatron

If you go on certain nights when very specific personnel are there, you will receive good bar service. Otherwise, be prepared to have to flag someone down to get a drink *right at the bar*. Sat at the bar - it was NOT busy - for over five minutes without any of the THREE people working behind it acknowledging me. Had to flag someone down outside of the bar. Got no acknowledgement from those same three people the 45 minutes I was there. Two of them deigned to tell me to have a good night after I cashed out - with the person I'd flagged down. Punk-ass millenial with an army haircut never acknowledged my presence at the bar - or smiled at anyone - the whole time I was there. He was supposedly tending bar, but was really interested in his phone. Bottom line: if you like going to get a drink where you'll sit ignored until you flag someone down - even though the bar's not busy - go here. For excellent, attentive, friendly bar service, you'll need to go elsewhere.

Bryce Umscheid

Excellent tap selection. The BBQ pork shank was amazingly good. Not even sure how to explain it, so it's better if you just go there and order it. Super friendly and fun staff.

justin salmon

Amazing food and a great selection of Michigan beers

Mary Vetula

Good beer, service, and food!

scot pelc

Food was hearty and our server Amber was very nice

Ashley Gutowski

Was alright, nothing to write home about. Price point was high for what you got. Cajaun Chicken pasta had no flavor and no cajaun zip (felt like it was missing the spice), Honey chicken had good flavor but was overcooked and grilled spots leathery and burnt at times. Usually we go out for 2 with drinks for around $45 this was $65+. Not woth the increase compared to other restaurants. Food was just enough no leftovers. Also empty on a Friday night...

Charlie Drake

Food was amazing. This pork shank was perfectly cooked and served on a bed of mashed potatoes. The flavor was great and very tender. Highly recommend this dish!

Alinuru dot com Yasin

Dueling pianos were great! Memorable time with Christmas party. Cheers!

Mark Rudd

This is a very nice place, spacious, good food, great selection of beer! Friendly knowledgeable staff.

Mike Langford

What a dump.


10 mins sitting at the bar with no service, not busy... bar tender laughing and have a good time with employees.... save your self and go across the parking lot to the library and have some four cheese jalapeño dip...

Alex Temple

Can not recommend this place for any reason. Beer prices are high. Food prices aren't great either but more importantly the food just isn't good. We had an app and two entrees and didn't care for any of it except the cheese the bread came with and i feel like that wasn't even made in house.

David Hipkins

Good food Good beer Great service

Leticia H

Very nice lively place. Has the options of dining in or there is a beer garden that is in an open area. There is protection against the elements. Many varieties of beers and known for their Truffle Fries that are excellent!!

Sandra Morelli

I love the vibe of this place. Still has a few kinks to work out. If the owners read this, here is some constructive criticism: train your paino talent more. Nudge them to go see Dave. Have them google Dave Caruso. Im sure he can help them perfect their craft. Let him know Chris Nordman Associates sent you. Also in the womens room. You really need to fix bathroom stalls. Like 1 broken. Ok i understand. But like 4? Also the hook for your purse is behind you and not user friendly. Move the hook on the door or on the wall in front of you when sitting. Hope this helps. Best of luck. Cant wait to come back and see you thriving.

Amber Mugan

Great coupon deal and great food!

Michelle Green

Great food & excellent beer selection. Try the lemon blueberry shandy.

Corey Stockdale

Not much service, everyone is either on their phone or talking to one another. Beer is a little pricey. Sat at the bar and had gnats flying around us, which resulted in one getting in my last few sips of beer. Not many people in for a Saturday evening either...

Sungho Ji

Many kinds of beers you can choose!

Pat Carol

Great atmosphere and outstanding staff!

Andrew Metz

Delicious food, great service and a plethora of drink options!

Jarrett Barnes

Nice place. Dueling pianos were entertaining. Fun for night life

Arnold Bell

Food was ok, kinda blan, cajin chicken, nachos, chicken wings dry.

Tasha Steinman

Great pub food

Phil Brewer

Overpriced beers and food, mediocre service. $6 for a pint of Atwater beer lolol

Anica Burns

Beer was great. Nice selection to choose from. Food is between a 3 and 4 star. It was a bit pricey but our company made it a fun experience.

Kim Pratt

We were here last weekend for the Michigan/Penn State game. The food, beer & wine were awesome. Seafood poutine oh my goodness I'm still dreaming about it....

Sunny & Yana

Great drink selections and awesome atmosphere!

Toshihiro Tanaka

Lots of beer. Good for drunk.

Dan Shea

Best burger I had in a long time. Best truffle fries I ever had. Great beer and even better service. Came for michigan state game. Will be back next week for the game love this place.

Madison Kobe

Went on a Friday and it was pretty empty. Parking was kinda far, but I didn't mind the walk. Service was decent. They had a large variety of beer, and I didn't order any food.

Tina Harris

Terrible service and food was not good. Too expensive for what you get.

Nicole Garrison

First of all, we entered a place that said “Michigan Beer Company” but it was a dueling piano bar. They tried to sit us in a place that looked like a dark bingo hall. I did not want to go to a dueling piano bar I made a reservation for Michigan Beer Company. The roof was leaking. The food was bad. My boyfriends dads pork was half raw and no one was satisfied. To add to the experience, the floor in the bathroom was so sticky I could hear my feet sticking. The food is very pricing and terrible. Can’t believe we just spent the money we did here...

Kunal Gosrani

Beer was great.... Space was awesome.. Parking can be bothersome but big parking lot nearby... Not so fun in the cold but wonderful in the summer... Wait staff was pleasant and friendly... As a vegetarian the the food was OK... Bar food is what you should expect, and not anything gourmet or bistro... Their sauces were delicious though.. Garlic aoli and maple Bourbon cream... Get the waffle fries and you will think you're eating French Toast... Delicious... 4 star coz vegetarian food was OK and not my kind of beer selection. Otherwise fantastic.

James Dingeldey

Shayla was our waiter. She was informative, courteous, and read our table like a book. She brought what we needed before we had to ask. Food was great, too.

michael green

Seafood poutine was on point. My chicken breast unfortunately was overcooked. Awesome venue, though.

Tim Harris

Nice place. But be sure you have not pieces of glass in your beer. I'm okay now, but it was horrible.

Dave Bolton

Really wanted to like this place since it is close to home but it's been a struggle. The bar area is very cool and the service is great but the food is bland and not very good. The beer and wine prices are high also. $7 for pint of bell's two hearted is a joke and their house wine is around $10. It's usually not that busy and I can understand why. Kick the quality of the food up a notch and lower your alcohol prices and I bet your business will get better.

Gary G

Great food and an awesome beer selection! Staff has always been warm and friendly when I have been there!

Mark Shearer

Excellent happy hour

Rob Bockelman

I liked the menu. Beer selection was good. Definitely worth a(nother) visit.

Jeff Meyer

This was the ABSOLUTE WORST dining experience we have had in years! We asked if any of the appetizers were gluten free and the waitress told us the beer battered fries were - uh, NO they aren't, beer has gluten and the batter has wheat flour!!! We asked for milk for our son's meal and was told they were out. Tried to order the venison, but they were also out of it. Ordered salmon with roasted carrots...received WAY over cooked salmon (edges were rock hard and center was totally dry) and green beans instead of carrots, which big surprise they were out of! Manager offered to have the chef redo it and said he would comp the salmon meal. Second piece of salmon was mostly edible, except for edges, which were crispy. It was not good though - no seasoning at all. And to top everything off, the salmon meal was not comped, nothing was comped at all!

Phill Lindsey

Great as always love to have one downriver

Matt Heil

Good food, great service teamwork

Robin Ball

Very good food and atmosphere. Would recommend.

Kenny No

Good and many kind of Michigan beer.

Lawrence Gardner

Good food and great beers.

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