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328 Maynard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States

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REVIEWS OF Madras Masala Restaurant IN Michigan

TJ Higgins

Everything here was so amazing and the staff were quick and accommodating. I absolutely LOVED the spicy butter chicken, maybe the best Indian I've ever had. Eat here.

Anupama Sharma

Not the best Indian restaurant in Ann Arbor. The south Indian food like dosa and sambhar is good but the buffet had very less options as compared to other Indian buffets, especially for vegetarian and vegan people. The staff is polite and nice. The atmosphere is decent.

Priscilla Esquivel

You can never go wrong here

Sachin Sandamoni

I had a worst experience at this restaurant. I went there on Friday 9:00 PM. Staff directed us to table. There was no one from staff with a menu for a while. When they finally came at 9:15, told us to order everything before 9:30 saying kitchen will close. Worst part is, staff was ready with the bill before we completed the food, they made me to pay and sign the bill, when food was not even half done.

Sarah Shubeck

Don't order delivery. We have been loyal to Madras for years, but tonight our food just didn't come. I spent so long fighting with GrubHub on the phone only to find out the restaurant sent our food with a third party driver an hour before and couldn't track that person down. No one tried to make it right. It was insane. We are so disappointed. We used to love Madras, but this is just not OK.

Sivakumar Mambakkam


Prathit Shukla

The authenticity is on point along with the food, except for the buffet which ends to have some cold naan and not as flavorful food to cater to the casual customer.

murali gumpeny

I used to visit Madras Masala whenever I would miss vegetarian South Indian food. We would visit the kayaking spot nearby, get tired and sunburnt with all the paddling, and stumble into this place, hungry as wolves. Great ambience with a wonderful spread. Indians living in and around Ann Arbor should consider themselves lucky for having this restaurant close by.

Anthony Sciuto

Great lunch buffet! Not entirely sure what I ate, but it all tasted very good! Service was impeccable.

Akshaya Poojary

It was good food with alots of variety. We had visited for the buffet on weekends. It has variety of Chutneys as a dip for dosa, idlly and vada. Please reserve the table over the phone in advance as it would be difficult to find dine space during weekends and holidays. It is has a paid parking garage very close to it. The exit point of this parking garage is adjacent to Madras Masala restaurant. Sorry couldn't get pictures of the food as I was busy eating

Joe Kresyman

Real good buffet friendly service

Vincent Colletti

Went in here on a whim and had a great meal. The food was good and quick. My favorite dish was their Indian ‘French onion soup’ which had a great balance of kick and flavor.

Tom Adams

Buffet was really good and you can get in and out even when it's busy!

Travis Tracey

Great lamb curry on the Buffet and friendly staff.

Dan Nelson

If I find a tiny piece of sharp bone in my food, and bring it to your attention, your response should not be "so?" Food is tasty when it doesn't surprise you with things that should not be in it. Staff don't seem to care. I don't recommend it until they adjust food prep and attitude. Sadly it won't be me that tells you when that happens.

Leo Robertson

Best Indian food in the county, if not the whole state

Sonja Waite

Just tried Madras Masala for the first time and I will be going back. We really enjoyed the Idli and Vada appetizers and the vegetable biryani. It is a more affordable dinner option than many downtown restaurants. The staff was friendly and the facility was clean and pleasant. I look forward to trying more dishes.

Tim Siggins

Buffet is very good, you can get some things most places don't offer like dosas and idli.

Joshua Kemp

It’s really good food

Asiyah Ayubbi

One of my favorite spots to eat in Ann Arbor!

Pris F

I love their mango lassi and the food was great. The service is always great. This is the best place to get Indian food in Ann Arbor. Prices are also reasonable. You won’t regret having the food and receive the service there.

Sumanth Reddy

A very good south Indian(Tamizhian) flavor of food, maintaining the same quality and taste over time, they are the best. Very nice helpful people greeting pleasantly. Usually a busy place, but a nice choice for a heartfelt taste of food and experience. With in the university campus premises which is an added benefit.

Mikhail Wise

I really like it here, and we go a lot. I think the food is pretty good but convenience is king with this place.

A Qur

This restaurant has the best butter chicken in America.

Marc Hulley

Awesome lunch buffet, if you pay cash only 10$. Best Chicken Tiki Masala ever.

Stu Shy

Excellent biryani!!! That alone makes me give 4 stars. Actually it's also one of the best south Indian restaurant in Michigan. The food was delicious. Best vada I have had in Michigan. The restaurant is a little small.


Decent Indian food. Probably best to go for buffet. Atmosphere is lacking.

Divya S

Buffet at it's best ! Awesome taste..

Corey Papineau

Good food, bring your appetite!

scott metzger

Amazing meal!

neli sarova

Amazing! The one negative is that they aren't in Ypsi. The only reason I drive to Ann Arbor is specifically for Madras Masala and Cardamom. Not to rag on Ann Arbor but, it ain't my scene. I'll drive anywhere to get Indian though lol. To pick up takeout, I still need to park in the parking structure since street parking is impossible but it's still worth it to be able to eat such amazing Indian. I would say both Madras and Cardamom are my favs, equal in price, consistency and taste. Madras is less packed though and there won't be a wait for a table if you're eating in. Love their lamb vindaloo and chicken tikka masala. Just wish their goat didn't have the bones in but again, not a deal breaker for me at all. Their online ordering from their website is perfect, the food is always ready and hot when I get there. Can someone open an Indian restaurant in Ypsi already!

K Merlini

This place is my lunch go-to. Their $10 (if you pay with cash!) lunch buffet can’t be beat. The food always tastes fresh and, whenever I’ve gone, demand is high enough where the food doesn’t sit out too long. The butter chicken is to die for and the rasam is great if you are feeling under the weather. In my opinion, table service is hit or miss so I regard Madra’s as a take-out joint vs a sit-down dinner place. I think the dinner dishes are a little over priced for what they are, but the food is certainly delicious. You can’t go wrong with the lunch buffet, and the food will always satisfy that comfort food craving.

Brandon Mitchell

I could eat at this restaurant every day of the week. The lunch buffet options rotate daily, and everything is incredible. The staff is so friendly and welcoming every time I go in, it feels like going to see friends. Dinner is always a pleasure as well, getting dishes catered specifically for my high spice demands. Once I move away from Ann Arbor, this will surely be my biggest loss.

Nolan Reynolds

Good Indian food and lots of vegetarian options

Mike Kostecke

Not the best Indian restaurant in Ann Arbor, but it’s a very good option. Especially if you like South Indian food. The people who work here are very nice, too.

Michael Reh

I love me some Indian buffet, and this is my favorite in the city

sara samson

Their thali is good but overall food is just average

Amanda Young

Absolutely wonderful! The wait staff was very pleasant & the food was amazing!! The depth of flavors was just outstanding, it was an adventure of culanary artistry. This was my first time eating here, it will not be my last! Both my husband & I were elated with this gem of Ann Arbor.

Srinivas Krishnamurthy

Authentic South Indian food. Variety in their lunch buffet. I am usually here for 2 weeks at a time for work and I am there every day for their lunch buffet. I go back there for dinner as well. Prices are great and food is so much better than Cardamom.

Zaharaa Ahmed

Worst experience. Food wasn't good at all!!! food was just so runny. Not much to choose from. I've been to many Indian restaurants and this place is below average.

Lake P

Always a treat to go here. The food is amazing and the people working there are incredibly kind and welcoming. Definitely one of my top 3 go-to restaurants in AA

Jangwon Choi

I prefer dinner over the lunch buffet. I usually order butter chicken which is really savory. The naan could be better.

Marco Wirjadi

A really good deal for their lunch buffet. Only 10 bucks (cash) for delicious curries, indiane frites and desert.

roshan kotian

Food wasn't good as mentioned... Had couple of South Indian Breakfast foods and all of them tasted pale... Also Receptionist need to learn how to handle customers who are waiting to get table...

Devin Leatherman

One of the best restaurant experiences I've had, and great vibe. Food is consistent and it feels like family.

Shanmuga Sundaram

One of the Best Buffet Indian restaurant. Taste is sooooo good. They tried to keep real good south Indian taste in the food

Jaimini Bhatt

Something for everyone. Too busy and over crowded on days when there are student events.

Girish Nayak

Used to be good earlier. Food choices and preparation quality can be improved.

Jay kar

Authentic South Indian spicy food.. Great taste... .. good food

Nita Gupta

Lived the vegetable biryani and warm rasam... Chutneys and dosas were 8/10 in my opinion... Sambar was great too... The place itself is quite spacious with nice ambience and the staff and service were wonderful.... Overall it's a good experience and you will definitely be Happy you decided to eat here :)

Anna Latos

I've been to the lunch buffet several times. It's very reasonably priced. For those of us who aren't familiar with the names of the dishes, you can't tell what ingredients are in them as nothing is labeled. I definitely hate to be the one holding up the buffet line while googling names or looking for an employee. The food is always delicious but it would be helpful to have allergens labeled.

Iman Samani

Great and delicious food. The manager is super kind. He brought us a very large meal (dosa) as sample.

Lee Govatos

Truly outstanding food. It’s a nondescript storefront that doesn’t stand out, but you absolutely should eat there. They clearly genuinely care about making their food enjoyable to everyone. One of their signature dishes, the Madras Masala Chicken Curry, is just perfect, and it feels like something your grandparents made for you that they’ve been improving for decades.

Rebecca Baylor

Yum! I love the dosas, curry, and idli. Definitely hard to find this selection of south Indian food elsewhere in A2 or Ypsi.

Axay Dave

good south indian food... Dosa, Idly, etc.. Nothing special... so so decor.

Jennifer Blackburn

We have only had Indian food a couple of times. We were super impressed with the atmosphere, service, AND food. The manager personally came to our table and have recommendations based on what we ordered, and was eager to answer any questions we had. The garlic naan was delicious with all of our entrees, and the samosas were a nice start. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Linda Xiong

Great food! Fresh breads. Didn't know they served people with traditional silverware as well.

Matthew Reed

Really good lunch buffet for only $10 if you pay with cash!

Allen Brooks

This is a buffet restaurant that features Indian cuisine. It is very nice open space for groups and the best Indian buffet in town. The price is very reasonable and the staff is very accommodating. Our research group goes here a few times a year and they always set up a large enough table so we can sit together. This is a great spot near central campus for Indian dishes.

Tyler Armstrong

Come for the $10 lunch buffet on weekdays (I come once a week)! It's a great value, the selection is above average, and the food is delicious. The butter chicken and mango mousse are staples, and my favorite dishes are the chicken 65, aloo gobi, vegetable jalfrezi, and palak paneer. Also, they've recently upgraded their chairs, and the staff has always been genial.

Vikas Berry

We had a great experience with their Indo-Chinese, and then decided to come next day for their buffet; that is when the experience went south. The staff was just not interested in serving us and took out the food 15 min before the buffet time. Our server was watching soccer all the time and was rude.

Michael W

Very good lamb curry and naan bread

Moon Kattula

Best chicken biryani (Tamil Nadu style) you will ever eat. I would highly recommend it. Last time I ordered food through grub hub, one of the item was missing.

Anne M.

The food here was delicious! I will definitely be going back.

Ani Gholkar

Nice food..from South India Try thali.

Puneet Singh

Good options for vegan folks. Food is as close to authentic in Ann Arbor, and especially for South Indian cuisine. Service and cleanliness could be improved though. Buffet options are great!

Shirley Chen

I got a take out for dinner. I called at the peak hour (5:55pm) and had a wait time for 25 minuets. The lamb is tender and delicious. I didn’t specify the heat level so I got it as the default at medium heat. It’s on the hotter side for me already. I will order the mild next time. Super yummy and near the central campus.

Cody Gillett

The food here is the best. Love the flavor and the style they have here. Highly recommend madras masala. Come in and have a taste of their fantastic curry!

Anne Smith

The flavors are delicious, and the people are so friendly!


Food is amazing and service is very friendly. It’s clean place. Price is competitive.

Bowei Wu

good food, but not very clean

Srinivasa Balasadi

Dinner with colleagues!! Was there for dinner, had cut mirchi, chicken chettinad, roti, chicken 65 and ginger chicken. Some items were good and others were below par. Service was very good and they were very accommodating. Though it was good experience, I think they can do better.


It was so soupy, a lot of the food was just so runny. Not much to choose from.Below average, as far as Indian buffets go.

Marjana Sarker

I just moved to Ann Arbor and was in search for the perfect goat biryani and their's definitely hit the spot. If you are not into spicy, get the mild version. I got the medium, and while I love spicy food, it did leave a little bit of the burn which the raita side they provide helped with.

Saini Kethireddy

Hadn't eaten Indian food yet in Ann Arbor until tonight, but a friend had never had Indian food so I knew it was a must before we left for the summer. I'm glad I made the visit here. The food came super fast, was well-priced, and management was kind. Will definitely be ordering again in the future!

Rob Hussey

Oh. My. Get you some chicken tikka masala. Top 3 around the world, best in Michigan by far.

Kelly Robertson

Excellent food and atmosphere.

Anon Amouse

Great lunch, fabulous server, excellent range of choices. I don't know why anyone goes anywhere else. Food was very fresh and there were plenty of options for those in our party who are spice challenged. Everything tasted delicious. Well worth the $10/person price for lunch.

Lower Michigan

Like the food here, love it when I catch the lunch buffet

Liam Weeks

Shanta took amazing care of us! He is a wonderful man and wants to be sure that everyone enjoys their experience. The food was outstanding and authentic. You won’t leave this place hungry! Please, do yourself a favor and stop in. Best Indian food in Ann Arbor.

M. Singleton

Great buffet they told me hours are from 11am -3pm. If you want to try the Indian food palate good way to start. Lots of choices.good bread. Regular menu entrees average $14-25. Appitizers are very reasonable $4 and up .

Bustin Nuts

Very happy staff! Best Indian food I have ever had! Large portions! Only complaint is they serve warm water.

Tom Bellinson

Current A2 Indian Lunch Buffet Winner! I love Indian food, so I eat at all the various options downtown. For a while, we were eating at Suvai a lot, but their menu is hit and miss. Madras Masala is consistently good. The selection always has something new (so it seems) and the flavors are bright and fresh. I particularly love the goat and lamb dishes.

Samantha Devenport

Love the lunch buffet, such good food and it is an easy in/ out during the week!

JD Fauls

Lunch buffet was awesome! Great assortment of chicken and vegetarian options. Staff was very nice and quick to wait in you. I'd go here again in a heartbeat.

olivia li

Despite not being a regular customer (I will soon be), Madras is peaceful, quiet, and feels like home. The service is great, the food is even better and you'll leave this place wanting to come back again! I always come here to relax and drink some Chai tea.

Sanelma Heinonen

One of my favorite Indian restaurants. I especially enjoy the lunch buffet as it's all you can eat for about $10. There are always lots of options (plus some Indian desserts) so I end up trying new things. You get a discount for paying in cash.

Rajani Bhat

The buffet on weekends is great with a select variety of north and south Indian cuisine. You get 3 to 4 choice of desserts as well. I highly recommend this place for Indian buffet.

Zachary Crowle

Ordered food and a drink. They forgot half of my order. The drink came in a plastic cup covered in tinfoil. It spilled. All over the bag, all over my food, all over my carpet. I called to complain and was told that they would get my order right "next time." There will not be a next time for me. And if you're looking for Indian food in Ann Arbor, there are many options MUCH better. Their food is mediocre, and their service is worse.

Antriksh Mutha

Nice Indian food.

Anandhi Chandran

Good South Indian food! Lot of choices, freshly made. Have had food here twice and loved the food both times. Service is good, decor has been updated since my first visit here. Restrooms could be cleaner.

Chamindu Amarasinghe

Authentic Indian lunch buffet. They have a very good mutton biryani and butter chicken.

sophie miles

Masala was good but sweet which I am not used to. They had a big party that day and ran out of chai at 8:30. Good food overall and the chai I had before it ran out was great.

Aditi Gupta

They seat you for the buffet when they don't plan to refill the dishes. Then they charge you for the full buffet price even though there were like two dishes that had food left in them. When you talk to the management about it, they tell you how hard it is for them to make a profit from buffets. Definitely not the best customer service. The food is decent though. Definitely do not recommend that you attempt to use the restroom while you are there (yikes!!)

Jaidev Dalvi

The dosas here are amazing!

Mudassir Hameed

Food is always tasty, management very polite. Good place to eat.

Sareen Kibran

Tasty south Indian food with good buffet spread. (Ask for optional off the buffet menu dosas)

Kruthi Srinivasa Raju

Went for a buffet lunch around 3:15 PM and we were welcomed without giving a heads-up that the restaurant closes by 3:45 PM. Not only did we had to rush through the buffet after we started with our first plate, but the manager/owner (unsure) hesitated to give us a carry box, since we were not given time to complete the lunch. The food is good enough, but not that great for the price and the service and ambience received. Overall, I don't recommend this place. Also, the tandoori chicken was uncooked and the plain dosa was breaking into pieces like chips.

Thaddeus Kunkel

Good place for some tasty Indian food. The source levels were just right.

Suriyaa Manoharan

Must try place in Ann arbor. Tasty South Indian food. Food to try are spicy parotta, biriyani preferred choice is chicken, try put plain paratta, ghee Dosa is very good, must try.mutyon gravy varieties and chicken varieties. Dessert items are average and that great.. overall I would say a proper South Indian restaurant for South Indian food seekers ... Try it out guys

Rakhee Patel

Love there wide selection of dishes, especially their chicken biryani YUM!

Emily Martis

Always hit up this buffet when we are in Ann Arbor visiting friends.... great selection.

Lama Tawk

Best dosa masala in the United states of America

Kevin Cooper

Great lunch buffet, great dinner entrees.

Joe Scarletta

Have been going there for weekend buffet several years. Love the food and great staff.

Abi Monica

Genuinely Indian tasting food.

Jai Velan

Best South Indian restaurant in town, great choices and good service.

Jake L

all I ever really eat is a whole bunch of their bread and some butter chicken

Michelle Brown

The 7-day-per-week lunch buffet is only $10 on the weekday I went (Tuesday) - it was excellent with a nice variety of offerings - very tasty & I will return, but with cash next time. I would give this place a 5-star if it weren't for the principle of simply posting a sign at the cash register, or verbally advising the customer prior to running the credit card that states, "We charge a 16% fee to offset the processing fees we are charged by the bank for credit card payments." As you can see below, copied & pasted from my online CC bank records, I was charged an additional $1.61 when I paid by credit card for the $10 buffet: Posting Date Description Amount Pending MADRAS MASALA $11.61

Shaeq Ahmed

The food is very good but I feel uncomfortable about the fact that the owner always says it is halal but never provided any documentation or puts up a sign. The owner isn't Muslim so it just makes it more suspicious as to why he isnt more open about it if it really is halal..

Elango Elangovan

Nice food...poori and fried rice! Chicken chettinad tasted bit different than traditional!

Harsh A

No taste at all !! and this is coming from an authentic Indian food eater !

Ramesh M

We went on a soccer match day and it was super crowded. But they managed pretty well. Taste and quality was not compromised though lot of people were waiting to get seats. Vegetarian options were great!!

tanmai potluri

Tali here is always a treat for me

Syed Ahmad

Best place to get Indian food in Ann Arbor. Cardemum is out of the way and usually busy while the restaurants on Main are expensive and give small portions. Madras has tasty food at a good price - it is more than affordable if you are splitting a dish with friends and one will rarely pay more than $20 for a nice meal here. Combine this with the fact that the lunch buffet is only $11 and it is one of the best values you can get in the city. I recommend any of the Naan's and the butter chicken.

Muzammil Mumtaz

Loved their chicken pepper. Little bit crowded.


great food

Hardik Desai

Wonderful restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor for South Indian delicacies! Have visited them so many times that owners have become friends. Good service and great food.

Anku V

Good and fast service. Food is good in quantity and delicious. Next to it is public parking in which you need to park

Ashwin Selvakumar

My favorite Indian restaurant. Right next to the parking structure, great staff, great food. Not veg only, but a great place to bring my vegetarian parents. Very spicy food if you ask for it Pretty sure they do buffets at lunch

Emily Batdorff

Absolutely love this place. My favorite Indian restaurant in Ann Arbor. The goat biryani is to die for. The owners and staff are friendly, kind, and helpful. Cannot recommend this place enough.

Joseph Klosterman Jr.

Best Indian place in town. Great meat and veggie options. Great lunch buffet. None of the Indian places in town are necessarily cheap, but I think it's worth the 10$ for the buffet. Polite and friendly staff. Parking is a hassle as with all places downtown.

Elsbeth Hussey

I've had a lot of Indian food from a lot of places, and this may be the best I've had in a long time! Best Chicken Tikka Masala I think I've ever had!

Hema Jani

Buffet was cold and dry, we were rushed 45 minutes before closing time to take food. we were told to take food from buffet as they were removing it. Wouldn’t return.


Excellent food and service

Afrin Shariff

Not too good but okay not spicy iteams,, average food

Madhusudan Suryanarayanan

Good Buffet spread for Weekend Lunch. Great Dosas a la carte any time of day!

Jay Tayade

Madras has probably the best lunch buffet in Ann Arbor. It has all the Indian food staples and a good selection of South Indian options. The flavors are very authentic. They also have a Thanksgiving buffet which earns some bonus points from me

Felipe Brasil Ramos

Tasty Indian food. Loved the homemade bread.

Ramakrishnan Sundara Raman

Great Indian food. I tried the paneer tikka masala and the taste was awesome, but the quantity could have been a bit higher.

Balamurugan Natarajan

Good food. Cooked to order. This is one of the few good ones in MI and the best in Ann arbor. Masala Tea here is very good. Those who visit Ann arbor should try this restaurant. Public parking is two doors from this restaurant which is very convenient.

Komuravelly Sindhuja

Today we went for dinner, we ordered Egg biryani, samosa and dessert.It is a good restaurant with delicious food, all can enjoy the food with good quality of items, and the taste was too good. Egg biryani is too different recipe compared to all other restaurants.There are lot of items which you can eat.I suggest you to have Egg biryani for sure.

Kalyan Chakravarthi

Nice restaurant for south Indian buffet

Abagail Jeavons

Good Indian food! The atmosphere of the restaurant is a little unpolished, but the food pretty much makes up for it. Mild is a touch spicy, but if you really like Indian, you probably won't mind.

Faatimah Raisa

Could really get a taste of Kerala here. Grew up with a lovely family from Kerala and I like to come here when I'm feeling particularly homesick for my childhood and the wonderful meals. This gets pretty close to it!

nalini v

Good Appetizers

Mushfeq R

The lunch buffet is good. Try the dessert items as well

Amit P

If you like South Indian food, this is clearly the place in town. Masala Dosas and Medhu Vada is good. Excellent Sambar and chutneys.

divya kumar

Biryani is too good. ❤❤❤❤

Ven Dev

Great food, reasonably priced and caring team

Fahmi Dwilaksono

Food is very nice

Tanya Jagdish

Sunday lunch buffets are a must try!!! I drive here for more than an hour just for their amazing food!

Sirisha Mantravadi

This place never disappoints me! Very flavorful south indian food!

Eric Arther

This is the best Indian cuisine in the town

Morgan El-Zeinab

Good food. Much spicier than ordered, but it was well made. Service was fine.

Ashray Dravidian

I went in at 9:05 PM they said since Kitchen is closing soon they can only do carry outs not dine-ins. So please mention that in your wedsite, so that we do have to waste our time to walk or drive to your restaurant.

indrajit jana

Most Indian restaurants in the USA offer only the North Indian cuisine, which is just a part of the big zoo of Indian cuisine out there. This restaurant offers South Indian cuisine as well, which enables it to offer more varieties (however that neither covers all Indian cuisine nor the restaurant claims so). I went there on a Saturday's lunch buffet, which costs me under $15. I was totally amazad by the variety of dishes in the buffet. Another plus point: they had a wide variety of desert as well. Which was totally cool. Food quality was great. Improvement, if any, can be made by reducing the amount of oil in some of the dishes.

Regina Addington

Ordered Chicken Tikka and Samosas (because I'm basic when trying new restaurants) via EatStreet delivery. Food was good, hot. Only thing, I should have ordered didn't come?!

konda buvani

Very nice tasty

Tanzeel Merchant

Good for the price. Helpful and good service. Lots of choices on their buffet tables and a lot of vegetarian options too.

Carol Ullmann

This place used to be great! On our latest visit, the dishes on the buffet tasted similar and we're really sweet. The lamb dish had a lot of gristle. The only dish I liked was a dal that was very spicy so I couldn't eat much of it. Overall terrible. We're not planning to go back.

James Estabrook

Amazing lunch buffet, tons of options discount for using cash just a pro tip on bringing cash to pay, they have one whole area for meat and separate area for vegetarian options, the Mangos dessert is a must try

John Yoon

May 2018 -- Excellent lunch buffet. Secret pro tip: ask for a lunch dosa (included in the buffet price but not in the buffet line). Cash price is $10 flat. Credit card usage fee and tax is $11-and-some-change.

Rob Firkins

Being from Toledo, Ohio we (my wife and I) were in Michigan for business acouple of days ago and needed a place to eat. A friend recommended this place so we stopped in for a late lunch. We originally ordered Butter Chicken and another chicken dish that is made with cottage cheese I believe, but I cannot remember the name. Everything was very tasty, so after we ate we ordered a couple other dishes to take home for dinner that night. Today we drove up just to try the buffet we heard about. The buffet is available for only a few hours but it is certainly worth it.

Ganesh Saravanan

We live in Southfield but go to Ann Arbor every other weekend just to eat here! Best South Indian food in town! The owner Gopal is a very humble person and goes out of his way to take care of his customers !

Sajeev Krishnan

Best place in Ann arbor to get South indian food and definitely better than the other indian places in town. The buffets are always well stocked and has a good selection of both south and north indian dishes. The puli kozhambu reminds me of sunday afternoons back home,truly amazing. The rasam is just as good if not better. The seasoning on the sambar is hit or miss and i haven't tried any of the meat items on the menu so don't have much to say there. The staff is super friendly and they always have a little treat for my 18month old when she gets fussy.

Ajay Vaid

Place is super. Good ambience. Food was authentic and very tasty.

Khalid Amin

We were in the restaurant at around 2:40 pm. Before star eating, we asked the person in desk to make sure we can have enough food and time to eat. He assuured, and then we start taking food. During that time the same guy came and told us that we have to leave by 3 pm. He reminded us at 2:55 pm that we had to leave by 3:00 pm. Which we found weird. I never had such awful experience in my life that while eating, someone reminded me to leave within a time limit. I’m sorry to write such review.

Business Hours of Madras Masala Restaurant in Michigan

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11:30AM–2:45PM 5–9:45PM
12–3:15PM 5–10PM


Madras Masala Restaurant en Michigan
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