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5114 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085, United States

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REVIEWS OF Jitis Indian Fusion Food IN Michigan

Gabriela Shirkey

Great owners and fantastic selection of super spicy sauces

Penka mic

Not really impressed with chicken tandoori.would suggest to work more on flavours.

Abhishek S

This place is good! Better than those Indian restaurants in the surrounding.

Sneha B

It's okay being here, I have been here more than twice, once when it was opened in Troy the food was good. The second time was today we ordered kathi roll the food is undercooked. One suggestion to the management, treat all customers equally everyone is paying same dollar.

Bradford Wade

Fantastic idea and phenomenal execution—Lucky is the greatest!

Sujay Saboo

Nice north Indian food. One suggestion if they can serve jaggery(gud) with makke ki roti it will nice.

Hedayet Khan

Basically like a Chipotle/Subway fused with Indian food. Delicious food and really friendly staff. My wife and I ordered a pizza with a bunch of stuff and the kathi rolls with chicken 65 and paneer with a side of masala fries. The pizza and kathis were great. The fries could be better with small tweaks but were still good. Would recommend!

shravya shravs

Good tatse of food... You are foodie and want to try the hot sauces this is the place where you have to visit.

Hitesh Ahuja

Very untidy place. Very unorganized! Owners and workers were busy chit chatting. No coordination. No customer service. And shamelessly ask for a TIP at the end.

Vishwa Teja Yerram

Amazing food concept and tastes awesome... been there many times... place never disappoints

gurjas batra

Great food great service

Mahesh Prasad Sahu

feeling sad after first visit. I would not recommend any one.

ruchita patel

Worst food... there is so much competition around this restaurant for Indian food close to this location... but there is no quality in food or taste. Customer service was bad as well.

Abhishek Malik

Great food and really nice and friendly owner

Debadeep Pharikal

Super hit !!You will find best wraps in the town.There are ample varieties of sauces which the owners keep on inventing and that's what make this food joint unique.Be you are from east or west ,I bet you will definitely like the food.

Rose Anne Laske

First time eating Indian Food. I was pleasantly surprised, especially since I'm REALLY fussy.

Chetan Tayshete

Awesome Indian fusion food. I love Kathi roll.


Delicious! Can’t wait to go back and try everything else they have to offer.

Lekkala Vikash

Small and mighty place for Indian food

Chakri Sunadham

Can never go wrong with jitis. Paji got your back and he brings the ruckus in food department. There are 16 levels of spice here, yes that right 16 so anyone can have at it. Place is a little cramped but food is great.

Neeraj Shyamasunder

Fantastic food! Very unique and delicious!

Kelly Bennett

Good friendly service. Lots to choose from. Delicious!

Krishna Soundararajan

Yummy tasting fast food. Ordered a Kathi Roll.... With the spicy sauce....awesome.

Sujay Deshpande

Amazing taste!! 2 rolls per order, you can choose 2 different Curry's! Great options too...! A must try...

The Realest Nehal S Raval

Very Explanatory People seems to be happy People

Sandeep Yerramsetti

Easy,fast going tasty food

puja chalse

Earlier I loved this place but now it's not that tasty

Stu Shy

Excellent food Excellent staff Simply loved it. The food was served super hot. The way I like it. The staff was really sweet offered multiple samples, explained everything . Must try chicken masala kaati roll

Kiran Sankanur

Very Tasty and chatapati Rolls

Sravanthi Maddineni

A friend of mine and i went there as we wanted to try this new place which replaced the previous mumbai katta restuarant. We tried 4 variety of their curries on kathi roll - paneer masala, gobi manchurian, tofu masala and chole. I am not too crazy about the chole but the other 3 are so good. The paneer is so soft and moist that it melts in the mouth. This is really worth an extra trip

Bill Williams

My daughter requested Indian food for dinner earlier this week, and reviews led us to Jiti's. From behind the counter, the owner walked us through the SUBSTANTIAL list of options, periodically handing over samples of a protein or a sauce for one of us to try, never in a rush. We settled on the kathi rolls for my wife (she gave them two enthusiastic thumbs up), a large pizza for my daughter and I, and a couple of samosas. I have to admit, my first reaction was "pizza?" but darned if it didn't work tremendously well with a tikka sauce base and a mix of chicken keema and shrimp masala for our proteins. The pizza crust was substantial - we never had any issues with floppy slices - and between the sauce below, the toppings, and the green and red sauces topping things off, WOW. With sixteen levels of spiciness to choose from on the sauces, there's truly an option for everyone. We can't wait to go back and try more options!

Sergio Segovia

I don't usually leave reviews, but this place is yummy. I had the pizza with both sauces. Give it a try

Michael Lopez

Nice service the individual who came to the front of the store to ask how we could help was quick unresponsive.

Apurva Kambale

Great place for kathi rolls with variety of curry stuffings...

Sharad Puri

The owner is a lovely fellow, the food is a refreshing and delicious twist on Indian food. Masala fries are outstanding. Go eat here.

Joshua Funkhouser

Love the food and selection of quality meats. Great character and entertaining staff. Must go to if you are in town.

Daniel Williams

Delicious food and incredible variety. Plus, the people here are super friendly and good at making recommendations if you're not sure what you want. I'll definitely be back soon to try something else!

Angela Herman

This restaurant is amazing. Its fast, delicious, fresh tasting and theres nothing like it anywhere else! I'm sad its not closer to my home, but it IS close enough to work.

Kushal Nargundkar

Best Indian fusion food in Troy. Their chilli garlic sauce and mint coriander sauces are amazing. Owner is very friendly and gives you different sauces to try

Tammy Winslow

Delicious and very kind staff!

Amruta Ghatpande

Earlier Mumbai katta used to be at Jitis’s place which closed and Jitis is opened there. Place is very compact.. no more than 4 tables. But it’s literally indian fusion food. You get a wide variety of indian specially north indian curries both vegetarian n non vegetarian, which you can add to your kathi roll, or pizza, or burrito bowl or pasta bowl.. etc. you have few side dishes too.. masala fries or chole fries or samosas etc. but what I think is the covering which they use in kathi roll should be cooked properly else stomach gets upset.

divyanka dave

Yummy Momos and good kathi rolls

Shalaka Vinod Naik

I was confused about the sauces since I never add any sauce to Indian dishes, however the chef recommended the perfect sauce for the gobi manchurian roll and the paneer tikka roll. Couldn’t have asked for a better Kathi Roll.

Masood Gallozi

Very good food and clean

Vikas Patil

Taste was not bad, I was expecting fresh samosa's in chat but I think I got frozen samosa with ice chilled potato, in fact ice was there with potato.. normally I am going to restaurants for fresh food, frozen I can get from grocery store so I am not happy at all with this order but other menus can be good.. as lot of people were enjoying food happily...

Swapnil Desai

Great Indian food with a twist. They’re going to need a bigger place soon!

Ashwin k

Great indian fusion food. Had the pizza with chilli chicken, spicy wings and dahi Puri chat all were awesome

Erin Krajenke

Yum! We were lucky enough to make it here at a time when we were the only ones in the restaurant so the owner had time to go over everything with us and offered us many samples of the different protein options available. We sampled multiple flavors of chicken, paneer, veggies, lamb, and goat before making our decisions. It was nice to get to try everything since we both probably would have gone with chicken tikka or butter chicken and I think we each went with something new he let us sample. We wanted to try a variety of items so we ordered a large pizza (with chicken 65 and chili chicken), a kathi roll (you get two rolls per order so you can try two different types of protein), and the masala fries. With regards to the sauces I selected, I let the gentlemen helping me pick since I figured he would know what goes best with what. Everything was fantastic – the pizza was so good and the crust was fantastic, the two sauces on the fries were amazing, but the winner was the kathi roll – the ‘bread’ or whatever you want to call it is so good! The place itself is a bit small and even though we were the only ones there, as soon as we sat down to eat, the place was packed. So you might have to take your order to go or just be prepared for a wait. The owner was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful letting us know what everything was and answering our questions. The only negative would be that there are limited ‘topping’ available but with so many flavors in the food and sauces, they aren’t really missing. I cannot wait to go back and try something different.

shreepal chanduri

Food and ambience give me Nostalgia from India. The food was excellent and spicy up to most of the Indian standards. I was surprised to see. We got some carry out, the ordering process was very easy online and the way they keep you informed when the food is ready to be picked up is close to fantastic and pretty unique for any Indian restaurant or Indian carry out place. I would’ve given it five stars but here I gave only four stars because of lack of seating arrangement if they would’ve chosen a better and then bigger place it would’ve been fantastic. If you are ordering food and be mindful that the sauce which they claim to be spicy is extremely spicy so just watch if you’re ordering anything in with it. We got some chicken and vegetarian rolls and the burrito I know it is a very known concept but the portions were good and very filling. If you are in for trying something new with Indian food I highly recommend this place to go out and try to eat something different!!

Karim N

Their Katthi's were excellent, with masala fries and chai you can't go wrong. The masala fries were really hot but good. Will have to try other dishes in the future.

Ly nguyễn

The food here is delicious and great!

Sriram Das

Good food when you order custom

Viharika Cherukula

This is the kind of food that I crave and love. The best indian fusion you could have. This gives a good nostalgia. The taste is brilliant and you would wanna have a lot of food so better get a good appetite.

Nick Thomas

Really flavorful, fast, and very friendly staff

Varoon Reddi

I like the food here specially pizza, kathi roll and kachori chat. The house made almond milk which is really great. I hope my maintain standards going ahead.

Deepjyot Devdhara

Unique recipes. Delicious food.

Manan Patel

Awesome place! Loved it.

Santosh Phadke

Kathy rolls were okay too rich and the parathas are good but can be healthier!

Shabbir Ezzy

Options galore so be ready to get confused. Tried their weekend special makke di roti and sarso da saag (corn flat bread with spinach+mustard greens) and it was really tasty! The only complain I had was that it felt a bit overpriced ($9). I took it to go and only realized the qty after reaching home. Had expected it to be enough for a meal given it was a weekend special. Would recommend getting two servings for one person because it tastes soo good!

Chirayu Chaudhari

Amazing food. Authentic Punjabi fusion. Recommend the Pav Bhaji Burger and Chicken achari if you go the usual rice bowl or burrito!!...


Just go and eat the kathi paneer rollll here.✨

Amit Bendigeri

Been there a couple of times and then taste had been consistently good

shreyas nagaraj

Amazing kati rolls

tinku sethi

Very good

Jack Cross

Love the food, love the owner, love the atmosphere; plus their 15 levels of hot sauces is a healthy challenge.

Naveen nambiar

Finally someone to compete with Neehees in the area. This branch has more options compared to the one in Farmington. Decently priced for the quantity.

Rosline Christian

Great food!! Love their chicken puffs! Always have new food varieties.

Ashwin Bharath

This place is some what good in terms of the taste but they are very stingy in terms of the amount of portions of meat and toppings they provide unlike chipotle or qdoba who are quite generous. Jiti's menu shows the quanity of pieces they provide as if they are on a tight budget. I had the rice bowl and samosa here. The different meats and sauces are good to taste. The place is tiny. So not enough space for a bigger party. I won't necessarily go here again except may be if i needed a quick bite of Indian food in case I'm in that area.

Subramanya Jois

Khati rolls are good


I have never tried Indian food Until I ate here. I absolutely loved everything about it. The food was great the service was great it is just a great place. I would recommend this place to anybody

Umesh Bapat

Incredible. I am so happy to see a genuine punjabi food place around. The owner knows what indian food is all about. Mouth watering variety with outstanding taste of all items. I hope they will remain the same and wish huge success. They have potential to close other indian food joints around lol

James Reynolds

Great concept, delicious. Also helpful in suggesting items if you're new

Aishwarya Patankar

Their kaathi rolls are to die for!!!! Possibly the best fast Indian food I've had in the US and I've traveled to a lot of places. Make sure to try their sauces before you put them on to assess your spice tolerance. My favorite protein was the veg manchurian but they have so many really good options. Their momo's are delicious as well. And the people there are super friendly and nice.

Andrew Collar

If you like spices and flavor, this is the place to go. The owner had us try a bunch of his homemade sauces before we chose. And oh boy, they’re amazing. I got the burrito, and I’m really happy with how my belly felt afterwards.

comcast customer

Food has flavour but all of our three dishes were served either at room temperature or freezer cold. The place is disorganised. For the price, quality and quantity is not justified.

Jeremiah Cox

Food is awesome. Staff is awesome. Definitely a great place for lunch. Been here multiple times and brought friends. Everyone keeps asking when were going back.

shravya sampath

The bhel puri was my favorite. It was the only thing close to what I had back home.

Abhishek Anand

Good concept for youngsters but unsure about families.

Ashish Patel

It’s something new type of concept in DETROIT metro area, it’s one of tasty and home made taste of food in different way of serving, today I have tried pizza and Kathi roll for first time there and it was awesome in taste, they just opened 30 days back but I was amazed by seeing crowd there.

aplava karthik

You order food in 3 steps, select your bread or rice, select the curry and then finally select your toppings. The overall number of choices of bread and curry you have are really a lot!! I personally had no expectations before going to this place but looking at reviews I expected it to be good. Then after looking at the menu my expectations started growing high. We orderd Kati Roll, Taco Bowl, Rice Bowl and Samosa Chat. Rice bowls were served in less than 3 minuutes. Samosa chat, kati roll and taco bowl took like 10-12 mins. Food was a little appealing in the way it was presented as well, but it lacked the most important thing freshness and taste. Rice bowls felt like marinated chicken and rice. Panneer and taco bowl tasted very bland and we still felt it needs to be cooked a little more. Samosas chat was dominated by pudina and tamarind. Overall our experience did not meet even my basic expectations. The place has a great opportunity of location and menu. They need to improve on taste and freshness if they expect customers to come back.

Ritesh Vaidya

Good flavors.

Dorota Robinson

What a awesome place! The food was great, the service so friendly and helpful! We will definitely be coming back!

Subhashis Dey

Better than average. Read it 3.5.

Lauren Lauver

I was a little overwhelmed with options walking in, but the employee helped me to decide what to get. I had the kathi rolls, one with chicken tikka, the other with chicken masala. They were both delicious and ready quickly.

Balaram Ambhore

Great taste.

Access Incognito

Different take on indian street food. One time visit is recomended.

Ashwin Gajendra

Loved this place. Variety of options to choose from and if you feeling adventurous there are 16 level of spiciness to choose from.

Harish Raj

Awesome Indian fusion food .... This was first visit to jitis and simply feel in love with the food here. The Desi Pizza was simply fantastic... Though, is a small unit, this place is pure heaven for foodies in Troy... Definitely, will visit again.....

kishen gs

Very much needed one in Troy, unique style of Indian food I enjoyed the paneer tikka pizza excellent flavors and sauces.

Adam Kapraun

Great food. Staff was very friendly and walked me thought the plethora of options. Would recommend checking out if you have not already!

Mike Carnill

Had the Kathi roll. One was Rajma (Kidney Bran Curry) the other Coconut mixed vegetables. Hit wee VEGAN and very delicious. You can add onion , green pepper, tomato, cilantro and a bunch of sauce option! The other pic is Gobi rice bowl. Also delicious and VEGAN. Very delicious!

Nivedita Mishra

Everything we ordered was scrumptious. Value for money. Best food at best rate in the locality..

Nitin srivastava

Fresh Samosa and rolls ,Authentic india food

Shruti Shah

If you are from Maharashtra, India. Vada paav here is a must try. Aroma check Texture check Taste check It ticks all the boxes. Loved the food. A friend almost had tears in his eyes. Its that good! Apart from that we ordered a pizza. The pizza is great too! The taste of punjabi fusion food is amazing.

Abhishek Mukherjee

This place is a absolute cure for homesickness .. we were there today for the first time and met with owner.. we had a great chat while waiting for the food.. you can tell he is very passionate about what he is doing and you can also tell that he enjoys every bit of it.. that is solely the reason the food he serves reminds india on every bite.. he also mentioned about his future plans.. i wish him all the luck in his endeavors.. now the food, we had burrito abd kati rolls. Both of them were nothing short of awesome. This place is a must recommend from my side to everyone reading this review.. my rating is 100 out of 5 stars.. Not only because of the food But also because of friendly and welcoming hospitality of the owner. Paaji, if you're reading this, we are coming back very soon and thank you.

Raghav Sanghi

Tried this place today fir the first time. Actually authentic Indian food. I ordered their Kathi rolls, aloo tikki and samosa. Everything was perfect. Samosa was hot and crisp, aloo tikki was just perfect. Nothing too spicy or bland. Highly recommended!

Priyan Patel

One of my favorite places to come when I’m in Troy. Food is amazing and prices are good. Also, the service is phenomenal!!

Tamer Yanni

Fantastic food, friendly staff. Get the masala fries.

Abhid Akram

Great place, friendly staff, awesome food.

Gurpreet Singh

Best Kathi rolls in the town. I like the variety of sauces available.

Shruti Parikh

Super delicious India fusion food at Jitis. Small, cozy place with Super fast service. Staff is friendly and courteous. Gulkand Bites are a must after meal. They have specials on weekends, worth a try. Found this eatery by far the best for quick Indian food cravings. Quantity of food is worth its price.

Ahmad Ghani

Kathi rolls and pizza are the way to go! Can't wait to go back and try something else. 10/10 Service was great and people who own and work there are super kind and accommodating.

Karthik Raja setty

I like the Khati roll and vada pav it's so spicy and different menu compared to other restaurants in Oakland county.

Pradyumna S Shekhawat

Incorrect food description. Insufficient quantity. Below average taste. I will never recommend this.

Omar Khan

Really good service. The staff is really nice and super friendly. Kati rolls and Pizza are tasty and delicious by all means. Don't be hesitant to go here , I am a picky eater and this place had exceeded my expectations!!!

Muhammad Imran Yousaf

Good taste. Halal chicken

Anirudh Dattatri

This is a small place with little space sir seating serving Indian food in the lines of Chipotle/subway. You can choose the bread, curries, and the veggies. I'd recommend the Katti rolls, curries, veggies and some red sauce. The food is delicious, and not too heavy on the pocket.

JJ Villaflor

Innovative Indian fusion with unfussy vibe. Lots of options: Salad, burrito, taco, rice bowl, taco bowl, etc. VERY friendly staff. Easy to talk to and get recommendations. Gentleman gave us samples to help with selecting amongst all the food combinations. Will go back.

swati s

Nice place! Worth trying!

raghavendra chivukula

Awesome Kathi Rolls and Badam milk

Girish Kumar Muthireddy

I went there once. Food was okay for the price we spent. Need to improve pizza taste.

Sumit Bansal

Outstanding food. Prepared by Lucky and his team. I know the team for years and have been going to their other facility in Farmington hills and now I am very happy they are in TROY. Entire menu is great. My favorite is Kathi rolls and Chicken Tacos. Phenomenal.

Dr.Akanksha Singh


Pinal Patel

First time here and it completely exceeded our expectations. Best Indian food place I’ve been to in Michigan. Customer service is also amazing!! I’ll definitely be recommending them and returning.

Carly Fleury

The food was amazing! There was a lot of flavor and it was very filling. The owners were super kind to us and helpful!

Gena T.

Photo describes it all. Absolutely delicious food. Did not have time to take a before photo. It is outstanding

Maggie Clarke

So delicious. The owner let us try several items and was very helpful. I got the kathi rolls and they were amazing. My daughter got a rice bowl and also loved it. It's more of a take out type of place but they did have a few tables. I'm giving it a 5 for the food and the service. I loved it.

Gustavo Cabrera

Great food. Plenty of choices. Friendly staff

Ranjeet Rajanala

This hole in the Wall sort of place is awesome. All the items we ate there were superb. A special mention have to go their Kati Rolls both Chicken and Veg, they were simply Yum!!. I would go back just for those. Only complaint i have with them is its so small and there were only 2 people working so the lines for food were long and then an additional wait to pay the bill as they guy was trying to get food orders out. he was very nice saying first eat your food and then you can come out and pay. I am definitely coming back here next time i am in town.


This food was delicious, I had something that looked like a burrito with chicken tikki masala in a paratha and I'm hooked.

Abhilash Dhote

This is my best indian snacking place to go. All my white friends love this. We get lunch atleast once a week from here.

Aalok kumar

Last time when I have visited this place I have ordered kathi rolls and tandori chicken. Kathi rolls were good and I have enjoyed it very much. Tandori chicken was not cooked properly. Please avoid ordering anything other than kathi rolls.

Dipen Modi

I have been there couple of times and I like the kathi roll and pizza. Awesome food and the restaurant owner is fun.

Shivani R

Had a paneer pizza/kathi rolls and they were delicious! Such a great concept and so tasty. The owner is also very friendly and welcoming! Highly recommend. Will be back soon to try more items!

Ifrah Akhter

Good food, just need more people working since we had a long wait. (pizza was a bit smaller then expected but yummy!)

Saket Thote

Amazing food, recipes take you back to India, sauces are an awesome twist to the otherwise very traditional dishes, and awesome service! I loved the wings, great taste- sort of Indian Chinese. The taco bowl and rice bowl with achari chicken were delicious.

angad panesar

Good concept of mixing & preparing indian masala food dishes the american way. They have variety of chicken, lamb and paneer dishes along with indian chutneys that taste really good. Mango lassi is delicious, shoukd give it a try! Heads up they don't have a huge sitting area & the wait times can get long if there are people ahead of you.

Anil Bansal

Very nice and tasty food. Tasted just like any north indian quality restaurant.

Sujal Shah

Great Kathi rolls, concept that was much needed in Troy area. Another restaurant breaking the monotony of traditional restaurants. Great choices for both vegetarian and meat lovers.

Sophie Z

not bad but not the best. good if you want something indian QUICK! portions seem kinda small for the price, two small kathi rolls or a small burrito for $8? i feel the portions should be larger for the price, because the food is actually pretty good. love the paneer dishes. many vegetarian and vegan options, lots of sauces and they let you taste test them. peep the hilarious printed bitmojis hanging on the wall. the last time i came in it seemed kind of dirty though, hope it's not a reflection of the kitchen..

Gurjas Batra

Great food, great service wide variety of fusion options love it

Allison Lincoln

Love the food here. I had no idea what I was doing when I walked in, and the owner helped me. He gave me samples of the sauces so I would know what I would like. And he gave me two samples of the meat that was available. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the food and we'll definitely be back.

Rob Tucker Jr.

Unique. Indian food in a Chipotle format.

Mahwish Bute

unique take on indian food. The sauces are really good. Excellent customers service. definitely will go back to try other things.


I'm currently sitting here & debating getting more food after I just ate. Wow. This place is amazing!!! There are so many options (especially for vegans and vegetarians) and everything is soooo good!! The owner is so sweet and was super helpful when we were trying to decide what to get!! We all can't wait to come back!!!

Devanshi Bilimoria

Amazingggg Food! Best Indian style pizza.

Jennifer Ashley Stein

The best!

divya susal

Didn't like much

Manish Patel

Fantastic food at fantastic prices.

James Huntley

Awesome unique fusion food, I always hope to interact with the owner who is willing to mix things up and try new combinations, I like the other guy he has working there who can have a hard time understanding what you want to order and is a bit surly

Monsur Ahmed

The food was great! Real Indian street food for a good price!

Mujib Momin

Had pasta bowl.Feels it was just simply boiled without any taste.Could have been better if it was cooked,tossed and served! Not worth the price.

Prabhakar Rai

New style Indian food

Monsieur Idiome

Phenomenal food, felt absolutely homely, having the owner himself make and ask us how his food was. Excellent service!

Pankaj Chobharkar

I only had chaat here and it was not good. I don't think mumbai bhel (or any chaat really) is supposed to contain green peppers. The tikki chaat was slightly better than the sev puri and mumbai bhel. And it would be nice if the servers smiled or greeted people.


Fast Indian food

Pawas Somvanshi

fusion indian food dishes u wont get to eat around anywhere else. some lip smacking curries can be enjoyed with pasta, pizza, taco. fusion style desserts as well. special mention of restraunt owner Mr Lucky S who is a friendly person....wish I had more time so we could chat. he is a intresting company to keep. its a family run store. my complaint is with the small seating area they have which cannot accomodate more than 10 guests at a time,, but then u cn do take out as well. bdw theres spcl weekend item: makki di roti sarson saag n paneer n alu paranthas which are punjabi specialties. overall unique food place to have in this area.

aakash bodele

Jitis is one of the best Indian food joints in Michigan. All of the food is just yumm and specially their Achari chicken. The owners are also very very nice people and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I just love this place. Hope they will expand soon I can't wait to try complete Indian cuisine made by them.

Shruti Ramamoorthy

Great place for a quick bite. Amazing flavors and lots of choice to mix and match. Yummy sauces and a very friendly owner. Do ask them for suggestions for your rolls.

Ashesh Goswami

Good Indian fast food, their naan pizza is quite popular. They also serve kaati roll which tastes pretty good (a bit oily though). They have a lot of options for fillings, vegetarian, meat, and vegan. They have a range of sauces (from mild to extremely spicy). Their chaat and puffs are also good, and works perfect for a big gathering. And yes, they also serve $1 Frooti. If you are ordering take out, call at least 15-20 minutes before you go for picking up the food.

amit nayar

This is an excellent joint if you want to have the best of both worlds a pizza and the Indian flavors. Had a chicken tikka pizza and their pistachio/almond milk. It was just amazing. Highly recommend ! Great food, great quality and great service , enjoy !

Joseph McKinney

experience nirvana and eat here! I love this place I go every Friday and get a Kathi roll and it is always better than the last time.

Matt Mokhtari

Food: Better than expected, i liked the Indian pizza! Service: Staff are friendly and polite but very slow! absolutely no rush! this was kind of frustrating. Cleanliness: Needs improvement for sure, restroom was messy.

Jona Jeffords

Great concept of build your own meal. I had burrito with goat and cauliflower curries. Small dining room so think about taking it to go. Also, mango lassi was the best I've had.

Vince Conforti

Very helpful, owner offered samples (before lunch rush time) delicious.

Ravitheja Dasika

This one is a very good Indian fusion food place. Easily the top 3 places in metro Detroit area for Indian food. Highly recommended.

Kimberly Schwartz

Yummy! Super delish, loved the kathi rolls and especially the house recommended sauce! Took away one star because of the bathroom, not the food.

Ram Khat

Went to visit Jitis with the family for the first time. The owner [Lucky] was friendly and welcoming. The food was fresh and delicious. Especially the pizza. I would recommend this place.

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Williamston Pub & Grill
Restaurant - Michigan

Bar & grill

Dinghy's Restaurant & Bar
Dinghy's Restaurant & Bar
Restaurant - Michigan

American restaurant