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1832 M-139, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

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REVIEWS OF Henry's Hamburgers IN Michigan

Lance Dehring

Was great... But could be better had They served me better then home made ice. The one the only HOME CITY ICE.

Michael Ford

Dont go in the morning Dont go late They don't need your business Dining room closed No more breakfast after 10am Sheesh

Greg Pitchford

Burger was ok a little dry. Fries the same. Great friendly services

Thomas Cupani

60 years. This is the last Henry's and i must say Ive never had a bad experience. Happy 60th

Laura Scheffler

They have a hamburger happy hour now where you can get a burger for a buck, and nothing compares to a Henry's hamburger.

Laura Collins

You see the picture of my so called hamburger the meat was the size of a 50 cent piece and was also cold and burnt

Lynda Coffey

Feels like taking a step back in time . To the 60s.

Chris Ballard

Best I’ve had in a long time


I haven't had the chili dogs in years they were good with the

jim smith

I always love coming here it’s such a classic place to visit

Nancy Blasy

Good burgers! Great corn nuggets!

Jeremy Warren

Great burgers and fries.

Pamela Kelley

Always have to get one of those tasty burgers and corn nuggets when I visit Benton harbor.

Sharon Wallis

Love coming here! Food is consistent and very good! The staff is friendly and efficient. The burgers are old school grilled but not greasy. I get the brown bag special. And sometimes the munchie of the month. Yum.

cassandra vaughn

Great food, reasonable prices

F4 VISION Productions

Been eating here since I was a child. Nothing like a good ole Brown bag

Don Wright

Would be five stars but since the old lady that use to work here had passed in this place hasn’t been the same and I’ll just say I’ve given them a good five chances since then but the burgers are always dry now the buns are hard and crispy falling apart

Dwana Wilcher

This was my first time here. I stopped in because I heard it's was the McDonald Brothers and I must say the fries were the bomb. The the burger was good and the prices... okay.

Eliza Diamond

Had to stop just to try it, was a bit pricey for the quality but then again so is any fast food. When in the drive thru looking into the kitchen the place was spotless! Staff was friendly and food was ok, not bad but ok. I don't think if we lived in the area we would go frequently.

Author/Poet Birdman313

When I'm in my hometown I always visit for the brown bag special

Eddie Correa

Great Burger

Larry Johnsom

Can't get enough of those brown bag specials. Service is professional and prompt.

Antwan Jefferson

Always good food and smiles

Kim Bergan

Always eat here when I come home to visit since 1995

Ethan demorrow

The food is good but expansive the only thing that is worth getting is the grab bag that can come with a couple things normally a burger Fries and a drink. But sometimes the have specials that are well worth it everything is at a good …



Donny Sturgeon

The brown bag is still plenty grease's but I love the place I've been eating there for 4o years or better.

Roger Willoughby

You go to Henry's to reflect on your childhood.. Brownbag is a classic. Back in the day it was 1.99. In the late 80s .

Chavis Harding

A must stop if you ever come to Benton harbor. A brown bag, with a large pop, and your set. The shrimp baskets are always a plus. Plenty of room for a family meal, or your favorite sports team. Trust me, you'll love Henry's.

Alex Grippy

Very unique experience, was introduced to the brown bag special, which is just a double cheeseburger and your choice of side and drink. I chose the fried pickle chips, the batter was a little thick but someone else had the corn nuggets and they were really good. They also have hand mixed shakes that were very good as well.

Leslie Liles

Awesome, always has been, always will!!!!

Real Life Lessons

Love it here.. it's sooooo simple it's delicious

Malcolm Butler

Fish sandwiches just like I want it! Onion ring rings and fries, so good.

latosha doss

I personally don't eat here. I like real meat. But my daughter loves it she said 5 star

Bruce Butgereit

Been eating here for 58 of the 60 years they have been in business. The prices are a bit high when compared to others but the food is always fresh and good. It's a classic hamburger stop.

Craig Farrell

We stopped here while driving past headed on vacation. Great place for a quick bite. You can't go wrong with a brown bag. The chocolate shake is great and the onion rings are also amazing; crispy perfection.

f g

Classic burgers and chili dogs. Must have if you visit SW Michigan

Tristan Spalding

Want to pay almost $8.00 for a small McDonald's mcdouble, small fry and a large drink that you could get from McDonalds for less than $5.00 and actually, McDonald is much better, then visit here. That was my first and last visit. I was shocked when I opened the brown bag and unwrapped the burger at it's size vs. cost.

Tonya Moreno

No better classic than the ol brown bag

Future Construction

Place has been around for decades Good burgers

F.F 116

My wife bought me a double cheeseburger with onion rings. Nastiest burger I’ve ever had meat was over cooked bun was soggy.

Danielle Cashwell

Very good food but kinda small portions

Naomi Weaver

I'm form Benton Harbor Mi, but live in Indianapolis In. & as soon as my family & I hit BH city limits, Henry's hamburger's are our first stop ! Been eating those delicious brown bags since I was a kid, & I must say, there're still delicious

Anthony Robinson

Best in the world we need one in kalamazoo

Dom Sobieralski

Food was decent and price was fair but not a clean table in the whole place.

William Cousins

I like the breakfast sandwich it is SO good .stop by this place it's great.

Sonya Smith

I had a good expeiriance b4 but today. All thumbs down

Hank Stir

This place is always good.

Jared Warner

Would've given zero stars fries were brown, took forever for food!! Terrible experience being from out of town

Bobbi Reed

After all these years, I still love it.


Best Xpensive Burgers in Benton Harbor Michigan

Kim Brooks

They don’t open on time in Benton Harbor, Michigan! It says their suppose to be open at 6:30 am & I went at 7:20am & no one was there!

Danielle Dilts

My family loves the brown bag specials. Double cheeseburger, fries, and small drink. More expensive than other fast food burgers but good variety of fried foods and great burgers. Reminds us a little of White Castle..just the onions and burger taste similar, but Henry's adds ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onion

R.T. McHustler

Henry's is great place to eat and socialize and bonus of being employed is satisfactory all in all I give this place 5 stars not just on my social media but also in my heart and mind as well it's more than just come workers it's like a family

Brandi Atkins

Work on attitude. And be more polite to your customers

Jenna Agens

It was ok but It could have been better

Thunder Pudding

Service is terrible. Classis Benton Harbor work ethic. Don't waste your time.

Howard Hall

This place has been a staple in the area for many many years. I highly recommend stopping by and getting a brown bag special. ( Double cheeseburger, fries and coke) The burgers are amazing but over the years have become pricey.

Diana Morehouse

First time visitor. I had the brown bag meal. It was good, nothing out of the ordinary. The kitchen is run old-school. No computers to generate orders, they just yell back to the kitchen... that's pretty neat. :)

Charlene Jones

Henry's Hamburger Brown Bags are iconic! The classic double cheeseburger, fries, and drink never disappoint! The shrimp boat and fire wings are great too!

Brandyn Aldag

Delicious food, fast service, be sure and get a shake!

Roy Smith

Everytime I'm in Benton Harbor, and it doesn't matter the time that past between my visits...I love me some HENRY'S

Crystal Williamsen

My co workers and I were in there last night to grab some food and off to work never had a problem till now. There were customers inside finishing up their meals and no workers inside at all. Stood in line for someone to take our orders but …

Jerry McKee

Simple old school burger joint. There use to be one in Chicago, my parents remember this place. Check out the $1 burger happy hour.

Donna Mitchell

Nice to eat at this historic restaurant. Food is ok.

Michael Jackson

Fast and great tasting food. Love the menu it's very easy to order and hide what you're looking for.

Bryan Murphy

Grew up on this stuff!

Charlene Sutfin

Henry's is a place to get great food. Every time we are in the area we stop and eat there! My husband is a Henry's person., he talks about how he loves getting a lunch sack there and the food is so worth it!

Steve Lindhorst

Still tastes like they did when I was a kid.

Michelle Croce

Bad food, Horrible Service, small tiny burgers and tiny fries, didn’t even put napkins in the drive through bag. Honestly McDonalds is better tasting and better value... that is sad.

Bill McNair

Hometown fast food. Better than average burgers for quick service. Fries are good, but you need to make sure you ask for salt. Shake was very good. Overall I would recommend.

Mike Henry

This place still makes the old school burger and fries that McDonald's started on. They're the best and reasonably priced.

Todd Woodard

Good food and service

Shannon Goodrich

Worst food ever not worth the money made everyone in the family very sick and it was nasty in side the building and staff was dirty and rude

Charles Brugman

Awesome place to eat with friends and family good food and good service

Olethea Ramsey

Loved it and missed them

McRealty & Associates

if you're passing to Benton harbor Michigan you got to try this play hear reminds me of the episode of Dave chappelle's when he worked at Whack Arnold's to me. this place taste a lot like a higher quality McDonalds

Ken Jennings

If you're looking for an old-school fast food joint, look no further. This place is a local legend - for good reason. Formerly part of a defunct regional chain, Henry's is one of two remaining Henry's restaurants. They've been serving up …

Ramona Davis

Good it was great french fries and hot service was great thank you very much good service I will be back

Lynda Siriano

Still great food after all these years!

Ronald Schroeder

Very Tasty Burgers, Clean Restaurant!

Chris Wilson

Great place to eat! Good service, and always clean!

Tami Riley

An all time fav. My parents went to Henry's on dates back in the 60s. Still great burgers.

David Curry

Warm burger and fries in my brown bag

Patrick O'Brien

This area must be starving for a good places cause I have no idea why the reviews are so good. The food is bland, fries are a clear sign they don’t clean the deep fryer. Long wait for food, disgusting tables. Chocolate shake had barely any chocolate and was half mixed. This place is a joke. There’s nothing worth coming back for.

Iria Turner

The food has gotten worst, but every time I go back the price has gone up.. the service is horrible the owner needs to shut it down now he charges you extra of you don't want something on your hamburger because it has to be made fresh that way.

Jim F

Great old school hamburger joint. It's like walking into 1970.

T mac

Things are not the same there.... I no longer go there. Seems like new cooks don't cook the food the way it should be.... I had brown bag burger was burnt ! Another cook made my burger soggy. Didn't even cook my bread. He made it so sloppy an nasty bread was all soggy wet.. the cooks need to cook it the way it suppose to be or this place won't last

Amanda Stanford

Been coming here my entire life! Its always my first stop when I come back home. Their brown bag special is divine!


Love the greasy burgers but always look at the receipt to make sure there's no add on charges. Look at your order before you leave to make sure you have exactly what you ordered.

Christa Massey

Very delicious burgers and fries!!! Amazing, quick service! Love the old-fashioned restaurants!

Kevin Fryer

Almost 60 yrs. in business, and their still going strong. Their food tastes as fabulous as when they first opened.

Jon Bloom

This food here is how McDonald's used to taste. I enjoy eating here when I get a hankering for a fast food fix. This the last location for this chain, interesting layout. The service is sometines a bit slow, but overall the experience is good when I stop here.

Jennifer Baldwin

Awesome as always.

Linda Jean

Food is good like always but the floors need to be cleaned...

matt balkin

Always consistent. Great flavor as always.

Rhonda Burleson


subi dad

Get you a brown bag special

Kirsi LaRowe

Great prices, good little burgers on the brown bag special

Beth Carey

This was our first and last time at Henry's. We try to always do local fare when we are traveling. We paid $6.05 for the medium brown bag special. Our drinks were medium but our fries were half filled small bags. The double cheeseburger looked just like the McDonald's double cheeseburger except here they cost three times more!

Richard Camacho

A good place to get very good food.

Savannah Spicer

Typical fast food, pretty good. The service wasn't that wonderful, don't expect happy faces.

Linda Clark

Henry’s is a good place to eat but you have some very rude workers so that’s why I won’t ever go back to Henry’s

emily Shullenberger

The best burger and onion rings

John Burgess

Been going there since i was a kid good food

Larry Altherr

Bed eating their sets the 1960s the hamburgers are Greek

Tiera McKinney

Never a dissapointment.

Lisa Kuntz

Great cheeseburger. REMINDS me of when I was a young child and they were located in fair plan plaza . It was my mom and I's lunch stop when she would go there shopping.

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