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REVIEWS OF Famous Hamburger, West Dearborn IN Michigan

Dan Keizer

Our waitress rushed through the ordering process, she couldn't even just get our drinks while we looked the menu order. She completely forgot to bring the appetizer we ordered and also messed up my daughter's order. Really the worst part was both the waitress and the manager we had to speak to were completely unapologetic and rude. Mistakes happen but if I have to haggle with somebody to make simple corrections I don't feel like I want to come back. It's a shame because we otherwise enjoyed the food and would have been happy to eat there again.

Bilal Naqvi

Good food and service. The burgers could be spicier and more flavorful but that's just me. Will go there again. Very good staff.

Jennifer Duff

Great food and great service! I took my niece out for lunch here and she loved it as well!

Bashan Abdullah

Amazing halal burgers and amazing service!

Michael Lewis

Awesome food good service nice atmosphere.

Jose Romeo Vela

Great burgers. Many to select from. The service was great.

syed sajjad

After straight 8 hours of driving...I know - Coming from CHICAGO...Hey with Family

Maha Rahimee

Favorite place to eat. Great customer service! I recommend this place

ab alm

I tried multiple hamburgers on their menus, they all taste amazing. I always look forward to eating at famous

Adam Dabak

Absolutely delicious and really filling food. Great service and nice workers :)


The food here at Famous Hamburger was excellent! We ordered the Famous Burger, sliders, chicken nuggets, the philly burger, a few wraps and various different shakes. The quality of the food was very good and the service was just as good as well. The prices are also good for the quality of the food. The chef making the food Zubair, did a very good job. Overall everything about Famous Hamburger was excellent!

Jonathan Gavia

I highly recommend this place, burgers and shakes are great! Great for carryout or small to large sized groups. Speedy and professional services and portions are more than enough. Never worried about ordering from this restuarant or location. Cafe like sitting with some booths that overlook the streets.

Thomas Paison

Great local burger place, friendly hangout atmosphere, love the waffle fries.

t a

Best service and great food!!!!

John Hughes

Very good burgers and sides. Milkshakes are too thick to get through a straw. Salads and sandwiches are excellent as well. Although they are usually busy the restaurant is clean and the staff is professional.

Ahmad Ali Audi

Good place. Nice design.

F S23

Staff were nice, but the two mini burgers I ordered tasted like chewy rubber from a garbage can. Never again will I come here. Good Burger is the way to go!

michael davis

Best burger!! I'm a burger connoisseur too!! Millers is #2

Christopher Fowler

Food was okay....service needs work...

Raisha Shaeef

HALAL HAMBURGER IN DEARBORN! Theres a parking garage next to it so that’s definitely not an issue and it’s free parking! It was a cold chilly night and we walked in for some Halal hamburgers. There seemed to be only one server serving while making an attempt to clean the place and tables looked overwhelming so I’d understand why they’re not smiling and greeting you as you walk in. The interior is comfortable with booths to fit 4 and larger ones fit 6. Cozy big fast food chain and somewhat packed. We ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger with sweet potato waffle fries (THE BEST) and had the Juicy Lucy with waffles fries too. Both were JUST PERFECT. Right amount of ingredients, sauces and the patties were juicy and flavorful! Big Texas style burgers served with crispy fresh waffle fries def beat any chick fill a or fast food chains and I can’t wait to be back!!!

Les Washington

Clean, with friendly staff. Food was great. Orders were up very quickly. Stop by for a bite to eat

Theresa Carr-Awada

The cheese burger was delicious. The waitress was just wonderfully friendly and helpful. Definitely going there again.

Ramesh Mande

Disappointed with my 3rd visit today. Chicken is undercooked I asked for well done it's hardly done.

Jennifer Badarak

The burgers and chicken wraps that I have had from this restaurant so far have been really good and cook just the way I like to them the milkshakes are good service is good I like it here


We go to this place weekly. I've ate there thousands of times only once was there a problem. One out of a thousand is great in my book. The staff is great and they tend to your every need. The 5th Star is just for the cheese sticks.

The Snack That Smiles Back GOLDFISH

The bacon cheese burger is just the best I highly recommend this place the waitress is just friendly and helpful.

Khalil Alward

Great food and customer service.

Miguel Hernandez

My entire work crew eat year at least once a week typically i get a hamburger of some sort and side and i must say the food is always fresh fast and filling!! the meals are more than fair for the price and we have a pretty large construction crew the staff has always been nice prompt friendly and helpful. Must of our crew doesnt speak English so for them to actually take a little extra time to help some of them out is greatly appreciated!!! I am sure to bring more people and recommend people to eat here!

Marian Shaffer

Loved it! The food was excellent. I had the Philly steak burger and onion rings. Chocolate shake. I had wanted to try this place before. I definitely will come back again.

Mehj Habib

We did know that this location is closed until July 1st 2019 or maybe longer due to AirCon issues. Drove an hour to eat there & found they were closed.

Bradley Bristley

Prompt and friendly service. Clean environment and a damn good burger.

Pritam Chavhan

Best chicken habanero burger but the service given by the staff was super bad. Had to wait for 35 mins for the burger and didn’t even get refills for water. When I asked if they need more time for the food they were rude.

Mark Mills

Good burger. Great service! Nice milkshakes.

Ed Lazar

First time there! Had the best burger ever, no exaggeration! Fantastic service to match. Rarely, no pun intended, are burgers cooked to order. Mine was perfect medum, with a generous amount of onion rings as a $1 sub for fries. Bargain! Had a strawberry shake too, and it was the best. Gonna become a regular...and I live 40 minutes away!

Brandon B

Great tasting burger made to how well I wanted the burger done, bacon was crispy. The onion rings are a good choice. Friendly staff, good atmosphere.

Lamin Sambou

Great food and the service was excellent.

Michigan Fan

The burgers and waffle fries were good!! But, can we talk about the birthday milkshake please? It's delicious and adorable.

Eddie S

Have been to Famous Hamburger multiple times, but it had been close to a year since my last visit. Sadly, I was disappointed. I had their famous hamburger, which I've had before, and it completely lacked any seasoning. No salt, no pepper, nothing. I was very disappointed. Even the sweet potato fries I had were lack luster, they were cold, bland and soft. Overall all very underwhelming. The chocolate milk shake at the end of my meal I was hoping would be the saving grace. It was not. I will give them another opportunity, but it won't be for awhile. I'm not sure what has changed, but something has.

Sami Alhalabi

Very nice people and excellent food

jeff youssef

Best burger sandwich. Clean place. Excellent service

Alaa Rizk

Yesterday I was dining in, and my experience was Very disappointing. We ordered 6 burgers and only received 4. I thought they were backed up on orders in the kitchen so I was patient, but after we were half way done with our meal, we still didn’t recieve the remaining two burgers. I got up and went to ask my waitress, and she told me that she misunderstood my order, and she hadn’t even placed the order for them. I was still trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, and told her to just place my order now and please rush it. Another 10 minutes pass, we were done eating, and still no burgers. Once again, I had to get up and ask about my order, and she told me “if they start on it now, it will be ready in 5 minutes”. By then, it was way too late and those who didn’t get their order ate somewhere else. I was very disappointed.

Hussein 5564

Very good burgers and wraps you can pick what you want on the side with your burger and wraps. Very clean and very quite place, the service is very good there is drink refills for free amazing place to take your family and friends to go eat.

Bhargavi Bussu

Great people great food great service and awsome atmosphere. My fav Burger place

Kate S

Sooo delicious! Great burgers for the price, Amazing waffle fries and incredible chicken wraps! Super nice service too

Ali Eledlebi

A little overpriced for me I don't know I just think 11 bucks for a decent burger is a little to much considering I can go to a1 dogs and get one for 7 but they didn't disappoint when it comes to the food also a great place to go with friends

Lola Hunni

Costed me a parking ticket smh


I had to check with the cashier to see if my food was ready, the food was ready and the fries were almost cold, on top that their prices are too high, their burgers have to be mixed with gold dust.

syed ali

Good tasting/size burgers. Quite a few to pick from. Enough seating available for groups and families.

Lorena Salazar

Hamburgers were okay, service was good.

Prudence Young

The staff at the time was just adorable to my family and I

Jordan Grnak

A great take on gourmet burgers with the signature famous Brand stepped on a bun. Offering a great selection of burgers and sides what's great service.

James Tillman

Burgers were excellent and great service too

Ali Raad

Good food, lovely staff yet a little pricey

Sonia A

Great atmosphere. Great people. Came on the weekend for lunch. Although we didnt have to wait it was still extremely busy. I ordered the famous burger and waffle fries as that is what was recommended. It was extremely filling. It was a tasty juicy burger with an egg in it. As it had two patties it did get a bit messy to eat as everything started slipping out. Otherwise location is great. Service was good. Bathroom was a bit messy and there were no paper towels or working hand dryers.... so i walked out with soaking wet hands. Overall a good expereince will visit againm

Diane Cliff

The food is always great. The service is wonderful. Also, they always take care to respect my daughter's allergies so she doesn't get sick.

captshaf1 .

Excellent burger, could not finish it. The shakes are amazing. I would definitely recommend it.

Asma Khan

Messed up my order. Never go on closing time. We went 40 minutes before their closing time and while were eating they start cleaning sweeping and mopping. The strong smell of pine-sol or whatever cleaner they were using I felt it's going in my throat. I couldn't taste the burger because the only flavor I was tasting was that cleaner. My kid also felt same. Waiter was rude, I understand it was closing time but I was trying to feed my kid as fast as I could and only two bites left waiter grab the plate from my side and I was about to grab the burger so I have to tell him that I am almost done. He didn't apologized or anything and just walked away by giving me look. I felt disrespectful.

Maysa Mesto

ok food. not a lot of vegan options. mango smoothie is so good. servers are usually very nice.

Michelle Morency

Great food and service!

Briahna Sparks


Marcia Hollander

First time here. Had a mushroom burger, my Granddaughter had a cheeseburger..both had waffle fries. She had a chocolate shake and I had a Pepsi. Food was DELICIOUS!!! Service was very good. I Recommend highly.

Awad al-ghazali

great burgers which I've been waiting for a friend to try as he described it and we did and the burger was all juicy and cooked to perfection along with the waffle fries along with the famous sauce it was incredible and the meat you can feel that it's fresh and delicious and the service was great and we had an amazing meal over there and I'm looking forward to visiting them again near future

Keegan McCallum

Cheese bite things are amazing and the patty is never too dense, they know what they're doin!

Rachel Green

Typically I really enjoy the food and service. Always delicious and always great service. However, today was a different story. I'm more than a little upset that I ordered this side. I paid just as much for this as I would have a burger there and there is only 6??? I should have just gotten a burger.

Shamim Ahmed

Great burger and the best thing is, its halal

Mike Makled

Sierra the server was excellent. The Philly burger I ordered with sweet potato fries was AWESOME!! My mother enjoyed the article cod dish. Very clean place. All the salads were very good. The grilled chicken and Caesar salad were great. I recommend anyone to come here. Thank you so much. Will surely visit again

Althea Seaborn

Clean quick courteous service

Ibrahim Al-Saidi

Decent burgers Beef bacon Patty is a bit thin and falls apart easily Waffle potato fries are good

Roosevelt Turner

The food that I walk in and ordered was very good i would take my family and friends there for lunch or any time because they have different kind of food on u can order

Khurram Mahmood

Nice juicy burgers, vegan choices, big portions, and efficient serving staff.

Yusef Ahmed

Amazing Burgers you won't regret

Joshua Flitton

Service was and food were both decent but a little over priced.

Joe Cosman

Who knew they had jalepeno mac & cheese bites( a touch of zip- but not too hot-yum!); and the NOT-everywhere-you-go WAFFLE FRIES! Real , hand-dipped ice cream shakes, nice waitstaff, friendly managers. A highlight on the "Taste Of Dearborn " journey, they DID NOT run out of sliders, mac & cheese bites, or kale salad, all the way till the end! ( Rumour also has it their grilled chicken-"burger" is incredible...!).Give 'em a try!

weston ball

Burger was perfect and delicious! High price, not a bad atmosphere but not a warm one either.

Miguel Pedro Islas Bechara

High Quality burgers

Shawn Green

Good food and service

Umar Lee

There are some good halal burger places in America; but no place has a better burger than Famous Burger. They know how to feed you good in Detroit.

Dennis Miller

Good shake, burger only fair, bun not very good.


Anytime. Best deal in town


Best burger in Dearborn. All staff are friendly and their service

Lauren Thomas

Love this place! Always good food and good service

Suhaib Nabeil

Normal stuff. Nothing special

Jake Tulech

Came here around 4 pm, no one was really here so it wasn’t that busy, granted it was a Sunday. The service was absolutely horrible it took our waitress at least 20 minutes to get me a refill on my drink, the food was absolutely horrible when it came out too. Our waitress never checked on us to busy talking with other workers and not doing her job unless she had food to bring us. Honestly it was some of the worst service I’ve ever had and won’t be coming back

Mohamed Jaber

One of the best burger places in town. I like the Fried Egg Burger well done. Great service. Good meal portion. It feels a bit pricier than other burger places but it's worth trying.

Mustafa Alhark

My Juicy Lucy turned out to be a dry guy. For a burger to cost $14 it has to be phenomenal. This was mediocre at best.

muhammad khan

Nice cozy place popular with college kids

Carrie Thompson

Service was friendly but SO slow. There was no wait for tables and plenty of staff standing around so there should have been no reason for the service to be so slow. All of the burgers arrived extra well done, regardless of what was ordered. Food was ok but not above average and most definitely over-priced. We had 2 kids meals, 2 adult meals, one burger to go (no sides) and a shake, total with tip was $70! Restroom was clean but not stocked. Overall just not a good experience.

Mike Smith

Quality and quantity maintained. Excellent customer service.

Raghad Hajar

Three things I like about this place: 1. It's clean. 2. It's halal. 3. their food is okay. Note: Their food is mediocre at best. It's not my top burger place. I've had better burgers.


Amazing burgers and service is always great! I would recommend this place if you love a yummy burger!

Nancy Allen

Not just burgers and excellent fries.

Eli Hamadimann

Pricey, as matter of fact very pricey for ordinary food.

K Losey

Great burger..very juicy, waffle fries delish and staff and patrons were very friendly. Definitely coming back with the kids. Some might think it's a bit on the expensive side, but my husband and I thought it was worth it to find a place that makes a great fresh not frozen burger. We got 2 meals, 2 beverages and a shake for $32.

Jamal Khan

Fantastic burgers and shakes! Got the sweet potato fries which were phenomenal. Service was pretty good despite how busy it was.

Dunia Abdallah

Large hamburgers worth the price!

Very Raft

My partner and I tried the elotes, which were wonderful. Everything was great, even the ranch dressing XD I would recommend this restaurant to vegetarians like myself- you can substitute a vegetarian black bean patty for any of the burger creations, so you have a variety of burger combinations to choose from. The sweet potato fries and traditional fries were delicious, and I adore the stamped logo in the buns. Would return <3

Hassan Albahiesh

Great burgers. Meals are awesome. Staff is friendly. I recommend the bbq burger

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