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REVIEWS OF Claddagh Irish Pub IN Michigan

Connor Gjere

If you're in Maple Grove and want a Cold Beer (Or Cider.) and a good meal the Claddagh is where to go. The Claddagh offers an excellent selection of Beer and Ciders along with phenomenal Fish and Chips, Burgers, Galeic Chicken and Traditional Shepard's Pie. The only dish so far that has been less then a Home run was their Pretzel Bites which while not by any means horrible are lacking the quality present in the Claddagh's other meals. Service is decent, I've experienced none of the issues others have noted just expect a bit longer of a wait on Weekends as it has a tendency to get busy and very full very quickly.

Missy Isles

Went to see a live band perform. Good atmosphere. Band was great. Food was pretty good. Service was terrible! Waited a long time for everything, considering there weren't a lot of people there. Worth going to try the food and to see some live music, but not worth a return trip unless service improves.

Dan Chmiel

Thanks Carolina for the great service

Mary J Latu

Had 3 different serves and the 3rd one was very sloppy. She servered the appetizer and it fell off the plate. She then used her fingers to push it back on the plate. When asked what to recommend for whisky she then stated, I'm not familiar with it and then asked for Bailey on ice, the pub somehow didn't have any in stock. Not the best service.

William Hess

Great Irish restaurant, the service sometimes isn't the best, but I love the food. Highly recommend the Scotch eggs and the Irish stew.

Sorany Ka

Pretty disappointing first impression. Floors and tables were sticky. The table we sat at somehow was standing on 3 legs with the fourth was barely hanging. There were too many flies to count. If the first impressions were that bad I do not want to see what their food taste like. We walked in and it was dead silent with about 3 people total but 5 minutes past and no server to even acknowledge us. That was it and we left. Never going back!


Great food and wonderful service!!


this place is run by real irishmen. these are the best fish and chips in the Twin cities and Amber blew us away with her service. Yes and amen.

Amanda Burchett

The food was delicious and our waitress was very accommodating.

julie her

Rotten meat served in heavy sauce. Their compensation is to replace a free dish of your choice. Why would I order another dish from a kitchen exposed to rotting meat?

Tommy Borchers

Good group place with decent food. Best part was the large table we got near the fireplace. Lots of TVs for sports too. I wasn't there for happy hour, but the prices look crazy good!

Jeffrey Spragg

Good food, service and atmosphere.

Miranda Scott

I visit this place often and love it every time! We sit at the bar and the service is fantastic (especially Josiah!). Everyone is familiar and it feels like you’re with friends. The food is humble cuisine designed to feel fancy but accessible. The environment is homey and warm. Everything I’ve had is great. I’d recommend the Gaelic chicken or Monte Cristo if you’re feeling wild!

Courtney Morell

Tried the Scottish Eggs, very good. Also had the Fish and Chips, delicious! Atmosphere and service were lovely. Will be going again soon.

Sam Hodges

Good food and good service

Jennifer heintz

Great bartender (Mel), food, and beverages!

Constance E Fliss

Amazing sandwiches with delicious pub fries.

heath mcbrayer

Great fish. Happy hour is an excellent deal. Beer and fish for 2 people for less than $25 on mondays.

Sytine Tchang

; Lots of good dishes. Favorite are Traditional Sheppard's pie or the Mac + Cheese Sheppard's pie. They serve, in my opinion, one of the best Caesar salad.

Tina Dols

The food was really delicious & the service was great!! I'll be going back

Matt Stevens

Decent place for lunch burger are ok the fish and chips is huge

Dennis Camp

The ambiance is very comforting. Our server was attentive and nice. Fish and chips were crisps and very tasty. Beer selection was massive. Black and Tan was a perfect pour.

Gretchen Dedrick

Great service, excellent food


Excellent food, great drinks!

Iva Manning

This was the neatest place to eat. Food was wonderful and our waiter was the best thanks again Finn

Yana Martini

Absolutely excellent food! Lovely service, I would definitely recommend this place! Find me on Pinterest @ Yana Martini

John Ward

Loved the atmosphere. Wife and I had a wonderful time.

Pat McClain

Scottish eggs were excellent.

Michael Johnson

I had the fish tacos and they where off the hook! Can't wait to go again

Deborah Smith

Nice menu choices. Good food. Moderate prices

Macky Schmitt

The Legendary Monte Cristo, enough said!

Patrick Triscari

Trout was good and bread pudding with Irish coffee for desert absolutely hit the spot. As authentic Irish as mid-Michigan can get.

Ray Hanes

The first time we went here the food was amazing. So we came in again this time on a Tuesday. Well on Tuesday, we were told we couldn't put in requests for things like leave sour cream off our appetizer. Or leave blue cheese crumbles off off mac and cheese couldn't be done. Also mentioned this was "because the food was being pre-made". It's like someone went to all the trouble of putting together a very nice Irish pub with an amazing menu but then at the end couldn't be bothered with staffing a good kitchen.

Samantha Barry

The prices are fair and the servers are wonderful. Food can be slow coming out but is well worth the wait. Thanks for a great brunch.

Kelly Peterson

First time for me, but the people I was with had been there before. Both my husband and I ordered the New York Strip we were looking forward to the Brussels sprouts that came with the meal. The steak was flavorful and tender, my Brussels sprouts were either whole and hard or overly crisp like chips even the second batch the server brought out were not good. The mashed potatoes were dry with hard chunks in them like they had been sitting around all day. Server offered to bring me new ones but I wasn’t interested. Pretty soon the manager came out and asked us about our meals because the server let him know we were unhappy with the sides. We explained the issues, the manager went above and beyond to make us leave there happy, we were so impressed with the management. After he left the table I told my daughter who was with that before the manager came out I had planned on never returning, but now I’m anxious to give them another chance. They are all about making sure you have a good experience and coaching their chefs when food isn’t right. So if you go here and anything is unsatisfsctory, nicely let your server know your not happy and I bet they will make you more than satisfied before you leave. Excellent service!!!

Amanda Wroolie

Love the food and was so thankful the server and chef called their food distributor to ensure which precuts have dairy in them to came me allergic don safe!

Owen Kleberg

If your Irish you love claddagh


Food was great! Happy Hour specials were amazing. Best fish and chips in all of the Lansing area. Our waiter, Fynn, was the best. Very friendly and helpful. He let us enjoy our time together and was always on hand to answer questions and take care of us. Many reasons to come back but he was the main one. Ask for him by name (Fynn) when you go here to eat and have fun

Jacob Jenkins

Been enjoying this pub for over 14 years. Since I was just a young lad. The menu has changed but the charm has not. Just wish they would resurrect the Shamrock wings.

Matt Cutcher

Great authentic irish food. The shepherds pie mac n cheese is awesome. Guiness on draft.

Lorne Bruce

Always the best fish n chips in the entire Midwest! Cheerful servers and always helpful with reccommendations. Would love to see an (NA) beer served for designated drivers. No one is doing should be the first. :)

Edward Madden

First time there. It takes a lot for me to give 5 stars, but this place deserves it. Great food and drink. The only thing that I could mention is although our server appeared to be a bit overwhelmed, we got great service. Will definitely go back.

Matthew Wolfe

Love this place. After visiting Ireland this has become our new favorite place and Irish home away from home. It was great to find our Irish favorites so close to home. Great food and service.

Sara Wold

Drinks and food were great! Short staffed, but our server did an awesome job!

J Rothstein

Our waiter was very helpful. The food was delicious and portions were generous. The French onion soup is very filling and full-bodied. The monte Cristo was well prepared and the raspberry jam was a perfect accompaniment.

David Marks

Food was great. Had the fish and chips. Potions were very large though. Beer selection was top notch. Felt as though in a Irish pup in Dublin.

Kelli Goodwin

The food was delicious, and the staff was friendly.

Larissa Overley Zubac

Super love the food and atmosphere. Do not love the live music on Friday nights.

Jeannette Eibensteiner

I'm fairly certain they were short on staff, leaving long wait times. The few employees that were there we running their butts off. Understandable, so we will definitely be back. The beef stew and fish and chips were delicious! I definitely want some more of the bread pudding. I love the live entertainment!

Craig L. McCloud

Always great to be back where I spent so many hours of my life working. The Fish & Chips are the way to go here! Shep Pie is also great....wash it down with. Guinness!

Delition Hikari

I've been there about seven or eight times so far for trivia, and roughly half of the time I've left there annoyed. The first time I was there, they had us sitting at a bench with a back that was very clearly broken, and if either of us leaned back the back panel started to separate from the frame. We mentioned it to our server, but it wasn't removed until a few weeks later, and nothing was done at that time. Another time we ended up placing a reservation for trivia, I told the person over the phone we were attending for trivia, received multiple automated text messages that we were expected at that time, and when we showed up trivia was cancelled. That wouldn't have been a big deal, but the host was the one who took the reservation, and before I even asked about it, they made a point to mention it to me that they knew I was there for trivia. It was annoying to get the text messages, have the host know my name, number, and the reason we were there, and still have to drive out there to be told that the only reason we were there wasn't happening. We had one of my coworkers and her boyfriend attending that night, who live over an hour away. As they had been there for over an hour by then they ended up getting a gift card for their troubles, but it would've been better to know ahead of time. We have had the host tuck us away in a corner to be completely ignored for over half an hour, no water or menus, while the person who eventually became our server walked past out table multiple times to help the people diagonal to us as well as clean the table right next to us. We had to bring it up to another host to just get the ball rolling. In their defense on this one, they were nice enough to give myself and the other person with me our meals for free, but after it was discovered that they messed up, we had someone stopping by our table every few minutes to check up on us which got annoying real fast. Winning one of the games comes with a $20 gift card. One of the times we won, we wanted to put five dollars for each person there towards their meals. Three people x $5 would be $15, with $5 left on a card. They only used it towards two people's cards, and when it was brought up I asked the server to verify that the remaining card had $10 so we could at least use it for the next week. She said yes, which ended up being false the next week as the card only had $5 left on it (which we only found out after having to track down a second server to get our bills that night as our original server hadn't been seen for over half an hour). The food isn't the best, and regardless of what we order someone usually doesn't feel the best afterwards. The portions on the menu items don't seem to match quality or pricing, as the $13 shepard's pie comes in a tiny bowl with some spread out lettuce leaves for a salad, while you get probably twice the amount of food with the shepard's pie poutine for $2 less. Honestly, it just feels like the people there don't really care until they find out they screwed up on something, and then they try their darndest to suck up (probably to avoid posts like this). I'll likely not be going back.

Anthony Garcia

Fish and chips hit the spot, good beer and whisky selections.

Timothy Russell

The traditional style fish and chips are awesome! Thanks for the great food and wonderful service Josiah!

Iris Rodgers

Nice atmosphere. Live music on certain nights of the week. Great drinks. Friendly, attentive staff. I've had different entrees, but my favorite is the fish & chips. On Monday nights it's buy one, get one half off (I think). Can't beat it!

Jeffrey Welch

Had classic corned beef and cabbage. Delicious! Great service and nice atmosphere.

Theo Van Hof

Great trivia night. Excellent service

Ash Khan

Great food , desserts and great service.

james hall

Great if u got deep pockets


The waitress was Friendly and we recieved our drinks promplty...The downside was the Food...My wife ordered Gaelic Chicken and it was Horrible, beat down thin and overcooked she says...They need lighten up on Broccoli and the servings of it …

Jillian Bowden

Scotch eggs are amazing! Pretzel bun sliders and patron martini were also amazing! I will be going again. And waitress was perfect!!

Rob Schneeberger

Always has good food and helpful staff! Best fish and chips in town!

Martin Sexton

Fantastic fish and chips, and corned beef and cabbage. You feel like one is in Ireland

Julie Lyons

Food wasn't quite as good as the previous time we were there (a couple months ago), but still very good. And yet, we both ordered the same meals as before.

Paul Rubin

Excellent food, affordable prices, consistently good service.

Jessica Nelson

Just got off the phone with them, and they were so nice!!! The lady had such a bubbly and understanding personality, I'm so excited to come here tonight!

Jayd Hoffman

Best Shepard's pie I've ever had

Paul P

First off, the food is pretty good. No complaints on that. We were going there for lunch before we would go to a movie. Averaged twice a month. Most times we were the only customers (odd in Maple Grove). 100% of the time the service was atrocious. We would be sitting in an empty bar for 15 minutes waiting to get a menu. The bartender would be standing behind the bar staring at us and say nothing. I once was going to call the bar and ask if we can get service (that would have been fun at least). We sadly now will not set foot in there. My mother in law went there and the exact same experience. The food is good but nowhere near that good to endure this crap. Respect your patrons.

Christine Velarde

The Gourmet Burger featured on the new brunch menu is absolutely delicious! The bourbon onions are quite surprising! For that matter, the whole brunch menu is novel and tasty. There's a secret behind why the biscuits are so exceptional. Try them all! Maybe Chef will share their secret! Just make sure to come hungry and bring friends because the brunch menu items beg to be shared! YUMMY!


Great Irish pub, decorations and style is very unique and cool. Food is great and drinks are very good! Got the cheese curds and they were delicious. Staff was super friendly, loud environment but great for high energy nights

Gabriella Retzer

Great pub to to grab a hearty bite to eat. Very relaxing atmosphere. Staff are friendly and kind. Food is good as well. Shepard's pie is a classic choice. Delicious. Husband grab a couple of taps and they were great!

Kerri Brookman

Food was excellent and the service was on point

Jeff Panaka

The whiskey and coke was strong and halfway through it I had to remind myself that this was the Eastwood Town Center and not some pub in County Cork.

Ben Holtvoigt

Excellent food, beer and staff.

Pete Stein

A taste of Ireland without a 10 hour flight. Amazing service even on St Patrick's day, not sure how they managed to pull that off.

Tyrone Babione

Service is always fantastic. Atmosphere is lively and authentic feeling. Food is excellent.

Thomas Lingbloom

Authentic menu with t. Very good food. It was our first time there, but we'll be back.

Samantha McHenry

The food is really good and the atmosphere makes the meal. The wait staff are a bit slow but they were really busy so I dont blame them at all. The fish and chips were alright. The fish was amazing but the fries erred on the side of eh. My boyfriend got the Monte Cristo and loved it.

Jean L

Always dead. Service is awful. We were the only ones in there and had to wait for a second round of drinks because waitress was flirting with a customer and bartender was cleaning glasses. Then the Supremes came on in the bar stop in the name of love

Trishia D.

Love this place, trivia nights are the best!

Andrew Benson

Fish was great fries were ok, I would try the potato wedges next time. Very friendly staff and reasonably priced


Always love a bite of Irish grub and Claddagh Irish pub is the place to go

Phil Kerber

Nice and cozy place to visit. Great food and large selection of beers. Friendly staff.

Scott Weekley

The Claddagh is one of our favorite spots to get fish & chips. The batter is excellent and the chips are tasty too! If you like Irish food, The Claddagh is the place to go! Great selection of whiskey and beer to boot. Live music is offered on occasion as well.

Janet Hallermann

We did not have a good experience. We had a large group, however the restaurant was not busy. The majority of our food was cold. Hamburgers were rare and barely warm. Our order took over an hour. Others came in after we ordered and they had eaten and left before our food arrived. Our server was friendly and helpful. I think the delay and cold food was an issue in the kitchen.


Everything was Amazing. The food was amazing, the staff was amazing and the overall ambience was amazing. It is a more high end establishment so expect the bill to reflect that though. 10/10 would recommend

Peter Greimann

The Sheppard's Pie was absolutely delicious. They also had a Irish duo playing traditional music. Also a very nice building. Great experience overall.

Eric Smith

Hit or miss with food quality. Love it when good. They have no apologies when bad and no offer of compensation.

Sanket Jagade

Had Awesome chicken wings with Jameson and Habanero and Ghost pepper sauce..

Andrea Richard

The atmosphere is very cozy and warm. The food is delicious. I highly recommend the Shepherd's Pie!

keona porter

Love love love this place. Im so happy they now have the Impossible Burger. I can enjoy a vegetarian option while dining with friends. The staff is always pleasant.

Honey Anderson

Great prices! The Paddy Mac was delicious and so were the stuffed mushrooms! Great atmosphere!

David Portugal

Terrific lunches at a good price

Patricia VanGilder

Fish and chips are very good, we had a piece of fish the diameter of the plate. on Mondays it was 2 for the price of 1.

Andrew Carlson

My wife and I love coming to this spot. Usually not very crowded and we always enjoy the food.

Michael Tate

Great atmosphere and service, but the food was just good. Nothing to blow you away but that still means it's a great place to go, just not the best of the best.

eddy Tompkins

We eat here occasionally and have even come for Thanksgiving a couple of times. It's okay. But it always seems like it could be better somehow. For one thing, the hostess starts the whole experience out weirdly with the seating. Yet like I said, it's okay and I would rate it overall at 3-4 stars. But recently we dropped in and I ordered the meatloaf. It's usually very good and homemade. However this time it came out cold and looked like a frozen dinner....Salisbury steak!!! It even had the fake grill marks. Horrible. We've been back a few times since (obviously didn't order the meatloaf) and the meals seemed the same.....prefrozen and cheap. I don't know what happened but it seems like they're trying to cut corners and quit making real food. I hope this change in the food gets corrected. I'd rather pay a few $ more for better food. Otherwise I can hit the frozen food isle at the supermarket and do better :(. So after years of visiting Claddagh, they're getting 2 stars for recent visits of consistently bad meals.

danielle adams

Great happy hour deals. Clean restaurant and bathroom. Good service.

Sergio Arambula

Place is gross... The "Chef" makes you serve green fish... No lamb in the shep pie... Waters down everything... Place is gross... I wouldn't eat here... Cheapest quality of food... Bland... He dont follow recipes... I wouldn't eat here unless you want bland, outdated food thats a cheap quality...

Anna Warren

Love it. Wish I were there

Ron Bissonnette

Good food... Good service.

Bob Sauer

We had a pork chops with corn on cob corn was very old tasting chewy almost . Chops were okay . Cheese tray was amazing waiter was nice drinks were good

Lance G

Scotch Eggs are great. The server was friendly. The atmosphere is nice. Portions are large and everything came to the table warm and correct. Would also recommend the burbon smash.

Amanda McGrath

Love this place. Great drinks, food and service

krishnaa balaji

Loved their spinach and artichoke dip. Loved the waitress and her excitement. Good ambience.

Craig Burris

Great Irish fare and the only Kilkenny I have found in the US.

James Tubb

Service was great. The food was average.

Wyldheart Woodelf

Out of Decaf coffee and English Muffins for breakfast. Food that was available was good and the server was friendly and helpful.

Chris Johnston

Can't best the 2 for 1 fish and chips...both taste and value.

Jake Jacobs

Great food and staff. Great Monti Cristo.

Ryan Marquette

The service was abysmally slow and inattentive. The food was decent. I had the meatloaf which was cooked well but a pretty heavy dish.

James MacDonald

Everyone enjoyed the food and atmosphere. And the Guinness Onion Soup was out of this world. Great food and large selection of beers. Friendly staff.

wendy woodruff

One of the best house made veggie burgers I’ve ever had! I hadn’t been in awhile, since I stopped eating meat (previous favorite being the beef stew) but stopped in knowing their tap selection was worth it. So glad I did! Always friendly staff and atmosphere.

kathy dobson

The food was the best ive had ina long time.

Terry Kulow

A nice Irish pub. Good portion of food and good beer.

Nikki Greve-Uhde

Excellent food! A little disappointed that they had an abbreviated menu due to having trivia night. But that did make it easier to choose a dish! Dining on the patio was relaxing and a great way to enjoy a beautiful evening.

Aaron Lake

Had a great time on St Patrick's day here

Heather Hegi

Great menu. I enjoy visiting this restaurant regularly.

Anthony Hanson

First and only time there. Slow service. Nobody was rude but there wasn't any outward friendliness either. Two bartenders terribly busy with only half the bar filled. Won't be back. Left and went to Malone's down the street, where we've had superb service.

Chelsea Holcombe

Friendly staff! Cheerful, live music delicious food, beautiful dining room with fresh flowers all made for a magnificent dinner!

Seth Johnson

Very friendly service, good food. Went to the breakfast buffet.

David Kloeckner

Went to lunch today with my wife, it was fine. When we paid our bill with a gift card and when they brought back our receipt there was no gift card, they lost it. Now we have been waiting over 30min for their solution. Doubt we will be back, no way to treat your customers.

John Dwyer

Good atmosphere. Service solid. Food was mediocre.

Colleen Luhmann

Me and a friend are on there on a Fish Special night. We wanted to split our bill and it came back as charging us full price. We we're at each other a little puzzled at the price and he came back after seeing is looking at our bill, and said, 'yeah, I didn't think it looked right.'. He took it back and refigured it. We still enjoyed the food, the friendliness of the place. I just take it as the the staff being under trained. Love this place!!!

Phil Harryman

Jameson burger was great. Chowder was great as well. I personally didn't think the brussel sprouts were very good. I wish they wouldn't have been out of the mushrooms so I could have tried this stuff mushrooms instead.

Kate Gardner

Delicious food, great atmosphere, very quick service. Highly recommend

Shevon S

I wanted to like this place based on other reviews but I was sadly disappointed. My first issue was that when we were seated, the table was wet and super sticky. Service was super slow throughout our meal. We ordered the trout and the pork chop for entrees and scotch eggs for an appetizer. When we received the scotch eggs, we were unsure if it was cooked thoroughly as the sausage portion was on the pinker side. The entrees were super bland and seemed to have no seasoning at all. My main issue was with my porkchop. It was mainly white in color and slightly browned on the top and bottom. When I cut into it, it was a tinge pink in color and as for the taste... It tasted a little underdone. The meat had a slight undercooked/ bittery taste which really turned me off. I was so concerned that I was going to get sick but thankfully I did not. The only good part of the meal was the dessert. The bread pudding was absolutely delicious.

Richard Hale

Great lunch sitting outside, first time in years we have been here.

Ale G

BOGO Fish and Chips on Mondays (For about $15 total) is awesome ☺️

Miche H

The food here is great in the beer selection is on point! as much as I love Michigan craft beers, I'm always interested to try craft beers from other regions. Claddagh Irish Pub doesn't disappoint. Really enjoy burgers here, fish and chip night special on Mondays is the best! I've always enjoyed everything I've gotten here! Some great Irish style meals as well as some American classics with a bit of an Irish twist. Service has always been great! This is my number one recommendation for a sit-down meal within Eastwood Towne center. Reasonably priced, consistent food, great selection and service... just some of the reasons behind my recommendation. Follow me for the know on food / drinks in Michigan @withlovefrommiche on IG.

Amanda Olson

Absolutely love this place! Doggo friendly patio, great drink specials. They have some to die for cuisine. Their Sheppard s Pie is a must.

Sarah Holland

I would definitely recommend the Fish and Chip or the Jameson Burger. Both have very fond places in my heart as I've ordered both on numerous occasions with wonderful results this time I chose to build my own burger and let me tell you, it's only as good as you make it! However if you want to branch out and have the stomach for it they have Black Pudding (eeek pigs blood!!) I have yet to psyche myself up for that. I can also attest that the Sidecar's are refreshingly top notch!

Mr. Rogers

Great food, my wife and I love this place. Never had a bad menu item, even tried the black pudding (blood sausage) and it was incredible. They also have much more tame menu items like burgers, shepherd's pie, fish and chips, etc. The scotch eggs are a great way to start out. Finally an Irish pub that actually has Irish beer and food.

James Reason

Good food a d very spacious

Jo S

Good food, a bit pricy.

A Kem

Amazing waiter..his name was Josiah. He was very attentive and friendly. The food was amazing!

Sarah Smith

We have been there before and loved it. However after the experience we had yesterday, we will not be back. 1. It took the hostess a good 30 seconds to see a group of 5 people walk in. She seemed half asleep and was on a tablet. No greeting. 2. As we walked to our table we noticed our shoes sticking to the floor. Gross. 3. We were seated at a table that seemed like it was about to break at any moment. The table top was not any better then the floor. It was very sticky and gross. The bench on the one side of the table also felt as if it was already broken beneath the cushion. The chairs on the other side of the table also stuck to the floor. 4. There is a family of spiders living next to the bench. 5. My dad's silverware that was wrapped in a napkin was dirty. My small app plate was also dirty. 6. Our appetizer was barely warm. Basically raw brussel sprouts and the cheese was not even melted. 7. The bathroom was dirty and 2 of the stalls had locks that did not work properly. 8. It took way to long for us to put in our orders. We were the only table inside and there were a couple people at the bar where everyone hovered. 9. The planter by the front door is full of weeds not flowers. This is a major bummer. Did they sell it or are they going to sell? Seems like no one in there really cares about the place.

Lexa Kandola

Very cool bar, great, authentic Irish food. Had the Irish Beef Stew for lunch, delicious! Took home the bread pudding, very sweet and rich (divided it over two nights). Overall, great portions, prices, and ambience.

Amber Alberts

Bartender was nice and polite, checking up on us multiple times throughout our lunch. Food was good. It was freezing in the restuarant, both my husband and I had to go get sweatshirts from our car. The restaurant itself was pleasing visually. Only thing to note, please inform your staff that smoking right next to the patio and patio door makes your establishment reek like cigarettes, which is disgusting if you're trying to enjoy your meal. At least be conscious of people who do not partake in that and some people are very sensitive to the smell.

Penny Eichers

Beer is good and it's a beautiful place, but the service was awful... food took an hour and a half to get to us. We were told they would take care of some of the bill for us due to them forgetting about our order, still got the full bill. We just paid and left, not worth the extra time spent questioning it. So sad, used to love this place!

Tyler Persohn

Best fish & chips in town!

Bryon Schulte

Great service. David, the bartender, was absolutely perfect. And the Guinness Onion Soup was out of this world.

Peter Roed

Excellent brew, meal, and service, thank you Emily.

Fenton Fitness Jeff Tirrell

Great service, food, beer, and fair prices.

Randall Black

One of the best cod fish dinner deals, $15 BOGO on Mondays. Huge piece of battered cod, large fries and coleslaw. $4-16oz. Irish Trinity beers; Guinness, Harp and Smithwick. Sat in the high timber framed room in one of the stone lance arched booths. The big room is echoing, the booths are a little quieter. If you're lucky, Finn will be waiter!

Kevin Vandenberg

Although it didn't seem that busy, it took a very long time for our entrees to arrive. When it did, everyone in our party agreed it tasted "okay". Although my entree was marked gluten free on the menu and I informed the server I have a gluten allergy, I found some french fries (not gluten free) mixed in with my mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts, so clearly they were not very careful about cross contamination.

Taylor Anderson

Amazing food, bomb selection. Pristine service. Great live music. Couldnt get over the sticky tables, though.. I know it's a small thing but it really grossed me out.

chris nelsen

Unique food, good beer variety, good service for an understaffed bar/resteraunt.

John Leadley

The fish and chips are great the roast beef not so great. What happened in between was above average!

Michael Spalding

Great place to go with my wife to celebrate my birthday!

Aaron McReynolds

One of the best places I've ever eaten, food and service both.

Kasey Robbins

Staff was nice, atmosphere was great, but the glasses were dirty, and there was something floating in one of my glasses. They corrected the problems immediately but there were multiple hence the 3 star

Charity West

I was here this evening for a dinner with friends. I felt like I was transported to another part of the world for a little while. The architecture and ambiance in the restaurant is quite lovely. My server Fynn was so fun and helpful. I’m a vegetarian and asked him about the options. He not only gave me his recommendation, he shared a memory of him and his father that made me smile. A really wonderful experience was had by all the joined me for dinner. I definitely recommend The Impossible Burger. The flavors are delightful and the pickle relish really adds to the flavor. For dessert try out the Bread Pudding. It’s not too overly sweet, just the right amount of pudding and flavors. Come and check it out.

Brian M

I always enjoy this place. I think the fish and chips are excellent. Good atmosphere good parking and great beer!

Darren Hartman

Love the aesthetics, love the Irish drink choices, love the good food in addition to the Irish food choices. Excellent!

Dee Lynn Jones

We loved our visit. Lost of good chioces. Great atmosphere, pleasrnt service and very good food. Get the Jameson burger, it's really good. Or the fish dinner. Don't get the fish sandwich, it tends to disentagrat into mush. But the fish without a bun stays. Crispy..

fucyou doe

Like the food great service friendly staff

Glenn Cole

Great food and staff

Erin Carlson

Food was great! Service was fast and i loved the atmophere! Perfect place for girls night out or date night!

Angela Ernst

If you like fish and chips them this is the place to go. Great atmosphere and they have live music on certain days.


Friendly staff, good food and atmosphere. Their Jameson burger is to die for.

Chhavi Chhabra

Extremely good service! Excellent food at amazingly reasonable price. Loved the happy hours.

Richard Stislicki

Recently discovered Happy Hour prices, YIPPEE! It's a great time to try out appetizers at half off prices. Monday's are our favorite day to go. Buy one get one free fish dinners. The fish is always good, but it is even better at 2 for 1 price.

Jason Gee

My favorite spot in Lansing! Great food! Awesome service and atmosphere!

Anthony Reetz

Great atmosphere. Terrific food. Kind wait staff.

Sara Julson

Always good drinks and tasty food.

Nick Reynolds

I've been here many times - this was the first time I ate here. I had the meatloaf, great portion, served with mashed potatoes and gravy... was a little salty but not overbearing. Was very quiet for a Thursday night but we'd had storms too, could be why. Service was nice and quick. I'll definitely go again.

Debra Segers

I love this place!! I love to look at all the pictures!!

Rich M

My wife ordered a chicken sandwich that was served under cooked and raw in the middle. I informed the waitress who said she would talk to a manger. She took it away, came back and apologized and was still on our bill. Burger I had was no better then average. Pretty disappointed considering other reviews I see here.

Dean F

Jameson burger was great. Good service too.

Wendy Kirkham

Love the fish and chips, even better on Mondays... Buy one get one free!

Mike Crawford

Great food, great drinks and service second to none

Brett Baker

Great St. Patrick's experience. Awesome bands, drinks people.

Shana Berg

The worst food I have had in a long time. Service was slow, too. The food tasted like it was frozen and microwaved. Do NOT waste your time and money here.

Laura McDaniel

Had the Fish and chips! Portions were huge and food was Amazing! Love this Irish pub. The waitress made some great drink selections! Definitely will be back!

Kirk Fisher

Great food and staff

Susan Chase

Family and I went for dinner and music. We ate sliders, nachos and fish sandwich. Everyone enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Great music with singing and dancing. We will be back.

Heather Reddin

Drinks were spot on. Dessert was fantastic. We only went for drinks and dessert this time around but their food is always great too.

Tyea MacLachlan

I gave it at 3 because the fish and chips are always on point. But this last visit the waitress was not very good. We got chicken nachos for the first time there was no toppings on them almost no cheese no chicken nothing. We had to wait forever for everything. And we go there quite often we spent our last two New Year's Eves there it was a very disappointing visit. I understand if a place is super busy, they were not and the tables around us with other servers received much better service. When sitting outside on a warm day you should not have to wait 10 minutes or more for a refill, not to mention I had to ask every single time. Water refills should be automatically filled, esp on a muggy day seated outside. She took forever to bring us our to-go containers came back out and visited other tables three times before she brought them. Did not bring her bill then we had to wait another 10-15 minutes for that. Our daughter was up from Arizona and we wanted to take her there for dinner because it was one of our favorite places.

Susan Snider

On the biggest Irish day of the year at an Irish bar/restaurant. We got there at 11:15am....not even busy yet as they had just opened up. The bartenders were not even dressed in Irish garb and were very unpersonable, the service was terrible and the experience was a big disappointment. They just weren't into St. Patrick's Day AT ALL. Didn't even try to order food because it took so long just to get a drink. Very disappointing!

Michael Curley

Good atmosphere, good food, good service, good value!

Matthew Howe

The food, drinks, and service were excellent. The salmon was some of the best I have ever had. I would recommend this place for anyone.

Jonathan Latcham

Great food and friendly staff, but the bench we were sitting on broke (we are not large people). After some quick investigation, our seat was being held up by a milk crate.... Seriously, spend the $6 and 10 minutes and fix that. I shouldn't have to worry about my bench falling off a milk crate! Great food though.

Shannon Honken

The food was pretty good, but the service was slow (even though they weren't very busy), and they missed one of our orders, so one of our friends got her food after the rest of us were done eating. I appreciate that they comped her meal, but overall I was pretty unimpressed.

Julie A

Good food, we had the spinach artichoke dip - very good, onion soup - excellent, Caesar salad - would have been good IF the romaine were fresh, grilled chicken sandwich - excellent, and pub fries - outstanding. Good selection of beer and mixed drinks. It was quite noisy for a weeknight but the service was great. This was our first time here and I will return.

Zac Nicholas

Food was good and environment was nice but they couldn't make a black and tan, at a pub...

Matt H

Love the food, drinks and atmosphere.

John Poleski

Great food, cool environment, look forward to going again

Gregory Everett

Great food and drinks, affordable and always great service. The atmosphere is fun too. Try the shepherds pie and bread pudding!

Wendy Fuller

We had our daughter’s 1st Communion luncheon at the Lansing location yesterday and couldn’t be more happy with the experience. Claddaugh was very accommodating and kind. Our waitress was wonderful and helpful. The food was great! Thank you Claddaugh!

Scott Smith-Hall

Home away from home. Hollie is the best bartender we have experienced in a long time.

Dan Gunter

Love going here, always great food. This time a fish sandwich and fries, just as good as always. Fast, very friendly service and reasonable prices. And it certainly doesn't hurt that they have quite a selection of great beer!

Mike Dakota

Awesome atmosphere and excellent food.

James Payne

Temp was way too low. Service was fair. Food was uninspired. Not returning.

Abby Olker

Fun place with good food. They have some awesome happy hour deals and lovely staff

Thys Coetzee

Nice pub, good service.

Jade Bryant

Would give zero stars but I can't. Place is disgusting! There was dead fly on window with other flies around. Floors, menu and table were dirty. Got seated and server never came after 5 minutes even though they weren't busy. We left. First time here and would never go back! Don't recommend.

thereadysetfan Last

Food is sub par and the service is so slow.

Jeffrey Bozeman

Great salads, great service, beautiful decor, quiet for a big place. Bread pudding was delicious. Will visit again. So much more than expected.

David P

Nachos tasted nuked in microwave, drinks were expensive, server disappeared for long periods of time.

Becky Wirth

Great wait staff. Ordered chicken bacon wrap. Soggy very little meat. Also ordered monte Crisco . that was very good.

Nancy Murphy

It was a lot of fun, the band was good and the food was too. They had a lot of traditional, with a twist, Irish food offerings. The wait wasn't as long as they said, they kept it moving pretty good.

Heather Reetz

Fantastic food and service. Great atmosphere and decor.

Don Lenz

Great food. Irish Beef Stew is a hearty portion and tastes fantastic. Atmosphere was relaxed and live music at an appropriate level such that I could converse with my friend. Menu has a good selection of items. I would return.

Sherrill Ridenour

Awesome food, awesome service. We drive for a half hour to get here. It is so worth it. Thanks Taylor for a wonderful night

Ted Peterson

It is under Raighted for this place could give you memories.. drinks, apps, food, and great time if you treat the staff with respect.

Tom Boros

Great food, nice music Tuesdays

Carol Stableski

Great food the corn beef sandwich was great also the Irish eggs yummm.♥️

Callie Harris

Love the food there-their vegetarian burger is the best I have ever had! The staff is generally very attentive and professional. I don’t suggest going just to eat on a trivia night, as the menu is limited and the cups tend to be plastic and smaller than usual-although trivia night itself can be very fun. Their kitchen hours are not very clear and I’ve gone to eat late in the evening before and been disappointed that it was already closed.

Barry Watson

Sticky tables, severely understaffed, never got served, finally left. The end.

P Varanai

Had the Cod dinner and it was amazing! The appetizers were fantastic! The staff were friendly and diligent, the restaurant was clean and looked inviting. My mouth is watering thinking about my upcoming trip back to the area!

Gary Gave

Great food and service with an Irish menu and atmosphere.

Doug Taylor

I love the food and I love the atmosphere!!

Nicholas Byland

Top-notch the first time I convinced my wife to try the place with me years ago, and it's been wonderful ever since; each time is a right treat. Cody has to be one of the best servers!

Don Bartels

Great atmosphere and great help. Could have used one more worker.

Tabitha Thompson

I love going here on Mondays! You cannot go wrong with buy one get one free fish and chips! Our waiter was so attentive and personable. The food showed up quickly and he was very accommodating with bringing every plates so I could split my meal with my daughter. The staff is always so friendly here. The desserts are delicious! Bread pudding is one of my favorites!

Sara Wohltjen

The menu had a wide range of options, and the beers on tap never disappoint! Plus we love Devon!

Jerome Stewart

Our server clearly loves his job. It made for a great experience. I didnt get anything to special, but all the sauces and dressings are house-made and fresh which 100% made the meal.

Steve Lafferty

Food and service was excellent. Wish our Claddagh in Northwest Suburbs of Chicago was still open.

Andrew Pavlenko

We simply HAD to come here for the Monday buy one get one fish and chips! The fish was crispy and moist inside and very good. Whatever batter they use is amazing. The service was wonderful aside from lacking in the drink refill department and staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I really have enjoyed every experience I have had here.

Tyler Willis

As it is close to my house and near the SO's work, me and her have been dozens of times. Not a single time did we leave disappointed or less than content. All the bartenders have been excellent, and the Guinness I (just have to) get every time is perfectly poured. I've been told this a chain restaurant and I just can't believe it, the food and staff are far too high quality. Good atmosphere as well.

Jon Gates

Sometimes great, sometimes not. Decent selection of drinks. Some food is more consistent than others, but it's got a great atmosphere.

Rebecca Bailey

Went there for Easter. The decor was very off putting. The restaurant is filled with weird nic nacs that seem to be just collecting dust. There were plenty of tables so I don't know why one needed to be bused for us to sit in. Even if you are trying to make sections even to the servers, people should be sat right away. The table cloths were "decorated" with torn apart flowers, most of them dead just smudging brown goo all over the table cloth. Server continuously took our orders with a tray of dirty dishes in her hand, and didn't write it down so she had to keep asking us. FOOD TOOK FOREVER TO GET OUT! Our whole time from sitting to getting the check was about 3 hours. I felt like Chef Gordon Ramsey was just going to pop out and tell us Kitchen Nightmares was filming. Will not be going back.

Alison Troub

Excellent food, glad we stopped in this gem. Live Irish bands was playing when we arrived and we were greeted by our host, from Ireland. The Fish and Chips were amazing and my son got the Irish Breakfast. For dessert we had the bread pudding. Everything was amazing and the ambience was pretty cool I do have to say.

Connie Pearson

Slow service, good food

Jeffrey Cooper

Not starting off great...cold coffee...cold wings. Lets see if the sheprds pie is better...

Stevie Rebman

Always friendly service! The hostess was very helpful and accommodating. Bartenders are always serving with a smile. Great place to take the family or friends. I was very pleased with the Impossible Burger! Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Lowell Embody

The food is always superb. Its the best fish and chips around! You can't go wrong with anything on their menu though. The staff does a great job.

Neal Lewandowski

great selections of scotch. great live music. you WILL have a good time. outdoor seating. if you're inside, lots of seating; some by bar, some in a gathering area for bigger groups, some for quiet area. one of the very best.

Eric Mizga

Charged full price for Half off apoitzers during happy hour. Management didn't want to make it right after the fact. So lost my business.

Nathan Haak

Dont normally rate things but this place was great. Good food good drinks good prices.

Travis strenge

The food was wonderful, and the beer selection was outstanding! Service was good, but they sat us right next to the live band making it hard to carry on a conversation.

Nancy Guetter

Had the worst food! The chicken nachos were made of stale chips, awful dry chicken..just tasteless! French onion soup made out of soggy croutons and processed cheese, no flavor.. or onions. Did I mention we had bugs swarming around our table and food the entire meal? FRIGHTFULLY GROSS

Peter Heslip

Consistently fantastic food and service

Daniel Goldberg

The atmosphere here is a lot of fun. The food is nothing spectacular, but it's not bad either. Great place to hang out with friends over a pint of beer.

Genielyn Eaton

Really enjoyed the fish and chips! Cozy atmosphere and great service!

david earhart

Best dinner out in a long time! My wife and I had a blast. Great wait staff. We had a bug to pay it forward and the table we paid for did the same for another and they another...what? SO SO FUN. NOT bragging, it was just such a blessing. The best night.

Chuck Brown

Great food, great service and great Irish band.

Dana Relph

The wait staff was harried by the crowd at times but mostly managed to maintain their poise. The live music more than made up for any spottiness on that front.

Jennifer Lee

Good food, good times. Great server, Fynn! Very prompt with drink refills and checking on us to see if we needed anything. Delicious fish and chips meal, even better on Mondays--BOGO special.

Anna Jablonski

Was waiting over 12 minutes to be acknowledged then left. Will not go back.

Emily Drake

Delicious food, friendly staff, great atmosphere. Consistently a pleasant visit.

Joshua Bierle

Really unique spot with a great feel. Truly amazing Irish fare, I've been happy every time. I highly recommend the beef stew.

Dewane Pagel

Great fish and chips

Diane Hurley

We all had the fish & chips dinner!! Excellent very large piece of fish. Batter very good! Steak fries yummy. Excellent service!! Will be back!!!!


I love their Irish food selection

Rebecca Miniscalco

I am a pretty picky eater, and don't usually eat a ton at a time. I wasn't really feeling the options here, but saw online there was a kids chicken tender meal that was simple, and likely an appropriate portion for me. When I ordered I was told it would be upcharged to $10 since I am an adult. I have ordered off of plenty of kids menus and have never been charged extra. I was dining with a work group of 10, and everyone else ordered from the regular menu, including several appetizers for the table, so I clearly wasn't just trying to be cheap. It seems pretty ridiculous to charge $10 for an adult to order a kids chicken tender meal if that is the item on your menu that best suits them.

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