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REVIEWS OF Chela’s Restaurant & Taqueria IN Michigan

Frankie Concord

I visit Chelas often during lunch. I’ve ordered their catering for work parties multiple times and it was good. Recently I decided to take a date there. The food was good. We didn’t want to stop the night so we walked to the brewery right next to it. There is a pathway to get to it right from Chelas. When we returned, both of us had our vehicles towed by the owner. The parking lot was empty. They are charging us $800 to get the two cars out of impound. I missed my vacation! I live an hour away and had no way to get back home. We even told the person at the counter we were going next door to the brewery. I was informed that the lady that owns it does this to everybody that parks there. Every night. What kind of horrific person would do this to their customers? It’s not like the parking lot was even remotely full.


Friendly staff but the tacos were pretty cold, and the beans and rice were not cooked enough, in my opinion. It seemed like a popular place though. Give it a try.

Anthony Schultz

Sets the standard for what a Taqueria should be. Anything less then 4 stars from someone means 1) you were having a bad day, 2) You are competition trying to bring them down a notch or 3) You really have no clue as to what a good Taqueria is and probably think Taco Bell is Mexican food and McDonalds make a 5 star burger.

Benjamin Poniatowski

Just had the tamale plate at summer fest. Excellent! Truly hit the spot for a festival such as summer fest. Great service too!

Nancy Schneider

First visit to Chela"s hidden in a strip mall. Crowded and fun, especially when the horchata and tacos are Soo good! Recommend!

Josiah Kidd

Great food and drinks!!! Very authentic Mexican food.

Camila Henriquez-Mora

Awesome tortas. Not fan of the tacos. But great service and it is pretty quick

Qui Nguyen

Authentic food. Grocery store with small taco place.

Gwyn Jones

Good food, don't use organic stone ground corn or meat.

Dane Peterson

After living in the southwest it's good to know there is somewhere in town to get an authentic taco or torta. They also have fantastic salsas amd guacamole.

Jason Duncan

Great food and great service at a great price. The tamales were out of this word with their hot sauce.

April Dean

Very tasty and authentic Mexican fare, always quick service and no charge for all the sour cream and hot sauce you want !!

Casimiro Espinosa

Great staff. Friendly atmosphere. Excellent service

Dave Lovell

Delicious authentic Mexican food.. soooo good..

Jose Arzac

The food and service were excellent.

Robert Salazar

Good Mexican and good prices.

Brad Metz

My grandmother told me, the way to tell a good Chinese restaurant, is by the Egg Foo Young...for me, you can tell a good Mexican restaurant by its mole and salsa. Chela's has an amazing mole, full of complex flavor and balanced spice. Tonight, we got the mild, medium and hot salsa's...they are all amazing!!! True to the style, full of flavor and certainly not the "chain restaurant" variety. If you want classic Mexican, the way it should be, try Chela's in Dexter! If you want American/Mexican...there is a place for you on Jackson Road... called Taco Bell. Keep up the great work!!!


Very Authentic. Huge Burritos, friendly staff, great prices.

Graciela Mederos

Good customer service and fast. But you have to go order first and it's not restaurant style. They give your food in paper plates and plastic ware. So, more like when you are in a hurry and it's not the authentic Mexican food.

Riley Cloud

There is a plethora of options for Mexican food in the area, and Chela's is near the top of my mental list. The food here is absolutely fantastic, and the prices are very reasonable.

Alex Smith

Not that good for the price. Steak tacos were pretty dry and the tortilla chips tasted like they were made the day before. If they even make them there.

Wyatt Flynn

Fantastic food and really cheap and affordable


Awesome food. The daily special is the way to go.


Best authentic mexican food I've had!! Will be back again!!!

Karen Cooper

Great food, lots of options, very very nice counter service. Pretty quick too.

Felipe Lobos'

Nice place.. authentic food

Nick Rau

Really good food and reasonably priced. For sure worth a visit.

Kelly Burke

Awesome! Their tamales are so fresh and there are a lot of authentic fillings to choose from. I got carryout but they were very quick and reasonably priced for the amount of food I got. I arrived just before noon and in the few minutes that I waited, they filled up and there was a line for carryout. I'd recommend ordering online or phoning in ahead of time. I'll definitely be back so that I can try more from their menu but the tamales are a must! What a great find!

John Haiducek

Chela's is probably the best Mexican restaurant in Ann Arbor. Always quick. Gluten free items are marked on the menu.

paul keefner

Fresh healthy authentic delicious food. Excellent quick service. My favorite lunch spot. They expanded recently because of their popularity.

Natasha Herbst

Fresh authentic Latin food! Delish and affordable

Adrian Forbes

Great local authentic food. One of the best burritos and tamales I've had!

Gene L

Love Chelas! Tasty and fairly healthy! Nothing fancy but nice little atmosphere.

Ashley Bertich

Very friendly place! Greeted with smiles and kindness!

Christian Simmons

Favorite restaurant in the A2, either location. Never a bad dish. And you aren't overpaying for "atmosphere". This is the real deal.

Greg Stockton

Fantastic street-style tacos and the best tamale I've had in a long time. The prices are very reasonable at 2.50 for tacos and tamales, and the special is especially reasonable. They people were friendly and efficient. Will definitely come back. Update: They have renovated, adding space. They have also added a one of the multi-function Coke machines, for much better drink options.

Sarah Herwick

Seriously they should consider creating Chela's Anonymous because they're so addicting! Also love that I can feed my whole family for less than $25! Really good food.

Ale G

I would say that the food we ordered today was good but the attention from a young man named Kevin was not the best. He is very rude, he might be the owner or manager, but he really needs improve customer service.

Jane J

Horrible, untrained staff. No apologies from who seemed to be the manager for the service I received. He helped other customers as his employee continuously screw up my order for 15 minutes. Then they forgot an item I asked for at least 8 times. I got home and one of the items was wrong. After all that the food was mediocre. I won't be back.


Sooo good! Just went for the first time. Walked over to the downtown location for takeout. I always meant to go to the west side location and regret I didn't go sooner. Super reasonable prices for superb quality, large portions and amazing flavor.

Dylan Schauwecker

Ok place, not tradtiinal Mexican fare, but good food, like the fish tacos , menu is small, especially for kids that are picky eaters. Flavors are good.

Zac Zabolotny

Great food at great prices. Huge selection of items, including at least 4 different vegetarian tacos. Including some really good horchata! Make sure to also check out the outdoor patio. It has plenty of shade and a nice breeze.

George Borel

Whenever I'm on this side of town at lunch time, I love to stop in at Chela's. The lunch special is the perfect amount of food. I usually get one taco and one tamale. The flavor is always great, and feels very authentically Mexican. Friendly, fast, clean, and good food. What more can you ask for? I love their Dexter location, too!

Kevin Mullane

Great authentic food. Quick service, even during lunch hours. Prices are reasonable. Newly remodeled which increase the amount seating and spacing of the tables. I will return.

Ryan Calhoun

Unsurpassed service and great food.

Jesse S

Fantastic place! Their selection is very authentic. We've only been once so far and really enjoyed their tacos. Their tacos are a bit pricier than other places ($2.50 each) but they're definitely larger and chock-full of meat and flavor.

Michael Turner

Found this place based on a quick Yelp search, and I am glad we did. We were at the arena for a dance competition, and wanted to get out and avoid some stadium food. The food was cheap, fast, and relatively authentic. The woman behind the counter also took her time to explain the various aspects of the menu to us. I’d recommend them!

Bill Moran

Prompt service, reasonable prices and very tasty food. Lunch special is a bargain.

D Ro2

Best damn local specialty food. GO!

April Royston

Closest thing to Mexican street food you can find in Ann arbor. The people are so nice and the food is delicious. The black bean burritos and chicken tacos are the best! They use corn tortillas over flour which you should try even if you dont think you'd like them, I usually dont but how they put it all together works! So good!

J B Moore

Awesome Mexican food

Socks To Bed

Love their tamales they are awesome.... Strawberry and Chicken are my favs...

Mercedes Houston

Wasnt a huge was okay...found a bone in my chicken tacos..didnt get much further then that!


Great food. Phone orders are very hard to place because of noise and confusion in the order area. HEADSET MIGHT BE USEFUL!@

Steven Clark Poling Jr.

Fantastic restaurant. Wish I could give it 6 stars! Very fresh and clean taste at a fair price — having been coming back over and over again.


My only "complaint" is I'd like to see them put their sauces and sour cream in squeeze bottles for dine-in customers to cut down on plastic waste. I'm givin' 'em 5 stars anyway. Great food, great prices, great atmosphere, and the cutest little Coke machine you'll ever see.

big up Josiah 749

Great food been going there for years!

Samuel Hernandez


Casey Jackson

Pork Tamales with their medium salsa is fantastic! I like their sweet fruit Tamales as well but they don't always serve them. The atmosphere is relaxed too, I feel welcome here. Oh also try the Horchata, it's a sweet drink that's slightly creamy.

Chris Mueller

Tasty basic Mexican food. We plan on going back and trying everything. Plenty of seating, including an outdoor area. Order at the register, and food arrives quickly at your table.

Rachel Wills

Delicious Mexican food. I love the burrito and burrito bowl (a ton of food for a good price). The workers are so friendly.


The tacos are amazing. The al pastor and barbacoa are simply the best. The meat is clean and not fatty. I can't speak for any other menu items but I can't imagine them being any less remarkable.

T Conlin

Awesome every time

B. F.

After 3 strikes, this place is out. Awful and greasy mole sauce. Black beans are fresh from the can. Would like refried beans instead. I've lived in Ca, Texas, and Chicago. They each have a distinct flavor. Chicago has a very large Hispanic community and great family owned restaurants. Will be ordering Chinese food in the future. If you like Chichis you will like Chela's. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Peter Shafran

Very good food and selections. Counter service was very friendly and helpful.

Kamran Diba

Good place for decent tacos and other Mexican treats. Very friendly staff and nice vibe.

Lonnie Forrester

Amazing food. Always fresh

Bonnie Bon Thomas

The tamales are the bomb! Best ones I have ever had!

Ciara Bostwick

The food is amazing! The workers are respectful, helpful, attentive, and informative! The hibiscus tea is so good! I'm giving it 4 stars because I felt like the atmosphere was a bit off and the prices were a bit high. But besides those, the place is great!

Mike Riske

Stopped in for a quick bite to eat, excellent food and friendly service. I'll be back again soon.

Stephanie Keil

Most authentic mexican food you can get in town, by far! I love that they have multiple salsas so I can tailor my food to how spicy I'm feeling that day. The chicken is so tender, even thinking about it makes my mouth water!

Amber Watts

I really enjoy the renovation and added space. Their prices are amazing for what they offer. They are my fave taco/tamale spot in AA so far.

John Andre

They have a really good torta, it is really good with barbacoa. I usually order takeout and the staff is very friendly. For big groups tacos are good and there are many meat and veggie choices for filling. I'm happy they have multiple locations around town.

Minecraft Wither Storm Boss

Great food and service! Great prices.

Samantha McGeorge

Allwas have fun at day camp at the recsenter in August

Alexander Atkinson

It’s hard to go wrong with their all day special. It comes with two tacos or two tamales with rice, beans, and a drink. All for less than $10! Next time I might try something else on the menu. But I really like their fish tacos and horchata.

Marilyn Acheson

Good food, quick, and reasonably priced! We've always enjoyed good service here.

Jim Koltz

Grabbed a torta for lunch. Pretty good but kinda small for the money. Service was good for bring so busy. Friendly staff. The burritos looked huge so I'll probably go back to try one at some point.

David Banks

Very good food and service.... Must go

Jesse Howell

Chela's is amazing! We love their delicious food. They catered our wedding and it was such a wonderful experience. Worked with us to get exactly the level of service and staff we wanted with the dishes we wanted within our budget. Wonderful owners and staff helped make our wedding an unforgettable day, and went above and beyond to even bring us food so we didn't forget to eat. I highly recommend using them for your quick delicious lunch so, or even for your big wedding!

Timothy Shankwitz

Delicious Mexican food at a reasonable price. I have never been disappointed. The daily special is hard to beat...two tacos with rice and beans and a drink for $8. Top tier Mexican food in Ann Arbor.

Luna Marin

Their barbacoa is the best in Ann Arbor, just make sure you use the hot sauce for it, it goes best. Place is kept clean. Friendly service. Favorite Mexican food in this town.

Jessica S.

Place was slammed. Our order was screwed up when we got home. But the food we did receive was delicious and we didnt feel the need to complain.

Bethany Osborne

Always well attended, casual, family-owned cafe (with another opened this yr downtown Ann Arbor). No table service. Fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine. well seasoned. Generous portions, reasonable pricing. Eat in or order to go; outstanding catering service as well.

Jay Roth

Super tasty. Friendly staff. My FAVORITE Mexican food in town. An absolute must.

Andrew Smith

Authentic Mexican style food. Not Americanized. Excellent.

Todd Carter

Food and service are good. Back deck was buggy.

Anne Vandermade

The food is always great and it's relatively quick. The staff are also super nice. There's an assortment of hot sauces, made in house, and the dining area is themed. Good for kids, not for large groups.

Löwe Denken Wir

Love this place & the ppl who own it are a awesome

Cindy Noble

Excellent tacos and service!

Steven Greene-Kaleski

Good service. They keep the dining room area clean. Food is pretty good. It's not amazing but you can tell it's fresh. They're always busy which is a great sign.

Viktoriya Lazarova

I've loved this place since they opened 7 yrs ago... no one does street tacos the way they do them in the surrounding area! Definitely a must try.

Sean Downie

Good flavor. Nice heat options.

Jennifer Crayne

The food is quality, delicious and cheap, which is a rare fine especially in Ann Arbor. Chela's is a great place for a quick bite. The staff are always so nice and friendly. If you haven't been here before you're definitely missing out.

Meghan Shipley

I think maybe they were just busy, but the place was trashed. Nearly out if cups, out of napkins, open containers of sour cream in the cooler and fruit flies galore! I could over look all this stuff if my nachos hadn't looked or tasted like they were thrown together. Back when it was a tiny restaurant, the quality was wayyy better. A couple sitting next to me never even got their food. Three starts because the Chipotle chicken taco was amazing and their green salsa still rocks. Get it together Chela's, you used to be my favorite!

Michael Diebold

Amazing food and very reasonable price

James Rhodenhiser

Best Mexican I have found in state of Michigan

Joola Oyeleye

I came with a bunch of friends after helping some move into their new apartment. We took up about a fourth of the place. The staff was very nice. They helped pushed tables together; let us stay a little after closing; and gave us our food really quickly! They have vegetarian options as well.

Anya Cobler

Great Mexican street food. Good service.

Eric Learman

Great food, very affordable, amazing atmosphere. I'll be back, many times, I am sure.

Fred Fargo

Food is okay. I enjoyed but not my favorite

Krystle YancSKYE

Excellent. You can not go wrong with what you order here. I will definitely be back.

Aj Rave

Best place in town for lunch. I always get there special. 2 tacos black beans, rice and a drink for 7 bucks. I would highly recommend.

Danielle Wheeler

I'm always cognizant of restaurants that serve either Mexican or Chinese food where non of it's patrons are visibly Mexican or Chinese. The service isn't very good, and the elotes taste like they came from a bag of freezer burned cobs.

Lorena Dosti

Out home away from home

Rachel Freedman-Doan

Delicious tacos! They have other menu items, but the tacos are cheap and some of the best in Ann Arbor. They've just expanded, so there's also lots of seating now!

Marico Brunetti

Straight fire food get the Cubana or the daily special tamales are bomb yo

Michael Lyons

Tacos were good; especially enjoyed the Barbacoa. My son enjoyed his burrito. Staff was friendly. Unfortunately, I also ordered a large Guacamole. Tomatoes are not a listed ingredient on the menu (avocado, onion, cilantro, jalapeño, lime). However, there were huge tomato chunks, enough to provide overwhelming taste. $4.50 straight in the garbage. :(

David Healy

Superb food, great value - delightful owner and staff

Jillian Rodriguez

My husband and I have been going to Chela's in Ann Arbor since 2012 and we love it so much. We are both gluten-free (for Celiac Disease) and vegetarian and they are excellent about allergies and being careful of cross-contamination. Even more, the food is delicious, creative, and consistent. By far the best tacos we've had, and we've had a lot of tacos :) We got married this June and Chela's was our wedding caterer. We had a wonderful experience having our wedding catered by Chela's! We worked with Enrique leading up to the wedding and the buffet service the day-of was excellent. They drove all the way from Ann Arbor to Lexington, Michigan for the wedding. Friendly, helpful staff, amazing food, and a great display. Awesome value and everyone raved about the tacos and service. Thank you, Chela's!

Kelsey Jones

Cheese tamales are incredible. The people working are always nice and friendly. Quick service, and a low price.

Paul K.

First time being there, wasn't sure what to do when I got there, staff was rude. They expected us to know that we were supposed to order, then sit down and wait for food. I ordered the daily special with a beef taco, received a chicken taco. Also ordered some chips, they didn't bring them out, we had to go up to the counter to ask for them.

Adam Browne

Some of the best tacos in Ann Arbor. Love the food and wonderful people. One of my go to places for food in an around Ann Arbor. I highly recommend the el pastor and barbacoa. So good!

Jesse Goodman

Great authentic Mexican joint. Food is really good.

Sally Weaver Sommer

Great place for a quick, tasty and inexpensive Mexican meal.

Michelle Robbins

My husband and I have been going to Chela's in Ann Arbor since 2012 and we love it so much. We are both gluten-free (for Celiac Disease) and vegetarian and they are excellent about allergies and being careful of cross-contamination. Even more, the food is delicious, creative, and consistent. By far the best tacos we've had, and we've had a lot of tacos :)


The food was great! I loved the Chicken and Cheese Feheta! They used fresh chicken and real cheese

Agu L

Amazing food and fast service!

Trevor Wellman

Great staff and food easy choice for lunch.

Matthew Bradish

All around great food, value and service. Kevin, Enrique and Adrienne know what they are doing.

Traven Pelletier

Always awesome!

Dan Lanuti

Good fish tacos

Jim Beechey

Amazing food, super fast, great prices

Brian Michalski

Food was good, service was great at the time of my visit.


I really wanted to like it after hearing so much about it, but we were very disappointed. We were the only ones there for lunch, and all I can say is everything was bland including the listless service. The water tasted like it was straight outta the huron river, and the food wasnt much better. "Fresh" guacamole was offered, it was just ok, missing the jalapenos, and any trace of lime, plus it was $5 for the smallest bowl of maybe 3 ounces. There was a long hair in the salsa, and when the server came back after taking it away she explained unapologetically it was actually part of a tomato(it wasn't). Our food came super quick, which turns probably wasn't a good thing, as half the menu-promised ingrediants were missing. My taco salad had a soggy-stale bread like flour tortilla bowl, black beans right out of a can, and a few pieces of corn which was supposed to be relish. Missing was any flavor or crunch, the menu said mixed greens, it actually came with half frozen shredded iceberg lettuce, no fresh pico de gallo as described, and the cilantro-lime dressing was HOT unlike my husbands burrito. Speaking of the burrito, it was so cold the cheese inside wasn't even melted, esp. next to the same shredded ice cold lettuce. The burrito was also missing the promised spanish rice AND jalapenos, which might have saved the minuscule dry and rubbery cold "carne asada". We had an appointment to get to, so we asked for the check...two times, finally asking the maybe owner a third time who tracked down the server, and we heard her say "I'm working on it!" (We were literally the only ones there) Having worked in a few restaurants myself, I do try to give the benefit of the doubt, but there was just nothing better than just barely passable here.

Eric Therrian

Best Mexican food I've had in a loooooong time. Tamales are AMAZING!

Chris Angle

I've eaten here approximately 20 times. Each meal has been delicious & fresh. Generous portions and reasonable prices keep me coming back.

Richard Deward

Good price, great food

Truong Le

I come here for the steak tacos but everything is get here and the prices are reasonable too.

Jamal Khan

Great food, quick service, and decent prices. Interior was recently remodeled taking it from "hole in the wall" status to a decent fast food place.

Shelly Mcmaster

Amazing Amazing tacos! This place is great! the service Rocks! The food (all of it) is soo good. I cant wait until next Tuesday =D Really this food has got to be authentic because all of the spices they use are perfect!

Amy Wells

Soooooo delicious, but I always order a burrito with no cheese, and twice they've given me one with cheese and made me sick. Usually, they're great. Just REALLY emphasis your food allergies.

David Myers

The food was good but pricer than other taco places in the area

Bill Fall

Best tamales ever! You can't go wrong with anything here! Try a pineapple tamale for dessert!

Jerry Brabenec

We're blessed with several good inexpensive Mexican restaurants in Ann Arbor and Chela's might be the best. I usually just get tacos and tamales to take out, which are always great. The restaurant is very pleasant and clean with friendly staff.

Dean Hellerud

Very good food price is a bit high but not out of site

Ghostyy xo

Great mexican food!

Erin De Vries

Great tasty food. Friendly staff. I like the new renovations and putdoor seating.

Spud daily

Authentic, affordable cuisine, and very friendly service.

Lisa Damico

1st few times was excellent, fresh, tasty. Last visit was a little off. Hoping it was just a bad day for them.


My fiance and I went there for the first time yesterday. I am extremely picky with my food and I found something to get. Food was great atmosphere was good. 10/10

Nicole Demana

Best authentic Mexican in Ann Arbor. Everything is flavorful, fresh, and made to order.

Chris Richardson

Great food and quick services. The Chorizo taco was amazing.

Jeefy Jeef

Always love going here

Dave Farnham

Great service


No organic options and thy still have plastic straw.

Kristine Weatherford

Staff was rude. Mediocre food.

Thomas Martin

Delicious fresh Mexican food. I thought the guacamole needed salt, but was great once we fixed the seasoning. The Cubano sandwich was my favorite.

Teresa Vomsteeg

Tamalas are my fave!

Kathleen Conner

Delicious, good variety and affordable. I also have Celiac Disease and was very pleased they were informed about gluten and how to keep my food safe. I will gladly return next time I'm in town!


Delicious Mexican food! They have decent prices for the portions given. We tried tacos and a burrito our first visit. Very good and authentic. Had to try the tamales before we left and they very tasty too. Already been back a 2nd time and tried a quesadilla that had a very generous amount of meat and cheese! The salsa is a bit surprising.... Good but not necessary what you would expect the mild is quite tangy mostly cilantro lime flavor. If you mix the mild and medium it blends the tang with a little bit of a bite. The hot salsa was too hot for me. The quality of food was impressive. Glad to have found a new real Mexican restaurant.

Erica Salazar

Awesome food! Great service!

Ellis Clemetson

Best mexican food

John Allesee

Advertised as Mexican street food. They come close. The "Daily Special" consists of 2 tacos or tamales with your choice of beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegies, or potatoes plus sides of rice and black beans, and a drink for $7.85. I ordered tacos filled with "barbacoa" - marinated beef with chili guajillo, garlic, onion, and tomato. Very tasty. I will go back. Service was reasonably quick - order at the counter, take a seat, and they bring it to you. The mild salsa is a green tomatillo sauce. The medium has some heat and the hot is much less than real Mexican hot, but is tasty. We also ordered a loaded burrito with chipotle chicken for $7.25. Good size and flavorful. Hard to taste the chipotle in the marinadeb but that may be a function of all the other good stuff around it. All in all, a filling meal for the two of us at about $17.

Luis López

Great food, excellent service. You can order in Spanish. The only thing missing is chelas( beers)

Maria-Jose Moya

I love the food and the service from the cashiers and cooks! but unfortunately the first time I used their Catering service my order wasn't complete and I called and they said they could refund me if I emailed the owner and I did, she said yes you will be reimbursed for what you missed and unfortunately the money never came to my account so that really disappointed me! I will go back to my old taco place! sorry Chela's!

Bobby Dahlhausen

Best tacos in Ann Arbor. I love Chela's!

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