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725 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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REVIEWS OF Bob's Sports Bar IN Michigan

Daniel Uzarski

GREAT food, atmosphere and beverage !!

Steve Hawley

Very good service.verypolite.andprompt

Alex Majewski

Good beer and Bob.

Nora Ramos

Typical dive bar. Fun spot to enjoy some drinks at reasonable prices. It is small & can fill up quick. A bit outdated and bathroom is tiny & interesting doors but it gives the place character.

Mae Wezst

Great atmosphere and good beer selection!

Alex Linebrink

Good local dive. I enjoyed it!

Ross Jakubowski

Cheap beer and old regulars

Coy Davis

Great place to get away!! It's TIGHT but comfortable.....Got food & beer & liquor..... Affordable!!!

Rod Marshall

Dennis Hoekzema

Noisy... I liked it

Andrew Kuzniar

Bob's is best

Brennen Bonter

Best deals on food and beer in town!

Brian McConnaughey

Sucked employee spent most of their time on their own phones instead of worrying about the customers

Gail Crystal

Michelle Gilliam

Great service, good food, great staff. We live this place

Hunter Jacobs

Great place to get some drinks and food. Has yet to let me down! Go on the weekdays (Mon-Wed) for some really great food and beer specials. They also usually have trivia going on during the week.

Travis Boerma

Decent food that is very reasonably priced. Service is prompt and friendly.

Leonard Brocki

Good food and a good variety of beer.

Morgan Beerens

Seriously the best burger I've had since Wealthy Street Station closed. Also, they did a very nice job of converting that narrow hallway into a bathroom. The tall beer was the size of my face. Good thing I walked here.

Dan McDevitt

Good food, good atmosphere, good staff.

Andrew Weiss

GRFC for life!

bob white

Keep up the great service

John Brayman

Best bar in GR

Lindsay Hummel

Always good beer and service. The food is okay

Jack Dempsey

Julia is AMAZING

Adam Byrket

Great food. Great specials. Great people.

Malcolm Campbell

Great service!

Cindy Woggon

Great place ... Good food and drinks . . Great ambiance

Sean Garn

Bad service. The bill wasn't correct, and I was only able to order two drinks... It was as if they didn't want to take my money. Never going back.

Terry Hightower

This is where i go when i want to get away from the crazy college kids. Way more mature of a bar.

Cory Richmond

Myself and a friend weren’t allowed in because he had a fashionable camo shirt on and I had fashionable camo shorts on. The management was called and still stood by their policy when our bachelor party group was inside. Choose wisely.

Shawn Burks

In my opinion the owner only wants older Caucasian customers and consistently comes out of his office to change the music if it doesn't fit that crowd.

Steven Borkowski

Friendly staff

Ethel Joslin

First time there 60 somethings. Nice cozy neighborhood place. I went there because Uncle Buck recommended it as well as their Bloody Mary. The drink wasn't as I had imagined from my friends description but still okay it nothing to write home about though.

john connors

Bob's is very cool to hangout ✌

Aaron Brown

Great service. Great morning happy hour for night shifters.

Brian Bushman

Small but personal

Keenan Vinnedge

I am in love with the "chef". I enjoy this bar and she is gorgeous.

Julie Marie

The salt and pepper shakers there at Bobs sports bar are filthy totally turned me off I won’t even eat there anymore. Come on and clean it up a little geez we are paying customers thank you.


One of the best dive bars Grand Rapids has to offer. It's close to Birch Lodge and a bunch of other dive bars so it's fun for a night out.

Charles Runyan

Great ambience and the price is great!

Bueford Wilson

When the duldrums of life get you down, there's Bob's Sports Bar to pick you right back up. Need a cozy spot in a neighborhood bar to unwind? You got it! Good tequila selection? Fine spirits at your fingertips! Wanna watch a sporting event? Which one?!?! There's so many televisions packed in here you'll thing you're in a Best Buy store with PBR on tap! On top of all of that, they've got specials during the week that'll make your pocketbook weep with joy and relief! 9/10 would eat, drink and be merry again!!!

kim sterns

My car was vandalized in this parking lot....slashed all my tires. Broke my mirrors off...broke my inside wiper and lights bar...not sure it's a good place. Lol

Wendy Lake

Erika Young

Good place for an easy after work beer and snack - their green bean fries are tasty. Parking is scarce however, had to park in a neighborhood.

Christopher Vis

Great place to go for a drink and casual meal. They also have trivia from time to time. Decent selection of beers and reasonable prices.

Martin Behrens

Nice Place!!!!!! Im from Germany.. The Team is Awesome, friendly, yeah just fu.. Awesome!!! I eat the ChickenBurger You can put in everything, it was so delicious!!! Drinks, shots fine! Very good Place to Be!!!!!

Elton Carter

Breakfast club

George Arnold

Good beer selection.


Always a good time. Gayle is great.

Anna Ruhlman

David Overeiner

A good mix of young and old, small place but super friendly atmosphere.

Daniel La Huis

Marcus White

Good place to get your money's worth on a alcoholic beverage!!

evan herschleb

Bethany Rachel

When I was there I ordered the Italian beef and the sandwich was amazing. That's the only good thing I'm going to say about this place. Bartenders and the creeper sitting at the end of the bar not so much. I don't think of 599 Italian beef sandwiches worth the unappreciative harrasment on the creepers part. My two stars go to the Italian beef only.

Tom Alger

Nastiest Pizza ever?!!!!

Ramil Collier

$2 tacos

Beth Bobzien

They need to schedule more than one waitress to handle that many tables. I felt sorry for her, because she had to cook the food as well as serve the drinks.

Richard Wood

Great atmosphere Hard to find in the big city

Rob Br

Bar tender young blonde with glasses. Never helped until more people came in. We had to bring are beer glasses up to the bar. She was worried about talking to her coworkers who eventually left. She was sweeping the floor at 1200am people were complaining about dust. She needs to figure out a new job.... This wasn't a good expieriance.

Luke Neumann

Older crowd. Atmosphere is a little mixed between sports and dive bar.

Lisa Hogan

Good food, service. Bartender bad mood...


Nasty food...service horrible ..take forever to get a refill...never coming to this place again..HATE IT

Gary Hedrick

Fun staff Fun people

Andrew Levandowski

Great little bar. Gets pretty busy.

Parker Carlson

Best Bar ever in my opinion

B Braisted

Best bar in greater Grand Rapids

Marticus Daedalus

Bob's Sportsball Bar always has pretty good specials posted outside and I really like their pizza. The staff leaves a lot to be desired. My wife and I have given the place multiple tries and our last experience was the final straw. We were greeted promptly and politely by one of the bartenders (first time that has ever happened). She took our order and entered it, but apparently did not inform our morose server, who sauntered over 15 minutes later to see if we had been helped yet. We told her that the bartender took our order and that we were still waiting on our beers. With that information she went to go find our drinks. A short bit later she returned with them and that was the last we saw of her until after our food came out. Another server brought out our food and asked if we needed anything else at the moment. We said we were OK for now. Soon after our server returned to ask the same. We said we were OK for now. This apparently meant OK forever as no one returned to our table again even after we had finished our meal and drinks then waited another 10-15 minutes. From what I could tell, there was a shift change and our server just left. She did not pass us off to a new server. She did not ask us to close out. Just. Left. I finally walked up to the bar and asked if i could close my tab. The bartender, rather venomously, replied, "Uh, I just got here so I have no idea where you were sitting." Invigorating yarn chum, but she could have just asked instead of stacking on a bit more unpleasantness to my experience. I read my table number off the chart behind the bar to her, got our check, left a more than fair tip (which I kind of regret), and vowed to never return. Every experience I have had at this place has left a bad taste in my mouth. I see quite a few reviews refer to the 'great service' and I can only assume these were created by regulars who get special treatment over the normal inattentive rudeness I have experienced every time i have been to Bob's Sportsball Bar.

Jason Post

Friendly staff and good prices

Mary Sharp

Dustin Lautenbach

Great atmosphere for 3rd shift workers. Full menu and great deals in the morning.

John Garcia

Favorite place to go get drinks

Tamelau Dorwin

Cool place

jacob gustafson

good atmosphere

Bob Schaar

Racist bar??? As I sit here there is a large crowd made up of black, white, Asian, Hispanic...etc. clientele...all having a great time. I see no one sitting in a corner or out on the back steps because of their color. What a silly review someone made....

John B

Went here for the NFL draft, it didn't seem like they were prepared for the number of people, even though it wasn't completely full. Had to wait more than half an hour for 2 hot dogs and fries. Beer is cheap, so still not a bad place to stop by.

Joey Rodriguez

sneder snap

Jacob Miller

Great hole in the wall bar with cheap drinks and great food! Wouldn't recommend going elsewhere.

David Schuster

basic local bar done well! Gail will take care of you...

Meagan Slupe

Our family's favorite dive bar! The beer is cold and the pizza is amazing.

Andrew Bouman

Planet earth would be better off without this place. If you would like to go to racist bar you're welcome to partake. Have fun...

Chelsea H

Chambong was a good time prices are quite good the service is horrid. We waited over 20 minutes to be served while everyone else was being served before us.

Chris S

Love Bob's. Great lunch specials for a quick bite.

John May

Great little joint. Stopped in after a rugby practice and the Tuesday special is a burger, fries, and a beer for $5. Burg was great. Crinkle cut fries too.

Carl Vander Bee

What is Bob's, to me Bob's is either a starting place or an ending place for your day or night out. It's not big but it is established, the local crowd enjoy's the feeling of a "cheers" style environment. All in all, check it out, I hear the food is good.

LaRiah Lee

Best burger in town!

Jay Pee


Prices are more than Farrah's. And it's a dump compared.

Ian Morrison

Steve Aman

Tim Todd

Nice sports bar

David Mitchell

One of the best places ever! Truly. The staff is out of this world. The usual crowd is absolutely fantastic. The food is super tasty and the drinks are priced very fairly. This is one of my most favorite places ever and an absolute must-visit while in Grand Rapids. I would give Bob's more than five stars if possible!

Todd Trivelpiece

Great service and burgers!

Matt O

Found KBS on tap there!... good relaxed atmosphere.

Leila Kersten

Cheap beer, local favorite.

DCO Otte


Djhvan Johnson

Get rid of that lounge lizard ,Patrick...

David Fugitt

Can't beat the location. Nice staff.

Sam Peterson

Great little bar with awsome food and prices.

Kenneth Dandridge

Jacob Palasek

Wonderful bartenders great place to go.

Davy Vander

All good

Kenzie Bracey

Brittany Snow

best dad bar in this city

Brad Lewis

Always good

Floyd Shinn

Great Location, bar games, good prices, friendly Staff, stopped there 5.21.13 [2]n $150 Also there 6.23.18

Sway Swaydaie-holladaie

This place was cozy, live, and the sports varietyon screen was amazing.

sherry stahlhood

This is a great place to unwind after work cold beer and good food.

John Mueller

Service is great. Typical bar food but it's good and reasonable.

Todd Tolhurst

Bob's bar was so much more inviting when Faith was bartending.

Lauren Goodrich

Honestly we’re pretty disappointed and will not be returning. This bar has a lot of good traits: reasonable prices, great pizza... but impressively bad staff. Slow service at best if you are not a regular, to the point of rudeness. Not sure why I gave it so many tries, but every visit has been moderately-to-severely frustrating. The cincher was our last visit where we waited half an hour for our drinks, about the same after that for food, and then we were never attended-to again. From what I could tell, there was a shift change and our server just left. She did not pass us off to a new server. She did not ask us to close out. Just. Left. We eventually ended up going to the bar for our check, which would have been fine, except the bartender was downright hostile about it. No thanks. There are too many GREAT bars in GR to spend any more time at this one.

Bob Reichert

It's pretty cool

Mike Kay

Affordable and the service is always top notch. Thanks Danielle!

Katie D

Weird mix of people

Vickey Cochran

Went to Tues burger and beer special. Great price for a burger beer and fries. But my fries were over cooked this time.

Frank Neil

Very good service and burgers. Did I say very good service. Iove this place. I should give it five stars. Oh , and a great assortment of good music.

Dan Wolf

I call it a very bary bar. The food is all the bar food you'll be excited to see, and the prices are reasonable.

Tim Creighton

Got the personal pizza and it was not even close to being worth $7. Basically a step above a frozen pizza. They were understaffed and our food took 45 minutes. Cool place inside, just skip the food.

Derek Ottenwess

If on Med Mile and don't like the other options, consider stopping for decent beers at low cost.

Ian Dalm

Been around forever. Great spot to catch a game with friends.

Mike Haynes

Best bar in in G.R.

Gus Unseld

Good food, fun atmosphere.

Fred Lazo

Tim Schneider

Krista Marie

Service was slow and staff was unapologetic about it. Also the food was mediocre.

Thomas Rizzetta

Julie Archer

Great service. Fun place to watch a game or play some KENO!

Eddie Smigiel


Tammy Eich

Loved the Tuesday night special. Hamburger, fries and a beer. $5. I would go back.

Tom Urich

Bob is in Ireland. Drat.

Alan Edwards


I wouldn't go there for the food...

Billy Mcnamara

Cool atmosphere great service awsome food

Kelly Medendorp

One of my favorite bars!!! Staff is always really friendly. The atmosphere is fun when theres a lot of people in there and someone usually plays music on the jukebox. When it is slower it's still nice and relaxing and a great place to grab a beer and some quick bar food.

Jerry Bradley

Lisa Shoemaker

Food is ok. Staff is always friendly.

Zachary Stewart

Great hole in the wall bar. Has a few craft beers on tap, plenty on liquor selections. Jukebox and some decent tvs. Really good early morning specials for 3rd shifters and great food specials during all week. Food is typical bar grub, adequate.

Mary Bennett

Warm atmosphere. Good snacks

Daniel Hendrick

Friendly neighborhood joint, good prices, good food.

Russell Ruplinger

Nice local watering hole with a pool table.

E Milanowski

Greg Witulski

Great for late night eats and unpretentious tacos a la carte

Taylor Townsend

Jeremy Quick

Just your typical dive bar on Michigan street. Nothing special but no complaints

Jaclyn Kwiatkowski

Your very standard dive! Always a good time.

Janice Bowler

Great staff....lots of t.v,s.....close to creston area.....nice decor....

Joe Hollomon

Danielle and Kelly and Stacey are the best

Sunset Chasin

Always top shelf.

Laurel Hanks

christian topil

friendly atmosphere, good Chicago style food, frosty mugs.

Andrea Saenz

Good Drinks. Good Food. Lots of Sports. Thumbs up!

Adam Grant

Great place. Small, nice bar tenders.

Tyler Vogt

Small place great for a few drinks. Friendly staff and the food is surprisingly good!

Gramm Goyette

Great drinks and daily food specials! Hole in the wall feel with great service!

Johnny Kiryanoff

Great food for brunch on sunday

Justin Barnum

Julia is the bomb dot com!

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