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810 Cinema Dr, Midland, MI 48642

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REVIEWS OF Big E's Sports Grill IN Michigan

Kylen Blom

Large beer selection, not always seasonally current, food is what you'd expect from a sports bar - slightly over priced and underwhelming. Good place to watch a game, would love to see live music.

Sandi K

Really good food and large portions with reasonable prices. Best onion rings I have ever had too. Plenty of tv screens for sports and great service. I highly recommend this place and I would definitely come back. Awesome!


This place has the best wing specials around. The wings are good quality and the sauce choices are fantastic. The space is huge and has a family friendly atmosphere. The food is hot, fresh, and delicious. The wait staff is attentive for being in such a massive building. One of my favorite places to go for variety. The sandwiches, pizza, appetizers, and salads are all worth the reasonable prices. Definitely a place to continue going to! The beer selections are very good and they always have a food surprises as well.

Robert Berry

Great food, great employees!!!

David Betzold

The food was delicious and service was very good

Brian Jackman

Bar tender is spot on. They support a lot of local breweries. So many beers on tap! Pickle fries and loaded tots go great with a tripelroot dirty blonde! Fifth time here and I'll keep coming back!

Amy Skiera

Amazing service! Delicious food. Love the hours.

Ramon Jackson

Amazing place to get great food. Homemade and quick service. However the busy times can be very packed and hard to get a seat quickly.


Great wings grade A

Joshua Gonzales

I have given this place at least 5 chances. The food is great but the consistently slow service ruins the entire experience. Sitting with an empty beer glass for 30 minutes at a time, every time. Save yourself time if you go and order 2 beers at a time.

Francisco Avila

Great food . Outstanding beer selection

Amy Galeaz

We had a really good waiter. He tried to fill all are needs he went above and beyond. Very nice atmosphere.

Paul Malus

Always pleased with the food and the atmosphere

John Guy

I thought it was a great bar and grill, with a really extensive beer selection on tap or bottles. At the time that I went it wasn't busy at all, yet but I had some of their chicken wings and they were quite good.

Sherry Gac

Great food! Great prices! Clean restaurant and restrooms! Great food selection! We always enjoy our visits here!

Dave Wolford

They told us it’s a 30-45 minute wait... with all the outside tables open and 8-10 tables open... nobody waiting.... makes zero sense! Horrible business model....

Teresa Schrotenboer

One of our favorite restaurants

Robert Lachtrupp

Great beer selection and food

Jason Hall

Great family restaurant. Good for having beers and bar fare. The American food selection is big and well made. Like almost all of the restaurants in Midland, you're not going to have the greatest meal you've ever had, the food is the same as every other bar restaurant, however the quality of the cooking puts Big E's over all of the chain restaurants. I go here often with the family, but if I'm looking for an expensive meal with quiet atmosphere, I go elsewhere.

Lacey Douglas

Great food, good prices. Very prompt when doing room service!


Great bar food and they must have 30 TVs!

Nick Byma

Really poor service and long wait time. Sunday night and the place isn't even busy. Great beer selection is the one thing saving this from a 1 star. Many other better choices in the area.

Kristine Burch

Great food and service! They have a great food menu with a unique twist added to their meals. Definitely going back!

Sean Barrett

We had the breakfast buffet. Though there were options on the menu as well. The food in the buffet was really good with plenty of option (fruit, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, bacon, sausage, French toast sticks, yogurt and more) Our server, Stephen, was really attentive.

Jami K

This sports bar is way better then when it first opened.

Josh VanderMolen

Awesome service, great beer selection

Colleen Betzold

Food was great, go when very hungry. It is loud in there.

Sheryl Lynn

The food was okay but our server was absolutely amazing.. he made the entire experience including winning a toy from the over priced claw machine for our little boy.. he was excellent

Madison Bowen

Always a welcoming environment. Great place to relax, have a group dinner, or just grab a drink.

Ty Taggel

It was amazing I got to meet my childhood hero, Drake Bell from Drake and Josh!!

Stef Gould

The food was great but it took 45 minutes to get it

Joseph Gaus

Food is good, but the beer list is excellent. I love that they try and stay local, or at least Michigan for as much of their products as they can.

Kim Taylor

Food is fresh and tastes great. Staff has always been friendly and attentive. Unless you're going to watch a game, I do not reccomend going during peak game times. They get very busy and seating is limited. Plus, it gets very loud when games are going on. If you're staying at the Holoday Inn, the pool is attached to the restaurant and they will bring food right to you which is a nice perk to avoid the crowd.

Mike Jardno

Good pizza. Kinda noisy.

Frances Cottrell

We were staying at the Courtyard by Marriott, for my daughter's 10th birthday, so we decided to have dinner at this restaurant, as it's attached to the hotel lobby. The food was decent, but the service was terrible. Our waiter, Austin, seemed nice enough, but his attention to our table, on any level, was dismal. He never refilled our drinks, and seemingly avoided our table altogether. We even made attempts to get his attention, to no avail. It took so long to order dessert, because of his lack of attention, that by the time he brought her birthday dessert she wasn't interested. It was a terrible ending to our day. I would not recommend this restaurant.

Tim Looman

Excellent food and service

Nathan Ringwalt

Great service, great food, great atmosphere. Loved every facet of Big E’s dining experience!

Anna Rankin

Cool atmosphere, great location, and tasty food! Mojitos are pretty good to!

Jonas Halonen

Nice atmosphere and great selection and quality of food.

Marianne Guthrie

Love this place!! They always have such a great selection of craft beers on tap, and it's a rotating featured Brewery. Sadly it seems their serving staff is always new faces, but their bartenders are really awesome! The food is good too! Definitely have a few favorites: the nachos, steak salad, pretzel sticks, and all of their pizza is really good! Awesome place to have in town, but unfortunately they close at 12 :-(... I would be there so much more often if they were open until 2.

Heather graham

Very clean and good food!

Amy Bowen

The food was good. My dad had the taco salad, my mother had a gyro, my son had hamburger sliders and i had pizza rolls. The food arrived quick enough for a Saturday night. What makes it five stars is the service. Our waiter was excellent. He changed part of the order at the last second and had a long conversation with my son about Power Rangers and superheroes. It’s above his duties.

broseph merrick

Disappointing. Food was somewhat mediocre, especially for the price. Spinach dip is excellent. Ordered some sort of apple cobbler Ala mode for dessert and it was a soupy mess. Like eating undercooked oatmeal with applesauce and melted ice cream. On top of that, I went to take the first bite, and burnt my lip on the spoon. They serve it on a skillet, and must have left the spoon on the skillet while heating it up. Overall, spin dip appetizer was great. Burger was meh. Onion rings were good. Dessert was a hot mess.

maroman ccc

Can see many sports games

Steven Shumate

I experienced many restaurant sport bars but this is the most relaxing ,with plenty of room in every direction

Eugene Shute

Slow they don’t listen poor service my tatirtots where cold

Brian McIntyre

Try the green zebra sour. Fantastic beer

Nicole Gallant

I usually love going here with my sports centered family for a big meal around the holidays, but I tried to call ahead and make a same day reservation to accommodate a 7 person party for an early 5pm dinner and received truly snotty service on the phone. Andrew’s tone was condescending while making up a variety of excuses and never just telling me that they don’t have room for our party tonight. “We don’t take reservations after 6pm on Friday and Saturday” (I was asking for a 5pm reservation). “There are reservations tonight that have been made months in advance” (at a sports bar? Seriously?) “we get super busy starting between 4 and 5pm”. I’m very disappointed that I didn’t just get a courteous “I’m sorry, we’re too busy tonight to take same day reservations, but you’re welcome to walk-in. Just know there may be a long wait.” Instead I watied on hold for a couple of minutes and was treated in a very condescending, short-tempered manner.

Moonshadow Payne

Perfect for watching several games at once! Good food, great beer!

Raymond Buitron

Definitely will be a repeat visitor. The craft beer selection was phenomenal, and the food was well worth the wait.

Jeff Dinakar

Big E's is a mediocre spot for normal American fare in Holland, MI. If you're looking for a safe option with food items that are inoffensive to everyone, I'm sure Big E's will hit the spot. That said, you can definitely find more interesting, smaller local options in Holland that serve similar styles of food, so step out of your comfort zone and try them out! I had the fajitas when I stopped by, and they were aggressively mediocre. Perhaps I shouldn't have high expectations for Mexican food from an American restaurant, but the blandness was really unexpected. The service tended to be pretty slow, and our server seemed really confused as to how the restaurant operated.

Robby Siegel

Good service and pretty good food. Great atmosphere.

Heather Northuis

We were so pleased with the draft and cider choices. The waiter offered food suggestions. The food was good, portion sizes were good. They had so many wing glazes. Nice place for our side city dining or inside sports grill setting

Mommy Tips N Tricks Calling All Mommies

Good vibes good people good food

Steven Clark

Pretty good turkey reben worth it if you using an AAA discount with it

Aaron Huizenga

Love this place. Every time I visit Midland I make it a point to eat here. Good food, great beer selection, lots of options to watch on the big screens, and wonderful staff.

Liz Race

Food was uniquely delicious. I live an hour and half away and I would come back to try everything on the menu!

Rock Kanyo

Good food, nice beer selection. A little slow on food.

KC Mercedes

Good food, OK service.

Maria Sandow

I was there for lunch. Buffalo Wrap was huge and delicious. Had enough for lunch tomorrow. It wasn't crowded and service was great. Apparently lunch is the time to go!


Great place to watch a game. I was very impressed for a hotel bar. TJ our server always chatty and friendly. Will be back.

Eduardo Bargas

Delicious food, great attention and the most important part: A great variety of beers for every taste

Christopher Hessler

Loved the place! We ordered one of the best friggin cheeseburgers I've ever tasted. Seriously - it was that good and I'm a fat person who eats a bunch of cheeseburgers. Food and location are great. Service was kinda meh as they screwed up the kids order and steered me toward ordering a really weak promotional item. Looking for excuses to go back.

Eric Jacobson

Great food and service

Miles Andrews

Best food I have had in some time. The service was great, the atmosphere was amazing, lots of TVs and sports playing. A must place to eat if you are in Holland.

John Roberts

Good beer list, food is standard bar food, pizza are probably the best item for food

William Black

Sloooow, really slooooow even hetting check then goofed on that. Sad.

Amelia Telder

I think there must be a prerequisite to have a great sense of humor to become staff at Big E's. The sass is strong here, but don't be put off by it, it's actually pretty charming. The food is awesome; my personal favorite, the Gyro, comes in big portions of reliably great quality. They have a good selection of local brews and their mixed drinks are creative and delicious.

Amber Wiley

Good atmosphere, great service, good drink selection, mediocre food.

Kyle B

Food isn't bad. But service is atrocious.

Joseph Laub

Big E's is a popular place, especially around prime hours. So it should go without saying that means loud, crowded, and longer wait times. Service was fair. Since moving to Michigan, most places I've been to eat have left a bad taste in my mouth. I was honestly beginning to wonder if there was some sort of on going war the local establishments had been waging against flavor, that I hadn't yet been made aware of. I went with a party of nine. Most of which, including myself, had never been before. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was sure it would be basic and mediocre at best. When the food finally got to the table it was obvious to see what all the fuss was about. Someone made a comment that they wanted to try everything there, to which we all agreed heavily upon as wanting to do the same. Myself, I had the fried pickles, a burger named "Cecil" a larger burger topped with pulled pork, bacon and cheese. And a side of the house chips. It was all incredible on the taste buds, and sampling a few other things, none of it was less then delicious. Things aren't always 100% but as far as first impressions, solely on the food, I can't wait to go again.

Corina Cavazos

Good place to eat but they put mayonnaise on my sisters nachos...oops! I had a great Beef Dip with Horseradish on it and it was pretty freaking good!

Buddy Mahlon

Wonderful service

Kimberly Randall

Great atmosphere, price, and service

Teresa S

First time here. Food was excellent, service was quick and our waitress Lupe was super sweet. Will definitely come back next we are in Holland.

Andy Chartier

Good beer

Roger Revord

The employee's were not very friendly more interested in taking to each other than customer

Eric Josef

We were a little hesitant, because the restaurant is connected to a hotel, but the food was good. They have a good menu and a decent selection of beers on tap. The prices are reasonable; on par with an applebees type restaurant

Joshua Mosher

This place was busy, and our wings were made incorrecty. However, the staff was fantastic and made everything right. Good food, good prices, and lots of TVs.

Jared VanKoevering

Pretty nice atmosphere, service seemed a little off. Food wasn't to bad. Great place to go with friends for drinks!

Mike Brinkman

Great atmosphere, good selection of standard fare. Something for everyone. 4.1

Matthew Lingren

Food was excellent, and the staff was nice. Would absolutely leave five stars, but the wait was pretty long. For a table of four with pretty simple orders, we waited about an hour and a half. The food almost made up for it, but it was just a bit too long.

Stephanie VanOss

Good place for us weirdo's to unwind

Anne Chaney Norris

Good food

Ryan Follman

Best lunch buffet in Holland, and possibly America/The entire World. Nice folks too. The bartender even had a sense of humor. Sold!

jeremy thaler

Dont work here management is trash treats employees with disrespect. No wonder there are so many service problems when employees are pushed so hard. Always under staffed at the wrong times. Also wont give you your last check and payroll is often wrong. If you need a job look elsewhere. If your downtown there are many eateries close by with real food not sysco bottom shelf.

Quentin Scholl

Great food and selection of seasonal beers. Atmosphere similar to a Buffalo Wild Wings but with better food. Lots of tvs around to watch sports and service is good as well.

Mike Warren

Fine food and fine service

Rick Stoecker

We always like going to Big E's. It's a great atmosphere with great food.

Bill Stadler

Very good food and service

Nicholas Reister

Good spot for the family, catch a game with your buddies, and even a healthy lunch. Something for everyone, comfortable accommodations, and reasonable prices. Can't lose.

jacobus groenewold

Food was really good but the service was not very good. We think the server was new. We'll go back! Hopefully we'll get better service.

Matthew Carlson

Pizza was very good and great selection of beers and ciders.

Marcques Pruitt

Fantastic food and excellent service even when it was pretty packed. I'll be back for sure. This is way more than just a sports bar.

Joey Azar

Awesome place. Great food. Great service. Amazing place to watch your game!

Miles Wilson

Great food great price family friendly

Kyle Ritsema Ritsema

Decent service and comparable pricing for the area. Hotel bar. Need to work on cleaning. The bar is left unwiped and dirfy even in slow times. Usually have to ask to use a rag.

Vida Redención

Came in and ordered the bufalo chicken salad and my sister ordered fajitas. We expected food to be quick considering it was lunchtime and not busy at all but nope! Our waitress, a blond girl named Alexis was texting on her digital watch standing in the corner the hole time we were there barely interested in paying attention to her customers meals!!!! We needed refills and were left high and dry. She was a bit rude and snippy too. Overall extremely poor customer service so find some waitresses who value their jobs over texting and talking to there friends. Until then I will not be back

mandy bowles

The food was bad and my drink had gum in it.

Chadwick Green

Our server last night was awesome. Her namw was Sami

Suzy Lilly

Very good service, appetizers were great, drinks were very tasty.

Daniel Hinterman

Large selection of craft beer. Pretty good menu. Lots of TV's for the games.

Kyle Brinks

Enjoyable place. Love coming here especially during the summer months and the windows open. The food is delicious and I love that I keep getting free apps every once in awhile. The staff is very courteous and pleasant. We'll be back! Thanks again.

Jesse Jimenez

Good food and drinks. Great prices

Mike A

Great food and an amazing beer selection!! Kids love coming here as well. :)

Zachary Driesenga

Cool atmosphere and acceptable prices, right in the heart of downtown holland

Luciano Barrera

Great place to interact with people n great drinks

Rick Moeller

Liked the food. Tried several dishes. Very happy with the beer draft list. KBS was on tap during our visit

Charles Osberger

Pizza pinrolls are $$, beer selection is good too. Love those MI brews on tap!

Teri Zerbe

Good food. Friendly staff!!

Dedorah Snow

Was ok, getting in was not good. Waitress didn't get my order right. Wanted chicken sliders got cheeseburger. Had to ask for French onion dip. Meal was to come with it but didn't bring. But atmosphere was good.

Roy Schlegel

Food was good. Service was good.

M Ruger

Great sports bar with excellent service. Very polite waitstaff. A big screen tv in every direction. I love this place. Great drink and food selection . Highly recommend.

Ken Sanderson

Great service and food is excellent.

Allison Hof

I always order take out so I can't rate 5 stars yet. However the food has always been amazing! The Caeser salad is the best salad in town!

Nick P

High price for the portions, 12 bucks for that many boneless wings. Food tasted great and service was good. But cost over 40$ for 2of us for lunch.. Yikes!

Joe Dirt

Really want to like this place as it's close and available often. Since the day they opened and we went there we have had had 80% of our visits wrong or a negative experience. Most often the wait (for the kitchen) is very very long. Our food orders are almost always screwed up. Ranging anything from one experience when we ordered Nachos at the bar with no Jalapeno. They came and after we took multiple bites realized they were loaded with jalapeno. The bar tender brought out our correct order and proceeded to bring our order that had been eaten from to another table. Tonight we waited 35 minutes at a table and no server ever came. We had to flag one down who took our order, he had to be asked 4 times for water. When it finally came the parade we came downtown to see had begun. We got to go containers and left. 3 of our 6 orders were wrong (nachos loaded with jalapeno again, French dip ordered with no horseradish which it had, french dip missing auju, and tomatoes on a club that was ordered without). I could keep going with other experiences but don't want to write a novel. There are plenty of other options in Holland for food. This place is is fine if they're slow or if you want just a drink or two, but on busy nights they seem to fall apart.

Tara Donner

My fiance and I really enjoyed their eggs benedict

Shane Harrelson

Great atmosphere, lots of screens. Food was good, pickle fries might be reason enough to go there. Service was slow.

Maxton Herst

Sports bar atmosphere, second largest selection of beers in Midland (behind Whichcraft), decent food. It is a good after work gathering place. It could improve service. Wait times to get served can be excessive (servers gather in a group by the bar and socialize rather than help patrons). The beer flight used to be the best deal in town, no longer. They could serve more local beers from the Tricity stea.

Jennifer Hidalgo

The host was very personable and let us choose to sit on patio and then change our mind to sit indoors because of mosquitoes. The server was great recommended homemade cheese sticks which was battered and breaded and very delicious. Our table of four had 2 burgers which came out made to perfection. Looked small but was too their satisfaction very filling and good. One had salmon with veggies and mac and cheese came to the table hot and larger then other restaurants he said sides were very tasty. I had the steak and cheese which came out portioned good with good seasoning and very tasty. I had the side of onion rings which let me share with my company and still take 2 home. Very good experience for a Out of towner .


Food was great and my server was awesome

Nick Bush

This place was exactly was what I was hoping for. They had really good wings, the staff was personable and friendly, they had a reasonable selection of beers, nice specials, all in all everything you could want from a sports bar, and at a price that was fair as well!

Jill Parlove

Prompt and friendly service. Clean restaurant with great food

dale moureau

Had the buffet with guys from work and it was a great buffet and I know we will be back

Kevin Hull

Onion rings are incredible. You want them.

Kingzboss 1

Loved it great service and amazing selection of food will come again.

Derek Lasko

Awesome place. Had heard good things and it didn't disappoint. Wing flavors were delicious and beer selection. Great atmosphere.

Kayla Stone

Lots of seating and TONS of beer choices! Usually around 80+ on tap at any given time. Always rotating out new options and keeping it fresh. Fun little place to be in the heart of downtown Holland. The nice big bar seating right in the middle is very inviting. You are bound to sit next to a friendly face and maybe even a free drink from a stranger! ;)


This is the 3rd time on a Sunday night we’ve gone in and waited over 10 minutes with no one coming to ask for a drink or food order. Tonight a girl brought us menus and still no one came to wait on us. Normally we like the food and enjoy going here - but their staff is definitely not the best. They weren’t even busy and we watched 3 waiter/waitresses look around and disappear into the kitchen. They never came back out in the 10 minutes we sat there.

Chrystian Contreras

Me and my friends come here often, we love this place, everyone is friendly, the food good, cheap drinks, cant complain at all. Best thing about this place by far is a server in specific, we get him most of the time, (usually we ask for his section) his name is Ryan. He keeps us coming back, hes friendly, attentive and goes far beyond customer Service! Great Job Ryan!

kevin rosensteel

Prime rib lunch buffet! Doesnt get much better than that.

David Hand

Adventurous menu with tons of options. Very large beer selection and the service was great as always!

Emmett Brown

Really good food, and service.

Eric Twiest

All I have to say is wow you have to try this place. Great atmosphere and not your typical sports bar the food quality is EXCELLENT. I had the primo chorizo burger - what an amazing blend of tastes in a burger. We had pretzels for appetizer and my wife had the sliders and all were fantastic. Not to mention a huge beer selection on tap. We will definitely be back.


My family really enjoyed this restraunt. The people there gave my daughter good motivation for the Midland Soccer Classic Tournament.

Anna Rutkowski

Big E's is quickly becoming one of my favorite place to go out to eat. I have had some bad experiences with Big E's in the past and management recently invited me back to try again and has changed my mind about Big E's! The food is amazing, fresh, and filling. WAY BETTER than Applebee's! The atmosphere has such high energy, the whole area is clean and up to date. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Sami was our server and she was amazing. We never were left without anything. Best service I have had in a while. GO HERE! If you want some of the best Midland has to offer, I definitely recommend Big E's.

Sherry VandeBerg

Small portions for big money. Service was slow. Nice atmosphere

Kevin Blaser

They added a Philly steak sandwich that improved their menu tremendously. I'd give it a higher rating, but the service is hit or miss still. I've either gotten good service or mediocre, although a major improvement versus a couple of years ago. This is my second trip there after about an 18 month hiatus. The venue is still a little noisy, but that is good for a sports bar. For Midland it is still better than other places, but I think the new Old Chicago is going to bring a lot of competition and force all the restaurant operators near the Mall to improve their offerings.

Donald Nichols

I can say without a doubt this is one of the friendliest places anyone can go to eat. The food is made to order, prepped by hand every morning, and served with only your satisfaction in mind. Its family friendly, fun and an all around great experience.

Matt Morse

Huge draft beer list and great apps!

Terry Fournier

Good food cheap

Kayla Brunell

Super nice

Jake Keith

Great place to catch a game. Has an extensive beer list, lots of TVs to watch whatever sporting event you're there to see, and a friendly, helpful, attentive (and attractive) waitstaff. The food is also really good. One of the best club sandwiches I've had in a while. Check this place out next time you're in Holland.

Alexa Fettig

Really good food and drinks. Fun atmosphere. We will be back!

Stephen Rule

Great food and service

Pete W

Nice beer selection. Food served late.

Damon Redmond

Excellent food. Great service and it was fast. Make sure you sign up for the app in the play store to get money off your bill. We ordered appetizers off the menu after 1030 and they were half off, but were amazing. You also get alot for your money.

Elizabeth Gibbs

For a fun lively atmosphere come to big e's. We had drinks and wings and it was great. I am not into sports but the bar is filled w TV's for those wanting to see a game or two. The waiter was charming and knew his drinks. We loved it.

mike thiel

Went with a big group on Friday night for our kids Hockey tournament. Food was good. Service was great everything was correct. Highly recommend for fun night.

Eric Graham

Good food and great atmosphere.

Sandra Billingsley

I was staying at the Holiday Inn and decided to stay in for dinner. I'm glad i did. I ordered the steak with blue cheese, butter and garlic with mashed potatoes and gravy and mixed squash. Everything came a timely manner and puping hot. it was delicious. I will be back.

Steve Hightower

Food was very good good prices fast service

Ricardo Garcia

The Double Double burger is absolutely great. When you want a good burger with thick slabs of bacon.. this is it. Great beer choices and comfortable atmosphere. This is a great place to hang out and enjoy your time. Service is always helpful and with a smile.

Daniel Westmoreland

The server did good keeping up with the table. We had a table of 8 and she kept the drinks full and got the food out in good order. Try the chicken wings - excellent. The chicken taco salad was very good and filling. This was my 2nd visit and I will stop in again when I travel that way.

Norman Howell

Rarely lives up to its potential.

Krista Dirschell

It is amazing food and great service along with a very friendly staff. The prices were great too.

Lauren Gray

Really good food. Somewhat decent service depending on who you get. Awesome beer selection though that makes it worth waiting!

Wendy Owens

Awesome food, service & atmosphere.

Molly Eidt

Our server Jaqueline was great! She was patient and attentive to our needs. However, when we had a question about the bill, a manager, Justina was very rude with her tone of voice and her overall attitude. She really made the experience at this restaurant awful. I really liked the place but with the attitude of the manager it makes me not want to come back. Managers should have better customer service than she showed us.

Christy Best

Request to NOT sit near the couches/comfy chairs. We had no clue parents could request that their children sit in this area alone to hang out and order food...without their parents close by. Definitely didn’t enjoy kids running past our table for 20 minutes while we ate.

Rick Kowalski

Nice outdoor dining option. Great craft beer menu.

Courtney Shaffer

Service is always hit or miss here. We have walked out of here twice after sitting without service when it wasn't busy and another time when a server made a rude comment about what we were wearing.

Barb Anderson

We absolutely LOVE Big Es! Good food, drinks, atmosphere and servers. Aaron is our favorite and is amazing!!

Gerrad Fox

Good atmosphere. Poor service and fairly pricey for what you get.

Pam Mitchell

Great atmosphere. Fun place.

Marla Hansen

Great food and Sami and Sarah are the best servers around!

Kim McClernan

Amazing food and great staff

John Heemstra

The pizza crust is uniquely terrible and the service often matches, but sometimes it's the only option downtown Holland. Like on Easter evening, for example.

Elizabeth Martel

Dirty glass, long wait for food, incorrect order. Since the server never came back to check on us once the food was delivered, never fixed. Very dissatisfied.

Matt Dietsche

Food's just ok, but they have a really good craft beer selection

Tyler Biggs

This place is AMAZING everything about it is great and the atmosphere and people are great would recommend this to anyone and everyone that wants a great place to eat and have a drink

Stacie L. Stevens-Venhuizen

Great sports bar and great food.

Deonn nicole

Ordered carry out from our hotel room. Menu had a nice variety. Their chicken strips and honey siracha sauce are soo good! Husband ordered a french dip and we werent impressed. Would still eat here again and try something new if we visit Midland again

David Bird

Great prices great food

Marlon Louie

Good food, good service. Waiter was not overbearing. Just stopping thru Holland and I feel welcomed

Jace's toys

Nice place for lunch and drinks

Tom Rexius

Not bad for downtown Holland. Food was good. Service a little slow. Price was reasonable.

Lenelle Markey

Good pub food and fun atmosphere

Taylor Obbink

It was my graduation night and we picked Big E’s to eat and honestly I wasn’t happy. First off it took the lady 20 minutes from coming to our table with drinks and back until we finally got a kids menu for my cousins and the waitress kept saying yep they are coming. Next it took them a hour and half to get us our food and nobody even came to check on us but maybe one time for refills. Once our food finally came out the Mac n cheese me my aunt and uncle all Got was cold in the middle like it was cooked fully and my cousins kids cheeseburger was literally like a bite and she was not happy and still hungry after that and French fries. The manager didn’t even say sorry or anything to us but bring our food out. Overall it wasn’t the best experience like at all. Wish I woulda had better dinner hanging with my family after graduating from high school... *mood: angry, annoyed*

Shelly DeVries

Great time watching and cheering for the US Women's soccer victory! Food was great too :)

Laura Gann

Always a great time here. Great atmosphere!

Michelle Rodeffer

Good food, We were there on vaca, good service, and great food and fare prices. Would visit again.

Josh Griffith

Great gluten-free options and attentive to possible contaminants.

Alfred Miller

Great food, awesome service.

Angie Morse

Was seated and waited at the table for over 5mins, before getting up and walking out. Not one person came to our table once we were seated. As we were walking out the door, and I was grabbing a business card, the manager asked if we had been helped. I said, no, which is why we are leaving. Instead of trying to keep customers, his response was, oh ok...

Patrick Crowley

Good food, but service was disappointing. The waiter got our drinks and never came back. Over half an hour later, we had to ask the hostess to get us someone else to serve us.

Meghan Coleman

They always have great food. Never disappointed.

Justin Ferguson

My wife and I tried this bar for dinner during tulip time festival. They held their own during the rush of customers and honestly we got our food quickly. I tried the bbq pulled pork which was amazing. Great portions for a fair price. The atmosphere was modern and kinda cozy with the lounging area and warm lighting. Plenty of televisions for sports and the volume isn't so loud that you can't have a conversation. Very pleased with our visit!

Patricia Bendel

We had breakfast - it was delicious! And the service was excellent. Would highly recommend Big E's.

Misty Keigley

The lady bar tender is a terrible. Never again. I'd like to give this zero stars

Michael Cline

Great selection of Beers and pretty good food, but the service from Aaron is the reason we keep going back. Top notch, attentive and always on top of your needs!!!

Jen Wright

We had an amazing experience here tonight for dinner! Our host Tonyo was friendly. Anna our server was happy to help us! Th food was beyond delish! I work at a restaurant and I was very impressed with the whole establishment! Went to tell the manager our good comments and he was helping roll silverware!

Daniel Nava

Excellent food and drinks as well as wait staff always being fast and friendly

Chris Riemersma

Loved it. I had the Cobb and it was wonderful. Fantastic service too!!

Td Td

I self and two friends ate here at this location for the first time. Suggested from stator net to take a buddy to eat here. I was a very nice place based off of the Holiday inn Express what you can see from the main highway. The wait was 35 minutes which was properly quoted from the hostess and was seated in proper time. The beer selection was very good the atmosphere was not too loud and not too quiet just perfect. their portion sizes for the food was well worth the money I had a Reuben sandwich which was just average nothing more than just the food that was given to me was no better or worse than what I've had at other places before. my friends that had their food was a gyro and a French dip which once again was just nothing special but well worth the money. What I suggested going to this location again if I'm in the area most definitely I will not shy away from suggesting it to other people so give it a shot you may like something there

Kurt Schaafsma

Great food great service good prices

Scott Charles

Great food and drinks!!

Monica Lj Johnson

For being out of town this was a great place to eat and catch a game. Food and staff were awesome. Will visit again.

Rob Carli

Spectacular beer selection. Outstanding service. Tons of TVs to watch the game and now they have an indoor/outdoor patio. There was a large group of us and everyone love the food. Must have the Onion Rings!!

Cindy Mcallister

Half price appetizers and discount on beer, sitting outside in the patio on a beautiful day, great service. What more could a girl ask for?

Felicia Mushatt

Very nice establishment

Lloyd Gingerich

Apparently happy hour pricing on craft beers isn't available during World Cup matches, that's disappointing.

Dan Weston

My first time here. It's a Monday night and it's not too busy. I ordered wings and fries. The wings are tasty, but cold. The fries are plain. This place is well laid out and comfortable. The bartender was ok but nothing special.

TJ White

Great atmosphere, great bar, but all in all very expensive hotel food that really is nothing special.

Courtney Lovejoy

Food was so amazing! Service was fast and friendly. Place was also very clean. Will be coming back for sure!

Dorothy Raines

They have the best homemade chips and the Fat Elvis is fantastic!

Jessica Brown

The nachos are great & big enough for 4

Barb Shoemaker

Best sweet potato fries I have ever had- definitely worth the up charge.

Keighlee Ortega

My husband and I and our two children stayed at the holiday inn for two nights and spent the majority of time in pool where we ordered food and drinks from the restaurant. Their food is sooooo good! Especially their chicken tenders and ranch! They also have super good bread chips that go with their appetizer dips. The staff is so wonderful and friendly! Pizza is also very good. This place is awesome!

Alexander Hanft

Great prices on appetizers during happy hour. Our group of four left fat and happy for only $30. Great atmosphere as well. Go just to watch a game or bring a group of people, they cater to both.

Shondella Gatlin

Need more security

Amanda Lynn

We came in at about 1130pm with a large wedding party last night, the gentleman that helped us was fantastic! He had such an upbeat personality and was so polite! It was so nice to see someone who seemed to really enjoy their job and customers. He did an excellent job keeping up with our large group. He recommended the McKenzie's Pumpkin Cider, LIFE CHANGING!!! The pizza was also amazing! Thanks again!

John Scheffler

Very classy atmosphere! They offer large party seating. Have tons of alcohol choices. Very unique food dishes that all taste amazing! Can be very busy at times. The staff was hard working and friendly. The Loaded tater tots were my favorite choice

Michele Osmun

Great place that is kid friendly. Good food with a lot of beverage choices. Our waiter Aaron was friendly, fast and accommodating with our requests!!

Samuel Schafer

Had the sliders they were a little dry but not bad

Trish Seif

Brought a friend (first time experience) the hostess wasn't friendly, she didn't seem to care to seat us. The waitress complained that the hostess didn't tell her she had a table and the waitress also used foul language during our time there. I felt so bad for my friend and i was embarrassed because I suggested the place to dine.

Ronald Miller

You'll wait a bit. If yiu don't order alcohol, you're kind of dismissed. Overall it's a place with a good menu.

Eric Hoffman

Their draft beer selection cannot be beat! And to go with that the prices are reasonable as well. Screens everywhere, it's a great sports bar but much more. Service is always great as well. I wish they had more food choices, but at the same time what they have is good. Can't go wrong with a great burger, pizza, or salad. Worth checking out!


Great food. Nice sports bar atmosphere. Lots of TVs to watch the big game.

Denise Hill

A step above your typical hotel bar. Great craft beer selection on tap & bottles. Best nachos! Huge, loaded, and served atop a flour tortilla which you can actually eat! Had their salmon salad, burgers, variety of sandwiches and gyros. Never had a bad anything here. Definitely a sports bar. Have keno but on the smallest TV screen in the place, so I never play it. Lots of after work crowd and families from hotel. Busy but lots of room.

Robert James

I want to give this place 5 stars really bad. I'll have to give it a 3.5/5 though. We do eat here fairly frequently, and I've never eaten anything bad. Their entire menu is delicious. However, what keeps me from scoring them higher is their lack of consistency. We will go here 4 or 5 times in a row, and everything is perfect, even when busy. Food is still good, service is great, etc. And then we will have a random trip in, and the service will be awful. 10-15 minute wait at our table just for our drinks, long wait for food, poor service from the waitstaff overall (even if it is not busy). Then we will go another 4 or 5 times and everything will be perfect again. Blows my mind. There are some other silly quirks that I think they could improve upon as well. For instance, my wife and I took our daughter there a week or so ago, and ordered her something off the kids menu. They asked if she wanted veggies or fries for a side. We decided veggies. We were thinking maybe cooked mixed vegetables (which it has come with in the past). Well, the "side" of veggies was 1 thin carrot stick, 1 thin celery stick, and 2 sliced cucumbers. All uncooked of course. My wife and I looked at each other and thought it was odd, and not what we were used to. Our daughter is 2 and I guess I expected the waitress to warn us about that side. All in all, however....the food is great, and we get exceptional service 8 out of 10 times. We will certainly continue to be a regular.

Lisa Delgado

Went for my birthday lunch today and we were very impressed. The pita chips with the spinach artichoke dip was amazing as well as the pizza pinwheels. Our burgers were cooked exactly how we ordered them and the bacon on them was thick and crispy. Good menu selection and prices. Will definitely be back.

John Mekis

Lots of food and beer choices

Thomas Kemp

Food was great, staff was friendly, service was fast, and everything was priced very well. The drinks were cheap and made well. An awesome complimentary business to the hotel and event center.

Erik Burr

They closed the bar an hour early and even refused to serve a wedding couple that arrived a half hour before closing time.

Jim Bilello

Great food. Open late. Wonderful big screens BUT major health problem. They keep the large doors to restaurant wide open and you can’t even eat because of all the mosquitoes

Jerry Riendeau

Got an out of market nba game that was looking for. Great beer selection.

Mary A Drouse

Had a Great Time, Watched Football had some Awesome Food and Drinks

C Browning

Good food, great service and atmosphere

Erin R

Food delicious and cooked correctly. Amazing beer selection. Staff very friendly.

mark zimmerman

Good armosphere, great food and excellent service

Carrie Drews

Food is very good, not always hot when served. We were seated near one of the walls that slide up while the tables were power washed outside; ended up with water and debris blown in onto our feet, and a distracting amount of noise.

Nick Wray

The nachos I ordered were pretty good. The outdoor seating was very nice as well. It is a sports bar so there were a lot of TV's if that is your thing. I recommend the secret menu item "tater tot nachos" trust me they are good! Overall, Big E's is good, but nothing groundbreaking.

Magaret Noykos

Great service and the food was good!

steve eltringham

Awesome chicken fingers and I definitely liked the chips instead of the fries


Not bad. Decent chow. Little on the pricey side though.

Shannon E

We like the atmosphere here. Have great food and craft beers.

rob rein

Great food, especially the pizza.

James Mandrick

lots of tv lots of beer lots of good food

Riley Winters

Great breakfast Skillet

Raul Herrera

Great sport bar with awesome staff. Finger food is good, but can't speak to a full meal since I have not had it there. This place is great to go with the buddies or team members for an outting.

Marie Madeleine Diop

Just one time but love the food and the family environment

Tara Kastler

Love coming here. Been 3 times never a bad meal. Service was amazing. The pickle fries are delicious

Curtis Hegel

I walked and sat at the bar and was greeted by Andy. He took my order and turned on a game that I wanted to watch. They have a very large selection of beer and the Buffalo Spring Rolls where good. Personally I would of liked them with a bit more heat, but they are made for the masses not for the few. I will be back next Sunday to watch the game rather then the Buffalo Wing establishment.

Dana Chauvette

Love their spinach salad!

Michelle Stoner

Good pizza (they also have other foods) and drinks. Its awfully loud. They seem to be busy perpetually

Eleanor Post

Every year we plan a get together. This is the 3rd year we have met at Big E's. I made reservations for 10 and we ended up with 17. Our waiter Aaron was able to put tables together to accommodate all of us. Our service was great. The cook or cooks got all of our orders correct and we all were timely served. Hardly any waiting or conversation made time go by quick. Our food was delicious. Our waiter was friendly, polite and attentive. Yes we all recommend Big E's.



Quentin Mills

Great staff. Late night happy hour menu is awesome. The food is delicious.

Amit Patankar

The only time I visit here is with my co-workers when there’s some after-work get together, Mainly because they have good ambiance and we often get a long table by the window where everyone gets food and their beers. They have happy hours till 6pm I guess on weekdays when the appetizers are half off etc.. (don’t know all the details )which is a great perk. Food is not bad, service is okay - sometimes they seem under staffed so it feels slow. Good draft list and appetizers too.

Justin Boyce

Awesome menu, friendly staff

Brian Koch

The people here are great. The drink selection is perfect...from beer to mix you can't go wrong. Their wings are excellent. Will be going back for sure

Ron Snyder

Don't know where you got her but don't let her go. Tara was the best server I ever had there. Give her a raise.

Amy Rissot

Great service. Good food.

Sandy Krysch

Good food, great location, big sports bar. Great place to catch up with big groups.

Jason Cox

Love this place. Always great food, great wait staff and cold drinks

Nicole Carabott

Great place. Great cocktails, excellent food. Very clean.

Barbara Scott

Today I was not happy with our waitress. Ordered beef nachos & got pulled pork. Had my grandson' s voucher on the table at the end in plain site. (For a free meal for kids under 11 for staying at Holiday Inn) Still got changed for it. Ask for a box & asked a second time. This place was not real busy at this time. It's like 1, 2, 3 your out. She did make it right on the nachos. Said the manger took them off my order. Even though I was unhappy with her. She still received a tip.

Ramona Rodriguez

The good is ok. Got the nachos and they were SUPER EXTREMELY dry (I ordered the pork- my friends hubby the chicken)!! They didn't come with everything listed on the menu. We had to ask for the salsa. The serving size was very good. But it lacked SO much! The wings were not good either. The cocktails seemed more like o.j. than a alcholic drink. The server was not very attentive (it was not busy at all when we were there). Once she brought our food, she came to our table once after that and didn't come back again. Except to give us our checks. Not impressed. Given this place too many chances

Kara Reitsma

Great food at a great price. Our waiter was awesome, too.

Amadeus Bartosek

Great service, great drinks, great food.

Matthew Stickney

Very loud, slow service and food lacks flavor. Prices not worth what you get.

S Neil

Great food and Aaron is the best server we have ever had!

Vanessa Maxson

Amazing food. Sports setting. Great atmosphere

tammy michael

Was staying at the hotel connected to it. Ordered dessert, took a while. Got to the room and there was barely anything in my container!!

Jennifer Dunaj

Loved the food, service and atmosphere

Doug Strahle

The E is pretty good sized, I'm not sure about big though.

Lexi Murray

Stopped in for some adult bev's during the Holland Tulip Fest. Had a cider, the husband had a Perrin Black Ale. He tried the Maduro for his next beer. After finishing my first drink waiting what seemed like forever for our Tater Tots to arrive, I tried a couple of samples of different cider. Mentioned to the bartender, Curry, which I preferred. I sat without a beverage for quite some time as the Curry walked past several times, appearing to look at my empty glass, and proceeded to wait on others at the bar, before eventually seeing my husband was in need of a refill as well. I felt like I was invisible. The husband went back to the Perrin and I got my selection of cider. Then, we decided to cash out and noticed our bill had an additional beer on it. Although it was corrected and we settled our tab, I was less than impressed with the service here, especially as they are associated in some fashion with the Marriott Courtyard hotel adjacent to them. Not sure I'd want to return here.

Jaidev Mulakkal

Nice sports bar in Holland Michigan! Good collection of draft beers and delicious food.

Karen Van hoven

Had fish taco's. Very good. The tortilla chips had no salt and had to ask for salsa to go with it. Otherwise they were very bland. Had to pay 25 cents for a sample of beer. Should get at least once sample free.

Graham Merrill

Good bar food, friendly service. If you like the 8th street grille's food, then you'll like this place.

Linc Simoni

A pretty damn good place to eat and drink. Service second to none.

Teresa Gaffner

Love the atmosphere here..

Chad Capp

Went for Margarita day.. they do NOT make a good Margarita. Stick to the beers here. They have a good beer selection. Service is average. We sat at the bar

Patricia DenBoer

Great burgers. Great service.

Cory Senti

Best sports grille of any Marriott anywhere in the US, and I travel a lot. The food is restaurant normal, American Comfort food, but they have a list of beers a mile long as well as a great selection of Spirits. Lots of TV'S, it is a sports bar after all, but what really makes this place is two things: it's location in downtown Holland and the fact that it is open longer for food and beer than any other place downtown. The Hotel is new, attractive, well placed and u could watch all the Tulip Time parades from your street side balcony.

Amerie Rabideau

Decent place to sit outside. Very loud on the inside and food a little overpriced.... Also not really vegan or vegetarian friendly.

Andrew Withe

My wife and I came in on a Saturday night and they were fairly busy. Our server Reyna made our experience awesome. She suggested the chicken fajitas (they are her favorite menu item) and they were incredible! She was very charming and funny and made this our best dining experience. We will definitely be back

Julie Hart

Aaron is one of the best servers I’ve ever had anywhere.

Travis Maynard

Really good food in big portions. Great atmosphere, upscale sports bar feel

Randy Oconnor

Five us stopped in this evening, all of our meals different and just eh...salmon was too strong fishy tasting , steak dry and tough and they didn't ask how my husband wanted it cooked either? My cobb salad was presented nicely but mostly all core of lettuce that I couldn't eat. Realize it's a sports bar but way too loud, couldn't even converse at our table. It was very busy, though, so some must like it...

Mike Noordijk

My Caesar salad was really not very good at all. There was some rotten romaine in it, they forgot the croutons, and it was warm by the time it got to me. Not inclined to go here again.

Leyser Romero

Good service, good food

Emma Boss

Delicious food. :)

Jim Van De Wege

Good food. Excellent staff. Great place to watch any sporting event.

Andrew Mytych

Come for the beer and pizza but other food is nothing special and honestly a little expensive for what you get. Examples, $10.99 for 4 sliders....that were mediocre at best? $8.99 for kids chicken finger dinner!?!? No thanks. Pizza is great and the beer is cold and selection varied so I’ll be back for those

Braedon Rodenberg

Went here for a double date with friends. There was a lot of volume to the food and we really liked it - just took a little time getting to us.

Allison Schwarz

This place can be really hit or miss and it is way way too expensive for that. Best spin dip I ever had but my tots were rock hard and our dessert (Apple crisp) was not even worth eating.

T Smith

I've been here twice over the last 2 years for lunch. Their buffet is really good, a good variety and most recently (friday) had the option to get prime rib. Lots of TV's, very friendly staff and quality food. Look forward to my next visit to Holland and visiting Big E's! I recommend it.

Bob Carle

Food was very good. Great selection of draft beers. Service was great.

Jordan Stevenson

Wide selection on menu, friendly service.

Douglas Perenchio

Awesome food, great service!

beth chesser

I would have never thought to go to a Holiday Inn for a sports bar and good food, but a local told us we must go! The portions were huge which when travelling no one really wants left overs. Our waitress was superb, the place was big and they didn't seat us next to people, which I liked. The onion rings are gigantic so plenty for 4 ppl to share

Timothy Spence

Excellent service and a wide assortment of food and drink. Great for a late night snack or drink for those staying in the hotel.

Samuel Godfrey

It's a sports bar, which I have difficulty rating at five stars unless it's a great environment with great food. Big Es is what you'd expect... Lots of TV's without much design or ambiance consideration for interior, service is adequate and sometimes great, and food is delicious, greasy, and terrible for you (there are healthy options, but I prefer the greasy cheeseburger at a sports bar. Draft beer selection is excellent.

Chimane Helder

Great food!

Carla DeLucia

Great food and great service.. They have indoor and outdoor seating and it's also pet friendly outside.... Will definitely be going again..

Carol van der Harst

Nice seating options, staff and creative menu

Pankaj R

Food and service are ok. Nothing to write home about. Overrated but might be ok for someone obsessed with TVs. Also, a terrible name (Big Enema?) for a food joint!

Dianna Wilkins

Had a beer and Cuban sandwich, was very good.

Mike Youngstrom

Food was good beer was good atmosphere great.

Kelly Karbowski

Nice visit. Get the Cubano.

Michigan Mike Rapini

Great place to eat. Good food. Take out service was a little slow

James Douglas

Great buffet breakfast. Haven't tried dinner. Attached to the Holiday Inn so if you stay it is convenient

Hannah Klein

You get what you pay for at this casual restaurant. It is super convenient for events at the Holiday Inn and provides a good place to meet up with other guests.

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