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REVIEWS OF Bavarian Inn Restaurant IN Michigan

Anne Artlip

We love this restaurant! The staff is very friendly and helpful and wear cute costumes. The decor is beautiful and the food is great. They give you a lot of food and we always go home with leftovers. Prices are reasonable especially for the amount of food you get!

Dennis Jacques

Great ethnic food! But...again with the Fried Chicken? Eh, it's good, don't get me wrong, but 'World Famous' ? Meh... But..several other dishes are delicious! Kraut, beets, sausages, all deserve mention! Have won't regret it! One that you can have the Inn's coffee with! Delicious! Restrooms: Spotless! Dining Room: Spotless and welcoming, if a little crowded. Overall: A

Bonnie Sheets

Super fun German theme restaurant. Great food- huge portions. Nice staff!

Kerry Gonzalez

The food was good. They gave you a nice variety. We got the 5 meats. The schnitzel was very good. You also got chicken, ham, roast beef, and sausage. You could always get more. It's all you can eat...

Susan Berryhill

Wait staff accommodated our large party without any issues. Very attentive and food was delicious, as always! Worth the trip!!

Rachel McGraw

My boyfriend and I have gone to Bavarian Inn Restaurant twice since June, and the servers have always gone above and beyond. Food is always fresh, and warm! See you guys in a few months for Christmas!

Raymond Kent

Awesome service as always. The staff wears traditional German attire and the are VERY attentive to your needs. Excellent atmosphere. The family style chicken dinner is an absolute must. $25 per adult is well worth it. You will NOT leave hungry. All you can eat, unlimited refills on all food served. The castle shops downstairs are unique and a joy to walk around. The glockenspiel is iconic. It chimes every 15 minutes and every hour on the hour it tells the story of the pied piper. Seeing the characters above the clock hands is mesmerizing to adults as well as children. It is beautiful any time of the year, and Christmas is extra beautiful with all the decorations. Walking Main Street after dinner is a good time to either window shop or regular shop.

Janet Wells

Awesome, authentic German meal. The atmosphere was beautiful; our waiter, as well as the others we observed, were mannerly. Highly recommended! Good shopping downstairs, as well.

Joni Stiles

I love this place. The staff was so friendly. Even more so than Disney Cast members so that mean quite a bit! Food as always was perfect! A must to visit!

Dave Aldrich

The meals were great as usual. One problem with today's visit however. It's Mother's day and we had no reservations so we expected a wait and had no problem with waiting 30 minutes or so. When we got close to the front of the line the hostess took us and 2 other parties to the other restaurant where the menu is more sandwiches and such not a nice dining room like we expect when we dine there. She said we could still order off the dining room menu though. Although she was not used to that menu we did get our food but we were paying full price but eating in something like a Denny's. Not the same atmosphere at all so not a great experience. Should have not accepted that arrangement. Disappointing meal.

Laura Batey

Didn't eat at the restaurant, but shopped the stores below it. Found interesting selection of items not seen any other place - candy store, bakery, gift shop. Has a loyalty program!!

Karl Reichert

For being World Famous Chicken we've had better. Reserve the table for two only to wait while they seated people in line. Not the best experience. Staff to be a little friendlier.

Jessica Kremer

The food here was a bit pricey, but you get a lot with your meal. Everyone enjoyed their meal. There is also a ton of seating in several different dining rooms.

Clayton Paulson

Great place for a family to sit down and have good food. The reason it's not 5 stars is because the booths made you feel cramped, felt like I could barely breath. The food was great, I had the st Louis style ribs which went bad. The coleslaw was amazing. Once in a while a lady came around to tables and played her accordion. Schnitzel

Mr. Ed Dumblauskas

Food and service was great. Hunter's schnitzel was tasty,sides were shared and plentiful. Cranberry ice cream at the end was great. When we return it will be our first stop for dinner.

jaco jeff

God gave us Frankenmuth! This is my place of paradise. Delicious food, great service and friendly people abound. Unique items are found everywhere for sale. When you travel to Michigan, this is a must stop.

Kirk Lanam

Still a great place to visit. Nice gift shops and atmosphere. However, the food is not as good as it used to be. The last 3 times I visited, it was simply average. Not worth the price.

Glen Chamberlin

Nice view of Lake Michigan. High cost of food served there and the long wait to be seated and then... longer to get your food order. They don't take reservations so go get in line just to eat, or go elsewhere if you're hungry.

Tom Johnson

It's all you can eat and they keep asking if you want more. We found the chicken and everything delicious. Could not of eaten more but wish we had ordered an extra meat. They freely offered Togo boxes so we had leftovers the next night in our hotel.

Dennis B

Mediocre food in stereotypical location The chicken is near flavorless, any fried chicken from the South will be way better. The Mac n Cheese wasn't too bad, though. The waiters are dressed in Lederhosen and Dirndl and the interior is let's say rustic German style. Everybody is friendly enough but if you're looking for either German food or a delicious meal, go elsewhere.

Michael Osteen

I used to live in Michigan and would go there two times a month, but now I live in Florida I've been back for my second year and the food is still outstanding staff as well prepared I can answer any question you have. They have an all-you-can-eat chicken family style oh, I ate at the Bavarian Inn and it was excellent. Learn all about Germans who live there in Frankenmuth and their culture. Always find something new when I go there

Sandy Kasem

Cute cute decor and comfortable seating. Our waiter seemed very scattered but nice. He did come to refill a few of the side dishes at our request.We ordered the white meat family style chicken dinner which was very dry and tasteless! The rest of the sides that came with the family meal were okay but very bland. The best of the sides were the coleslaw and the cranberry relish ... sad! I had not been here in years and I doubt I will be coming back anytime soon.

Linda S

Great place to visit. Wonderful little shops, good food. We always get "Family Style" when we go. About 25.00 per person.

Tami Montney

We were looking forward to eating here! Not what it should be. $$ for $ food . Mine was burned

Lynn Witwicki

Served family style and D E L I C I O U S . Generous portions. You do not walk away hungry . Prices higher than we expected but we enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Wait staff attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.

Tricia Gleason

Delicious food and great service! I love the overall theme and atmosphere. Portion sizes were generous and prices were adequate.

Darin Smith

Friendly staff, very good food. Drinks and food make it a nice stop. Large dining area, with a neat German decor. A beautiful town, with so much to see.

Dawn Wenderski

Oh my gosh! Great food and wonderful service. The family style chicken dinner is still the best! A must do at least once a year.

Kristine Pomaville

We sat outside and ate. Great food and service. There was a gentleman playing nearby , so got to enjoy the music. And since we sat outside, our little guy got to be with us.

Penny Klanke

The food here is out of this world. If you have not been, GO!!! They are always busy!! A busy restaurant means it's got GREAT FOOD!!

Judy Henderson

service was great! The roast was awesome! Chicken was average nothing special, pork cutlet i didnt care for.

Crochet projects

It was clean with a nice atmosphere. The service was great and I loved the food. My waitress accidentally brought me the wrong flavor of ice cream. She brought me the flavor I wanted and left the other one too!

Amber Salinas

7/4/2019. I’m a truck driver and decided to take a break at a truck stop about 10-15min from Frankenmuth. Based on the reviews, I had to give this restaurant a try. The only thing that made my experience last than ideal, was the wait time. When I arrived (approx. 2pm), reservations were completely booked for the remainder of the night. With it being a holiday, one would expect there to be a bit of a wait. Apparently, one of their dining rooms is currently under renovation, which resulted in me, along with many other individuals, standing in line for nearly 2hrs. A few people in line mentioned the wait never really being this long, and the food being well worth it...So, I waited. I’m very glad I did. The food was SO DELICIOUS. I opted for the family style, five meat dinner, which was about $30. I ate to my hearts content, and still left with approximately four to-go containers full of food. I highly recommend making a reservation if you plan to visit on a holiday. I will most certainly be back!!

Rose Adamowicz

Great food. Friendly waiter, all you can eat chicken very good. Will go again

Silver Wine

Awesome place, great service as well as delicious food. A must stop for any great family meal to remember. During peak times try making a reservation since the lines can get pretty long.

Uncle Scroge

Their dinner is great! First they served bread & butter. Then there were appetizers like cole slaw, chicken pasta, cranberry sauce, cucumber in sauce, a couple other ones, and then some noodle soup. After that we had our main course, white fish. It was fantastic! To top it all off we had some tape pie for dessert. We would definitely go back again.

Alexandria Thomas

I’ll start by saying I never 1 star anything- We ordered one of the German dinners which is supposed to come with all 4 or 5 sides and ice cream. The waitress brought our food out pretty fast except she didn’t bring any of the sides. We thought maybe we read the menu wrong but looking around, everyone had the sides listed on the menu. It wasn’t until she came back with ice cream (the only time she checked on us) was when was asked if our meal was supposed to come with the sides. She said yeah. It was an awkward silence for a minute until she offered to bring them out AFTER we ate our meal and ice cream. So we asked for a possible price reduction since we didn’t get the meal we paid for or the experience everyone was raving about. The best they could do was offer the lunch price which didn’t include the sides. We felt that wasn’t a fair negotiation because essentially we ordered the the lunch portion and still received poor service. We still tipped 15% but the situation could had better customer service.

hung nguyen

The most expensive fried chicken and sausages we've ever had. If you decide to eat here, don't order the family style chicken. The sides were Cole slaw, chicken noodle soup, some pickle, and cranberry. The main course came with mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and a pasta dish that came with noodles with some cheese on top, as well as fried chicken and sausages. Over all only things I liked were the chicken, sausages and mashed potatoes with gravy. The chicken was better than at Zehnders in that it's not as dry.

Johnathon Summers

Food is always great but when you pay $25 per person. I expect that they will give you food to take home. Most of the time it’s not a problem. But the waitress we had thought it was.

Gloria Hopper

Loved spending the day in Frankenmuth. Bavarian Inn is a great place to sit down and enjoy lots of delicious food. The store and bakery below are filled with good things to purchase and enjoy at home.

Karin Stokley

Terribly disappointed. The decor was nice. The service was mediocre. The food was awful. The waitress cleared our plates with 3/4 of the food still on them and didn't question it (she had never asked if everything was okay). Very telling. We visited from the East Coast and won't be recommending this restaurant to anyone. AND, we ordered the chicken that proudly proclaims to have put Frankenmuth on the map!!

Roger Stalenek

I've been going here for over 30 years and the food is absolutely to die for. The taste is the same, and that's a plus. Frankenmuth is home no matter where I live now. My granddaughter still lives there and I just love going to visit her. We always go to Bavarian Inn for a big meal, then to Bronners and it's the best tradition ever. There are times I miss Michigan. But I just don't want to shovel the snow, ha, ha.

Adam A.

Went on a few people's responses when asked for good food. They said you should go to try it while you're here, and the fried chicken is really good. And honestly it wasn't all that good. Reminded me of cafeteria food. The service was good but the food was mediocre. Wouldn't go back.

Nate Hutnak

Chase was my server, really good service. I had the Frankenmuth dinner. There was so much food! All of it delicious. I came in around 4, the place is packed, but no wait and no one rushing me out. Very good deal for sure, highly recommend. Thanks!

Domenick Barone

Overall it was a very nice experience. I wouldn't say that the food was exceptional but above-average. The atmosphere was beautiful. There was a live accordion player and the workers were in traditional German dress. There were two separate places to eat. One has a limited menu in a casual bar like atmosphere. The other was a full menu in a more traditional restaurant setting. Below there is a gift store where you can buy wine, sweets and gift items.

Craftybubblez ArtsyStuffs

Amazing staff! Gluten free options! Accommodating and entertaining!

Kerry Dean

Had a great time. Meal was very good. Emma our waitress did an excellent job of taking care of us.

Jade Frederick

The absolute best food I’ve ever had in my entire life. I’ve been going here since I was legitimately three years old. I loved their butter noodles then and I love them even more now! I took my husband for the very first time and he also absolutely loves it. Will we will be going at least once a year since it’s about a 4 Hour Drive!!! I suggest if you have anything that you want to do, eat afterwords after we ate we were so content and full we did not wanna move! Thank you for providing the most exceptional service for 20+ years to myself and my family. I look forward to bringing my future children here!

Art Draper

The classic chicken dinner you read or heard about, it was busy at 6:30pm when we arrived. I did not know you could call ahead for reservations also people in the line we're being asked how many in their party and then they can reserve their name then, we're being taken ahead of us after reservation name was given didn't think that was fair but we were seated and our server was excellent explained everything that was coming with the dinner, also had our 4 and 1/2 year old grandson there who enjoyed the noodle soup and chicken after we pulled the skin off LOL, all in all pretty good.

Lynne Larson

ALWAYS a wonderful dining experience! Food is very homestyle. Service. Always pleasant.

David Kaltz

What's not to say about the Bavarian Inn, the food is incredible, the wait staff do an amazing job leaving the guests to want for nothing. Food came in a very timely manner, when one bowl emptied, another arrived soon after. There was 9 people in our party and no one had to worry about an empty glass. Even in the shops, all the associates were polite and friendly and went out of their way to accommodate every customer. If you haven't been there, please do yourself a favor and visit, enjoy the delicious food and the incredible hospitality.

melanie watson

Great experience. Our server Hailey was absolutely amazing. She ensured that we had everything we needed, and was extremely kind. As a result of having such great staff, we will continue to love the Bavarian Inn Restaurant! It really is a lovely place to spend time with family.

Mark Kerney

Very pleasently surprised. Despite the very fun and very well maintained grounds I was expecting tourest trap food. The food and service was very good! The staff was friendly and helpful. Each food item was very unique, flavorful and perfectly prepared. Would highly recommend. we had a family of 8. it seemed expensive but all things considered it was a good value. we are from South Padre...will do it again when up there seeing family.

Alyssa Stuart

My family and I had lunch here yesterday and they did not disappoint. Our server was great and very accommodating. The food was delicious! Huge portions and plenty for 2 meals. I recommend the truffle mac n cheese with shrimp and the chicken livers!

Kimba T

We were so excited to bring our daughter here for the first time. It brought back many memories from when I was a kid. Our waitress was fantastic & the food was delicious.

fabian koder

Loved it! Brought back memories off when I use to live in Germany. The schnitzel and spatzle was great. The pastries were even better!

Andrea Gauss

Such a fun place to visit. Great food and great music, and amazing gift shops. Frankenmuth really brought Germany HERE.

Norma Hilton

Large restaurant in down town Frankenmuth. Down home cooking, a little pricey. Very nice gift shop. Large free parking. Handicapped accessible.

Karen Hayes

I am glad that they have begun to vary their menu but don't miss out on the old fashioned chicken dinner. Clean. Very friendly staff. And get there in time to watch the glockenspiel on the hours.

Sedesa Spiekerman

Has cool shops, bakery with some really awesome and yummy desserts. And the restaurant upstairs has really good food. The decour is really cool.

Erskine Kleinert

Great food and atmosphere. Nice selection of food and beer. Service was great. Loved the old world look of the place.

Janet Walsh

This place was a little costly but you get so much food for your money. Soup, pasta salad, bean salad, cranberry salad, and coleslaw just to name a few. Their chicken is moist and flavorful with their special chicken seasoning. You can finish your meal off with ice cream. The wait staff was attentive and extremely nice. My only suggestion is to make a reservation otherwise you have to wait in line for a table to open up. This wait can take a long time during peak hours. So the next time your in Frankenmuth make a reservation for an authentic German dinner at Bavarian Inn it is worth it.

Danielle H

Super busy place, pretty efficient getting you in and sat. The food took quite awhile to get after ordering but the waitress gave us bread and some snacks to keep the kiddos happy. Yummy comfort food. Everything was delicious.

Michael Meeker

Service here was top notch! The atmosphere really takes you to a different place. As a long time fan of German cuisine, the food was oddly not on par with the esthetic. A 5 star experience, with 5 star prices, serving 3 star food.

Dwyane Clevinger

We just got back from two weeks in Germany (first time) earlier this summer. We were looking forward to more good German food. Even if we hadn’t recently had the real thing, this would have been overpriced, under portioned (meat) bland food. A half of a half chicken breast (dry and tasteless at that) on a $25 combo dinner?

Tiffani Defilippis

We ate there today and I was so impressed with how well our servers Starr and Rebecca did making sure our group of 20 was taken care of. Food was delicious, service was great, and the culture of this building leaves a stamp for sure. I adore every bit of the experience & can’t wait to return!

Beatrice Janka

My family thoroughly enjoyed our experience. The food is delicious. If you have coupons this price is great. My young children had fun listening to the live, traditional accordion music. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, and we will undoubtedly be back.

Vicky Smith

They have a wonderful town. The stores are fun and the history of the town. My favorite was the River boat. That was fun and informative. The food is awesome too.

Jeff Phillips

Always love family style dining at Bavarian Inn. This trip we were able to pull our dinner reservation ahead about half an hour because they were not too busy. The server was wonderful and informative. She really worked hard to keep our large party happy and even brought us some extra ice cream for the kids that didn't have full meals.

Mark Gallagher

Wow, we had a wonderful time for lunch at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. Our compliments to not only the chef but also to the crew that brought the entire experience together. The food was phenomenal, wait staff exemplary, and the ambiance authentically real. Could probably use a new materdee although the shopping made up for it quickly. Loved the day in your small town.

Ashinada 2204

Amazing place to go. It seems like the building itself has a lot of history which is really neat. The food was great and our waitress was the nicest one I think I've had anywhere. Cheery disposition and always smiling. I wish I had gotten her name to provide so I could brag about her but I didn't sadly. She was skinny with brown hair and glasses, that's all I can remember. It was super neat that all the staff wore traditionally inspired clothes. I'd love to go back up and eat there one day on another vacation

Sarhad Bassil

Service is just horrible. Too many tables were vacant and they were holding people outside (Because tables are not ready)!!! All people were seeing vacant tables (clean and organize)!!. Second part which really made me writing this review is the waiting time of food service. The service lady disappeared (totally), and we waited for over one hour for small piece of meal. At the end the service lady has no explanation and her answer was “usually took time”. The below is for manager: If this true “which i know it’s not” but in case if the lady was saying the truth you need to look for better chief (faster). I was traveling and came with cousins and the first stop (restaurant), was really bad and i hope not all restaurants in this nice village like this one. Manager stopped by and offered some. First thank you for the offer but i am not here for free food but we are here to eat food on time with good taste. I couldn’t wait until i leave to write this review (imagine how good experience we have). Sir, you need to improve your restaurant if you need to keep the business. In same time the service lady asked for tip “seriously”. Everything else was really nice (decor, uniform). Thanks

Sara Riddle

Was recommended by several people at shops in town as "must try". Had the 2 piece chicken lunch and was very disappointed. The stuffing was gooey and tasteless. The chicken was moist with a crisp breading, but lacked flavor. Overall, would not recommend or go back as the food bordered between bland and tasteless and the service was average at best.

Gerald Zydek

Exceptional food and service. We had a party of 10. We were seated in a small private room. Food was fantastically delicious. The male server we had was fabulous. We were celebrating our Daughter in laws birthday. We will certainly all return shortly .The family style dinner was loved by everyone. Keep up the fine tradition of enjoyable dining.

Matthew Larder

Wow i thought the place across the street was great, but words cant describe the food, service and atmosphere of the Bavarian inn. If your looking for German authenticity, its in every little detail. I drove 14hrs to this place on the request of my mother who was just diagnosed with dementia, and who had just lost both her parents this year. Frankenmuth and the Bavarian inn gave her much joy and happiness. She grew up in Germany, so this was very nostalgic for her. Thank you .

Taren Hollister

Loved it. What a feast! We were with a group of 60. Service was top notch. The food was fabulous and just kept coming. They have NO problem serving big groups. Great place.

Bill Roasa

Large parking lot. Very clean. Staff welcomed us as we entered told us where to go for seating. Restaurant was large, in door and outdoor seating was available. Waiter was very cordial. Served drinks right away. Very helpful on the menu. Brought food out quickly, it was warm, plentiful and good tasting. Restaurant was clean. They kept the dirty dishes picked up. Desert was good. Shopping and treats in the basement area. Restrooms were clean and well stocked.

Vasu Sharma

Amazing Bavarian ambience complete with cute German dresses for the servers, live music and large sports screens. Food is decent and so are the desserts but the ambience more than makes up for it. The town around it has this rustic medieval charm which makes going here so worth it. The beer/cocktails are awesome as you would expect from a German restaurant. There are often live dance and music going on right outside as well which adds to the overall appeal of the place. The best place to eat around this town for sure.

Debbie Volstromer

Super good food especially the noodles. It's all you can eat but it is very pricey. Great atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Ginge chicken

Amazing staff and food. Great place for a sit down meal with friends, family, or yourself. Also a great date place. Had a wonderful experience with a very friendly waiter who was great with his service.

elizabeth tomkin

We had the buffet. We were half way thru our meal and hadn't been offered anything to drink. I approached a very nice gentleman. the reason for the 1 star, and asked for something to drink. He passed it along to someone that passed it to someone while they waited for or waitress to become available so that she could get us drinks. So halfway through the, meal as I said, they brought us soup. I think that would have been more appropriate before the meal. Please focas on your customers experience.

Bev Ostrander

Always great food, staff and environment. Recommend.

Eric Fischer

Great place to take the family and have some amazing breaded chicken. Fast a friendly service. Only downside is that it can be extremely crowded at times. So choose your time to visit wisely.

Savannah Haggood

Best family vacation we have for Michigan. so many things to see with the museum, zoo ,and my favorite chicken to eat I would really recommend as a place to go .will be going many more times through out the years to come . Frankenmuth Michigan!!! Amazing

Scott Schmidt

Shops and experience was good. The food to be honest leaves a lot to be desired. I really don't get what the appeal besides maybe the atmosphere. We ate the multicourse dinner and there was really nit one thing I feel like was outstanding besides the ice cream. I will not go back and pay for that again good for a one time experience. My family I did the white meat chicken dinner and much of it was little to no flavor. The soup was more or less broth with noodles. It was my first experience of this a legendary chicken dinner.

Steven Thode

Good food, good beer, nice atmosphere. Multiple styles based on what you are looking for. Only downfall is limited choices based on which style you choose. Can't get roulade in the bar style up front, for example. Otherwise well worth the stop.

Groovy Chick

Delicious homemade food! Quite an extensive variety. The Family style Ultimate is a great way to try a little bit of alot of variety lol you wont be disappointed! Our server was excellent and took very good care of us!

Stasia Carr

Our server was wonderful, but the food was just average. We sat on the patio instead of choosing the chicken dinner option inside. We were able to watch the clock chime during our lunch which was a nice bonus.

Elizabeth Person

Loved it. Ordered family style chicken dinner. Came with all the fixings.

Julie Savage

For two people @ $27 a piece for the family style chicken dinner, we were brought a small soup bowl size of sides - mashed potatoes, dressing, noodles, ect to split between the two of us & bowls weren't even full. Waiter did not come back after initially serving us to see if we needed anything else. I thought the chicken would have had more flavor but that's just MY personal preference so others may not feel that way.

Bob McMillin

Food was just okay. Looked like it was prepared before and just reheated. Atmosphere was nice but not worth the cost.

Angela Lotter

Stopped here on our way through for our family vacation. Classic German place. Got the family chicken dinner....pretty good but definitely not cheap! Lots of fun though!

Veronica Varner-Harkness

Food wasn't to bad. I ordered chicken wings so you really can't go wrong there. Husband had his first taste of the "Impossible Burger" and was very pleased with how it tasted. Little pricey but doable.

Joel Byers

The staff really makes this place. To be sure, the food and decor are key. But te staff manages to give good service, in a good mood, while wearing the costume of old world Germany. All while maintaining the crazy op-tempo of the popular establishment. The food is a carfully controlled, and delightful recreation of the traditional Bavarian cuisine giving a reliable product year after year. Always family friendly.

Nate Sorg

Great food, just too much of it! One meal is definitely enough food for two people to share.

Jennifer Schmidt

The chicken pot pie was delicious. The potato cheese puffs were great too. The Weiner schnitzel was so tender you could cut it with a fork. The food is pricey but worth it. Our appetizer came out with our meal but the server comped our salad for the inconvenience. Will return.

Yolanda Jenkins

I enjoyed everything about this place. The food was good and you get soo much of it. They brought appetizers for us to try that we didn't order and everyone got ice cream for dessert that came with the meal. Loved it

Matt Frauenhoffer

Wonderful lunch place! Came out of way to see and taste a bit of Bavaria and our family had a blast. Great service and humor from Aarin -- thank you!!

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