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REVIEWS OF Bates Hamburgers IN Michigan

k yorks

In 1969 and 1970 my twin sister and I worked there in our senior year. I worked evenings and she did days. We loved the burgers. John is s good person to all of us. Very good boss also. It was my first real job back then and it took me a long time to save for a car...I did it too! My son took me there last year in 2018 and it’s actually looked the same and a lot more girls working. Glad to see the post here on FB.

Paul Troy

I love it great experience every time we eat here

stephanie craveiro

I want bates!!! I love this place would recommend to anyone that goes to Michigan

brandon baer

Super quik nice and yummy

J 1 M

So this is the original sliders for over 60 years. Way to go Bates. I love the old diner look and it's like a step back in time. I enjoy the food always hot and fresh. Thanks for keeping original.

J Fred

Bates Hamburgers has been serving up burgers and shakes for 60 years, with locations in Livonia - 5 mile/Farmington Rd and Farmington Hills - 9 mile/Middlebelt Rd. Hope to see them survive another 60 years! The Bates ladies sling burgers, fries and shakes all day long. That grill never gets a break. Keep up the great work and fast service ladies!

George.Fred Elliott

Great food, great service, great value

Gina Anderson

Delicious the best milk shakes

Mark ruebke

First timer. It lived up to the reputation. I'm in!

chad rellinger

Fast service awesome food

Mike Wallace

Their small cheeseburgers are DELICIOUS and inexpensive. They also have great French fries and thick chocolate shakes (watch out for brain freeze).

Aaron T. Howard

What's all the hype? Nostalgia? The food is gross. The hairy (yes, multiples) burger was inedible. Chilli dog, just like any other Detroit Coney. Price is cheap but so the saying goes, you get what you pay for...

Dude Dudeheinrich

Cool staff, good burgers

Dennis Gruschow

Great place for real "old school" burgers!!

Shayna Fraguada

Better than white castle but any little street food \ shack will beat any fast food joint any day

Roblox Bree

We were not greeted when we walked in they looked at us kept working.. We stood there for 5 minutes and finally walked out and they looked at us through the window. We won't be back


The burgers don't look pretty but damn are they good. The fries were nice an crunchy, even after the 10 min drive home. Chocolate milkshake was rich and thick. I had a small wait because they made an error but when they found it they quickly fixed it, super nice people. I will go here again.

Tiffany Marra

Awesome experience with my 9 year son and partner. Very busy, but the staff do a good job shuffling people around so that everyone has a seat. The burgers are delicious and very affordable. The shake is perfectly thick and wonderful. Fries super hot and fresh. We will definitely be going back.

Linda' s Jams Hailey

Everuthing made fresh while you wait.

Kirsten Alana Photography

Hands down the best greasy spoon/slider joint in the Midwest and particularly in SE Michigan. My family has been visiting for 30 years since my mom worked there when she was in college. This is old fashioned, unhealthy, “fast food” that’s not fast because it’s actually cooked to order. Fries are always perfectly crispy and just the right level of salted, the burgers are divine — get extra pickle — and the soda always makes your mouth water for an endless cup. This is livin!!

J. Heintskill

Great burgers, service was average. The burgers were very tasty and great value for the price, would eat there again based on the food, 5 stars. Staff did not make me feel welcome. Advice to mgt, be more hospitable to new customers and we'll come back again.

Donna B

Always great food , good price, and great service !

Amy Wall

Seriously the best burgers and chocolate milkshake with in 100 miles. So glad that my town has a place like this! Staff is friendly and food is delicious!

Sam S

I have no idea how I ended up in this place.. couple wrong turns and I see a no frills burger stand they call 'Bates' It hit da spot!

Katherine Anderson

been going here since I was little love their burgers best in Michigan!

Erin Hardway

Bates is an amazing little greasy spoon restaurant. They make the best burgers and cheese burgers. I have been going to Bates for a long time. I would recommend Bates to all my friends and family. They make there food hot and ready to order. You can even see them cook the burgers. Steamed bun grilled burger with or with out cheese, grilled onions, pickles, and mustard and ketchup are the best. So yummy. Go get some today.

David E. Heino

Bates has been around for 60 years in Livonia. They have awesome hamburgers and whenever I'm in the area I stop to grab a handful. They are bigger then White Castles and made with fresh beef and not frozen patties. Just remember, they are a "Cash only" place. No Credit or Debit welcome here.

John Orr

Met up with a friend and he took me here...its a small place that has a very old school feel to it. The burgers were terrific and I even liked the krinkle cut fries, which I don't usually care for. I would definitely come back again if I was in the area!

Jean Dedes

Nothing better than Bates for comfort food in the Detroit metro area! Great hamburgers excellent fries super duper shakes and the best pink lemonade around! The chili fries are outstanding so are the chili cheese fries!

Ryan Gabrielli

Keeping it simple is a recipe for success (or continued success). The burgers are no thrills and neither is the establishment, but holy cow you will not regret coming here. You have the choice for carry out or dine in. The menu is simple and you can’t go wrong with the choice you make. Will be coming back! Really enjoyed it.

linds link

we love this place. we don’t get to go here as much as I would like but the food is always on point. Simple and casual. Service always great too – they never mess up an order and always work fast I would recommend and be back soon. good place for kids and affordable.

cindy nesbitt

5 mile Bates are the best! Forget that chicken sandwich hoopla. My sister-in-law is here from Florida. Bates is a must stop to! Like 5 mile Bates better than the 9 mile and Middlebelt. Yummy!!


I have been going here since they opened, best burgers!

Umbreen Qureshi

Sliders done right! Great food. Friendly service. 1980’s prices! Exceptional service, delicious (seriously) burgers, the best fries, tasty shake and great prices. The burger was well cooked, juicy, and well dressed. The fries were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Simple. Yummy.

Pamela Kiefer

Haven't been here in 25 years! Amazing! Still the same! Thanks for a great little burger! It was awesome!

Ken Sheffer

A real old-fashioned 'burger and Coney joint.

Kylee Herrington

Remember cash only! Whenever I'm out towards Livonia or Hills I try to stop by, these cheeseburgers are just too good! True the prices have gone up over the years, but it's hard not too love 'em. You can easily run in, grab a sack of 6, and a chocolate shake without waiting too long then enjoy!

Katherine Wright

always good food and quick service

Mr Steigmeyer

Great old school burger joint.

Rene' S

Best burger, been great for years.

Timothy Greiner

Great local spot in Livonia. Delicious, greasy burgers, good friends and excellent hometown atmosphere. Loses 1 star for cash only.

Hope Mathis

Old time sliders still taste great!

Dave MacFarland

I've heard people say there are better sliders in Metro Detroit and they are wrong. This place always come through and has a great atmosphere if you dine in. Highly recommend, just maybe not every day lol.

Dom Jones

Simply THE BEST ! Where is Guy Fieri when you need him !!

Joe Stahl

Truly an old school eatery with lots of loyal and repeated customers!!!!!

Eric Pohl

Great sliders! Always stop here when I'm out this way!

Adam Bishop

Small but delicious burgers, great fries and shakes.

Chance Lewis

Very underrated. Simple, classic, unlike any other place

Jeff Kirsch

Burgers were good, but the wait staff was so busy talking with each other, I waited 10 minutes just to get my order taken.

Santhosh Reddy Goli

I miss this hamburgers.. one of the best i had.. definitely recommended

Aaron Bradley

Always good and a great price. Highly recommend the chocolate shake

wanda clarke

Oh yeah on 5 Mile and Farmington Road great place for hamagers and french fries yum!!

Jer emy

One of my favorite burger joints of all time. When I lived down south I missed this place so much! I recommend the double cheeseburger, chili fries, with a chocolate shake. Always very friendly and not a long wait. I go here at least twice a month without a complaint, in almost 40 years. If you haven't been, you're missing out!

Vianni Cobb

I was in the mood for a delicious burger and fries. Much to my delight I seen that I was in close proximity to a place with great reviews. Enthusiastically, I took a trip and ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, and a shake. Much to my dismay, the double cheeseburger is the size of a single anywhere else. $3.29 for that one baby patty! The fries were mediocre at best. The shake was surprisingly refreshing and satisfying. I much rather have saved money and enjoyed my meal completely from Sonny’s hamburgers on Schoolcraft or go to the coney. Probably won’t ever return

GronkFan 87

This place is simple and delicious. Very limited dining area seats. They do have a take out window. No restroom. And it is cash only.

Craig and Deah Wilson

Love bates .... our eyes may have been bigger than our stomach though lol

SerenitySue 7

Always a thumbs up. But they need a public rest room, with more parking spaces.

Paul Karalash

Every time I come back to Michigan I have to have Bates burgers

Cesar Dominguez

This place truly does have the best hamburgers. And the people there are so nice.

Alexander Ryan

Great hole in the wall burger place. Mostly serves sliders. Only accepts cash.

John Bryant

REALLY great comfort food.. friendly wait staff. Quick service at a fair price for the average working budget. Good sliders

Austin Gray

This is the place to go if you want great burgers at a cheap price, one of the restaurants that make Livonia the city it is.

Jay Lark

Love this place for a quick bite. Fast, fresh, tastes good. Enough said.

Adam Barnett

Best burger stand in Livonia. Great service. Old school atmosphere. Cash only. But that's part of the charm. Love this place. I still need to try their breakfast though.

Heather Bloch

Great staff, food and prices!!! Will visit again if I'm ever back in the area

Brian Miller

Great people. Great service. Real guilt pleasure!

FrizzleFry Debris

Everything about this place is great! Been eating here for years.

Teri Raymer

Delicious with Fast Great Service.

Aditya Chakrabarty

Cosy.... Little restaurant.... Feels like home.... Great food !

Richard Frizzell Jr

Excellent service and food

Amy Vujnov

Always great. Fast hot food. Service us awesome. Employees have been there for a long period of time must be good people to work for. Bern going to Bates since high school and I will be back...

Christine Ferns

Love these burgers and chili fries still taste like they did back in the 1970's!❤

Daryl Wojtowicz

A classic in Livonia. The first place I think of when someone brings up sliders. Parking can be difficult if you're unfamiliar with it, (turn right into lot after Farmington). Cash only. Minor inconveniences for great sliders, so definitely worth the extra effort.

daniel yaquinto

A tradition in my hometown. One of my favorite places to grab a quick burger and cheese fries. Not to mention they have awesome milkshakes. It is old timey so they it's cash only but if you go you will not be disappointed.

Alex Young

Love This Place My Father Would Take Us There When We Were Younger Now I Go By When I Can ...Some Staff Are Awesome But Some Need To Have More Respect It Reminds Me Of A Skit On Saturday Night Live Back In The 1977 + ..Cheese Burger No Coke Only Pepsi..Great Burgers 75% Great Waitress..

Kevin Leciejewski

When there's 8:00 to 10:00 people ahead of you 1:00 on a Saturday. You know you're getting fresh food. No better burger than here!

Susan Storey

Great burgers w/ super great grilled onions! However, the buns of past years were much tastier than the oversized ones they are now using. I left much of the bun on my plate...

Jon T

I've been going to Bates my whole life and simply put it's some of the most consistent and satisfying food around. This place hasn't changed since my dad was a kid, I grew up with it, and long as it exists I'll be a patron. If you ever want damn good no-nonsense burgers and fries Bates is your place. I've eaten here countless times and have never once had a bad meal. The crew here really cares about what they do and it shows. Their sliders are the best around, but I personally love the double cheeseburger and recommend trying one out. It's a slightly larger burger served on a sesame seed bun. Very similar to their sliders but with a little more to them. Also the chili fries are to die for. For real, if I ate here as often as I wanted to I'd be dead. It's definitely not health food, but if you're in the area and just want something delicious check them out.

Michael Mosley

Greasy in the best possible way. 4 stars until they start taking cards... It's 2019, fam.

Hugh J Larkin

Delicious, made fresh hamburgers/sliders with or without grilled onions & cheese from a secret family recipe. Bates has been in this location since the 1950's.

Stew Duberstein

I've been eating at Bates for over 50 years. I hope you enjoy the best "sliders" in the world.

Mike Arold

They have the best sliders in Michigan! The fries are really good too!

daniel lefevre

60 years! Truly a classic. Great food and service, with plenty on the menu for everyone you can't go wrong with whatever you choose. Best fries anywhere!

Chris Munte

This location is cash only, so make sure you stop by an atm beforehand. The food is delicious and the portions are reasonable considering the almost comically low prices. Definitely a good place to stop by if you’ve never tired it before and enjoy classic sliders.

Deborah Dillard

I love these ladies. When I walk in the door, they shot out my name, just like the cheers sitcom back in the day when they shouted out "NORM". Along with the greatest burgers around.. It's just a great place to go. They absolutely do treat you like family


Gotta love a old time classic slider yum!

Josh Kisskalt

Great burgers still. Sometimes you don't need to mess with a classic, and this is a perfect example. Prices have maintained very affordable, and service is quick. Might not be the most cheery service, but they are efficient!! I've heard Greens is better, so I shall try them next!!


classic tradition, amazing value, great staff.

Rodney Stachurski

Damn good burgers

A little bit of everything With Laura

Favorite spot for many people we know. Great food, fast and friendly service. Awesome food!

Lakeitha W

The food is good! Customer service is awful they are very rude maybe even Prejudice not just one time that I’ve visited this location but every time

Dennis Fiore

Soo good on a summer night! I love these double burgers and fries! Don't forget the shake. Love this hometown USA feel. Simple place good flavor.

James Koonce

My wife and daughter frequently visit this place so I went instead of my daughter and it was a good Coney and Burger. Crinkle fries we're very good as well. Will go back as a sub again some time

Jackie Alexander

I love their fries they stead hot all the way home

Patricia Malasgrover

Best burgers, fries soup and service

Limo Greg

Have always loved the burgers here it's a piece of history, I had not been in years, stopping in today to grab lunch for my crew, I was shocked could not use the company card "cash only" could not use the restroom, no public restroom? I mean how in 2019 is this allowed in Livonia, I thought it was kind of funny, but thinking about it later, I am kind of curious how the rules don't apply to them? If someone knows

List With Autumn Hicks

They are not accommodating of people who walk to their establishment. We have gone to bates a million times as we live close by. The food is good but make sure you don't walk up there with anything on you. My boyfriend walked there with our 7 month old and 4 year old. They had just left bigby for our daughter and he wanted burgers. Even though my boyfriend ordered a chocolate shake for our daughter, the waitress went out of her way to make my boyfriend either put his hot coffee in the stroller with the baby or dump it outside. He took the kids and left. I can understand if he wasnt ordering drinks but he had ordered a shake and burgers. Either way, we will never spend another dime of our hard earned money there again. Sure the food is good but being rude in front of kids is a horrible example.

Dawn Parks

OMG! Just as wonderful as I remember! Only been a few years, but boy, have we missed them! Green's & the other Bates don't come close! 'Scuse me, the rest of my shake calls!!!

Sally Leduc

Delicious as always. Great service.

Dan Wagar

Have been eating there for over 40 years so obviously they have great food and the best home made chili around.

Brenda Smykla

The best place to eat

Sue Poster

I Love Bates Burgers. Always cooked just right and very tasty, unlike any burger you get elsewhere. The fries and shakes are really good too. And the employees are pretty terrific


60 yrs of Great Food !! Why ?? Because nothing has changed, all the others screw around with the menu using cheaper food (like Brays Westland). If it's good, they will come & pay !! I drive 8 miles 1 way for their food !! I'm so sick of burger/pizza joints, that were the best back in the day , the kids of the owners end up ruining the place & put it under!! They think their smarter & can do it cheaper, & it fails!!

Randall Griffith

I love greasy spoon hamburgers and their potato and broccoli of my favorite places to eat.

Kimberly Kassa

Really good burgers and fries. Very small inside only seats about 16 people. The parking lot is small too and is a little cramped . Make sure you bring cash as they do not accept cards.

Cheryl Weston

Bates Burgers is an excellent place to eat if you like FRESH burgers. The burgers are cooked right in front of you & you get fat krinkle cut fries/ not skinny fries. It's ALWAYS crowded but you can call ahead for easy pick up. CASH ONLY. I've been going there since 1978. Would highly recommend.

Steve Riddle

I've never had a bad meal @ Bates

Doug Smith

Great sliders stringy onion I prefer cheese burgers with extra mustard been going there since I was born.

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