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3603 E Grand River Ave, Howell, MI 48843, United States Located in: Grand River Plaza Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Asian Fusion Buffet IN Michigan

VLo Babi

So unprofessional the waitress we had. We're just getting done with our first plate and shes already bringing the receipt rushing us to pay. She came back and stood there, asked are we gonna pay lol who does that? We normally pay when were done eating. She had to of came over at least 5 times asking if were ok, little too much for me. She was very adamant about seeing the tip we left her before we even left. Wont be coming back here since we're so rushed.

Tiffany Ohman

The food variety is great, and the weekday price is very reasonable. I would recommend this for a family lunch or dinner. I was surprised at the amount the price jumps up on Sundays. It didn't look like the food variety had changed, yet the price was a lot more. It was a surprise when we got the bill. Still, I plan on going back many, many more times!

Casey Werstein

Not bad for an all you can eat buffet. Great for when you don't know what you want or everyone can't decide what they want.

Brett Carleton

I'm not sure how this place for an average of 4 stars with over 450 reviews. The food was cold at 6:30pm and they taste wasn't great. Decent selection and staff was fine (not very personable or happy looking) but they overcooked the rice! As a Chinese restaurant the minimum requirement should be properly cooked rice. The atmosphere was... Odd. Strangely quiet and sections off so it seemed very small. Overall it wasn't a great experience.

Bonnie Miller

It was pretty good for Chinese buffet place. Although a few things were getting old in the stream table. There was enough food still fresh too choose from. See what you think, and give it a try. The waitress we had was very nice and attentive. She always had a nice smile on her face too. Thankyou! :-)

Lois Bearden

If you go between 2-3 pm, they are very slow to replenish the trays of food. Why is the ice cream always almost empty? You need a bath after trying to dig out a couple of scoops!

Donna Shuh

Good food. Nice pleasant staff

Garrett P

Friendly staff. Great food. Reasonable price.

Dallas Fowler

Lots of different asian foods

Tommy Ritter

Great buffet and very affordable


Nice staff and good food and price

Tara T

Best Chinese buffet I’ve ever been to. Been multiple times and it never disappoints

Gerald Nelson

Fantastic, love this place

Heather Idoni

Nice variety... Always consistently fresh and tasty. Better than others in surrounding area.

Gabrielle White

This was our second visit to this location and both visits were not good. We will not be going back. The first visit, our entire family of five got unpleasantly sick that very evening after dinner. We waited a year to try again. On our most recent visit, while no one got sick, I was very concerned we might and am surprised we didn't. While I do not expect food to still be hot when I get back to my table with it, I do expect some warmth. The majority of my food was cold to the touch. Not a good sign. I'm not sure how they pass health inspections as their food does not seem to be kept adequately warm. If I didn't know better, I'd say the bright lights above the food were heat lamps and they don't have the food kept over boiling water as most places do. The only item that felt warm was the teriyaki chicken sticks. That was the only item I felt safe eating. Chicken and broccoli was bland, most items were nearly empty and never got refilled during our visit. This was a Sunday night around 1.5 hours before closing, with around five other tables occupied at the same time we were there. The restaurant is also rather dimly lit and a bit dilapidated. They would need to make some seriously drastic changes for us to ever go back.

Rob and good price. Will be back

Will Doyle

Always good food!


It's ok. I've had better for less money.

Todd and Dee Welbon

Awesome! Wish they made peanut butter chicken...

Robin Hershey

Food is hot and prepared well. Always feel as though we are being watched to check for a tip....

Chuck Ellis

Great selection of food very tastey

John Brock

Okay this time, good service.

Dan Vander Velde

Always good food! Better to eat at close to 12 or 5 the food is fresher then

SheWolf Alpha

Love this place. The staff is super friendly. I have a 6 year old boy and they always make him feel so welcomed. It's nice as a parent to have a place that I can feel comfortable to bring a child to dine out!

Katharine St. John

Nice Chinese buffet food wise. Convenient location. Also had a fresh sushi bar and can request to have specific rolls made. The physical appearance of the place isn't the best. We noticed some windows were cracked and that the seats needed some repairs

Aaron Wells

Gotta be the best Chinese food buffet within a 30 minute drive of Howell, if not even farther away. Been there at different times of the day and the food still seems to be fresh and delicious. Check this place out. Do what ya gotta do to get hungry, then go and out some smash down on some food.

Caren Gretzler

Great food. Good staff. Always stop when we're in the area

Twiztid Metal

Really good food OMG

jessica grimley

Food is good and fresh, servers are friendly

Joe Watta

Always good food and good service

Brandy Finfer

Pretty good buffet. Delicious sushi, delicious crab rangoon, decent on your standard meals. Miso soup isn't great, but everything else is pretty good at a fair price.

Bre Bre8333

The best!!! Always hot and fresh when I am there

Monica O.

Service was good. Food was luke warm but ok.

Turningmyself Intoasnowman

I love Chinese food and look for new restaurant's so much that Google sent me a notification that I was close to this one.. not a huge selection but what is there is good food... Clean place great service and friendly staff...

Shafaat Shishir

Definitely world buffer and hibachi sushi in lansing is better than this one.


The food had very muted flavors, like most "Americanized" Chinese buffets. But, the staff was pleasant and kept the drinks filled and the empty plates off of the table. Decent Chinese at an affordable price (at least for the lunch buffet)

April Holliee

Pretty good choice for Asian buffet, friendly staff and of course lots to chose from.

Pixie Pupai

First time here yesterday on way home from Detroit airport. Was pretty good ! Nice variety ! The hibachi was closed though which was disappointing, but overall it was good ! Would go back if I’m in area! Also their website has a 10% coupon on it !

Tracy Stapleton

This place a a decent amount of food on the buffet. We visited around 2pm and the food was fresh and full. They also have sushi and a Mongolian grill. They could use new flooring and seats.

Cassandra Bailey

The food was great and there's a lot to choose from but the seat I was in next to the window the glass was cracked by my feet

Jennifer Rivera

The waitress seemed like she was rushing us out of our table, she lingered around after she gave us a check (which she put down after we sat down with out desert). Directing my boyfriend where to sign, telling us where to put the tip, etc.. Didn’t even give my boyfriend time to see the total. Very unprofessional and just weird!

Jerry Banko

Oh so good and fresh

Jim Knicley

Excellent food. Excellent price.

Chuck Borgwardt

Nice buffet, good sushi and Cantonese.

Bobbie Mazurek

Great place for large families and it has great food selections.

Valerie Delekta

Great Asian buffet for the price. Friendly staff and good food whenever we've been there (peak dinnertime). Even our 2 yo enjoys it.

Brandon Poirier

They've permanently closed the hibachi grill. First they lied and said it was broken and now they tell me it wasn't popular enough. It was actually very popular. I personally believe they're trying to cut costs. I'd gladly pay an additional amount for hibachi.

Angie Arnold

Love this place !! Go hungry and leave content and satisfied for sure.

Jenah Lorynn

I started coming to this location a couple of months ago after my favorite location shut down, and this restaurant is amazing. They have many food selections, the food is always fresh, they even have a wide variety of desserts and Sushi items which I love. The staff is great and they are almost always cheerful when we are there. It's a lovely environment overall.


Lots of varieties for a low price. I definitely recommend this place.

Douglas West

Good food and not too expensive very friendly staff

James Sparks

Food was really good and hot. Just not a whole lot of different choices. Waitress staff was prompt on refills and clearing used plates with a smile

Cathy Brock

So dirty!! Lost my appetite.

travis babbitt

Staff is always friendly and have great food. Their floors need some work though.

Denies u Griffin

Great food and friendly service, excellent place for kids and families

Jacqueline Chambers

Place was horrible. Came in food was cold and stale... only thing that got replaced was crab ragoon, multiple pans were empty and never got refilled even upon request. I stated something when I left and they didnt even respond. I will never go here again!

Jon Howell

Pretty solid food, cheap, and great service.

Donkey Dong

Very nice friendly wait staff, wide variety of good food to choose from.

Fran Murphy

Eat there quite often. Foods good for a buffet.

Kathy Nuttall

We used to love coming here to eat. We were there on Mother's Day and was so disappointed in the food.


Love the variety and the price

Christopher LaFleur

Good Chinese buffet. Recommend if you like Chinese buffets.

John Partee

Awesome selection and very good flavor. Staff are friendly and keep the drinks coming. Highly recommend.

Just me.

Haven’t been in a while, but used to go weekly with work people for lunch. Great buffet, nice staff, lots of room. Sometimes a little hard to go back to work after eating all I can eat. Lol. Fully worth the cost!!

Jolyn Unger

Nice place! Great selection of food!

Brian Helmling

I've been going to this restaurant for years and it never ceases to amaze me how good the food is. I recomend their honey chicken, crab rangoon, and sushi bar.

Bobby Thyle

The food was okay they just didn't put enough of it out to actually enjoy it the shrimp they had there was like eating rubber when they should have put some more stuff in there that was actually fresh the price though it was very reasonable just hope next time that they'll actually put things out that are right out of the oven or grill or whatever they do just don't leave the products it out there so long

Keri Hirschman

Great dinner!!! Staff was fantastic!

Chris Teggerdine

Peak times are best, but I've never had bad food or service.

Joseph Israel

The food this time was disappointing and I didn't enjoy it people are nice I don't know if I will go back

Manda Schwerin

We love this place good food and good service. But it is hot inside Everytime when have been and sometimes they are slow on filling some options. But we like it.

Trisha Strickland

Its your standard buffet with a decent variety of food, including sushi and mongolian grill option. Quality is good and choices are consistent. The staff is friendly and they keep their dishes fresh. Their decor is getting beat up, (cheap building materials) but they've never given me a reason to not go back. Also, they have fries and nuggets for the kids. Prices are good for those on a budget.


Very good and fresh as always. Server was very attentive.

Aaron Stover

Very good

Alysia Gordon

This place has its occasional okay food choices however every time I make the bad decision to come here with my mother we never have the opportunity to have fresh hot food. Making it a very disappointing destination. That’s not my only complaint sadly... my mother really enjoys some good Wong ton soup but this places soup smells and taste like the soup is made in bleach! This is extremely concerning and I hope you don’t make the bad decision of coming here and experiencing anything at this place.

Nick Sacco

Hibachi was closed food was good. Would like the floors and bathroom to be refurbished. However ive been there 3 times great service food is good and I never got sick. Yes I eat the sushi and oysters

Bill Western

Good place for buffet.

james turnbull

Food is good service is great

Patricia Foster

Food had been sitting for quite awhile and the hot food was only luke warm.

big sarge

Very good as usual. Always good food. Well stocked buffee areas and plenty of waitstaff to keep the food coming and there waitstaff is always courteous and nice and we never come home hungry.

Lisa Wireman

Food didn't look appetizing. Nothing was FRESHLY MADE. The Food was VERY HARD and CRUSTED as if it were "Re-Heated" from the day before. The Vegetable/Meat Ratio is TERRIBLE. There are MORE Vegetables in their Dishes than Meat/Chicken. WE DON'T RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT WE WERE VERY DISSATISFIED/DISGUSTED Our Waitress was Great! Bless her Heart!

Violet Mastroeni

Come here with my friends all of the time. The service is always nice and super friendly. Many good food choices and it always taste amazing.

Jenice Burgos

Food is always fresh and filled up! Great buffet!

All things cheap with Pamela

Went in and the place looked like it was not clean. My family got a plate of food but we're concerned about the condition of the restaurant. None of us were fans of the food we took a bite and let them know we didn't care for it they were rude and cornered me telling me I had to pay for the food they didn't care if we liked it or not we wasted the food by putting it on our plate. My husband had to come in and get me. They could see we didn't just come in and eat for free we hadn't eaten but a bite. Worst experience ever we will never go back and will always tell people we know to stay away.


Amazing place to eat some asain food. Its very ethnic and has a good vibe to it. Would come back again.

Sonja Sober

Love this place. Food is good, services is great. Price is very affordable. Always have a great time there, lunch or dinner. Started going there the first day they opened as Panda's!

Kimberly Cieszynski

This place has gone down hill, the buffet is almost always empty and the decor needs to be updated severely. The ice cream cooler has mold in it. I wont be back.

Chuck Fish

Good food, hot & sour soup is very good!

Chet Dunn

Great size buffet and great selection, a nice clean restaurant.

Jason Mendez

Horrible waiter, rushing us we weren't even done eating when she brought the check , just awful, the ribs tasted nasty ,it did not taste , like no cow or pork , I will never go it there again in my life, just horrible felt like I needed to let everyone know how awful the service was

Tina Hassan

Good food at a good price. Good variety for a buffet

sheri hahnenberg

Server played on her phone and didn't clean the dirty plates off the tables but the food was great

regular guy

They have the best sushi chicken and shrimp and there staff are nice you can really tell the chef's really work hard on the food.

Jesse Bartsch

Wish the hibachi bar was open but otherwise friendly people, great food and service.

Corin Hetu

Love the food here, I always think about Asian fusion when I'm hungry, I'm like ...mman I would love some Asian fusion. Great place for food and the workers are nice, but they do seem a little stressed out and sometimes it shows more then other days. I do have this one complaint, the little cakes they make are amazing but everytime I come back they dont have the strawberry, orange, not even the coffee one and that was the best three little cakes. Now they do cd the chocolate and coconut ones more which are not as good. Please make the strawberry, orange and coffe ones again they were MMM so good!!!

Amanda Sta

Absolutely disgusting! One of the filthiest places I have EVER been in. The staff was rude, the tables were either dirty or broken, the bathroom was disgusting and the buffet food had been left out way too long. We've given this place several chances over the years, each time it's only gotten worse. This last time was by far the worst, we won't ever be back.

Nettie Kin

Really good food and prices


Yes there food is delicious and they are friendly.. but they do need to clean it up a bit and repair /remodel etc....they are the only Chinese /Asian buffet in the area... so they would benefit even more if they did a total makeover...

Nathan Malter

This place is the best for having a good night out! I love going here :)

Brandy Wilson

Great food and service

Donald Bienko

We love coming here and the kids eat alot!

tommy boyle

This place is great if you don't go too late. I went at about 6 pm and everything was old and cold. I still ate it and some of it wasn't bad. I have went closer to lunch time and all the food was great. They do have good service and good prices though; the staff have always been great.

Spoon Bear

The staff was super friendly, food was great, and overall was a pretty good deal price wise. I'm definitely gonna eat here again in the future!

Jan L

Great selection


The food was terrible, not at all fresh. Not worth 10.99. I give it a Zero.

Jennifer Hunter

Liked the sushi bar. Plenty of things for those who don't want Chinese food. Great variety! Nice employees.

Julia Nicolai

Bad selection of food. Sushi for dinner didn't even have fish in it. Ripped chairs.

Hunter howe

For an Asian all you can eat style restaurant, the price is unbeatable. The food they serve are amazing! It is my all time favorite Chinese restaurant!

Max McMillan

Always get a bang for your buck.. lots of choices. Always stop in when I'm in the area.

Alicia Hallas

It's really the only Chinese buffet place around, so that is a plus for them. Food is good, decent prices, service friendly. Desserts are okay. Not many good vegetarian options.

Joseph Steele

The usual for an Asian buffet. This place has decent food. My complaint today was that they were very slow in keeping the food on the buffet properly filled. Especially for a Sunday afternoon it was busy. But over all this place has good food.

Zombie Killer

Always good food and great selection

Tracy Schoonfeld

Very good food.

Mike Pohl

There was a lot of empty pans of food here. They move the pans around to different locations but not refill them. Some of the booth's had ripped seats been this way for years. Place looks run downed. We will never eat here again

Frisbee perfect

Pretty good Food and great customer service!

Cindy Bean

Very good place to eat at very beautiful


I love going here with friends. Food is most often hot and good for a buffet. They have a lot of great choices, not limited to Asian food. Its only down-side is it seems to be falling into disrepair. The booth seats are about flattened out, tables have seen better days. This restaurant could use a face-lift. Other than that, I would recommend giving it a try.

Mike Flippo

Love this place! Been twice

Chris Tuisku

I only went there for the sushi.tasted great.

Ben VanAusdall

Good food decently fresh as well

ki mo

The best place to go if you're starving and cant decide where to go

Miz Mandy

Not bad...they would go up a star if there was a better selection.

David Ahlquist

Always good.

Bud Prine

All you can eat Chinese Buffet. Food is good and plentiful.


Great wait staff Yummy food


Sushi was very good. The roast beef, shrimp, crab salad, broccoli chicken, hot and sour soup.......all just delicious!!!!!

Bob R

Came into the restaurant while in the area on business. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed. It was lunch time and the price was very reasonable, but the choice of food for a Chinese buffet was limited. No pepper steak, low mein, chicken wings to name a few that most Chinese buffets have. The Mongolian beef dish they had was like a tray of onions and vegetables, WHERE IS THE BEEF!? Also as another reviewer mentioned, the Wonton soup had a bleach flavor ..... What the heck?? :-( I gave it two stars cause the server was very friendly and kept my drink full and because thankfully I didn't get sick, like I was afraid I might after eating there. Unfortunately didn't give me a reason to return.

Dean Hellerud

Ok food nice place lots of choices

Julie Harrison

My granddaughters always ask to go here. I enjoy their shrimp dishes, green beans and spinach. Their sushi bar is good too.

Jenifer Dunkle

It's a good buffet with good food and we will definitely return

Lisa Soluk

They are open with no food put out .

kj gibson

Good food and inexpensive.

Devon S

Dinner prices a little pricey but their pretty good nonetheless!

Mandy Scheffler

It is a top favorite in my family they could refill the food faster and there deep fried sweet corn is to die for.

Jason Engel

Not a huge selection of food here but the food was good. The service is good and the prices are fair.

Charles White

Great value great service,

Kris Campbell

Love this place friendly staff ,good food, especially sushi.

Daniel Schmitt

I've always had good service at this place. Staff are always friendly and courteous, food is of good quality and selection, and price is fair. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone.

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