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REVIEWS OF Asian Buffet & Sushi IN Michigan

Jennifer Smith

This place is an amazing value. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet for around $10. It has everything from sushi to pizza. The food is very good (for a buffet) with the best coconut chicken I've ever had. Everything has always been stocked when I there, even at the busiest times. I highly recommend the Asian Buffet.


The price is definitely worth it. The waitresses in here are different from other Chinese buffet restaurant. They do come and pick up the empty plates as soon as you have done. So, you don't need to worry about your tavke filling up with plates if you go and take the food frequently. The best salt and pepper fish I have ever eaten is from here although it maybe a little bit salty for some people.

Tim Adams

I liked the food, lots of choices. Asian food and some American, like pizza, pigs in a blanket, and some others.

Thy Countess

Great food but we were rushed and pressured into tipping which is rude let's be honest

Janet Duff

Excellent buffet. Clean and nice atmosphere.

Francis Cain

Good selection of food well prepared at a good price

Vince Harris

Flavorful good with friendly staff. We will definitely go back.

Rob G

Terrible service and poor food quality. This was a favorite. Owner was plesant and food was always fresh. He must not be there anymore because this was by far the worst experience i have ever encountered while dining with my family. I was embarrassed that i made the suggestion. I will not be recommending this establishment to anyone.

Eric B

Better if you order a meal then eat off buffet.

Silvette Perez

Great seasoning and variety

Steve Thecato

The variety is pretty good considering the price. The quality of food is decent. The service is great.

Parth Shah

Nice place great selection good service

wayne woods

I would have to say this buffet it's always well stocked, the food is very hot and the service is excellent.

Steve Livneh

Reasonable price, reasonable selection, not the greatest but not the worst either

Elizabeth Quan

I was pretty happy with the variety and freshness of the dishes that were offered on this Buffet. We got decent service, in terms of refills in water and removal of dirty plates. It was surprisingly crowded, which probably helped with how quickly the food was turned over. The few fresh sushi offerings were tasty and were well done. There were a few things that were standard American fare, such as pizza, garlic bread, chicken tenders. There were a good number of items that were spicy, such as salt and pepper fish with jalapenos. Those are our favorites! For dessert, head back to the soft serve machine and make yourself a sundae with the available nuts, sprinkles, caramel or hot fudge sauce, or make a little ice cream sandwich using the cookies that are there, or even with the mini palmier. Maybe not traditional Chinese desserts, but tasty.


Good food, good prices! The staff are friendly and the ambience is relaxed.

Jim Lindman

Today was my final visit. Hope that says enough.

Glenn Granger

Nice people

Carly Breitner Zieske

For an Asian buffet, this place is great. Prompt, friendly service. Clean. Though I'm not a huge fan (my kids love Chinese buffets), I was quite happy with the entree selection (spring rolls, coconut chicken, curry, etc.) I even thought the sushi was decent. Will go back!

Sheetal Karnataki

Good food and lots of variety in savoury.

Lisa Marie Pryde

Stop with a friend for lunch. Decent food but definitely not a dieters choice

Brenda Hobbs

Food was of poor quality and luke warm. Rice cooker needed to be thrown away. The non stick was worn off the bottom of the rice cooker. This can give people health problems. Would never go there again. However the service and waiters were very nice and the atmosphere was fine.

Trey Rose

Amazing sushi, and coconut chicken. Best value in SE Michigan... I drive from Saint Clair Shores to eat here!

Alfonso Cabrera

Plenty of good foodm. Place is nice.

Corey Nelson

Unbeatable lunch buffet. Great food, great service.

Victoria Penny

Solid food for the price. Very down to earth. Haven't ordered ahead, but have dined in and gotten takeout from the buffet. Best word to describe them is consistent.

Jeff Hineline

Food was cold to the point I hope it was safe to eat. Only gave me a 20% discount for as half plate I could not eat for being cold.

Stephanie J

Horrible experience. Food was cold and old. Ice cream tasted like water with flavor. All of the food was rubbery. No one was stirring the food. The soup had a thickened film over them where they hadn't been touched. Upon leaving my husband paid and I waited for my daughter. The waitress hollered over to the cashier and said something. Then the cashier came up to me and asked "no tip for the ladies". Had to ask her 3 times what she was saying. Then upset, I asked if my husband left one and she said no. I had to go out and get some cash from him. He wasn't happy. He didn't want to leave a tip due to the experience and felt forced to, or otherwise explain and cause a scene. We will not be going back nor suggest to anyone else!

Amber Hoch

Got food poisoning from here. Definitely won't be going back

Gretchen Eulate

Nice variety of food at a very good price!!!

mari morelos

New favorite buffet, first time eating here and my husband and I were very impressed . The wait staff were attentive..


For an all you can eat buffet, this place is great! Food is decent, not amazing. Staff is attentive. Your drink will rarly get empty. I recommend.

Preston Davis

They keep the food coming.

Miguel Hernandez

I love this place usually buffet type places kinda creep me out i think it has something to do with the thought of all those people over all that open food but this place is incredibly clean and everything is always fresh and there is always full buffet tables. I cant stand going to a buffet place and they barely have a variety but this place has American options for picky eaters asian options clearly ow and i was please with the sushi wich you do pay extra for but it was fair for the meal and everything. The staff are quick and attentive and even with limited English skills they were amazing

Pat Jenner

Best buffet in the area

Jeri Sams

Dried out food. Dont bring new food very often.

Hunter Haverstock

Food is great if it's fresh. They are very stingy with refilling items at the buffet. Staff is very friendly. I love their coconut chicken.

Jim Kellogg

The restaurant was clean. The serving staff was friendly and attentive. Most of the food was luke warm or cold. I'm sure that if the food was properly heated it would have been very good. There were only 4 different types of sushi.

J and J Survival Gear

Good food reasonable price.

George Kotsifakis

Decent spread... the food tasted good and wasn't sitting around very long because the place was busy. I would definitely go back.

Sheryl Thompson

Such a variety of Asian cuisine. All you can eat and so tasty!

Cesar Araiza

Nice food, great service.

william amatucci

Cashier just stayed on the phone taking a personel call and the sushi girl did not have a good selection. Very dry rice. Its gone a little downhill since we have been gone for 6 months.

fire cat

Amazing food and great atmosphere. I loved the sushi!!!

rick wells

Good food good service

Bone Spurs

Sushi is as good as the sushi in Japanese

Neal Makowski

I ate at this fine establishment while on a business trip. The place was clean, the food was fresh and hot, the selection was good and the staff was friendly. If I'm ever back in the area I would consider eating here again.

Louis Lockett, Sr.

The food was good and the servers were nice. Just the SUSHI! Boring and lifeless! Unfortunately bland. I'll come back here and change my rating if they step up their sushi game! Otherwise an enjoyable time.

Rich K

It was fast and easy. Good prices. Standard asian buffet food. Over all a good experience.

Bobby Clark

The grandkids and I Love this place! Dinner and Dessert, and the kids Love being able to create their own dinner and dessert. There is so much food to choose from!

Sam Reece

Consistently really good Chinese American buffet... I always eat to much... Been coming here over 7 years - I don't think anything has changed..

Rafiul Kabir

Everything was delicious!

Bob Grant

VERY good food and nice selection . Everything was hot which is unusual at a buffet. Restaurant is clean and staff is very friendly. I will definitely be coming back even though it is 1/2 hour from my house

Rosaura Hardenburgh

Excellent during lunch hours

Amber Christensen

Small buffet, more expensive than most.. barely warm food.

Mary Pawloski

Always very good food and the nicest people!


I've been to a decent amount of buffets(over 10) and this is the only one I'd come back too most have questionably edible food while this place is fantastic I even eat the sushi. Only complant is that the waitstaff doesnt notice empty drinks very well but I'm still giving it a 5

Austin Johnson

Pretty good food. Great for lunch. Quick and easy.

David L

Standard buffet fare, with non-fish sushi bar. Nice enough, but I have no idea how they pass inspection. Almost every dish was cool or barely warm. They need a thermometer or a surprise inspection.

Alexander Carlson

Great food and excellent service!

Vicki Moak

Fresh food never sits around. Nice staff


Wow the quality of was very good and a large selection. I will be eating here very soon again

Kelly Bates

Not impressed, I'm not sure what the "salmon" was, the peel and eat shrimp was deep fried, crab legs were empty upon arrival and also looked deep fried. The staff was very nice though. I'm also not a meat eater but love seafood. They did have freshly hand rolled sushi that was good

Wallace Stevenson

Very friendly owners, nice atmosphere, tasty food

Alysscia Nowak

I am so appalled in how I was treated today. My husband, and two kids came after my daughter got out of school. Our arrival time was 3:45pm. We didn’t ask anything about prices or lunch or dinner times nor did we demand lunch prices. We don’t live in the area so it’s not a place we frequently go, but my husband and I like sushi and our kids don’t so that’s why when we go get sushi we usually go to a buffet which offer more than just sushi. My husband and I took turns grabbing plates for our kids and sushi for us. I went back up to get sushi and the waitress stopped me after I started picking sushi for my plate and told me that the sushi I had was “dinner sushi” and I would be charged now dinner prices for taking that sushi.. she insisted on going back and forth with me because she didn’t seem to think it was rude, and her waitress coworkers felt the need to jump in as well. I said how have our prices changed from when we came in to the middle of us eating and she said that she was letting me know now. You shouldn’t change the prices mid meal after someone has already been dining in. If something changes that is on them to rely the message, not the consumer before the meal starts. She then told me that lunch ended at 3:30 and we came in at 3:45...I said I never demanded lunch prices why are you even approaching me telling me now that I was going to be paying dinner prices if I ate the sushi I had already plated and was in the process of making a plate. I wouldn’t of cared at all paying for the dinner price especially since I came in at the dinner time; but to be approached and made to feel so uncomfortable and attacked by the wait staff because I was grabbing another plate and they had finally started switching out their lunch foods for dinner foods 45 minutes after their lunch times end is mind-boggling, insulting, and rude. ( with us arriving at 3:45 and having been there for 30 minutes) We dined here once before this but we will never be back. Such horrible service.

Gary Schock

It's okay. Not bad and not great just okay.

Mibix Fox

My favorite buffet really like their coconut chicken

Amy Down

Good selection at the buffet and the food was continuously stocked. The restaurant was overall clean compared to some buffets I have been too.

Kai Feuerstake

Ok, but not more. A big buffet but simple dishes. But can have a fast lunch...

Lorne Niemi

I would consider this your average Asian style buffet. The staff is always friendly and personable. My kids love it.

David Street

Good place. It was clean and had a great selection of food. Sushi also.

Christina West

Service was excellent. Food was amazing for the price. Small selection of sushi but was very good. Food was hot and fresh with excellent flavor for a buffet. Will definitely visit again.

James Childers

Fairly good food and staff.

George Ansara

Liked the food & sushi station is good. Service is great! 5 star's if food was hotter.

Aadeep Ghosh

Good buffet with lot of variety. Should try the spicy chicken.


good price

John Niemiec

Excellent value and good food.

José Antonio del Aguila Rodríguez

Good place, is not the best Asian food, but is really nice and always fast if you are in a hurry for lunch

Jonathan Ridgeway

It might just be that it was a Monday night, but everything was either cold or so overcooked that it was crunchy. Wonton soup was the best part of the meal. Dumplings were solid as was the sweet and sour chicken. Will not be going back. Fortune buffet was better.

Jacob Krogmeier

For the money you can't beat it. The food is ok to good, but it's all you can eat. The sushi is fresh and good. Avoid the soup.

Lady Ironhead

Place was absolutely clean and they kept the food off the buffet and IN the dish. The wait staff and sushi guy were so very friendly! Food fresh and hot! Even the bathrooms were kept in clean nice shape! Definitely recommend!

Mia Sanders

Most of the food is as hot and fresh (it’s a buffet, so of course some items weren’t super fresh). I totally forgot my son has a sesame allergy until I sat down. I asked if the noodles were prepared with sesame oil. They weren’t quite sure (and there was a slight language barrier), but the manager prepared a fresh plate of noodles in the kitchen for my son! I was most thankful. We said a prayer and he’s been okay. I appreciate them for doing this for us!

Candice Potts

Great food. Even better for take out over buffet. They know my phone number and standard order.

Michael Lightbody

As far as Asian buffets go... This is one of the best around Metro Detroit.

Cathy Klessig

Best selection of any Asian buffet around here.

Marcel Porter

Absolutely terrible food. We went there at about 6:30 on Monday and the chicken was rock hard and everything was very old and dried out. We asked them to put out some new food and they responded with a attitude. Don't waste your money here!!!!!

Meemo Barhoum

We decided on Saturday night to go eat at the Asian Buffet & Sushi at 9:30 pm & since it’s listed on google that it closes at 10:30 pm One hour was great and usually at other restaurants you will be serviced as long as you make it before closing time. There was barely food left and it was old and some of the food was stuck to the pan from how long it’s been heated plus they do not have lotta variety of food to choose from on regular basis. At 9:45 pm we received our bill and the manager told us that they close at 10:00 pm and for next time to come earlier. He stood there watching us and then asked us if we need any more food cause they need to throw it away..we ate old food, we were watched, rushed, and paid regular price. We all felt sick later and some Threw up. As customer service they were all nice but that’s not the way how you do business.

Vivek V

Everything was nice!

Scott -ish

Mmm. Some of the best buffet food around. The Sushi is pretty good, and included with your buffet cost.

Oronde White

This is the best Asian buffet restaurant I know of. The selection is balanced and a little more focused than most Asian buffets, but the offerings are fresh and excellent tasting. Food well flavored and not killer high salt. Repeat customer many times. This is the only Asian restaurant that does leave me dragging and slugging from eating a full meal at.

Alyssa Alonzo

Pretty good buffet options. Always get seated fast with quick service.

David Edward

I called ahead and they said lunch price is to 3:30 pm. on the buffet. We get there at 3:20 pm. They say you can eat but you gotta be done in half hour. I thought that was odd but said ok. Most of the food was only luke warm and a little rubber like in consistency. I believe I would have had a better dining experience if I would have arrived earlier. The restroom was clean.

James Lundberg

Friendly staff. Well stocked buffet.

J.C. Gould

Clean, good food, nice waitresses at a good price.

Edward Linden

Dramatic comedy at the cash register!

Aaron Cyburt

Surprisingly high quality for a buffet, and they have a pretty extensive variety.

Haelleigh shyanne

None of the food was fresh when I went to the buffet. It tasted good, the price for all you can eat was 12.50. I'd say it was worth it.

Mario Soto

Good for price

Agustin Perez

Good food good service i love this place

Neko Mafian

Been going here for years. Will always be my first option for a friendly and delicious place.

Shasha Armstrong

Clean environment & excellent food

FGS Ungainly

The food there is good to me but not all of it still I would recommend you try some new things there like I did with sushi

Sonia Vining

Good selection of sushi and standard Chinese fare. Absolutely a great value, especially for lunch.

Indria Singleton

Enjoyed the food.

James Hare

Decent food..but I always get bad service

Jon D

Amazing food best buffet for miles around I promise!

Larry Beck

Good food reasonable price

Judy Griffin

Nasty I went here for lunch did a carry out. it was nasty I ordered the Almond chicken (L10) Just Nasty the chicken did not look like chicken. The chick was if that what is was over cooked and hard. Order a egg roll that was the smallest egg roll I ever had. The cashier was rude never smiled or gave eye contact just rude. Ill never go back.

Ralf Sauter

Very good and familiar

DW Denn

Some of the food was over cooked.

d littlejohn

Great service I showed up 7:35 pm on mother's day. I'm from Florida and an all you can eat asian buffet closes in less than 2 hours and still has food out and great food at this hour and service for 35mins of dinning, just me, had to tip the waiters a $7 tip

Aaa Aaa

No, just no. I've been here twice because I have a policy of trying a place more than once before ruling it out. As far as Chinese buffets go this one is terrible.

Jennifer Mckee Alexander

Good soup


no horrible.. not fantastic

Born A Bastard

Nice variety. Always veggies options and fresh fruit options. Can't miss for the value. Give it a try, you'll like it!

Sungjoon Kim

nice food and kind employee.

Geoff L

Second best Chinese buffet I know of. Great selection and fast service. Desserts and soups are a bit lacking, but who comes to a Chinese buffet for the ice cream?

Joe Szabo

Hands down and consistently the best Asian buffet. Super cheap as well.

Twayna Freeman

It was not good at all

Joe Wakar

This is hands down my favorite chinese buffet of any ive been to. It has a huge selection that lets you choose from a spectrum of savories and sweets on a wide variety of meats and seafood. Plus, that apple pie is unforgettable. Im always excited about coming here, and will continue to come as often as i can safely stretch my stomach.

Alex Awamleh

Solid all around american chinese fare with small seafood selection

Allyson Blake

My favorite Chinese food. We had carry out this time. We usually go to the buffet which is nicely stocked and busy during lunch and dinner. The food is made to order for carry out. My shrimp mei fun was amazing! I have been a loyal customer for fifteen years now. The management has always been fantastic and super friendly. The prices are really reasonable for huge portions of delicious fresh food!

Jeremy Chambers

Good selection of choices at the buffet. Always busy, as it is one on the few Chinese food buffets in the area. Good service. Only complaint was that the buffet seems to run out of certain items very quickly and there is a long delay in getting the refilled. You can't beat the lunch price. Parking can be a bear as it is in a strip mall with other eating establishments.

Aubrey Worden

Better quality food then most buffets I have been to but definitely not the variety I normally really enjoy. I did like trying a few new things though. Not bad just not what we were looking for. Especially for the price.

Tonia Hack

Good food, good selection, decent priced buffet. My only complaint is a personal preference that they should offer more types of sushi more often.

Lorraine Hayes

Food not the best! Lots had been sitting there a long time and a lot of dishes were practically empty, not very good visit.

Marie Cooper

For the price, it's a nice place with good food.

Robert Mees

Great food,nice people,clean!

Peter Cresswell

Food was awful, everything tasted dirty somehow, I don't know if it was the oil or what but it was in everything, by the time we left even the water tasted bad, some of the dishes were completely missing, and as for the sushi.... Well it was a complete joke, 4 pieces of sushi with fish in, everything else was vegetable, with the "sushi chef" (you have to use the term sushi chef for this guy very loosely) basically refusing to make more, he eventually just left his post completely and sat down to watch tv, completely ignoring us, I would go as far as to say to even have the word sushi in the restaurant name should be classed as false advertising.

Leslie Reeves

Nice and quiet

Jodie Johnson

Horrible place, first, they didn't want to accept that I can't eat so much, and second, they said that they would only give me 10% off which should have been $5. 50 not , $1.15 third, cold food, when I ask to speak to a manager or the owner they said they didn't understand English well they really did understand how to take my money,


Low quality entrees. Crab was mushy, nearly liquified. Rice in the sushi was starting to harden on the outside. Had a stomachache for nearly two days after eating there. Never again, will avoid this place like the plague.

Wenhao Peng

The place is clean, which is quite valuable to me as a buffet.

wolverine limit

Do you like Asian food do you like comfort food as well we'll this is the place to go

David Choe

All around great value


Hair found in food and manager says it wasn’t their fault, it was a customer’s hair that got into the food. Okay so someone’s hair fell and jumped across into the catering pans that are under glass. We were frequent customers but now will never return if that’s how they handle a customer’s complaint!!!!

Mars Ma

My to go place during work day, quite consistent food quality and very good buffet price.


Very nice and calm place to eat with good service

Kristin Keesee

I really like this place. Although the atmosphere isn't amazing, the food is consistently good and the prices are very fair. The sushi is actually great for a buffet restaurant.

Geoff Oleszkowicz

One of the best lunch spots for fast Asian food during the work week.

peter paul

My wife, kids, and I have been coming here for years. Traveling around the country, and even here in the state of Michigan, this is by far, the best Asian buffet that I've ever been to. The selection is outstanding, from general Tao chicken, egg foo young, sushi, a full salad bar, to dessert, you'll definitely find your niche here. The wait staff are very friendly, and do not come to your table so much so, that it's an annoyance (I'm sure you know what I mean here

David Ahlquist

Excellent selection and great service.

Glittery moonlight

Honestly if I could give this place a zero star I would. My friend was over at my house and my parents wanted to try a new buffet, and so we did we arrived there at around 3:50pm to 4pm and upon coming in we sat down and ordered got our drinks and it was all merry until I went to eat there wasn't NOT alot of food selection.I grabbed a few things and noticed a sushi bar, I really like sushi so u grabbed about 3 pieces(mind you there where quite small)me and friend along with my parents ate until I got my second plate and I wanted to get more sushi the lady at the sushi bar gave me a very dirty look(i only took one piece).The next time I wanted sushi I asked my mom to get me a plate (because I don't like dirty looks being thrown at me while i grab food which which my parents paid for). So next my friend went to get sushi and this time the lady who shot me a dirty look said something in a foreign language to us, my friend and I said nothing,so at my friend reached for the sushi which was stuck together the lady litteraly grabbed the sushi and puts it to the side(I told my parents and got concerned). Finally this was the last time anyone got up for sushi and it was my friend and my mom they got up and when they came back the lady had told them that we couldn't eat anymore sushi unless we paid extra(but we could eat other things in the buffet). My mom asked her why and told her we paid the full cost and that we paid for a buffet not a limited buffet. The lady said you arrived at lunch now is dinner ( we hadn't even been there for an hour). I get that but they did not worn us or tell us of anything about this ,there wasn't a sign nothing she was just rude and wasted our money. Please DON'T waste your time here there are plenty of better places to go.

Lucas Witt

Most items are warm n fresh. Good General Tso chicken. I usually eat more vegetables at a buffet but they were a bit short in supply.

Phil Bustos

First time, had the lunch buffet. Great verity the dishes were all full. Will be back.

Antonio Michaels

What are you usually looking for in an Asian buffet? If you're looking for massive variety that tends to get old and stale, this isn't the place. If you want a slightly smaller selection of good, fresh food, come here. All of the food is great!

Eugene Tan

We recommend this restaurant. It’s a neighborhood Asian buffet frequented by locals, especially nearby businesses at lunch time and nearby residents for dinner. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the food is above average. The seafood selection isn’t as extensive as some other Asian buffets (e.g. there’s a limit on the amount of snow crab legs you can take) but given the amount they charge, it’s very fair.


Good selection and variety buffet. Good service.

Sandra Bullock

All of the chicken dishes were cold. When I expressed concerns I was told they could microwave my dish. I explained that eating chicken sitting out room temperature could cause food poisoning. The manager then said she could have the cook make the honey chicken fresh. I agreed and five minutes later she brought out more. The chicken was hard and stale with the sauce poured over it. I am thinking the Health Department needs to pay a visit to this place.

Darrin Czajkowski

Very busy place so it must be good.

Rhino Africa

Low quality and variable temperatures for hot items.

Sharon Amey

We love going here for our special occasions. Its clean and reasonably priced . They have crab legs and they will only let you have 1 serving. The

Harchint Singh

You could buy all the food that they serve for less than what they charge you at the supermarket. Quality was horrendous, and my group ended up trying everything in the hopes of atleast one option from the buffet being servable. Whilst paying, we were essentially blackmailed into giving a hefty tip for herself, even though it is a BUFFET. Absolutely disgusting food, disgusting attitude from the employees, Will never go back here. Avoid them at all costs...


Half the buffet was old and stale

Michael Lennon

They're keeping the food fresh, even on a Monday at noon.

Samantha Amore

Great food for a low price. Food is hot and stocked. Service is very kind and attentive. A great buffet.

James Waltimire

Great Food & Excellent Prices! Highly Recommended

steven jessie jr

i didnt dislike it but ive had better the table next to me his feet smelled so bad it was hard to swallow my food

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