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2225 N Opdyke Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

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REVIEWS OF Alfoccino Italian Restaurant IN Michigan

Tim Rettger

Great place. Clean, friendly, food is very good.

Deandrew Lewis

Great food great service ca t wait to go again

Heather ann

I love love love Alfoccinos! I work nearby and often stop in for lunch. Mostly carry-out, but sometimes I'll stay and eat inside. Great staff, even better food. I usually order the Pollo Tortellini or Cheese Ravioli and that comes with salad and bread. I do wish they would add more garlic/butter to the bread, it's often dry but still delicious and fresh. Love the palomino sauce. It's making me hungry just thinking about it!

Deborah Tate

I had veal p. and spaghetti. The veal p. is so small and limber. Than they pile a lot of cheese and sauce on top. So you won't notice. It taste good but you being cheated. I have gone to other Italian Res. The veal is much bigger and crispy. The food is good but it is not worth $16.95

Mike McDonald

Great food and excellent service!

Jon Stack

Great service great pasta and bread. Only thing I didnt like was the calamari was tough

Rob T

Food was excellent and our server was excellent as well.

Edward Hawkins

Great time had a bunch of family from outta town just great times and great meal great service. Thanks!!!!!

Lynn Calcaterra

Great place and food

Fredric Moore

The "best" Alfredo sauce I have had in many years!

Shelley LAW

I love this place!! The food is so delicious and they have a very nice variety. The wait staff is friendly and attentive. When I travel to Auburn Hills I ALWAYS eat here at least once. The Palomino good!!!

Wyatt Chartrand

Very nice, mostly upscale Italian restaurant. Table service was very prompt and friendly.

Steve Leitner

Food and service were excellent!

Jonas Halonen

Awesome! First time dining at Alfoccino - already looking forward to returning! The food was phenomenal and the restaurant has a cozy, inviting feel. Lelli's pales in comparison. Unlike Lelli's, Alfoccino has high quality food at much more reasonable prices! See you soon!

Rachel K

We've gone here for date night and for my birthday every year and I really love it. They have a great Gluten Free menu. It's not the most coast friendly restaurant but worth it.

RJ Schmidt

I travel around the US, and have eaten at many Italian restaurants. This restaurant was excellent! I ordered the special filet w/ blue cheese, mushrooms over eggplant. Tasty! The salad Italian dressing was great, too. Also, the timing of when the food came out and service were excellent!


Pretty much the best restaurant I've ever dined at. Without a doubt the best Italian in Metro Detroit!

Fred Barrigar

Great food and experience

vicky sumner

I have been going there for 10 years now. They have been going down hill lately. I ordered mozzarella logs, they came out greasy flat and round. They didn't taste good at all. I ordered fettuccine alfredo (which I always get) and it comes with fresh shreaded cheese. Today I got grated. Just little things, but they mean a lot.

Tiffany Schaefer

Servers Sandy and Ryan were top notch, food was excellent as usual

Roberta Edwards

Excellent atmosphere& food. Our waitress Sandy was fantastic!!!!!!!

Martin McLean

Excellent Italian food. You’re gonna love this place , the food , the vibe , the staff. Whitney was excellent. The bread quickly hits the table , then a good salad , then the entree.

Maureen Bunch

Fabulous Italian food. Great service. I Google recommend!!!

J Duff

Service is amazing and food is great!

Dean DeVonce II

Good food, Nice building. I believe in tipping well for good service, and it should be my discretion. But my bill came with a 20% tip already included. If a restaurant is going to force me to pay their workers then they should pay their staff better and include it in the pricing. A Tip is, and should be, at the customers discretion based on quality of service.

Ahmed Willis

Good food and service

Melanie Stehle

Service was excellent! Ryan was our server and he was training. I was a little nervous but Ryan and the trainee were awesome. The food was fresh, hot and quite tasty. I really like the ambience of this Italian restaurant. Great place for date night!

mark szydlowski

Always the best, the bowl of salad is by far the best and freshest around. Sonny is a great owner and the staff, Nick, are one of the reasons we come back.

Brian Masayesva

The staff is professional, friendly and honest. 11/10

Boe Kinsman

The parking lot looks brand new

Thomas Jonna

Awesome restaurant! Sonny and his team provide awesome service

Nick Bruni

The lasagna and salad were pretty good. I thought the bread was kinda small.

Rafael Vazquez

Not of my favorite place to dinner, ole fashioned.

mark chagall

My new favorite place. New to the area and this is great Italian. Fresh garlic bread served hot. Wine was great but not too pricey. Food was real good and had to get a box because it was too much to eat. Salad fresh. Server knowledgeable. Will be back again and again.

Frances Smith

I was with a large group and our plans for the night fell apart at the last minute. Thankfully Alfoccinos was able to accommodate us quickly. I had the filet mignon and it was very delicious. However, the service was just subpar. I would go back again and pray I dont get the same server

Eric Nash

Best Lasagna I have ever had!

Brooks Roberts

Great food great service it's like a family atmosphere they treat every customer like family

Purvik Patel

Great place for dinner. Everything was fantastic. Their bread is just amazing!!! The have extensive list of wine and food. The menu is not too big or small. The portions are decent size and fresh! I got pesto pasta with chicken and my Gf got pollo tortellini w/o chicken. Both our dishes were flavorful and very very good. The service was super fast and the servers/host was super attentive. Highly recommend this place. This was my first time but definitely won't be last!!

Larry Radatz

Fantastic food and nice atmosphere.

Jay Hayden

Good food, good service, hot bread was excellent

Rich Zuker

Great food. Authentic home-made Italian.

Mike Casey

Great experience as always. Food is excellent, service is exceptional.

D Kaiser

Tip: Try the White Fish. You won't be disappointed.

John Wittenberg

Food was great! service was terrible. Not real crowded and we kept haveing to ask our waiter to bring us this or that. He kept forgetting. He has been there a year not sure how. Took almost an hour to get our food. Won't go back.

Demo Daily

Bad attitude towards guest. I wont come here to eat. Idc if they might have good food.

Kim Lockrey

Wonderful portions of delightful Italian food. I just got back from Italy and the food is just like what we had in Italy. Just wonderful. The staff and condition of the dinning area is impectable! Awesome experience you will have when dinning here!

Farzana Hoque

Terrible over priced foods

Jojee Wilber

By far the best food I have ever tasted! The staff are astounding and caring! Each bite was like Heavan, and I had the best waiter that I've ever had. His manners were amazing! I did something I never had done and found the owner just to compliment him on his amazing restaurant! 10/10!!

Tracy Crispino

Great food and staff

Judy Avie

Great atmosphere, food and service.

Philips Brian

Food is authentic and out of this world. Great wine list, not usually a dessert guy but there recommendation was fantastic.

Jaye Hartman

Great food and awesome service!! One of my favorite restaurants.

Robert Gruendel

This place makes me sad. What is Italian food? Fresh, simple, and quality. What is an Italian dining experience? Unrushed, welcoming, genuine. This restaurant has none of these traits.

Matthew Anderson

Great food and service.

Carmen Bennett

Good food. Good staff.

Lanzio Palombo

Great menu, great happy hour, but rly i come here for the bartender and the atmosphere.


All food was subpar or inedible. The wait staff was not rude, but inept. An example, we were undercharged $10. When we brought it to the attention of our waitress, she didn't know how to fix the bill, so a manager came over, took the bill, fixed it, then they both returned it. At no point did they say sorry, thank you for your honesty, or even smile. We will NEVER be back.

Bob Hutton

The best food, service and the owner sonny makes the place a must to visit.

Charles Weldon

Some of the best Italian cuisine I have ever had.

Pre Apocalypse

Food is overpriced, but not a terrible place to go.

Joe Ruiz

1st time here.. great service! The staff was very friendly. Great food! I will definitely be coming back.

Heather DeLong Cfd

The lasagna was so perfect!

ghee buttersnaps

I've only gotten carry out so I can't speak about the level of service, but the food is great. What's special about this place is its classic Italian and there aren't alot of those places left. I get the toasted ravioli and its incredible. I cannot even find another restaurant that offers it on their menu. I also get the pesto pasta. Its a creamy sauce with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and grilled chicken cooked perfectly.

Susan Howard

While the food was tasty. A little pricey, I can handle that. But I can do without the attitude

David Kowalczyk

Good food and good staff. Very friendly.

Jay Roberts

Excellent service, tender flakey fish. Salad is nice Italian dressing. Garlic bread/biscuits unusual but very nice texture and flavor. Nick was a very attentive server. Priced at an appropriate level.

Anony Mous

Sonesta suites front desk recommended this restaurant and they didn't let me down. I have been here 2 times. Both times had very good servers. Lasagna is amazing! Also have had scallop alfredo and was expecting a few little scallops, but they were very generous with it! Will absolutely be returning!

Sebestian Segro

Great food and service.

Aaron Lopez

Food and service was excellent! Great recommendation from the staff at our hotel.

Ken MacLauchlan

Enjoyed the meal. Marsala sauce was sweet, though was warned when ordering. Limoncello was weak and expensive.

Roland Gagel

Good and solid Italian restaurant. Service was friendly and efficient. Food was good though not excellent.

Clyde Hatfield

Great Italian Food with great Service.

Grooms Irrigation

Good food. Service was....... like a C-. . I'm going to go ahead and say it was his first day. The other staff members helped out. I had to ask for lemons 3x after I initially asked for lemon water. Opa didnt opa lighter clicked 5x before it lit. Good food. Could use better waiter.

Ray P

We've dined at Alfoccino's many times; initially at the Farmington Hills restaurant until it closed. We actually like the setting at the Auburn Hills restaurant better. Excellent food and professional staff. The ambience sets the mood for a nice Italian dinner. This is one of our go-to places when having dinner with friends. Easy to hold conversations and everyone has been impressed with their dinners and overall experience.

Shannon Adams

Had to way over an hour for my food. They were not even that busy. They didn't even seem to care when I asked what was going on. I would never recommend this restaurant. Way to slow

Julie Bonneville

Great food and wonderful service. Loved the desserts.

Arunkumar Kannan

First time been here, though I lived in Auburn hills for couple of years. Very tasty food. Great complimentary buns. Our server honestly said about the quantity of food we were about to order. So we avoided overspending and wasting food. Kids menu comes with a drink and dessert which is great! The interior is so cozy and great bar. The price is fair and very quiet.

Darlene Gore

I don't like a restaurant that serves me a salad with a chunk of the lettuce core....and an unidentified item. Bread was not good with wrapped pat's of butter. Pasta sauce was just ok....a bit sweet but did have a good taste of herbs. We didn't order "with meatballs" but were served "with". It was taken off our bill. Service was very good.

Tom Kendzierski

Very good food..

Cynthia Stenquist

I would like to give this place a 5 star however, My family of 10 came in for my son's birthday. July 2nd. We all had wonderful meals except for mine. I ordered the white fish but it came with rice and beans I said I wanted potatoes or pasta and the waiter said no you can only have rice and beans. So therefore I had my salad and a piece of fish for over $20. That ruined my meal. The other meals were fine. Over $200 in food and drinks and one item could not be replaced. Not good. I might add the waiter was very nice Otherwise.

Mike McCallum

Good food , great place for lunch

Katelyn Arnold

The food and service were excellent. I ordered the pollo tortellini and will be going back for it again.

John Crary

Always great. Terrific food and professional service. The complimentary salad is a delight!

Craig Harlow

Fantastic food, terrific service!!! The gentleman who waited on us was a classic Italian waiter, in every sense. This made our dining experience excellent. Without him I wouldn’t have rated this restaurant as high

Richard Navrátil

• Old school Italian place, simple and understandable menu, good wines, food slightly bit bland though. • The place was nice and comfortable, gave that old school Italian feel, servers seemed first gen Italian. Wines were good and not too expensive. Salad was nice. My veal florentine was good, the veal was tender and nice, but the sauce was a little bit bland. • Espresso and tiramisu at the end hit the spot nicely.

scorpio Gal

We had a great time at this place last night. The waitress Sandy was so kind and helpful. The food was delicious. Ambience is great. The restrooms were spark.

Amy Pennybacker

I had the Perch Diane, and it was really good. The only Sauvignon Blanc by the glass was very good. However, my friend got the Marsala dish, and it was horribly sweet. Like a dessert. Our server was very nice and efficient. The location is convenient, and the bread sticks are delicious!!

Teresa Wojcik

Seen in FOX 2 NEWS DETROIT, I would like to try this Restaurant.

toni flaugher

The food was amazing best food I jave ever had... the atmosphere is inviting and warm... the wait staff was fantastic... and a vary romantic place for date night with good prices...

Dany Peguero

Food was ok, very friendly staff.

Mark Paterson

Great food with a menu deep in Italian flavors, very nice ambiance and service these folks know how to bring a customer back.

Stephanie Gawne

Delicious food however I was unpleasantly surprised by the pits in the olives in my salad. According to what I'm seeing online that's pretty normal for an antipasto salad (this was my first time ordering one) but it would be nice if there was some kind of warning for those accustomed to just digging into black olives or those trying it for the first time.

Anthony Knight

Our server was very good at his profession. I did feel a little under dressed. The atmosphere was nice and would make for a romantic dinner location.

Ken Beierlein

Great food, excellent service. All of the meals were perfectly prepared and well presented.

Virginia Guindon

I officiated a wedding at this establishment for the Saumier's. The restaurant had everything ready to go and looking beautiful. Even when we had a few extra people show up they quickly set out more service wear and set up a table. The owner was wonderful and very fun! The food was served family style for the wedding and was delicious! Our waitress was just a bit on the hyper side but it was as a wonderful evening and made some great memories for the family as they were all laughing and taking photos. Thank you Alfoccino Restaurant for you great food, beautiful room, and fun champagne bottle opening!

Vanita Prakash

I had plastic wrapper in my salad. They need to be careful as how the food is prepared. I have been feeling sick to my stomach.

Cindie Jones

Always delicious, great authentic Italian cuisine. Great staff and ambiance. I can't leave without a bottle of their salad dressing!

Alexander H. Trice

Friendly bar staff: delicious takeout courtesy of Groupon

Frank Skosich

Great food, good service in a enjoyable environment

Ede MacLeod

Food and service were excellent!

Jay Shehadeh

Great food, great staff.. always a pleasure

Michelle Greco

The palomino sauce on my tortellini with chicken was amazing. The Italian dressing on the salad was wonderful too. To start it off they serve warm bread. We left very full.

Joe Auteri

Great food, appetizers salads and soups. Nice lunch portions and good service. Enjoyed it.

Ben Bachman

One of the best Italian restaurants I have been to.

Laura Schmitt

Great food and awesome service! Definitely going back.

Michael Gingras

Best eggplant around. It would be nice if they had a drink menu. you can count on the service exceeding your expectation.


I hate that they no longer have the salad bowl. Service was so so. My lasagna was really bad. Top was browned to much, sauce was very meaty and dry. It was like they bought it at Gordon’s and re heated it. Will not go back.

theresa davis

Our waitress Sandy was funny and quick. On our refills, she put the wrong drinks in the wrong glasses. Food could have been warmer. Great food

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