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3 E Grand Ave, Scarborough, ME 04074, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Garage BBQ IN Maine

John Rindy

Good BBQ. Ate outside. Early enough that it was not busy but saw it was busy layer. Pulled chicken was superb. Brisket, kinda grisley/chewy. Coleslaw above average, pork belly beans about average. Nice server. Offers 5 sauces on table. . .I like the apricot and the one slightly spicy one.

Robert Thompson

Absolutely delicious! We had their Brisket (tender, juicy, delicious)... and their ribs... fantastic, fall off the bone. An absolute MUST to get is their cornbread. It is absolutely delicious!!!

William Nickerson

Very, very good and our waitress was fantastic.

Tammy Lariviere

Great food and great service!

Pat D

One of the better bbq places around. Missing that smoke pit out back ... but still decent food. Maine doesnt really do bbq like the south does it.

Ron Jobel

Great BBQ reasonable food parking can be a challenge

Robert French

Tasty food and drinks. Exc waitstaff.

Colby Benson

awful! rude, waited over an hour for food my chicken was served in a bowl of water, drinks were inconsistent one was weak the other one was so strong i couldnt drink it!

Todd Leavitt

Love this place!!

Kevin Stecher

Really cool place..the food is amazing. Great drink selections. Great BBQ, house made sauces..highly recommended..

Carter Neville

Great food from sides and starters two entrees. Can't leave there without trying cornbread! Lobster brisket BLT was one of my favorite sandwiches ever.

J kelly

Awsome staff..great customer service... Best in Maine... if your hungry come and get a refill at the Garage BBQ

Lisa J

Do not leave this place without a piece of the corn bread!!

Bill Nickerson

Good food and Great Waitstaff makes for a fun place to go.

Elle Michelle

Excellent barbeque! I got the pulled chicken sandwich, very tender. They have a variety of house made bbq sauces that are self-serve at the table. Atmosphere is modern, but reminiscent of an actual garage with repurposed auto shop decorations.


Awesome BBQ

Jessica C

Amazing food! Waitress was very friendly! Band playing during brunch was wonderful girl had a great voice! We had a great experience! Best food we had during our trip here to old orchard!

danielle mccabe

The food is great! Corn bread is amazing. They don't skimp on the lobster.

Larissa Young

Absolutely delicious! Great BBQ. I had the beef brisket, amazing! Best corn bread I've ever had. All of the sides were delicious.

Matthew Leonard

Service was lacking food was good though

dave grace

Awesome food, great service, great attention to our 8 year old grandson. He liked the car bucket seats with seat belts. The lobster blt was awesome.

Chris Finley

Love this place can say enough about the food best around wish they where open during the week mid day for lunch

Jonathan Carter

The Garage was an interesting place to go eat. The decor is very unique and like you would expect uses a lot of car based decorations and furniture. The food was good and the serving size was pretty good. As a North Carolinian originally I of course got the pulled pork, and the meat was very good. My one complaint would be they didn't seem to have any vinegar based sauces. Overall I would definitely recommend checking them out if your in the mood for some good meat.

Christopher Sawyer

Great BBQ. Awesome food & homemade sauces. Super staff! Great location

Reveiws Channel

Amazing. Perfectly spiced pot stickers. Cornbread was a little mushy though.

Gary J. Winthorp

I gained about a pound of happy full belly. And lost a good pound of blood to the mosquitos. Easy come easy go.

Mike Gonzales

Terrible experience. We were literally at our table an hour and forty five minutes before food arrived. After approaching the hostess station (the waitress sightings were sporadic), I was told the kitchen was backed up and there was nothing they could do. A reasonable excuse, I’m sure, were it not for the fact the table next to us was totally turned over while we waited. When I pointed this out, we were offered complimentary cornbread for our troubles (which never arrived) and when our dinner finally did show, it was underwhelming. Dry, reheated meat which in no way was representative of the ridiculous wait time. The manager made an appearance near the end of our ordeal and promptly blamed the waitress for not telling us it would take an hour “at least” and that she probably put the appetizers and entree orders in at the same time. (Note to prospective job seekers: that’s just nonsense. You do NOT want to work here.) We were offered a round of drinks, which was of no real benefit especially to my underage and very hungry children. When we declined, she offered no other recompense and walked away. Will not be returning to this place, and you should probably go elsewhere if you hope to eat a meal without giving up the better part of your day.

Angela McCaffrey

Food was good, service was not

I'm Mr. Google

Very good BBQ.

Matthew Logan

Great food friendly service

Flying Drummer

I have no idea of what people consider “great food” This place should be avoided at all cost. We’re from the south and I assure you this is no BBQ. It’s the reason they have several bottles of sauces on the table because it had NO taste. Service is just as bad. Do yourselves a favor and stay away from this place.

rhonda brownie smaer

Amazing food! Amazing service and amazing atmosphere!

jill ferguson

Nick = THE best around!!


Decent fare. Good staff


I had brisket. It was very tender, and flavorful. But it came out cold. All of the BBQ sauce has a kick, so don't go for those if you're sensitive to spicy food. I had to go up and ask for sugar for my tea, because my waitress didn't bring it out until just before our meal was served.

Zachary Spearing

Its very ood stop there service is good and there ribs just fall off the bone

Joshua Grzyb

For only being the second week open, these guys rocked it. There will be some bumps and kinks to be worked out and I'm sure with time, will get only better. Our waitress was a riot and the bartender was on point. The food was not the best BBQ I had, sausage was dry, ribs were lukewarm at best, not fall apart either, pulled chicken was delicious. But again, I'm sure as the trial and error period wears off, improvements will be made. Would love to see an outside drinking/dining area here as well.

Adam Baillargeon

Awesome food + location! Fast service and friendly staff

TSP Patina

Fun place and atmosphere. Good food and nice option for something other than seafood. Had fun watching sporting events here. Nice selection of specialty drinks. Friendly staff.

Brittany Zadrozinski

Loved eating here. GREAT BBQ. Our waitress didn't seem to be a fan of kids and seemed to be a little stand offish and annoyed when we were trying to get our orders in but then warmer up through the meal.

matthew nolan

Best restaurant on OOB by far!

anne bellemare

Nice meal and service. Free wifi

Scott Smith

great food, friendly wait staff, and great prices.

Angela Nygard

Best barbecue food in Pine Point


What a unique fun experience! The menu is unique and I always love it when the staff shares their favorite things on the menu. I will definitely go back!

Gary Warwick

Great atmosphere. Food was good. The staff great

Bob Hagopian

Great place, loved the food, cool conversion from a repair shop to a restaurant.


Love having a decent BBQ place in the area. The food can be a little inconsistent. First visit the ribs and brisket were dry but everything else was amazing. Next visit the ribs were great but the baked beans were more pork fat than beans. I do have confidence they will find a groove...I'll keep going for sure.

Angela Coffin

The food is pretty good.. but the corn bread is awesome. Nice staff, cool concept.

Kris McCabe

Great BBQ in a nostalgic garage setting withing walking distance to the ocean....and a fine selection of beers and booze as well.

Bryan Walczak

Wouldn't recommend this place... Sloppy sandwich... Service was horrible.. couldn't even check out because no waitress would check on our table.. * Restaurant was NOT busy at this time.. she kept going to the back and ignoring tables.. got to the point where I was going to walk out with their serving trays and not pay my bill . .....because I COULDN'T get the waitress to come back to the table and give me a go to box and the check so I could pay...* Definitely one frustrating experience/ restraunt*


Great BBQ place, highly recommended after a day at the beach. Friendly staff and also great service!

Michelle Hutchins Buck

Amazing! BBQ option when everything else is seafood. Go basic for great flavored meat/side options or step it up a notch and get lobster pork belly BLT w fried Brussels covered in a spicy relish and cornbread that eats like cake! Can't wait to go back!

Old Email

Food and drink were eh. Quick service.

peter igneri

Nice place with plenty of sauces to try. Wish they were open year round.

Brad Collins

Excellent BBQ food choices awesome sauces Liitle loud when busy. Atmosphere not the best but then good portions make up for that.

Christiana Wong

What an experience! The food, atmosphere, and employees were great! My boyfriend and I started off with beer. The beer selection was nice, a lot of IPA's if you're in to that. I tried a local beer, while there were other beer from states near by. We split the pork belly BLT sandwich was to die for! I could definitely eat that over and over again! It was neatly placed on a grilled bunch. Your first bite has all these flavors and different textures. I added their horseradish mayo to it and it just made it so much better! We also shared a two meat combo (brisket and ribs). The brisket had a ton of flavor and very tender. The ribs had good flavor, but it was a little dry for me. We did go at the end of the evening, so that could've been the issue as well. What I really loved was their array of sauces! I put a splash of each to try with my food. I loved them all! We topped off our dinner with the vanilla gelato root beer float which was delightful! Definitely recommend the restaurant!

Joe Valente

Giving it 3 stars for now. Found the food a little lacking in good bbq flavor. I will however be back to try them again.

Benjamin Tripp

Food was good, if a little pricey. Service was pretty bad, and it wasn't even very busy when we went.

Travis Quint

Service was ok till the end. waitress had major attitude when we said we wanted separate slips. Shouldn't that be the first thing you ask?

Rob Hickox

If we were in the south, I would only give 3 stars, but for yankee bbq, this place gets 4 to 7 stars. The food is really decent, the cornbread is fabulous. I look forward to coming here during the summer. I really love this place once any other bbq joints in the north. The worst part is, all the places I used tho love back home in Florida and south Georgia have either closed down or turned into chain restaurants. I miss the grungy hole in the wall, back woods, screened in porch bbq. That was the best food in the world.

Nicole Kent

Sat for about 1/2 hour B4 we we're greeted by our waitress and offered drinks. Food was o.k., but not sure it was worth the price. Band was playing the night I went. It was a great band , but way to loud to even here yourself give your order. this is just my opinion

Frank Mangano

Good food, friendly staff. Be nice though one of the waitresses is a body builder!

Dr. Lati

nice staff :)

Lucy Siniscalchi

Excellent service, food was plentiful and deliciously prepared. Definitely go there again and soon!

Mandy Geiger

Amazing food, great portions, friendly staff, unique atmosphere!

Zita Coggins

Food and service was great! Love the atmosphere too!

Willis Praksti

Dry is no way to describe BBQ but is spot on for this place. We ate here for lunch and I'm sure they served us yesterdays meat. I did like the corn bread though. As I looked around outside there was no signs of a grill or smoker. I really wanted this place to be good. The building however was really cool and nostalgic. I'll pass next time.

Michael Stewart

This place was great. Great food and service. Prices were fair. We will be going back for lunch tomorrow

Elizabeth Hardy

Menu was so good I couldn't decide! Delicious...

sam tarbox

Good location and nice to see a restaurant that serves something other than seafood in Pine Point

Steve C

I love bbq. I specifically love the garage because it is a bbq place in a land of seafood. Great change of pace. Right near the beach. Absolutely delicious food.

Matthew Connell

The food is awesome, the variety of sauces really make this place worth the visit.

Barbara Karnik

Food was good. Loved the decor that they kept for the garage theme!

Sean Banks

Food was damn good and reasonably priced for BBQ. The service was just flat out bad. Maybe we came in too late. Maybe they were understaffed but it was very very slow and not attentive at all. Otherwise very good and I'm definitely going to give it another shot because service can be random at times.

Scott Muchie

Great food decent prices the waiter was really good he was fast .had water for us soon as we sat down great service

Mike Vecc

Great location and nice atmosphere. Food fell short for me but was good.

Ashley Brans

The food was delicious. The portions were large for the price. The pulled pork was slightly dry but the sauce variety helped. The service was fantastic and you could smell the BBQ from outside the door. Would definitely come back.

Daniel Curry

Placed an online order. Got a confirmation that the order went in to the kitchen 1 minute later and a message stating that we would receive a message when it was ready. After waiting one hour, no message received, we decided to try and see if it was ready. Our order was sitting among several takeout orders and when we told the girls at the front register that we hadn't received any message, we were told, "Yeah, sometimes they don't send any." Cold food that might have been great. Sad for takeout.(written at 7:05 pm) UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW: JUST received IM notice at 8:10 pm!!!! 3 hours after submission. Failed automated/online ordering. Eat in if you go there.

Christine Mayo

The place looks really great. They did an excellent job on the decor. I shared a full rack of ribs, baked beans, and Mac n chz with my father. Fall off the bone, really good. My only (very minor complaint) is that the BBQ sauces were on the sweeter side, I would've liked more heat and vinegar.

Corey Bowen

Good food and service

Dr. Steven Anthony Sola

Adequate BBQ. Brisket was dry. St. Louis ribs ok.

David F Barton

Interesting place with a garage theme to track with the name. Complete with garage doors. BBQ menu will not disappoint you with choice of about 8 sauces. Reasonably priced. Bench style seating.

Debra Boggs

Food and service are both amazing!! Can't wait to go back.

Dan Svenson

Neat place. Good atmosphere in an old, converted service garage. The service was good, even the server was a little cocky about the food. The food was quick and had good flavor, but portions were a little small for price. The food was barely above room temperature. That was our only complaint.

carol seavor

Spent about an hour and a half waiting for food. Wait person explained it would be about a 35 minute wait when we arrived. Tables seemed full of other people also waiting and waiting. Giving it one star and won’t be returning even though food was good. Would have helped if management had visited the table and acknowledged the wait and made a gesture like “we will send a complimentary order of corn bread to enjoy while you wait” or “your next drink is on us”! Instead the stressed waitresses were sent often to see if we wanted to order more drinks and pretend it was “business as usual”. Too bad customer service is a much lower priority than maximizing profits!!

Evan Spoerl

Very interesting building and setting. Really good food. A good addition to the neighborhood.

Dean Grazioso

Love this place!! Unique atmospher. Very good food! Love the Lobster and pork belly BLT!!! Enjoy a gas can of Sailor Jerry rum punch!!

St laurent Landscaping

Great authentic bbq! Great value, frienfly staff, unique atmosphere

Bobby Coombs

One of the worst experiences I've ever had. The client's were shameless and rude. I waited for 30 to 40 minutes to sit at the bar and eat. I never got to got to eat because I was over powered by a few locals. They have zero adequate on how to run a busy restaurant. Eat at your own risk.

Tim Woods

Service was not good....waitress was great....seater was low average for bbg

Mary Mangano

Great food and atmosphere. Wait staff was so friendly. Will be going back

Nolan Stokes

Delicious calamari. Fantastic BBQ. Love their sauces. No wait, great table service, good beer selection. What more could you want. Will go back for sure.

Guy Fuller

Friendly staff, great food and drinks!! Highly recommend.

matt mccumber

Excellent BBQ food. Loved the brisket and cornbread

Joe Seluk

Great food. Excellent selection of draft beer and great mixed drinks Cote

We had fish and pulled chicken with fries. Big crowd,no wait, good service. Good food in a nice place.

Fred Williams

Absolutely amazing BBQ food. I was impressed with the selection of food. The cornbread with the honey butter is a must-try. The wait staff was very helpful and friendly. They also had a good beer selection.

Terri Scinto

Great BBQ. Will definitely be back when we visit Maine next year.

Stephanie Pamula

This restaurant has great curb appeal but when we went for an early 5pm dinner we were seated by a hostess but never ordered anything! After 15 minutes not one of the 4-5 waitresses ever came over to our table. There were only four parties in the place and we finally decided to leave. On the way out we saw all of the waitstaff hanging out at the hostess station doing nothing? They did not even acknowledge us. Oh well went to Ken’s down the road instead and that was great! The Garage management needs to get a “system” for their servers!

Devon Rauth

Having tried just about all the well known spots in southern Maine, I stand by the Garage being the best barbeque around.


Ok food. Better drinks. Overall a tourist trap. I'd go again if I was in the area and didn't have to wait.

William Hunter

Very noisy, we had to wait close to an hour for our food and when we got it, it was cold. The only reason for the three stars is that the waitress was very nice. It will be a while before we try it again.

Margie Taylor

Food and service was very good. Corn bread is excellent.

Shawn Ordway

Pulled pork was excellent as was the pulled chicken, and the cornbread was huge. Good local beer selection on tap. Staff was polite and friendly, service was quick. I Would definitely go back.


Awesome place an great people

Spooky Zukey

Good service, solid food, excellent chicken wings. However be careful when drinking alcoholic beverages here as they do not have the proper systems in place to protect their customers. Our server suggested that we stopped drinking after 2 beers and a mixed drink alongside over $100 worth of food. Not only did she refuse to serve me another miller light "per management" she also notified us that we must move our vehicle from their parking lot. Not only is such a suggestion HIGHLY ILLEGAL per their establishment, it is EXTREMELY UNETHICAL and IMMORAL to treat a well paying customer who refers people to your garage in such a way. I realize parking in the Pine Point Beach area of Scarborough comes with a premium, although I suggest a different method of action per The Garage management team to avoid facing any type of legal liabilities or financial obligations in the future. All in all I always enjoyed the chicken wings but probably I will not return for a long time and will share this story with everyone I come in contact with. Between living in Monument Square and having a beach house in Pine Point I should be able to warn enough people to make a substantial difference. "Great Chicken Wings, Terrible Management, Unsafe to Drink."


Best BBQ in Maine

Amy Colangelo

Great food! Service was both friendly and professional.

Debbie Litalien

Excellent food and friendly waitstaff. The pulled pork was so good and the cornbread stole the show! Definitely will go again.

Martha Dickey

Delicious food, great service, wonderful atmosphere. Highly recommend but remember it is seasonal closing mid October until next season.

Wayne Lowell

Fantastic! Mouth watering BBQ and side dishes. Great drinks! Unparalleled service, and an open fire! What more could you ask for?

Samantha Frechette

Food and service was amazing!!!!

Brad Blake

As a converted garage, it reverberates with noise such that one must holler to speak with a dining companion. No effort to absorb noise. Poor selection of brews; no red ale, which goes perfectly with ribs. Then, the ribs. Mine had very little meat on the bones and were overdone and dry. Very poor dining experience and I will likely not return.

Derek Gaultier

Great atmosphere! Open air throw back garage is a great concept. Food and service are on point.

Eric Carvill

Food was amazing. Love the sauces. House sauce is tangy. The octane sauce was excellent. Spicy but acidi .

Cassidy Clark

We called ahead of time to let them know we had a table of 8 coming. When we got there our table was still not ready. Ordered our food which was okay. At the end we asked for separate slips & waitress gave major attitude. Said that we should have spoke up in the beginning & that it's difficult to separate slips after she's already put the order in (as she's speaking to 3 waitresses). When she finally came back she retook all of our orders & had a huffy attitude about it. She went back to put it into the computer & brought us back our separate slips & did not speak one word to us. Myself & my boyfriend were the only ones who had to pay with a card so she had to come back & cash us out. Instead of just cashing us out she proceeded to take another table of 9 or 10 people's order & put it into the computer before simply cashing us out. After 10 minutes of us waiting to get our card back we finally went up & asked if everything was going through okay, and her response was "I'm putting these orders in before I cash you out" Needless to say none of us will be going back & I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone. This is my first bad review I have ever wrote.

Barbara McPherson

The food here was okay. Definitely not the best BBQ I've ever had. The platter shown in the picture was about $70, which was not worth it. The portions could've been bigger, or it could've come with an extra side and a bit more meat. The meat was dry and disappointing. If the price had reflected the food, I would have been more satisfied. I wouldve liked to pay about $40 for what I received. None of their BBQ sauces were very good and none of them went well with the meat. The french fries were the best part of the meal.

Steven Gerhard

Excellent food and service!

Trisha Watson

Fantastic meal, ordered the Overhaul, good thing there's no such thing as too much BBQ! The sides were amazing too, cornbread, beans, and kimchi.

Joshua Rice

Asked for sauce on my ribs before they came out, they wouldn't do it and provided a few bottles for me to choose from. Ribs were dry and the sauces did not add much to the flavor of the ribs. Interesting theme.

Brenden McGonagle

Great drinks and service highly recommended to anyone looking for a relaxed atmosphere and good service as well as food.

Jesse Russell

I brought my wife and two kids to the restaurant because I've been there before and the food was good. This time the food was way under my expectation, service was very slow and we waited over an hour after we placed our order to get our food. I won't be returning!

Bassin Maine

The service wasn't good. They dont have the staff to keep up with the customers

andrew fairbairn

Food was pretty good and came very fast. I got the overhaul for 56 bucks at the time totally worth it. Lots of sauces on the table.

Jen Corbeil

Really good barbecue food with a cool vibe inside. Good draft choices. We had pulled pork, ribs, cole slaw, mac n cheese, cornbread & the beans. Each entree comes with 2 sides-you choose. Definitely recommend.

Su Bail

Amazing place. Amazing service. Thank you for being open after Labor Day too!!

Robert Brogan

Stopped by to check it out based on reviews only. Had a few at the bar waiting for take-out. Food was great. Bartenders and wait staff were friendly/helpful. Going back next time I am in Scarborough. As the name suggests..its was a garage at one need for the suit..its casual dining. Seating outside and inside. Also - VERY CLEAN...had to mention that...(been in a few places that weren't) I'd say prices were right for what you got! Try it's great.

Emily Rae

This place is so good once a year my husband and I drive the 4 hr one way trip to go. The cornbread is a must while there!

Cheryl George

The Garage BBQ is great! The decor is very cool and the food was delicious. I had the lobster pork belly BLT and it had a generous amount of lobster. The host and wait staff were friendly. I want to go back and try other dishes.

Douglas Smith

Place is great

frank wereska

Great find, good food and service. reasonable co$t. The atmosphere is a garage with metal tables and benches. Garage doors can open in the warm weather. Close to the ocean & breezes.

scott c

This place was pretty basic. Service was good the food was decent. Chicken was a lil dry. Didn't really care for any of there sauces. Also someone I was with ordered sausage and they said they ran out which seemed weird for noon time on a Sunday.

Cynthia Ladd

We had a great meal here ! Hope to make it back before it closes for the season !

Mr. Ages

Great food, casual environment. Great place for family and friends.

Mary D.

I had pulled pork. the food was good and service very good. will go back when it opens for summer.

Patti St John

Good food lots for the money Got the combo meal 25 for 2 entries Yummy..well worth the money.

Drew H

The food was cold, dry and definitely not worth 80$. The best looking thing was the fried haddock. At a BBQ place. Will not be going back.

Samantha Orlando

Atmosphere was awesome. Very casual. There was a live band and all the doors were open. Food was awesome. Loved all the different sauces. Service was really good.

Rich MacLean

Great BBQ place with awesome Lobster Frites, a nice variety of sauces, good BBQ meats and a great use of an old garage. Nice variety among all of the seafood places nearby.

Stefanie Cheng

Food was OK, but service was slow. Would have ordered dessert but didn't want to wait another 45 minutes.

Stephen Sousa

Ordered the overhaul and all the neat was dry and tasteless. It's sad when the cornbread and fries are the best part of the meal.

Jonathan Glidden

Love the food and service here the bbq is the best and the cornbread is the most amazing love it

Kayla Cormier

Wow, what an amazing meal. So simple yet so good. Got pulled pork, was smoked and delicious .Not overly salty, not overly dry, not too fatty, just perfect. Fries were good too as well as the desert menu. Not a well marked menu for people with gluten allergies like me although there was still plenty I could eat. (Just ask! Easy.) Family also got Mac and cheese, flatbred pizza, and chicken with some salad and they were all very happy too .love this place! Great service too.

BillT T

We were there for drinks and appetizers it was wonderful want to go back to have dinner

Valerie Nahorney

Tourist trap

Danielle Ouellette

My boyfriend and I stopped in yesterday and it was AMAZING! Our server Danielle was such a pleasure! The food was scrumptious, along with their five, yes five, different sauces you can smother all over the delicious options the have! Will certainly be back!

Pamela L

Great food, fun atmosphere and live music! We had a wonderful family meal!

Dan Hwang

Great service, great food. Had the lobster pork belly sandwich. Heavenly.

Jean Cravenho

Awesome place. Good food & drinks

Patricia Richards

Awesome place amazing BBQ Brisket. Everything was very delicious. A must place to go .

Pete Connell

Excellent food and a great atmosphere! They really made the place shine with the remodel!

Tina cummington

The price was right. The cottage was clean. Somewhat shabby. A meager investment would liven up the place.

Piyum Samaraweera

Decent food, a bit dry (tried pulled pork and the brisket). Service was good. Place itself is nice, though floor under our table was a mess: food and some paper trash...


I was visiting Maine and this place was highly recommend by some locals. Amazing bbq. So delicious! Tried the brisket and pulled pork. Great variety of sauces. The sides were yummy too - especially the fries which were nice and crispy.


Great food and drink. Love the open bays of the "garage" to dine in. Can't wait to eat here again soon.

Kurt Stultz

Super impressed, the food here was fantastic, close enough to the ocean to hear the waves and smell the salt. I'm going to make it back when I can.

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