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Where is Serendib Indian And Sri Lankan?

REVIEWS OF Serendib Indian And Sri Lankan IN Maine

Fred Ireland

This place is great. The food is reasonably price, fresh and incredibly tasty. Our server could not have been better.

Neha S

Quenched our cravings for Indian food on the way! Great ambience and good food.

Binuka Gunawardana

Good Sri Lankan food.. we loved it

Warren Briggs

Best stop of the day. Late lunch. Epic food, friendly service, prompt delivery. Blow up your taste buds and check this place out - you will NOT be disappointed. My highest recommendation.

Joan Kearns

Tora Johnson

What a gem! We had a wonderful meal full of amazing flavors. I have multiple food allergies (gluten and milk), and I had lots of delightful choices. I had a spicy Tikka masala with chicken and dahl to die for. My husband had the wild boar and said it was so tender it just about melted in his mouth. Highly recommended!


Great food

Wendy Jo

Jeff DiBella

Reasonably priced and well- prepared

Susie Brunsvold

Delicious, well priced food served in good portions. Can be spicy, so ask about the dishes.

Suyog Potnis

Nilmini Subramaniam

I am a Sri Lankan and my sons and I really enjoyed the food. We ordered mixed rice, wild boar

Allison Willard

Outstanding food. All made to order as you wait. Remodel looks great too.

Winona Christnot-Peters

Neal LaFrance

Been here a number of times. Has to be the most consistently excellent food I've had at a restaurant. Really glad that they look busier than ever, keep up the great work!

Jm Amy

Get the eggplant side dish and the Sri Lankan special!! Everything else is good too.

vicky freese

Had lunch here passing through on the way to Acadia. The dosa is absolutely delicious! This indian/Sri Lankan restaurant is better than 99% of Indian restaurants in NYC, and I've eaten in a lot of them!

Vijayakrishnan Srinivasan

Excellent food! Great taste!

meagan kettell

Emma Greenberg

eric wilson

Mark Colan

Unusual choice for Ellsworth

Sandy Lewis

Mary Jude

One of our favorite places! The food is outstanding, service terrific, small but squeaky clean. We try to go at least a couple of times/month and we live about 30 miles away! Totally worth the trip!!!!

Simon Brunner

It was delicious - the sauce with the koriander - unbelivable good. we loved it. Bristerfinefood from Switzerland

Siddharth Bhoraskar

Great food and quick service.

cjw ontheroad

Always a wonderful environment and awesome food

Wayne Burnett

Nice friendly establishment, great food.

Henry Cross

Outstanding food and service! Perfectly balanced and complex flavors plus a wonderful atmosphere. We make a special trip every time we are in Maine.

Tara Clark

Stephen Tarrant

The food was outstanding

mridul pokhriyal

Conrad Bazylewski

Excellent unique food, good staff

Alessandra Smith

I drove 1.5 hours (one way) just to get this food (to bring home) and I was not disappointed. Super friendly, patient, and helpful, both taking my (very long) food order and when I picked up the food. Lamb meatballs were amazing. Palak paneer was great. Other people I ate with raved about the cashew curry with shrimp, the sour fish, and the Sri Lankan style chicken curry. I had the tandoori salmon too, also fabulous. And the roti was really good. The samosa filling was really good and a bit spicy, but they were wrapped in phyllo or something similar, which was a bit odd, good nonetheless and different from others I have had. All the chutneys were great. The love cake was delish, as were the flourless chocolate cake (chai whipped cream, YUM!) and the cheesecake. I'm surprised the desserts even made it home. Also, Ellsworth is SO cute and it's really close to Acadia National Park, so make a day (or 5) out of it. Also, I basically ordered the entire menu and wasn't disappointed by any item. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff. You really can't go wrong. I didn't take any food pics, but the drive is lovely and I have a few pics from that. Place is easy to miss, I drove right by, twice, but right on the corner. Look for it.

Sarah W

Alexander Keefe

Jenny MacArthur

Absolutely outstanding

David Charron

Sanjeeva's lunches are fantastic! The flavors are fantastic - and he can set the heat just the way you want...

Jacob Silverman

Really good food. The flavor is bursting, the dishes are healthy. I was pleased by the sides. A great restaurant.

Telan Niranga

Sri lankan restaurant with indian flavor. You can find sri lankan rice and curry and kottu. Chef is really good sri lankan guy.... Cheers..

somdatta ray

Food was pretty good and the place is very clean. Service was pretty good too. All in all a small,clean place with good food.

Moses Baik

Great view through the large windows. Coconut crab meat soup and salad was so great.

Ann Jenkins

Wonderful food! Love all the side dishes.

Brian Markey

This review is coming from someone who has been to Sri Lanka many times. The food is awesome. Kind of expensive for the portion size, for our party of three before tip it was $75. This was with no drinks, sharing one piece of bread as an app, three meals and three desserts. I would definitely recommend and will go back as soon as I save up some money.

Armanda Davis

Jimmy Haley

The place has a nice atmosphere. It has a neat location on the corner of two streets and is very small. The staff was friendly and helpful. The main dishes were OK priced. Felt some of the appetizers were expensive for what you got. The food was OK. Not as flavorful as many of the other Indian food places I've visited. Will go back and get a different dish to see if It can change my mind.

Sindhu Sai

You have to book table early or else it's fully booked by lunch... but it's worth the wait

gerardo perea

diane stewart

Marini Nakandala

If you want to eat in, a reservation is a must! Small quaint restaurant and since it's small hardly is there a day where you don't have to wait for a minimum of hour for a table. The service is great, and very personal. But the pricing maybe on the high side, especially the appetizers. The entrés are worth it and sufficient for two grown-up folks

William Somes

Made a delightful first impression. If you like ethnic foods, Serindib is simply a must visit.

Visham Pandya

Authentic Indian food. Had amazing Chickpeas Vindaloo

Chandra S

The food is delicious. It is a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation because it can get crowded. It was worth the wait.

Matthew Knuppel

Sharad Shah

Nice ambience & very simple decor. Good food very nice taste.

Pavneet Gill

Awesome food. Don't miss the tea.

Ian Flamm

Small place, make reservations if possible. Food is delicious, portions on some dishes are large. The wings are extremely hot but wonderful

Richie Grant

Todd Beaulieu

Great food!

Abhishek Mishra

Gary Clayton

Great food pleasing atmosphere.

Allan Louie Cruz

It was worth the drive and wait.

Christine Chernesky

Small intimate restaurant with a wonderful Sri Lankan cuisine. Each dish was rich in flavor and had cooling compliments to offset the heat of your choice. You will love this food!

Jon Eddison

Best Indian restaurant in America that I have eaten in. Note that I grew up in Pakistan and try to cook Indian food myself at least once a week.

Timothy Stearns

Mercedes Debowey

Jameson Welch

Caroline Yates

Favorite place for Indian food, and one of my favorite places to eat in Maine! Consistently good food, with good service, and good prices.

M J.

Doug Thompson

They really cater to your spice tolerance. Very friendly and clean. Great location at 4 way downtown. A little pricey but worth it.


Nice Indian restaurant in the locality. Tastes are good if not extraordinary. Since it is more of a blend of Indian and Sri Lankan cusines, the authenticity of Indian food is missing but definitely a unique place. Note: Some dishes may get a bit spicy if you're ordering hot level of spice. They use some chillies for spice so its kind of different spice that may take a toll on your tummy. So be aware.

Karthik Lingappan

Nadine McLeary

Great food, great service.

Dnyanesh Chirde

Sherry Modrow

Very good food and particularly tasty condiments. Friendly service. Food is prepared fresh so if there's a bit of a wait, know it's worth it. Go on the early side: by 7 pm every table will be occupied.

Mary Ternus

So crowded! With good reason!

Yuka Takemon

Jacqueline Scarlett

Very clean good service the food is okay

Autumn Blossom

Large plates of delicious food to satisfy my vegan tummy ❤

David Turkheimer

Glorious! Everything was tasty and delicious. As a gluten-free vegetarian, I had no difficulty finding wonderful and satisfying food.

Aaron Quaday

As delicious as any Indian food I've ever had, and I've had a lot of good Indian food.

Sean Charette

A deeply satisfying dinner. Delicious!


Good at times, chicken is sometimes tough for the money. A bit expensive, for no lunch buffet. Good Service. No Tandoori chicken!

Victoria Fuller


Great food with good portions and try the stout if you like dark beers.

Allen Lavoie

Tamera C

purplekitty 96

Delicious food! And a very allergy friendly menu. They had dairy free and glutin free food labeled on the menu, very helpful! Staff was very nice and helpful as well, knew the menu well!

Julia Elizabeth

Good food, but some of it is overpriced. For instance, it's $7 for 1 piece (ONE!) of Naan. We went to an Indian place on the Upper West side in NYC, where you'd expect prices to be much higher than in Ellsworth, Maine, and the Naan there was only $2-3 a basket. Crazy. They do give you some sauces here that are delicious, but they don't make up for the price, and I like having the option of eating Naan with my food. Also, the waitress mislead us the first time we stopped in. We were debating whether to get our food spicy or mild because of the toddlers, and the waitress said she could just put a little hot sauce on the side, best of all worlds. Well, she failed to mention that the hot sauce was a tiny little cup that cost about $7 (maybe $5, I forget)! If you aren't buying Naan or hot sauce though, the food is delicious.

Khushnuma Drisko

Wow is all I have to say. Their chicken korma was delicious and tasted authentic. Loved the different style of samosas they have versus the samosas you have at Indian restaurants. If you're in for a treat and respect the different flavors of other cultures, Serendib is the spot. You're in for a treat.

gary fauth

Yeshvir Daamineni

We tried the free range wild boar with coconut bread. Absolutely fantastic and the flavors are spot on!

Joe Damato

There are many great options and even though many of them are spicy, there are mild options too. The employees were very helpful.

April Hartford

Bill Fogle

Perfect sauces, truly spicy dishes, and gorgeous open room with urban view.

Amanda Kendall

So delicious!!

Umamageshwaran G R

selva T

Bowen Shang

Super busy super long wait

Madanmohan Kolla

elizabeth armington

This place was phenomenal! The naan was amazing, the wild boar and the goat curry was delicious. The staff was polite and attentive. I cannot say enough good things.

Brett Binns

Quite authentic and generous food, they also carry Lion Stout, a serious treat for lovers of Export Stout. The folks ate very nice. I think we are lucky to have such variety in our Maine community!

rohit kapa

Food is amazing here, especially the chutneys and sauces next to them. A very flavorful experience and warm service. Highly recommend anyone who wants to have a good dining experience.

Jagadish Reddy

Food was good except garlic chicken, more garlic taste was there than chilli chicken taste

Jennie N

Khiva Cheleigh

Jarrod Calhoun

Average at best. Hardly authentic. Food had minimal spices added. Chicken tikki masala was basically marinara sauce.

Joshua Olney Zide

Delicious Sri Lankan and Indian food in a nice setting.

Viswanath Josyula

Got a chance to eat Sri Lankan food on the way to Acadia National park, they prepared food with right amount of spices, It was delicious.

Kalpit Shailesh Mehta

Ann Dyer

Delicious food and friendly service

Matthew Welch

Food is great! Can't wait to go back

Corvus Group LLC

Staff - superb Chef/ owner - sublime Food - amazing! Wild Boar aaa+++ Save room for Mama Love Cake and pair with signature Serendib ice cream

Norra Sun

3 people, 2 apps, and 3 mains. Quick, friendly service and the food is absolutely delicious! Also, if you order your food "hot," as in spicy hot, you will get HOT unlike at other Indian or even many Thai restaurants. Chef, thank you for not holding back on the spiciness. I am Southeast Asian and I approve of this spiciness!

Edna Simmons

Great food and great people. Recommend highly.

Max Lee

Best. Food. Around. So much flavor. Trust me

Vicki Newman

I loved it. I have been there twice now within the last couple of weeks with different family members and they were happy too with the food, atmosphere and service.

Roman Bína

Great, tasty food and also drinks. Highly recommended if you enjoy Sri Lankan or Indian cuisine. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable.

krishna deepak

justin clark

It was ok, not really my type of food though I guess.

Bharath Nayak

Polly Kirchner

Good foods and clean restaurant.

Sumit Gupta

The food is ok. It is not authentic Indian food. The service is good.

Abijit Gowda

Authentic and simple. Delicious food and fantastic service. Much recommended!


Incredible food, great people. Love this place.

Mahesh Upadhyaya

If you like spicy food this is the place to go. Light medium or more...The chai tea is a must..

Satish Kumar

Great food and friendly atmosphere.

Youngsoon Lee

시골마을에서 기대하지 않았던 맛집발견

Ryerson Schwark

Solid to excellent dishes at reasonable prices. Service was good.

bobby ann packwood

Guada Wilkinson

Holy guacamole. Their Naan bread and sides that came with it was just amazing!! Amazing food amazing staff!! I had the Sri Lankan Style Chicken Curry and it was very good.

Brenda Radley

Not the greatest

Casey Kaemerer

Staff was rude so we decided not to stay.

Merlin Simmons

Cute little corner restaurant. The naan was fresh baked and came with 3 sauces. The naan itself was alright but the sauces were so incredibly good. I had chickpea cashew curry and it was good. The portions are very generous.

borrego uribe

Bad service ingredients where missing in my call club

Matt Paulauskas

Great food, atmosphere, and owners. Truly one of my favorite places to eat.

Kendra Merrill

Food was amazing. Service was great. Will go again

Sourav Chakraborty

Nice food ... exceeded my expectation ..

Sarah Willson

G. Scott Hale

Great food and staff!

Jonathan Metcalf

I love south asian food and have eaten it all over the United States and in south asia. Wow. This place was as good as any I have eaten.

nick navarre

Great food! Great customer service! Great location! Great owner!

Nick Brenneke

It was super busy when we arrived but they seated us even though we'd be there past the posted hours. We really appreciate them letting us order so late because the options are pretty limited in Ellsworth in the off-season. We started with the naan which was hot and butter and came with 2 tasty chutneys. I had the goat curry which had a good spice - their spice scale is Sri Lankan so hot means on fire by American standards. The meat was tender and the curry had a nice deep flavor. It came with a small side of yogurt sauce which was nice to balance the heat. Highly recommend Serendib if you're near Acadia especially if you're looking for a break from all the Maine lobster.

S Salsbury

Excellent restaurant. A rare gem in Ellsworth. Not sure the locals appreciate what they have here on the corner of Main Street. Go, try it. Try the wings. Pretty hot, but very tasty.

Jon Rosemeier

Good service and great food!

David Tuggle

This place had great Indian and Sri Lankan curry. We had the Sri Lankan curry with shrimp and tikka masala with lamb, naan with chutney, and an order of samosa. Everything was great. The heat added is accurate, so if you like it hot go medium. If you want it to burn a hole in your tongue and sweat for a week, go hot. The samosa may have been the best we ever had. They used phyllo dough! Fantastic. The chutneys with the naan were amazing. If you need a break from lobster, try this place. 1 star off for no beer to soothe the tongue. 5 stars for the food.

vimal poonia

Little over pricy and taste is not exactly indian but looking at other there is near 50 mile range

Udayan Bose

Best Sri Lankan chicken curry that we have had outside of Sri Lanka. Excellent restaurant. Super friendly service. Terrific experience. Thank you!

bipul sinha

The lamb in lamb tikka Masala was not soft . It was hard and elastic.

Jessie C

Helen A Berger

We love this restaurant. The food is authentic, prepared fresh, and each dish has its own unique flavor.

Simon Lee

Larry Gibson

David Canada

Great food at a good price. My daughter, who doesn't typically like Indian food, liked all the dishes we was that good.

Ashley Harris

chandana srinivasa

Did not feel the food was even close to authentic. Ambiance is great though.

Cary Hanson

Great restaurant, a true gem.

Carol Lewandowski

Awesome dining experience. Food was delicious -- very fresh tasting. Wait staff was knowledgeable and polite. Portions were huge!! We will definitely return.

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