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Jason Trease

Ordered from the menu and didn’t choose “cook your own “ (I’ve never understood the appeal tbh) Every time I’ve eaten here the food has been excellent! The restaurant is beautiful inside! The Service is acceptable ish but honestly they should hire some experienced waitstaff.

Linde Wilson

Absolutely delicious! The Korean Fried Chicken Bao and pork dumpling were outstanding!! Good prices & friendly staff rounded out a great dinner.

Judy Tizon

Dianne Barter

Great food and what fun!! Loved being able to grill food at our pace and eat while it was still hot.

Christopher DeSantis

Delightful Korean restaurant with an odd name, apparently downstairs at the barbecue they like to use all the parts of the animal from the nose to the tail. We had lunch upstairs; the menu is fairly limited but everything we had was divine. The pork dumplings were heavenly, offered with several different kinds of sauces, and the bibimbap was ferociously hot and savory. The service was fantastic as well. I look forward to going back and trying the BBQ downstairs.

Mike Dandy

Great food and great concept, but not enough staff. Took forever to get food (2 hours, raw food w/ no prep, really?), But if they can expedite stuff this place should be awesome

Tyler O'Brien

Everything about this place was fantastic. Even the pickiest eater can find something here and then cook it to their liking. The server was very knowledgeable and helped our group through the entire process.

Jacob Bazinet

Loved the food — just when the Asian woman kept coming over to flip our food and rush us out it was quite uncomfortable.

Jotham Illuminati

Quick and Dirty: My partner and I took our friends here in the hopes that N to Tail would live up to the Korean BBQ experiences we've had in Boston, Los Angeles, Oregon, and South Korea. In some ways it did, but in some important ways, it did not. The quick and dirty on N to Tail is that the food was tasty and good in quality, the staff were friendly if somewhat un-knowledgeable about cook times for foods, most menu items were overpriced for the quantity of food, and the seasonings, sauces, marinades and food offerings were not reminiscent of traditional Korean BBQ. It is a fun experience but suspend your expectations of traditional K-BBQ before choosing to go. I recommend trying N to Tail to form your own opinion, but feel free to read on for more of my in-depth thoughts. The Specific Details: N to Tail was more expensive compared to our other K-BBQ experiences. Sadly, N to Tail put a price wall around traditionally "complimentary and free refill" fermented vegetable sides like bean sprouts, daikon radish, kimchi, tofu, pickled cukes, and others. Most of the fermented vegetables aren't available at all, but those available cost $3 - $5 for very small portions without refills. Meat and drinks were fairly priced for portion sizes. Veggies for the grill were overpriced at $3 - $6 for a few small slices of any given veggie. And $5 for sam is ludicrous (it is lettuce and bean paste). For reference, Haejangchon, the most popular K-BBQ in Los Angeles where food is generally 15-30% more expensive, does a $25 all you can eat meats, sides and veggies K-BBQ experience. Koreana in Boston provides all traditional side dishes with refills at no charge. I'm not saying N to Tail need be a mirror of these examples, but charging $3 - $5 for typically free or refillable/low-cost sides is a bit much. Given that N to Tail has the customer cook the whole meal, the prices are a bit high overall. Traditional K-BBQ offerings like bulgogi, organ meats such as tripe, and seafood like squid and octopus are conspicuously absent, but they do have a wide range of other beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. The marinades and seasons are Japanese-Korean fusions with Maine influence - maple infused soy for example. Most meats are coated with these options versus sesame and chili-based versions found in K-BBQ. It's a different spin, and it works despite being a riff on the traditional. However, there are few traditional K-BBQ dipping sauces. Instead, you get a bottle of sweet gochujang sauce, maple-soy sauce, and ponzu - all good in their own respects, but not the expected ssamjang, sesame oil, or plain soy sauce. The staff were friendly throughout the experience, but they lacked knowledge about how to cook certain foods. Recommended cook times for veggies were 30 seconds per side for 1/4 to 3/4 inch thick slices of zucchini, white onion, and eggplant. One minute of cook time is great if you like eating raw onion or under cooked zucchini. Similarly, suggested cook times for meats were too short. This isn't an issue if you're knowledgeable about cooking meat/veg on a grill, but for customers who are less grill-savvy or arrive not expecting to cook for themselves (not all K-BBQ places allow the customer to cook like this), poor instruction can result in a frustrating and dissatisfying experience. Overall, N to Tail is a good but non-traditional take on Korean BBQ. They explicitly tell you it's a Japanese influenced experience, but some of the best Korean flavors and dishes are missing. I applaud the owners for bringing Korean BBQ to Maine. It is a much needed venture into new Asian cuisine for this area. I appreciated most of the experience, but the price, lack of traditional options, and poor instruction on grilling (not a personal problem but as a baseline for all customers) left me wanting. I plan on returning in a month or two to give it a second shot.

Leslie Lambert

They sat us down with a party of 6 to a table for 4 in the far corner of an empty restaurant. We asked to be reseated to a table for 6. They reluctantly reseated us again to another table for 4 (a little less cramped ) we again asked to expand into another table and they stated that other reservations were the reason we could not use another table. We stayed and were served with food not suited for more than 4 and a 16” cooking area that did not cater to more than 4. The minimal amount of thongs (2) to cook with had to be used for both handling raw then cooked meat (cross contamination). We could have used one for handling raw and the other for cooked but difficult to cook and serve 6 people from this small grill (everyone was hungry). As we left, the table beside us as well as quite a few tables in the restaurant were still empty. I would NEVER return to this place in a million years. Cost was far more than the service deserved considering we were cooking our own food. Will never recommend and will steer people away from this place.

Joe Loeman

Food was amazing(ordered 2 of the Korean fried chicken after having the first bowl it was that good), attentive and friendly staff. Definitely one of my new favorite places to go

Stefanie Wong

Donovan Hua

This is a lovely spot to get Korean food! The kbbq downstairs is very good, and im glad i dont have to make the trip to Massachusetts for kbbq anymore! The seating upstairs is nice and varried for different party sizes. If youre to get any food types specifically id reccomend the korean fried chicken! Perfectly spicey sweet and super crunch! On mondays they have a great deal for it! And for the bbq, like anywhere id go. Spicey pork belly is where it is at! Always spicy and sweet just right!


(Translated by Google) Galbi lunch box Very clean and delicious (Original) 갈비 런치박스 아주 깔끔하고 맛있게 잘 먹었어요 추천합니다

Prashant Pradhan

Nice food served hot and backed by personalised service.

Jeremy Rose

Perfect place, just how I remember Korean food in Korea.

Cheryl Lam

Francisco Santana

I am so happy that we finally have another Korean restaurant that isn't the overpriced yobo. We got the Korean BBQ and it was amazing, definitely worth every penny.

Christopher Hafner

Megan Rice

The food here was really stellar and really stood out for some delicious Asian food while in Portland. Definitely worth a stop!

Ann B

Awesome atmosphere food and EXCELLENT service can't wait to visit again.

Daniel Walsh

Reaghan Smith

We sat upstairs and had an amazing dinner! The Korean fried chicken was so good we finished it and ordered another one immediately. The salmon tempura and butter dumplings were delicious too. Everything we had was great, our server Kristian was friendly and attentive, best meal I have had in Portland for a long time, and it didn’t leave me broke. I can’t wait to go back for Korean fried chicken Mondays. It sounds like a heck of a deal!

Chris Slesarchik

Great Korean food, cool space, and friendly service. Their fried chicken is on my very short list of “ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY” in Portland. I’ve been here several times and always thought it was great. Heads up, the downstairs area is an entirely different experience from upstairs (upstairs is a restaurants while downstairs is more of a college bar scene in the evenings).

Vincent LaCour

Lauren Garrard

Color me impressed. This place is so unbelievably delicious and unique (which is hard to do in 2019 Portland)! Came here for lunch with a larger group and our waiter Christian was super friendly and attentive, clearly passionate about the restaurant. Each dish - from the butter dumplings and korean fried chicken to the port ssam and beautiful salmon poke - was not only a work of art but full of flavor and sizable. Hats off to the head chef, who is even credited to the numerous custom art pieces hanging around the restaurant.

Tyler Rocheleau

The food and drinks were amazing! The Korean fried chicken was delicious, it had the perfect amount of spice and seasoning. My fiancé and I will definitely be coming back.

Devin Cain

The bbq was a fun experience to do once, but not with a large group. I found that as soon as people got their food their focus was much more on cooking and less conversation at the table. Maybe it's because it was our first time using the grills? It's also somewhat pricey considering you are cooking your own meal.

Alan Simmons

Food was good, we all had a great time, and the price was very reasonable.

Spiratus Treviso

I really enjoyed this Korean BBQ restaurant! I've been to quite a few restaurants in the style, and I have to say that Portland truly has a new gem to be enjoyed frequently. There's something special about eating in the style that really makes it a wonderful social experience. The food was simply fantastic and the service was equally great. It is located downstairs, so you kind of have to look for it. We almost missed it. We ordered the dinner for 2 and it had a great sampling of everything on the menu. You can't go wrong ordering in this manner. This way, you get a little bit of everything and have the opportunity to taste a variety of different meats. Have a good selection of beers and mixed drinks to boot. You are going to want to Eve here before it becomes so popular that it's difficult to get a seat. It's really that good.

Jackson Pineau

Brad Kilbride

Amazing food. Amazing service. Looking forward to the next time I'm in the area and can stop by!

Sergey Dayneko

James Hankard

Came here in mid July for Dinner, every dish we got was fabulous. Great customer service and even better Korean cuisine. Highly recommend.

Winston Brathwaite

Tu Packard

We had raw tuna and the salmon poke bowl. Both were delicious. Spicy and flavorful, the poke could hold its own against any good Hawaiian poke. The decor was both interesting and pleasing, and the service was good. We will certainly return!

David Wilson

This was our best meal during a 3-day Portland trip - the Korean fried chicken bao absolutely blew my mind!!! Forget those touristy lobster shacks and eat here instead!


I came in for dinner during traveling and was very surprised and impressed with their new interior and the meat quality. I was also impressed with their side dishes which were very clean and well plating. Most importantly, the meat portion was very satisfied within the price and they were absolutely delicious and fresh! I highly recommend N TO TAIL!!!

Doug Smith

The amazing thing Korean BBQ of the downstairs is equalled by the amazing variety of their upstairs small plates. The Korean Fried Chicken was savory with just enough sweet. The pork dumplings were to die for and the spicy Cucumber salad was marvelous. My wife and I will be back soon without a doubt.

Justin Smith

The food tasted great really a 4.5 star for the K BBQ. But this place is going to go OOB. The prices are insane. I could get a better prepared for me meal at Fore Street Grill for the same price. Every Dinner plate is $5-$15 over priced, especially since you cook it for yourself. It will be sad if they close because it really is good, but it's so expensive no one goes. Cut the prices and fill the place.


MaryBeth Moriarty

I was surprised to find very authentic Korean cuisine smack dab in the middle of exchange street. The food was incredible and the service was kind, and attentive. The art was all pieces of a piano which made it very interesting to look at while sipping on a fantastic cocktail. The bartender was a delight and was mindful of my dietary needs. I can’t wait to go here again to explore more of the menu.

HyoJung Jang

Ellis Roakes

Christian Lunn

Scott Niemi

I enjoyed everything from the salad, the soup, and the grilled meats. The sauces were very tasty and I also liked the concept of using lettuce as a wrap for the meat, veggies, and rice. I tried a couple of mixed drinks from their menu and both were unique and delicious. My compliments to the chef :-)

Andrew Damon

Excellent place!! Well priced, high quality food, fast service, friendly staff, great views. What more could you want? I do wish they made it a but more clear as to the setup (BBQ downstairs, dine-in restaurant upstairs), but otherwise a fantastic experience. Will be back!

Jess Isler Nickerson

Dereka Muldoon

food and service were both excellent, I’m already looking to go back after last night.

Matt Herbert

Really fun visit to N to Tail. The food came out quickly and was delicious. Will come back with friends next time. Small note: The quail was hard to navigate around to eat. I'd recommend against getting that but the meat itself was delicious.

Alex Lyscars

Went twice in a row, first night was Korean BBQ downstairs and second was for the bipimbap the following night. All were phenomenal and loved the service. Don’t sleep on the Korean Fried Chicken special on Monday nights. We will be back to get that for sure! Thanks for two great evenings and here’s to more!


Dustin Bonk

Excellent food and a great staff! We got a selection of the small plates to share. Everything was delicious. I'd happily go back.

Elinel Francesca Alfaro

Erica Mendes

Such a fun dining experience with delicious food and helpful service. Great place to check out if you’re new to Korean bbq!

Michael Lionetta

Downstairs portion has been open upstairs with full service opening very soon.....

William Montgomery

Tyson Fait

Timothy Corsello

Unbelievable. The beef was out of this world and the service was incredible. By far the best Korean BBQ in portland. Pretty chill atmosphere as well. 10/10 would reccomend.

Chris Cruz

Fantastic food

Patrick Wappler

Good staff and good food. A great experience overall

Nick Piacentini

Delicious food, great service. Will be coming back soon!

Maggie Bassow

Food is absolutely incredible here, best kimchi I’ve had in my life! Service is excellent as well, highly recommend.

Benjamin Gelassen

The whole experience was great from the atmosphere, food, and service. Went with a group of friends for a special occasion and this place was a real treat. The concept was new to myself and the group. Cooking your own prepared food on a grill table, famiLy/styLe made a nice impression. I enjoyed eating a bit of everything. The food was on point. Thank you for bringing this cool place to the community. We had a great time and I recommend this spot

brandon rigoli

As beautiful as it is delicious!

Joe Pupecki

Alexandria Chiu

Rebecca Leon

WOW! My family and I were visiting from NYC and happened to stumble upon N to Tail while wandering around, and knew we had to try it. It was by far the best meal we had the entire trip. They do both Korean BBQ and a la carte dining, and I strongly encourage you to try the a la carte dining! If we had more time in Portland we would have liked to try the BBQ as well, but definitely next time. We ordered the butcher board shared plate, butter dumplings, maple soy bbq quail, and grilled pork stuffed squid to start. For mains we had the beef bibimbap, jajagmyun, and confit rabbit. Carrie was our spectacular waitress who tried her best to fit everything we ordered on our table! She provided great service as well. I can’t say there was anything on our table that wasn’t amazing. My personal favorite was the confit rabbit. We will be back! GO HERE!

Lauren Jones

A friend recommended we try N to Tail while here from NYC and the food and drinks were amazing. Christian made us Blood Orange Mai Tais that we’re the best I’ve had and the Korean Fried Chicken Baos were #unbelievable. Will return :).

everett buron

Dakota Culp

The food was great, the service was awesome, my party had a great time. This place IS open, don't hesitate to go downstairs. I'm sure the renovations well be stunning as well, and will be a major asset once open. Do your self a favor and at least try this wonderful resturant that we in Portland have been missing out on. I regret not posting more food pics though, great presentation.

Gregory Shaw

Unreal food. Great prices too. Must come back!

Jason Wagoner

Andrew Altmaier

We had high hopes for this place, but they never even sat us and basically told us we had to leave. When we arrived for the BBQ downstairs, they quoted us a 20-minute wait. After about 50 minutes, the hostess told us she wanted to be honest with us, and it would be another 40 minutes because people were staying too long and they had a lot of people who had reservations just come up. I’ve never been to a restaurant where we left without receiving any food. I feel like we are still in shock? The bar staff was quite unprofessional as well. The only nice thing I can say is that the hostess comped our drinks, which in this case was certainly called for.

Danielle F.

Fun experience. Make sure to go with a group

Ayax Conde

I did not enjoy this. I dont mind Korean food but this particular establishment did not cut it.


Too many good things to say about this place. Had Korean BBQ downstairs. Loved it. If only it wasn't two and a half hours away from home. If it wasn't I'd go there weekly, if not daily. Korean BBQ is a bit of a hands on experience though, so if you're not in a DIY mood try the more traditional restaurant experience upstairs.

Nancy Shaw

Service is great, staff is nice, and the food is amazing!!!

Bill Taylor

Killer Korean BBQ.great drinks.

Kelsey Jean Gosselin

CJ Wilckens

Anne Ahn

N to Tail is very unique restaurant. Food is great. Very friendly staffs. Awesome experience.

Michael Wright

Wow, stumbled upon this place while on our honeymoon and honestly, this was the best restaurant we have been to in Maine. Incredibly authentic and fresh. The owner introduced herself and told us that the lettuce we were eating was from her farm in the countryside. Wonderful experience.

matt jarrett

Do yourself a favor and try this place. It is unequivocally great. Should be rated higher. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Try the eggplant (I know it sounds crazy but it was great) and fried chicken. Many of the complaints bringing it down from 5 stars seem to be idiots who either didn’t like that the staff at a Korean restaurant was from Asian decent, or people who don’t seem to understand that sometimes restaurants have waits when you show up at peak times without a reservation.

Samantha Gottwalt

Came here for a lunch date with my partner and we each ordered the veggie lunch box. It was absolutely delicious and light - the perfect portion for lunch. I was also pleasantly surprised that the box came with so many different veggies and salads and other little bento box style goodies. We will be back for dinner with friends to do the Korean BBQ!

Thira Sen

My boyfriend and I were going on a nice date. Everything was good, in the beginning. Our waitstaff was nice throughout. We were properly instructed on how and when to cook meats when it came out. Great! As we proceeded, an Asian women came to our table and kept flipping our meat and telling when to eat them. We loved the food and flavoring were on point. This was suppose to be a nice leisurely night that we both would enjoy talking over grilled meat. Well, that didn't happen, the Asian lady came to our table during our whole meal. We were very annoyed! Both my boyfriend and I know how to cook. If we needed help, we would ask. We were so annoyed, we barely spoke to each other. She ruined our night, it was such a good start too. Btw, I been to South Korea, they don't do this. Lady, just back off.

Molly Cimikoski

This restaurant is phenomenal! Everything was delicious, but a few standouts: the fried chicken, pork dumplings, and the fried eggplant.

Jordan Baczynski

I have eaten at several Korean places throughout the country...this place was hands down my favorite! Staff was incredible and I look forward to some very good Korean food next time I am in town!!

Robert Guy

Salli Wason

Amazing food, great service!

Deb Lund

I highly recommend this place. The 2 of us ordered the dinner for 2 in the Korean BBQ side (downstairs), where you cook the food yourself. It was a lot of great food for a great price.

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