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220 Maine Mall Rd, South Portland, ME 04106, United States Located in: Mister Bagel Mall

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REVIEWS OF Imperial China Chinese Restaurant IN Maine

Karl Morlock

Our favorite place for Chinese. High quality food and very tasty. Super fast service and they always get your order right. They have been around for a very long time and have a wall of awards to prove their strong following

Eileen Esposito

Had lunch there today. The won ton soup was bright yellow, quite bland, and completely unappealing. The eggroll was crispy, but greasy, bland, and 99 percent cabbage. The sauce offered no additional flavor as it was basically thickened, colored sugar water. The sauce on General Tso's chicken was so sickly sweet as to be inedible. The tea was okay. The place needs a rehab. Too bad because it used to be decent. My lunch companion and I will not return.

Janet Lambert

So tasty and tender white meat chicken! Great service!

Karen Aberle

Chanel Willis

I made an order online through doordash and asked for them to cancel the order. After calling in the staff member who answered the phone stated, "You wasted my time and that's why I never made your order." Never have I ever had such rude service just because I changed my mind and management was no different. DON'T ORDER FROM HERE!

Peter Farnum

Michael Cote

Nick Robinson

Jade Wu

Daniel Perkins

Great service, food came out fast and hot.. not my favorite but you should try it.

Flo Edwards

A classic Chinese restaurant! My dad started taking me here when I was 12. And I've been coming 20+ plus years since!

Bob Smith

Michael Grochmal

Relatively inexpensive food, quiet atmosphere, hectic but friendly staff.

Christopher Roes

Had to come down to the jetport from augusta to pick up my daughter and was early so we popped into here for lunch and was quite surprised. Very good food and fast

Rasheed Alghamdi

Awful. Not even edible.

Donald Newcomb III

Sam Patel

Edward Zelmanow

Available parking in front. Great menu selections. Wonderful and friendly staff. Would be five stars if the prices weren't higher than local competitors.

Sameer Pandya

Justin Miller

This food is great! Their charge service is insane. If you dine in and order a meal you get soup and meal portion...for a certain price. If you call for the same meal as a take out they charge you the same amount but don't give you the same product. They pull the soup from the item bytnstill charge you the same... Was told this by the woman who is always there and was told you win some you lose some. Very disappointed that They lost my buisness but I won't support a buisness actively ripping off customers...


Marianne Leavitt

Scott Bakker

Always great food and service!

Longbow Gaming

Fair sized portions, good quality food, and good service.

Sarah Cunningham

Great and fresh Chinese food. Staff have been there since before I was born I think. Same waiter who always gets our order right and keeps the drink / wontons coming. I highly recommend their general tso's and they are chicken chow mein. Perfect find in the south Portland area.

Robert Menard

Emily Hefferon

This food is horrible who puts lettuce in won ton soup more like won tomb soup

Dean Breaux

Great food


Absolutely disgusting. Ordered "Crispy" sesame chicken, chicken wings,brown & white rice to go. Chicken was literally swimming in sauce like a soup. The breading was super soggy and falling off the chicken. Only the top few were remotely edible. The chicken wings were also super soggy and didn't look as if it was quality meat. White rice was undercooked and crunchy. The brown rice inedible and had to be spit out. Portions were large is just about the only good thing I have to say about it.

Carol Jordan

Worst food I ever had in my life. Up all night vomiting. Had a poo poo platter and everything in it tasted like fish. Horrible staff. Bad smell when you walk in the door.

George Barber

It's ok for standard Chinese foods. No buffets. Nothing extra-ordinary. Good for staples.

Leanna Cunningham

Best staff and food.

Justin knowlton

Orange chicken here is power! The best I've had anywhere


Best soy based vegetarian general tso chicken#

John Rhodes

We used to travel from waterboro just to get Chinese food here. The hot and sour soup is the best we've found in Maine and the staple meals like general tso's and sesame chicken are amazing with thick flavorful sauce. The portions are healthy and the prices very good, lunch specials we even end up taking some home because we couldn't finish it all. Only downside is we moved to Gorham and now we go too often. Great food, great prices and the employees are very friendly. There is definitely good reason why they have so many awards, lol.

Dawn White

Yummy food! Got take out.

Malee Blanchard

Imperial China is always wonderful. Service and food is great!

Ray Lewis

Very pleasant service, friendly staff

Samantha Bradshaw

Delicious! I love their crispy sesame beef! The egg drop soup is awesome as well!

Sue Quinlan

Lunched there with my daughter. Good food, more than enough (even lunch portions!), good service, fairly priced. Yum#

Jennifer Terwilliger

Fast service excellent food

Rachel Ouellette

Wonderful! Great food and great price, especially for a place buried in a strip mall. Skip the nearby buffet and come here! Great and tasty selection at good prices. Seating a bit uncomfortable, but that's a small issue for the overall value.

Callie Danielle

Best Chinese in south Portland!!! My absolute FAVORITE is the sesame chicken! It's SO good!!!

AL B Adventures

I ordered egg drop soup and chicken teriyaki through door dash with this restaurant. I called to cancel the order and the employee became belligerent. She told me I waste of time and hung up in my face. I called back and spoke with the manager and they informed me that this is their company's protocol. If they feel a customer deserves to be disrespected, they have no problem doing so. The manager also hung up in my face. It was quite an appalling experience and do not encourage anyone to patronize this establishment.

Dan Gasparian

I called the Imperial China Chinese Restaurant tonight and asked if deliveries were available. I got the reply "Yes, deliveries are available" in a clearly stressed voice. I then asked for a specific type of food from their menu. The reply I got from the employee was shocking - The employee told me, and I quote, "This ain't a food, you moron", mocking/imitating my Asian accent and the stereotype that Asians are bad at the English language. Furthermore, the employee answering the call then said "Call yo mama.", still mocking my Asian accent in a highly disrespectful manner. The employee then hung up. I then called them again and asked if they did deliveries - A different employee was answering my call. He said that yes, deliveries were available. I was telling him what I would like when he also exclaimed "Yo, this ain't a delivery place no more.", and hung up. 1/10. Would definitely not eat.

Maureen M Mcdonough

Great food and outstanding service.

Don Morency

I don't usually do these reviews, but I saw a few bad reviews and wanted to put forth my experience. We have been customers at Imperial China for about 10 years, and it continues to be our first choice for Chinese food. We come in almost once a week and have always had very courteous service and the food is consistently great. We love the Lo Mein and the Hunan Chicken.

Nicole Christiana

vicki sawyer

This is the place for chinese food! Been going for 15 years. I won't go anywhere else. General tso's chicken is fantastic!!

Andrew Suitor

Best Chinese resturant around!! Always the Best food

Trina Turner

First time ordering and last time. If people think this is good chinese food then y'all have never had great chinese. Very small portions, the taste and quality of food is lacking big time. Never again

TonyValerie Patenaude

Generous portions for the money. Good food.

Stephen Pagkalinawan

Jaime haight

Trisha J. Wooldridge

Abel Sullivan

Best Chinese food you can get!

Jordan T Peters

BEST CHINESE FOOD IN SOUTHERN MAINE!!!! Seriously so good. Service is always very friendly and quick, food wuakity is always on point. Great selection for vegetarian and vegan options. They even have a "vegetarian general tsos chicken" which is made with a fried, crunchy, soy Nugget and it is sooooo good! Make sure to get a bag of the crispy noodles with duck sauce for dipping with your next order. Makes a great snacky appetizer.

Paul DeBaker

Fresh food, great service, and the price to match.

Adam Spey

Andrew Bisbing

Tina Keane

M.A. Goldman

Great place for a quick, great tasting lunch.

Geoffrey Rhodes

Best Chinese food in New England, easily. Well worth a trip if you’ve never been!

Thomas Meyer

John Barchard

Brian Dexter

Rocket Wong

mr magoo

Pork low mein was bland and mushy.

Brett Pelletier

Valerie Verlander

Excellent , always consistently good

Michael Lewin

Pricy and aloof service, but the food is great. I love the cashew chicken.

Scott Conant

Eric Griffith

The portion of chicken with my $8.10 lunch was ridiculous 4 pieces of chicken with sweet and sour chicken is a rip off

Sara McKenzie

Taylor Coon

Kyle Martin

Excellent food and service. Go quite often with friends and colleagues.


Gerald Cope

Jennifer George

Brandon Buck

stephen wiggin

Literally the best Chinese food I've ever had.

Jamie Creamer

Best for sure

Aimee Huard

By far the best Chinese food in the area. Excellent portion size, always very fresh.

Thomas Romano

Always excellent food. Good cost value.

Vy O

Did not visit. Just passing thru

Shawn Tardif

Great restaurant. Tasty food and worth a visit. They have more authentic cuisine here then your average chinese food restaurant. Price is good, portion is average and customer service is good.

Helen H

Dale Lennon

Nathan Lawrance

Steven Boisvert

Best Chinese food in Maine...great service...real good prices for lunch there as often as I can ..

Bryan Martins

Only have been there once but really enjoyed my meal. The menu has a wide selection with a great assortment of vegetarian options. We arrived late but the staff was still very friendly and the food was hot and fresh. I think the only negative was that I wanted my food spicy and it was quite mild. But that is just a matter of taste and my level of spice might just be skewed. I look forward to going back and trying some of the other items.

Ken Moulton Jr.

I really needed this! Imperial China started me off with some amazing tea and water, and followed up with an impressive presentation of dish for the price range. You're paying under $15 for a dinner with garnished plates that imply a much more expensive experience. The food boasted perfection, and the server was a riot. Great date location!

Tyler Dunphy

Eric Verrill

Excellent portions and great tastes. Been going here for 20 years.

Morton Krantz

Great.bang for your money

Donna Guillory

It was great food was awesome.

Joe Rosenwasser

I wanted to give it 2 stars just because it is Chinese food, but I cannot. The chicken was inedible. The lo mein and rice were below average. My favorite part was the crispy noodles. Overpriced. If you are looking to try a new Chinese food restaurant in the South Portland area, look elsewhere.

Jonathan Powers

Damon OBrien

Alex Davidson

Our familiy’s favorite Chinese Restaurant in Maine!! The food is always incredible. We highly recommend Imperial China!

Benjamin Albright

This was a great dinner. Thank you very much. I love how you bring out hot tea and ice water right when I arrived. Was a great presentation of your plates. I loved the egg roll, very tasty.. Everything was very surprisingly good. Will definitely come back again in the future.

Tim Crouanas

My wife and family threw me a surprise 50th birthday party at Imperial China and the food was absolutely delicious! This was my first experience with Imperial China. The staff went above and beyond to make my birthday special; right down to providing a candle on the cake and joining in on singing "Happy Birthday"! Our family will recommend this restaurant to all of our friends! Thanks to all at Imperial China! We'll be back soon!

Donna Hinds

tom & DeAnn roewer 4 life

Food is decent, yet somewhat overpriced. It is always empty in there, never seen more than three tables at once, so it makes you question how fresh everything actually is.

Todd Cole

W.E. Payne


Matt Clements

They might have the finest Hot and Sour soup in the world and the General Tzos is also fantastic. Lunch specials are the best deal around.

Burp Reynolds

I grew up on their general tso's. It's the best I've ever had. Haven't lived anywhere near the east coast in 15 years, and that gen'l tso's haunts me to this day.

Jen George

Fred Bopp

Michelle Owen

Have been going here for years. Staff is warm and inviting. Love going in for the lunch special menu. Food is very good and the are very prompt with service

Peter Mills

Brendan Rizza

Kari Beaulieu

This restaurant used to be excellent. My past two visits, the soups have been bland, the meals unappealing, and the service mediocre. I won't be returning to Imperial China again anytime soon.

Kate Savidge

We had a delicious dinner here. I had chicken with mixed vegetables, white rice and egg drop soup. The sauce on the chicken dish was perfect. Very flavorful. Although I think the broccoli was a little overcooked, the snowpeas and carrots were just the way I liked them. The service was quick and efficient.

Ingrid F

Absolutely love this restaurant. They are very nice and their food is excellent. We order mostly to go. But have stayed to eat there as well. Nice warm ambiance. Great for the family. So far we have loved all the dishes we have tried. Great flavors and good quality food. We love their wanton soup!

Allan Bunker

Fresh ingredients, decent service

La-Shawn Cox-Broadus

Today was the first time I went to Imperial China and I have to say that the food was absolutely delicious!!! This is now my Chinese restaurant of choice hands down. I truly recommend this place to anyone looking for some really good food. The atmosphere warm warm and the staff was polite and ready to serve us. Loved it!

Dakota Culp

Great take out, but do yourself a favor and come inside. Enjoy a great meal plated exceptionally well, with great service to boot. Definetly the best Chinese I have had in the greater portland area.

Karen Boisvert

Brad Stillion

We love this restaurant. The food is always good, service is excellent and the menu has many choices. Highly recommend Imperial China!

Lucy Valentine

Stacey Hassapelis

Love it

Caelyn Skillings

The waiter was super rude. Mom got chow mein with rice, I got lo mein and a order of crab rangoon. Both dishes were terrible. The rangoon were way to sweet. If you go here I hope you like water because every time you take 2 sips of it a women will show up to fill it back up. You can tell her no all you want but she will be right back to fill it.

A Haley

Fast and good food

Noah Harfoush

Beth Carr

Delicious! I had the crispy sesame chicken.It was crispy and the sauce was good. The fried rice is good with nice chunks of egg. Friendly waiter and the atmosphere is comfortable.

William Strauss

Lunch special is a good value and tasted good. The male waiters could put on a smile and appear as if they enjoyed their job.

jamie creamer

yummy in my tummy GREAT

Daniel Handler

Bill Eugley

Always a good meal waiting for us at Imperial China. Highly recommended!

Sam Pike

Ralph Valente

Great place in South Portland

Nathaniel Hopman

Ordered shrimp lo mien for take out. Shrimp were the size of a dime.

Wendy LaPierre

Tammy Delaney

Great service, food was great and nice atmosphere. Great place for our family!

Diana Lebeaux

I’ve lived in NYC and Boston, among other places, and this remains my favorite Chinese restaurant. It’s not the most authentic (get to Flushing, Queens), but it’s delicious American Chinese food, the likes of which is very hard to find, with great service to boot.

Craig Reynolds

The food is old like the people

Debby Littlefield

good food

Billy Bob brown

So yummy!

Glenn M

Jessie Ellebracht

Andrew Bement

Surprisingly good food, and reasonably priced. Will be dining here again.

cindy bertty Liu

Amberlie Gibson

DO NOT EAT HERE!! Food was cold and dried out. The portions are very small and the staff were not pleasant. I can not believe anyone would ever eat here twice!

Kristian Smith

Service was terrible, employees were rude and good wasn't very good. Its expensive and dishes were really small.

Liz Violette


Beth S

Nicole Orso

theresa lane

This food was so disgusting, it should be closed down. We ordered take out, but I should have just walked out when the smell upon entering was so foul. But, no, we ordered a huge assortment, and when we got home with it, it was inedible. We tried 5 different dishes, and although two didn't taste good, the other three tasted like, well, rotting garbage. Which is where we threw everything to save ourselves what would have been a long night of vomiting. Beyond disgusting.

Travis Mac

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Love the pu pu, and lo mein.

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