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REVIEWS OF Green Elephant IN Maine

Samuel Ransom

Fantastic vegan and vegetarian! I don't recall the name of what I ate but enjoyed the heck out of it! Great atmosphere. Terrific herbal, green and black teas. We did share a mushroom tempura with soy dipping sauce which was a huge and delicious app! Just go.

steve stockford

The place is small and not too fancy. Food was delicious.

Helen O'Malley

Good service, nice place (although it was a bit of a squeeze). Unfortunately I guess I just don't care for vegetarian food!

Rose Williams

Delicious food, very quick service. Perfect for a lunch stop on our drive north along the coast.

James McDonough

The staff was as friendly as I've ever seen, which is why I gave it more than three stars. The food all sounded fantastic, but each item I tasted was less flavorful than I'd hoped. I'll give it another try and choose different items, but I suspect it will be similar. It was good but not quite up to the hype I've heard.

Jeff Tobin

Incredible! We stopped in last week for dinner as we were passing thru Portland. My wife is vegetarian, so finding great vegetarian restaurants is towns we visit is always a priority. We hit the jackpot with this one. She was in heaven. I’m not vegetarian and found the food absolutely wonderful. On our way back thru Portland yesterday we came back. Just as good. The wait staff is super friendly and professional, and the decor was casually stylish. Definitely a 5-star stop.

Devin Burroughs

Never disappointed with my decision to eat here, in fact, I crave it at least every other week. They have a dish called "Siamese Dream Curry Noodle" that i literally want to take a bath in.

Jorge Yocky

Wooow, so far, best vegan desert in town...!

Bradly Widener

What an INCREDIBLE place to get some vegan Thai-inspired food. I can’t tell you enough how much we wish one of these was in Providence. The food is fairly priced, the service was solid, the atmosphere was nice, and everything was just delectable. If it was closer, we’d go weekly.

Michael Grochmal

An excellent place for those with specific dietary needs. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the food is delicious, and the quiet atmosphere is a good place to relax before heading home.

Michael Sciberus

Great food and great service.

Matt Lincoln

Saw the green goblin (williem Dafoe) in spiderman at the green elephant

Casey Finch

This place is amazing! My wife and I have made a habit out of visiting Portland over the summer. Usually we hit up the Old Port to be on the water but this time we simply searched for 'vegetarian restaurants'. Green Elephant popped up with numerous positive reviews (I was surprised by the amount). Anyway, we decided to try it out since my wife is a vegetarian (I am not). The food was absolutely amazing. Menu prices are very reasonable (about $10-$12 a plate)... We did their $15 Green Curry Tofu. It was fantastic and a great, filling, portion. All the other food that passed us looked amazing and I heard numerous 'non-vegetarians' impressed with how awesome the food was. Great food... great price... great restaurant!

Krystall Rudman

Oh my gosh, the thai basil fried rice is to die for! It is hands down the best fried rice I have ever had. The fresh spring rolls are quite tasty, too! Heck, everything I tried was delicious!

Basil Klosteridis

The service was substandard, management was not responsive, the food was unremarkable, save your money you’ll eat better at McDonald’s

Chris Bruce

Amazing food and good service and a majority of the menu is vegan.

Kara Hall

Had the pineapple fried rice. It was incredibly delicious! Went at beginning of our trip and made a special trip to Portland to go back at the end. We had Pad Tai and a Ginger Chicken dish which was also delicious.

Vikram Nafde

Absolutely delightful experience when we last ate here a few times a couple of years ago. Me and my family being vegetarian (close to a 100% vegan), this was an oasis for us on our trip. Excellent food every time. Would highly recommend it.

Jenni Thompson

Absolutely incredible food! Amazing choice for vegans and vegetarians!!! We also enjoyed tasty drinks from local brewers. And the service was fantastic! We were in town just for the day, and this place was the BEST choice for dinner! Wish we lived closer!

Stuart Mirsky

We were vacationing in New Hampshire and took a day trip to Portland, Maine. Found this place on a Google search for vegetarian restaurants and the quality of the food was surprisingly good. Best Pad Thai I had ever had. The staff was also friendly and attentive, the service good. It's a small storefront type set up but very clean looking and nice décor. The prices were decent, too. My wife and I liked it so much that we ordered some takeout for the evening back in New Hampshire. (She ended up not liking the takeout dish she ordered so I ate both hers and mine.) Very nice vegetable stew, well seasoned and tasty. But we had forgotten to bring plastic spoons and the stew's soupy consistency made it hard to eat with a fork so I ended up drinking what was left straight from the container. Should we make it back to Portland again, I'd eat there in a heartbeat. I think my wife would, too, though she does tend to tire of favorite eateries faster than I do.

Jacob Kuhn

Awesome. Was driving around Portland looking for good vegan food and kept getting recommendations for duck and seafood places. My party is really glad they found this place: the food was delicious and the prices were relatively reasonable. Would happily recommend.

A Brady

Amazing vegan / vegetarian fare, in a comfortable and old feel setting. Staff is so helpful and friendly

Rhomni St. John

The perfect place for a tempeh lover. Their dishes are amazing and varied.

Aaron Daniels

Excellent vegan food. Portions can be a little small and a bit pricey. Nonetheless, it provides a quality product.

Siara E.

Loved everything about this place! The food is so good and the servers were diligent, nice and had great recommendations. We head fresh spring rolls, mushroom tempura, peanut curry and ginger noodles. I'm wishing I had more of those ginger noodles now!

Belinda Frye

Food was really good and our waiter was pleasant. Cozy seating and three stars because we were there for my birthday and my partner surprised me with a handful of cupcakes. Though a couple people at our table still ordered dessert from their menu, they charged us an $8 dessert fee for the cupcakes. That kind of ruined it for me and I likely won't go back.

Jonathan VanOver

Wonderful restaurant, my wife is a vegan and I am not. Our wait staff Evelyn was fantastic answered every question and made the dining experience fantastic. We will go again.

Tim Collins

Great food, friendly staff and good atmosphere. Kind of strange entry up stairs to the seating but food was worth it!

Stacey Colson

The seating, service and friendliness of the sever was excellent and the leaf wraps were amazing! We are definitely returning!

Meg Rosano

OMG! I was a little put off by the wait, but it was WELL worth it!! The food and the staff are equally amazing! There's a nice simplistic feel to the place that I enjoyed. Small, but comfortably accomodating. They also provide a very selective drink menu! Being vegan, it was really nice to have SO much food to choose from for once, and found myself a bit overwhelmed lol My husband and I cannot wait to go back!!

Joseph LaChance

When we entered we did not realize this was a vegetarian restaurant. We were so surprised and happy with the flavors, composition, and fresh ingredients. Truly a one of a kind place. Outstanding service too.

Nima Patel

Yum yum and yum. I got the Thai eggplant curry and it was so delicious. Didn't find level 4 spice (highest) to be spicy at all. Luckily, Andy predicted this and brought out this amazing spicy magical sauce that chef put together. It was everything! Great spot. Andy is great!

Michael Locke

Excellent! We ordered almost everything on the specials menu, and it was all delicious! Very friendly staff. A small, but very nice selection of local beer too.

Thomas Marshall

I really wanted a cheese burger and my friend told me they had the best burger in town! Come to find they took their burger off the menu! I won't be coming back

Mellie Holzscheiter

Very good! Love the green curry!

Jon Decker

We will be heading back again to try other dishes on the menu. The gluten-free option on many dishes is great, and necessary for my wife; so, thanks for that. We both ordered different rice dishes and, though they tasted fine, the rice was exactly the same flavor on both dishes with a few mixed vegetables on one dish and a bit of pineapple on the other. The flavor profiles were nearly indistinguishable from each other. Granted, we've had some world class gluten-free Thai food in other locations, with our favorite being in Prague, so I guess I may be holding the bar too high.

Duncan Fowler

A small place but well worth it! Food is phenomenal. Be aware that if you say spicy they will make sure it is! They ask on a scale of 0 to 4 and I went with 4 last time and it was a bit too much and as a lover of spicy food I went with a 3 and it was great for me. 1 or 2 is definitely good for spice and flavor and 0 is perfect if you just don't have an interest in heat. Overall it was great and reasonably priced so we will definitely be returning!


Best Vegan food in Portland

John Hofheins

Delicious, healthy cuisine, but the tables are a little close together. The curry was a little too coconuty for my liking. However, I loved that you could make it as spicy as you want. Their max spiciness is relatively mild.

Thomas K

I had Panang curry, if I am not mistaken it should have had eggplant in it but I didn't notice it. Either way it was very tasty. My wife had a dish with a lot of mushrooms, I can't remember the name of the dish. She felt that it was a bit bland, my taste test agreed. The service was excellent.

Neil Cambridge

We love the Green Elephant. Always great tasting food whether you eat in or take out. Service is always friendly and well done. I just like the whole deal here when it comes to vegetarian food. Full of flavor and creative blends of food. Well worth the visit. If you're not walking though parking is a nightmare.

Erin Leonhard

Very good vegan & vegetarian Asian food. The meat eaters I've gone with love it too & they make some tofu that really has the texture of chicken, it's uncanny! Excellent service, relaxed & peaceful environment! Fabulous in Portsmouth, NH too!

Robert De Filippi

Excellent Thai food. The appetizers were presented well and were very tasty. I had Pad Thai which was very well done and authentic tasting. Would highly recommend. With tip it was $25 per person. Very reasonable.

Arjun Menon


Bruce Novell

Good, pleasant . Dumpling were excellent. Soup was just ok

shaine sullivan

I am the only vegetarian in my family and on our trip here someone else actually said we should go here and I was very excited for good vegetarian food. I was not let down. Our waitress was very sincere and friendly. Wish I lived in Portland so I could eat here more.

Andrew Baker

I've had a few good meals here, and Thai food is a good one to make vegetarian. Think about it.. Thailand is full of Buddhist people, many of whom are vegetarian. Why do you think mock duck exists? It's all been figured out.


Wasn’t expecting much from this but WOW was I blown away. An amazing choice for vegetarians/vegans. The food is nothing short of excellent and the service is great. The food didn’t make me feel bad even though it was incredibly tasty. Highly recommend.

Brock S

Great vegetarian eatery! Loved the Pad Thai!

Mark Tamaleaa

Hands down, clean, delicious, friendly, and excellent establishment. And i go out of my way to eat a great steak! Lol highly recommend.

James Schmidt

Good vege items

Lori Prehn

Great tasting food. We all enjoyed our dishes.

Shane Myrick

Great food that is mostly vegan. They have rotating specials so be sure to check the smaller menu. It is very popular during lunch time but if you get there at 11:30 you can get a table no problem.

Mike Chaplin

Green Elephant is a great restaurant, making yummy vegetarian Asian meals, and I'm a meat eater. And the service is great as well .


Good: fast service, friendly, Con: if you are a vegetarian you would like it but if you're only partial then you may not enjoy it, tofu was very stingy in our plates considering how inexpensive tofu is at asian stores (about six or less tofu cubes per entree is not a lot), leaf roll was too bitter and may I recommend adding fried tofu inside it for better texture and balance in taste (the sweet mango inside it was not matching the bitter collard green)

Claire Anderson

I ate at the restaurant once and ordered take out once. Food was really good both times! Panang curry was better than the peanut curry. Had three different appetizers and they were all great.


Always amazing! Great drinks, better food. Always a great experience.

B. M.

Every time im in Portland i go here. No meat ever enters that building!!!!! Perfect yall perfect!

William Calderwood

Great vegan and vegitarian selections. All so good.

Julie Hess

Love their food! Had our carry-out ready before we got there :)

Julie Ostopchuk

Excellent menu and service.

Ben Handler

Fantastic and healthy cuisine. The menu is stocked with delicious gluten free and vegan items that can please any health enthusiast. Highly recommended!

Josh Berger

If you like vegan food, this place is for you. If you want to eat meat, this place isn't for you. As far as vegan food goes, it's pretty good.

Jen George

Delicious, healthy food and a good environment. The hours are unusual, closing between lunch and dinner.

Owen Hunt

Awesome food, great portions, gorgeous presentation, friendly staff. All around great experience; highly recommended to vegetarians and omnivores alike.

Hillary Cooke

Amazing, as always. Get literally anything and you will be happy.

Amishar Frutkoff

Everyone we talked to on our Portland visit, raves about this place and their high praise didn’t fall short! Absolutely terrific and delicious vegetarian feast, fast and accommodating service. Our server was very polite and pleasant and we were full at a very reasonable price.

Hannie May

The best thai food in the area. All vegetarian with great GF and vegan options.

Jessa Balough

Amazing food, wide variety of spice (can make food as spicy or mild as you like), flavors, and all of their options were well marked as Vegan or gluten free or how you could make them gluten free. Waitstaff was super nice and the atmosphere was perfect!

justin duchesne

The dining experience is appreciated, server's are experienced, respectful. The meal I ate was well portioned and full of flavor! Desert is a must, it will only add to the enjoyment.

Emily Lowell

I'm not *currently* a vegetarian or vegan, but this place could convince me to make the transition to that lifestyle! The food is delicious and beautifully presented. Service was excellent! Very quick, courteous, and always on top of water refills. Been here twice, will come back again and again!

Winston Brathwaite

I typically do not opt for anything specifically vegetarian, or vegan for that matter, but this place was great.

Brett Schornack

Awesome food and great atmosphere

Thomas Leahy

One of the most incredible resteraunts I have ever been too. Friendly staff, good draft options, comfortable/warm/artistic atmosphere and the most unbelievable imitation meats I have ever consumed. Whether you are Vegetarian/Vegan/or a meat eater, this place is a mandatory stop if you are ever visiting the Portland area.

Holly Nelson

It was such a delight to visit this restaurant while visiting the area. The price and quality were perfect, and my group enjoyed the wonderful service and the tasty vegan dishes.

Thomas LaNigra

Great food and atmosphere!

DJ Hicks

Delicious. Friendly and helpful staff. I highly recommend this establishment. I added “ribs” to a Thai dish and man, was that a good decision.


Amazing and fresh food! It's a great place to go for vegetarians and vegans in need of comfort food! The spring rolls are to die for!


Exquisite service and phenomenal food every time. Little to no wait for a table. Atmosphere is pleasant, bright and clean. The specials are where it's at. Shout out to Green Elephant for being the ONLY veg restaurant in Portland!

Erik Hoffman

Overall delicious dinner in a casual setting. Outstanding flavor in the curry dishes. Eat here if you are vegan and you won't walk away feeling unsatisfied. Very nice experience.

Shaughnessey McArthur

It was amazing well worth the wait to get in. It was hard to tell my dish was vegetarian. I am not a vegetarian quite the opposite and they had something for everyone of all preferences. High quality ingredients and amazing flavor!

Keegan Perry

Incredible place for vegans and vegetarians. Pad Thai is phenomenal, and the tea is always top notch. Every menu item is either vegan, or has the non-vegan options bolded for easy removal (say, the eggs from Pad Thai). The small seating area means your needs are never not seen, but also means you may be a little close to your neighbors.

Brian m

Food was out of this world. We had the Kung Pao Chickpeas and the Tofu Tikka Masala. Both sauces were authentic and full of flavor. The tofu was cooked perfectly. The level of spicy was good. The decor was nice and cozy. Dinning room was clean. Wait staff was professional. Highly recommended.

Mark Zarrella

Haven’t had a bad meal yet. I love the consistency of the vegetables, always fresh and crisp. Never overlooked. They can bring the heat too, but the spice is always spot on.

Colleen Smith

My favorite place in town! So many vegan options and so many can be gluten free I love eating here the food is delicious and healthier than most places we come whenever we are in town and sometimes stop in just for that coconut soup!

Evynn Betters

Fantastic food, wonderful atmosphere. Even though it’s a small restaurant, it’s intimate and feels private.

Jeffrey Sullivan

Much smaller than the Portsmouth location, but the food was just as tasty.

Gregor V

You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. The food was very tasty, the wait staff courteous, and everything on the menu was tempting. EVERYTHING is already vegetarian but can be made vegan if you so choose (and some even gluten-free). We had the Peanut Curry, the Pineapple Brown Rice, and the Pad Thai. All were out of this world. They also cater the spice level to your preference. Worth a visit!

Matilda Vllahu

A little wait for mostly a table of 5 or more but its worth it. The food is very good.

Stephen Gowen

Talk about a good vegan spot in Portland, Maine! Between the brussel sprouts and the peanut curry, I was hooked. I would definitely return!

Ben Goff

This place is just excellent. Best Curry and pad Thai in Portland

Tom Long

One of my favorite vegan friendly places to eat.

Kathrine Buentello-Gowen

Literally the best vegan food in Portland!

Jay Kachoria

Green Elephant has excellent vegetarian food and is a must if you're in Portland. The wait can be long on the weekends but it's worth it. The staff was friendly and helpful in helping us decide what to eat.

Michael Estes

Great vegetarian fare. Cozy atmosphere, no reservations, can be a fairly long wait. Nothing for carnivores.

Yuvraj Y

Great food and service. I was probably the last customer to enter, 20-25 mins before they were closing and the service was great. The place is a haven for vegeterians and vegans alike. They have plenty of options to choose from and offer gluten substitutes as well. Daily specials are definitely something worth trying. Although, did manage to find an insect or two inside the restaurant.

Devin Littlefield

Wonderful vegetarian lunch and dinner options with great variety. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, this is a must-stop in Portland.

Jacob Frost

Great food for people of all eating types

jim damon

Amazing Vegetarian Cuisine. Thai restaurant menu using only vegetarian ingredients. The food is casual, fast, and delicious. The staff was super friendly, even though it was the end of the night. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for good vegetarian fare. I'm not even a vegetarian and I loved it.

Tony Youells

Love the food here. Its my go-to for vegan dishes. Hours aren't the longest, but the quality more than makes up for it. Would be great if they took reservations though. Can't really recommend one specific thing, mostly because its all good. Close your eyes and point at the menu, you won't be disappointed.

Dwight James

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurant in New England.

Mal Blodget

Awesome food. All vegetarian. Great service too.

Seth Veneziano

A wonderful culinary experience featuring excellent service and amazing food in a cozy friendly atomsphere! The food was outstanding, from the Dumplings and Spring Roll appetizers, the Peanut Curry and Pad Thai, finished up with the Trio of Sorbet which was absolutely fabulous and the perfect ending. If you're even considering this restaurant, GO, you won't be disappointed.

Alvin Fleming

The food was as advertised , great combinations of ingredients done beautifully. Very nice clean comfortable space with good service.

Alan Neff

Very tasty food, primarily vegan. Good wine list, excellent service.

Laci Lee

Before my husband and I were Maine residents we always made sure to stop here when we were in Portland. My husband (a meat eater) fell in love with vegetarian cooking at Green Elephant. I have to give them huge props for their understanding of cooking and serving gluten free food. My dairy free cousin visited recently and of course I had to bring her to Green Elephant. A safe haven for those who can’t eat dairy.

Regina Tobin

I Googled vegetarian restaurants close to me while in Portland, Maine. What a lucky find! Great food and service. The place was packed on a Sunday night. 5 enthusiastic stars from me and my husband.

Greg Thomas

My favorite vegan restaurant hands down. Would recommend it to vegans and non vegans alike. Food will not disappoint

raviteja d

Delicious Thai food.. Presented beautifully

richard foran

I took my wife here on Valentine's day. The bar has beer and wine only, so don't expect to order a mixed drink. The staff was super friendly and the food was extremely delicious. This is going to become a new favorite for my wife and I.

Mischa Porter

Very nice vegetarian fare. I had the asparagus tempura salad and it is now the best salad that I've ever had.

Lauren G

Yummy! Try the pad thai and sauteed brussel sprouts.

Christine O'Neale

The food is yummy but very greasy, especially those brussel sprouts. I also didnt like how bright the lights were in that place and the tables that are so crowded together. It's different then what I am use to. My husband and I use to work in the restaurant industry so we know a thing or two. My husband and I went on a date there and its wasn't as intimate as we would like for dinner hours.

Garrett Lee

Many great options and a very nice staff as well to make it 5 stars! My wife, 10 month old and I were very nicely accommodated... didn't even have to ask for things. -Garrett

richard sherman

nice food, ubpleasant staff. get takeout.

Quasheba BeyTM

So glad to find a vegetarian Asian restaurant! They were super flexible with making everything vegan for me also. I had an amazing coconut soup that was so good I never got to take a picture! My Thai Basil Rice was ok, felt like a zing was needed. Perhaps more lime or sauce. The staff was super friendly

Tracy Devita

Excellent. Ate here 2 times on vacation because so many vegan choices. Service was great. Prices decent. Food was amazing. Had vegetable dumpling appetizer. Edamame appetizer. Vegetable stir fry with peanut sauce - could eat this every day so good. Thai ginger noodles. Chocolate orange mousse. Sorbet trio. Honestly do not have a single complaint. You will not disappointed.

Sarah Hills

The asparagus salad is absolutely hands down my favorite. My second favorite is the panang curry. I'm not a huge fan of Tempe so I just get it with tofu. The flavors are so wonderful. I go or get to go whenever I'm able. They never disappoint when it comes to consistency. I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone!

Alan McCann

Edible, but did not think the dishes we ordered were anything special. Tried a the Spicy Vegetable Medley Stir Fry and Veggie Citrus "Spare Ribs". Maybe just poor choices on my part, some of the other dishes might be better. We are were going to try the Green Leaves Wrap w/ Mango & Herbs but the were sold out tonight.

Nickie McCann

The service was good but the food was mediocre. We ordered two separate entries to share the they tasted the exact same. The only difference was the vegetables. The vegetable were so covered in sauce they could not be tasted. Most of the appetizers were fried. Will try something different next visit to Portland.

Jack Richman

Nice lunch, good prices and wait staff.

Jonathan LeDuc

Delicious food and super friendly staff.

mark burnhauser

Good vegetarian food even for an omnivore like me

Timothy Ryan

One of my favorites! Always super dank

Vinny Lang

Food was good. Service was a little slow.

Deborah Thibodeau

Wonderful food worth blocks of walking in the rain and in the dark in a city we have never been to.

michael rock

I can echo what many others have said: excellent food and service. We had the pineapple fried rice, fantastic, and the peanut curry, really good. I will also say that we went on a Wednesday night at about 8pm and there was no wait. In fact, there were a few empty tables while we were there.

Naomi Hammeke

Excellent food!

Gwen Carter

Great food! Great atmosphere.

Melinda McLeod

Warm, cozy, atmosphere. Tables and booths intimately situated amongst soft lighting and lobely energy. Food is devine and never fails to satisfy. Price is fair and portions are large. Perfect for date nights, family time, or a solo trip.

Rebecca Cavanagh

Fantastic food and service!


Incredible vegetarian/vegan restaurant! Food is reasonably priced and quality is amazing. I got a curry dish and it was one of the best curries I've ever had, the flavors were spot on.

Ryan Farabee

Offers some great vegetarian and vegan options! We had the scallion dumplings, peanut currry, and pad Thai. All three were very good, with the dumplings being a real standout. Very simple, but incredibly well executed. They also have a decent beer and wine selection that pairs well with their food options.

Caroline Connell

Atmosphere was nice, food was amazing, great service! We had the vegetable dumplings and a dish that had "spicy" in the name. Both were great. Will definitely visit again!

Sean MacDonnell

Very impressed; I'm not a vegetation, but it sure does make me want to convert!

Madhavi Kakarlapudi

siamese dream noodles are great

Christopher Fritzel

All their food is very good.

Jay Joshi

Bruh i legit got served a plate of grass, tbh some of the dishes were nice but i got a plate of grass. White hipster restaurant, but im just mad i got a plate of grass

Joseph McKeown

We had a delicious and memorable feast that was surprisingly vegetarian. Our hostesses were attentive and had great recommendations, we shared food but still had other meals that we want to try. Looking forward to our next visit!

Ben Hegarty

Awesome vegan food, delicious for everyone no matter what you’re used to eating! Atmosphere was great, wait time was acceptable, service was really good, and the food tasted amazing!

Kiersten Quilliams

LOVED this place. So many great dishes and specials.

Chris Hardt

Great food and excellent service.

Michael Pinette

Awesome food and friendly staff. A must try!

Kat Saunier

Peanut Curry is the most amazing thing on any menu anywhere. Portion sizes are great for the price.

Hieu Nguyen

Food is awesome and server was great. We go there every time we are in Portland.

Anthony Vanaria

Service was very good - waiters were attentive without being obnoxious. Food was fine but unexceptional, flavors were very modest and texture was one dimensional. Unimaginative.

Sri M

Tasty vegan food. Filling and healthy for lunch

Peter Watkins

Simply a wonderful restaurant. Try their peanut curry!

Skyler J Keiter

Absolutely the best Asian food I’ve ever had! Personal favorites include the fried egg rolls, brussels sprouts, hot and sour noodle soup, and (of course) the chocolate orange mousse pie for dessert! Everything I’ve tried on the menu is delicious, and the restaurant is one of my favorites it Portland!

Seth Wilschutz

Excellent food. The Tofu Tikka Masala and Thai Ginger Noodles are especially tasty.

Aaron Womack

Tiny, tiny portions! If I had seen what I was getting, I wouldn't have ordered it. Also, it was advertised as cheesy but there wasn't even a hint of cheese! Certain items were delicious, so I'll give three stars to be fair, but unfortunately I don't think I'll return. If you're like me and can down a large pizza all by yourself, I wouldn't try this place. Quality over quantity only gets you so far: I'd recommend increasing the prices a little bit along with the portion sizes, or having small and large options. And don't skimp on the cheese!

Mark Lescault

Fantastic vegetarian fare, great service and atmosphere. Pretty full at dinner time but that's the mark of a good restaurant. Another awesome restaurant in Portland!

Debbie Kurmis

Fantastic food, reasonable prices,friendly helpful staff. Small cozy, interesting little place.

Andrea Berman

Fantastic food! Next time I'm in Portland I will definitely return.

Lucas Jones

I love love love this place!

Jeremy Lessard

Couldn't be more pleased with the service and atmosphere here! We arrived at 5pm on a Sunday and we're immediately seated. We decided on the King oyster mushroom tempura as an appetizer, which was overall fantastic! And it was easily enough for 4 people to have a decent share. However we felt as though the mushrooms themselves could have been seasoned more, or at least mixing some salt and pepper in with the batter to enhance the flavor as the mushrooms without the soy sauce were a little bland. My girlfriend ordered the Garlic and Ginger today which she was very pleased with. There was a good portion of fresh vegetables to tofu, and she said that the rice was a perfect pair. I had trouble deciding between the char guay teow and the curry, I ultimately went with the supreme dream curry noodle. Great decision. The dish was bursting with flavors of fresh vegetables, hints of cashew, and warm sweet coconut. The curry was not spicy and overpowering. I would have liked a little bit more curry spice personally but that did not detract from the quality of the meal overall. We felt the price was quite fair for the amount of food we received as well. You can easily make 2 meals out of the entree if you order an appetizer. It's important to note that even if you are not a Vegetarian or Vegan, the meat substitutes (soy, tofu, etc. Are quite tastey and easily distract you from the fact that there is no meat within the meal. I would recommend the Green Elephant to a friend or stranger looking for a fresh healthy meal.

Davina Daras

Best vegan / vegetarian restaurant in town!

Kevin Bonham

Excellent food - I wanted one of everything in the menu, and what I ordered was fantastic. Very friendly staff, and decent selection of local beer. If give 6 stars if I could

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