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REVIEWS OF Evergreen IN Maine

Meghan McLeod

there isnt that many good chinese restaurants but man this one is suuuuper good. i highly recommend the pork spare ribs? best. order here at least once a month

Alisha Philbrook

I ordered mei fun noodles for delivery. I got low mein. And the rice side is hard and so are the crab meats. Traveled 9 hours today and have this one meal and none of its right or edible waist of money!!!!

PJ Coombs

Best Chinese food you'll find!!

Jim B

Last two times I've gotten delivery the food has been okay not impressive they could have better meat on the teriyakis... got dumplings and they put sauce in container spilled all in bottom and leaked in bag.... consistency issues

Charles Reid

All around great

Corey Beeler

Vish M

#1 Chinese takeout in SoPo. Family owned and run. This places make the best Orange chicken according to the kids!

Melissa .Mckenney

Great food. Would reccomend take out.

Cheyenne Christian

First of all, I have inside information that they do not wash their hands when preparing the food. I also have screenshots of their health department review. Also, I have a friend who works there and the employees are paid in cash and under minimum wage. This restaurant also has horrible communication skills and the women had a terrible additude. I give it a one start because of these reasons and because it’s winter and 47 degrees and it’s colder in there than it is outside. I do not recommend.

Christine Johnson

Great Chinese food

Richard Reynolds

Well priced and a nice owner. The food is a little bland at times

david chase

Absolutely the BEST Chinese in Maine!

Sandra Brown Bisson

Good food, good portions

Tony Sine

Tracy Carson

Great food, wait time a little long.

Piper Black

Fast and friendly staff!


Food was very bland. Also I would say 76.2% of the dish was celery. I got the cashew chicken. My friend got the Kung Pao chicken. He had the same complaints. Egg roll was also very sub par. I did not enjoy it personally, but maybe others will. Good luck.

Isaac Stroe

Love this place, best french fries in the portland area.

Mike Sinnett

Very little chicken in the orange chicken. Too much breading. Good flavor. Usually have to tell our local Chinese/ Thai food eatery a spice level 1-5. They did not ask and it was at least a 4. Grandkids could not eat any of it.

Tommie Jones

Great food, large quantity of food. We ordered General Tso’s Chicken, Beef w/broccoli, Moo Shu Pork, Steamed Dumplins and Crab Rangoon. There were 2 items that were different than any other Asian restaurant I’ve eaten at, those are the Crab Rangoon didn’t have near the amount of filling in them, Won Ton wrappers weren’t used, rather a much thicker pastry type of dough, they were folded in a triangle shape and as I said the filling was super light. Also, they use a very thin tortilla as the Pancakes, not the usual Won Ton square wrappers that are usually served as Pancakes. Other than these 2 items the meals were spot on. These things are why I could only give them 4 Stars.

Marnie Dearborn

Absolutely great food!!!

J Blodgett

Singapore (curried) noodles, pork fried rice, and crab rangoon. The Singapore Mei Fun was delicious. I could taste every veggie and type of meat individually, while still having plenty of curry spice, and it wasn't greasy or salty. The rice and rangoons were nice and simple, also not greasy or overly salted. I was eating in, but this is definitely a busy takeout place, with lots of regular customers. I was surprised my food came on a plate instead of a to go box. I rarely write reviews, but the folks at Evergreen needed one.

Naomi Gosselin

Orange chicken is soooo good. Never fails. It’s not like other dishes def worth a try.

Amy Stewart

teresa boyd

The rice was horrible and I got sick within 1/2 hour of eating. Also general tso chicken had no heat was sweet

jennifer grams

Love this place for general tou and great rice noodles for my son!! yum yum yum.

Simon Buckman

Kiwiante Jones

Tommie Huff

Pretty good food, fast service

Michele White

alyson halliburton

So delicious!!! Always consistent

Monica Smith

My daughter has marked this place as her favorite Chinese food of all time!

Carrie L

My favorite Chinese place in all of Maine is always hot n fresh and the staff is very friendly ♡♡♡♡

josh mahoney


Christine Martz

Tasty and quick!

Brandon Burlem

Pretty good food. The staff was nice. The owners young sons were "working" they were very funny. The older of the 2 told me he was the head of customer service. It's nice to find a family run business.

yeni martinez

Cortney Downs

Great fast food Chinese! And they deliver! Always get a nice person on the phone and inside.

Poppy Rose

Best in town. Phone communications could be better.

Tassos Trypanis

The young girl upfront acts like she’s doing you a favor. You try to support local Mom and pop shops and they treat you like this. Never again. Absolutely ridiculous. No thank you, no nothing. Just snags the card out of your hand charges it, and says nothing.

michele turkewitz

When. They first opened the food was great now not so much blah plain. The sauces aren't good prices go up quality goes down another disappointment

Honimir Morka

Very poor experience. Bad food and bad customer service. The cashier was new at the job and was giving out weird vibes when I tried to order. Dirty tables and they don't have Pepsi products

Rick Shewbridge


Garlic chicken is a must

Timothy Moberg

Their food is always fresh and they cook it the way that you like it.

Dawn Greene

So good!

Jonathan VanOver

Good food good price

Dale Hetrick

It's hit or miss.. Either spot on or it sucks

kevin dionisio

Good food at a good price!

E kiss

Food was good. We picked it up instead of delivery.

connie gonzalez

Nice people great service. But to much oil sometimes to cook

Kimberly Miller

Cathy Gustafson

Best Chinese take out in Maine

Nancy Odham

Ashley W

Best Chinese food I've ever had! I crave their wings every day! Love them!

Mrs Tiffany Alexandra Shain

When we call, the lady knows my husband's number and says, "Hello Shain!" This is impressive because we don't even call often... We'd eat there every day if we weren't trying to keep in shape hehe. Husband get's General tso chicken and every time it is piping hot and according to him very good. I always get Sweet and sour chicken with crab rangoons. The prices are SO GOOD. And the lunch and dinner specials give you two sides along with your entre. It is clean and always busy. Not a classy fancy schmancy joint, just a good spot to get some good food. <3 <3 Evergreen

Johnna Remillard

Best goons ever and is the delivery boy single? Seriously tho is he?? DM me @diarrihanna

lori conner

Love it

tim belanger

Excellent food, friendly folks,and a spotless kitchen!!! Our new go to place for Chinese!

Terrell Brown

Barry Dano

Quick service. Great food

Timothy Coburn

Sara Thorne

Dengcheng Ji

Katie Gloede

Evergreen’s food is pretty good and the portions are good for the price. I usually order the chicken and mixed vegetables and the ratio of chicken to veggies is good; the chicken can be a little dry though. My husband’s chicken lo mein was also good; the sauce was decent and it wasn’t greasy at all. Today we tried the wonton soup and that was disappointing; the broth had a weird flavor and the wontons were lackluster. Overall not terrible, but not amazing.

Scott Pratt

Good service, quality food.

Christopher Jones

I fw it a little bit but golden dragon in Berryville i’d give a toe for lunch there when I’m super starved

Cinde Sharpe

Love their food and service. A little pricy.

Paul Shietze

Great food and friendly staff.

Daniel Henderson

Great little take out place. Not a lot of sitting area but the food is great!

Shirley Nichols

1st visit and was pleasantly surprised. Food very good and will go again.

donandlisa arno

Good food


DO NOT ORDER from this place, my food was disgusting shrimp Lo Mein had burnt vegetables, this food pretty much made me want to barf. I won’t order from here again and wouldn’t recommend ordering from here worst 30$ I ever spent

sophie Ji

ate in there a while ago, miss the food terribly. good food good services. I love the lady who always work there, so friendly and kind.

Strat Egerie

Christina Kemmerer

This place used to be great but not anymore. We ordered 2 shrimp egg rolls, crab ragoons, and shrimp fried rice. The order came to 19.08!?!?! The food was greasy, rubbery, and bland. The lady who takes the order was very rude and nasty. We will never order here again, very disappointed

Tayte Anne

Hands down.. BEST Chinese in the area. No others compare. The others are like eating sugar. Evergreen actually has flavor and worth every penny. We dont live close by anymore and will always decide to drive to evergreen when we are Hungary for Chinese instead of the 6 Chinese restaurants in a 7 miles radius.

Andrew Ricker

Still drive to Evergreen even after our move!

Christine Cyr

Great food and customer service. My favorite Chinese food take out.

Ethan Arnstrom

Crystal Gaffney

I called to order delivery today and when it came to after I told her my address the lady goes goodbye and hangs up on me. Like what the hell,that was rude and bad for business. I won't call to order from them again nor go there

Joseph Menard

Evergreen was fantastic! The food was some of the best Chinese takeout in the area. I will be back and I highly suggest it to others.

Cassandra Cummings

Great crab Rangoon.. Best chinese in Portland area!! They rarely deliver!!

Brandon Pendleton

Amazing food, Amazing quick service. EVEN ON CHRISTMAS! Will be back when we are in the area

Ashlyn Ford

Ordered the large party tray and was not disappointed. Tons of very delicous food for a great price!

Michael Costello

Food is good but always very difficult to communicate with the owner, whenever I order something there is an issue especially when asked if i want duck sauce soy sauce and spicy mustard. I always say yes and extra duck sauce but all I get is extra duck sauce when I open it at home. I recently just called and ordered a order of beef teriyaki hoping it would be a few pieces on the stick for 6 dollars or so. I went to pick up and she had 4 pieces for 10 something. I diddnt want to pay and she said she wouldn't take my order.

Jeremy Hill

Best Chinese in Inwood WV


This is the second time I've eaten here.. I was hoping this time it would be better, as the first time was not the greatest... pretty sure I just ate cat.. well no, but really the food is not good at all. The people there are very nice but their food is awful.. Flavorless, and sad. The second worst Chinese food I've ever eaten.

Tisha Swick

There is no heat in this place

Miranda Gerry

I ordered orange chicken and it was made out of chicken fingers. It was soggy, and unappetizing. Seems like a very cheap way of doing things. Not worth the price I paid.

Jodie Greenfield

This place is hit or miss Anymore.

Kyle James

Timothy Remillard

Nice vibe, 2 floors. 2 bars downstairs made some taste happy hour drinks. Veggie basket was delish.

henrietta neill

My husband was very pleased with the pork fried rice, Well seasoned. Definitely giving this place our business again. Friendly staff inside as well.

Jennifer Morton

Delicious food

Various Ryan

The food is great

Laureen Rogers

Moriah Greenwood

Good prices good food

Mary Bodenstein

Food was delicious

michael evans

Great fodd great service good prices


Best Chinese in the area.

Sonyakay Salmon

A little wait time but the food was really good! Love their style of making chicken wings. Delicious! ❤️

K.D.C MusicZ

Christina Colvin

I will never go here again, we went to pick up a quick dinner and it was a complete waste of money. Almost 60 for four meals. It was freezing in the building and the cook seemed more interested in making his companions food than starting our order. Food was just plain nasty.

Adam Williams

We ate there for the first time yesterday and the food was delicious. It was made while we waited so it was very fresh. Highly recommended.

Brendan O'Brien

Best deal on the best Chinese food in the area. Our go to Chinese restaurant for take out or dine in. I'm daily picky about Chinese food, will not do cheap buffets. Food here tastes good and always leaves us wanting to come back.

Samantha Bassett

I have food allergies and they go out of the way to make the food safe and delicious. Friendly staff, quick wonderful food.

katina fisher

john kusnirak

Sheila Santiago

Rice noodles were yummy! Orange chicken and General Tso were pretty good. The dessert donuts are a nice treat. Pork fried rice lacked some flavor but still good. My friend liked his shrimp fried rice. Bag was missing forks and spoons, normal offerings of sauces and fortune cookie so be sure to ask.

Eusebio Salazar

This place is very good n the prices are good also

Shakira Dipietro

Today I was really craving some decent Chinese food and my regular go to Fortune Garden was closed because of the blizzard. I've heard from my friends that evergreen was yummy and this restaurant has good reviews online so I took a chance and I'm happy I did! Chinese food in the Portland area is usually bland and overpriced, it's very difficult to find decent Chinese food! I took a chance with Evergreen and the food is amazing. I'd say the reviews are spot on. I ordered the chicken lo mein dinner combination with crab Rangoon as my appetizer and the hot and sour as my choice of soup. Everything was hot, fresh and delicious! The flavors were amazing and the noodles were cooked perfectly. I hate soggy/mushy noodles so the texture really impressed me. The chicken was cooked well too and there was just the right amount of sauce on the noodles. The crab rangoons are huge and made with imitation crab meat. personally I have no problem with this most places don't have any meat in their crab rangoons just cream cheese. The website specifically states they use imitation crab meat so points for honesty. They were on the sweeter side and very yummy. They were above average and Did not disappoint.The hot and sour soup was very pleasing. The consistency was great. All of the spice was there but wasn't overpowering to the sour aspect of the soup. The portion sizes are unreal! Each dinner combination comes with a generous scoop of fried rice and your choice of appetizer and soup. Most are under 10$ my lo mein, fried rice, 3 giant crab rangoons and huge (huge!) tub of soup was $8.60 ($9.40 after tax!) I've never received so much food before in my life for that price. It's obnoxious how much food you get it's genuinely a great deal. People say they give large amounts of food but I was blown away. I couldn't finish my dinner combination it was easily more than enough food to feed two people and still have leftovers! The food is delicious and the prices are unreal I highly recommend Evergreen! So much that I'm writing a review. I wish they had a location in Portland but I will gladly drive to south Portland for their food. It was so refreshing to have quality Chinese food something people in the area know is hard to come by. I'm so happy I tried them I will absolutely be back for more. I ordered takeout however they have 4 or 5 tables in the small restaurant to dine in at. Great service, delicious food and amazing prices what more could you ask for? Try them out you will be more than satisfied.

Martin Aucoin

Crab Rangoon is great, General tso's leaves a lot to be desired. Service is standard but the booths are broken so every time the person behind moves, so do you. Prices are Decent, but I guess it reflects the food.

Joe Alexander

Hands down one of the best Chinese places in the greater Portland area! And I've lived in Portland 25 years! Service and food is amazing! Food is always fresh and the workers are super polite and friendly! If I want Chinese Evergreen it is! They no longer offer delivery but honestly your food is so great it is worth the drive to pick it up! If your looking for a great authentic Chinese place Evergreen is def where you need to be! A++!

Rebecca Baston

Absolutely Great food, great people and affordable!

James Brookman

Travis Labreck

1st ordering. EXCELLENT quality and service.

Dr. Lati

yummy food good price speedy delievery!

Jeff See

Polite, prompt

Wendy Safford

Always fast and yummy

Teianna Burrill

just gross, chicken was small and way over cooked, chicken wings were under cooked. and there was no taste to the rice. very poor quality!

Auntie Bacon

Moved to the area recently and haven't had good Chinese food in a long time. This place was better than I expected. Not greasy, fresh and hot. Prices were reasonable and I'll definitely be going back!

Supa Yuge Guy

Secret So Po surprise, really good Chinese food, great "party platters"!!!!

Joseph G

I love this place! A combination is enough to feed 3 ppl for $10. It tastes amazing!

Sarah Hartle

Courtney DiRaimo

I love this place! I’ve been a faithful customer for 10 years or so. Best Chinese food I’ve ever had. Fresh, flavorful, and a great value! However, I do agree with a few others that a delivery option would be ideal.

Jordyn Curley

$5 delivery fee, they don't tell you about. Food is good but wish delivery was free.


This is a small carryout place with really good food. Always quick and low priced as Chinese goes. Heads up! There are 4 tables for dine in, but NO HEAT in winter and NO AC in summer! Saves on electric bills I guess?

Erin Courtney

We have ordered take out twice now and both times we have been shocked with just how much food you get for an $8.60 dinner combination! Food is great. Highly recommended if you like Chinese food!

Yurene Davis

Kathleen Wilber

Best tasting beef teriyaki... So many other places dry it out too much.

Brian Bare

Good food nice people

Jesse Fairbanks

Best Chinese food in South Portland !

Todd Jones

Shrimp chow mein. Asked for no onions and all it came with was bean sprouts and shrimp. Couldn't complain because it was closed already.

Tony Caruso

Your typical Chinese menu but they do right. I haven't had a bad experience yet and the way they prepare their food I don't think I will. Even when they are busy they still get orders out in a reasonable amount of time for both take out and delivery. Moo shu is my favorite.

Jessica Simpson

Excellent Cantonese food at reasonable prices. We always get it to go, but there are about five or six tables for eating there. It took a long time to find Chinese food in Maine that was authentic and tasty. Service is great on the phone or in person. Very glad to have this restaurant locally.

Nicholas DeRose

Love it! $5-$8 Lunches/Dinners are insane!!! Amazing taste and the cook to order operation they have is extremely well executed.

Adam Archer

The wife and I were looking to try a new Chinese restaurant last night and found Evergreen. Found several different items that sounded good. We ordered and ate there. Food came out it was hot and very flavorful. All the staff were very friendly. We will be returning soon to have dinner again.

Michael Winker

Good food, good service, family atmosphere.

Crane Dad

Good food in Inwood.

Ralph Trynor

Good food goog price. Love General Tso's chicken add ginger. Yum.

Tam Mardin

Pad Thai awesome. Totally made fresh.

Wyatt Newcomb

Very nice to me and my family the food was great

Sir Lucifer

I went to Evergreen for the first time the other day. I had the general tso chicken and it was amazing and probably the best I've ever had! I highly suggest trying out their food!

Jessica Schell


They serve good food. People are nice. Better than other chinese take outs. Loved fried rice!

Joseph O'Neill

Great place!!!

Donna Westbrook

Good local Chinese carryout. Huge menu. Counter folks upbeat & helpful.

Kimberly Pittman

Food is always fresh and delicious. Food prep area is clean. Wish so MUCH that they did delivery.

Carol Crager

Fresh and hot. Prices are good compared to some other Chinese restaurants.

Kevin Walsh

Friendly staff and awesome food at a amazing price. If you haven't tried it I strongly suggest you do!

Zach Simpson

Ive lived in Inwood and Martinsburg and have eaten at literally every chinese food restaurant around here. This is hands down the best chinese place in the area, other then the fact they have no ac/heat, only 4 people can eat inside, and they dont deliver, this place definitely deserves at least a 4 star. Hands off Better than Orientental Buffet in the other baby plaza around the way. Keep up the good work and start taking that delivery service statement SERIOUSLY!

Kevin Demers

Fresh food with a great variety.

DeAnn Reid

Price's way to high and food was horrible . Was there today atound 245 pm. Will never go back again. Should have went to Kings where you know the food is good and the price is right .

Brittany Armel

DJ Trae Sluggz

Best Crab Ragoon in South Portland

Erick Splettstoesser

Good food, definitely recommend take out or delivery, and regardless of what one of the reviews say there is definitely no bar, only reason I went there was the promise of a bar lol but great food nonetheless

Bob Blais

Excellent tasting food! And plenty of it! Seafood delight is the best. But would recommend eat out only, the eat in is not my choice.

Timothy Smith

Pad this was good ,hot and sour soup was awful

Aaron Linscott

Best food in so portland and they are real nice there

Brandon Larrimore

Good food at a great price. Every time I come here it's a friendly atmosphere and very clean. Best Chinese food in Berkeley county.

Lorraine Hodgkiss

Very good Chicken Lo Mein

Glen Spencer

Katrina Fratanduono

I generally don't leave reviews for restaurants, good or bad. This restaurant however is literally the worst Chinese food I have ever had in my entire life. The pork eggrolls have no meat and the cabbage tastes like it's been sitting for two weeks. They pack it with so much pepper you can barely take another bite after the first. Then on top of it something as simple as chicken noodle soup tasted very similar to how dirty dishwater smells. This review is here in hopes that the restraunt owner sees it and improves their methods because as it is now I will drive to martinsburg for Chinese before I come here again.

Gordon Smirh

Excellent all the way round. Truly first rate! I am extremely impressed. I ordered two egg rolls and the Singapore Mei Fun (rice noodles with chicken, shrimp, pork, ham, carrots, onions, and scallions with a curry sauce). I was told it would take 45 - 60 minutes for delivery, the meal arrived in just under 30 minutes. The egg rolls were crisp, hot, stuffed full, and delicious.The Mei Fun was excellent, and a nice large entree portion, easily filling an 8.5 x 5.5 in Styrofoam container. It was filled with large amounts of shrimp, chicken, ham, and pork as well as carrots, onions, and scallions, all cut into nice large julienne strips. The sauce had a very nice curry flabour and was well spiced for the average diner (next time i will probably have them bump up the curry and ginger for a little more spice and heat). The prices are excellent, averaging about a dollar less per item than other restaurants. The $4.00 delivery charge is a little steep, but they are coming from South Portland with $3.50/gallon gas. This gem of a Chinese restaurant is a real keeper and the new #1 on my list

Kevinb Good508

Delivery came pretty quick and food was hot and fresh but I ordered the orange chicken and while it seems there’s a good amount and they’re decent sized when you eat them they’re like all batter and no chicken hardly

Courtlyn Richter

Hard to understand the person taking the money. Too high cost. Food is ok.

Crystal Tardif

Love this place!

Kimberly Tanner

I have ordered delivery twice now and this is my new favorite Chinese Restaurant. The food arrives hot and everything is beyond fresh...the veggies are crisp and the flavor is beyond great....Wonton soup is filled with flavor and they do not skimp on the wontons or fresh veggies......tonight I ordered the dinner special D29...the chicken wings where plump and full of flavor...crab rangoon........another melt in your mouth full of can actually taste the crab....boneless ribs where cut thin and where moist and the sauce ya again yummy...the chicken fingers fried perfect..white meat...very moist....again perfection! For a small price ($8.25) you get an abundance of food packed with flavor!!! I highly recommend EVERGREEN CHINESE RESTAURANT ! And the delivery person was polite and service was beyond great from placing the order to its complaints!!! I highly suggest everyone tries this next step is to visit the restaurant instead of home delivery...if home service is this great I can't imagine what the restaurant itself is like!!!!!!!!! Very happy and full!!! And I have eaten at several Chinese Restaurants...this is my #1 choice,,,,if you haven't tried it....your missing out on some very great great food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Michael Schnabel

Great food, great prices, and great people. Definitely the best Chinse food in the Portland area.

Roseanna Dinterman

Last I checked hunan chicken didn't come with veggies, and to top it of I got tiny slivers of chicken. Not breaded like its suppose to be. What chicken was there. It should be called hunan broccoli because that was basically the only thing I got! Wontons and egg rolls were fried in old grease. We wont be going back. Rip off. Go to Chinatown in Winchester! They are awesome.

W.E. Payne

Good food, not a buffet

brett allen

Amazing!!! We love going here to eat!! They food is always amazing and the staff is friendly. They make us feel like family everytime we go!

Lisa L

Everytime I visit my friend we eat here. Love the food and the people are very nice

Mark Gallagher

Decent food

Ted LaCrone

Storefront type place with really fresh, good food

Michael Girardi

JR Lasecki

Quick and love the flavors of everything. Don't think they deliver but that would only make them perfect.

peter halim

Good services and good food

A Spice Below the Horizon

Has really gone downhill the past two years. Small portions, just hasn't tasted good the last 4 visits. Not returning.

Rynee Hascall

Always hot and ample portions.

Steve Sullivan

Outstanding quality, excellent service

joan blades

Best Chinese food I have had in ages. The Kung Pao had 4 different meats in it, loaded with fresh vegetables and juicy. Excellent portions. Very small place focusing on take-out. No table service. No frills. Order at the counter. Paper plate and plastic fork. Extensive luncheon menu. Going back next week

Sarah Michelle

Service was friendly and the food was hot. I was disappointed that the orange chicken was mostly breading over a tiny piece of dark meat. The fried rice had a weird flavor to it. The rangoons were very good in duck sauce. The prices were reasonable for lunch.

Saleena Davidson

Second time I've ordered and gotten the wrong food. Ordered general tsaos and it was brown meat covered in fried bread, even my dog wouldn't eat it. Ordered sweet and sour chicken this time and got chicken fingers and no white rice, called and they said " that's how most restaurants here do no. Refused to listen to me and just repeated themselves and refused to help saying that my card was already charged. The foods mediocre at best, I'd rather eat a can of food then order from here again. Save your money.

Bradley Melnyk

I live right down the street from this place and its amazing. They are very fast, and I have always had good food. The only thing I wish is that they would deliver, other than that, it is a great place with delicious food.

Maryjo Jackson

Darrell Adams

Fast service, good food and broad menu.

Bethany M

Very friendly, priced right. Crab rangoon and boneless spare ribs were great. Went on a recommendation and now this is my new place.

Evelyn Roby

Kevin King

Our first time here & definitely will not be our last! Food was great, pricing was perfect & portions right on! I look forward to my next meal! We had the Beef with String Beans and General Tso's Chicken with Crab Rangoon & Chicken Teriyaki. Highly recommended!!!!

Luz Palmieri

First time!! Very good food!!

Samantha Croston

Best Chinese restaurant I’ve had! Always has perfect pork fried rice & crab Rangoon’s! Delivers to Portland which is a plus & the food is always warm & delicious!

Tyler Myers

Alistar Knutsack

Terrible taste ... great service

Stacy Ashby

James Seal

When this place opened it was clean and the amount of food barely fit in the takeout containers. HOWEVER 2 weeks ago I got takeout and not only is it now pricey, the quantity of food is dismal at best. Ordered crAb Raggoons only to get home to find no red dipping sauce. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Food is kinda funny tasting now. The hot and sour soup I had to throw out due to the dank taste. I may come back for a cheap combo meal if i am hungry at lunch, but the high prices steer me to finer Chinese restaurants rather than a dirty worn out place. This isn't Dc Chinatown where you almost expect to see dirty floors etc. I am all for mom and pop operations and have given much business here. It'll be months before i ever come again. Sorry but you're losing business but guess you don't care or you have customers who don't the quality, quantity and cleanliness that you started your business with.

Matthew Bowden

The food is terrific but they told me the driver isn't delivering.

scott stafford

Great food and service.


Best around.

Lauren Bishop

Awesome food and great customer service!!

Andrew Howe

Horrible experience from the moment I called. I asked “Do you make delivery’s to bunker hill” multiple times both a man and woman who clearly spoke Chinese couldn’t understand me and couldn’t get someone who can speak English on the phone to place my order. Don’t recommend.... this is a first....


Victor Chau

Always the best food, great prices and quick.

sanad nesheiwat


Good food nice staff

aaron aubuchon

Inside could deffinantly improve, they have a couple of tables there but I don't think they expect anyone to actually eat there. The food is outstanding

Tania Briceno

Best mainstream Chinese in Portland

Ralph Valente

Not very good at all. Try somewhere else.

Eric Parker

Very good food at a great price

Deborah Fessler

Excellent food, great staff, good prices. Says it all!

Able Britton

The best take out Chinese in the area. They have a small dinning area. But the food more then makes up for it. Also you can bring the kids here with no issue.

Lavennz Ooi

4 stars for great food! I had tried such as orange chicken, Lo Mien, lobster source shrimp, bbq boneless ribs etc; but, I don't like the sweet and sour chicken because the source taste artificial. It could be my expectation was too high. This is just completely different from what I use to have. (btw, I'm Chinese Malaysian now living in South Portland). 1 star for the MISSING APPETIZER in my box! Whenever I order at the counter or phone call with CRAB RANGOON appetizer, the kitchen didn't put in my crab rangoon in the box for TWICE. 5 stars for good price, especially the deals!

Doug Horton

Great food. Great flavor. Never disappointed after years of going there.

Ann Alofaituli

Awesome food, great prices & most importantly fantastic customer service

Renee Herklotz

No good

Brian Clarke

I did not get a pleasant greeting when I approached. More like a what do you want type greeting. Dinner and a drink was $14+ and I could not even eat a third of the General Tso's because it was so heavily breaded. Kids were running around behind the counter of the restaurant. The only plus was a well mannered and friendly person that brought my food to the table.

Mike Hutzler

Kayla Friday


Best Chinese food take out/delivery in the Portland area! My husband and I have tried ordering from all of them and Evergreen is the best for multiple reasons. The lunch specials and dinner specials are huge and really affordable. Our favorite things to order are the Orange chicken, boneless ribs, fried rice, and Crab Rangoon. Usually takes 10-20 minutes to be ready. They offer delivery but we usually just call our order in and drive across the bridge to pick it up.

Craig Reynolds

Naughty food


the food is heat fam u gutta go

Rick Howard

Always good food and service!

Sarah Ragland

Jheri Garcya

Fast, cheap Chinese food.

Randi Lessard

Let you price match too but not from Ebay They Very helpful personnel

Joseph Weeks

Evergreen is always fast and friendly and the food is dependably delicious.

Diane Schless

Loooooved it. Delicious. 5 stars. Great service. Unpretentious. Worth writing a review about.

Sincere Jamaica

Posted a picture of my 18$ pupu platter.. I'm really happy with the amount of food we got.. 2 jumbo shrimp, one each of chicken and beef on a stick, 4 chicken wings, 2 egg rolls, a large portion of BBQ pork, ect. Even though they were at peAK hours the food got here still hot and fresh. 5$ delivery charge threw me off a little. But the guy was nice aND still deserved a tip. Thanks guys

Priscilla Jones

Very good

Judy Montgomery

Taylor Combs

UPDATE 3/9/18: I've been feeling Chinese food these days. So true to my word, I did not get a breaded item again. I got the chicken and broccoli combination dinner and my husband got the General Tso's Chicken dinner. I don't know what changed, but it was all 100% better than the last time!! I have changed my review to 5 stars. ORIGINAL REVIEW 3/1/18: I ordered the General Tso's Chicken combination dinner with a crab rangoon and steamed rice. My only complaint is that my chicken was mostly hard, fried breading. The sauce tasted good and the rangoon was delicious. I'd probably still order from them, but I'd make sure not to get a breaded item again.

mitchel dube

Exceptional service and the best Chinese food around!

Ashley Rankin

Erick Cid

Best pork and broccoli I've had in a long time and I am from New York City, a Chinese food capital city.

Jeremy Winfield

Elizabeth Foley

Really good beef teriyaki & crab rangoons!

Tiny Tim

Food is good

Aidan Crowder

steven Knight

Sally Lang Thomas

Keefe Abbott

Good Chinese, good people, good price!

Matt Parent

Fresh vegetables and delicious soup. Worth staying for a piping hot lunch. Free tea is a plus!

Scott Bushman

Very nice staff, best Chinese food in the area and can't beat the prices 3/31/2017

Crista McLamara

GROSS! This was my first and last time here. I stopped and got my daughter and I some rice noodles to share. We got take out. I get home, split the meal and eat most of mine when I see a black short piece of hair in my food. I figured maybe the cook's piece of hair just fell in... I was about done anyway, so with my appetite turned I threw the rest away. I look through my daughter's part and figure maybe it was just a mistake. It happens. I didnt see any in hers, but she calls me to her and shows me short black hair in her food. I told her to just throw it away. Almost $10.00 for some hairy food. I'll pass...

David Walton

This is my new favorite Chinese food place. Food is always hot. And always fresh and freshly made. You will NOT be disappointed!

Let Me Be Brief

Delivery Issues, customer service issues, food quality/consistency issue. I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but things have unfortunately gone downhill over these past few months. What a shame, Evergreen used to be my (and many of my friends) favorite go-to chinese take-out.

Randy Hunt

I've been here a few times and always have hot, delicious, and fresh food. Had the chicken chow mein today -- so good!

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