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REVIEWS OF East Restaurant IN Maine

Michael Sciberus

Food was good but could have been much hotter. Overall a pleasant experience.

Janet Marley

Lunch menu/prices until 3:30 and low regular dinner prices anyways - with very large helpings. Staff was also helpful, knew the menu well!!! Plenty of parking on main route.

Rodney Lindsay

Oriental Dining - Five star! Atmosphere nice, personnel pleasant, knowledgable. Many good food choices, food sered timely, large quantity, great flavor. Prices reasonable for area. .

Ronald Poulin

Best meal ever had

Gary Cochran

Excellent food and service

Christian Melson

Great food and great decor

Grace Lennon

Fairly good food

Jed Cook

Very fresh sushi. Locally owned. Friendly owners. Same staff that's been there for many years.

Rachel Copeland

Pretty good for the area. Lots of choices

Lydia Reiss

It was awful!! They charged us over $50 just for a plate of rice and some nasty over-cooked chicken (that had very little flavor) so not worth the stop! Never am I ever going back.

Dianne Barter

Can't wait to go back!!

Don Holmes

Great food. Love it here.

David fire

Always know what to expect coming here. Better Chinese food in this area. When I want a good drink and some egg drop soup and sushi this is where i go.

Carrie Carruth

Yummy! Buffet food was hot and fresh.

Rebecca Kinney

Dirty, no taste to the food

Eric Lawson

Good selection of Chinese and Thai food. Great pick for sushi in this area too!

Laura luce

The food tastes good but some of it tastes boxed. The thing that gets me is the combination plates... they charger $3-4 more for the dinners but they are the same size as the lunches. I don't care what time of day it is. If you're going to charge more add another appetizer to the dinners. I think the buffet is good but not at $25 per person in the summer. I think this restaurant has a lot to rethink with some of their stuff.

Erick Peirson

Terrible service, mediocre food. Not family friendly. We stopped in on a Friday around 6pm. There were numerous unoccupied tables in the dining room, but my wife, infant son, and I were ushered to the very back corner by the exit. We hesitated at this assignment but said nothing; the wait staff noticed our reaction and gossiped about it amongst themselves. This certainly made us feel unwelcome indeed. A few minutes later a waitress set down two tall glasses of water directly in front of our son (in highchair), who immediately proceeded to reach for (as infants do) and topple one over. After a few minutes of mopping with our napkins, the waitress reappeared with a few rags and made a half-hearted attempt to help. She left, the table still covered in water, me holding cubes of ice in my hand with nowhere to put them. About 10 minutes later she reappeared, asking for our orders. No offer to replace my wife's spilled water, nor our napkins, and certainly no further attempt to help dry our drenched table and menus. We asked to place an order to go. The food was disappointing. The orange chicken tasted like donuts. The egg roll ($6 for 2) had the same donut flavor. The filling of the egg roll was...odd. The chicken and mixed veggies was bland.

Jake Harvey

Food is great! Staff is alright. Decor is outdated.

Crystal Douglas

Last year we stumbled upon East Restaurant while looking for a good Chinese food meal. We absolutely loved it. This year, we hunted this place back down. East Restaurant is unique compared to many restaurants. The selection is so abundant that there are two menus to choose from! They have Japanese, Thai, Chinese.. oh my. One of my favorite appetizers is spring rolls. Check. They were perfect. The peanut sauce wasn't made quite the way I would prefer, but it still tasted good. We also ordered edamame. It was cooked a little more than usual, but still tasted awesome. For entrees, my daughter ordered Sweet and Sour chicken. The chicken pieces were very large, which wasn't very appealing to my daughter. She chose to remove most of the breading to eat the chicken. I split the Chicken and Broccoli with my mother. The entree included a very generous serving. My husband ordered chicken of some sort and ribs. He must have enjoyed it, because there was nothing left on his plate at the end of the meal. The meals were awesome. None of us had any leftovers, because we ate everything on our plates!! Yum, Yum, Yum!

Maximilian Ma

Decor was the only thing I liked about this place. Went for Sunday dinner which is typically the best offering of a buffet place. Selection was limited and all dishes were poorly done - too salty, tasteless, or too undercooked. Waitstsaff rushed us but we're otherwise not very attentive. Would not recommend to anyone.

Cynthia Ward


Jolana Lowe

Easter buffet was hot and tasty; good selection of food.

Allison Willard

Very good food and selection

Frank Stanczyc

We were a party of 9 and had a good variety of drinks and food. Everything was excellent. My only complaint, if you want to call it that, was that the fresh vegetable spring rolls we very loosely rolled and fell apart on the first bite. Nothing a fork couldn't handle.

Cheryl Gendron

Good food. Crab Rangoon were understuffed but tastey. The house rice was amazing.

Shmick Buddha

Fun environment, beautiful koi pond and chinese displays.

Rosemary Thibodeau

My family and I have spend the spring & summer in Wells, Maine. We often will do Take Out from the EAST restaurant. It IS always delicious

Diane Grumt

Terrible food dumpings are to much dough it should be thin not a blob ..beef was over marinated mush. All apps were overcooked burnt. Awful Food stay away

Kaitlyn Doyle

The food was hot and very tasty! The service was impeccable! I totally recommend this place!

Robert Bussiere

I tried the Drunken Noodles one of the Thai dishes and I loved it. I also was there once for th Sunday buffet and it was also good. The place is really something, nicely decorated and really pretty cool.

Ron Caron

Great array of Asian food. Fresh, quality ingredients. I would skip the buffet and order fresh off the menu.

Misty White

Great food, clean environment and friendly staff. Buffett on Sunday at noon is awesome.

A Kelly-Niziolek

The food was just okay. The menu is all over the place. Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. They need to stick to one cuisine and work on making it stand out. As it is right now, the quality of the food is not worth the prices they charge.


one of the best around here

Kara Harrison

Food was hot and delicious, Richard was very friendly, Defiantly will be back

Marisa Caputo

One of our favorite places. Always a wonderful meal!

Yolanda Young

Didn't really like there fried rice

Stephen Kerner

Best buffet for Asian food in Southern Maine.

Peter Proach

Moderate prices, consistent good food

Alan Shapiro

TERRIBLE. Never again. Went there for years with family while on vacation. This year it was horrible. The quality of the food completely went down hill. When I commented to the waitress, she disappeared. The waiter who replaced her gave me a speech about how difficult it is to maintain quality when personnel changes. (?) The selection was inferior and things were dried out and over-cooked. Felt ripped off. Local buffets at home for half the price are far superior.

Tony DiPhillipo

I was very disappointed this time. The hostess and our server were both incredibly impatient and did not bother trying to hide it. They had no knowledge of the menu whatsoever and we're huffing at my questions. I ordered something from the vegetarian menu, I got frozen veggies, like the kind you get in preschool, mushy, uncooked tofu in cheap bottled sauce. The problem is their menu is way too big. They have a few items they execute well, the rest is frozen microwave food. If you just want chicken fingers and fried rice, and don't have any questions, you'll be fine. Otherwise don't bother.

Marissa Blake

Enjoyed the many different cultures of Asian cuisines.

Leo Hyams

I haven't been there yet, but I'm exctied! stoked you accept discovery, american express, visa, and mastercard! heard great things about the peaking dunk!

Anne Tassinari

I can’t do zero or I would. If you are going to say your kitchen is open until 10, stay true to that. Be honest. If you close early, especially when you are busy or people walk in at 5 min to close (during a holiday week), you are not honest. You miss out on business. Be available for your clients.

Dana Thomas

Kung Pao plate was fantastic

Margo Murphy

Comfortable, clean, well crafted G.F. food and drink. Sweet wait staff too

Nathan Milkins

Fast service - great food. Excellent sauces

peter shulkin

Very nice lunch. Taste was excellent, many choices. Enough food that we had a second meal at home the next day. Very friendly, helpful staff. Just wish the gift shop had been open. Thanks, Kenny.

Bryan Tobey

Great lunch visit today. Servicr and food was top notch!

Raymond Hahn

Always great. Terrific always fresh food...

Robert Russo

It was excellent

A.J. Purcell

Great food, and the Pho broth was amazing and appears to be home made!!!

Dana Kagno

Good food, great Mai Tai's. Friendly wait staff. A good change of pace if you want something other than sea food.

Paula Bernard

Great food and service...big portions.

Heather Farmer

Great service and great food. Highly recommended!

Marsha Reny

Not busy, but we were ignored at the bar. A bottle of Bud Lite was $4.50! Food was good, but salty.

Linda Harmon

The food was terrible, under cooked, and cold. Second time now it's been bad. The wait staff was good people, but there good is going down hill. All done with them.

Emily Shick

Great Chinese buffet! Good, high quality selection of dishes, and even a few good choices for dessert. Great atmosphere too. I'll definitely be back!

Martin Kahler

Food was good. Service was a little slow.


Want to start by saying the wait staff was nice and accommodating. Beyond that, this place needs a total overhaul of their food. We stayed for the dinner buffet btw. It’s hard to stay positive when you notice the chicken LO MEIN is made with ramen noodles

Ryan B

Great food great service. There Sunday buffet is amazing.

Scott A

Best Chinese food anywhere.The waitstaff and everyone that works there makes you feel welcome.The buffett on Sundays is worth the money. Never been disappointed

Rachel Roy

Great wait staff. Food was very good. We will be back. Very nice restaurant.

Frank Campilio

Fantastic food and great sevice. Hope to be back very soon.

Erin Leonhard

Chinese, Thai, Japanese - you can get it all

James Russell

Excellent Chinese food buffet food hot and fresh

mark giles

Very good and reasonable proce

Connie Ryan

Friendly atmosphere. The food was amazing. The menu has a large variety. Drinks are fantastic. A nice find while on vacation.

Dee Goodell

Ive been eating here for some time and the food is always good.

Brian Benjamin

Went for Sunday lunch buffet. Food quality and flavor is horrible. Tastes old and heavily salted. The beef tasted strange. We were not impressed with a single dish available in the buffet. No shrimp. No actual seafood sushi. The $13.95 price was not worth the food available.

shellie leger

Very good sushi

Michael Bernier

Don't get food delivered. We ordered for dinner and I'm fairly certain they took food from the buffet. The buffet from lunch that is or maybe the food they threw out from the day before. Not sure, but it looked like it was cooked twice. Better off buying that frozen Chinese food from Wal-Mart. The best part was the fortune cookie, they couldn't mess that up. I'll have nightmares tonight the food was so bad. I'm feeling like I need to rinse my mouth out with paint thinner.

Sandy Thee

Deco: It is a huge restaurant by looking from the outside of the building. Okay decorations. We were at the bar first before dinner. It needs more lights especially in the center of the bar and for the bartender. Table that we sat at has a huge piece of wood sticking out and almost ripped my top off. Food and drink: We ordered Margarita and Mai Tai. They were good plus they have happy hours drinks at the bar. Win! Dinner was fine. One of my company enjoyed his dinner,Satay Beef in casserole. However, the chicken ginger and scallions in casserole was way too salty and it has a lot of onion than meat. I was sharing with another company. The more we eat, the saltier it got. Service: Service was below average. The server was probably new. We didn't get our steamed rice that supposed to come with our entrées. We were waiting and thought our server will come back with rice in her second trip but she didn't until another senior server noticed it. Price: I wouldn't mind to spend extra more however there is no value perception to the dish. Poor presentation. Overall: My company and I will not go back to this restaurant for the next visit to Ogunquit. Overall it was a disappointment dinner. However I still do the right thing by tipping the server 20%tip. It's not the server's fault anyway!

Cheyenne Jones

Always love the sushi here.

Ian Newell

Sunday buffet is worth the traffic

Marie Winchell

The food was great . We had the pu pu for two so yummy

Dean Adams

Most dishes are great, not enough single serving size dishes

Michelle Yeaw

Good was quick and good. We did take out. But while we were waiting at the bar are good day for 10 minutes. They forgot we were waiting. Only down side.

Katie Pare

Excellent food! Delicious! Beautiful dining area, buffet option. I asked for pad thai and there's a separate menu for Thai cuisine, you just have to ask for it! There is a kids menu, a lounge area with casual seating and a bar with the game on.

Monique Cilley

Stopped in on our annual vacation for the first time and got the Sunday night buffet. Absolutely the best we've ever had! INCREDIBLE food! We are very impressed, we'll be back for sure! The servers were on top of clearing plates and filling drinks too! Very happy.

robert DiPrete

The food is great here. Lots of fun food on the menu. The service was quick and accurate. My zombie cocktail was strong and delicious! I will be back

Preston Warden

Bar tenders are terrible. They make good drinks but are not 1) personable, 2) attentive, or 3) helpful. I ordered a sushi deluxe and asked that the nine pieces be the crazy roll. The bartender said the chef picked which 9 he wanted to put on the plate. Well obviously right off the bat there was a misunderstanding. And when it was brought out there was a tuna roll and 9 pieces of sashimi and then a crazy roll. The menu states 9 pieces of sushi and a tuna roll! If there is a misprint, that needs to be discussed. On top of all of that, the bartenders never asked if we wanted more drinks and any time you asked "Gale" for something the response was "What do you need?". She was showing customers pictures of her drawings and another couple next to us were ready to order. She was interrupted during her little showing and turned to the couple and asked "What do you need?" So for my first time to East, I will probably not return. Rude bartenders, terrible people skills, and sub par food I'll risk the gas station sushi.

William Sawyer

We ordered Thai Spring Rolls that came w/ a sweet and spicy sauce all of the ingredients where extremely fresh. I ordered the Sea Food Delight w/ creamy white sauce, which was suggested by the owner. It was awesome whole lobster claw meat, shrimps and scallops. We also had the Drunken Noodles w/ chicken. They were as good as they get. I would definitely recommend this place and will be back soon.

Melinda LaMontagne

When we went, the place was almost empty, the rugs look terribly old, the food was OK, not great. I think their all you can eat bufe is better... try that instead of their "regular menu"

Francis Pare

Got takeout from here last year, it was delicious. This time we went in to eat and it didn't seem as good. The sushi was good but the rice in my dinner wasn't as good.

Mark Hiersche

Excellent sushi and vegetable Thai rice

Jessica Burnett

This is the best variety of Chinese food/ thai food for starters. Every year we visit maine this is one stop we make sure not to miss out on stopping by. They do a buffet on Sunday and I will always love coming to do the deal they have. The portions they give you even on take out is amazinggggg!! Well worth it.

Briean Kennington

Best Chinese I've had in Maine. Not to mention it's so clean and beautiful inside.

Kristen Phillips

I will admit the place is great but I am always overwhelmed by how much they have. Always Great options and decent prices

Vince Papale

The food was great and the people was great and the atmosphere was very nice

Evan Murphy

This was the most expensive and worst Chinese takeout food I have ever had.

Walter Marcinkewich

Always fresh and tasty. Plenty of space love the service too.

Alison Taylor

We came here and ordered Pho (Vietnamese) and the Drunken Noodle (Thai). The service was fine, but the food—not so much... For those who have tried authentic Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, this version was watered down and didn’t taste right. There were many spices missing and it was severely lackluster. We were disappointed. I would recommend East for strictly Chinese cuisine, but that’s it.

Melinda K

The buffet was not that impressive. Next time I would order from the menu.

Chansamone Saliphod

Very good food and service.

Nicole me

Great food for a good price! Beautiful to look at too!

anne masson

Went here for dinner with family. The food was gross. I had general tao chicken. It was tough I told them and they wouldn’t refund me. My daughter had stir fry chicken that tasted terrible when telling the manager she said thrrr was nothing she could do Don’t waste your money

Marianne Dubuc

Very good, the pad thai and the general tao were excellent. The plates are quite large and the seasonings are super tasty in every plate !

Presa Canario

Before dining at East Restaurant, read the reviews on Yelp. There are many choices in the Wells area that are far better than East. Don't waste your money at East.

Diane Soucy

Excellent atmosphere, service, and food!

Mary Alice Landis

My son loved the sushi. Very fresh. Good lunch specials. Waiter was very friendly.

Al Waller

All I can say is wow, very good Chinese food. Possibly the best General Tsaos chicken ever. Good chicken, god sauce, good quality. The engross was crispy and tasty, Peking ravioli was fried decently and the Scorpion Bowl was classic.. Excellent. Cheers.

Cinderlu Bowley

Yuck! Waitress spilled an entire glass of ice water on our table & persons. Food

Andrea Tracey

Regular haunt for drinks and appetizer, after unpacking luggage. Chicken wings are ginormous! Joked they were seagulls. Lunch menu great, rice scoop and fresh ingredients.. Steamed chicken and veggie very healthy. Japanese menu with sushi! Friendly bartender.

Odessa Lemieux

Great food and you definitely get your money's worth.

Dark Gundam

I had the pork udon noodle soup. It was completely flavorless (litterially just taste like hot water that had mushrooms sitting in it), the quality of the ingrediants used was poor, and my food was "forgotten" by the chef and was served to me 5-10 minutes after everyone at m table was served. Overall 1/10 experience will never eat there again and the pork looked like leftover meat from the previous day, litterially some were scraps you couldn't even pick up with chopsticks. Dont waste your time or hard earned money on the udon.

Therese O'Brien

Food is as always great. Staff is friendly and helpful with food choices.

Ceili Merrill

One of our favorite Asian restaurants. Great selection, great sushi, friendly staff, good pricing.

Kenneth Spinney

Nice place. The food is delicious.

Kyle Church

I was impressed with their service around our large party of 12. I ordered the Hawaii 4-0, good presentation. Although I found it too salty for my liking. Otherwise I gave it a good rating for overall vulue.

Karen Cudworth

I love the atmosphere here.

John Gagne

We actually ordered ahead!! My wife and we're vacationing near by and were craving Chinese food!!! So glad we called and ordered. We got combination plates with a few apps. Reasonably priced but the quality of everything was worth it!!! Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for good quality Asian cuisine!!!

Helen Lee

Tried this restaurant for the first time and it was mediocre at best. The chicken lo mein noodles were overcooked, and the chicken was dried out. I also ordered the orange chicken and general tso's chicken which were both not crispy but instead were soggy. Would not try this place again. Disappointed. Don't waste your money.

Lily Wersinger

They need to improve their service to customers. It was uncomfortable to be treated like that. Food was good so I gave two stars for it.

Emily Murphy

I was looking forward to a good Chinese eat out day and let me say I was very disappointed. The food was absolutely terrible and the dining service as well. The waitress barley acknowledged us and never handed us stuff directly just threw it on the table. If we could have put our food back into the kitchen got our money back I would’ve done so. The chicken was doughy and the lemon chicken was even lemon chicken. The noodles we got were terrible as well. I do not recommend at all for what they cost it is NOT worth it. Save your money and go somewhere else. I wish I could give this place lower than one star....not a real authentic Chinese restaurant 0/10 recommended.


Great food and there open till 11pm

Kevin Head

Best Chinese in the country no seriously they have the awards to prove it

Brian Pinney

It doesn't have the sparkle it used to have,food was just plain ....the bar was having a good time,I think that's the way this place is going

Daniel Negri

Have to say terrible!! Wait staff was nice but slowwwww!!! NEEDS AN UPDATE!!! Very boring for a buffet.

Crystal Draper

My Fiance & I eat here often. Love the food however the service could be better. No one really seems to care to much about anything & the girl who does the takeout orders & takes phone calls is a real snob. We love the decor & the gift shop upstairs!

Bill Thomas

Always good Asian food at reasonable prices. Popular with both locals and tourists as a go to destination for family dining in an attractive environment. East can easily accommodate large groups and you will rarely have to wait for a table. Especially popular for the buffet special on Sunday. They also do a brisk take-away business. There's a full bar and a very popular lounge - - the drinks, especially the Mai Tais, can be deliciously potent depending on your bartender. In years of patronizing this restaurant I've never had a bad meal or a disappointment of any kind.

k margaret leaff

go for the buffet. eat the pork ribs. drink tea. be happy. i cant even try to eat most pork ribs from takeout but these are amasing.

Tom Pelletier

This was my second time going there , the first time the food was way overcooked , small portions , high prices , this time it was even worse ! Who is Christmas Eve and the place was probably 40° inside ! We had to eat with our coats on ! Me and my wife sat there for 15 minutes with empty glasses until I actually took the glasses up to the bar to get them refilled . Everything was so over cooked he couldn’t even chew it ! Never again !

Gary Barton

Great service friendly help and great food

Mindy Scurto

Great food just expensive....

diane maurais

Very good food!! Prompt service.

John Laroche

Great food, good prices.Never a wait to be seated

john rossi

Really good Asian cuisine. Extensive Sunday brunch.

Jan Mulherin

Excellent food and service!

Kimberly Lacerte

The Velvet Chicken Soup is to die for!

Paul Darling

Staying at a local hotel for vacation with the kids and this place was local. To say I was highly disappointed would be an understatement. First off, I wholeheartedly agree with a previous review, way too salty. I mean,Morton Salt must have stock in this place. And very overpriced! But I have drank a half of gallon of water and still can't get the salt off my taste buds! Tons of leftovers that won't get eaten due to the psychosomatic images of salt in my head!

Brian Houle

Awesome staff and great food

Jeremy Bither

Great food

Jeremy Fife

A good selection of Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine.

Lyss Eaton

Waited 45 minutes for our food and it was cold

Danielle Marie

The best Chinese food I've ever had! Duck sauce is so Good! Crab Rangoons are a must!!!

Paul Labbe

Having had good or great Asian food on West Coast and good in New England. Gave this place a second chance and was again disappointed. Food was below average, service was anemic. Go elsewhere.

r r

Good food, fast service, friendly employees

Greg Hart

It's okay. The service, food, and cleanliness could use a little work.

Drew Reffitt

There is no buffet food wasn't bad good size portions

Kierstyn Brady

We went in at 9pm at the bar and ordered drinks and food on a Thursday and the food came out in take out bags and they essentially kicked us out at 10:00pm. My friend ordered a mai Thai before 10pm and they never made it and gave us our bill.

Jody B

Great food and staff

Tony Letendre

Very good food

Diana Baker

Only place to go for good Chinese food.

Marty Kahler

Nice atmosphere with good Suahi

Brian Reczek

Great food and staff

Roger Whitehead

Great place, good food, fair prices.

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