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REVIEWS OF Bombay Mahal IN Maine

Michael Cuskelly

Wonderful Indian food combined with great service. They always have made me feel like an honoured guest.

Clayton & Cindy Putnam

Walked downtown Brunswick tonight, decided to try Bombay Mahal (1st time). Great table, at the front window . . . we enjoy warching people stroll about town! Our waiter ( actually 2 gentleman) promptly inquired about drinks and appetizers. Our red blend and garlic naan arrived shortly. My wife enjoys tandoori chicken, and I ordered the mixed grill with tandoori shrimp, lamb, chicken . . . Set at a 3 to 4 on the "heat scale" out of 5 . Meal arrived within 15 minutes.. . not to crowded at 5 PM. Delicious with rice and some veggies in a spicy sauce. Desserts another time, stuffed! Prices were reasonable, and food very good. We tagged this meal with out tickets to the musical play at Bowdoin ! Excellent night in Brunswick . . . without spending $800 in New York!

uma maheswar

Virginia Steinberg

Sayer Smith-Graham

Ross B.

This was my first visit, but wow! Amazing first impression! Incredible, traditional Indian food, paired with great service and a friendly staff. I purchased the Saag Pakora and it was literally the most perfect combination of ingredients I have tasted so far in 2016. I can't wait to go back again!

Lisa Love

Buffet is very nice, service is gracious. The rice pudding was thin and liquid but good flavor.

Ben Daniels

Andy Winslow

Hands down, the best Indian food I've had in Maine. I work in the Portland area and have tried many Indian restaurants there. Come up to Brunswick instead because Bombay Mahal is the best!

Nicolás Correa Abondano

It is a great place for a big lunch or dinner. Good prices and excellent service.

William Wright

Sahayam James

I visited this place yesterday with my wife and ordered 5 items (samosa, naan, parotta, fish tikka masala and kebab thandoori).. Everything was delicious and the service was great.. We could not eat all as we ordered more and took the thandoori to home and ate it this morning . It was more tastier this morning than last night.. Wonderful place and nice environment with good music.. Unfortunately I am moving out of Maine soon. I will certainly miss this restaurant.. Thank you!

Aditi Gill

My husband and I moved to Maine from India several months ago and have been looking for an authentic Indian restaurant. We were so glad we found the Bombay Mahal. Out of all the other Indian restaurants we have tried so far in Maine this place serves the most authentic food. The saag dal, malai kofta, and roti are just like what my mother use to make back home. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to experience what real Indian food is all about.

Rachel Cummings

The whole family is hooked on Bombay Mahal's chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and mango ice cream. We try to come in or do take out at least 3-4 times a month (wish I could get to Brunswick more often). What a great treat:)

Benjamin Meixell

Nancy E Randolph

A peaceful place with great food. If you are new to India food try the weekend lunch buffet.

Jessica James

Vincenzo Garganese

Top notch Indian food and very polite family!

Joseph Mccluskey

Great food and some of the best service u will find anywhere

Shany-Claude Lavoie

very good food and king employes!!

Black Magic

My fiancé and I decided to treat ourselves to a date night over the summer, and spotted two open outdoor tables. We walked inside where we were spoken to by three different staff in passing that they were busy and it would be an hour wait. We told them about the tables outside, confused because we were the only waiting customers. They didn’t respond. Then the embarrassment we turned to leave, a server darted between us and stepped on my shoe. I stepped on my fiance’s foot, and he came close to falling out the door. We laughed it off later. I understand it’s crowded and tiny, but better communication would have prevented this. I’m sure they have some good dishes. In retrospect-I’m glad we went to a place, based on the menus, that makes more variations of things I can eat with my food allergies- but that’s my personal diet. I understand the waitstaff was overwhelmed as well. So were we.

tim wyand

Katrina Crowell

Delicious food. Coconut soup was amazing. Highly recommend.

Anthony Bayeur

Loved the food, service could have been a bit quicker thats why i gave it 4 stars.

Allen Wong

Tracy Harrington

Good buffet. Small in size but tasty. Great service.


Husband and I love this place. Food is always delicious and the staff is always friendly.

Steve G

Quiet, pleasant atmosphere with excellent, quick service. The food is very good, even if I'm not a huge fan of Indian cuisine.

Erin Dostie

Douglas Nelson

Food was.great, authentic environment. Small cozy place.



Gravity Traveler

The most authentic and balanced flavor of any Indian restaurant in New England. Fantastic selection, spices perfectly matched, and the Naan could have just as equally come from a fired oven in Kolkata. Well done!

Harsh Sanghvi

Excellent food, service and nice ambience!

Vivek V

Great food, amazing hospitality. Try samosas for sure.

Viraj Karnik

Tracy G Maine

Eugene Dietrich

Food was super flavorful. Some very good spice in Brunswick.

Nathalie Nichole

Bill Strauser

Excellent Indian food. Average pricing.

Lucas Meyer-Lee

Authentic, yummy. Empty and quiet when I ate. Open pretty late.

Kyle Charest

This is one of the best Indian food restaurants in Maine. The buffet they have on the weekends is small but everything is amazing tasting. Definitely don't pass on the coconut soup!

Bethany Mulcahy

Kathleen Rock

Really good food. Hardly any wait and friendly staff.

Harsh Dodia

Best service and Crew!

Tao Fineberg

Satish Chamreddy

Jenny Richards

The best Indian I have experienced in New England!

Sarena Neyman

And I'm originally from NYC and now live in a town with 3 Indian restaurants. The food was gourmet delicious. The owner was so sweet and kind. This is some amazing food!

Praveena Kathera

Lunch buffet items weren't up to the expected taste. I'm used to south indian food but we tried this north indian restaurant on our way to a trip and were prepared that it's not going to be spicy. I've had amazing north indian food before but here the taste was not good. Don't know how the menu items would taste but lunch buffet was a disappointment.


Sean Boyd

Always excellent food

Maayan Lahti


Cynthia Morton

Best Indian food around! My absolute favorite Brunswick restaurant!

Melissa Bruner

Wonderful food. Great ambiance. Lovely staff. I highly recommend this place.

Scott Flagg

The best restaurant in Brunswick Maine. The service and food were wonderful!

Conrad Grossman

Chris B

I've been eating here for years and I've never had a bad meal. The staff is always super friendly. Not only is the food delicious but they cater to vegetarian and gluten free customers. Yesterday i was lucky enough to be invited into the kitchen to watch some bread be made by hand. I highly reccomend trying all of the breads. The roti amd poori are my favourites. Thank you soo much for being such an awesome resturaunt. I will be back!! Over and over and over again!

Chris _

Andrew Jawitz

DJ Smith

By far the best Indian food in Maine!

Derek Bascom

Pk Worster

Sarah Garland

Rory Fike

Elizabeth Dingley

R Boday

We were seated late for our reservation, but the food was exceptional and the staff were very patient with and accomodating of our baby.

Stefan Low

Best Indian in the greater Midcoast area... wish we had more of them up our way nearer to Camden or Belfast! Necessary to life.

Marilyn Parker

Absolutely delicious...authentic...and great service...all around wonderful experience~!

Blake Ericson

Great place for lunch. Nice portions and great flavors. I had the coconut soup and chicken tikka masala. Both were great. If I am ever back in the area, I will be sure to stop by again!

No hot water in the bathroom sink for washing hands. My dad ordered something mild and it was the spiciest dish at the table. I spent the next two days in the toilet, the one who shared my dish got ill as well. Maybe I was there on a bad day, but I don't think it's worth a return visit.

Sarbjit Dhalla

Colin West

After our poor experience at the other Indian restaurant down the street, we were hesitant to give Indian food another chance. However, we were glad we did. The food was absolutely amazing here and the service was friendly and attentive. I would most definitely recommend this place. They also have a buffet we will be coming back soon to try.

Maddison Pfaff

Pra Baj

Rajender Malhotra

Best Indian food around in North of Portland area.

Arnav Patel

Michelle Morin

My son and I ate here once. Our meal came out very quickly for the variety of ingredients in the dish. The food was not fresh. It was dry and clearly reheated. We will not be returning. Very disappointing.

Jim Merritt

Very good

Steve Goodall

Authentic indian food, with amazing and friendly staff. I go once a week here. The lamb curry is perfect.

Jeffrey Potter

This is some of the Indian food in the whole area I haven't had Indian food is good since New York City. I highly recommend you make this restaurant a stop if you are staying in the Bowdwin College area. This place is a true gem in the Brunswick area

Ewan Rose

Deliciously flavorful food and a beautiful serene ambience! You can taste the love and care that they put into the perfect balance of every herb and spice. For the quality and large portion sizes, it is also very affordable! I will definitely become a repeat customer. : )

Maria Mann

Food was pretty good.

soumitra chatterjee

Ryan Pierce

Very good authentic Indian food. The Saturday and Sunday buffets are excellent.

Acer Donald


Food decent. Portions so so. Over priced. Service decent.

Rebecca Pinkham

Wonderful indian cuisine.

Michael G

Had the buffet. Wouldn't say it was the most amazing Indian I've had but it was good. Had the lunch buffet at $12.00. Not a huge selection of items but did have several vegetarian options.

Sofia George

I've eaten Indian food overseas, and this place takes me back. It's delicious and authentic.

Ian MacLean

Best Indian food in Maine. I love the buffet.

Jason Rand

Been a long time since the wife and I have had indian food but we decided to stop in one evening, great food friendly service made us think we need to do indian food much more often.

Heidi Machson

Food was delicious the service was outstanding!!!

Mariel Fluhr-DeBlois

Lilo Pomerleau

Good flavors, nice and clean.

Brent Nordquist

Delicious tandoori and naan, friendly staff

Ingo Bergsteinsson

Noah Reidelbach

Jennifer York


sagar chavan

Patrick Chambers

Hands down the best authentic Indian food around. Diverse dishes from many regions of India offer great choices. And don't forget the gulab jamine for dessert.

Azule Bones

The Best Indian Food in Maine! The service has improved since our fist visit. I wouldn't care if I had to wait all day for the food. I suggest going and reading the history of the family, nothing but respect for their hard work, and excellent food.

Deepthi Kj

Enjoyed the special bread/naan with jalapenos and chicken tikka masala

Harikrishna Ramakrishnan

Food was really good but portions are small for the price charged!!

Jon Pixley

Describe my experience at Bombay Mahal? Well, let's see. We went for the lunch buffet at $11/person. I have so many negative feelings about this first and definitely last time eating here, it could fill a small notebook. But I'll just try to briefly list them all 1) no water offered until almost done meal 2) only five buffet entrees offered, really? FIVE? At a buffet? Should have just walked away then 3) THREE of those entrees go completely empty during our visit, and 30 minutes later, only one was replaced - at 1:15 of an 11:00-3:00 buffet 4) owner comes out and sees empty buffet dishes and walks off to tend cash register, instead of letting the two wait staff do that and getting her self back into the kitchen to produce some food 5) one dish is chicken jalfrezi, but I guess the title was supposed to be a joke because there wasn't any chicken in it - no exaggeration - no chicken in it, but it was sure a great big dish of sloppy sauce 6) chicken tandoori is wet with some kind of gross sauce on it - tasted gawful and had obviously never seen the inside of a tandoori oven - owners preying on the ignorance of their customer, I suspect 7) aloo matar has six pieces of potato in it, that's all, but is basically all peas 8) staff manages tor run around looking busy while doing anything but taking care of customers, and 9) food they did have was just a soupy, tasteless pile of garbage. We were not the only people sitting and waiting for them to refresh the buffet - seriously, people were going up and returning to there seats with nothing because the buffet was literaly empty. After 30 minutes, we just decided to leave. I have never been so disgusted by a restaurant and their owners in my life. This place is an embarrassment and the owners should be ashamed of themselves. I'm sorry for people in Brunswick if they think this place is good or even fair Indian cuisine.

Brett Moye

The lunch menu provided great food at a decent price. As someone who cooks with ghost peppers i was ecstatic to recieve some properly spicy food.

Brandon Goding

I enjoy dining in at Bombay Mahal. The staff is friendly and funny. I have fun Everytime I stop in.

Joshua Breault

Amazing food and an affordable price. Service is very quick and inviting.

Heidi Harris

Visited on a Thursday night, not too busy and no waiting time. Food was incomparable! You can inquire about how spicy the food is and trust their answer! I'm super intolerant to hot-spicy and everything I had was perfect. Pashwari naan to die for, and don't leave without desert! The pricing is so reasonable it almost felt wrong. This is a "must" for anyone in the area!!

Subhadip Chowdhury

Jessica Pelletier

Incredible food and amazing service!

Joe Kester

Fantastic Indian food. Friendly wait staff and good atmosphere.

Myles LaBonte

Great food and great service. One of my favorite Indian restaurants in Maine.

Peter Caron Sr.

Great food and outstanding and friendly service .


Best buttered chicken by far!


Vidhi Thakkar

The owners, Raj and his wife, took care of us so well. The food was as delicious as home-made food made my mom or granny. We had Baingan bharta and it was sooooooo good. We loved the ginger chai with papad. Raj was the owner and also the chef and he told us stories of how people liked his food not only in India and is US, but also in Germany! We loved the overall experience and will definitely go there when we visit Vermont next. Thank you Raj. He deserves more than 5 stars as I have not seen so much passion in a chef.

Christoffer Scott

Excellent lunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays. Great options, decent variety. The naan is fantastic, but they sometimes have difficulty keeping up with the demand for it.

Ana Sica

Alvin D.

Great service. Great food. We will definitely be going back again. Btw their mango chutney if to die for !!!

Katina Doty

Good buffet for lunch on the weekend. Chicken masala and coconut soup were great

Isaiah Oliver

Bombay Mahal is one of the best Indian restaurants in the state. It's family run and the owners cook, which is always the sign of a good restaurant. Chicken Vindaloo and Chicken Tika Masala are some of my favorite dishes. Can't wait to go back soon!

Brent D

k margaret leaff

did not like


Excellent food and friendly wait staff and owners. The weekend buffet has been my favorite for a very long time.

John Krott

Love their food!

russell johnson

Good Buffet

Jason Sirois

My first time with Indian food. Coconut isn't my thing.

Emily Scholl

The Uptons

The weekend lunch buffet special for $13 is a total steal! Good selection of both meat and vegetarian options. Everything was hot fresh and delicious. The atmosphere was very cool and the service was friendly. Can't wait to go back.

Emily Small

Lia Richardson

The wait staff were very friendly. The food was delicious. I ordered the Dahl Mhakani, mild and it was super. My daughter got the same dish but medium. Hers had a small kick to it. Nicely decorated throughout.. Prices for dinner were a bit expensive....but we loved it anyway. The floors were clean. The wait for food was short. They have a super Mango Lassi drink! Beer was light and good. We also loved the cultural experience. Sometimes it can be difficult for me to step outside of my comfort zone but it was well worth it! I chose 4 out of 5 stars just because of cost but it was very good!!!

alex chino

"Great food selections, great food, great service."

BeowulfBreklum Rohde

Andre Erasmus

Friendly service, good vegetarian options

Terese Erving

i like Indian food and this place was okay

Sanjeev Kalanidhi

Lourdes Quiroz

Tried this place twice. Disappointed! My chicken dish was dry. Tasted like left over. My mango lasi was not cold. Bathroom was dirty. Will not comeback .

Julie N

Went there this past Friday night with my husband and waited over an hour and a half for our food. Our waitress didn't even acknowledge that customers that came in 40 minutes after us were already finished eating and we still hadn't been given any food. She proceeded to argue with us that our order had not been lost and that they always work the orders in which they are received. After being beyond the point of starving and highly irritated the food was alright, nothing special. I would not come back here even if the meal was on the house, however I would recommend Mother of India in Lewiston over this any day.

Brittany Patenaude

Great service and wonderful buffet choices! People need to go here just to see the inside; it's beautifully decorated. I like how the chutney is right at the table so you don't need to ask for it. The waiter always makes sure to keep your glass of water full!

Mike McNally

Excellent service , spice just right, delicious lamb curry

Robert Feller

I don't say this often but in this case I have to this was by far the absolute best Indian cuisine I have eaten in my entire life. Each dish is prepared to order and the tastes are just spectacular.

Abhie Sh

Food served here is NOT AUTHENTIC INDIAN!! The place is a total waste and disgrace to Indian food. We ordered Chicken Biryani and Chicken curry. Chicken curry was utter tasteless. Chicken Biryani had corn,chana,carrots,beans, bell peppers and even brocoli in it. Curry and Biryani is very close to the heart of any Indian and if they cannot get this basic thing right, then accoding to me that place is not worth visiting!! People, pls look elsewhere for authentic Indian food, this place isn't doing any justice to it.

Dylan Gardner

Easily the best Indian food In Maine! A family favorite for over 20 years.

Galo Hernandez

The best place in Midcoast Maine to get your great Indian food fix.

Paul DeFrancisco

This is absolutely the Best restaurant in Maine! Delicious!!!

Allen Small

So good!

david cousins

Great food.

Cyndy Dalton

The food...the atmosphere...the service...all top notch! We will surely be back!

Nichole Kindelan

First time trying Indian so not sure I can fairly rate a comparison but I liked it

KL Bartlett

Great place to eat. We were there the night they opened.. it was our first foray into indian food and I have been a customer since. I dont know if it is the best or worse indian food in maine... Since I have never had indian food anywhere else in my life (other than my own kitchen! I absolutely LOVE the Garlic Nann.. and the Samosas.. I try to get in for those at least once a month The Chicken Tikka is my favorite but my son loves the all the lamb dishes. I have always enjoyed the cozy comfort of the dining room and the warm friendly staff!

Kishor Raj Adhikari

Nice food, Friendly Owner.

Marc Tabor

Fantastic weekend buffet! Pride in thier food

Zachary Powell

Francis Nocchi

Excellent and fresh fish and in good sauce of fresh herbs. Spice level is adjusted to each guest

Benjamin Bernier

Great Indian food, the weekend buffets are delicious and fairly priced. The staff are friendly. Nice spot if you want a spicy meal

cale chattick

One of my favorite places to eat!

steve ambrose

Again im a chef by trade in italian cusine but was absolutly pleased with this establishment the owner explained what each dish was and had in it and was awesome food and reasonably priced we will be visiting them again

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