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REVIEWS OF Asian Garden IN Maine

Matthew McDade

Had my work going away party there. Over 30 people attended. Food and service were both top notch. People working there were friendly and accommodating. Great prices too. Awesome place.

Simon Socolow

Kathy Boone

Greatfood and sverice every time. One of my family's favorite places to eat.

A Google User

Jennie Gavin-Tremblay

Amazing chinese food! Hands down the best on the area!

Jacob Premich

First time in for the buffet on Sunday. Highly recommend!

Gary Surette


The most delicious food Asian food I have ever eaten. The service was nice, helpful, humble and proactive. I have gone there several times and it remains the best restaurant I've ever eaten. It seems to never have any flaw, and I couldn't recommend this place more. If you are in the area, make sure you eat this food. You will not be disappointed.

Ben Treat

Great value, great service, very good food.

Irving Paul

Panda Garden is by far the best Oriental restaurant in the Bangor area. Mike and Josephine are great hosts and they will make you most anything. Try it and I'm sure you will return!

yourr sellfone

Love this place! Food is amazing but the staff is super friendly and welcoming. Such nice people! I haven't called OJ's since I found Panda Garden!

Michelle Carmean

Needs now options


Luckie Charmz

$21 for buffet. Food was terrible. Limited options for a supposed buffet style. The sushi was subpar. I had to drown it with soy sauce for flavor. Yes the place is clean as far as the eye can see and the staff is friendly but it is overrated.

Mike Marino

Very good

Mandy Canfield of Hope For A Simple Life

Always a great experience and their sushi is very fresh!

Kirsten Miller

Excellent food and nice atmosphere

Tristan Greenlaw

Great food. Very friendly and personal service. The buffet is $7 for lunch !

Gary Slavinsky

Being new in town and having experienced truly awful food just last night, I entered the building with fear and trepidation. I picked up carry-out. The ambience, from what I could see, seemed to be clean, comfortable and tastefully appointed. Staff was courteous and friendly. The hot and sour soup was excellent with a nice bite and ample portions of bean curd. (That's "tofu" for you yuppies). The General Tso's Chicken was exceptional in that it was spicy but not so sweet, as is often the case with carry-out. The meat was fresh, moist, all breast and in large enough morsels to tell that it wasn't dog or Yak. I am looking forward to eating the leftovers tomorrow. The egg rolls were fresh and not too greasy, they were disappointing in that, if there were shrimp or pork pieces within the tasty wrapper, I could not identify them visually or by taste. 2.5 out of 3 is not bad. I will definitely return to try out some other dishes. They have a buffet for $21.95. It is a little pricey for the neighborhood, but my guess is that it's probably more than worth it. I will report on that when I sample it.

Linda Goody

Best Chinese restaurant in Maine for my money. When I lived in the Portland Maine area for over ten years, I would often put off my Chinese food cravings until I visited Bangor next as I couldn't find any place in Southern Maine as good. I enjoy ordering of the menu much more than when I have tried the buffet, but I like some spice in my food. They will also accommodate off menu requests with a friendly smile :-).

Gloria Rodriguez

Best restaurant in Martinsburg!

Kim McKeage

Love this place. The absolute best crab rangoon, and the boneless spareribs are a new favorite.

Tim Cosgrove

Very nice and polite waitress. Food was excellent.we loved the soft music.

Deborah Lane

The food was just ok. Atmosphere very nice. Buffet closed at 2. Arrived at 1:15. Very little left on the buffet and they were hesitant to refresh even a little to accommodate the ten people that had come in. Staff was very friendly but we were a bit disappointed. Price was very reasonable though.

Dan Mann

Very friendly and attentive staff, food is superb and hot.

Kellie Swor

Service was very friendly.

Miranda Cookson

I wouldn't give a full star rating on this joint... was there at 12:30 Buffett had hardly any food and what was there was cold Would not recommend...

Ben W.

A few changes on the buffet, getting even better

Eddie Strange

Really Good Food

Guy767 W

Very clean plus friendly excellent and quick service. Had the chicken and broccoli lunch special for $6 which came with soup plus rice and it was delicious.

Tammy Z

Great food and great service!!!

Reann Hart

The place is very peaceful you might be overwhelmed by so many options but its all delish foods I don't particularly like rice but it was great with the sesame seed chicken. Only down side is I was too stuffed to try the mochi. People are so nice here too.

Lisa Cote

The food is fresh and delicious! I have been going to Panda Garden for many years.

Shane Symonds

Ordered food for pickup and was overall very disappointed. I had heard good things which is what pushed me to try them but the Chicken Teriyaki bento box I ordered was sub par at best. Very bland, undercooked chicken and little to no sauce on most of it. The vegetable tempura I received was also nothing but a piece of fried broccoli. Willing to give the restaurant another try if these concerns are addressed!

Drew Breland

Crispy beef is amazing.

Jeff G.

Food is always great, buffet is a good spot for a cheap lunch 11:30-2:00 every day.

Dale Spencer

Food was very good above-average. Prices for good about average. Charming place with a nice sushi bar.

Travis Jeffrey

Kennie Deeds

We LOVE it there!! AWESOME Sushi!!

Russell Lineberg

Flaming sushi. Food and service was amazing

Julie West

Good food but I've never gotten it hot enough. Always have to send it back to heat up


We always get out sushi here because the service is excellent and the sushi is delicious1

emma smith

Very reasonably priced food, with speedy and kind service.

Azer Draco

Really was on the mood for a Chinese Buffet ... However, there is no handicap wheelchair access ...

Amanda MacLean

The service here was SO AWESOME!

Katherine Leblanc

Absolutely amazing place! The place was clean and simple decorations. The food was refreshing. I had the curry rice noodles, pork buns and wanton soup. Wanton soup was a light soup with yummy want one, pork tasted fresh and homemade. Curry rice noodles weren't over whelmingly strong in flavor, but mild flavor that allowed you to enjoy the other flavors in the food. The chicken wasnt dry at all. I will be back again definitely!

Charles Shafer

Terrific food...Great service...Great atmosphere!

Lisamarie Dorman

Wow a great place to eat!You get large portions.Super friendly staff and very clean.

Ashton White

Nice Chinese restaurant. Great service and a friendly staff. A little on the pricy side. I used to eat here once a month and then I discovered Rainbow in Brewer.

Trinity Wright

Best food in Martinsburg


There at 1230 on Saturday buffet was cold poor selection would not recommend

Debbie Lazur

Service and food are consistently high here.

Aaron Rich

Best Sushi

Joe G

Bryan Grivois

BA Bernier

This has become our go to place with family on Christmas Eve for dinner for the last 4 years when we visit Maine and it has new been a let down. Service has always been excellent with great service. The staff is always friendly and courteous.

victoria scott

Mary Beth Masters

Food always tastes fresh! My fav spot!

Patrick Fleming

Tasty sushi

Michael Beaumont

I had a bento box and it was ok I guess. They didn't include silverware. I called to ask why and the manager promised to include silverware "next time".

The haze Through my eyes

For living in Maine right now and having California taste buds this was really good and when you sit they t fill comfy..

Layla Hobbs

Phenomenal authentic Chinese. Definitely worth stopping in if you are looking for something better than the run of the mill buffet stuff. Ma La Lamb is great and they have many two style platters that let you try two different things.

Arthur Davis

1 hour wait. Small budget buffet

Butch Cazin

Great place for Sunday Sushi Buffet or regular menu during the week

SavvySteak .

A nice place to eat. Fair price and inviting staff.

Sandra English

Delicious food, hardy portions and great prices.

Dan Smith

Food was good. Place was clean and service was good.

John LaMore

I used to live less than a mile from this restaurant when it was called Panda Garden. I ate here several times a week for over a year. It was by far the best Chinese food in Bangor. I was saddened to learn that most of the recipes which the new owners promised would be kept, are now completely different. We ordered almost $80 worth of food, and the majority of it contained sauces which were watered down, nothing like what they used to be. Anyone rating this place 5 stars is either rating the previous owners dishes, or is from out of state where most Chinese food is just bad. I will not be going back. They turned what was the best quality, most delicious food in the state to something the quality of Happy China Buffet.


Always a great way to spend a Sunday with family. Thr buffet is great, and with thr new lower price for dinner time, it is worth it.


Hands down the very best Chinese cuisine in the Great State of Maine...

Ben Sullivan

Great Asian-America cuisine. Lots of natural flavor without being greasy. I highly recommend it.

Robert M. Pinkelman

The BEST Chinese food in Bangor, hands down! You won't be disappointed, trust me!

Nathan Kemp

Sunday they have a great buffet. Usually when I go I get the nabeyaki udon. Service is always very good. Best sushi in the area.

Tracey Smith

Wonderful food and great service!


Only Sushi place we eat at. Family ran and customer service is very good and authentic!

Christina Wolfe

Always worth the wait. This is my go to place for sushi. I recommend it to everyone.

Donev Hatcher

Great Food best in town!!

Joshua Silvesan

Excellent service and beyond friendly. Food was great and the price was even better. I will certainly be coming back sometime soon

Tami M

Food is sorta bland. Buffet is extremely fresh

Bonnie Kinnamon

Very friendly atmosphere with great food

Anthony Newell

randy Grindle

Cant go wrong with chinese best food ever i was in beijing and hebei and hong kong and its pritty authentic they do a good copy thats definate i think there from southern china near hong kong somewhere they style inside is nice and the food is amazing chinese love small shacks on the side of the street but this ones pritty big and nice i love it highly reccomend

Haru Yamagucci

The absolute best Chinese food in Maine. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, while the food is fresh, well plated and delicious. A hidden gem in the heart of Maine.

Jocelynne Lowans

Great service, excellent sushi.

Joe Orcutt

Great food! Don't be fooled by the outside entrance. .......great times r waiting for you!


The best Chinese food in Maine!

Carolyn A

Their sushi is the BEST around! The sweet tea is so addicting and the staff is always super friendly. I love this place!

J Fear2000

Pink ladies are a dream!!! Some time there a long wait but its always worth it! Overall fantastic food.

Mary Hatch

I love this place! Great food and excellent service!

Dale Christensen, Sr.

Absolutely the best Chinese food in Maine that I have EVER tasted! Atmosphere is great and the owners are so friendly. Love this place. Thank you.

Demonlord. Adralemech

Cindy Holley

Seems like a family owned business, I like that. Always friendly quick, only complaint is the sushi is like room temperature. Worries me, but I have never got sick. Food is great, just a personal preference. And they give you these amazing hot awesome smelling towel at the end to wash your hands. Love the place!!!!!

Matt Moore

Awesome food at a reasonable price

Kevin Loring

Been going here since 94! THE BEST

Sam Thomas

Great food! Great price. Small portions are served on the buffet line, instead of mass amounts of foods left out to get all rubbery and gross. This is how it should be done a across the board!!

Jared Swartz

Alwas friendly staff, and a steady supply of fresh, delicious food in the buffet!

Fred Zeng


Really good food, extremely nice staff and a great and relaxing atmosphere!

The Birms

Food and service here are consistently fantastic.

Kyle James

Food was outstanding as was the service!

Angie Parkinson

Good service and food

Alex Lawrence

John Santini

Buffet is full of luke warm food and sushi

Jessie Gardner

Best sushi in Martinsburg and surrounding areas! I love the Pink Lady roll and the Philly roll. Very clean atmosphere and great service. The salad with ginger dressing in the best salad around, and the shumai appetizer melts in your mouth. Wish I could eat here 4-5 times a week.

Jennah Dalton

Teressa Sherwood

Good food, reasonably priced.

Dave Nichols

The food was delicious and plentiful

rachel levesque

Very bad, seen it had such a good review an was very disappointed

Jon Ouellette

Aimee Hatt

The best Chinese restaurant in Maine. Get service, friendly family run business for over 25 years. My favorite is lemon chicken on the revolutionary diet section and steamed vegetable dumplings

Alexsis Allenwood

Lars Larson

Great food and friendly service!

Valerie Saul

Very clean and polite very courteous

Nikolaus Maack

Acceptable food at the buffet. Good hot and sour soup. Friendly staff. Good prices. I'd say this restaurant is competent, but nothing special. The men's washroom was a bit of a horror show.

Brian Wardwell

The food was good, but it was a little expensive for the quality. Very quick service, and a dated interior.

Caleb Follero

One of our favorite Asian restaurants. Sushi and Hot food are always delicious.

Diana Cooper

Best sushi in the area.

Kelly Lowe

Great service, great food.

Capricia Renzi

This was by far the worst Chinese food I've had or Rhode Island has far better quality and taste. I would never recommend to my worst enemy.

Jubilee Ajiboye

Averil Doyle

A little expensive, but the food and service is always top notch. Definitely a 2-3 times a year place to go.

Tatiana Allen

VERY yummy! A lil pricey BUT everything is homemade. Quality product. Definitely recommend

Julie Hutzell

Always one of my favorites

Brittany Boyd

Wasn't sure about eating here at first, but it was so delicious. This is where I go when I want Chinese. So yummy!

Jason Nurenberg

Good sushi and other food... Great service, casual atmosphere. Sunday brunch service is especially recommended. They do great on special orders, and have enough variety to keep everyone happy.

Lani Hawk

Its a very nice quiet place with GREAT food, way better then China City

Alyson Vonstein

Very clean and respectful staff. Great sushi too! 10/10 recommend. My favorite sushi place! (Hint: try the Boston Roll!)

alan bauman

Nice japenese and chinese food. Sushi too!

Jeff Arrants


The food was very limited for the buffet and it was not very good food at all. Also, they do not have fountain drinks here.

Thomas Cheng

Erika Simpson

Polite service, good food. It was a touch warm but it was also 90 degrees outside. I will return

thang vu

Very nice place. Food quite good

Jesse Kelly

Sanjay Dutt

An ok place.

Johnnie Reece

Great restaurant! Super clean, very polite staff and excellent quality sushi. By far my favorite place for sushi in West Virginia

Luke Saint

Competitive prices. Service was both quick(and i'm talking served less than 20 mins for 2) and really polite, our bartender/waiter Ming was super awesome and engaging. Mai Tai and Blue Hawaiian are the best in town IMO. The food quality is above average for chinese in town for average prices. Decor is nice and not over bearing. If you're looking for a laid back place to get some chinese. I urge you to consider this place.

sims 4

Best sushi and miso soup around ! Always fresh and delicious. .......topped off with a hot ,fresh wash cloth for dessert lol

Lyle Seigel

Delicious sushi, excellent buffet and great service!

RJ Franklin

Best place for sushi in martinsburg

joleen conners

Loved the food and flavors and everything was fresh and delicious.

muriel smith

Great food with great service. Couldn't ask for more!!

John K

Friendly family service and great food.

Angela Ritson

M McCardell

I order from here all the time. Sushi is amazing, portions are great and prices are fair.

Dane O'Leary

I've been to many, many sushi places, including some really great ones in New York, Boston, and DC, but Asian Garden makes some of the best sushi I've ever had in my life. It's absolutely amazing. I've been coming to Asian Garden for years and years at this point, and they never let me down. Plus, I know the majority of the staff and they know me from being a regular for so long. We used to go to the Sunday buffet, which is like $25 bucks per person (including drink) for all-you-can-eat sushi, shrimp, crab legs, and Chinese food. But we realized that mostly just ate one or two plates of sushi and weren't getting our money's worth, so now we just order off the sushi menu. Getting between five and seven rolls typically costs us around 40 bucks, so you really can't beat the price, either. If you're in or near Martinsburg and find yourself craving sushi, Asian Garden is where you should go. I highly recommend the neon crispy maki, asparagus roll, Alaska roll, dragon roll, spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls, and the Pink Lady.

hyrum harris

It's not a buffet like I thought. I didn't see a sushi bar I could eat from. It was all restaurant form with menu and servers. They were all nice, great quiet atmosphere, comfy looking pillows to kneel on, or tables to sit at.

Kathleen H. SMITH

Excellent Chinese food, my favorite of all I have ever patronized. Always go for the buffet, it is perfect, all fresh and constantly being refilled. Lowest price in town. Friendly owners and staff. Small buffet with just the right Chinese menu. Also many nice items on the reasonably priced menu, my favorite, Chicken and green beans.

Brittney Joppy

This place has some great sushi. Reminds me of my favorite place back home.

Curtis Chadbourne

Best Chinese food in Bangor.

sam moon

Great quality food,bento box was on point! Worth every dollar.

Must Suit

Jennifer Hodgins

sudheesh vs

Awesome experience. Good food really nice people.

Jannet Miranda

We arrived to Bangor around 7:45pm and this was the only Chinese food restaurant we found open. Honestly It looked sketchy because the outside it not fancy looking, but I decided to give it a try. BEST CHINESE FOOD I'VE EVER HAD!!! They looked like they were closing up but they still took our take out order. They were very very nice and helpful. Great customer service and great food. We had a party of 5 and we all loved the food. The portions were more than enough one plate was enough for two. We ate left over the next night and it still tasted great. We will definitely be going back here if we find ourselves in Maine again.

Greg Tisdale

My family and I really enjoy it

Kaitlin Lacey

Best Chinese food in town! Stopped by for takout, only drawback was the wait because they were so busy. Can't wait to try dining in, the exterior is so unassuming I never would have guessed how beautiful the decor was!

Christal Mason

Loved it as usual! The food is always so fresh an the service is always on top of things. A wonderful place to dine as a couple, family or a group. Promise u won't be disappointed with this choice!!!!

Steve McLean

Excellent Chinese cooking

Tia Clancy

Good food, generous portions, very friendly staff. Will definitely eat here again.

David Crouch

Love the booths and warm towels! Food was exactly what we wanted!

Jason Crabtree

The food here is great. Best sushi in town. Service is usually pretty fast, but one time there was a waitress who was a little too chatty with another customer and took a while to get to us.

James Lagasse Watercolor Artist


They have great food and are fast also

Myrna P.

Great service and delicious food! Thanks!

Robert Henry

Delicious sushi from someone who is not a big sushi fan. Beef with spring onion was incredible. Very comfortable and beautiful atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Michael Combs

Food is very good. Lunch specials are great. You can sit either in chairs or Japanese tradition

Mr. Review

It's ok, but I rather eat elsewhere.

Lynn Timmons

Service is always spot on here. Restaurant is always clean. Food is pretty good as well! Highly recommend the gyoza and general tso chicken!

S Kusek

Was delightfully surprised. Food was greay! Service was spot on

Samantha Hissam

Relaxing environment. Vibrant outstanding service! My fiance and I tried Asian Gardens for the first time and we LOVED everything! Food is fresh nd amazing! Sushi is the best I've ever had! Satisfied completely with full bellies and smiling faces! We will definitely be returning many more times!

Donna Wallace

Wonderful sushi!!! Very fresh and great service too!


I have been impressed every single time with the food quality and customer service. This place is amazing and I highly recommend to everyone!

Jamie Campbell

A nice space in an interesting part of Bangor. The food is tasty, but features much more of the less expensive ingredients and very little meat.

Baby Zep

We had a fantastic time here in April 2016. We used to go to the old location as our standard family events place but hadn't been to this new location. Great food, comfortable ambience, cheerful server! Favorite dish - J8 Seafood Combination Tempura $19.95.


Delicious food, very good service. I requested a ' very hot ' version of my meal and it was only mildly spicy.

Brady Ashburn

The best sushi around.

Brooke Murphy

chase bruce

Johanne Courtright

Awesome Japanese food, love the ambiance as well. This is our new favorite place.

Jerome Edwards

Lunch buffet is a great value. They are my favorite Chinese restaurant in Maine.

Ace Adams

Best kept ancient Chinese secret in Bangor. Their lunch buffet is fantastic with plenty of variety. Food is fresh & tasty. The waiter Ming is both professional & friendly. The eggplant with garlic is out of this world. Lunch buffet is crazy low price of 6.99 all you can eat with hot steaming soup of your choice.

Andreas Schäfer

Good food nice people

Christina Geddis

Great people and food. Highly recommend

Kristen Riddle

This restaurant was amazing, from very clean, to very personable wait staff and their excellent food. My family will be back

Melissa Cunningham

Delicious sushi, and the service is great. I only wish the sushi wasn't so expensive.

Katy Orr-Dove

Hands down, some of the best sushi around our area. Love the New York Roll!

Carl Tucker

Staff very friendly sushi is awesome , sunday is buffet reasonable prices

Tony Kendig

This is the best place for sushi and Asian food in the area.

Tom Cashmen

So expensive. Their lunch portion is the same size as the dinner portion. We ordered both around lunch time and we seen no difference. Lol

David Badinger

Service was pretty slow. Good was good.

Jennifer Blackburn

Mango ice cream! New favorite place to get it! Heck of a drive from texas to have it though. Food was great, nice portions served hot and on lovely China. Staff is very polite and they bring hot towels to clean your hands at the end oh and their mint tea is amazing and i dont like mint in my drinks. Will go back!

Tom Quinn

Very reasonably priced, delicious Chinese food, probably the best in the Bangor area.

Will Gerould

I usually don't do reviews because not many places have really blown me away in terms of service and experience. The Asian Garden in Martinsburg is one of those places. Not only was all of the staff very nice, but it truly felt like we were the only people dining there. (There were about 3/4 other tables when we got there) We never had to wait for a drink refill and after the dinner we got a warm hand towel to clean off with. I felt like it was VIP service. Was not expecting that at all. Fantastic service and great tasing food. **The Rock and Roll sushi roll was amazing.** This is my first time eating here but definitely won't be my last.

Mary Powell

Love this place! Food & service is excellent.

Monique French

olivia stevens

Delicious food and great service! I always get lo mein and a Philadelphia roll, but my friend let me taste some of her yakisoba and it was so yummy!! Never leaves you feeling hungry or unsatisfied! My favorite local restaurant!

Margaret Young

The best Chinese food in Bangor! The wait staff is very friendly and attentive and I always love going here, whether for the buffet or ordering from the menu.


Very quiet at mospere and peaceful with amazing food

Katie Davis

Super yummy

Laura DalyBarrett

Amazing food and service!!

Megan Feddema

This is the best value Chinese takeout I have ever had! The food was absolutely delicious and the price was very reasonable. Thank you for an excellent dinner :-)

Racehorse Llama

My son found a dead maggot in his food. They handled it as best as they could but still. Was upset there was no manger on duty.

Hailley Bradbury

We love the food! The veggies in everything are always nice and crisp and fresh tasting, and chicken (be it in the General Tso, the Lo mien, or the fingers) is perfectly cooked every time. The staff is very kind and attentive. We enjoy our experience here whether it's dine-in or take-out!

guanqiu wang

wendy gaskins

friendly and great service food is great will be back again

Prudence Billings

The atmosphere, food and service were all excellent! Staff is friendly and pleasant. We have been there twice recently, and had take out once. I highly recommend Asian Garden, as it's now called!

robert bond

Always great sushi

heidi crosier-sypitkowski

Greg Stearns

Our first time here and won't be the last. Very nice atmosphere, very friendly staff and by far the best food we've had. Awesome!!!

Tina Marsden

Love this place ..I drive 30 min to go there..definitely worth the drive time

Lyn Widen

Daryl Joyce

I travel the country for living. Simply put, this is my all-time favorite asian restaurant of all time nation wide. Good service. Excellent Food. Delicious Mint Sweet Tea. Mango ice cream.

Maggie Guthrie

Long standing business on Bangor. Yummy buffet at lunch time. Generous dinner portions. Friendly owners and staff.

Susan DePeters

cool 1

Wonderful shusi buffet with some Chinese items on the side.

Kerrie Lall

The good was very good and fresh! I highly recommend this restaurant !

JR Lasecki

Great food and sushi ...

Shane Seeders

Best sushi in the local area bar none. Service is always friendly and prompt.

Anthony H

Not the buffet style restaurant that i was looking for but overall i was moderately satisfied with my experience. The atmosphere was welcoming. The service was friendly. The menu is varied and the prices are okay. I would go back again.

Roy B.

Very nice waitress, good food, no problem finding parking. This is a good restaurant with relatively low prices. I would recommend eating here.

Alex Brooks

Fast and good service!

Robert Benedix

T.R. Harrington

The best Chinese food in Bangor

Thomas Whitman

Food is always amazing. Portions could be a little bigger, or price a little lower.... that being said im not fussing too much about that because the food is great. Crab rangoons are best around!

Rick Daniels

Veronica Cowgill

Very good!! Great atmosphere waitress was awesome and food was great!!

Kateri Cox

Food smell like rotten meat!

Jennifer Phillips

Sushi is the best in the area.

Tracy López

Surprisingly, absolutely the best sushi I've had anywhere is right here in Martinsburg. Haven't been anywhere in VA, MD, or DC that is as good as Asian Garden when it comes specifically to sushi. The dining room is lovely, the wait staff and chefs are great, and the sushi is excellent. I've only tried a little of the Chinese food on the menu and that was okay, but my recommendation is to stick mostly with the Japanese food. My favorite things on the menu are the sweet potato tempura roll, miso soup, kani salad, and jian dui (sesame balls filled with sweet red bean paste.)

Kelsey Warr

If you are a sushi lover, Pink Lady is a must. The restaurant is always clean and the staff is just lovely. When ordering pick up, they never disappoint or keep you waiting after the amount of time they said it will be ready. They also finish your experience off with a hot towel :)

Sarina Armentrout

Fresh Sushi and Great Staff

edward moody

The place was as cold as outdoors rice was half cooked food was cold and so was the tea. first and last time.

Tami Call

We had a get together here, and we had our own room and a guy playing guitar and singing. The food was good and the service was great!

Saoheng Young

Yummy yummy in my tummy

Kirk Saunders

They have the best Orange Beef anywhere.

Review Central

Nice atmosphere and staff, buffet is lack luster. Most food isnt hot and buffet poorly attended and runs out easily. Spent 55 dollars for 2 people and it was not worth 20.

William Windisch

The food is AWESOME and the wait staff is friendly and most attentive. Nice atmosphere too.

Randy Lehigh

Absolutely love it!!!

Braden Kesecker

5/5 sushi, wonderful atmosphere for a good dinner. Ate at the sushi bar and was served by Bryan. Wonderful server. Highly recommend.

Doug Fore

Good food great service

Josh Myers

Amazing sushi

Kate Beaulieu

Food and service are always great.

James Hall

Customer service and environment was great. Food was very good but the general tso chicken is just a little too crispy for my taste with too much breading. Other than that, we had a great experience.

Dave Simpson

Erek Bennett

In my opinion this is the best non-buffet Asian restaurant in the area!

Brad Bell

luke shotton

This place is very hidden, but it is a diamond in the rough. I come regularly and am always satisfied. Great food

Kyla Whaley

Great service. Quite and comfortable place. Delicious food.

Betty Veruete

Great place to eat

Arthur Branagan

Went there for the lunch buffet. Excellent tasty food. Cheapest buffet for Chinese in Bangor Maine.

C. Annette Thompson

Always so fresh and yummy! One of our favorite spots!

Erin Lohr

Best Chinese buffet in town. Not the biggest selection but everything is made with love and delicious. The owners are very friendly and will likely stop by your table. Very pleasant and friendly staff.

kelli yi

Kung pao chicken is absolutely fantastic. This place has the best sushi in the area and is reasonably priced.

Kirk Wood

Always great service. The General Tso is bomb.

Aileen Wiggins

Excellent food! Curteous service witha smile We received a free appetizer! Wait time, less than 10 min for food I would definitely recommend!

Quehao Li

Adam Allen

I order the General Tso's chicken and was very pleased. The service was great and I would totally recommend this place.

Alan Johnson

It's the best!!!

Lori Castillo

Omg! I LOVE this place! Their food is delicious! I cannot say enough about the mint iced tea and generous portions. Their prices are a bit higher than typical Asian food, but the cleanliness, the eager-to-please staff and the warm finger towels at the end of the meal make it an extra special experience.

Ashley Fisher

This is probably the best Chinese that I've had since I've moved here

Clarence Bateman

The food was great. And very clean restaurant

Callie's Life

It was ok, I didn't think the egg drop soup was exciting or super flavorful. I had vegetarian lo mein. Taste was good but could have had more veggies.

Greg Dash

The best! Great food and friendly service. Reasonably priced too.

Joseph Dana

Panda garden has the best Chinese food around

Kim Nichols

Got the buffet was barely any food what there was it was cold was there with my daughters and granddaughters we were there half hour before they refilled a few of the hot trays been here before was better then this time not so much way to much money for little bit oof cold food

Donna Laing


Very good destination for Chinese food. The sushi and sashimi are fresh, and while the selection of entrees is large, it's yet to disappoint. I definitely approve.

Not Me

Tabitha Gonzalez

Julianna Hayden

Amazing, as always

Marc Deprince

So so good

Jimmy Motionless

5 stars easy. Customer service is excellent and their food is top quality. Best sushi in the area.

Teresa Strawbridge

Great food and great service!

Tessa Hathaway

The lunch special was a really good deal so my mom and I each got one of those - 6.50 for an entree, rice, and soup of choice. It was really fresh tasting, not heavy at all like most Chinese food. I'm not sure how big the full entrees are if you order them separately but they're a bit pricey, but potentially worth it. The only thing is I wish the portions were bigger, but that might just have been the size of the lunch deal.

Dave Nichols

Love this place! Good food and friendly staff.

Vanessa Gutierrez

The workers are so polite and friendly. The foods

Sylvia Crocker

Best Chinese around. Saddened that the name was changed this year and hope they didn't change the quality of the food.

Abhinav Maurya

Nice chienese restaurant. It is run by a family and they are very helpful.should visit the place if you are nearby.

Coleen Atherley-Fahey

John Donahue

Great service!

Chyna Girl

I am on a low carb diet and they make this dish that definitely fit my appetite. Its called minced chicken .. yummy. Then on cheat nights I have the other "stuff" and Josephine's famous mai tai!!!

Lena Howe

First time I have eaten from The Buffet ; not a good experience. Three hours after eating, Stomach Cramps, Diarrhea, Vomiting. Usually, I order from the Menu and I have enjoyed the meal. No more buffets for Me.

Carlos Zilzer

Good quality, buffet overpriced. This restaurant offers both menu and all you can eat buffet. My first time here I ordered the buffet. The sushi is good quality but not a large selection, the hot food was also good quality. Compared with other oriental buffers in other cities or state, this place is overpriced by 60%. Martinsburg is a small town and there is not competition, at least they keep a good quality and reasonable service.

Amanda Ellis

Isaac Holland

Mark N

Favorite Chinese in Bangor. Tasty, fresh, affordable buffet with friendly service.

Dave Chapman

Mary Thomas


Daryl Langford

The food was good. The spring rolls are great. The service was good. Very nice place.

Shirley Ross

Best Asian food in Martinsburg for sure.

Kory Hope

Travis Folsom

Scott Porter

Kenia Edwards

Super nice owners

Mary Bradshaw Duncan

Amazingly decorated with best hot & sour soup. Affordable lunch served. Would return.

Dan Breeden

Not really worth the price, food was kind of bland and the staff wasn't too nice or helpful, ordered a Thai iced tea and it tasted like straight syrup.

Lorree Probert

I ended up eating at Asian Garden twice in the same weekend. Both meals were excellent, as was the service. I'd never had the buffet (and often find buffet food dry and stale) and am glad I tried it because everything I tried was delicious. When your picky foodie friend (not me) wholeheartedly approves (he did) then I know I'm not liking everything just because I was really hungry - it's actually good. We'll have to return a little more frequently!

daniel leighton

Best place in town for Chinese food.

Winter Carson

Delicious food and excellent service!! Very pleased. Very friendly staff. They were always on top of things! Couldn't be happier!

Starlet Strother

The service was excellent. The food was pretty good too. My husband really loved the Lo mein to me their sesame chicken was best. The food was incredibly fresh. We ordered takeout but, I did peek at the restaurant decor. It was nice inside. There are traditional asian dining tables with pillows on the floor available as an option for an awesome cultural experience. i noticed a well kept sushi bar as well. I will definitely have to return to and dine in. We are finishing a trip around the world with my daughter in kindergarten. After we complete Asia I think I will bring her along for lunch. They have a Japanese menu as well that looks very enticing.

Kelly Sparks

Great service and the food is awesome

Lee L.

This is absolutely, without question, the best Chinese restaurant in Maine! The atmosphere, the owners, and their staff are amazing! If you're looking for a great meal, definitely check them out!

Lockedin Adream

Simply amazing

Jennifer Whitten

This is a cute place. They have a small buffet and is pretty reasonable on price. We got here around 1:30p and not very busy. The buffet had not a lot of items at that time since it ended at 2p but offered to cook any item for us that was low.!

Sygnus Aelias

Amazing atmosphere, food is absolutely excellent and quite authentic with a nice variety of Chinese, Japanese, and some Thai. Service is always A++

Jessica Wiles

Best sushi and best hot and sour soup in region!

Francis Coble

1) Lunch takeout order. 2) Quick service. 3) Friendly staff. 4) All food freshly prepared. 5) Good sized portions. 6) At home, everything was as ordered. 7) Great taste. 8) Competitive prices. 9) Terrific place to eat in or to take out. 10) Will return.

Trevor Cox

Anton Andreev

Worst Chinese food in years! I suspect fake reviews. You get what you pay for... Server was very friendly and nice though..

Raifert Keyton

Amazing food a d atmosphere.

Drew O

Always a good time here. Friendly & fast service. Love the sushi!

Bret Mouthyfuck

We got left over buffet food in our order... dry and cold

April Gephart

(Translated by Google) Surely whether (Original) Num num

Maximus Rosario

Great place for sushi. I highly reccomend the Boston Roll. I had a server named Bryan and he was phenomenal. Thank you.

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