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Traci Chauvey

Can't go wrong at a 99. They have something for everyone and food is always great. I don't have the same sentiment for their curbside take-out. I've only ordered out one time. Never again.

Aaron Norman

The waitress we had wasnt very responsive. She came and gave us our drinks and no straws. Asked for straws and she only had 1 and she said she would be back. She was bybus several times and still no straw after waiting over 10 min. I had to go to another waitress for a straw. Asked for other stuff with dinner and she took forever and when she asked if we needed anything or how dinner was we were like we still waiting for items we requested like 10 min ago. Would have given a better tip then 60 cents. Was going to give her a penny down or no tip. Will not go back to this restaurant again. I will go to applebees or chili's. Better servers and dont have to wait long.

Kay LaGuardia

Tips too salty but other than that it was great

Thomas Mager

I always try and stop at a 99 Restaurant when I can. They aren't local to where we li e so it is a real treat.

Randy Robb

Very good. Will come back again. Kat is an excellent server, she is very patient and attentive. Food was great drinks were tasty. Of all of the available chain restaurants in the downtown Somersworth/ Dover 99 is the best for lunch dinner.

Kelli Krohn

Amazing food plus our awesome server Enrica

Russell Fabian

Good selection of food &well done!

Derek Emilian

Family friendly good food and prices reasonable.

Patrick Box

Good food! Reasonable prices!

Dan Phelps

Our server was great. The food was absolutly terrible. Wont recomend this resturant to anyone, nor will i ever go back.

Jonathan Forbes

Great food and friendly service. It was very busy bit we barely had to wait for our food. They got the entire order correct.

Michael Moran

Food was just okay... Decent price. The broccoli cheese soup did not seem to have any cheese in it.

Ollie Hunt

Food was great, service was also great!

Shauna Bailey

Sat at the bar for the second time ever. Tori behind the bar was great and friendly. Things came out fast, I had an awesome Moscow mule with extra lime. It's right next to the hotel we send employees to for training and visits and they've all had good experiences.

Cris King

Love 99 go there a lot. Staff is really nice

Paulo Costa

Good affordable menu and friendly staff.

Cole Tuininga

Service on this particular evening was not stellar. Multiple items we had to request a couple times before they came out, food took far longer than expected. The salads were rather lacking and small, though the entrees were pretty reasonable. All in all, definitely overpriced for the value.

Julia Bernard

Very delicious food and affordable

Caleb Valley

I had the steak tacos, the flavor was really good but very salty

Deirdre Hebert

Not 5- star dining, but a very satisfying meal, with very good service. The staff was attentive without being a bother to conversation. The drinks were very good and served promptly. Overall, a good experience, and I'll be back.

Paula DeBow

Great service but the wait for the food was a little long. I loved the chicken fajita bowl.

Bob Nebor

Very good food and drinks. Service was also good

Terry Bryant

Food is reliable and predictable. If you're less adventurous, this is the place for you. Restrooms could seriously usr a thorough do over. I wouldn't sit on their seat, but hey, I'm picky.

Nichole D'Orsay

Our go-to place every Sunday. Always great service at the bar!

Kathy Williams

Horrible service n burger was raw

Graham Matthews

Food 3 to 4 stars Prices Bring to our savings account you'll need it. Very pricey.

Ismael Olmeda

The place was clean. The service was good the food was good. My whole family liked it which is unusual. I had the lobster roll it was very good better than some seafood restaurants that we've gone to. Will go to it again.

The Adventure OwO

The food was good but she forgot to give us straws so we had to re-ask and was horrible

Nicole Whitehouse

Fast and friendly! Great for kids

Christina Riddle

We had 8 people so it took about 45 minutes to be seated. The food was ok but they didn't cook it right. We got over cooked steak tips (burnt outside, ordered med well), under cooked burger (raw inside when ordered med rare), over cooked steak (brown with little pink when ordered med rare). Our waitress was great! She got all the orders, spot on. Drinks, food dessert and didn't forget anything! Overall decent food but room for improvement.

Walter Mills

Good food great service

christopher silva

We got sat very quickly and the service was very good. The food was fairly delicious for a change place however the next time we go there we will not buy alcohol. The drinks are ridiculously expensive for what you get

Paul Vigil

Excellent staff. The food was ok, I ate there 4 times over my week long stay and I ordered something different each time. The food lacked flavor. I never add salt to food unless I’m cooking. I had to add salt to the sirloin I ordered. Tori, Tyler, and, Christina were awesome!

David Bentley

Clean. Nice staff. Good food. We were there while the Patriots were on TV - noisy, enthusiastic crowd, but the experience was still good

J Net

Came here with my elderly grandparents right at opening it seems. The staff was very friendly and extremely kind and helpful to my grandparents, I appreciate that very much. Maddie (sorry if this isn’t the correct spelling you prefer) was patient and understanding while my grandparents ordered, and made sure they got their exact order. Food was better than expected, fries were a tad on the soft side, but the overall treatment from our server made the lunch very enjoyable. This might of been our last meal together with them, so thank you so much for making it excellent.

Turd Furgison

Got brisket tacos they were so good

MoLLiy Driver

Delicious as always. The Garlic Parmesan Chicken Mac and Cheese is amazing.

Travis Wright

Good food good margaritas great service

Elizabeth Chateauneuf

Best lobster roll around

debbie davidson

Pricing is great, friendly wait staff.

Robert D Miller

It was a great lobster roll

Marissa Patch

They shouldn’t even get one star tbh! We called for my grandfathers birthday dinner! The guy nicely said yeah come in at 6:30 we got there at 6:20 to be early and make sure everyone’s there. All 9 of us show up and told us straight up they’re not going to take us.! More you in November they made us wait 2 hours and told us next time to call ahead of time. We did call this time and still won’t take us. Very bad service if you ask me. My poor grandfather can’t even go to his favorite restaurant....

Diann Sapien

Super good & well worth it!! Our daughter wanted steak and shrimp for her birthday dinner so she got it!!

Mandy C

Wasnt impressed with the service and the food was cooked wrong

Robert Cornett

Long wait but the service and food is good

Dianne Biggs

Worst service and very badly served food. We waited over 10 minutes for the waitress to come to the take & she didnt stay long enough to take our drink order. When she finally did take our drink order it was another 20+ minutes for our drinks to come. (Yes, we timed it.. ) We didn't have a chance to order anything else as she dropped them off and was gone again for another 10+ minutes. We ordered appetizers that were simple & waited 27 minutes for them and they were dried out and cold.. We chanced ordering meals the next time we saw her & flagged her down. Meals were all COLD and one wasn't what was ordered at all. All of us are in the food industry so we know how kitchens run. We also know that food that sits & isn't served when ready ends up being bad. IT'S NOT THE KITCHENS FAULT.. The server was just that bad.. And it was NOT busy at all. The table next to us had the same problem. She dropped things off, talked about her favorite alcoholic drinks and just turned around and walked away. The only consistent thing about today was hearing her talk & seeing her walk away & disappear for 10-20 min. at a time. We won't go back any time soon. Unless you're a friend or regular there you don't seem to be served or even let out of the building. Everyone seemed to be too busy talking to people & having personal conversations. We waited for a good 5 minutes at the door trying to leave before I push passed a man who worked there since all if us saying EXCUSE ME multiple times didn't work. It was an expensive waste of time & money trying to find something good about the front of house at this location. They ruined the kitchen experience that I honestly believe would have been great if the food was brought out before it was cold, hard & 1 meal completely inedible.

Timothy Harris

Food is always good. Service is fast. Waitstaff is very friendly and attentive. Restaurant is clean. Restrooms are clean. Takeout service is fast

Dee Joyce

Prime rib and baked potato...yumm! Pretty happy, but my piece was pretty fatty and my friends had none!

Britt Davis

Amazing workers amazing food amazing drinks

Wendy Kettlewood

Love to eat here but not so keen about the menu changes

Cheryl Lenox

Love the 99.... we go there a couple of times a month

Jamal Woods

Service is a lil slow wait staff is great fairly priced food and drinks wicked salty popcorn mashed potatoes kinda bland not a lot of butter flavor steak tips are delectable tastebuds feel like mardi gras... Steak cuts are alright would much rather steak tips and very good selection on the menu !!!

Janice Baita

Only 4 stars because there were items missing. But, with that being said the manager was very kind and apologetic. (Everyone makes mistakes) about the mix up! What I did get tasted great! Would def go back!

Melissa Goodrow

It was really good

Dave Gel

Good food

Carmen Tutu

Service was great food is always good and nicely priced. We enjoy the 99 chain and look for it every time we visit the US.

Dana Garrett

a great place to eat

Milton Eldridge

They have really good portions at a reasonable price! My wife had the BBQ chicken sandwich, I had a Garden salad with vingerette dressing and a new item an Open Face Steak Sandwich, and our son had a fried chicken salad we had three different items from the Menu and everyone was delighted with the food as well as the service. It was a pleasure to eat there! We were so full we had know room for dessert! I highly recommend dining at the 99 restaurant!

William Carr

I love the steak tip and chicken dinner. The buffalo sce is on point!

Dave Costa

First time there, of course we picked a full house Friday, so we took a chance and waited for a seat. Not disappointed that we did. The service was great, the food was good and we'll be going back.

Tabitha Maguire

Love the buffalo fingers and the steak tips

Ryan Morrison

Nice staff, good food. Could use some new menu items

mark giles

Prime rib was awesome

Tom J

Basic bar food/American standard fare, solid and good, not extraordinary, but well prepared, not overly greasy. They have a selection of a few main dishes for dinner which are only $9.99 - a good deal. I had this deal with a pork chop and risotto with smoked berry jam: tasty but the smoked jam was weird. My wife had grilled salmon with asparagus, and mixed-greens side. Salmon was a little fishy-tasting, mixed greens were good. The fries were standard. Satisfying but not memorable.

Averi Dudley

Our sever was not so nice but the food was great

Theresa Plummer

My husband and I ordered the two for $25.00 meal. He ordered the chicken tenders and I had the 6 oz. sirloin. This was around 2:00 on Monday. The hubby said the chicken was extra tough and did not taste good. He did not eat it all. Imediately we had upset stomachs and felt sick. After getting home the vomiting started.. I would not revisit that location. I did call the manager and tell them what happened.

Cheryl Clement

Great food and good see be service.


Decent food. Helpful staff. Decent facilities.

Joseph Pellegrini

I've become a big fan of the 99 Restaurant over time to the point where I wouldnt find myself going to the other chains nearby. Absolutely love the 9.99 menu and its selection. Place is good for a quick drink and appetizer or a sit down meal.

David Quint

Great food and better service

Adam Doyle

Have never had a bad food experience at the Dover location. Make sure to go after a Red Six win so the kids meals are free. The 99 has some of the best steak tips of anywhere.

ivan beaulieu

I go here ever drill weekend and they always take great care of me and the rest of my unit

JE Bristol

Happy hour specials can't be beat!

Kris Wentworth

I love this place!

Julie Nault

Not unlike going to a Red Lobster in terms of price. Atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable and the staff was very friendly. Went here with my grandparents and parents and we were all pretty satisfied with our meals. For me the steak was on point, they cooked it perfect on the first try which for some larger restaurants is hard to do.

Bobbijo Ricker

I ate here on Easter and got food poisoning. A friend and his girlfriend ate there the same day, she had the lobster bisque that I also ate and she got sick as well. Wasn't happy at all.

cheri booth

Love the twin catch plate

John Wood

Go to eat my food ordered to go and my steak was completely raw uncooked. Mind you I like my steak rare but I ended up cooking it for almost 10 minutes before it was actually med rare.

Kirstin Sylvester

Great service!

Emily Gladue

Pretty good

Nicole Lydon

Food is good and staff is friendly.

Darline Rou

We ordered 2 colossal lobster rolls. I was told they had 6 ounces of lobster. When I got them home they didn't look that big so we weighed them they barely had 4 ounce including the lettuce. We only had 1 coleslaw when there should have been 2. Very disappointed in the 99 restaurant in Dover, NH. This was done on lobster lover weekend. After I posted this review. I received a phone call from Drew one of the managers in Dover, NH. He was really very apologetic about the service I received and said things would be corrected. He also offered to make things right by offering me a gift card. Thank you Drew and crew at the 99 restaurant.

carringt0n wilson

Better than okbut definitely not great. But we will be back hope it gets better

Alex Ghillie

Good food, service and drinks! Prices and selection leave a little to be desired but otherwise it's exactly what you expect.

Nancy Burry

Do not get the nachos. You will be disappointed. I ordered takeout. I asked for no black beans and got black beans. Don't be fooled by the menu description. You will get burned chips, a dollop of guacamole and 1packet of Daisy sour cream for ten dollars. They don't even know how to apologize or offer to make things right. I should've trusted the negative reviews.

Carolee Wood

Went with my very good friend Monique after my doctor's appointment. The food was very good.

Brittany Can

Awesome family restaurant! Cheap prices and there's something for everyone. I am pretty upset they got rid of their seafood platter though :(

Anthony Giannattasio

The wait to get a table was fast. The service was great and the food was cooked just right.

Patrick Ouellette

Never s bad meal. NEVER

Tammy Burke

Yummy! And delicious

peter casella

99 is always good. Never really had a bad meal there. Sometimes a lengthy wait to eat but that is most 99s after 5pm.

Ben Willey

They were short staffed due to people not showing up. Ac was broke or off very warm inside. Waitress seemed like this was the last place she wanted to be. Manager was doing all he could luckily.

J Philli

Great consistent food at great prices...

Joshua Hoover

Food is good place is always busy so you will probably be waiting. Good selection of all food and sea food especially good taste.

Kathy Sicard

great place, Foods great, price is fantastic!

Christina Steele

So... where to begin. Our booth was next to the restroom. The music was SOOOOO LOUD! I think the speaker was just above our head, they were playing 90's and early 2000's alternitive so I felt like I was having a flash back to my teen years at denny's at 2 am. The poor, poor waitress. I think she may have been the only one actually working. She brought us our food as quick as she could and refilled our drinks on a regular basis. Our burgers were cold and tasted odd. I only ate half of mine. My 4 yr old hardly ate her mac n cheese and never received her dessert. The best part of the meal was the steamed broccoli *we did end up having gastrointestinal issues a few hours after eating there.

Na Bechard

Great Steak selections, great margaritas. 2 nice healthy salmon dishes. Strawberry lemonade is addicting. My friend George liked "the atmosphere here" & the country fried chicken was his favorite. George is gone now but would highly recommend this place. Just ”look at the crowd they got!"


So sad, increased price of bubble tea to $3.45 and eliminated refills.

Amanda Neal

The bathroom was a mess, the food was just okay. The waitress was very nice, and made sure to take care of us, which makes up for a lot. The prices are reasonable, which is also a plus. Overall though, it just felt very average. Probably a place to stop on the road, but if you're from the area, there are probably a number of better choices

Kellie Welch

Love this chain. The waitress we had was amazing and attentive. She noticed immediately when we had a small issue and was amazing and solved it right away!

Thomas Gates

Tonight was the best in many years being here. Nothing to complain about:)

john whitehouse sr

Had the T bone steak, food was great, Jim Beam and Pepsi was weak, definitely not a $7.19 drink, other places have bigger drinks for less that are stronger, and worth the money, other than that, the food was great.

Kathleen Marie

Great restaurant and food. Great quality food for a reasonable price. Excellent wait staff!

nathaniel nalley

Food is good service is good but sometimes requires a waiting time to get in.

Thomas O'Reilly

Very noisy tonight and fries were soggy.

Molly Doherty

Had a great experience eating solo at the bar. Had a great server, was attentive, and food was great!


It's my place, great food, great service.

Maggie Smith

Very good meal, everything was wonderful including the waitress. We go there almost every week.

White Maxx

The menu has something for everyone, the ambiance is casual but nice enough to bring your guests to, the food is always delicious, the service is terrific, and the prices are very reasonable. As grandparents, we appreciate that kids eat free the day after the Sox win!

Nick Curcio

Short wait at 5:15 on a Friday night. Waitperson was pleasant and quick with drinks. 3 adults and 1 child. Children's hotdog with fries and drink brought out quickly. Adult meals came out soon after and were cooked perfectly and were hot. Very good meals, great service. Would definitely return to this site.

James Barrett

There’s always really great service when I go there. I’ve never had a problem with the food. They also have many great gluten free options. Great choice for the family or going alone.

Joel Hassman

it was okay, but you do not serve a customer a bowl of soup with it two thirds filled and then the waitress cops an attitude about it. Also, no domestic beer cost $6 for a draft glass. The Chowder was okay, my wife liked the French onion soup, but, doubt I'll be going back

christopher julian

I did not enjoy the restaurant due to lack of respect and curiosity. They have the 15 televisions turned up really high and it's very awkward to try and watch them being put in strange spots. The food was cold and not fresh. You could almost taste the cardboard package it came out of. As for the screaming baby that sat just behind me I would say it was all in all the worst experience I've had at a restaurant and believe me, I've seen a lot!

Diane Tharp

The best as usual

Pettalwing2000 Miller

After having left another eatery tonight we came to the 99. We have never had bad luck at this restaurant. And, tonight we were served by Tyler. He was awesome! He was friendly, and shared one of his interests with us, crystals! My daughter and I love and appreciate crystals! Tyler let my daughter view and go thru his personal collection! Would highly recommend Tyler.

Gary Bacinelli

Very friendly staff. Quick service. Reasonable prices. Hope they move 1 up to NE PA

Barbara Johnson

It has a friendly staff. They greet you with a smile. The food is reasonably priced and the meals were delicious. Neatly placed on plate so that it looked appetizing. The waitress was attentive and made sure we didn't need anything. I definitely will go there again.

Roxanne Papp

I am sorry to say that last nights experience with the bar tending staff was terrible. My friend and I were invisible it seems. Waiting for someone to take our drink order and were never given menus. Drinks came then had to wait for ten minutes for one of the women to stop talking incessantly to a "regular" to take our order. Thank God someone not working the bar, delivered our food but we had no napkins or silverware. All the while the same bartender talked on and on to people she obviously knew, without giving us a thought. We were never asked how things were, or did we need anything else.. She just dropped off a final check. I am a regular at Portsmouth 99 ans the bartender waitstaff have it way over Dovers Sat. Night crew. Shame on the manager. Won't be going back there. Sticking with Portsmouth with others I know after sharing my bad experience last night!

Courtney Rabideau

My boyfriend and I went for drinks, so we sat at the bar. I got a margarita with fresh strawberries and it was delicious, and my boyfriend found a new favorite beer. We ordered nachos, which tasted fantastic. The bartender we had was absolutely wonderful, checking in but not being overbearing. We also witnessed her stand her ground with another customer, making the responsible decision to not serve this already intoxicated individual any more alcohol. I can't remember her name now, but I hope she knows we appreciate how great she was!


Beth the Bartender is the best!!!

J Wilder

45 minute wait for a drink.... Guy beside me waited 15 minutes after we got our food , he ordered a salad. Really disappointed

Craig Goodspeed

Good food, fast, friendly service

Michelle Buckman

great food and drink... great prices

Carol Sullivan

Love it. Food very good and so are the prices. My family loves it too.

Orly Buchbinder

Great food and friendly service

Rainbow The Macaw

We enjoy the 99 every now and then. Not a favorite, but a nice change up.

Michael Varney

Always great food and service.

Daniel Geaghan

Two visits in a row my chowder was served like warm, the French fries were cold and the lobster roll was just so-so. I think this restairant has gone down hill.

Michael Kilday

This place is consistently good with a large menu. Their Royal steak is delicious as well as its 99 specials. Always crowded which indicates how goodit is for a national chain restaurant

Jim McGlone

Our server was awesome. Food was ok. We got the country fryed chicken and the chicken parmesan and they were ok. Not the best but not the worst we have had. Must have been an off night

Lorie Griffin

Waitress was awesome. The Broccoli was molded and all we got was an adjustment of the price of a soda. Sorry mold is mold. Manager should have done a bit more.

Gordon Peare

All ways a busy place, food and service is great

Melissa Caldon

Great service! Food came out quickly and was hot.

Dan Cotter

Always a good experience at Johnson's

David Cline

There 3 new menu items are the best yet. Lightly breaded and baked pork chops, Lobster Mac n cheese and sweet potato crusted baked paddock. So so good especially with the best moscow mules.

Jean Teeter

Yummy as always service great

Ricky Riley

Very good food fast service


The employee's are great.

Kevin DeTrude

Hit or miss on the service. Food is usually good but we have had problems with order accuracy. Also, if you aren't going to bring the kids food (hot dogs) out first, as discussed, you had better be in top of the popcorn and crayon situation....

Cliff Miller

The food is typically very good and it's not too expensive. The wait can be long at times.

Meggo Vjat

My server and hostess were friendly. Our food was great, we both finished our plates. The area was clean (I even peeked at the molding and art). Would definitely eat here again.

Nathan Prudhomme

fried shrimp is really good

Deke Fenell

For a chain restaurant they do it right here. Food was served in a timely manor and the waitress was one of the best I have ever had. Prices are cheap and TVs are available if you want to watch the game. Kids eat free when the Redsox win so this is also a money saver!

Bridget DeWan

Burgers and steak tips are really good. Staff is always friendly. Mixed drinks are a bit weak but I like a stronger drink.

jr Morse

Great food. Efficiently run with the wait time we were told

Nichole Harasen

Love it, and miss it. I live in TX now.

Rebecca Mathews

Great food and service

Michael Lavoie

Good for good service

William Theriault

Ordered a medium rare prime rib. The meat was VERY tough. The popcorn was extremely salty and my side of broccoli was totally bland. My server was quite good so they earn 2 stars rather than 1.

Lenora Poto

Waitress was nice and food was good.

Peter J

The Chopped Angus on mashed potatoes with best gravy any mom has ever made (plus a side) all for $9.99... how? On top of that perfect, not too sweet not too sour Margarita for $4.99... and that's all outside of happy hour time slots. Only thing I could try to criticize was the apple pie - it had some weird granola crust on top and it was way too big for a dessert - but that's not enough of a reason to take away the 5th star.

Richard L Murga

Reasonable price and excellent service. Great staff.

Deborah Flagg

Hadn't been here in years. So glad we tried it again! We'll be back. Food was very good, service excellent and prices reasonable.

Marlene Guay

Very good food. Nice atmosphere Great staff.


My family and I recently visited the New Hampshire/Maine coastal area and ate at 99 for the first time in the Dover NH location. Service and food were great and prices were decent. We highly recommend the prime rib and lobster roll.

Christine Alexander

Fast service, food arrived quickly and hot! It was a busy night, packed house. We sat at the bar so no waiting!!

Chantelly Lace

Food was delicious nd staff friendly. They have this mango adult beverage that was amazing!

Tonya Howe

Did not care for the food.

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