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sgraas90 .

Exceptional experience. You feel welcome and comfortable as soon as you walk through the door. Do NOT eat beforehand, you will stuff yourself.

Devon Breithart

I had a meal here 5 years ago that was transcendental; not sure if I've changed or the restaurant has but it felt a little less special this time. Little missteps like my fried oyster being a tad overcooked and service being friendly but not quite as professional as the standard for fine dining. Still, this is one of the best meals to be had in Louisville and at a inexpensive price point compared to other cities. And Ed Lee is a great guy who has done a lot for the community and the restaurant biz at large. It is worth a visit at least once.

Marian Swagler-Stewart

I am absolutely blown away with the depth of flavor with every dish in the 6 course meal with wine pairing. The wagyu beef tongue dish was the most amazing thing I've tasted in my entire life. This place is a MUST for fine diners. I will definitely be back soon.

Robert Willis

Charlie Cooper

It is a great place to have dinner.

Ben Hogsed

Edward Lee is somewhat of a celebrity in Louisville. While milkwood, his more casual restaurant is good, this is phenomenal. Seating is by reservation only and often made weeks in advance. A wonderful chef's tasting menu that shows with the seasons awaits you, as well as a variety of special event dinners. Truly a Louisville treasure.

Hot Woman

Best meal I have had in ages. I drove over an hour just experience the cuisine. Well worth the trip!!!

Carol Darnell

Apps and cocktails on the patio, fabulous! Loved the pesto flatbread and the sangria!

Jerimy Tate

Service is tip top notch, food is exquisite. Price is on the high side, but literally worth every penny. Wish I could eat here more.

Fred Green

Lesley Brown

Great service with great food.

Amanda Hazleton

V cryft

Rachel Labus

Unassuming setting, but the cuisine is finessed and balanced. It shows appropriate restraint while allowing individual ingredients shine.

Jeffrey Greenberg

Amazing. Thank you Ed Lee! The best of the best in Louisville.

Tony Anderson

Let’s talk about 610...please. I’ve been twice in a 2 year spread. I hear people rave about this spot (as well as the chef who started it). Hell, we even bought his recent book, which is fascinating. I’m not a hater, I support chef Lee and what he’s brought to the table in Kentucky, but I think 610 needs an overhaul. To nail the 610 concept, you need Ed cooking. He’s the soul - the heart. And without him managing quality control, you get what 610 currently is, which is average. Ambiance: 3/10. Frigid dining room with unimaginative and uncomfortable seating. No outdoor patio. Food: 6/10. Imaginative concepts, but generally under salted and lacking in memorability outside the amuse bouché BLT, which is easily the best bite of the night. $95 for the 6 course menu - aggressively priced. Wine: 5/10. Some good bottles (and some of them aged) but the standard 3x price markup and no corkage fee for outside wine. Welcome to Kentucky. Also, we went on a Friday night and the somm wasn’t in? Seriously??? Friday night? When we got the bill (I paid for the wine on one separate check and my other guests paid for food on another check) and we were EACH charged the 18% service fee. That’s 36% buddy...not 18%. Poorly executed program. The staff is attentive and kind, but Ed needs to whip this place back into shape if it’s ever going to be half as good as the vision I think he has for it. We went and got pizza after we finished eating here and I wished we’d skipped 610 altogether. Would have saved hundreds of dollars and our Friday night.

Ryan Fagan

BEST.MEAL.EVER. If you haven't been yet, you need to go. This place would easily be a 2 or 3 star Michelin restaurant if it were in a larger city and the cost would be 2-3 times as much easy. One of the absolute best meals of my life. Highly recommend.

Garrett Shane Bryant

It goes without saying that the food here is impeccable, I don't need to cover that, but I'd like to add that the service was truly fantastic from two very kind and attentive waiters, in a simple, comfortable and unassuming atmosphere. There are maybe 10-12 tables... and probably 115 lit candles. Perfect. The cocktails were complex and delightful, and while we did not pair every dish the wine we did choose was exceptional. There were two of us and we ordered the six-course menu each, staggering our choices so we could try everything and I very much so recommend doing the same. In addition to the courses there were many great little one-bite in-between 'pallet-cleansers'... cubes of grilled BLT, fruit sorbets, truffles, spicy macaroons, bourbons and more. Loved it all. Our servers knew the menu thoroughly and the manager (this was a Wednesday) was incredibly attentive and informative, answering all our questions about how some things were grown (across the street mostly) and how they were then prepared. It was just amazing and we left feeling so perfectly satisfied and cared for, Southern hospitality indeed.

Jason Preston

Daniel Costanzo

This is an amazing dining experience. Everytime I've gone I'm impressed by the skill and creativity of the chefs and sommelier. Highly recommended.

Peter Stocks

Michael, Lindsay, and the rest of the wait staff were incredibly accommodating and personable. We had a number of last minute changes and unique circumstances ,and service still went off without a hitch. This ,of course, speaks to the incredible skill of the kitchen as well. Every dish was inspired,delicious, and perfectly paced. I couldn't be happier with our experience at 610 Magnolia.

Samir Azer

Not a big deal at all

Austin Gibbs

The ambiance alone gets 5 stars. Service was phenomenal, food was exceptional. All around a great experience worth every single penny. Even if you go alone.

B Revels


Anne Roberts

OMG! Read about Chef Lee and his restaurants. As a Korean American raised in the deep south who is always looking for that special taste I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dine at 610 Magnolia the last time traveling through Louisville KY. We were not disappointed. 4 course pre fix is not for everyone but in the right hands it can be a culinary journey. For most it would be a very special night out but not one soon forgotten.

Keith Washington

Magan Stephen

Amazing and incredible experience!

Jared Cross

You should be there as soon as possible. Had the 6 course dinner, it was $100 but was worth it. Great for very special occasions or you feel like ballin out of control in a dinner. Completely worth it

Eric Fine

Delicious and sophisticated but approachable fine dining fare. Good value and warm service.


My fiancee and I chose the four course prix-fixe option for our evening's dining experience. The experience, however, left us in eager anticipation of a more substantial course that never came. Were this venue a tapas place that cost less than $75/person, my rating would likely be higher. Unfortunately, we were left disappointed, and so we left disappointed. While the meager food we did eat was very tasty, we ended up consulting Google for other places that were open for food; as our night at 610 Magnolia was not an evening for a meal - it was just a taste.

Jon Neace

Fantastic place to eat and drink some wine

Marian Swagler-Stewart

I am absolutely blown away with the depth of flavor with every dish in the 6 course meal with wine pairing. The wagyu beef tongue dish was the most amazing thing I've tasted in my entire life. This place is a MUST for fine diners. I will definitely be back soon.

Dee Chester

Michael Magee

Incredible experience.

Kaoru Takaida

One of the best culinary experiences I've ever had! The food is amazing and the staff is nice and very attentive.

Leslie Williams

Loved it!

Brooke Richter

Gladys Carpenter

We had the six course tasting with each of us getting a different item, so we were able to taste everything on the menu. It is a fantastic experience! Anyone who does not give this place five stars must be a food Neanderthal. The food, wine, cocktails, and service were unsurpassed. We own a local bed and breakfast, so we know the effort placed on the preparation and quality of this kind of meal. Great job to Ed Lee and his wonderful staff. Thank you for a great evening.

Jeff Eden

David Sawyer

The service was top notch. Tyler was very knowledgeable about pairing wines with food (listen to him and be open, bc he will not let you down). The 6 course meal was phenomenal, any one of the dishes could've been my favorite. Our 1st anniversary could not have been to a better place. I'd give it 10 stars if I could. Thank you to both Tyler's, Christina, and everyone else involved for making tonight amazing.

Christian Salazar

Great atmosphere, great food. I really want to give the restaurant 5 stars but it's super expensive. The 6-course meal is 40 euros short of being priced like a michelin star restaurant in Paris. Is the food as good? I'll let you decide.. We had a great time and the 6 course took us almost 4hrs to eat. Which i loved... when you're paying up, it better be an experience. Go here, go back when pricing is a little friendlier.

Matthew Gotth-Olsen

An unbelievable experience.

Craig Daily

Our first night in Louisville, and after eating at 610 Magnolia it may be impossible to top the quality of the food or the service we had tonight in this city. We opted for the six course tasting menu with wine pairing, and we weren't disappointed. The Asian - Southern fusion cuisine was unique and tasty. The bourbon drinks from the bar are fantastic (try the 610 Old Fashion or the Jefferson Chef Collaboration). If you are a foodie and are in Louisville, treat yourself and have dinner at 610 Magnolia.

Chas Kuhn

Ben Koch

Michael O'Bryan

Finest dining.

Keegan Dixon

Where do I start, shout out my main mans Rob, these dishes were so clean I could see my reflection. I was so focused how clean the silverware was I didn't notice when my food got to the table. All I can say is the dishes were superb and so was the food.

David Vincent

Excellent home brewed beer!

Susie Saunders

Everything is Awesome!


This place is an event! Dinner is an event! It's very pricey, but everything is exquisite! It's a perfect place for a special occasion.

Michael Primavera

Wonderful experience. Amazing food. A must if you live in or travel to Louisville

Arnold Sprague Claudia Milstead

We have eaten here once a year for the past three years, when we are in Louisville on business. The food and service are incredibly good. The food is not only delicious but also inventive and unexpected.

M. W.

Sarah Beeson

A fantastic dinner! I was pleasantly surprised by every course! Best dinner in louisville, hands down.

Ed Causey

Kai S

This restaurant is a 'gem' if you've ever thought of going, you should. The service was phenomenal and the chef(s) pallet is on broad street. We were a party of 4 with a vegan, a no beef no pork, a the picky one, and a ok I'll try it. And they accommodated each and everyone of us ...with pleasure. They weren't bothered about the adjustments. The chef(s) are Johnny-the-spot!!! Go. Go. Go to 610 Magnolia The food was so good I forgot to take more photos

Nicholas Ratush

Totally amazing dining experience!

Marcus Cheatham


Megan Donahue

Excellent cocktails, delicious food, and very friendly, attentive service. We can't wait to come back!

Ralph Glickman

good food

Jim Ryan

Micheal Casaus


Very impressive.

Dan Story

Matthew Peerce

Amazing Food, Amazing Service. I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant and Ed Lee. Took my wife for our anniversary, the cocktails were fantastic and they surprised us with some excellent champagne. We do not eat meat and they accommodated us very well (we do eat fish), and the food was just over the top amazing. Easily the best dining experience that we have ever had.

Scott Collins

Very challenging review to write, and written with a heavy heart. Service was a little uneven to start, but ended up being convivial, friendly, warm and spot on. Food was exceptional--inventive, creative, and given that one in our party was gluten free, very accommodating, Not every dish was a 10 out or 10, but that sometimes happens with inventive cuisine. But we both ordered the wine parings, and they were horrible. Problem #1--most courses had a choice of two very disparate items, yet the wine paring was the same. Problem #2--the wine parings (even picking the dish the worked better with) were poor. Problem #3--the value proposition (given that one paring was a Meade, and one paring was a cocktail) was poor. Problem #4--when we expressed our concerns, the sommelier didn't come back even though we asked her to (she approached us in the middle of our dessert course) and there was no adjustment on the bill, no offer of a complimentary glass of wine, etc. A very head in the sand attitude. As one example, the same wine paring was offered for light white asparagus dish as well as a "beef tongue Rueben riff"--while it is possible a wine might be selected to work with both, the wine in this case did not. We were visitors to the city, and in spite of a negative experience would return to dine, but we would absolutely not do the disastrous wine paring again.

Thomas Mueller

Joseph Grove

I often have lunch with a very special friend at 610 Magnolia, and it's the perfect Old Louisville location to have a meal that's as congenial as it is delicious. The staff knows my friend by name and even remembers her wine preferences. It softly glows with natural light from the wall of windows, and all the interior appointments help magnify it and diffuse. The vibe is excellent. Whatever I order, I'm sure to have it accompanied by the roasted Brussels sprouts. They are like candy! If there ever is a zombie apocalypse, I'm heading straight to 610 Magnolia to scoop as many of them as I can into my pockets for the adventure ahead. Have a bit much to eat? 610's proximity to Louisville's stellar Central Park enables one to enjoy stroll to facilitate digestion, one made even better when the Kentucky Shakespeare Theatre is staging one of its free plays in the open-air amphitheater. Want a top-drawer, unique Louisville dining experience? 610 Magnolia has it for you.

Michael Pavin

The best meal I've ever had. Nothing pretentious, just amazing food and service!

Blake Wolpert

Top notch.

ear iskulak

Went for wedding anniversary. Did the full coursing with wine pairing and it was great.

Tracy Slone

D Lipke

Amazing food amazing staff. Cannot praise this place enough.

Ryan Renne

Overall it was OK. The food is good but not worth the price tag.

Eddie Hager

Oyster out of this world

Kyle Henderson

Chef Lee is well know for the awesome food. Couldn't have asked any better from 610. Very interesting menu, complex and unique.

Darius Maldonado

Edward Lee , thank you for supporting Federal families during this Government shutdown. Your food is awesome and you ate amazong!

Dave Marchand

Karl Mundt

K Fraser

Young Choi

Great restaurant with fantastic staff!

Katie Woodrum

Such a wonderful evening with my husband! Thank you to the great staff! Great culinary experience!

Kenny Ray

Best food I've had in Louisville, possibly anywhere. Friendly, attentive, and smart staff provided everything we needed to enjoy the night. Couldn't afford to go here often, but hopefully I make it back. Tables are for the whole night, at least on weekdays, so you never feel rushed.

Michael VanDyke

I don't even know where to start this review. It was so damn good and well executed that it has ruined any other culinary experience I've ever had. As for the food, I don't know enough words in the English language to describe the shear perfection on each plate. Every bite just had layers of complexity that I had not experienced before. Some dishes were a testimate to how subtlety in flavor can invoke an almost religious experience. The attention to every little detail throughout our meal was to perfection and the food was exquisite. The timing was spot on, the portions were just right and the wait staff was very attentive and knowledgeable. By the end of the meal, to our surprise we realized that we had been there for almost three hours. What a night! I'll never look at a dining experience the same way again.

Kendra Meadows

Steve Discont

610 Magnolia is the best meal that I've ever had in my life. I am not exaggerating. I went here to celebrate a very special occasion, and the server was absolutely accommodating. Their menu changes fairly seasonally (as they base what they get on local-ish ingredients), meaning that each time you go will probably be a unique experience. Do yourself a favor: GO!

Andrea VanDenBroeke

Todd Gray

An incredible tapestry of tastes and textures graced my taste buds. The menu was fantastic, and the service was spot-on. What an incredible experience. If you are in Louisville, you MUST come here

Thomas Woodcock

Excellent restaurant.

Justin Wilson

Rob Braim

Joe Travieso

Amazing food experience and the service was impeccable.

Cameron Wright

Amazing very creative Chef Kevin Ashworth is raising the bar for Louisville food scene

Jane Austen

I was so excited to try this restaurant having seen the awesome write-up in Gourmet magazine. I have to honestly say though, I was disappointed with the food; specifically my entree, which was a hawaiian fish (escarole) over a rice cake. My dates entree however was outstanding: it was an extremely tender pork. I kept leaning over to eat his! My fish entree was undercooked in the middle and dry on the outside and generally flavorless. The rice cake did not help although the sauce was very good. The appetizers, although very small, were very good; especially the smoked duck slice and the bacon bite. Our server suggested a french red table wine, which is perfectly acceptable given the fact that my date had meat and I had fish -- but a viognier would have been so much better. I wanted to order a viognier but allowed the server to talk us into a french red! (note to self: next time go with your inner instincts!) Do not get me wrong -- french red table wines can be awesome but can also be completely wrong depending on the food and in this case, it just did not work. For dessert I ordered chocolate -- normally anything with choclate is what I love: I was incredibly disappointed. It was a white pudding (I do not know what else to call it b/c it was so nasty) with what was supposed to be chocolate ganache on top with chocolate curls. It honestly tasted like something you would get at a school cafeteria. It was gelatanous and gross. I am a chocolate lover and this had to be the worst dessert I have ever had. Just plain awful! (my dates was ok -- it was a napolean) Anyway, for the expensive price; I would absolutely suggest you try a different restaurant. I dined at Corbetts a few weeks back and it blew 610 out of the water....sorry to say but that is how I feel. Overall, high marks for service, quaint ambience, good appetizers, decent wine list. Low marks for my entree and dessert (the main part of the meal), food just did not impress :(

Vincent Foley

Incredible experience! Chef Lee came by and spoke with us. Generous wine pours. Not cheap by any means. It would be nice if they had a space for large parties. The group behind us were constantly talking over one another in some serious"one up-manship" competition.

Hortencia Safier

We have been to the restarurant two times while staying at the Garden Ryokan Yachio. Our vegetarian meals were excellent and the garden side views were soothing. I wish I could go there again.

Will Pridgen

Awesome food inviting atmosphere

Forethought Lifestyle

Great place to go if you aren’t that hungry haha. Amazing food and great experience from the chow, to the service, and the vibe. Took us a couple of times to get a reservation, and when we showed up for our 6:30 we were the only ones there. I was a little nervous at first being the only ones in the restaurant, but it soon picked up and was abustle with the local Louisville elite. My personal favorite dish was the beef tongue sandwich and I HIGHLY suggest getting the beverage pairing. Showed me a whole new range of flavors and pairings I had previously only scratched the surface of. Thanks Ed Lee ! **Dont let the neighborhood fool you either. This is a top notch spot.

Carolina Hall

Tara KInslow

One of the best treasures in Louisville! Chef Ed Lee is amazing, but you'll find out when you have his delicious food

michael hayes

Jeremy Esposito

Always awesome!

Belinda Gray

Imaginative food and wonderful service in a small cozy setting off the beaten path

jon Neace

Love this place

Sandra Hamilton

David Harrod

Michael Shackelford

Great food and great service

Emily Olinger

Deron Eckert

Easily, the best restaurant in Kentucky. Chef Edward Lee is amazing, and the food was likely the best I've ever had.

Ashley Sullivan

I love this restaurant it has a romantic style with great food. This is the place to go to get great food and the service is spectacular

Richard Skiles

Seth Malamut

alan coleman

I love Jack Fryes and am a repeat customer. My favorite is the warm Brie salad. You can't go wrong. The atmosphere is very like something from years ago. Great food and attentive service. Parking can be an issue with only limited spaces in the lot.

John G. Howard

Ask for Edward Lee. Also visit Milkwood! Bourbon's everywhere! In Old Louisville. Trey from Jefferson is good friends as well. Pair your food with your Bourbon. Korean Fried Chicken!

Greg stream

Attended a private dinner that Chef Lee hosted. This was the best meal I have eaten in years. 8 courses and they built on each other. I had many things I would never order but was FANTASTIC.

Sara Behr

Amazing food and service!

Rachel Hunt

It's been months since I was in Louisville and I still think about this dinner. My friend and I got the chefs tasting menu with wine pairing. They accommodated my wheat allergy, everything was seasoned beautifully and service was impeccable. Save up your special occasion fund, these chefs are worth it.

Emmanuel Valenzuela

Great place to eat and fun after a bourbon tour. A museum like none other we have been. Food and service was excellent.

Todd Lowe

a highlight of the louisville dining scene.

Drake H

Marcel Plant

We had the six course tasting with each of us getting a different item, so we were able to taste everything on the menu. It is a fantastic experience! Anyone who does not give this place five stars must be a food Neanderthal. The food, wine, cocktails, and service were unsurpassed. We own a local bed and breakfast, so we know the effort placed on the preparation and quality of this kind of meal. Great job to Ed Lee and his wonderful staff. Thank you for a great evening!

Josephine Welch

I did not know what to expect and was throughly impressed. Everything was top notch. I have never had a meal like this before. The food appears so beautiful and perfectly arranged, every bite was intense with unique and sensuous flavors. I was happy we ordered the wine pairings. I loved the attention and descriptions of what we were eating from the servers.


Meal was well balanced and each dish was as delicious as it was to the eyes. Went with the six course meal, shared with a few friends. 5 of us got the waygu, one got the Egg, which was very good, but in the end 5 of us agreed the Egg with truffle oil was the superior dish - definitely go with the egg. Might skip the wine pairing, wasn't really impressed.

Kendra Jenkins

We were excited to be able to get a booking at 610 Magnolia for our first trip to Louisville. We chose the four course dinner with wine/beverage pairings and settled in for an evening of creative and delicious food paired perfectly with wines and a delightful bourbon cocktail. We were fortunate to meet Chef Edward Lee, an unexpected pleasure. The mushroom tart was one of my favorite dishes I’ve ever had. We will look forward to a return visit!

Josh Chastain

Service was good and food was good not sure it was 125$ per person good.

Stephanie Killion

I want to so badly give a 5 star because everything was beyond excellent until it came to the entree. We had been waiting literally months to go to dinner with some special friends and made reservations. All of us did the 6 course meal and wine pairings. Because there were a couple choices for some of the courses, we decided to order one of each so we could try everything. We were so excited. Each course was fabulous and beautifully prepared. The wine selections were perfect complimenting each bite. When it came to the entrees, the choices that night were fowl and red snapper. The chicken was prepared well but was served with just ok beans. I get the whole southern cooking thing and totally love it, but it was such a let down after the first 4 courses were so fantastic (not to mention we were paying a very pretty penny, probably the most expensive pretty penny we have ever paid for a meal in our lives). It was such a let down and unfortunately the one dish that was talked about the most. All in all the experience was truly excellent. The chicken liver pate was one of my favorites. Looking forward to going back.

Mark A Shanahan

The food was absolutely fabulous!!!

Patrick Holvey

helen hill

Off the hook delicious. EVERY course, every wine pairing. JUST perfect . IF I could chose my last meal it would be here, what ever they are serving. Great job Mr. Lee.

Phi Do

Toby Barnhart

Best meal I have ever had

Craig Rutkowske

A great experience and well worth the visit, but definitely on the pricy side of things. A few things worth noting: -The restaurant is pri fixe, there is no menu to just choose a single entree from for example -There was a 4 course and a 6 course option, both have wine pairings available -The food was excellent, though portions are kept rather small given the number of courses you're working through (I got the 4 course and left full) -Service was excellent, very attentive & courses were timed very well -We came in the evening so it was dimly lit and not too noisy, a wonderful place for a date in my opinion

Cynthia Cave

Very Upscale!

Valerie Leclerc

Wonderful. Excellent advice on the wine options. Thanks Tyler. The 6 course menu was wonderful with options from bright to rich and robust. Flavors that tickle the pallet! Could not have been more satisfied.

Jason Saunders

If you didn't already know, your tongue can orgasm. If you eat at 610 Magnolia, that much is clear. If that isn't your experience, you might want to ask you doctor about the little blue pill to help with that. Dinner was absolutely AMAZING. All caps, and it still doesn't do the meal justice. It was, by far, hands down, no equals, the best meal I've ever had. Thank you so much to the chef and staff at 610 Magnolia. We will be back. I promise that. (UPDATE - We came back) 610 Magnolia does it again. We had another fantastic meal, full of wonderful flavors, excellent service, and an experience I'll never forget. The Cavatelli with Lamb Ragu was, and still is one of the best things I've ever eaten, and the Waygu Beef Tongue, wow, don't even get me started on that. Words wouldn't do it justice.

Brad Gray

This is a Louisville must. Chef Edward Lee came to Louisville and conquered it with this restaurant. We don't have a lot of restaurants quite like this in Louisville. Go there... Especially if you're a foodie and just visiting.

Brandon Kendall

Glockboy Lulmatt

terry lyonst



Enjoyed the 6 course meal. My son who was 3 got free kids meal with our dinner!


Meal was well balanced and each dish was as delicious as it was to the eyes. Went with the six course meal, shared with a few friends. 5 of us got the waygu, one got the Egg, which was very good, but in the end 5 of us agreed the Egg with truffle oil was the superior dish - definitely go with the egg. Might skip the wine pairing, wasn't really impressed.

Richard Miles

Trevor Wilson

Amazing..what more can I say. I only regret not getting to meet Edward Lee :-)

Brian Hulsman

Madison Kramer

In previous years this restaurant used to be fantastic, but since then, the prices have increased, the quality has decreased, and a passive-aggressive "15% restaurant service fee" is tacked on to the bill that was described by the waiters as not a tip

Theresa Men

Ty Raver

This was a bucket list food stop for me, and I was not disappointed. Service was excellent, Old Fashioned was probably the best the I can recall, and the food was both intriguing and delicious.

Steven Ochs

Roland O'Daniel

Can't afford to eat here very often, but WOW when you do, you get to taste incredible local food! It is expensive and not for everyone, but if you are a foodie it is worth the effort!

Harvey Rosen

Phenomenal restaurant

Dale Shirley

Off the hook delicious. EVERY course, every wine pairing. JUST perfect . IF I could chose my last meal it would be here, what ever they are serving. Great job Mr. Lee.

William Martin

Totally lives up to the reputation. The service is the best in town. Just make sure to get a reservation.

Gerri Willis

What an experience! The food was delicious and the service was excellent. It's a fixed menu, but you do get to choose between two options for each course. I would eat here again and again.

Margaret Carrell

Lovely food...atmosphere.

Sean Harrington

Some of the most incredible food in Louisville. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a true culinary experience.


Set menu for a private event, everything was delicious. Service was fantastic. Probably the best old fashioned i have had

robert anthony

Charles Bazeley

Amazing food. Just a world class dining experience.

Kerri Cokeley

John Murray

High end, imaginative food experience that's worthy of any special occasion meal. It's pricey, but the food, pacing, drinks, and service are all outstanding. I entered with high expectations and it lived up to them.

Nicole C

610 Magnolia had, hands down, the best food I have ever eaten in my life. The flavors were incredibly balanced and creative. The beef tongue was amazing, and my favorite was the guinea fowl roulade, pork and foie sausage, cranberry bean, greens, red currant (3rd course). My only complaint is, I wish one course had been entrée sized. I would not recommend considering the four course tasting menu your dinner, as we did, if you arrive to the restaurant hungry. At the end of the meal, we felt like it left something to be desired.

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