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9926 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46236, United States

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MaryRita Gaines

The shrimp egg foo young is my favorite dish. Always served hot and always tastes fresh. Service here is friendly, dining area clean.

Teresa Cotner

Really good food in the woman that takes our orders is just the sweetest person she's always got a great smile and it's always very helpful and very pleasant

Carl Wodrich

My new favorite for Chinese food.


I think this place is pretty damn good!

Anne Hurd

Greg Marine

Wok & Roll is one of the best Chinese restaurants for a quick bite at a more than reasonable price. The food is always as warm as the smiles on the faces of those who work there. The choices are many and a multitude of options will make your meal complete. I would not describe this food as average for feel good eats. It is a top choice for my team for lunch.

Javier Jimenez

This is a recommended Chinese restaurant.

Magen Madison

Absolutely love this place. Excellent service every time. Food is always hot and fresh. No complaints.

Christi Dalton

Keith Clock

Donald Wright

Typical low quality food, slightly over priced.

j vh

very rude on the phone not sure about food but low expectations as of now

Jonathan Rivers

Tanaka Jackson

Went on a friends recommendation. The beef in the beef and broccoli was rubbery. But the egg rolls were good. They were super busy and very friendly. I will try them once more.

big something

Good Chinese food, quick service. Edited my score because I have ordered several more times since and everything has still been perfect. Edit 2: several months and orders later and the Wok n Roll guys have been 100% consistent every time. Literally have never been disappointed by the service or food.

Bonnie O'Brien-Vest

Crab Rangoon is delicious, good food, good service, good prices

Victor Tention

Service is great. Food is hot amd fresh

Mary Brown

Not very good


Kyle May

Unbelievable...I am appalled at the customer service. 2 hours to get our food and then we call upset and get hung up on multiple times and told that we are not allowed to be rude when our order takes 2 hours with no warning. It's a shame because we used to order all the time but never again will we get food here. Also wok and roll: 2 other couples were eating dinner with us. They won't be ordering food from you again either.

Henry Briones

Great food! and very friendly staff

xavier clark

Great food great customer service

JS Williams

I'm usually pretty skeptical about take out Chinese, this place is fantastic. Fast and very polite service and they do not skip out on portion size!!! Great prices all around

Jeff Eckel

They will cheat you. Chicken dish - all breading. Shrimp... you might get two. Obviously no respect for the community. Put them where they belong - out of business. Yoy will get more buying La Choy at your grocery store.

Chad Wortman

Great food, clean place, and always have my food served hot, fresh, quickly. I love coming here and get General Tso chicken, my girlfriend gets honey chicken. We both love it, crab Rangoon are wonderful also. They are very busy but man they keep it moving!

Bryan McCorkle

Friendly staff, good food, well priced portions.

Brittany j

love the vegetable rice

Jake pedersen

James Barkman

My favorite Chinese delivery place. FAST, tasty, fresh. Great crab Rangoon. And try the shrimp toast and coconut chicken!

Charlie Fuller

the food and service is great

Shawline Industrial

Leslie Allen

ARhoda Powell

Pam Deane

Will Watt

Ainsmar Brown

They seem to respect the people in the community and are cordial unlike other Chinese restaurants in the area.

sad boi

Me gusta la comida porque siempre la hacen al momento y las verduras están frescas

Erica McNeal

Aleksey Romanikhin

Best chinese food ive had in IN by far since moving here from NJ. Didn't expect it


Helpful and friendly staff. Great atmosphere and fantastic food.

Jason R.

Their service is fast. The food is the best tasting Chinese food in town as well it's fishers.

Trilla S

Friendly, Fresh, Fast

Jesse Moore

Gabby Williams

Delivery guy yelled at me with an attitude about a tip they shouldn't be allowed to ask about a tip if a customer wants to give a tip awesome but they are not going to get one by demanding it

Nicolette Land

Brian Anderson


Robert Lipinski

Very friendly front counter person. They fix tour food very fast and is very tasty. Keep up the good work!

Jessie Kiphart

These guys are awesome and they deliver to Cisco


fast & friendly service!

Megan Anderson

The food is outstanding!!! Glad to have moved up here.

Christine Pearson

We enjoyed Wok & Roll when it first opened, but over time my family has become dissatisfied with their service. Employees have generally been rude, and multiple times the Wonton soup has tasted off. On the most recent occasion the Wonton soup made three family members sick. I brought this up to the manager of Wok & Roll and he was extremely dismissive-hardly even listened- to our concern of food poisoning. We will not be returning.

Emily Chen


Jackie Martinez

Great service and fresh cooked food.

Jason Kelm

Katie Hawkins

Typical fare. Good quality & quantity for price.

Tonya Conrad

Food just taste bland

Joe Frolick


Les Hewitt

Great people, and the food...delicious!


Great customer service and great spicy shrimp fried rice with broccoli! :)

Guocheng Liu

Mayra Galvan

Jacob Fulkerson

There ho fun rice noodles are some of the best I have ever tried

John Bennett

Vera Wilder

food is great

Chris Wood


The chicken wings were rotten! They must have mixed spoiled meat with fresh because some of the wings tasted sour, others tasted like fried chicken. Even if they were all fresh, i was underwhelmed by the lack of flavor. They need to add some spice on them. I ordered a mixed seafood house special dish. Nothing but imitation seafood. They put too much thick brown sauce, that tasted like it came from a can, yuck! Not the fresh delicious American Chinese food i was hoping for. Panda Express is much better.

Kalamity Deschain

Lunch specials are large portions and fairly priced. Fried rice was good, but I didn't like the green onions. Egg rolls are also very good. All food is very fresh and hot. I got sesame chicken today, and it was good. The sauce left a little bit to be desired, but it was still a tasty meal.

Lynley Bourke

The best Chinese food in town hands down. Never have been I'm happy with anything I've gotten there. Food is always hot.

Seeing Thru The Lies

Joe Orr

Typical Chinese Fast Food not impressed fried rice has no taste you want good fried rice go right up the road to the rice cooker they have the best in town my food came out blah I'm surprised to see they have a 4-star rating

Keyana Crosby

Best in town!

Faye Weatherspoon

Fast service n good orange or general tao chicken with steamed rice every time I stop by for lunch!


Awesome!!!!!! Big servings fresh great service price $$

David Blanke

Always good food!

Kevin Agan

Food is always good and staff very pleasant!

Scott M

Fast, hot, very good food!

Alijah Tarver-Mitchell

Hands down Wok Roll is the best Chinese restaurant in the city! Fresh, delicious all made to order! I can eat the shrimp fried rice and crab rangoon all day every day. Friendly staff and located close to home for me. You guys definitely deserve these stars

Brian H

Fast and delicious, really dig the crab rangoon

D Ford

Tyler Frank

Cleanest Chinese restaurant in the area

Cedric Lyles

Rochelle Hughes

I love Wok & Roll. I have never liked Egg Rolls but I love the pork egg rolls here. I eat here often and the service, the food, and customer service have all been great!

Beth M Tomac

Love this place

Asia Coleman

Best Chinese food in Noblesville! Also the most economical Chinese food in Noblesville. The food is awesome! Everything I have ever ordered here (and I have lived here for over a year) has been SO. GOOD! Also, I get my food within 10 minutes of ordering EVERY SINGLE TIME! This establishment is an Indiana gem. I am so happy I live within walking distance of this amazing place! It's so good! My main order is the sesame chicken with lo mein dinner special. It is the best sesame chicken I have ever had. I have had P.F. Changs (I work downtown), but Wok N' Roll's sesame chicken is the best and for half the price!!!

Chun Chen

Becky Conaway

Brendan Vandergraff

Rachael Powers

didn't give free water but lunch value was excellent

bo clark

Good customer service, but been there two time. Both tikes the food was below average.

Yori Enamorado

Fast and good.

Sarah Hines

This is our favorite for Chinese. Owners are wonderful. Food is always top quality and delivery is fast.

tony robinson

Always fast, friendly and delicious.

Kim Tichenor

It was good

Mrs. A

Love it! My new place to eat!

Jennifer Mckinley

Elizabeth Jenkinson

Great food! I eat here regularly and am never dissapointed.

Elizabeth Barnes

Delivery time was excellent. The driver was polite. The main dish, Szechuan Chicken, was really good for delivered Chinese. The portion size was more than enough and the vegetables were fresh. What I really liked was that there was plenty of white meat chicken. Also, they didn't fill the dish with bell peppers; there was a nice variety of vegetables. The only thing I did not like was the Crab Rangoon. The only flavor was the oil it was deep fried in. As I was eating it i could tell there was a miniscule amount of cream cheese, but NO CRAB or any green onions. And they were very greasy. All in all, a wonderful Chinese delivery experience; as long as you stay away from the Rangoon.

emmanuel felipe

Decent food

Paul Nance

It is your vary typical Chinese food. Well made and exactly what you expect. The restaurant is vary clean and well maintained.

Michael Vrabel

Excellent portion size, could use more "stuff" and less rice as filler. I'd take less total food to tip the ratio.

Mike Dunnell

Food was terrible. Never going back.

Danielle Banegas

Really good food , the white thin noodles had a funny taste but i think it was the shrimp in it and the hot and sour soup had like chicken in it that wasent a normal thing for that kind of soup but everything else was yummy , the orange chicken sauce was to die for except the orange rine pieces and the crab ragoons (how ever u spell it lol )were spot on really yummy , i would of gave a 5 star if the noodles tasted right , the oil was fresh it showed in their food , most places like this ive been to as soon as u walk in u can smell the old oil but here u walk in and it smells so yummy

jon weidman

Ryan Christopher

Charlton Warmoth

Great food , Great prices and very Friendly staff

Christopher Jefferson

Mark B

Had food sized portions, however food was just ok.

Randi Kiefer

We were really disappointed. It was bland and was not authentic. I got black pepper chicken and well over half of the meal was onions. It definitely wasn't worth the price. We won't be going back.

Nick Gipson

Awesome food! I love the owners response to the cry baby bad reviews. They are entertaining.

Lawrence Bowlin

Great food, excellent prices, always fast and fresh with some of the nicest people. Highly recommend!

Natasha Brunning

Food is so good. Fresh and Hot and full of flavor. It has a small dinning room so you can eat in but it's better if you do take out

Joel Call

Food was amazing!

Elizabeth Deahl

Great food!

William Baker

Never had an issue. Note: review by Jared Cordova is a lie. A rumor spread around the stores in the building yet not a single one provides evidence especially when you press them about video evidence. 8/31/19: had vegetable soup, house special soup both were hot, and delicious. The staff always take good care of me.

Kris Brown

Kiley Ohl

Love this place. AMAZING cheerful service. Great food and prices. They offer delivery, too.

josh Johnson

Awsome food

Saundra Moore

Nathan Weiss

Good eats and great service

J and K Services Robinson

The service here is absolutely terrible. Was hung up on twice and when I went into the store to see if there was a way to come to a agreement on fixing a order I was yelled at disrespectfully and told to leave the premises. Was followed out of the store by a guy as well, but I took pictures and I'm filing a suit against them. The owner is very rude and doesn't care about customers at all. Called my wife a coward as well.

Aimee Jackson

Ordered online got it delivered 30 minutes and very good!!!

Dylan N.

Until I stumbled upon this place, I'd stopped eating Chinese food. The food is great & fresh 99.9 of the time. Best Chinese take out food I've ever had in Indianapolis.

Jason Strain

debbie phillips

Not impressed. Egg rolls, fried rice, lo mein, and wor su gai. The egg rolls did not taste fresh and were very dry. The fried rice had no flavor. Wor su gai was a chicken patty flattened so thin with too much breading and deep fried, to a color that one would not consider 'golden brown'. It was so over cooked and dried out, it was a chore just to chew one piece. Maybe they were having a bad night or the cook was new,...something. Don't think we will be back.

Henry Mathews

Friendly and fast

Justin Zenn

Great Chinese, always something new to try but the favorites are still solid!

Joseph Frank

Not bad food, but not great either. I'd say it's a step below mall Chinese food.

Miles Reutebuch

WORST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN!!!! Seriously this has to be the worst Chinese food in the world. I see the drivers smoke in there cars when the could be making deliveries, but I don't see how they could make deliveries when you don't get much service because your food is horrible. The delivery people sag there pants and argue with the kids in the mobile home. Out right ridiculous. I would give this a 0 if I could but google makes you give 1 star. My tofu had hair and tasted like it was a day or two old. I got food poisoning. Not to make it worse but you have a little girl running the cash register at drive thru. Very unprofessional and very inconvenient. I don't recommend eating here. NEVER AGAIN WOK N ROLL, NEVER AGAIN.

Roberta Zachidny

The food is good and reasonably priced during the lunch time.

Sarah Elllis

Philip Fowler

Pretty standard Chinese fare. The inside is clean and well decorated, and the staff is friendly. I'll be back at some point.

Joe Dorsey

Cvs c

Roxanne Wolf

Good food. Pleasant staff.

Diana Harding

I love Wok & Roll, the food is delicious and they have your orders ready on time. No waiting if you are going for lunch. They also have a drive thru for pickup which makes it convenient, especially after a long day and you just want to get home. Great food at a great price!

Greg Walls

Great delivery service and food

joe mitchell

M Carson

My favorite Chinese take out restaurant in Indy. Food is always fresh and fast.

Patrick Judge

East side staple

Derek Chen

Robin Eaton

Steamed dumplings... yum yum yum.. and the dipping sauce is delicious. I would give them 5 stats if the talked with the customers more..

Shynika Hall

Delicious food, fast, great service!

John Johnson

Place an online order. Hour and thirty mins no food! Call and tells me NEVER got it. Five mins later leaves a voice mail has it and will deliver it in 40 mins.(will be keeping since you seem to think people talk bad about you and have the email) So wait another hour for food you FORGOT ABOUT. We order at least once a month from here. NEVER again! Will be checking my cc for a bill of 18 and change since you make people but 15 worth of food and still charge a service charge. Seems you have a new person working may be teach her better! Amie Johnson

Brandon W

I have been here several times and the food is great. Ladys up front are always nice and know us by name now. Food is always hot and fresh. I have never had an issue with anything. Probably the best place to get Chinese food in the area.

Richard Beecher

Fast service and my food was Good tasting. Restaurant was Clean and the Staff was friendly.

Erica Haggard

Great food, nice FAMILY owner!


Delicious food. The people there are always friendly and the food tastes fresh. They also have FREE fortune cookies. Seriously, free. I would suggest the general sau's (spl?) or the meat and veggie dish. It comes with fried rice, dinner and if you want an egg drop soup and an egg roll (extra charge i believe but worth it). Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Daniel Jackson

For the price you can't beat

Christina Beasley

The best Chinese food!!

Richard Crawford

Always clean, great food and service.

Jay Allen

Good food in Lawrence

bronx jai

Shanna Jenkinson

Missy Mayes

Absolutely five-star service the lady that works behind the counter is the sweetest ever always very pleasant!! The egg rolls are the best! I love them, always fresh and never oily. Just a little expensive if you don't go during lunch special.

Tammy Passmore

charlie wheeler

Brandon Cook

Addie Robinson

Good food, place is always clean


I decided to look for a new chinese place to get some food during lunch and was always unhappy with the ones in this area. I was told by a coworker of this place, that it was cheap, easy, quick and delicious. They were absolutely correct. Best Gen Tso chicken dish I have ever had, fresh and not expensive at all. I immediately came on here to rate it while I am eating it. :D


Lavonte Gardner

hector chavez

Lunch specials are great price and you get your money's worth

Destiny Sparacino

Good food, fast service, and a nice amount for the price.

Damon Mcfall

I went in there and I had to wait 5 minutes before someone came to take my order. I honestly don't think the taste is worth the price of the food I'm just being honest. First of all you blacken me by assuming I'm some "parking lot kid" and you also blacken me by assuming I'd come back to your restaurant all I did was gave you my honest opinion and you freaked out. I'm honestly not sure why you just assume I came in on may 11th but anyway I'm done arguing with you I was done when I first made this review good bye and may your business further grow

Ryan Boyll

Couldn't have been more disappointed. We ordered on Christmas Day - site said their delivery time was between 45-60 minutes. Placed order and waited 20 minutes for a confirmation email that never came, even though site said order was delivered. Called the restaurant and they said they haven't been receiving online orders. Fine, but you should make a note or take the online order option down. So, on the phone, asking prior to ordering what their delivery time was expected to be, girl on the phone said 45 minutes to an hour. Understandable given that it was a holiday. Place a simple order with 4 items, nothing customized, all straight off their menu. A little over an hour and a half later we call back, asking about the status. They say something about running out of chicken so had to make more. Odd, but okay, would have been nice to have gotten a call with an update with that information. We're told the driver is on his way and will be there in 10 minutes. Perfectly fine with that. 30 minutes later, we call again. Once again, told the driver is on the way. Mind you, we live exactly 12 minutes away from this place. Another 20 minutes go by and we call again. Told the driver is on the way. After prodding them about it and hearing them talking in the background, we're again told 10 minutes. They won't admit that the driver never actually left, though we'd been told twice he was on the way. 11 minutes later, the food arrives at our house, hot and obviously just recently made, not like some guy was out driving around with it for an hour. We understand being busy on the holiday, but be honest with your customers. Waiting 3 hours when told it would be 1, then being lied to repeatedly about the driver being on his way - very unprofessional and disrespectful to your customers. Not once apologized to for the over 3 hour wait, by the way.

blanca rogers

Friendly staff and delicious food

Matthew Bontrager

General tsos was best i ever had. Will be coming back

Malik Bradley

They have the best orange chicken in america

Chandler Scott

Food was horrible

Mike Wiese

Don't go at lunch time or you'll be standing in line for 20 minutes

Matt Gilbank

This has become my go to Chinese restaurant. Staff is always friendly and have yet to try anything I don't like. Excellent choice for all of the Ameri-Chinese fair we have come to expect! Always a great experience

Kamarre Robinson

Best orange chicken I've had in the city! Great prices and lunch specials best bang for your buck. I will always drive miles out of the way to eat here!

Crystal Bell

LaToiya Jackson

Wonderful place!

Leon Nowlin

Great food!!

Eryn M

Good service and fast. I always get the Singapore mei fun. Wished it was open until 10

John Miller

Brianna Noneya

Delicious food. Get your money's worth. The only place I get my Chinese food from. It's amazing!!!

Walter Allen

Kenneth Bitner

Placed an order for pickup on Monday evening I ordered egg foo young and pork fried rice. I picked up the order and when I got home and opened the package it was awful. The egg foo young was burned the gravy for the egg foo young was black and a very tasting I will

Jesse Price

Angela Carter


Really nice employees food was fast and good lots of it for the price too!

Alisha Scott

They have delicious food and are very fast and friendly. I eat here atleast once a week

Stephanie Hunt

Orange chicken and crab ragoon is amazing!

Robert J. Poldervaart

Always very good food.... They have a nice selection..... and very friendly service.

Brian Thompson

Wonderful, nice and friendly place. Love it.

Brian Murillo

Fast and good service

Rose Bronson

The food here is OK, not the greatest. It will do in a pinch.

Anwar Eaton


The food literally taste dirty and old. The worst chinese food I have ever tasted. I have given this place a couple shots and have always experienced bad quality and the phone service is rude.

Craig Barboza

LaDona Scrougham

I also recently visited Wok & Roll I also orderd wong tong soup which made me ill. I ordered on many occasions each time they also are very rude. They also allow there 4 year old daughter to hand your order thur pick up window which she almost dropped. She did in fact drop my credit card which I had to get out of my car to retrieve it. Not a pleasant experience the rudeness is not worth the food or my time. I don't owe them anything! They should show GOOD OLD AMERICAN KINDNESS TO ALL CUSTOMERS! OH HIRE SOME HELP 4 YR OLDS DON'T CUT IT!

Matt Adsit

All the food I've had here is delicious and hot out of the wok. It is super fresh. Fav is orange chicken.

Katee Trout

Love this place! We order from here pretty often and have yet to be disappointed. We always order online so we never call but the service from the delivery driver is great. Food always shows up in about 30 minutes or less. We did call once because they forgot my sweet and sour sauce for my sweet and sour chicken but the lady was really nice and apologetic and sent it right back out to us and we got it only a few minutes later. Definitely recommend!

Denzel Davis

Love eating here they have the best orange chicken I ever taste! Annd good service!!!

Craig Johnson

Great customer service! This is one of my favorite places to eat in indianapolis

andrew maitlen

Really enjoyed the rice, crab Rangoon amd general tso's chicken

Alexzander Lewis

Fresh food

Charles Snyder

Every menu item we have purchased has been wonderful. We have always received very fast service for both pick-up and delivery. Also, we enjoy the employee's young daughter who helps us at the counter. She is adorable and actually very good at her task. If our family ran a business, I am sure our children would be expected to help in some way.

Mom_ Noms

Super yummy awesome food, love it here.


The food isn't bad. We get food from this place quite often and every now and then service is great. But most of the time our order is wrong and most recently we got our food and there was sweet and sour sauce spilled over everything, if the driver knew, he didn't care but it was certainly his fault.

Christy Clark

Nina Nicole

Not good food or service

Rosalyn Williams

Rob Hensley

Mariah O'Brien

Food wasn't bad but the chicken was undercooked and gave me food poisoning. Never coming back here

James Carlisle

great food, good price...

James Doubek

Was sceptical about ordering because of some of the reviews however my order was correct and tasted fine. Surprisingly affordable as well! I use to be a fan of happy dragon but there quality has gone down hill. This will be my replacement.

Morgan Brown

Such good food and fast. Staff is always pleasant

Sam Kiphart

Awesome food fast delivery nice people

Robert Burns

THE BEST Chinese food since the old Chinese Ruby closed. Real egg foo young with the brown gravy and the only place to get authentic curry chicken. Ordered five entrees and they were all great! Wish they were in Carmel. Worth the 40 minutes to get there.

Seth Tucker

Good food, I like the ho fun. But the owner replies to the bad Google reviews are a 10/10. Keep up the great work guys!

Debbie Mason

Just grabbed a couple of spring rolls for lunch at three drive-thru. They are white and if you didn't pick them up and feel they're hard, they look uncooked? Hard, white, undercooked, not hot. I like the veggies to stay a little crunchy, but not undercooked?! If you have only one customer, get it right. I'm guessing the oil was not hot and he rushed them.

Tammie Miller

Love the hot and sour soup and steamed dumplings

Luke Standridge

Very tasty! This was my first time, but I'll definitely be back!

Kurt Hertenstein

Been looking for a great Chinese restaurant since China Palace closed. Wok & Roll has ended my search. Great food with great service at a great price. Love Wok & Roll!!


Best Crab Rangoon. I’ve had better fried rice but the Spicy Mongolian chicken was really tasty.

Astrid Gray

I order from here all the time & the food is always good! I always get exactly what I ask for. My kids & I love it! Food arrives hot & pretty quickly too. Delivery drivers are friendly. Good amount of food for the price. Great place to order from!

James Miles

Renee Mullinix

Awesome as always. They remember you, are kind, courteous, and always a smile. Great food

Dan Nolan

I can go do a hundred thousand places around here, but this is the only one I go to for my Chinese.

Sal Georgiou

My favorate Chinese resurant. Very Good prices and very good food. Made quick and friendly staff. Can’t complain.

John M Huddleston

Chris Friedman

I always have great service and even better food from Wok N Roll. Keep it up

Justin Hubbard

By far my favorite carry out Chinese food place around. I usually order food from here every couple weeks and am never disappointed. Granted I do carry out orders, not delivery, but service is always fast and the food is always hot. Try the general tso's combo and an order of crab rangoon, you wont be disappointed!

Amber Home Grown

Love the rice noodles and the fact that they have no problem switching things around for ya. Love it here.

Lynn Rinker

Tanya Ruvalcaba

Brad Anderson

This place has food that makes my wife happy and that is all I need to say.

Dana Lembcke

Best Chinese delivery in Noblesville!

Joshua Gammon

Love the food, Love the staff

Gary Rolfes

Lela Adams

Kenson Jean Poix

Jared Cordova

I can’t give a worse rating. The food may be good and they might be friendly but I work next door next door and we caught them on camera taking meat that was thrown out in the Kroger dumpster.

christopher toney

dont go there, they have poor service!!! The food is nasty!!

Breanna Ridenour

Probably best Chinese place I have ever been to! Very good food, great service, and low prices! Absolutely love it!!

Jade Conway

I just wish they delivered

Jerry Pharis jr

I enjoy the food an quick delivery service I never have had any issues with my orders and foods always hot

Gary Mead

Online ordering available and they even have a drive up window for pick up!

Tracy C

Great food, great service

Tammi Fitzgerald

There is peanut butter in some of the foods unmarked. If you have a loved one with peanut allergy, do not eat here! I called and tried to let them know it is unsafe and can cause harm to kids and people. They hung up on me! I won't be back!

vickie young

Love it!

Makani Nui

Disappointed. First time trying. Food was hot but the shrimp dish tasted fishy and was badly seasoned. Chicken dish was dry. Got to see the delivery drivers underwear since his pants did not stay up I may have complained about the dishes if there was any friendly faces. They do have a most imposing security camera and what look like a bullet proof sliding door. With the cashier packing a 9mm on his hip it felt like eating in a police station.

Gary Blackledge

Can never get the order right time after time.

Treesja Bailey

Keep forgetting my order I ask for spicy and I get plain, I asked for vegetable egg rolls and they give me pork order is wrong most of the time, don't know it until I'm at work across town, I get off work at 2:30 in morning so I'm hungry so I eat it

Michael Upshur

Nathan Huffman

Super good food, I'm always happy with order and by driver in my town now!!! Love it

Tony Holmes

Good food and friendly staff

lin chen

Come here every weeks two times,always good service! Best food and very nice people working there Always smile and friendly! I 'm so happy order food from wok'n roll ,best Chinese food in Indiana

Johnny Craft

My favorite Chinese food in Indiana! The honey chicken is amazing and I've never had a negative experience with the quality of food or service. I've ordered from them at least once a month, for the last year or more, and I will continue to do so.

Robert Hunter

Basically your average Chinese fare, the food is good and the staff is very nice. Food arrives quickly.

Christopher Myers

Quick and so polite. Yummy food too, you can’t go wrong eating at wok and roll

Jon Meacham

Great food! And fast delivery. This is my go-to delivery place


Seriously the best Chinese in Noblesville, Fishers, Westfield... Period.

Lainey Bell

Great lunch prices

Hannah Polak

Douglas McLean

Good portions and good flavor!

Brock Bolden

Blanca Gutierrez

Me encanta la comida todo fresco y rico

Monotone Matt

When I went a couple of weeks ago I ordered take out.When I did not add a tip to the credit slip the young lady that was the cashier said “No tip huh?!”The food was good.I’m thinking about trying it again because the food was good.I’ll update this review if I am not treated rudely this time.

Jarod Kent

Horrible. Crab Rangoon is just cream cheese with no crab, the food is poorly made. Its all terrible. I'm sure all their products are fresh from Kroger. I've had better food in my high school cafeteria. Worst Chinese restaurant I've been to.

Shayna Ashley

I bit into a STAPLE. It was on a piece of my General Tso's chicken. I also got charged an additional *$10 with no explaination. *The charge was refunded after an uncomfortable exchange. The one star review remains unchanged because of the detestable customer service. The food was average, with the exception of the chicken fried rice.... which was delicious.

Hailey Sutton

Terrible! They didn't bring half my food called them about it and they said well I'm sorry and stuff that made it sound like it was my fault it's never customers fault smh

Urban Elysium

Thought I'd give this place a try- Just picked up order of fried tofu and vegetables in brown sauce and it's the worst Chinese food I've ever had! Horrible taste! Total waste of $8.25!!!

Kevin Livingston

Martin Flaherty

Kerri Wood

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