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REVIEWS OF Taqueria El Maguey IN Indiana

ernesto Gonzales

This place is a hint or miss. The servers have a very negative deneanor and can care less if your dinning experience is an pleasant or enjoyable one. The Mexican food is mediore at best, but the tortillas are homemade and genuinely delicious. The decor is fundamentally Mexican nothing special. This hole in the wall Mexican restaurant has the potential to do well but it is in desperate need of a "staffing enama". The only reason we return to eat there is because in Indy we as Tex-Mexican do not know any better...for now. Let me be clear the food in not horrible, the service staff is, it is they who do the restaurant a disservice. Oh and the salsa has too much garlic and needs more chile. Beto is the only acceptable server, ask for him.

nayza collins

This place has some of the best Mexican food I have ever had! The burritos are huge and delicious. The tacos I have craved throughout my pregnancy. The service is cheerful and served with a smile. I have no complaints.

Charita Ware

Food and drinks are good.

Jose Ocelot

En realidad una muy buena y excelente atención vale la pela esperar las tortillitas y su rica comida tanto asi que por.el momento yevo trabajando un par meses poraqui y en realidad el.dia de ayer tuve que sacrificarme un poquito ayer regrese de casa a este lugar desde webster city iowa y valió la.pena aguantar un poquito

Alex Mueller

I would rate 1 star, but the food was good. The service wasn't great, but to their defence, the waiter was new and overwhelmed.

Javier Alvarran

Bernardo Campos

(Translated by Google) This place is good (Original) Está bueno este lugar

Tanys Serna

Fernanda Morales

Athena Nicely

Melissa M. Desales

Jose Alatorre


justin lanham

Recently 3 of my coworkers and I have ordered lunch for pick up from here. The first time I ordered the Caldo Tlalpe on. On the menu this soup reads- grilled chicken, steak and shrimp, cooked with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and topped with cilantro. I received a bowl of broth with just shrimp in it. Literally just broth and shrimp. The second time I ordered the Fajitas Alambre. The menu reads- grilled chicken, steak, bacon, and (5) shrimp. Cooked with onions, tomatoes, and fresh jalapeños tooped with cheese dip. The fajitas I received included steak, bacon, onions, bell peppers, and cheese and was not accompanied with the guac, sour cream, lettuce, or pico de gallo. Food has always been good, just never complete. Language barriers do exsist, but patience can get you through the process.

Sherry Ancona

Itzel Lopez

(Translated by Google) I like their quesadillas, but they are great. The food is good for big person and for children. (Original) Me gustan sus quesadillas , pero las que están bien grande. La comida está buena para persona grande y para niños.

Melani Rodriguez

Xoli Hlatshwayo

unicorn nicorn

Seriously took for ever to get my food, not to mention the waitress have a nasty attitude

Juana Cruz

(Translated by Google) Very rich today I ate the fatigue Maguey accompanied with hand tortillas. (Original) Muy rico hoy comí la fatiga Maguey acompaño con tortillas de mano.

Hilda Ortega

(Translated by Google) I was in the restaurant for 30 minutes and nobody was Aserco to meet us along with my children and that was the reason why I decided to go to the restaurant my kids love taco there. We raised and decided to speak to the manager who seemed not inporlarle

Naomi Vargas

They are slacking a little bit

luis fernandez

Toda la comida que se sirve está riquisima

Marialuisa Mejia

I love to eat here the food is similar to what I cook but sometimes I need a day off so I come here!!!!

Alicia Aguirre

Great Tacos with homemade tortillas... Suggestions are that they could work on being a little bit more friendly... Los Tacos de Tripa y asada están buenísimos y más porque son echos con tortillas echas a mano.... Sugerencias que el personal sean un poco más amable..

Jaqueline Reyes


Regular servicio.

Miguel Godinez

(Translated by Google) Lousy service take long to give poor quality food and I do not recommend hurts the place was once very nice restaurant (Original) Un pésimo servicio se tarda mucho en dar la comida y mala calidad yo no recomiendo lastima del lugar antes era muy buen restauran

sarai ortiz

I found a cockroach on my food.

Paulino Garfias

Dion Bell

Laura Hernandez

(Translated by Google) The service was very bad, I waited a lot for the food and when they finally took me it was cold and I had to eat with my fingers because I did not get a fork I asked for it several times by the way, the waitress very arrogant, terrible service. (Original) El servicio muy mal,espere mucho por la comida y cuando Al fin me la llevaron estaba fría y tuve que comer com los dedos por que ni tenedor me dieron asta lo pedí varias veces por cierto ,la mesera muy prepotente,pésimo servicio.

Rebecka Hemphill

Fresh chips and salsa, the guacamole (mexi) and queso are good. We had tacos to eat, chicken steak, an carnitas, all of which had a great flavor. They only have beer, no margaritas. Also if you go on a saturday, it's karaoke night (This was posted 10 months ago, food and service are still great!)

Erica Floyd

Didn't eat here

Violletta Wednsday

The most authentic Mexican Restaurant colorful decor nice and clean with very friendly staff And the awesome food and tortillas they have delicious burritos Great service decent portions and decent prices too !!

dr D.R.E

Good place for authentic mexican. Food

Matthew Mager

samuel perez

Juventino Marquez


jve153 .

great food, great service

gilberto aguilar soto

(Translated by Google) The food is very good (Original) La comida es muy buena

Cinthia Madrid

La mejor me gusta mucho

Be Sal

You dont get what you pay for salsa's not good not spicy, guacamole was not good at all (plus it had a layer of brown guacamole on top for it being old/exposed to air), dirty tables, filthy bathrooms food service speed (1-10) I'll gladly give it a 4

Jonathan Hernández

(Translated by Google) Speechless (Original) Sin palabras

Carolina Ceballos

Food was ok, service was horrible

rafael salazar

Robert Hunt

First time here and it was delicious. Service was very fast and the waitresses were very nice. I'll be back!

martin regalado

Maria Godinez

Pésima comida pedi mojarra frita y me dieron chicharrón quemado nunca vi la carnita del pescado y muy mala atención

Javier Mendoza

(Translated by Google) The food is good (Original) Es buena la comida

Valentyn Zolotarov

awesome place and awesome guys work there, enchiladas with bud light was great! Thanks guys!

Miguel Mercado

Miguelangel Rivera

Ivan Josue Jacome

Vane Cenovio-Juan

Love it

Latasha Hammond

Good yummy

Debi Villano

The food is so good best Mexican place around

Robert Callahan

Pretty good restaurant. Had chicken tacos and they tasted pretty well. I like the hot sauce and tortillas seem pretty fresh. Looks like they are affiliated with the other El Maguey around the corner.

Genaro Alcauter

Muy buena atencion que resibe uno

Shaly Mariel

(Translated by Google) Very good everything, the food, excellent service my husband and I were delighted (Original) Riquisimo todo, la comida, excelente servicio mi esposo y yo quedamos encantados

Boss Beezy

I ordered 4 tacos, by phone, at 1:26, arrived at 1:33, and didnt get my tacos until 1:56!! It wasnt even that many customers and i saw 5 people leave before me....i wouldn't have wrote this but she wouldn't even give me an EXTRA LIME for my taco! like Damn, i was just here for 20 minutes plus and i cant even get an extra lime to enjoy my food??!! Smfh...Gotta take care of the customers...they keep you in business

Gregory Geralds

Good, place to shop

a b

Perfect service

MarkipIier .

Best burritos in the city. Bought a carne asada, carnitas, and chicken just so I could try them all at once and they were ALL fantastic. I know those are fighting' words here in IN, but I think it's true. Dorado style is a must. Bomb.

Paola Arana

Me gusta mucho su comida,pero la verdad el escandalo que tienen los fines de semana es insoportable!!! Hay gente que se cree que cantan bien y cantan HORRIBLE!!! por favor tengan un poco de respeto!!! No pongan la musica tan fuerte parace peor que un antro!!!!

Eloisa Martínez


Alex Martinez

Nice food good flavor

Alicia Castro

Flor Jimenez

fast and cozy

Timothy Lee

To start, the server we had seemed very irritated by us being there. My wife ordered a dish called Mar y Tierra El Maguey and I ordered a shrimp burrito with no sour cream. The food arrived pretty quickly. However, my wife's dish, which contains shrimp, chicken, and steak that is cooked with vegetables fajita-style, arrived with steak that was not cooked and was sitting in a pool of blood. She promptly sent it back to be remade. My burrito arrived, but with sour cream. I usually don't complain, and since the sour cream is not an allergy only a dislike, I ate it. Honestly, the flavor was absolutely amazing. Probably the best burrito I have ever eaten. While I was eating, my wife's food re-arrived, and we discovered that instead of remaking the dish, they had simply slapped everything back on the grill and burned everything until it turned into jerky. She picked at the parts that weren't completely burnt, which wasn't much. We did both enjoy the horchata however. Shortly after we left, my joy at my "best burrito ever" was short lived because I made it less than 2 miles away before I had to pull over and vomit, and I spent the rest of the day vomiting and feeling sick. The moral of the story: I wouldn't recommend this place.

Mauro Castaneda

They have very good and delicious food Mexican food and margaritas beer Coronas everything's good I'm happy to at place

mayra lopez-granados

Delicious food and amazing service! Highly recommended!

Dave Roth

Excellent food! Crooks running the register!!! Great way to turn a great thing into a bad experience! For group if 6 we left a $20 cash tip at the table, the person at the register charged $15 extra dollars for my party of 3 and an extra $15 for the other party of 3. All of the meals totaled $70 for food and they wanted us to pay $50 in tips. We argued and they would not budge. I hope the Indiana Dept of Revenue audits them and their foul business practices

Your Mom

this place is not good . & it makes my stomach sick .

Valerie Hodge

Love the food and large proportions.

Julia Rodriguez

Elvin Vanega

(Translated by Google) Well, very rich and super well cared for (Original) Pues muy rico y super bien atendido

Elizabeth Hernandez

(Translated by Google) Good taste in their dishes (Original) Buen sabor en sus platillos


Dawn Hinshaw

Best fajitas around!

Mike Thornburg

The best food ever

Fernando Arroyo

This place is bomb plus it has a big lot for all you 18 wheelers !

Payton Livingston

The best authentic Mexican I have found. I have seen live music there once which was super neat. The food is always amazing and fresh, though it can difficult to communicate certain requests to them. It is helpful to be able to speak/understand some basic Spanish. I am a vegetarian, so I opt for meat-free options (obviously) and those are few and far between on their menu. Their ‘normal’ style Chilaquiles came with no meat and it was SO GOOOOOOD!!! The egg was fried hard, not sunny side up, but it was still amazing. It was almost too spicy to eat, which I wasn’t expecting, but I loved it.

Theresa Rice

I had a nice time, but the salsa was too cold to have been served and tasted a little like refrigerator. They MUST remodel the bathroom and clean it. The restroom was very bad in every way. Ample proportions, good food, service could have been better, not expensive for what you get. Thank you.


Daphne Rodriguez

Although food is good. When a few of us went here for lunch. We were all charges double our meal. Meals should have been around 11 to 12 dollars cam up to 21to 22 dollar for most of us. When speaking to them about the amount. Said we were unable to get our money back. How is that possible? Don't double charge anyone that's not right. Then act like you don't know what we were saying. Don't go here at all. Illegal charging of food. Don't recommend at all. Thought this place was above this. Not right to double charge and not give people their money back.

Tomas Ricardo

Las fajitas son mis preferidas

Christina Weidner

Tried a tongue taco for the first time, LOVED it. Fajitas were great, as well as the homemade tortillas and guacamole. Would recommend!


Gerardo Rodríguez

Excelente, de lo mejor que he probado en mi visita a Indianapolis. 100% recomendado

Debbi Villano

All was good

Ricardo Perez

(Translated by Google) It's a taco bullshit and all the food here (Original) Es una mierda de tacos y toda la comida que hay aqui

Carlos Mena

(Translated by Google) I did not like the food a lot of salt. (Original) No me gustó la comida mucha sal.

Ashvin Srivatsa

Courtney Perry

Great food. Love the chicken nachos!

Ashley Seda

brad clinard

Me and my friend from Mexico tried this place 2 times and both visits were not good the food is ok the service is bad. We were looking for authentica mexican food.

Noe Palacios

Richard Hernandez

Alan Gonzalez

Fernando Garcia

Preparan deliciosos platillos

Fransisco Reyes

Buen servicio excelente platillos

Jen Aguirre


Shanmugam mpl

Their huevos rancheros is great!

claudia torres


Laura Guzman

No esta bueno ....Esta DELICIOSO!!!

Maria Orta

I love to order carry out, the food is so worth it I do it so often


Shaquona Ellis

Great authentic food. You get your money's worth!

Johanna.A Reynoso

Courtney McGhee

My hubby and I eat here all the time... Get the chicken nachos! You'll never stop wanting them after that.. Customer service is good, there is a slight language barrier with certain staff. All in all I recommend for the portions u get for the money, and good taste.

Mayra Olmos

La comida puede ser muy buena , pero si el lugar parece un bar nocturno o una pulcata con gente borracha a medio día , cualquiera dudaría en entrar ahí y más si son familias que llevan a sus hijos . Que lugar tan pésimo!!! Es restaurante o bar nocturno??

Marlene Garcia

Great amd quick service every time. Food is delicious!!!!

JamilahFirstGmailAcct .

Love the steak burritos

Irvin Loza

(Translated by Google) Excellent tacos. And the tortillas are made by hand. I love the food here, I recommend it! (Original) Excelentes los tacos. Y las tortillas están hechas a mano. Me encanta la comida aquí, se la recomiendo!

Amaya Navarro

Good authentic food, great portions and hone made tortillas... not the best service!

L.K. T.

Cool food. Staff over charged us for food. I may not be a native spanish speaker but I know enough.


Bad service, great food. I've been eating at this restaurant every weekend for the past 5 weeks. I always order the "steak and chicken" burrito and I'm usually satisfied with the food and service. The last time I was there, I ordered my usual and was told to sit while my food was being prepared. The Mexican waitress took the chips that were meant for me and gave them to two guys who literally just walked in, while I had been sitting for about 5 minutes. I mean, these guys were yet to call the waiter, they just got served my food. I didn't say anything as I wasn't about to cause problems. Then she walked paste to serve a mother and daughter behind me, I tried to ask her when my food would be ready but she kept mum and acted as if she heard nothing. I was surprised. Then she brought by burrito in a styrofoam plate and just dumped it on my table. I tried to explain to her that I ordered "for here" and not "to go", but she wouldn't even give me a chance as she just walked away. I waited for her to get my spoon and fork so I could explain again, but she dumped the cutlery and walked away, again. I got so pisses off I had to go to the counter so I could ask the other waiter why she was acting so rude. I asked him and his excuse was that she doesn't speak English. Now, the inability to speak English should not give you the audacity to be rude to customers. I mean, come on, you are in the service business. I went back to my seat only to hear her yell at him in Spanish. I quickly brought out my phone so I could translate whatever little I could get, turned out she understood me perfectly as she was telling her I didn't want plastic plates. I felt really bad that I had already paid, if not, I would have thrown the food away and walked out. I would never go back to that place.

Aron Balderrama

(Translated by Google) Excellent food and this is

Natanael Chuiguil

Ivette Nieves

Love this place food is very good

Alberto Gonzalez

Jose de Jesus Garcia

(Translated by Google) The food is good (Original) Esta buena la comida

Raicardo Antonio Lizano Miranda

Excelente servicio, precios accecibles

Victor Flores

(Translated by Google) The attention is bad the waitresses seem to be smelling poop (Original) La atencion es mala las meseras parece que estan oliendo caca

Luis Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Very bad food (Original) La comida muy mala

Erick Warthan

amazing food and drinks.

Diana Zavala

Authentic mexican food

miguel cruz

Dawud Izreal

It was beautiful and the waitress was mui caliente

Rosmery Encinas Caero

(Translated by Google) Very good food (Original) Muy buena la comida

Brian Crisostomo

i work there

Terral Wilson

Excellent Mexican food

Jessica Figueroa

This use to be one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Indy until I found a roach crawling on the wall next to me... I will not be returning to this place!

Dan Vel

Great food!! Great friends , karaoke with the best people. Chuy and Luz Maria.

Joel Rolon

Is not the best service! Some waitress have to be nice with the customer!

flores a13

Araceli Castillo

Es económico y muy rica la comida

Juan Anaya

Good food, unfortunately not the best service.

Patricia Zaragoza


Jose Rivera

Las tortillas echas a manos son deliciosas y la salsa es fresca y los chips super crujientes

Hailey SG

Amazing food. I go back for the food. Although service (servers) are not so great. And women's restroom was not usable because it was nasty. But the food is amazing.

Travis Barnes

la comieda esta mejpr del mejor!!!

Charles King

Rocio Albarran

mariela orta

(Translated by Google) Terrible service the waitress me iso angry is very arrogant do not give cutlery do not attend well that bad attitude of the staff I do not recommend it at all (Original) Pésimo servicio la mesera me iso enojar es bien prepotente no dan cubiertos no atienden bien que mala actitud del personal no lo recomiendo para nada

Garren Gebhardt

Ranissa Dycus

Best Mexican food I've ever had! The fried tripa tacos and shrimp tacos are my go to. They know me by name and treat me like family when I go. Me and my family eat there at least once a week maybe more! Best Mexican food in Indianapolis!

Juan Morales

(Translated by Google) Very tasty food (Original) Muy rica comida

Trish Garcia

Great service and food

Angela Fritz

Food is amazing. Stop by if your ever by Indy, you'll never regreat it.

Mike Kavanagh

The food is great and they are very nice people.

chrys lopez

Jennifer Johnson-wade

Not bad. The location is in a hard area. Very friendly staff! Very friendly. The food was good but it needed more seasoning, not alot flavor that you wouk expect from a mexican restaurant. Four stars because the staff was so great!

jazmin duran guillen

Deliciosa la comida y las tortillas a mano son lo mejor el fin de semana hay cantantes en vivo y son muy amigables

Franc Tjd

The food is ALWAYS on point. But the best service and over all experience is during the week.

norma avilez

Aki comiendo en takeria el maguey con mi amorcito

Oscar Garcia

la carne asada buena rica, la mesera que me atendió puesto mal su servicio por eso ni le deje propina

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