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REVIEWS OF Taj Mahal IN Indiana

Brooke B

The staff was very nice if a little quiet. It was my first time trying Indian food but I loved it. The inside was very nice, except it was extremely dark.

kaushik chennappagari

Doesn't taste like Indian....not spicy

Hannah Christine Kirk

Good vegan & vegetarian options!

Lynette Donley

Excellent service! Delicious food! Very courtesy staff! Will definitely go again.

Nicolette Rai

Pretty authentic Indian food. Just missing some of the spiciness my husband I enjoy, at. Least concerning the lunch buffet.

Connie Rosales

It's the only buffet my family will go to! We have been going there for years and enjoy seeing Leslie every time! He is the BEST!!

Crystal Valdez

Food is large in portion, good in taste, servers seemed a bit lost and rushed with orders. Overall very clean place and fair in price.

Bob am

Very bad food there is only two Indian restaurants in Fort Wayne one of them can’t even eat it and Taj Mahal .the food quality in Taj Mahal 1 of 100 good food and 99 times bad kind of cooking the meat like it was frozen for whole year I eat it and I have a stomach ache very bad quality but since it is the only Indian in town hope to get lucky when you order it will be this 1 of 100 time of good food

Kurt Heinold

Great lunch buffet with a variety of awesome, flavorful, high-quality entrees. Reasonably priced, too.

Eric Cuzzort

Awesome food

Daniel Buckley

Buffett was really good, got to try a lot of different dishes.

Norm Greenberg

Best authentic Indian menu/food in Fort Wayne IN

ricardo mendez

It's not even fair how good the food is here!

William Cast

Good Indian food. Regular take out customers, and the food freezes nicely for a good meal later.

Lindsay Freeland

Love it. I've tried indian food elsewhere- this one is by far my favorite !

KJ Kell

Great food!

Jason Haines

Great food as always.

Abhi D

Good the one only.


Best Indian food in town. Super friendly and convenient with online ordering!

Alec Cope

An employee was rude and told me and my fiance they were closed when in actuality they werent. I called and asked why they said they were closed and they meant the buffet (which we werent interested in) but they were so rude this whole establishment can get bent. Will avoid further.

Amina Advany Maglajlic

Didn't disappoint! Great destination for vegetarian options (not so much for vegan).

king city pmall

The really bad thing about it, that the Restaurant closed between 3-5.!! Which is the most business hours for any food business!! As a customer I always take my lunch around that time!

Chris Dowty

Great food!

Sara Ensign

Love love love their food. Never disappointed

Sam Garcia

After calling numerous times for a carry out order, being put on hold each time and forgot about! I finally gave up and went to get food at the taste of India. This is the 3rd time in the past few months this happened. Food is good but service has been poor.


I love this place. The cuisine is flavorful, rich and aromatic.

Brian Baumgartner

I'm glad I don't live closer I'd probably eat there every day

Peter Kandis

Good authentic food, good prices, friendly wait staff

Matt Wire

Eh... went for lunch and most of the buffet was warm at best. Not a great variety, though most was tasty. Service was lacking and unfriendly. Apparently it’s hit or miss and the day I went, I missed. Atmosphere best described as stripmall chic. Worth a second try.

james husar

Always good!

Jessica Adesara

The food is overpriced and whatever you order off the menu they use some off the buffet however, all buffets do this but this is my 7th time ordering and they do it ALL the time, the food is NOT authentic but it costs that price. There is some good authentic Indian food in Fort Wayne and you can start @ A TASTE OF INDIA

Sunil Kumar Singh

Good place for Indian food

Jig Jig

Quiet here . Really good buffet

Dean Krause

My Favorite Restaurant. The spices are well balanced, with a little care in choices from the buffet, I can eat FLAVORFUL food that doesn't burn my mouth. The "indian tea" is addictive it is so good. I have eaten at this restaurant for many years, although I live on the other side of the city, if I have time I make the drive to eat here. The Buffet is the best way to go, especially if you haven't eaten Indian food before. Try the Vegetable Pakoras with Tamarind sauce on them, YUM!

Kody Bear

By far the best in FW. Chicken Makhani is my favorite dish. Kheer is awesome.

Cole Lombardo

Before coming here I'd never had authentic Indian food. I go back regularly now! The staff is always very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. I would highly recommend going for the lunch buffet. Love this place!

Martin Luther

Food tastes good.

Larry Johnston

Love the daily buffet. Great selection and always great taste.

Donald Wilkinson Jr

I think their prices went up and portions decreased. Also didn't get any onion chutney with my order of curry chicken for lunch to go like I always have. Ive always loved their food and best Indian food in town but do not feel like I got a good deal at almost $11 for a small small serving of curry chicken and an extra small rice.

Angel Gibs

Love this place! Great Food and great people!!!

Michael Khan

Great food and service!

T Rocky

Good food and friendly service

Sayward Courtois

Excellent service, knowledgeable staff. TONS of gluten free and vegetarian options.

Dustin Petersen

First visit, friendly staff. Chicken tikka masala wasn't very hot, although ordered that way, and tasted a bit like canned tomato sauce. Garlic naan was good. Will try again during buffet to get a better sense of the menu.

No Name

Past it’s prime. Interior temperature too low, bathrooms not clean.

David Schwalm

Fantastic service and food. Great value.

Karthik Kaliaperumal

Don’t go here.. very old chicken, Indians don’t like this food

Joe Fischer

i probably eat at taj more than i should but the staff never call me out on it so that’s cool

Sanjeev Nalli

Very nice friendly staff, good lighting and best price. I visited few times with my American friend. Food was good but they can make it bit more spicy especially Tandoori chicken. She felt the same.

Melissa Joker

Buffet/Food is excellent....easy to get too.

Don Rinearson

Food was wonderful, great service. My favorite place in Fort Wayne!!!

George Mavronicolas

The restaurant is fairly clean, but the food is awful. The food was bland, the butter chicken tasted like chef boyardee tomato sauce, the spinach was like canned cream spinach, the Naan was oily and cold.

Amarnath Bollam

It's not like South Indian food

Kathy Kincaid

Food is awesome. Nice place for family or couple dinner. I would give 5 stars but it was warm in the restaurant and a gnat landed in my Chardonnay. Love the Naan, and the rice. The lamb saag was really good. The fish curry could have had more fish in it. But still good.

Mason Darnielle

Very fancy, inviting and really friendly staff

C. Rotten

Always enjoy my visit. Food is exceptional. I wish the buffet was available on Saturday, but it is not. Service is fair, but they give a large amount of food to enjoy. Atmosphere is dark and dreary, but roomy and acceptable. Prices are acceptable for the portion sizes. Overall I enjoy the food.

THE Walker

Best Indian food in the Fort!!! Not the best ever though.

Melanie Temple

Very nice place and good food!

shannon williams

Outstanding food and service.

Jatin Doshi

My family and I read up a little before our trip over the long weekend to Fort Wayne and one of the places that came with reasonably above average recommendations was the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant. We ofcourse visited this place to lunch and first off I was not too impressed with the assortment in the buffet. Little variety. What killed my experience was either in the rice or the kadhi, there was a dead house fly. I noticed it when I was almost half way done and brought it to the notice of the staff. He simply picked my plate and walked away. I observed and did not see any action from the staff. Eventually we had a lady who was also serving but appeared to be someone with authority walk up to our table, apologized and mentioned they would waive our charges for the food. It was not a genuine apology and she was just wanting to move on. I was not sure if I could bring them to remove the rest of the rice and kadhi since this has never happened before to me and I was just too disappointed.

Ruth Martin

Went for dinner was great food good service. Went for buffet was delicious and I enjoyed the variety was nice. Love the flavors. Good service

Jason Derson

The chicken masala was very flavorful.


This place is mediocre at best. Food is definitely better than the other ft wayne restaurant (taste of india), and is good for American midwesterners wanting to try indian food. Service is very poor and slow and waiters sometimes don't know what they are doing if they haven't memorized the menu. The food is not authentic, and the bread was undercooked and not even rolled properly. If you must eat here, order one of the chicken or vegetarian entrees, however its not guaranteed if the chicken is fresh.

Christy Hull

Best lunch buffet in town!


Great Lunch Buffet @ $10.50 with 3 rows of variety - 1 is desert and salad. Very tame heat level of spices without compromising flavor. Gulab Jamin (fried cheese syrup pancake ball) was served cold premade (minus 1 star) - not as good. Waiter didnt understand what "high chair" is but manager jumped in to help. Outside food is not allowed, they take credit/debit cards. Takeout available. Friendly Staff that keeps up on water and taking plates away.

Abdullah Al-Modhafar

My Indian restaurant in town with not doubt


Horrible experience. Never even dare to visit this restaurant. I ordered Samosas which were smelling bad. I asked the waiter when was the samosas made and he was telling before 3 days. There was waiter named Lesly who was extremely rude and had no curtesy towards customer. I’m surely going to complain to health department.

Rahul Singh

Visited this restaurant last week with desperate cravings for Indian Spices.Have been here for 4 weeks with out Indian food.I know in US one can't expect to get the same taste. Would rate below average in terms of taste , quantity. Menu has good range of food but I honestly didn't find it tasty . On top of that the Mutton Rogan Josh they serve is a poor attempt of using mutton chilly kinda recipe and tell the world is Rogan Josh

Karen C

Great good and great service. I love the buffet especially the sag paneer and naan.

sarita carlin

Really good indian food, service, fair prices.

scott sweeney

Amazing selection of food and carry out is great.

Mark Flanagan

We really enjoyed the food, decent price. We will go back.

paige moore

Great atmosphere, amazing service, the best indian food I've had. Food was a bit slow coming out but we were gifted a complimentary appetizer which was just as good as our meal. There were plenty of people waiting for carry out since it was a holiday... Honestly I didnt care for the wait I was enjoying my company.

Alex Conley

Traveling for work and decided on trying for dinner. Nav ratam korma was nicely spiced and the vegetables were cooked well (peas were snappy, potatoes were good consistency). Lighting was a bit dark, but nice atmosphere, and friendly service.


The food was good. We ordered 2 types of bread and they were drenched in oil. The server was difficult to understand, he couldn’t answer simple questions about the menu and it took us 15min to get our check because he didn’t know how to split.

Hanspal Kahlon

You can tell food is not fresh in first bite, staff is not very welcoming.

Annie Nielson

We went for lunch buffet with our friend from southern India. It was all quite yummy. I liked the nan and various things to put on it.

colin Oday

Very nice very authentic

Jase Spiegel

Great food and great people. Try the buffet..its AWESOME!

Dave McCall

One of my favorite places in town for lunch. The lunch buffet lets you try a wide selection of things. The first section is vegetarian. The second section has meat products. Always some chicken and a couple soup options. Fresh made naan. Real tandoori chicken in all the chicken dishes.

Muhammad Abdulwanis

Pros: An amazing place to eat. Their food is delicious. Cons: pricey a little bit.

jeffrey kachmann

Consistent quality food with good taste and spicing with a pleasant atmosphere and attentive staff. I've been eating at their buffet for 10 yrs and haven't had one bad experience there ever.

Yasenia Ceniceros

Order from the menu. The buffet is ok. However their dinner items are 10 times better than what is offered on the buffet.

Rex Mercer

We visited today and they had some wonderful food. The curry was just perfect and the naan was exactly what we were looking for and I would suggest the appetizers as well.

Harshit ka patel

Came here for lunch buffet. Samosa for buffet were spoiled so I point it out to them. It took them around 15 mins to figure out that they went bad so I am really glad they changed it after all. Cabbage and potato bhaji was really good. Except that, rest of the food was mediocre. I think they pay more attention to non Indian customers there. Being an Indian not even once the waiter bother to ask me if everything was ok or thank you for pointing out the bad food from buffet. Originally I am from jersey and have eaten way better food there. I would come back here with very low expectation.

Thomas Grounds

We're originally from Atlanta, which has a high Indian population and a LOT of Indian restaurants. Consequently, our expectations for quality are high. We've picked up from this restaurant a few times, and at this point have tried about 10 items. All of them have been excellent. Unlike a lot of Indian/Thai/Chinese restaurants, if you request your entree to be spicy here, it will be spicy. We really enjoyed that. It's about a twenty minute drive from our home to get here, but it's totally worth it. If you're looking for a great meal, look no further!

Valerie McEowen

Love the lunch buffet! It's a great way to try a lot of different dishes and find out what you like. Take out sometimes takes a long time, but it's always worth it.

Spencer T.

Went during lunch. The only food option was the small buffet and only drink option was water.

chava harish

Don't order Biryani here if you are expecting Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Srikar Prince

Very bad restaurant to eat . Not even good response frok Manger. Very disappointed with the money spend for buffet .

Rishabh Gupta

HORRIBLE FOOD. Just horrible. Tasteless by my standards. I haven't had this bad Indian food in decades. By far the worst Indian restaurant I have been to. Unfortunately the other Indian restaurants in this area are even worse. I would never come back or recommend to anyone. If you have never had good Indian food you might think it's okay but trust me it's not. Stay away.

April Brown

Pretty disappointed in the lunch buffet here. All the food was only slightly warm and the rice looked like it was days old, the bread was chewy. I was surprised that a lot of the food seemed kind of flavorless. The beef and chicken curry were decent but in general I would not recommend the buffet. Shortly after eating I got a really bad stomach ache and didn't feel well the rest of the day.

Jim Haberly

Our favorite Indian food in town.

Nunya Beezwax

Still the very best Indian buffet in Fort Wayne, in my opinion.

Meshari Mo

Good food but the staff need to do better with customers.

Bryan Chamberlain

Best buffet on town, Indian or not.

Ms. Rita Naidu

Have been here several times. Done in and take out. The staff had been nice and didn't rush us out even when it was past closing time and accommodated us well. So far love this restaurant . Being new in area still exploring good authentic Indian / fusion restaurants ..

James Patterson

Always a great dining experience

carolyn fakhfakh

Love the Indian food is delicious

R. Ackley

Skip the lunch buffet... everything was lukewarm and the Naan had been sitting there way too long. The Palak paneer on the buffet is delicious though. Ordering off the menu or carry out is way way better. Totally different experience. That is recommended.

Rajath A

Not so good Service. Should add more spices than color.

Jason Rhee

This place is actually really great and really affordable and does not receive enough publicity. they usually do a buffet.

Ryan Cook

Was disappointed that they didn't use fresh chicken in their dishes.

Sam Kimmel

This place is awesome! I crave the food, so the buffet is a must! YUM!!

Star Light

Yummy food. I'm vegetarian and was too full when finished. Vibrant tastes.

David Trott

Buffet was good good prices

Catherine Christoff

Best Indian food ever. We love this place.

Karen Petersen

We've visited twice. The lunch buffet was bland and average, dinner service from the menu was much better. I would return for dinner.

Elizabeth Maung

I called in to place a to go order and got told that they’re closed at 8pm despite the fact that they close at 10pm on weekends. I got hung up on right after they told me they were closed. I actually loved their food but they’re never getting my money again, PERIODT.

Kim Landwehr

Both my husband and I enjoyed our meal. My biggest complaint is the place is too dark.

Jacob Mathew

Ordered Biriyani and it tasted more like yellow rice...Raita was sweet which tasted awful with Biriyani. Please avoid this place if you can.

Joe Ferguson

The food was amazing. Price was normal for the food provided. The atmosphere was great. We were not there for the lunch buffet, but the menu was extensive and everything I tried was absolutely delicious. If you enjoy Indian food I would highly recommend it.

Andrew Gibson

Far and above the best place to get Indian food in Fort Wayne.

Jason Hall

Good food, made fun of us for being fat Americans in Indian and thought we didn't understand. 1 star.

Abhipraya M. Gaur

Above average Indian food.

Cindy Geders

The Taj Mahal is one of my favorite restaurants. The restaurant is clean, the food is exceptional and the wait staff is top rate. A great way to sample several dishes is to come during their buffet. If you are trying Indian cuisine for the first time, beginning with mild spices before working your way up to medium or spicy selections is advisable.


Very culture like , spicy food, and calm atmosphere.

Ron Lanning

Good food

Dave Hart

Food was great as usual, staff was pleasant but unfortunately the table was dirty as was my water glass. Clean up a little and we're back to fine stars!

Mina Rangan

i have dined at quite a few indian restaurants, and most of these restaurants lack consistency. taj mahal is VERY consistent, and provides great service and food every time we visit!

Sundari BalooMoti

It was vry nice to sit, bt the buffet jus didn't hav the taste of India foods. No spices, no taste at all.

Tina Funkhouser

Best Indian food in Fort Wayne!

Geetanshu Madan

I come here often to get chicken saag or lamb saag... But I ordered their chicken tandoori once and I honestly haven't had anything worse than that sorry excuse for a dish.The veggies and chicken were under cooked, unseasoned and there is no chutney with it. I asked for green chutney (coriander or mint chutney) and I got plain bland mint paste. This is still a 7/10 for saag, but anything else is a 2/10 at best.

kalpana desai

I had taken my customer to dinner. We arrived at 8:45 PM and were told that kitchen is closing and we can not order all but only one appetizer. The closing time posted was 9:30 PM We Were barely finished with our food .We were told at 9:45 PM to leave the restaurant as they were closing even though we still had drinks unfinished. The quality of food was also not good as the breads were cold. To make matter worst, I called and talked to the owner next day and his response was- well the staff gets tired at night so it was OK to ask us to leave. JUST A CAUTION TO ALL I WILL NOT GO TO THIS PLACE TO HAVE INDIAN DINNER AS YOU MAY BE THROWN OUT BEFORE YOU FINISH YOUR MEAL. By the way we did spend almost $100/- for a meal for three which is higher than most Indian places

Sachin Patel

For buffet, they call basmati rice but the fact it is non-basmati rice as well as it is not fully cooked. Most of the curries has same taste with no variety in taste. Some of the curries were uneatable.

Kara Kensinger

Great food and service ❤ we will be returning!

Jinoy Ravindran

Over all it is good, gulam jamun wasnt upto the mark, people and service is good. Children's around 5 they don't charge for buffet.

Deepali Dhir Kansal

Awesome food. Saag paneer was amazing

Dj Brown

Really good food reasonably priced and good service

rohan kothwal

Horrible service, worst food, long waiting time after ordering.... i personally dont recommend this at all .. its a waste of time and money

osefew Mohamed

Poor service

Alecia Surine

None of the staff were friendly. When we were seated, the host just walked away without saying anything. I guess they were doing the buffet only as we were not offered menus. I can't say that I really enjoyed the food much either

Greg Archbold

A must go when in Fort Wayne

Yasar Hafeez Mohammed

WORST FOOD EVER . Even one star is not eligible for the food. They name CHICKEN PULAV as BIRYANI and fool the people. The thing out there is not BIRYANI . Cooking STUFFS as if they think the customers are naive and idiots. Ruining the pride of Indian food . RECOMMEND THE OWNERS TO EITHER CHANGE THE CHEFS OR AT LEAST HAVE THEM GO THROUGH SOME LEGIBLE "YOU-TUBE" VIDEOS.

Jithu Paulose

Not good food!

chintan patel

Very disappointed. Indian people would not like the food at all. It seems like its good for white people but not indian.

EJ LaFleur

Food tasted like Chef Boyardi.

Thomas Hutchison

If you are in the mood for good Indian food, this is the place. We have eaten here quite a few times and have never had a bad meal, or poor service. Consistently a win in my book!

Nick Corduan

There is a nice atmosphere here and the food is always really well prepared. The spicy mango chutney they serve is amazing. Nice range of Indian flavors and styles. The service is friendly and attentive.

Tony Marino

We have been going to the Taj Mahal since 1995. The service is great, the food is always great and there are many items to choose from on their menu. We highly recommend this restaurant for great Indian meals.

Gustavo Baltazar

Went for dinner and was very happy with food and service. Delicious tandoor and curry. Not too hot. Next time I'll ask for medium. Very generous portions. Excellent service.

Lucero De La Tierra

This is one of my all time favorite places to eat. We started going there before our kids were born. Now both our girls love going to the "Taj" for some spicy chicken tikka masala, chai, and paner kulcha. The place isn't super fancy but the service is always great.

Sampada Kharbas-Kurtz

Love it when we actually get spicy food

Jared Stephens

This is a great place to eat Indian food in Fort Wayne! I have been going here for years and it has only gotten better.

Chris Werling

A fairly good Indian restaurant.

Lauren Deeter

The tikka masala tasted like an Italian marinara based dish. Do not recommend.

Rajesh G

Naan was good, paneer butter masala was average. Chicken briyani is not chicken briyani at all.... Can be called chicken gravy rice.

Mara Gerke

Always good

Jaclyn Smith-Moore

I've only been here once, but I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I went for the lunch buffet, and the food was great! Tried a little bit of everything and left happy. Plan to return!

Tom Sauder

I love this place. The food is wonderful. At lunch they have a buffet with a couple of dals, seven or eight different curries, rice, naan, salads, sauces, desserts. They have an extensive menu as well.

Liz Paff

Love the food here. The staff is helpful and friendly. And when they have the buffett the food stays fresh and delicious.

Amber Stephenson

The lunch buffet was amazing, such wonderful food and amazing and friendly owners!

Gary Gerardot

Food is always good. They have a buffet so you can sample different things to see what you like. The staff is friendly and attentive to your table.

Angie Wilson

Excellent Indian food. Buffet is a great opportunity to try many different items at a reasonable price.

Doreen King

Got take out. Friendly accommodating staff. Food was delicious.

David Schwarz

Taste, tasty, tastes great! Curry cuisines have become a regular part of my lifestyle now. Being that taj mahal is in my home town and I travel a lot, and I haven't found a Thai restaurant that satisfies me more yet, I will be visiting this establishment again and more than once. They excel at their curry dishes. The price is about the same as most, these places always tend to build in classier areas so Indian food always tends to cost more than what is probably possible to achieve if it were more common in our society, but I find it to be worth the sacrifice, and the Taj Mahal is a prime example.

Chad Warner

Good food for a good price. The buffet gives you a chance to try a variety of Indian food.

Josh Patell

Best Indian restaurant in Fort Wayne. Buffet is hit or miss. I suggest going when the buffet opens or risk eating cold food. Food cooked to order is always good. Not the best Indian food I have ever had but by far the best in Fort Wayne.

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