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REVIEWS OF Swad Indian Restaurant IN Indiana

La'Mya Hyde

Great Food, Great Service

William Burke

The food here it's really good, just moved into the area so I needed a new Indian place and I am more than satisfied with the trips I've made, highly recommend it.

Enye Willingham

Great service and food. Complement your experience with an ice cold Taj Majal.

karen hope Knipp

Great place to eat!!!

James Evans

I heard about Swad from folks in Dayton, Florence, and Lexington. It's really well-regarded for great food. The Navartan Korma is particularly good (and vegetarian-friendly). The service is occasionally a bit slow, but it's worth the wait if you plan ahead!

Ale Trejo

Staff is so friendly and food is excepcional good. The lunch buffet is vast and delicious! You will enjoy it guaranteed

Sharon Heile

Great service, great food, large portions!

Terry Hocker

Service was prompt. The food was very good. I was able to walk from home, dine and walk home. All in all, it was a good dining experience.

Fred Williams

The quality of the buffet lunch varies depending on the day but in general it is quite good. There are normal and vegetarian options. The value is incredible considering the lunch prices. Dinner is quite a bit more expensive and menu only but the options are much wider and still very good! The "pashmeri" nan should not be missed, sweet and savory bread side goes well with anything, even desert!

Peter Linko

Always solid curry. Naan is tasty, buffet or individual plates have been good in my experience. They only except printed coupons.

Patrice Carpenter

Wonderful atmosphere and great location and great food

Adam Schneider

Best food in NCH bar none. The staff is friendly and family oriented. Every waiter came by my table and played with and entertained my children. Could recommend them more. Super professional and they enjoy what they do and it shows.

Robin Simon

Best Indian buffet in town.


I love Indian cuisine and try to find a new Indian restaurant each time I travel. I happen on this place from a google search while in the area. I was pleasantly surprised to the quality and selection of food offered on the buffet. Friendly staff, adequate size seating area, and very clean environment. I was lucky enough to find parking on the street right in front of the restaurant. Not being from the area, I do not know what other parking options there are. I highly recommend this place for lunch buffet. I really enjoyed the classic Indian dishes that I am used to seeing, Butter Chicken, Goat Curry, Paneer Saag. The Fresh naan was hot and crispy. The vegetable samosas were smaller than most I have seen at other similar restaurants, but were very nicely spiced. The heat level of all buffet items was minimal which is always welcome when traveling with children. The desert selection did not have rice pudding, but perhaps it was just not on the buffet that day. The chutney's were absolutely mouth watering too. If in the area I would highly recommend Swad Indian Restaurant.

Ida Frederick

good food if u like Indian ordered from menu but they have a buffet

Rabi Chhetri

Excellent service, very clean bathroom, very welcoming people. One of the best place to eat. Food was so delicious( mouth watering). Will come again someday. You won't regret for single penny here.

Andrea Elms

Very nice Indian restaurant in NCH! Great food and service!!

Delores Montgomery

Great food and great service!!


Loved this restaurant! Incredible food. One of my top three Indian restaurants I've been to around the world. Truly wonderful staff and so very friendly. Check them out and you wont be disappointed.

Jarid Willman

Really good lunch buffet. Try the tamarind sauce!

Gina Ogden Ellis

Good food and service, pleasant atmosphere until a noisy group came in and was seated right next to us. We were the only two groups in the place so why seat us adjacent to each other?

carolyn doerflein

From a tasty buffet, to friendly staff, a very enjoyable meal!

harjeet s bhatia

Good home like food, prompt service

Tebby Thomas

Excellent Indian Cuisine. Even as students we visited this restaurant though it was above our budget. The food made up for the multiple buses it took to reach the restaurant. They specialize in North Indian food. The food served here was comparable to good North Indian restaurants found in India.

Daniel Gibson

Always amazing! Best Indian food in the city!

Chuk Lee

Excellent food, just right heat, I ordered level 6.

Evelyn Johnson

Great food awesome service wish they were open on mondays cause I’m starving right now

Meredith Patterson

I love this place... I could eat here at least once a week. AND they deliver to my house. Best Indian in Cincinnati.

Hadi Kutkut

I've eaten here many times and I always experience delicious food and great service. They're very speedy when it comes to carry out orders. The portions are generous and always perfectly made. One of my absolute favorite restaurants in the Colerain area.

Mia Ibanez

My friends introduced me to Swad and I couldn't wait to return . Everything was great - the atmosphere, service and the Food! THE FOOD! You wont be disappointed!

sunny sandhu

Nice place , and good staff

Andrew Boniface

Good vegetarian options, most have dairy. Meat also available and good.

Terri Elsayed

Awesome food, friendly wait staff and relaxing atmosphere.

Shannan Volters

They have a great lunch buffet and I will for sure be going back. Two kinds of naan, and I don't know the real names but they had the spinach and cheese curry, the mushroom and peas curry, chicken mammasan. And the best part was the cinnamon syrup donut holes that not all buffets have they had them here. They also had the rice pudding and you're supposed to pour that on top of the donut holes for the absolute best Indian dessert that you can possibly have. Highly recommend this Buffet.


One of good Indian restaurants in Cincinnati. Lunch buffet is available on weekend till 3pm. Love their chicken tikka masala.

Michele Larkin

I must say, I am not a connoisseur of Indian food, but this was the absolute BEST I have ever had. Dined with a group of girlfriends, and we all ordered different dishes to share. Every single item from the Naan to the Saag was delicious. I would highly suggest this place if you enjoy Indian fare. I am not certain was "Swad" means, but after dinner I dubbed it "Simply Wonderful And Delicious" Indian Restaurant.

Olivia Szerszen

Great service, excellent tasting food. Made sure I had gluten free and dairy free foods. Will definitely return.

Jb. Kumar

There biryani does not taste good..and rice quality is almost bad...


I haven't had such tasty vegetarian Indian food in years! Service was amazing!!! Highly recommended

Mary Mullen

I had been here before a couple of times since they opened. Food very good and service great. Tonight was totally opposite. Food not meat as good and service very bad. We couldn't even get refills on water. Very disappointing.

John Dean

$9.65 buffet lunch

autumn meierle

These people were so f@€#ing mean to my family and I when we were there. My mom has a gluten allergy and was told she could eat there by a friend who said they had vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. When my mother asked about the gluten free choices, they were incredibly rude and embarrassed her. And when I went back a few minutes later, they laughed at us. She was almost in tears because her eating out choices are so limited, then she was treated so poorly. I wish these people would have allowed us to have a good lunch, but instead ruined our day. Allergies are not something to laugh at and make someone feel embarrassed about.

Balamurugan R

I did not see lower rating than this. The briyani was too much oily and did not tase like briyanai. The only good tuings was the NAAN and thaali was not good either.

W Bourg

Always a good experience. I have never had bad food here. Buffet is always kept fresh, best naan in the city, and the dinner specials are delicious.

Steve Vienot

Very good food this time, possibly a new chef. Food was well seasoned where the prior trip had been flat.

James Wright

Wife and I love this place. I'm so lucky it's close.

Emily Holtzclaw

Always delicious. Gluten free appetizers (chickpea flour) and coconut milk subbed in for the cream made for a perfect meal for my sensitive tummy. It was pretty quiet on a Saturday night and the wine selection was just enough for anyone to find something they like. Total for my portion with tip was $30 so moderately priced. Qualit of ingredients is consistently good. Everyone was friendly and service was fast.

Sarah Morano

Lunch buffet is delicious, and they always keep your glass full! Excellent service.

Marcia Jones

The food was delicious and the service.

Eric Higdon

The food was delicious, and the service was great. Such a great value for the lunch buffet.

Andrew Falconberry

I liked it

Karthik Krishnan

Probably the best Indian food in town. Their "spicy" is actually spicy without overwhelming the flavor! The flavors are authentic and the quality of ingredients seem to be good as well. The dinner menu is extensive. Buffet is really good as well.

Tanya Dempsey

I've always had a great meal here. Lunch buffet on Saturdays too. Good variety on the buffet, and fresh food.

Bj Baniya

Great place and good food.

Julie Bemerer

Such delicious food and prompt table sevice. Also great for carryout.

Dan Gierse

Very good Indian buffet at lunch. Friendly staff.

Dana Hill

Probably the best Indian food in the area. Everything is full of flavor and comes out hot. Service is always great and they have plenty of food options. There is a lunch buffet available and a full bar. If you like Indian food you definitely need to come here.

Bala Ramachandran

Shahi Paneer was amazing and Naans were large sized and soft. Great ambiance and customer service. Will recommend and visit again.

Frank McAvinchey

The atmosphere at swad restaurant on Thursday for lunch is nice and quiet the food is outstanding maybe the best Indian food in Cincinnati and they take good care of you. Try it out you'll love it!

Daniel Johnson Jr

Nice place to go on a weekend afternoon when you are craving Indian food. The management team is working hard to make sure patrons get a great experience. Look forward to the next time we go there!

Terri Schneider

First time having Indian food. Food was delicious! Great service and was thanked multiple times!

Chris Calme

Food is delicious, bathrooms are very clean and smell good, and the staff is very helpful and polite. I'm coming back for sure.

nadine peppers

Very nice


We went to Swad after reading the review in the papers . There is no authenticity to the food unlike what is said in the reviews - its like any bog standard indian meal . Poor service, massive delay in getting the food as there were only three waiters, items missed in the order, and very very salty. Small portions ! No chance of ordering any more as there were no servers in between. The manager had a huge argument with one of the servers right in the middle of the restaurant , very unprofessional.

Judy Burke

I give this a 1, because I've never been there, so really I shouldn't rate it at all.

Mike Buenaventura

Superb Indian food. Great atmosphere and service. You will not be disappointed. Low key and quiet. I will come by when I am in town again.

Jenn M

Amazing price for buffet! Also, I always love the staff!


Very enjoyable, especially for the price on the lunch buffet. Try the chicken tikka masala,!

Andrea Brown

The food is fabulous. Hands down. The service, not so much.

Rachel Lippolis

My favorite Indian buffet in Cincinnati. They always have an interesting selection. And because the place is usually busy, new food is constantly put out. Consistently friendly service and a good price.

Mark Kline

Great good. Friendly staff. Nice atmosphere.

Jamillah Luqman

Best Indian food I have ever eaten. Chicken tandoori is my favorite take out. I have had the lunch buffet 5 times a week, and had 5 different wonderful experiences with each visit. The staff and service is astounding. I always feel welcomed.. Lucky for me it is convenient within walking distance. I would highly recommend this resturant to anyone looking for mouth watering, satisfying indian cuisine.

Jerry Hemphill

We went for lunch buffet it was very nice quite tasty!

N8 Hydrophix

The food is amazing. They have a scale of 1 to 6 and at a level 4 I am sweating bullets, lovin' it. The hot tea is delicious and pleasant. The naan is full of flavor and I hear that their lunch buffet is to die for. Please come and try it out for yourself. Clean, tasteful, flavorful and everything that a good restaurant should be. Boom!

Razors Occam

I've had a few pick up orders from Swad and it has been an excellent experience every time. The food is all very high quality, not like the stuff you get at most Asian food places. My only complaint is that they would do a better job at organizing the menu.. They are all VERY different traditional meals and if you are not familiar with these specific dishes, you are going to have a very hard time understanding what you're ordering, guaranteed. Even so, they were very polite to help cure my ignorance of different dishes and the food has always been wonderful.. Make sure you ALWAYS get the Naan bread :D


Food was great! Tasty and delicious. The place was clean, and the people there were extremely courteous and attentive. We drove from Oxford, OH for the lunch buffet and we did not regret the 40 min trip. We would do it again. The only thing I did not like is the limited options for kids who are not accustomed to spicy food. I had to bring my own chicken nuggets and rice :P

Ben Stone

The food is amazing. The workers are polite and friendly. I have never had nor heard of a bad experience here. I love this food.

Chuck Davis

We have always loved their food even with the change in ownership. Did not appreciate the callback and kindly lecture on a recent carryout order placed via third party mobile app about not paying the full price for a specialty naan when all you can do in the interface is order regular naan. Not my fault your partnerships aren't complete, dude. Work it out.

Bob LaGesse

Excellent Indian buffet!

Humberto Velasquez

Excellent service..Excellent food!! What else would you ask for?

Fyendi DarNesha

My favorite Indian food restaurant in Cincinnati. The food is always always good.

Alexia G

Very nice workers and clean restaurant. Food is great as well.

Peter Blankenship

The food here is excellent. For around $17 we got one of the dinner sampler plates which was plenty of food for both my wife, 1 year old, and I. Definitely among the best Indian food restaurants in Cincinnati. I took away a star because the service was pretty atrocious. It seemed like the host was angry with us the whole time. Our waters were empty for quite a while before someone refilled them. We asked for their dipping sauces. There are 3 of them. They're very good and they were brought promptly. However, after they'd been sitting on our table for about 3 minutes our server asked us if we were done with them yet. Do you only have 3 little dishes of these sauces for the entire restaurant? So...the experience was weird but the food and the price was well worth enduring the weirdness.

Lauren White

Fantastic food! Doesn't work great with Uber eats but totally worth getting.

psychonaut thirteen

Authentic home made family owned DELICIOUS food! Even the rice is special. Very awesome and kind service. Wonderful spices!

Brent Stockelman

Best Indian Restaurant in the state of Ohio! Seriously.... If you don't believe me, go there and tell me I am wrong! The best is Back!

Matt Butlien

Simply outstanding service and food.

John Whitling

Best Indian in town and a great lunch buffet too.

Michelle Miller

Different tastes, surprise addition to the meal, waitress very kind to the rude customer behind us.

Donna Smedley

The service is excellent, atmosphere is classy and the food is delicious. Omg! I just picked up an order from here and the food taste better than before.

Andrew Lippolis

Very friendly staff. Excellent and quick service. The food is always delicious and the buffet has a wide and tasty selection.

Rick Egbert

buffet was cold, server seemed uninterested, didn't refill cups, didn't get a check and just horrid experience. maybe Indian food is supposed to be around room temperature, but this was my first and only time trying it.

Len Whitling

Very nice decor is made even nicer when you add friendly people. The menu is large and includes a few "Chef special recipes" of dishes and bread. The service is distantly attentive, so you are not pestered or hoovered over, yet you can easily get the attention you desire. The food is excellent!

Sean Deokaran

Really great Indian food. Try the ghobi naan!

Walter Bewley

I had the buffet. The food tasted good. The owner/manager was quiet and seemed unenthusiastic, but I received the proper service for a buffet.

Brian Cooper

One of Cincinnati's best Indian places it seems. Tremendously good lamb vindaloo. Excited to try the biryani.

David Gutman

Great food, friendly prompt service!


Awesome food we will be back again

Jake Bernecker

Delicious food and friendly service! Had the chicken Tikka massala and it was the best I've had. The server was also very friendly and quick on refills. Would recommend to anyone and definitely will be back

Alana Calendine

We've never had a bad meal here! We've only ever come for the Sunday lunch buffet, which has always been excellent. Knowing now that they deliver, we will certainly take advantage of that!

Margie Miller

True Indian cuisine!

Abhi Mogs

One of the best places I have had food in long time. It was like Yummy in my tummy

Eric Davis

Great food. I've had some trouble with delivery orders being wrong, but that hasn't happened recently and they've always corrected the issue as quickly as possible.

Anna Johnson

The food was excellently tasty; the portions & service were awesome !

Roberta Satterwhite

Food is great. Waitress take long

Boss Hogg

Awesome chicken tikka masala on the buffet.

lawrence twitty

their food was delicious

Vickie McAvoy

I love the lunch buffet everything was delicious including the free Indian tea. Staff was polite and attentive. This was my first time at this restaurant. I'm planning on making it a regular for me.

Bryan Saunders

The best in Cincinnati. My first time there are the buffet. INCREDIBLY EXCEPTIONAL.

Bill Sylvester

Normally the food is very good, but today we went to the lunch buffet and I was very disappointed.

A Baker

I just ordered delivery through GrubHub. My food was still hot and got here on time even though it was my first time ordering, I live relatively far away, and it was really dark and rainy. The korma was good and I was impressed by the large portions. I'll be ordering again soon.


Excellent food and service. Great place for buffet with family!

Raquel Burgos

The food is great and so is the service.

Timothy Smith

The service was great and the food was too! My daughter is a very picky eater. Even she enjoyed the food. We passed on the desert and they have my family a small sample on the house! You have gained a new customer!!!

David Hayes

Quality Indian food at affordable prices. I've done the lunch buffet and ordered dinner, both were excellent.

Mark Koenig

Hands down the best authentic Indian restaurant I have ever been to. The food was exceptional and the service was great! Everyone was very polite and alert to everything going on in the building.

jerry bates

We used to visit often but the last three times we ordered the vegetable jalfreezi it was different, today the sauce was thick as if they didn't microwave it long enough. The cashier got my order wrong because she was talking to others instead of listening. In addition I would like to smell freshly cooked food over disgusting inscence. I won't be going back, I expect better service and better food for $30. Sorry SWAD, bring back fresh food instead of what you served at the buffet yesterday. This was Strike 3 for me

Mrs. Martha Nicks

The service was very Pleasant and prompt. The food was amazingly flavorful! I will definitely be back.

Ayes Be

Great food, even better service. I absolutely love coming here, the staff is super friendly and they remember me as I come often. When there was an issue with my order, they were prompt and courteous with rectifying the situation. I am a forever customer. The tika masala is absolutely delicious, they have a vegan option using coconut cream instead of regular heavy cream.

Deepak Krishnan

Hated it , poor sevice, the the food absolutely tastless.

E Todd Fowler

Swad is a gem in the Greater Cincinnati area. Most explorative foodies will enjoy the selection and service.

Lavon Young

Daughter took me today. Food good, however, restaurant needs a makeover. Get rid of fake flowers, dirty carpets (pull carpets up and paint floor) out dated furniture, old smell, mop bathroom floor (sticky), get rid of office chair in the driveway, brighten the place up, make it appealing etc..

Rob Cook

Very good food. A very good lunch buffet!

Bevin Peters

Great buffet lunch options, friendly service!

Dacia Smith-Wilkinson

Absolutely delicious. I had a very nice dinner with my husband. Garlic naan was amazing. Lamb and shrimp curry was amazing!!!!!

Keva Wilsman

Could have been better

Mohammad Nasirul Haque

The restaurant owner and even the manager was extremely rude and boorish, specially the manager was so ill mannered, I strongly recommend to my friends and family not to go there, from now I'll think twice before going to any Indian restaurant ever.

Lebraun Huntley

Great food! Great music! Best service ever! Love this place. One of the best Indian food restaurants!

Christine Johnson - Nouh

Best indian food ever!! Always delicious, great service. The manager is so kind. Looks beautiful inside. Prices are great . All around my favorite place to eat !

Leonidas Nickell

Walked in, empty dining area. Took them 10 min to even notice my partner and I we're there. So we took the menus and sat down, then the buffet (which was marketed to open before 6pm when we arrived ) was not open. So we waited an extra 10 min, the waitress didn't come back to take our DRINK orders let alone allow us to order any food. This rating is simply based off their service, not the food.

anthony curdo

Use to be my favorite Indian restaurant but since the change in ownership the food and service has went down

Michael Chanak Jr

My fav for Indian food.

nicholas roeper

The best Indian buffet I've ever found but only offers a lunch buffet

Angie Norris

Fantastic Food - Great Service!

Trevor Hanson

The food here is very good especially the lamb curry and the mango Lassi! I usually go during the lunch buffet hours that way I can try some new dishes.

Lori Cooper

They refused to honor coupons that they have printed in coupon books uses for fundraisers. They told me that coupon is not honored for carry out even though it does not say dine-in only anywhere on the coupon. I pointed out that the coupon does not say dine-in only and they said sorry we will not honor it.

Mike Tape

Excellent buffet. I've been to a handful of Indian buffets and I've never seen one that comes close to the selection they have here.

Kayla Howard

Best Indian restaurant in the city. Way more flavor than competitors. Quick service nice atmosphere. Just wish they had more parking.

Robert Bloom

Very pleasant experiences each time. We eat here at least once a week

Colleen O'Connor

So so good. This is one of the best Indian restaurants (maybe the best) in Cincinnati.

Sonya Bass

The few times I have tried swad I really liked it. The last time I went which was last week, the buffet was very good until I finished my food and was greeted by a roach on the wall next to me. When told to a staff member by my friend, they just blew it off, said ok, took the dead roach and went to the kitchen... Sorry to say but I won't be eating here again...

David Groeting

I'm a whimp when it comes to spicy foods but they are able to tailor the spices even to my liking They have a wide variety of foods on their menu too

Kathryn Burroughs

My family, friends and myself have been to Swad many times. The food is delicious. However, the last 3 times we have been there, they have refused to accept valid coupons, saying they will only give us $2 off instead of $3, or whatever. If they provide coupons to the public, they should honor them. Also, the staff had a disagreement about how much we had to pay - right in front of us! We loved having Indian food available closer to where we live, but will make the trek down to Clifton in the future. We sadly bid Swad farewell.

Kyle Cunningham

Heard the food was good but I'll never know. Delivery took almost 2 hours, nearly an hour past the estimated time. Order had clear instructions to ring the buzzer for my apartment upon arrival, with the building and apt number listed on the order. Driver called while I was in a different room from my phone and left without ringing the buzzer. I called back literally 1 minute after he texted me and yet he said he couldn't turn around and bring the food, I would have to wait another 30 minutes until he ran some other deliveries. When I asked why he didn't just ring the buzzer, he just said "there were too many apartments". Funny how every other delivery driver in the city has never had an issue finding my place. I hung up, called the store and got a refund. Never ordering again, I'd put 0 stars if I could.

Columbus Grand

My dining experience at Swad Indian Restaurant on Galbraith Rd, was delightful. The lunchtime buffet included an ample variety of food selections, including soups and salad fixings. You can order from the menu, but I found the buffet to be the best way to enjoy the wonderful array of flavors. I do not have a favorite dish because I loved them all! I highly recommend the Swad and I will definitely return to this restaurant!

tanjida tasana

The worst restaurant I had ever visited is Swad! I went there with my family, while we were waiting for our food to come, the manager was continually being standing up behind me and staring at us literally, their arrogance made us completely astonished! How could they behave so impolite with a customer I have no idea! Whatever their food tasted I will never go there to ruined my day. Disgusting!

Eyad Masadeh

Two stars for the dinning room look, it was clean and organized. The food is normal and not that much variati. I hate the restaurant when the host or the servant is not smiling. I Feel like I'm not welcomed.

Angela Fritz

Friendly atmosphere. Food is great!. Clean.

ian Gajmer

One of the best place to taste amazing Indian foods

Rod Wait

Tender juicy pieces of lamb in a tasty curry and frozen mango fruit cocktail are just two of my favorites from the delicious buffet priced so amazingly low! Swad is much bigger inside than it appears outside, nicely decorated, and has very friendly servers. Can’t wait to visit again!

Ayanna Goddard

Never disappointed! From the food to the service, my favorite.

Sunell Vincent

The restaurant has a strange pungent smell.

Jessica Leen

Friendly service and delicious food! My favorite thing to get is the Lamb Sag

Samantha N

The manager in the image is harassing me professionally. My suggestion is to pass this establishment by, until and unless their management can behave like adults.

Joel Bartlett

Fantastic buffet with a large selection of various Indian dishes, including all the favorites, vegetarian, and goat. Some of the best soup o have had at a buffet as well, their coconut milk soup is both sweet and rich, almost dessert.

Kelvin Satterwhite

This a very good place to sit down to eat. My wife and I come Lincoln Heights to eat there.

Nisi Osman

Very friendly staff food is the best Indian/Pakisti in Cincinnati

cassidy hogue

Love the food! Lunch time buffett is awesome and has a ton of tasty options and the staff are always great

Taylor Voelcker

Comfort food. This place is so clean and so cozy.

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