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REVIEWS OF Sushi Boss IN Indiana


Best sushi ever! Now just bring it to Muncie ♥️

Summer Layton

Love the design your own roll option. Reasonable prices, and the rolls are huge.

Nicholas Pierce

Kinda expensive for what you get, but great tasting food and kind staff!

Andrea Hurt

I was super excited today to get sushi boss. Thought about ordering with doordash & didn't want to wait, so I drove to pick it up. Once I arrived I debated to try something different or go with my normal "That one Roll", opted to try surf-n-turf.... Huge mistake. They guy didn't roll it tightly & every piece fell apart. I couldn't taste the surf in my roll. It was a total waste of money & my excitement quickly turned into regret. The guy was nice (believe he was the manager or owner) not sure but he was nice, but the way he chose to roll my sushi roll by hand was a huge mistake. Also it was over dressed to me.... it was not a good day.

Dwan James

The food is fresh and has wonderful flavor. I'll be back multiple times

Jason Honan

Despite the lunch rush, we got in, ordered, and got to a table quickly. The food itself was great.

Steven Twixer

Ordered 2 rolls and the serving size was more then enough to fill me up. Rolls were very good too I would highly recommend!

Keithlanae Fuqua

I loved it great food, Awesome customer service, very clean and tidy. They let you try things before you buy! All their ingredients are fresh and are displayed on your tray in an appetizing way every time their never sloppy or careless. Its just an overall great experience whether dinning in or takeing out and all the food is great!!!

Rachel Turner

Love this place so much! Create your own sushi roll, vegan options, cute drink options and side desserts, super friendly customer service, and they play the best lo-fi hip hop playlist while you grub. Cute environment too

Mihir Abnave

Good service, friendly staff and $2 sake bombs on Friday!! Best deal ever

Angelica Wilson

I don’t know what happened with my first review though I put 4 stars! We love sushi boss.

Christopher Beckman

Great sushi and it's your choice too.

AK47 X Money X

I go there sometimes for lunch decent sushi place don't have like really good exotic sushi but if u have a craving and need a quick fix definitely the place to go.

Jayan Kant Duggal

Neat and clean place to dine, good sushi but rice can be better.

Anisha Dongol

'Fast-food sushi' is probably an accurate description. Service is fast and rolls are freshly made but they seemed, fittingly, of 'fast food quality', missing some flavor and flair. It's not bad at all but there's better sushi out there.

Tim Rich

Create your own sushi for a very reasonable price.

Alena Cutshall

So fresh and so good! Large mix n match selection . I had salmon roll and it was beyond good! However the tables are bit small for 2 people, very cozy but small selection of seating!

Charles Martin

Pleasantly surprised at how amazing the staff was, very friendly and attentive. All the sushi rolls were very fresh, tasted great and perfectly prepared. Really enjoyed both the ginger and sesame salad dressings. Great atmosphere to get your sushi roll fix. Had a delightful discussion with the restaurant manager for 15 or 20 minutes after my meal. Will definitely be back for more.


It is the best Sushi i have ever tasted. It is a nice place for a good meal, quite expensive than most of the places near by. The Staff is very good and quality of food is great.

Justin Baker

Alright so this is basically a fast food sushi place. They are only missing sushi burritos to be one imo. The quality is high though, the rolls are tasty, and the service is great. If you are looking for a cheap, fast, filling, tasty lunch around campus this is the place for you.

Joe Everett

I love this place! Cool, affordable menu and super nice sushi chefs working there. I'm on my way back soon. :)

dan kelley

A great concept with great sushi. Order from the menu or create your own. Made right in front of you. Delicious.

Misty Blakley

First visit, the service was fast professional, and friendly. The store was welcoming and clean nice atmosphere. The food was wonderful and prepared with care. I have suggested already.

logatodeltaco #lgdt

Subway for sushi my wife and i eat here once a month the smoked salmon is out of this world.

Craig Smith

The Chiplote of Sushi. Create your own roll. I get this about once a week. Super fast, delicious, and the roll is very big. Sauces are delicious. Parking is a disaster but can't hold that against the store.

Nick Proctor

Quick and really good sushi. Can't go wrong with it!

TaMeca Joshua

I ordered through Grubhub delivery because I wasn't able to leave the office. I got my food very quickly and it was AMAZING! There was so much of it that I couldn't even finish it all. I will be ordering again really soon.

Lorrie Pipenger

Thought it was good until I found 2 separate 6 Inch hairs in my sushi rolls, tightly rolled into rice! I am sure it was an accident but still... I called and they were nice but only offered me exactly what I spent back. I thought they might feel a little bad and throw in a little extra. No. It's ok, though.


I love sushi boss so much that I bought $200 worth of gift certificates. They are all for me and my fiancée.

Mark Rayburn

Yummy. The Subway of sushi. I have eaten here a few times. A great concept that I hope spreads across the country.

Michael J Smith

I was feeling very basic today so I just got California rolls and a red creme soda! Yes I know that's a little odd. Don't judge me :-) Since I didn't really put them to the test and order anything complex I'll just say that everything was good and adequate. When you walk in it's a little confusing -- where to go and how to order -- but it only takes a minute to figure it out. I saw other people struggling to figure out where to go stand and all of that. After I had a minute to look around I could see that all of the signs were there that told you what you needed to know, but they were not prevalent or large or simple. Nonetheless it's a nice place with lots of sauce options for your sushi... I had what they called yummy sauce. And it was!

byron Coleman

Food was good

Chase Nickleson

I recognize the head chef from a previous sushi restaurant, and he is at an expert level when it comes to japanese cuisine and sushi chef knowledge. For the level of expertise here, they deliver a bargain and in a timely manner! Finally a custom “subway style” sushi restaurant!

Drew Brown

Very good made-to-order sushi. I thoroughly enjoyed the two experiences that I had at this establishment. Will be back next time I'm in town.

Queen D

The food was delicious, and the gentlmen who prepared our sushi we're very kind and accommodating. I can't wait to go back!

Nick V

Basically the subway of sushi, but super amazing. Their crunchy roll is amazing! Wonderful service, and owner is super nice.

Leila Adams

This place rocks. I ordered one of the signature rolls and one that I chose the ingredients. Their signature roll was amazing. It’s not your fancy overpriced restaurant but they have a cute little area where you can sit and have lunch. My two rolls cost me $18.80 whereas I paid stinking $76 at the Fujiyama sushi restaurant. I’d definitely recommend.

Nathaniel Zarich

Really delicious builds and generous portions for the money.

Michael Nelson

I love this place. I drove from Terre Haute one time just to get their Sushi. Miss eating there every week.

Vera Wilder

food is great

april mathews

I loved all the rolls we got especially the one we got to make. The cucumber salad was so good & very spicy.

Kallie Gambill

My friends and I ordered and we really liked it. The delivery was fast and friendly. We had the California roll, which was good and tastes like you expect it. The Wicked Spicy Tuna, which I didn't think was that spicy, but my friends did. The Shrimpin' Ain't Easy was really good.

Christina Watts

Always in and out with fast friendly service. The 10 recommended special rolls are good but be sure to check out the websites fax menu, there are more ideas on that which are just as delicious!

creed priest

It's fast food sushi. I've had better and I've had worse. Nothing fancy. It you want decent, reasonable sushi quickly then this place is for you.

Karen Little

Good value for sushi, nice sized rolls (a bit pricey because it is sushi, after all). Always clean and friendly staff.

Braden Amick

Amazing sushi and an amazing experience!!

Mark Galovic

First time at Sushi Boss was a good time. I didn't have "real" sushi, but what I had was good. The counter people did an excellent job, and my "roll" was very tasty. Next time, I'll have "real"sushi!

Deelyn Lynch

We LOVE Sushi Boss!! While they have many of the common rolls you can also kind of design your own with lots of protein, veggie, and other choices. Service is usually on point and the prices are great as well! If you love sushi, you can't go wrong here!

Shawntay Baker

The sushi was great

Ashley Miller

We used to order every week and have stopped recently due to poor customer service. Food is still good but every time we order now there's a different problem. Things not being included in our order, having to repeat multiple times (I'm talking like 3-4 in the same conversation) the same thing, the staff is unfriendly and makes you feel like you're inconveniencing them. Overall really disappointed in the service recently. Hope they can figure it out and get back to the way it was.

Victoria Musser

So yummy

N Crecy

Awesome!! Iike a boss

Joshua Cummins

Love this place!

DeLois Barber

Great place for custom sushi. I wish they had one in Chicago!

Abraham Rodriguez

This is not to bash the employees or the owner in any way: I absolutely was dissapointed with the sushi at Sushi Boss. I tend to try classic raw rolls to gauge on the quality of food (fish, rice, etc.), so I ordered a regular salmon roll, tuna roll & yellow tail. I was dissapointed; rice was mushy & the fish was bland & way to chewy. Idk who says this is good food, cause I've definitely had waaay better sushi. This is definitely the fast food equivalent of sushi & it sure taste like it. My recommendations for sushi is Hana (Southport), The Juicy Crab (Greenwood), One World (Castleton), Watami (Keystone), Sushi Burrito (West Lafayette), & Mahi (Lafayette/West Lafayette).

Erik Mellinger

Good sushi close to the IUPUI campus. If you're looking for a vegan option this is a great place because you can easily build your own roll.

Nikie Jenkinson

Love this place. I go whenever I'm in town. Good, fresh sushi, made to order at reasonable prices.

swapnil Kosarabe

No matter how many times go I will prefer to eat shrimp

Trace McGraw

As some one who works in the food and beverage industry, Sushi Boss is a great place to get some customized sushi. The staff was very helpful for my first time coming in. The food was fresh, and tasty. Seriously one of my new favorite places to eat at here in Indy. Check it out.


Delicious builds! I don't like seaweed and am quite happy for the soy wrapper option. Generous portions.

Jessica Morley

The quality was great and they have an interesting style/take on sushi with their build your own options. Like the sudway/ Chipotle of sushi. The staff are extremely friendly and nice. Very reasonable priced. Will be back!

Keesha Dixon

The customer service was pleasant. The sushi rolls have been better on other visits. I will still support them.

suga snaxxx

Ddn't go here ... Parked outside...

Janae Jones

Very kind and friendly staff. Even at closing time, so willing to go the extra mile!

Lisa Cloyd

Lots of options. Very good!

chris Bale

I was craving sushi and wanted a small sample platter with multiple items to try. Which they had nothing small or medium which I was fine with. What I wasn't fine with was getting hung up on while browsing the website and on the phone with the person taking the order. The guy wasn't only rude but had no clue what he was talking about. He describe nor tell me what was in the tray he couldn't tell me the price he couldn't nor wasn't even completely sure of the delivery time. The service absolutely sucked

Jeremy Bross

I have had this sushi second hand from needlers. I'm guessing sushi boss brings it in daily so it's a premade roll. I have not gone in the place to design my own, that being said, this is okay sushi... I do not live downtown or frequent there except for work so it may be the best downtown, but there are other places better around the Indy area

Himan Garg

Great family friendly place with build your own sushi which allows us to have endless options!

Roy Cooper

Worth the trip. Rolls customizable, large and affordable

Missy Ritchie

Pricey for lunch, but SO good. Love that I can customize my roll any way I want. Also very quick service.

Stewart Ramsay

Good sushi. Casual place. Accepts university. Card. Fast service at the counter. Not fancy but clean and reasonable prices. Has a strong following with college students.

Jose Ortiz

When I first seen this place on maps I thought it was a regular sit and order place, boy I was wrong lol it's the subway of sushi! Definitely enjoyed my experience here and the sushi is delightful.

Holly Garringer

Good food, good price, good service

Jamie Rhine

Sushi was good, the fast food feel of the restaurant isn't my thing.

Chris Jones

Sushi is good and it is pretty cool that you can make your own roll.

s smkjumpr

I bit pricey

Heather DeRudder

Good sushi!

Brandon W

You are hard pressed to find a decent sushi spot in Indianapolis. This place is okay but not the best. It is really just basic sushi with nothing special. I was not really impressed with the flavor or the presentation. Fast food sushi is just not the way sushi was meant to be served. In the future I may try this place out again to see how it is.

Majestic Moose

Soshi epic tasty *yommy*

Valerie Chesney

It was really nice they give you a lot of sushi with your order the only complaint is they did not put anoff salt on the edamame.

Theresa Spears

I'm definitely going here again! Fresh ingredients and good portion sizes are a perfect combination. Friendly staff are helpful and explained the entrees and sauces etc.

Imani Ramla

Sushi Boss has fresh food and I am not a Sushi fan at all but what I love about Sushi Boss is the freshness of the food and the fact it not premade. I can select what I want in my roll and my choice of seaweed or soy wraps. They offer beer, rice wine and all the other traditional items you would expect from a Sushi Bar with faster service.

Lindsey Howes

My boyfriend and I always stop by here to get quick sushi whenever we are in a hurry or it's late at night! They have great selections and it is always tastes really good! Definitely recommend.

Bailey St. Clair

Tons of fresh options and wonderful staff. Our first time there they kindly walked us through the process. We live an hour away and drove up just to come here and we'll do it again.

Brittany Worthman

Good Sushi at a great price

Mz Mocha N

Ok so my review will feel mixed. The place is clean food was decent..I cant give it 5 stars or label it delicious b/c I've had better, way better. That's not in a rude way to put this place dwn though. But it's more bland - if you've ate at Ginza's out west yu will understand where I'm coming frm their sushi is

Ana Wallace

Love any place I can make my own sushi. It is a little pricey for a fast meal but the rolls are big and the staff is very nice.

Linda Quintana

Always fresh and yummy

Bill Stripp

Subway meets Sushi. Its fast, delicious, and you can customize what you want. Love it.

Andrew Frost

Build your own sushi, and fresh edamame at fresh prices. My family lives in Bloomington, and we make the hour trip to eat here semi-regularly. It's really our only reason to go to Indy. I can never choose what I want, so I get 1/2&1/2 from their liated options (usually spicy for me). Not a seafood lover? No problem. Suchi Boss has cooked beef and pork options so everyone can enjoy.

Kerry Terry

Good sushi and great service

Johanna Craig

Took someone there for the 1st time and she loved it too!!!

Marissa Wallace

Sushi is always amazingly good. They have great options for you to customize what you want in a roll and they're always friendly there.

Matthew Simmons

Awesome food and atmosphere. It's easy to eat and pick your entree. They also have non fish options.

Chel Spence

Jason was so rude and argumentative on the phone when I called for a delivery I am 4,7 miles away from them and he would not deliver to me for 7 tenths of a mile?? Very rude and argumentative with me i will never eat here because of how rude he was over the phone!!!

Sack of Potatoes

It good

Shubham Chakradeo

Great place!

Sara Elisabeth Ney

Happily arrived just after they opened, so got to say hello to manager (or owner), Jason, who was kind. He explained the set-up. Great idea to custom make sushi & I very much enjoyed the roll I asked for!


Average sushi place. Expect good service and tasty food

Ryan Christie

I love the ability to pick the ingredients in the roll. It's also a good amount of sushi for the price.

C. Gabe Ramirez

I love the sushi here. Fresh and good quality at a reasonable price.

Mitchell Horton

Great place for lunch. You can customize your own sushi roll and be out the door in minutes. The ingredients were fresh and tasted amazing. If you want something quick and different than it's the place to go

Savannah Luppino

Love that you can get whatever you want on your sushi. You can also get deconstructed sushi for your kids. I always have a hard time deciding what to get because everything they have is amazing. Have them for lunch regularly.


I plan to visit here once a week! I'm addicted! I usually get the spicy crab roll with extra boss sauce!!

Joshua Cole

Not bad for a quick sushi good. Not the best sushi I've had by a long shot, but the service was quick.

Getania Mobley

Great sushi and the prices are good for the portions. Friendly staff great atmosphere.

Joscelyn Mathis

Over all experience was terrible. First they asked the people in front of me what I wanted on my roll. I let the lady know that she was working on my order. Then she tries to give my order to the family behind me. Just because we were both African American and ahorr does not mean that we are the same person. I took some time away before I think this time it's forever.

Sarah Slightom

High quality ingredients to make customized sushi rolls. I always love everything I get! I haven't had one bad thing here. They have a custom sauce that is delicious and they let you taste any sauce before you put it on your roll. There are also sides you can get like traditional miso soup. If you like sushi, you'll like this. If you've never had good sushi, come here!! They also have a menu of pre-made rolls of you're not sure what to order.

Luciana Scogin

Fresh ingredients, you can pick your favorites and they actually care to provide great costumer service! Let's be honest, most Asian places don't. Thankfully this one is different. I'm really glad I met you Sushi Boss!

Emma S

This place is amazing! It's not a sit down and order place like I thought. You order at the front like you're at Jimmy Johns and it's just as fast! You can build your own roll or choose from their menu of signature rolls. Enjoyed the rolls so much I forgot to snap a pic. So dank!

Tammi Smith

I love there freshly made rolls, I wish they sashimi (yum). The spicy edamame is amazing too...

Daniel lomeli

This place is fantastic! It was my first time here. I visited around noon and was happy to see no line. I was helped right away by the manager on duty (I believe), he had a smile on his face the entire time he served me. He answered questions I had about items on the menu. I ended up getting the spicy crab meat roll and it was phenomenal! I loved the flavors! The place is small but welcoming. The parking can be tight but it’s worth it.

Derek Petty

Good sushi for a good price. Staff was also very pleasant

Andrew Gnagy

Everything I've tried has been adequate, but nothing to write home about. The staff is fairly friendly. I've never had to wait long, so that's a plus.

Todd Walroth

Think Subway style food prep, but with sushi. You name it, they roll it. My girls, 6 and 8, BEG to go here all the time. One of our favorite sushi places in the city. Very reasonably priced as well!! Plus the staff are always so friendly and accommodating. I honestly can't say enough great things (plus they deliver, which is a bonus if you work or live downtown)!

Luna Elric

I love this place. I moved from Indy to Muncie and my heart aches that I cant eat here anymore. IT IS SOOO GOOOD

Tabitha Kingsbury

Sushi was good. It accomplished the job... But atmosphere (lack of comfy chairs) and no table service just left a little to be desired. In a rush - this is a good stop.


Reasonable pricing, friendly service, good stuff.

Lisa Jakubowski

Fast service and great prices. Didnt make a custom roll but will next time!

Gerald Scott

Big rolls ...little wait.....

Laurel Anne

Love the Subway style make your own sushi roll! Great prices on rolls and everything was super good!!

Tasha Time

If you want some delish sushi thats reasonably priced then this is where you wanna go. Sushi Boss is one of my absolute favorites and it doesnt destory my wallet each time. Its fresh and made right in front of you. Its like subway but for sushi. Would recommend this to any sushi fan or someone new to sushi.

Arelis Barraza

Delicious fast

Ms. Z R

I ordered the spicy tuna roll through Grubhub and it came with a small cup of soy sauce, pickled ginger, real wasabi, and chopsticks. I really enjoyed the sushi and it was a decent size portion for the price.

Kai Johnson


Amie Cipolla

Anytime I want Sushi this is my go to place. I have tried many items and everything is always great quality and delicious! I usually order it and it never takes too long. It can also be found at many of the local grocery stores.

Daniel Applegate

Good fast food sushi. No wait and free parking. Pretty neat concept of fast food sushi that I haven't really seen before.

Anne Hardwick

The sushi was very good. Fast and friendly service. Affordably priced. Limited seating. We will return.

Corey&Andrea Carlyle

Some of the best sushi around town. For being a "fast food" type sushi place it is definitely worth it. I've ate at a lot of places that claim to be a more upscale restaurant and this place exceeds for sure. It is priced so well and you get your monies worth no doubt. I would much rather eat here than nice sit down sushi place. This is one of my number 1 go to places to eat!

Everette George


Elizabeth Taylor

Amazing Chef friendly and flirty staff. You will leave smiling! They are ok with LGBQT pDA.

Matt and Bridge

Nice people working there & good variety of sushi


Great sushi and you get quite a bit for the price. And best of all they also have some great mochi too.

Thomas Dafinger

The food, which is served in this restaurant, has not much to do with japanese sushi! I ordered two vegetarian sushi rolls, which were made to order. Very strange in their concept is, that they offer various toppings like sauces and spices for the sushi, which I never saw and tried before. Nevertheless the taste was surprisingly ok, but nothing extraordinary in my mind.

Nikki Gottlieb

Yum! We come from Greenwood just to eat here. Great customization options. Fresh ingredients. A new, modern spin on an old traditional food. We'll continue to come back!

Joshewa Meurer

Great sushi - subway style (create your own). Simply choose from menu or build your own sushi. Unfortunately, you can’t get seared or deep fried. Selection was great and there is both raw/cooked options! Coke products and some other canned goods. Seating is limited, but comfy. To-go is available and good containers to transport!

Pei-Ciao Tang

quick to go food. update: okay, let's have some more comments in detail. the sushi roll wasn't properly made so mine was falling apart when I tried to eat it. rice was slightly too soft. people working there seems hating sushi making. it was very stressful to make your own sushi because I felt pressure to move quickly. it's a meh place and I probably will just grab to go sushi at Kroger or get some delicious properly made sushi from One World market in the future.

D Black

I am a big fan of Sushi boss. It is so nice to pick and choose what you want and don't want in your roll and have it made where you can see. The wide range of ingredients look and taste fresh, exactly as you would expect them to. They have a very friendly and welcoming staff. The one negative is the price is a little high, but I have never felt it wasn't worth it for the premium quality and service. If you like sushi, I highly recommend you try them out.

T McMartin

Fresh sushi at a far better price.

Toylisa Allen

Always friendly and patient. Food taste fresh every single time

Candi Reitsma

Always good food & good staff!

Josh Jay

Have been here several times and it has been consistently tasty, quick, and inexpensive!

Karon Wallace

Great staff. Very friendly. Solid fast food sushi. i would return.

Storm Smith

This is a great place to sit down in and enjoy lunch.My Sister and I went for the first time and can not wait to return. Definitely try the "Taste Like Chicken" sushi roll w/the special chili sauce . You will not regret it.

Makayla Popplewell

Food is good, but staff is skimpy on the add ons and charges you an arm and a leg. Also very rude and will roll their eyes the entire order.

H. Anne Weiss

Fine sushi place, great for lunch. HIGHLY recommend the sesame salad dressing & steamed edamame is standard.

Jeremie Dexter

This is by far a superior sushi experience. It is the subway of sushi, but only in terms of the way you order your food. The food tastes great and you get a lot of it for the money.

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