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1620 75th St, Downers Grove, IL 60516, United States Located in: The Grove Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Shikara Restaurant IN Indiana

Leeann BristowHartnett

Good was delicious. Service fast and polite. Facility very attractive. Enjoyed so much!

Star Sprindys

The food is always good during lunch for the buffet and even though a little pricy the dinner is good too! Would recommend to anyone who likes some spice.

Devendra patel

Food was good but very poor service. Completely under staff. Manage was busy with food testing groups.

Jaya Agnihotri

Inconsistent but sometimes good

Ravneet Kaur

Love their buffet.

Deven Chavda

ordered first time from this restaurant. very little quantity compare to restaurants within 5 to 10 mile radius for the price they charge. food was also salty and blended. the only good thing was the delivery was on time.

Amber Garcia

Good food good service. Beautiful place! Small portions.

Avanish Patel

The food at this restaurant is okay, it doesn’t have consistent test every time.

Mitchell Castro

Busy busy

Dhananjay Goswami

Loved the food. Excellent service too

avinasha s g

Great Indian food. Very delicious food. Service and ambiance is also good.

Kyle Hoekstra

The food was absolutely amazing. Full flavor with just enough heat! Extremely friendly staff and very helpful. Definitely recommend and will be back again.

Denise Mak

A little pricey, but lots of food and Brady flavor! Service was fantastic!

vaishnavi chandrashekar

Very disappointed with the service and food. The staff was unhelpful, despite the place being virtually empty. The Kashmiri pulao was only rice (thankfully cooked), the dahi papdi chat was nothing but curd and boiled potatoes. We only stopped by because of the reviews, but we know never to return. Abysmal.

Rema Deo

Ordered online from Shikara. All dishes ordered were vegetarian. They messed up the order by adding 2 chicken dishes to our order. Not only that, when I called to complain to the manager, the manager was too busy to come to the phone.


Nice food, nice staff, specially Mr Jain Is exceptional

R.S. Agarwal

Nice Indian food.

andy hunt

Great spot

Sindhu K

Food is not tasty

Dina Billingsley

Very lovely atmosphere, peaceful with the table settings soft candles. Custer service excellent. Would highly recommend this resturant for a romantic night out.

Mike Patel

Nice food

Jayme scott

I would really recommend the chicken tiki masala!☺️

charu kataria

Went for Sunday lunch buffet and liked it

Anna Teper

Delicious food, nice place

pallavi bajaj

It was our 1st time here. Went for dinner. Ambience is really nice and food is good too. Menu is quite extensive, it took us a while to decide on what to order. We had papdi chaat which was good to start with, chicken biryani, which was okay and chicken tikka masala, the best we have tasted in usa so far. Food is quite exepensive and the portions are too small for the prices

Lord Darktheory

Growing up on Watseka Ave in LA, California, on temple property, I am extremely judgmental on what Indian food should be like. This place exceeds in every way. From the buffet selections, to the 5 star service, I have gone there two time recently and both times have been excellent. Thank you staff for such excellent service and quality.

Marylin Palackel James

One of the best Indian food in the area! Would highly recommend their naan, butter chicken, biryani, tandoori shrimp. I’m very picky about my Indian food but Shikara has definitely exceeded my expectations!

Mihir Acharya

We recently visited this restaurant with the parent, it was tarible experience, my mom got her clothes on fire,when she was taking food from the food counter, thank God, I was next to her and I saved her by my hand, I burn my fingers and my Mom also get badly burn on her leg. There was rediculus staff and the manager didn't even show manners

Aimee Brooke

Delicious food... just fantastic

Arh K

Good service & ambiance but below average food.

Mandm Biggus

Some of the best Indian cuisine you will find. buffet or ala carte are excellent!

Kamal Patel

Pathetic and Rotten food, we threw it away and called the restaurant to make sure they don’t give the Paneer Bhurji and Chicken Makhani to anyone else. It was so rotten that it had a foul smell. Please avoid this place, otherwise you will get sick.

Paul T Sjordal

Love the lunch buffet!

Sunil Kumar

Love the veg Buffett

Ajay Shah

If you want to eat naan and bhindi sabzi, or naan and tindora sabzi, then please go to this restaurant. The combinations are senseless. The chana at the Pani puri station went bad. Sweets are good. But that's about it.

shankar ganiger

Great taste..great service. Try the vegetable of the best i had in chicago area..

Vinayak Wagh

Food during dinner is very bad. Buffet is nice.

Isaac Yee

15$ for butter chicken. Okay a little pricey, but maybe it's worth it. Turns out rice costs extra for this dinner entree? 3$ for plain white rice. THREE dollars. So 18$ for a simple butter chicken meal? Go somewhere cheaper for the same quality food, talk about a rip off. Maybe the lunch buffet is worth it, but I dont see anything during dinner time justified for their prices.

Elle N.

I've never done the buffet/whatever - I've only done sit down dining off a menu. That said, Shikara remains my favorite indian place in the northwest suburbs. The menu is varied, they're flexible and accommodating. A few notes: Spice level - if you want mild, ask for mild. If you want spicy, ask for it. I think they default to a mild level of spice, but if you want a more authentic flavor profile they're more than capable of it. Service - It can be slow. They don't want to be intrusive and end up being too hesitant to interrupt conversation or eating. That said, I've had a fantastic experience with the servers here. I ask them for suggestions, talk with them, ask them questions about the food. If you engage with them, they're very, very attentive. If you don't, they're polite - but you may feel like you're waiting on service, if you don't catch their eye or ask them over. I really like Shikara. I like the staff. I've only ever had pleasant experiences here.


The food was great and the service was exceptional.

Affanaman H

This owner is cheap and smart as most Indians are. This restaurant has buffet which is great, but the selection of food they got is mostly vegetables and chicken items only. Hardly you can find meat (beef, lamb, or goat) curry and biryani. They're over priced and everytime I get disappointed.. One day, I've ordered (over priced) lamb biryani when they didn't have it during buffet time; they've served me with mix rice with goat curry. I told the server this is not a biryani and his response was that's all we give as biryani.


Good food

Marci Wall


Geet Divekar

Reached at 10 pm on Saturday and they said it's closed when their website claims to close at 10.30 pm. However, I do like the food here.

Mohammad H. Akhtar

Our friends took us there for dinner on 12/21/17. Lamb karahi and butter chicken were not good, Chicken biryani was so so, only thing we liked was tandoori chicken platter and Naan. Portions were 1/3 the size of other Pakistani Indian restaurants. Service was ok but quality of food was bad, My wife was sick due to eating that food. It was our first and last time.

Rajendra Choksi

We went there for lunch buffet two Sundays in a row with 20 people. Excellent food and service.

Rutul Bavaliya

Appetizer was cold, especially chicken platter. Otherwise taste was good!

Nancy Sanchez

Wonderful place for groups and good eats. Don't forget to order the Mango Lassi!

Hanuman Bandhu

Good .. I haven't seen kind of Indian restaurant like this .. I liked it very much . Lots of varieties.

gulalai Khan

The staff here is Rude.i went in to pick up some food and decidex to stay ..they gave me the most weirdest attitude if they did not want my family to sit and eat there.wont go again.overpriced and over rated

Lestibournes W

service is super friendly, food is delicious from the buffet, they bring as much fresh naan bread as you can eat to the table, the tandoori chicken is fantastic. I love this place!

Sumeet Dhutia

Scrumptious Indian food that does not taste as if it were reheated, packaged fare

Karen Wzorek

The service by all staff is excellent! Michael always goes above and beyond expected service. The food, including the daily lunch buffet, is always fresh and tasty! I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a great meal.

Marsha w

This place has excellent Indian food. I especially enjoy the chicken tikka masala, paneer makhni, naan, wine list, shrimp curry and of course, the mango ice cream. The serving staff is attentive and the manager is friendly to everyone. I recommend this place to my friends for small group outings and also large groups.

Daga Chaudhari

They make under cooked food. I don’t recommend this place


i love the chicken biryani(mixture of daal rice and chicken lol)

Abha Dey

Very meh. Service was not great either. Bland buffet.

Asish Veena

The lunch buffet was really bad got me food poison. The lamb curry i tasted it was very old .nothing is good at all.i felt like they cook same food over and over.

Hem Upadhyaya

I was here and had brought along 5 friends on Saturday. I am upset by the service given to me by 2 of their staff members because they are unfair to certain people. Myself being brown and from southern asia, I tend to look similar to a certain type of persons. The staff members tried to embarrass me on 2 occasions versus the white people that were around me. Four of the friends I brought to try the restaurant were white and another was brown just like me. First occasion: I followed lead from someone who grabbed a glass to fill some ice cream inside so the ice cream could melt and he could drink it like a shake, feeling like that was something I wanted to try, I filled some for myself, however the staff member saw both of us but specifically came to me and told me not to fill it in the glass which I stopped after but he looked at the white person and just smiled at him. Second occasion came when we were paying and I was paying for a friend but we all wanted to pay our tips in cash , which we wanted to be higher rather than the mandatory gratuity which would’ve been charged to our CC. When I asked to separate the check and to void the mandatory gratuity on the CC payment so we could instead pay full tips in cash rather than on CC (our gratuity was $15, we were going to give a combed $25 in cash), the person taking payment looks at me, and said you want to avoid the gratuity that’s why you want to separate the check huh, that’s what you guys do, trying to imply that brown people aren’t the ones that tip. We paid the bill with the minimum mandatory gratuity (they would’ve gotten more the cash route if he hadn’t insulted). He tried to embarrass me in front of the friends I brought to try the restaurant. When I had been here before, a large group of white folks had wanted to do the same and were given that ability with full smiles from him. I have never felt more embarrassed and being singled out by any other place before. Now the friends I brought along say they won’t be coming back either because of this and their experience of Indian food has now been ruined. It’s sad that 2 individuals working here ruined it for a regular customer and 5 first timers.

Kalyan Johnny Bongo Pathak

Always liked this place for Buffet. Today some items were not to my satisfaction. Butter chicken was a bit hard and dry. I have taken so many of my friends here. One of the best buffets in Western burbs. Good variety. Clean and classy table placements and cutlery.

Jesse Bowman

Service was prompt on the order and refills, didn't rush. A happy birthday lunch, will come again.

Jocelyn Ross

My sister and I were in search of Indian food that could compare to our favorite place, India House, at Hoffman Estates. We found one!! The menu has such a large selection and every single item was so delicious! The Garlic nan was a bit small, but we had 2 orders, so it was fine. So great!

Aniruddha Dongre

This is a good Indian restaurant with nice interior and good food. Me and my wife often visit this place and except one time, this place has always come through for us. Recently we also catered food from here and every one of our guests praised the food. I'll recommend this place.

C02 Delirious

The food was good but I have to say it wasen't the cleanest place they definently could have cleaned the spoons and dishes better there were some of them even had little bit of food on them!

L Vivien Oxley

The food was delicious and the service was exceptional!!

S Janes

Nice mixture of choices. Tried a few appetizers and main course was a fish dish. Also had some naan and parantha breads. Was all delicious.

Tim K

Lunch buffet has incredible at a great price. Dinner is very expensive. Go for lunch.

Randall Griffin

It is fabulous!!

Nitin Chandra Salgar

Been coming here for 6 years and never disappointed


Food was very good and filling. Great welcoming atmosphere. Just the food is a bit overpriced.

Bharatkumar Patel

Very very nice restaurant

Sultan Zahirsha

More than 15 people became sick after taking their food. It supposed be fresh food catered for an event, but food poisoned.

Eric Winter

Service is great as well as the food.

Sudesh Saraf

Best Indian lunch buffet in the Chicagoland area. Very reasonably priced as well. Weekend buffet is very good as well, so is their A La Carte offering. Very good customer service, courteous. Highly recommend !!!!!!

Sam Williams

I would not even give them one star, Staff has no manners how to talk to customer plus food taste is always different. Got sick twice already, for your good health never go to this place and owner really needs to train staff especially idiot Rocky. Also they have deals online which never works specially ( dining advantage)

Anuj Parikh

Had lunch buffet. Loved all the options. Being vegetarian i was able to find good options. They also accommodate to prepare Jain food. FYI i visited on weekend

Tej Patel

One of the top Indian restaurants in the Midwest! Food as always amazing!

Tanmay Mishra

I went for the buffet. The food was mostly bland - out of the approximately 10 curries, only 2 of them had any sort of real flavor. The rest were singular in flavor (for example, one having a strong taste of butter, one having a strong taste of cream, etc). The buffet price of $12 is a ripoff for the lackluster and, frankly, insulting quality of food. Regarding service, the servers and waiters give off an attitude as if they're doing you a favor by serving you. Sure, the ambiance is nice but it's fairly clear that you can see the servers giving certain patrons more attention - perhaps because they assume that those other patrons would tip better due to being of a different ethnicity? I don't know what it is, but I'm not a fan. Based on the service and food, I doubt i'll ever be going back. Unfortunately, being Monday, many other Indian buffets are closed so I tried my hand at this one and wasted ~$14.

Kesava Reddy

i completely hate the food quality in this restaurant . they are becoming more worst now a days .not maintaining good food.very bad response to the customers as well. don't want to go again..this restaurant will not deserve even a 1star . i have no option to give 0.thats y am giving 1 star.

Ishangi Shah

Great service. Friendly and professional staff. Authentic food at reasonable prices. Try vegetable samosa for appetizer and Malai Kofta for a vegetarian entree. Their weekend buffet is delicious as well. I have and will continue to recommend this place to friends and family.

William Schuttler

Delicious and good ambiance. Definitely worth checking out.

Zion Kim

Very clean and accessible restaurant. They offer large meals and for reasonable prices. I liked the menu very much and the staff were very attentive and explanatory. Will definitely recommend this place.

Kanu Soneji

good food and tasty

Kathryn Stepp

Great atmosphere. Even better if you know what you are ordering already. If not the menus unfortunately have very little in the way if descriptions in English, not many pictures, and the wait staff (the three times I've been here) have not spoken English. Whenever we had a question we had to wait 5 minutes for them to go get a manager to translate. So while they brought us the wrong food twice, I will blame it on communication issues, not necessarily bad service. The portions are fairly small if you order off the menu, but there are a lot of extras and side dishes brought out to fill you up. Overall great for a fancier first date, but Sher-a-punjab is 5 minutes away. Just as delicious at half the price.

Karthick K

I have always had an average to good experience with buffet . But a la carte to go on a weekday was not at all good . Curries tasted like tomato paste and rice dishes were saltless and bland . Restaurant was able to replace couple of dishes , but still the same , no better.

Rajesh P

I went buffet on Friday and the food was horrible and I asked jilebi was not good and he said this is left over jilebi from other party . Please don't spoil ur health.

Ramya B

Lunch buffet had different varieties of dishes. The food was tasty and appropriately spicy. Loved it!

Aditya Saxena

Lunch buffet highly recommended

Deepak Wani

Authentic Indian food, great taste. One can order extra spicy food here and have spicy Indian food in USA! Great atmosphere in the restaurant.

Raj Vinjamuri

A decent Indian buffet with some special options such as chat. Flavors were a bit plain, and though biryani is always special it wasn't flavored like true Andhra cuisine. Veg and non-veg, there was all you'd expect for an Indian buffet in Chicago with a few tasty dessert options including halwa and kulfi. Friendly staff. Kids will enjoy the fried cocktail samosas and baby corn baji.

George Wzorek

Great food. We especially enjoy the lunch buffet. Such a wide variety and selection including desserts. The staff are attentive, courteos, friendly and helpful. Especially Michael and Eva.

Devon Dwyer

It was the best "new food tasting" experience I have ever had.

Cedric Mueller

I get to eat here a lot since I work in the area. I like how their customer service is always awesome and they keep the place neat at all times. Pricing is reasonable and they serve big portions.

Demet Ürgüp

I like the Indian buffet here, you only pay $12 per person. Service is good and restaurant looks nice.

Sunny Chan

Great food, atmosphere and staff! A bit pricy but worth trying. Nice Indian food in the area. Many Indian people are eating there so I think it should be authentic enough.

Gigin Krishnan

Good ambience, but no taste

Jay G

Superb food. Lot of dishes for vegetarians too. Nice ambience.

Tammie Hardrick

We visited for dinner and we were not disappointed. We were greeted promptly and the staff was attentive and friendly. The dinning room looks like it can be used as an event room in addition to the banquet hall and it appeared that there is a lunch buffet during the week days. We ordered a good assortment of items. The food was very well prepared and quite tasty.

Mary Joe Herner

Excellent experience. Everything on the buffet was really good. My favorite was the mixed vegetable curry, so very good. Nice dining area

Raj Patel

Best india food I ever had in restaurant

Samantha Hathaway

Phenomenal food. Very kind staff, who are willing to give food suggestions.

George Namba

nice ambiance but average food.

Katerina Marie Ibrahim

Super yummy food and always arrives very fast.

anson alex

Good and clean atmosphere. Kadai Chicken curry and lamb curry was tasty and good. Chicken pakora was good appetizer too. Even though this place is far from me, when I feel like I wanna eat tasty north Indian food I will go here.

Rob Kersey

This place is Indian food perfection. Shut up and eat here.

Chyrinne Portalwhite

Great and friendly staff, very affordable with free Naan Bread

Luis Santiago

Great food large menu

Chirag Gadhiya

Arrogant manager !! I like this restaurant, well, used to..and used to go there as often as I can. Last Tuesday I went there with my wife and parents and my 7 month old for buffet lunch. It was pretty empty, just one other couple besides us when we entered. We waited at the door to be seated. A waiter, he said his name is Rocky, like I'll believe...and who claimed to be the manager was taking an order over the phone and we can hear his conversation all the way to the other side of that big dining room when another waiter got us seated. We took the food which wasn't fresh specially the appetizers. When I was on my way to grab the main course, Rocky came up to me and says bowls are to be used for sambhars and desserts only. I was shocked. I wouldn't expect that from a restaurant of that level. I had taken few chutneys in different bowls as I don't liked my food and chutneys mixed on my plate. I didn't say anything when he said it but I heard him saying that to another waiter in Hindi in the kitchen that he told me not to use bowls. I told him that was wrong and the customers must be allowed to use the bowls as they please and since it's buffet and they are serving themselves you should not restrict the use of bowls. I also mentioned that if you do not want people to use bowls for anything else but sambhar then you should mention it in the buffet area, but I still think it's wrong. He argued with me saying that bowls run short. I got another shock. Really??? You are running a restaurant and you don't have enough bowls?? Aren't you the manager, Rocky? Get some freaking bowls, if you don't have enough. It's like don't sit on the chairs we don't have enough in the restaurant. I told him this is not good customer service. First he restricts the use of bowls and then he argued for it. I had promised him a bad review and he said he'd reply. I thought the matter ended and we finished our lunch. He comes back to the table and starts telling me he says that to everybody bowls are meant for just sambhars and desserts. He arronganlty asked if I wrote the review yet, and asked me to go ahead and write he doesn't care. I said wow, really first you say something thats uncalled for and then you arrogantly challenge me to write a review. Nice job as a manager in hospitality business. He judged me saying an Indian will always look at the negative part. The Americans never argued for this. I had to reply, if you judge me for this then look at the hospitality of any American restaurants how they treat their customers and speak to them. They are not this loud on phones and they definitely do not restrict the use of bowls and they are so soft spoken to their customers. I'm not there to teach him how to run the business but this entire incident shouldn't have happened. If you get enough of such reviews it won't take long before all your stars are gone on Yelp and Google. He then apologized, said sorry and left, but also left a sour lunch experience for us that day.

Paras Bhattal

Great food, great service. I've been going here for years, and I've never once had a problem.

Rohan Shah

Good food and good service!

Harshit Gupta

the best in the area

Alex Parker

Service was great. Food was good they just don’t have a lot of choices. They had 3 non vegetarian dishes only (tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, and one more chicken curry). The desserts were really good!

Piper L. Taylor

The food is delicious! Our entrees looked beautiful and the flavors were incredible. The dining room is elegant and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend Shikara.

Patcharada Duangurai

Lunch and dinner are different. Both are good.

Eli M

Pretty good buffet for the price.

Prateek Nagaich

Slightly better food than some of the other Indian restaurants in the burbs. But still not something to write home about.

Jose Tanhueco

Great service. The host and the waiters were very attentive to all the customers. The food was very good.

Himanshu Khanna

Nice ambience although it was a Saturday still only few tables were occupied, we ordered one papdi chat which was good , for main course we ordered chicken Tikka masala and chicken biryani, both of them tasted good but quantity was little less seeing the price, would try the buffet sometime

Paxton Calvanese

Some of the best Indian in Chicagoland!

Jason Castillo

I spent $15 for 2 tiny servings for lunch. The food was good but they need to make a lunch menu with adult sized portions. $15 should be enough to fill one person... it was not even close.

Sunita Mehta

Awesome buffet lunch

Edward Lawrence

Food was of great quality and tasty. The desert would be a little better, but they had a variety of options to select from which is what I expect in my lunch buffet.

Preeti Undale

Worst experience. They should treat Indians with same respect as white people.

Husein Dhariwala

Many Indian dishes in the buffet. Good ambience abd nicd staff. Excellent food. A must go for all

Joseph Matuch

I've been here a few times. Most recently, my wife and I went with our 2 month-old son for the lunch buffet on a Saturday. Everyone was very nice and accommodating, even when our son cried for a little while. I especially liked the mixed pakora, chicken tikka masala, and goat biryani. Also, there was a cricket match being projected on a far wall, which was interesting to look at every once in a while!

San U

Worst experience ever. Rude people. Asked to change seat because ours was broken, and they were not happy about it !!!! Less than average food. Naan were thick. Food was bland. Avoid avoid avoid Different treatment to White people versus Indians

Raina Mohit

One of the best Indian restaurant in Chicago Where u can get grt non veg food with full taste of our India... Ambience n Service both are good...

Shruti Bagla

Nice ambiance, clean restaurant. Food is good, quantity is decent.

Bhoomika limbachia

Loved the place it was awesome and the food was delicious

Viral Patel

Food was good. But the staff needed to be trained on serving guests with MANNERS!! Specially the manager needed to be very organized in terms serving guests in right way.

Karteek Pradyumna Bulusu

Food is really good and have many options

Lakshmi k

Food and serving is not good

Ambica koushik

Decent ambience. Expensive, but food tastes average. I hated their service. They would serve you and thats it. They don't care later. I requested additional spoon as my baby dropped the one on the table. Surprisingly they had a problem to give an extra one! For the price they charge and service they offer I would not recommend this restaurant.

Richard Perez

Excellent food and gorgeous location

Shashwat P. Baxi

Food is better if you order off of the menu. I've been here a few times for the buffet and it becomes pretty routine and ordinary for Indian food.

varun malhotra

We get all our catering done from shikara. Great food.

Brian Odeen

Excellent service, extensive menu!

Madhu Bhatia Jha

Good food, big spread for vegetarians even during weekdays. Their desserts are the best!

Ranon Pieper

Very helpful staff and the food is delicious!

Balakumar VLOGS

Nice food

Anurag Shrivastava

Superb...... Indian food and awesome ambience...

Thomas Sedlacek

Great food, reasonable prices. Hidden in corner but worth effort.

Tarun Jain

Ambient, food, seating everything is good except staff.

atul goswami

Very good food.

zoheb a

Good food & lot of varieties in food items.

Sree Ganesh

Good Indian food! Order takes a bit of time!

Khyati M

the food is always great. definitely recommend it

Rakesh Rathod

Food was BLAnd!!!!!!

Kumar Changavar

One of the best Indian buffets in town.

Phillip Schmitt

Very good food!

Vaishnavi Chandrasekaran

Very disappointed with the service and food. The staff was unhelpful, despite the place being virtually empty. The Kashmiri pulao was only rice (thankfully cooked), the dahi papdi chat was nothing but curd and boiled potatoes. We only stopped by because of the reviews, but we know never to return. Abysmal.

Yash Pawar

By far the best Indian food I have had in Chicago!!! Buffet was extraordinary with so many options and all of them were just perfect! Ambiance was amazing too.

Jon Jones

Went there for brunch. Thumbs up

kayalvizhi ilangovan

Hopeless place to dine. Awful reception. No respect to the customers. They don't realize that customers are more important. We 9 members went there. They couldn't provide the children chairs. The waiter reaction was not good. Since one of the family members questioned about the poor quality of reply, the waiter did not serve food by even after one hour whereas he served food for others who checked in after us. Actually we were in good hungry mood since we had better walkiyat the nearby waterfalls. The children started sleeping. Couldn't wait further more we left without eating . The waiter did not bother us but advised to wait for some more time to get the food. Since the kids were feeling hungry we came to another restaurant, Tasty and had nice good food with fun. PLEASE DON'T GO TO SHIKARa restaurant here after.


Fantastic food, literally eat here multiple times a week.

Sajeel Jilani

If i can give zero stars i would bought fried snacks from here not just 1 of them but 3 of the snacks had hair inside had to throw out rest of the food im pretty sure it had hair in them too

Hariharan Natesa

Good store to buy quality items.

Manish Thakur

We have been coming to Shikara for the last 2 years. Our big event in 2018 was sacred thread seremony/ baptism for my kids. The dinner that night is still raved by the guests. Their food and service is amazing. Great place to enjoy Indian food.

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