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1043 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

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REVIEWS OF Shalimar Indian Restaurant IN Indiana

Demetrus Bryant

They have really good food they waiter are very helpful, yes me and a very nice lady ate there, she ask me would I go back, I said sure I will

Frank Hoskins

I lived in Louisville over 15 years ago and Shalimar was one of my favorite places for dinner and the lunch buffet. I was very happy to see it still in business on a recent trip and went with a few friends that had never been. I'm pleased to say the food and service was amazing as ever even though it makes me feel kind of old just now realizing I went there so long ago. Anyway, it is dynamite Indian food with a diverse menu sure to suit the first timers to the cuisine to the more adventurous. A Louisville classic.

Rs T

Had lunch and dinner here several times and would say it is usually good. I liked dinner better than lunch buffet as the taste is more authentic. Also, the service is good with provision to customize your spice/hotness level very creative as they just not make it hot but ensure it enhances the flavor at the same time.

Kris Johnson

Have eaten here for both the lunch buffet and dinner menu and it’s always been great!

scott lindsey

Love the buffett

Mckenzi Redel

Shalimar NEVER disappoints! Walking in your get the best customer service, and the option of dining in or doing their to-go buffet. I am equally pleased with both. Definitely add to your must eat list!

Jason G Morrall

Polite fast service and delicious food

Mike Ames

Pretty good food and the portion sizes were great. The rice is very good. I'll definitely order again.

D. Frank Adams

Very good service and food.

Joi E. Boyd

First time. Enjoyed the whole experience

Sarah Jane Simon

This place has the best lunch buffet and very affordable.

Nathan Redden

Lunch buffet is fantastic. Staff is great. Loyalty card gives free buffet after 10 purchases.

neha agarwal

It was ok. Not good not bad.

Fred Erdmann

Great dishes! Highly recomended.

Milling Chablal

The service and food was good!

Jason Smith

Exceptionally outstanding food and service. Today I ordered a buffet style takeout for 8 people. The price was fair and the portions generous enough to feed twice that many people. The food I tasted was excellent. The staff was also extremely accommodating even telling me the best place to park so that they could carry the food to my car!!

sam ganser

I have been to this location multiple times with my girlfriend and it has always been pleasant. The staff is courteous and accommodating without being intrusive. The food has been delicious every time with portion sizes being more than fair for the price. Everything from the Curry, Korma, and Tandoori dishes are fantastic. Definitely worth checking out if you are craving Indian food in the Broad Ripple are!

terry gunter

Left after seeing roaches.

Matt W

Shalimar is genuinely considered my, and my friends', all time favorite restaurant in Louisville. Every single time we go there, the service is quick and excellent, the buffet is somewhat small but all the flavors stack up together to create this masterful blend of spices. We never get tired of coming here, so definitely consider their $10-11 lunch buffet.

Ashley Hamby

Never have complaints. The buffet is awesome!

Ram K

Food was horrible - bland , saggy and chicken was stocked and never tasted such bad food in my life , waste of time and money

Johnathon Rankin

I'm a very big food critic; I love trying new things. This place is hands down my favorite restaurant. This place has an amazing assortment of dishes on their buffet that will play the notes of your senses like a harp.

Hannah C

Amazing lunch buffet. Good service, clean restaurant, and amazing food!

Rajesh Khanna

Good Indian restaurant but not suitable for Indians. Indians don't like food here.

Elizabeth Hyde

They may have been having an off day, but I did not have a good experience here. Came in to pick up a carry out order. Restaurant is small and poorly ventilated, there was smoke in the air from a nearby table’s hot dish. I got chicken tikka masala, rice, and naan. None of the three were up to par. The tikka masala sauce tasted off; the spices were odd. The meat was in chunks with a texture not identifiable as chicken. The rice was clumpy, and the naan was both slightly burnt and slight undercooked. Do not recommend :(

Danielle Kinder

Their buffet was absolutely delicious. Everything was fresh, hot, and beyond flavorful. I was thoroughly impressed and delighted. Their menu is extensive and also equally, if not even more delicious than the buffet. I've even been to a wedding they catered and the food was still just as great off site as well. This is my spot for Indian cuisine!

Brandon Signorino

Good, flavorful food. The lunch buffet is a good value, and they have some options that are different from other similar places. The only constructive criticism I have is that it would be nice if the staff were a bit more friendly and personable. Otherwise, no complaints!

Barbara CH

Excellent food and glasses and cups kept filled. Another wonderful experience. It has been so long since I've been and now can't wait to go back.

Sean Kruer

The food is amazing. I come here every time I'm in town!

Wade Rogers

Always the best. Variety, quality and value.

Angie Lovins

This is some of the best Indian food that I know of. Any time I'm in Louisville for work this is a must! The service is also always exceptional.

aaron ray

Have been here a couple times with friends for dinner, getting either chicken or lamb curry. Both were excellent. Staff is polite and attentive.

Susan Murphy

I’ve stopped for lunch twice. The wonderful food served on the buffet has been fresh and appealing. The service is great. The atmosphere makes it a good option for dining with friends and family. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity for a visit.

Remya Ramachandran

I have ordered tandoori mixed grill $16.95 This is what I got Chicken-2 pieces Shrimp-2 Tandoori chicken-2 Fish-2 Lamb kebab-2 All of them were tiny pieces with lots of onion and green peppers .... it is worth to order goat biriyani instead ($12.99) of mixed grill. Goat biriyani was good and value for money. Tried other day

Guru Murthy

Had a horrible experience. Food is very bad taste and even employees shows lot of attitude towards customers.

paul sommers

My favorite place for Indian food in Indianapolis!

Jimmy Rittmann

I've been eating here for years, and always had a great meal here. Great service, and great food.

Rosemary Sims

The food was ok, though much blander that usual. I usually get carry outs from here and rarely dine in. What was really weird/bad was the service! It was not a crowded night being a Thurs, (roughly 4 tables of diners to 6 or 7 staffers) so I want to believe that was a factor. But they were SO attentive it was intrusive! We would still be eating from a plate when a server would offer to take it. In addition, he offered us boxes before we even requested the check. Then he took my plate from me to "politely" box up the food I was still eating. We were basically put out in the most courteous and polite way possible. I didn't notice any other diners getting this excessive rush job, and as my friend and I were the only black diners, it was DEFINITELY suspect. I'm just saying. I felt weird, like they didn't want me to be there, and will likely never go back.

Guillermo North

Best Indian Food good service.

Shaune Clark

Amazing food, as always. Wonderful and helpful staff.

Kathryn Renee

Having found them on Groupon, I took my mom to Shalimar for lunch while in town for a visit. It seemed most people there were having the lunch buffet which could not be used with the Groupon, I knew that in advance so no problem. What was a problem was getting a menu! It took 10 minutes to to get water and a menu then another 10 to get order in. The tandoori chicken was dry, tho the fish and lamb were nicely done. We were looking forward to dessert but spent so much time waiting that we had to leave for an appointment elsewhere. We took two orders of rice pudding to go, tried one when we got home, the second went into the trash. I know Indian rice pudding is not as firm as American but this was like milk with a few grains of rice! If you go, maybe skip the Groupon and just try the buffet!

Sai Sankarshan

The food was good but not really great. The chief server is very arrogant towards the customers.

homer holt

Really good food and a very impressive staff.... A lot of attention to detail!

Barbara Martinez

1st time there...went in not knowing what to get. Had Samosa and what looked like chix fingers..he had the lamb curry and I had chix something...a certain spice was very overpowering in both..the garlic Nan was great!! Should of asked my friend who is from India what to get.

Dean Doman

Worst Indian Restaurant I have ever been to. Have eaten Indian my whole life and cook it regularly. It's my favourite food. Never before have I left on the table and not taken home. Additionally worst service period. Please don't waste your money.

Brandon Manahan

Great food and very good service. The lunch buffet was great, and while there was a bit more spice than other Indian buffets in town, nothing was hot enough to surprise anybody in a bad way. I feel like the service should be brought up again. These guys know how to be busy, they are well staffed and super attentive.

Srivathsan Raghavan

Excellent place with authentic Asian-Indian foods.

Cassandra Kling

My favorite Indian restaurant for nearly two decades now.


Delicious food and wonderful service

Michael Naish Jr

we have been eating here for at least 9 years. the quality of food has always been excellent. we are treated very well when we arrive, but we see the same courtesy extended to all other patrons. the selection of unique items on their menu is awesome, as they have stuff i have not seen at other Indian places either locally or outside of Indianapolis the vegetarian items on the menu are absolutely fantastic i suggest getting the sampler appetizer if you eat will give you a good idea of what is available on the menu. if you are veggie, any of the non-meat items are super. i HIGHLY recommend this restaurant, and by the number of regulars we see every time we go, they would recommend it also.

Beverly Smith-Tillery

Great food will return

Eko C

Absolutely great food. It's actually healthy. Many different vegetable meals with good desserts. Great service. Very clean and it's nice and classy inside. Not expensive at all. I could go here multiple times a week easily.

Jeff Buhrt

Nice lunchtime buffet

Jeff Moulton

Great food! Eaten here many times and have never been disappointed! Paneer masala is amazing

Paramjit Singh

Good place. Food is very tasty. Definitely recommend it.

Daja Marie

I eat here often and they keep a clean establishment and everything is good at all times. I could eat here everyday if I lived closer! If you want something authentic then surely you need to try this place.

Shawn Williams

Service was excellent. Flavors authentic. Best Indian I have tried since my last visit to the UK.

Nishant Joshi

Tasty and delicious food. Good service. Service was attentive without being overbearing. Convenient and safe location. Good ambiance. Would recommend trying this restaurant. Portions are generous but prices are reasonable. Menu has a lot to offer.

Steve Pressnell

My wife and I love coming here. Friendly, cozy, great food!

Joshua Cormney

Lunch buffet is mediocre and staff seem cold and disconnected from the customer. I'm sure I'll visit again although I'm in no particular hurry to revisit. Personally I prefer to go the extra distance and visit Bombay grill. The selection of food here is decent, it's just the quality I found lacking.

Mark Robbins

One of my favorite places to eat for many years now!

Paul Cassutt

This place was absolutely outstanding. They had a perfect selection and everything was delicious. I really can’t recommend this place enough, especially the giant samosas. It was also spicy enough for me, who likes very spicy food, but not too spicy for my wife, who likes more mild food.

rupa shree

Food is average. It doesnt gives you a proper indian taste. Service is nice though.

S Farooq

Went to Shalimar with my colleagues for dinner last night. Food is pretty good, the only thing I will recommend if they can increase the quantity per serving. And if they can include Halal Chicken their Menu. Overall I will recommend this place for lunch/dinner.


I first ate here about 10 years ago, and I have to say I was honestly underwhelmed. In recent months I feel like this place has REALLY stepped it up not just with their lunch buffet, but with dinner. I feel like they take me seriously when I tell them I want my food "hot". I don't even mess with Dakshin anymore. This place is the best.

Angela Grooms

Food was fantastic! The service was fairly good. We were one of two in the restaurant, glasses were never empty but friendliness was lacking.

Christian Smith

Very spicy and hot. Rice comes with everything. Too little meat and too much bone. Music was eccentric and poor in quality. Service was alright. Best Indian food I have had, apparently terrible though as I was told by my Indian classmates.

Josh Hoffman

Great! Awesome lunch buffet. Chicken tikka very good.

Pooja Gupta

From the service to food quality, everything was poor. To begin with, we were given hot water when we requested for cold water, they passed a comment that Indians do not like Cold water. I am an Indian and I don't recall me or my husband having hot water. 2nd, the papad we received had dried curry over it, it looked like left over papad. 3rd, we ordered Samosa Chat, it was decorated with Jalapeno, when does indian food come with jalapeno, still we said ok but the taste was also not good. 4th, we ordered Dal, it was laced with too much garlic. The Bhindi masala looked and tasted horrible. The only thing which was bearable was the Paneer. 5th, the Naan we ordered were really bad, not like the actual naan out of the tandoor instead it tasted and looked like Naan from the Indian grocery shop. What more can I say. Looks like this is self explanatory..

Jared Smith

Great Indian cuisine at surprisingly good price. Excellent service

Jack Phillips

First time visit was very good. The buffet was filled with delicious food. The service was not what I am used to and the options for vegetarians on the buffet was limited.

Molly Butters Hale

Always delicious!

Kelly Emslie

I come to Kentucky once a year from Canada to visit family, and it's literally my only request.

Jim Vanderford

Very good lunch buffet. $$

Matt Hofmann

My favorite Indian buffet in town

Naveen srikakolanu

Super food fun time with family

Nick R

The food was good. A little pricey.

Charles Diop

Really good and hot food

Savannah Sorg

My favorite local restaurant! The lunch buffet is where it's AT.

Sara Moore

The kofta was awesome! Large vegetarian menu.

Alexander Bigelow

Love it!!!!!!!! Great deal......

Chris D

I really want to give this place four and a half Stars. Only half a star less than perfect because the service was mediocre. However, the food was really good. Had the lunch buffet which had a wide selection of the most popular Indian food. I was truly surprised at the variety - there was something for all palates. The price was very reasonable and even included a few different desserts. Loved it, but too bad the waiter wasn't more friendly and attentive.

akhil kandi

Food was not that great

Akshay Kapade

Awful customer service! They call Pulao a Biryani it seems! Worst Biryani I have ever had! Doesn't even deserve one star Lol!

Tori Daniels

Love the lunch buffet! Great vegetarian options and some vegan options too. Service is always prompt and attentive. Delicious food for anyone interested in a flavorful meal.


Food was good, ambience and service is great!

Ray Stuart

One of my favorite places to eat lunch. The food is well prepared, and the desserts are a great ending.


Aweful. Went there at 11:30 and everything was cold and dried omg

Ali Rode

This is one of the best quality Indian Buffets I've been to. It is a very clean restaurant with fresh linen, a buffet that keeps its temp. No cold paneer here. Everything piping hot so you know it's good. Meat and vegetarian options. The iced tea was awesome with a big fat wedge of lemon. Excellent service.

Aishley Jare

The staff was exceptional I had two appetizers which were divine! We like it hot so we got hot and extra hot entrees. They were spiced appropriately. I don't see how anyone can give this place a one star! I was spectical because it was in a shopping center, but I am so glad I didn't shy away. I will absolutely come here again!

Vanessa A Coulter

This was our first time going to Shalimar. Had heard about it but had never been. Live in Jeffersonville, IN, and usually stay close to home on work days. However, we are so glad we came here. The food is excellent. Already looking g forward to returning. Servers are extremely easant and courteous. Dining room and buffet area are very clean. It is a very beautiful restaurant with and exceptional atmosphere. 2 buffets, one side and one water - <$23. Love the place!!!


I will never come back to Shalimar again. Went in with a couple of friends for dinner at precisely 8:40 p.m. on a Saturday. The hours on their website, google profile and FRONT DOOR say they are open for dinner until 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays. As soon as we walked in the server looked up at the clock, grunted and rolled his eyes. We proceeded to politely ask if we could be seated. He shook his head and boldly stated that it was "carry out only" after 9:00 p.m. Nowhere does it say that is the policy. Not that it mattered considering we arrived 20 minutes before 9. If you are going to rudely turn away business at least make your "policy" known to the public.

Amanda Gray

The food is delicious. We go for the lunch buffet.

April Yedinak

Delicious food. Great service. The buffet is always changing and I get to try so many new dishes. They always have Tika Masala and it is so good that I have to remind myself not to just fill up on that. Many of the dishes are spicy, but not overpowering (and I can't really handle spicy food).

Nidhi Kikkeri

Very nice restaurant. Ambience was good. Tandoori chicken wings were absolutely delicious. Very tender and tasty. Chicken biryani was a little dry and the pieces were hard. Friendly staff and service was good. Would definitely recommend this place.

Tra'sean James

I have been a long time customer, but I will no longer be coming back here after the restaurant was willing to lose a customer over the use of a $10 coupon. Coupon was one per table even though my wife and I were on one bill, and my best friend and his wife were on a separate bill. Basically if we both wanted to use the coupon, we would've had to sit at separate tables. Makes no sense to me and seems to be more inconvenient to take up two tables instead of one. They would've gotten the same amount of money regardless. The manager proceeded to be smart with me about it which didn't make things better. Keep the $10 someone else will get all of our service and future money....

Nithyanand Yogaraj Shanmugam

All the dishes taste the same way, when asked for an explanation “all dishes are made with same tomato sauce” was what I got. Not really suitable for anyone looking for authentic Indian food.

Sonali Bhadoria

Best food I had in a long time. Great staff and service. A great place to hang out with family and/or friends. Not a lot or no waiting. They have a large variety of foods ranging from starters to deserts . This restaurant is a must try....A treat to my taste buds.

Jason Owen

Excellent! We tried as mush as we could eat and everything was great.

Zachary Pratt

Always love the food and the service at Shalimar. Several dishes my family enjoys and they greet us as friends every time. No problem accommodating my 2 little ones, either.

aaron lewis

Amazing food great staff

Srinath Vallabhaneni

Please don’t call this an Indian restaurant. It’s a disgrace.

Josie Farley

Wonderful choice of tasty, heated Indian dishes, which we enjoyed with a mango drink.Their garlic and herb naan is addicting, and oh so tasty! My only complaint is the crowded cramped dining. It was uncomfortable being seated so close to other diners, and working your way through the rows of tables to get to the buffet. Parking was also a challenge. But it certainly satisfied my craving for Indian food!

Jason Waller

Loved their Vegetable Pakora

Ace Roshangah

Love this place been coming for 12yrs..... as always great staff (other places should learn such service) food amazing as always.. I still say best Indian food in the country.. thanks guys.

K. Michael VerKamp

Always fantastic with excellent authentic food and service. Dinners are great, but the lunch buffet is excellent because we get out food so fast and then have time to visit.

kalaprabha 03

This place is horrible. The employees are truly racist. The food is terrible. We pay the same price as Americans, but they treat as if you have gone to eat free food there. Palak paneer they served was cold. Double standard pretentious people.

jason ayers

Never dissatisfied here. Plus if you've never had na'an go get some.

Daniel Cobin

Great food and service, but a little slow. One of the better Indian restaurants in town.

Kenneth Paul

One of my favorite restaurants! Food is consistently good, facility is nicely appointed and waite staff are friendly and attentive.

Ben Brashear

Fantastic lunch buffet

Ravi Sam

Not too much people in the establishment but we have waited over an hour just to get drinks. This place really sucks. All the guys working here tonight just standing talking with no care in the world. What a joke.

Kyle Beaty

One of the best! My favorite lamb tikka masala in Indy.


Though the food wasn't mind blowing, it was delicious enough... ordered a variety Indian dishes. They also give rice along with the entree so that's a good thing. The ambience in itself was quiet good.. Couple of negatives about this place is: there was just one person serving all the tables and if someone orders sizzler the whole place smokes up, there were no vents. Mango lassi was not up to the mark, it was more like mango juice.

Toni tinius-brady

Authentic Indian food.Amazing flavors.Wonderful service.

Aaron Atwood

I've been coming here for years. Great food.

Bret Cooper

Great Indian buffet! Wonderful Indian import beers!

Johnny B Williams

Had the lunch buffet. Excellent food at a good price. The wait staff hustles. The goat curry was very spicy and delicious!

Ethan Skinner

Extremely well prepared food with good service at a decently fair price (but beware that an extra serving of rice costs $2). The onion chutney that they serve with most entrees is a nice addition.

Anastasia French

To my taste it's the best Indian store in Indy! I am so lucky I leave nearby and can enjoy this perfectly cooked food any time I want. For a vegetarian it's deliciousness galore! Pleased with service and with atmosphere no less than with food! Must love Indian spices though!

Emily Greer

The appetizers we ordered were so delicious! Sadly the curry we had was a little bit of a let down. It tasted strongly of cheese, which is quite strange. The waiter was lovely and was very diligent. I would recommend you come, just maybe not get the Chicken masala.

Ravi Chandra

Good is not soo great over here...

battu shekar Reddy

Worst biryani restaurant.. they give very less quantity.. not suggested for Hyderabad lovers ....

Frank Santana Jr

Tonight I returned to Shalimar’s after, wrote a negative review. I have been a customer for years there and always loved the food and the staff. The young man I wrote about was there working, he waited on us. Let’s say he was polite and such a pleasure to have him as waiter. At the end of my meal, he humbled me. This young man has such integrity and kindness. He apologized to me for what happened that night. So I will like to say, Shalimar’s has never lost my patronage. Keep serving the best food in town!

Tabitha Mikel

Fast service and great food chicken vindaloo was delicious definitely be back

Kenneth Dudgeon

I must admit I am not a huge fan of Indian food, but this restaurant was really good. I enjoyed the different dishes on the lunch buffet. The staff was kind and courteous. I will definitely be going back!!!

Pradyumna Gujjar

A good Punjabi Cuisine Indian restaurant where one could get a variety of food to choose from. The ambience is great and the staff is prompt. Service is great and quick. Portions server is about ample for one. The food is priced reasonably and is quite affordable for a fine dining experience.

Eke Dubois

Quality, friendliness and service are very good.

Matt Cavins

Great selection for a lunch buffet. Everything is delicious. Great service.

Bret Callender

The best around!

Santhosh Reddy Goli

Good food .... but not totally authentic.

Don Vos

Excellent meal. Not too busy on a weeknight in dining room but they do a lot of carryout. A steady flow of customers stopped in to pick up food. Staff was very attentive.

Aviendha Stark

delicious Indian food

Bwills Loufam

I love this place. Always having a Groupon doesn't hurt either.

Kenneth Postell

Very good! Food exelant., staff great.

Charles Keithley

Great buffet and if you're new to indian food, it's a great way to try a bit of everything

Matthew Parks

An incredible exhibition of Indian cuisine. The entire Tandoori menu is absolutely to die for. The meats are so tender and succulent it puts other Indian restaurants to shame. The buffet is good, but their dinner menu is where they really shine. Service is A+. If you’re on the fence about going here, this is your sign - go!

Jennifer B.

Tasty Indian food; been around for many years.

Rahul Vijayan

Taste & Portions: 3/5 | Service: 1/5 My 2nd visit to Shalimar, 3 of us went in at 9:25 PM, waiter took 7-8 minutes to take our orders, I understand we didn't walk in at the perfect time (closing time on Google : 10 PM) but that doesn't justify the indifferent behavior from our waiter. The ones who served food and water did a good job though. Again, when this waiter came for the check, it seemed as if we had come there to have some free food on the house. He just slid the check holder from the edge of the table to my plate, probably expecting me to stop eating and grab the holder before collision. Well, I just kept my card in and continued eating. Time was 10:05 PM (but now relieved of the guilt for staying late - his attitude). After 5 mins, he came and asked "you didn't sign check yet?" I usually sign with my hands sir, you will need to wait until I finish eating. Would have been much better if they had told upfront when we walked in, that they can't serve food any more. Overall, disappointing service. Not happy to consider another visit to Shalimar.

vinay V

If you know how Biryani tastes..don’t order’s just the rice + chicken curry..I don’t know about the naans and Curry’s

Paul Elder

One of the best Indiana food locations in Louisville. Service is always 5 star and if you have any questions about food or spice they will take time to explain things to you. The buffet is an ideal way to try a number of different dishes and get a flavor for the Countries food offerings. Prices are reasonable and you can almost always find a coupon to help defray cost on line or in a local publication

Rick Garrett

I'm a relative newcomer to Indian food, but I've tried a dozen or so Indian restaurants in the Midwest, and this one is my favorite. The lunch buffet is a STELLAR bargain, with a loyalty card bonus thrown in to boot. If you order off the dinner buffet, the cost is still reasonable. Service has always been way above average. They've earned our repeat business.

Jim Shields

The food is absolutely amazing! The staff could be a little more attentive. Overall a great experience and I look forward to dining there many more times.

Danny Beyrer

Great lunch buffet with plenty of vegetarian options, some vegan options.

Sarah Jo

We stopped here on a road trip. The food was excellent and the service was even better. I went here with my boyfriend who is unfamiliar with Indian food and full of questions. The servers answered our questions enthusiastically and didn't seem to tire of us when we thought of yet more questions. I recommend the chicken tikka masala!

Carrie Clayburn

Excellent lunch buffet and a fantastic place to eat vegetarian.

Caroline Pflueger

I have had some pretty good Indian food in my life time, but this was a peak experience. Their buffet presents more options than most restaurants that serve American food. The idea of eating a goat is strange to me, but their goat dishes were exquisite. The chicken and lamb were to die for as well. On top of that, the service was great and not at all slow, and everyone was very hospitable.

Manoj Patel

Went their for Lunch buffet around 12:30 PM on Tuesday 6/25 and food was super cold. I have been to this place several times in the past and had good experience but this time it was just terrible. Everything i took from buffet including cauliflower pakoras, lamb meatball, chicken pakoras, and chicken tikka and it was just cold. Great and quick service but really need to focus on quality of food. Not worth it must have gone somewhere else for lunch.

Stephen Elkin, Jr

This is one of me and my wife's favorite places to go. You don't have to dress up and yet the place is very elegant. Service and food and great. If you haven't been and you're not sure about Indian food, try the lunch buffet so you can sample a little bit of all of it.

Thomas Darling

Great food and friendly service

P Cox

Good food ,good service. Would love if they had There buffet. in the evening

Sandeep Vinay

Tasty Indian foods we get here.

Christopher Dean

My favorite Indian restaurant. Lots of vegetarian options.

Arjun Agnimitra

Shalimar has the worst service (which includes rude servers) in the Indy area. Went here with a group of friends yesterday and were rudely spoken to, no one came to even serve water our hand out menu cards for 30 mins ! Eventually i walked to the kitchen area to request for service and was rudely told it's a busy night so keep waiting, when not even 3 tables were occupied. He went on to say "why did you not wait outside to be seated" (which we had and were seated by another server). Had to walk out after this pathetic experience. There are many other restaurants in indy for good Indian food that treat their customers well but this one is NOT one of them. DO NOT waste your time coming over here.

Debbie Simms

My husband and I go at least once a week. It is his favorite lunch time restaurant, hands down. The buffet can't be beat for selection and quality. Even though I'm not a fan of certain spices that are prevalent I always find more than enough to eat and love on the buffet. I highly recommend this place. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. I definitely suggest you try it.

Amit Sharma

Place is good with quite a big menu. The food taste good but i never experienced anything amazing. At end of the day, i would say, one should try food here, who knows it suits to your taste.

Kenneth Hardiman

I always have wonderful buffet food here.

Jason R

Best Indian in town, been going for over 10 years. Others are good, but no one is as good. Plus their Masala Chai tea is miles better than any other place Wish their spicy was spicier though

Brittany King

Not only was the food absolutely phenomenal, but my fiancé and I witnessed the most genuine show of compassion from our waiter. A young homeless woman walked in and asked for some food and without missing a beat our waiter rushed back to the kitchen to see what was still warm (it was close to closing time, we were the only ones there). He came back with a generous to go box of food for her. Her eyes lit up. It was so kind of him. I've eaten at many a restaurant in Broad Ripple and watched many homeless people be physically removed from a restaurant while getting cussed out. Shalimar showed so much kindness to this woman. It was a nice reminder of the good in the world despite so much divisiveness. We'll definitely be back because 1) the food was fantastic and flavorful and 2) the random act of kindness touched me. I highly recommend!

Tyler Green

The Sunday lunch buffet is definitely a must try. It's always well stocked and the food is great. This is one of the very few places in the area where you can get truly good and authentic Indian food. Prices are extremely reasonable as well for the kind of atmosphere and food quality hete. As a parent I have to keep one of my five stars for this place however because they don't really make it easy for a kid to eat here. At least keep a bag of chickens nuggets and fries in your freezer and let parents order them for picky kids. As much as I like this I can't go unless I feel like arguing with my kid about eating.

Ed Sageser

My first experience with this restaurant and I enjoyed it. The food was good and service great. We had the lunch buffet and it gave me a chance to sample several different Indian cuisines.

Jerry Shi

Lunch buffet is a great value! Plenty of vegetarian options.

J Nesbit

A mainstay of the Louisville food scene, continuing to earn its reputation. Service is always excellent, with the staff swift and prompt even on busy evenings. Atmosphere is muted and cozy, and always smells amazing. The food is simply some of the best Indian food in the area. If you like spicy food, I would recommend going up a level from what you think you need; I'm a medium at most places, but generally aim for 'hot' here.

Ct Midnite

If you like Indian food I don't know how you can go wrong. Very good food and very good service. Would not let my water be empty.

vaibhav ahire

Worst service and worst quality food. Server will judge you based on how much tip he will receive as soon as you enter the restaurant and end up in providing bad and ignoring service. As a result, obviously I gave him a least possible tip just to round up the final figure.

girish ramachandran

Worst food ever! Too much turmeric and leads flavorful would have given zero star rating. It was like were eating turmeric Curry instead of chicken and goat curry very very bad food.

Narendran S

Decent ambience; average food, and service. Ordered pakoda for starter, and a pulao for main course. The starter was good, but they started off by delivering it to the table behind me. Pulao was just soggy, and bland. Not one person (right from the waiter, to the cashier/manager) made any inquiries about quality of food or service! Won't be choosing this place next time.

Naveen Reddy

If you are looking for authentic South Indian food, this is not a good place. Worst Biryani I ever tasted and fogey about chill chicken which is too horrible. Very disappointed with the food.

Joyce Allen

If you love spicy and vegetable offering, you will love this place. Prices are economical. The buffet is to die for!

Colleen Connor

Great service! Large portions, above average food with ample spiciness per request. Fairly priced for a nice atmosphere.. Great for date night.

Eric Van Kersen

Very fresh and flavorful buffet.nice assortment of vegetarian choices.

Cam G

Great food and service. The atmosphere is much nicer than expected; candle lit tables, cloth napkins, servers with ties and vests. Although the price is inexpensive. We go to several ethnic places and this one is definitely going on the favorite list. The servers were very polite, friendly and professional! We had the vegetarian thali, just one order and it was plenty for two people. also very tasty and fresh.

Naveen Rajan

Decent place with average indian food.

Malcolm Tyler

This is a great place to gently enter the world of eastern flavours and spices. The buffet has a variety of standard meat dishes that are not too pungent for the uninitiated, alongside a generous selection of vegetable dishes. They do have some wonderful breads you should try.

Cynthia Niedens

Selection of vegetarian and vegan food was excellent. Food was delicious. Staff efficient and friendly. Restaurant clean and well appointed with tablecloths and cloth napkins. We’ll definitely go back!


Come here all the time! Amazing food! Chicken tikka marsala is the best!

Pete Marshall

My most favorite Indian buffet! The food is fresh, flavorful and presentation is beautiful.

Marz G.

I love their food - so full of flawor and always delicious. My wife loves their vegetarian platter. We’ve never been disappointed.

Marcell Watson

Great food. Good price for buffet

John Russell

Ordered via delivery service. Food arrived still piping hot, I got curry chicken (hot) and naan. Both were fantastic! Some of the better Indian curry I've had. Portion size for a dinner entree was very generous, would have been plenty for two people. Will certainly order/visit again!

sonja de Vries

Delicious food,good service and decent prices.

Sarvesh Kulkarni

The average food wouldn’t have bothered me if not for the lack of decency of the staff.

Jermaine Ware DC,CCWP

First time and definitely not the last. Service was great and the food was awesome. There is so much food on your order that you could probably share a dish. We had the appetizer platter and it was outstanding! I highly recommend this hidden gem in Broad Ripple.

Quirky Ralph

11-2:30 is all-you-can-eat buffet for around 10 bucks. Best Indian food in the city

Brian Stanley

Great authentic food. Staff is very friendly. Plenty of vegetarian options, Punjabi bhaji and veggie samosas are my favorite. Won't break the bank.

Mark Schroeder

good and consistent buffet buffet buffet Not my favorite More the creamy North Indian style but very good

suhas c

Nice ambience. Good food.

Amrithakiran Ck

Waiters treats us so badly, food are not authentic Indian.

sai sukesh

Management was rude. Food was ok. The reason for the one star is that we took a spoon from the empty table next to us as we couldn't find any spoons at the buffet place. The guy was really rude so we complained it to the main guy. The main guy said, white people don't like this kind of stuff and asked us to be careful next time. This guy is a bloody racist.

Nooreen Zaidi

Nice place with amazing food. Servers are friendly and food is served quickly. Lot of options in the menu.

Sandeep Raja

The food is very good, and the decor matches the ambience and spicy food the place offers. I feel the service is a bit rude sometimes which prevents me to visit the place more usual than I like to. Well, I'll order carry out until that's changed; the food is too good to miss for minor flaws in service! :)

clint ruffin,jr

Very nice...... I would love to go back with my friend in the future.

Suresh Kumar

Worst service, Ate buffet food for dinner, They least care about customer. Can’t waste more time on writing review. I regret coming here

Wilson Reyes

Great service and and great food. Always delicious.


I arrived during lunch time and to my surprise the server was able to take my order and still seat other guests. Although my food was good, I think more explanation of whats in the food should be reflected on the menu because i picked a Vegetarian option and it had TOFU in it which i asked for an all Veggie dish. Overall, fast friendly services I would return again !

Darryl Hanson

Great food , atmosphere kinda tense, compared to other restaurants

Chris S

We had a delicious meal, and the waiter was awesome!

Stephanie Hughes

Very good food...super flavorful!! Outstanding service.....we received plenty of attention from ordering to water refills, to checking on the food itself and if we liked our spice level etc..... Will definately go back.

Jesse McGillen

Beautiful, clean restaurant. Amazing food! So delicious! Good service.

Sam Chhabra

Best Indian food, Friendly Customer Service.

David Michael Paxton

Wonderful food, either from the buffet or the menu; delicious masala chai, and very friendly staff.


Kept asking me if I wanted water. The food was great though

Nathan Shewell

Great Indian, low prices.

Robert Michael McCord

Best Indian buffet I have visited. Some spice but not too much. And a good selection. Will definitely be back.

Aakriti Jain

Horrible place and horrible food. The servers were outright rude. They brought the incomplete order and on being told so, they refused to accept the mistake. It was almost scary. Took ages to bring the check and then to process it. Another table had a huge show plant on it, which they did not move even after being asked by the guests. Poor service, bad food. DO NOT TRUST THEIR RATING. There are many better Indian places to eat in Indy.

joshua brown

One of the best Indian food places to eat in Indy.

Beauty ANU

The food was delicious. The staff was friendly. We were seated almost immediately

kath con

Love the variety of food on the buffet it changes often it is wonderful


The food is horrible. No flavor, no spices, not worth the money. There are plenty of other Indian restaurants that will at least season your food. Avoid this place at all costs

Kimaya Gore

Food is good but workers are odd, kinda treat you like come in hurry , leave we have something to do later type of vibe. I like the food so I don’t really mind it. They just need more diversity inside.

Richard May

Great food and a friendly accommodating staff. Prices are very good as they almost always have a buy one get one coupon available. Portions are large and they can always accommodate a large group.

Trully Loved

Loved the veggie dish pakoras and samosa!

Mehdi Shojaei

Yesterday we are going there for lunch the owner is charged and the food quality is very bad and the service is not good the all glass is not clean I’m never ever going there

Doug Kane

To some degree, I have no idea what I ate. The chicken tikka masala was fantastic! So was everything else, I'm just not sure what it was. The service was great, the place was clean, I would absolutely recommend it. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

John Polstra

Great food. Simple but elegant decor. Fantastic service. Great chai tea!

Katelyn Bertolet

The seating and linens suggest this would be a very fancy restaurant. But during the lunch buffet, the fanciness contradicts what is available (2 buffet carts along the distant wall). The food during lunch buffet is not very spiced (appealing to the masses), so I would have appreciated some variety of that.

James Bougher

Loved it...... The food was delicious and I will definitely be back. Not sure what to eat there but I recommend anything with shrimp. Yummmmm

Alisha Estabrook

Delicious and a good variety of things to eat!

Chip Swetnam

I come to the buffet for lunch at least twice a week and the menu is always different and amazing. The food is excellent and I'm sure, at some point, the staff will relax enough to crack a smile. .

Bobby Cross

Fantastic lunch buffet. Always hits the spot.

Nicole Doss

Great food, great atmosphere, and excellent service, at a decent price.

Roger Gilbert

If I could give this place no stars I would! To start off it was the worst customer service I've ever experienced! The waiter was rude and a jerk! He argued about everything and never smiled. Second the food was just as bad! Bland no taste and after one curry and two baryanis the bill was $50! Do yourself a favor and never come here !

Adam Pierce

I can see why this restaurant was so crowded. The food is great as was the selection. It is hard to single out an individual dish, but the spicy cabbage was amazing.

Joe Chiles

Love this place. Solid staple for good Indian food with a lunch buffet that's hard to beat. Their service is always excellent, both more prompt and attentive than many other similar restaurants. The space is a little older and lived-in in a way that feels home-like and welcoming instead of dirty or poorly-kept. The beer list is terrible but come on, this isn't a gartropub. You knew what your were signing up for: delicious Indian food.

Charity Limerance

buffet has nice variety. personally love the samosa, chutney, and dips. Think the main courses could have stronger flavor and less salt. Chai is a bit watered down, but close to home.

Binoy Joseph

Waited for 15 mins for some one to come and take order. Later after 30 mins they brought the food. They completely missed the appetizers that I ordered. Very poor service.

Marc Garcia

food was just ok and a little pricey for the quality and quantity. Service is not very friendly, and they make you feel like you're not welcome. I went for dinner so maybe the lunch buffet is what makes it a 4.3 place. To have a nice relaxing time I recommend looking at a different option..

Planting Seeds of Beauty

Great service and friendly atmosphere. You can dress up for this place or dress down. It has an elegant setup. Their food is cooked on demand so heat is not the problem. It is also pretty tasty and a great alternative for people. I ordered chicken cooked on an open grill. The masala with it was nice as well.

Shawn Haymaker

Always delicious

srinivas chirtha

Worst place to eat... never believe their service they will give fried rice if you order biryani. Most horrible lunch ever had

Brian C

Fun Indian restaurant in Broad Ripple. Lunch buffet was a great way to familiarize myself with some of the different dishes in one sitting.

Suhas Sreehari

I highly recommend this place. Their Peshawari naan is my favorite bread.

karthick Balaji

Never again, hate their food, all gravy taste bad and expensive menu

Todd D Norris

Two thirds of the way through my meal, that's when I saw the roach crawling around my food on the table. Needless to say, I got up and told the server (might have been the manager?). Out of shock and with the restaurant scene from Victor/Victoria in my head, I offered my credit card, but he wisely dismissed it. I tried this place on a whim, but clearly, never again.

Alexx Fluhr

My go-to Indian Buffet. Dinner is phenomenal as well. I come here nearly every weekend because it's THAT good

Lourdes Mendoza

Yummy food

Kara Gladish

Not as good as it used to be. A lot of the lunch buffet dishes seemed watered down, and the naan was so tough I had to saw through it with a knife.

Prithvi J

WORST SERVICE i have ever got in a restaurant. People working there are very partial, racist, inconsiderate (i don"t know which would be the right word) towards Indians and Locals. I and my friend went for dinner and as soon as we entered the place the guy asked YES WHAT? I got so angry i wanted to shout and say yes I am looking for a pair of shoes can you show me what you have got, but i stayed calm and told table for 2 and he just walked inside without saying anything, then goes near a table and keeps 2 Menu cards and walks away. Later after ordering the food we saw an American family come in for dinner, and the same waiter with a nice smile goes to them greets them asks table for how many people? Like he knew for sure they came for dining and we came for something else. He did not even let us have our dinner in peace, always kept coming and asking are you guys done, are you guys done. How could they treat there customers like that? I NEVER EXPECTED THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR FROM AN INDIAN RESTAURANT TOWARDS INDIAN PEOPLE. I hope you guys start treating customers better.

Suhas C

Good food nice ambience.


Excellent selection of food , taste is awesome, staff/service is excellent, decor nice and clean. Price is right.

Haripon Prabakhar

Great food. Their Butter Chicken Masala was amazing. Didn't enjoy the Prawn curry that we ordered.

Suzanne Dittenber

Absolute worst chicken tikka masala EVER!!!

Heather Hodson

The food was really good, however, after being seated it was several minutes before we were acknowledged or asked if we wanted to place a drink order. After our food arrived, the waiter checked with us routinely, but as he saw we were winding down we felt as he was rushing us to pay and leave. He began clearing the table before we were finished eating and continued to return to the table to see if we were finished as if he was wanting us to hurry and pay our bill. It was very off-putting.

Sarah Wiggington

Loved it!!! Server was so nice and polite and the food was fantastic. First time but will not be the last

Mas R

the chicken tikka masala is awful and definitely not worth the $15. Id rather drive 20 minutes outta my way to go to India Sizzling in fishers where the food quality, portion sizes, and service are *soo much* better.

Prateek Pawar

The samosas are really good. The chai is refillable but can be so much better. I had the chicken do pyaaza(spicy) and garlic naan. The garlic naan was very good but the chicken could've been spicier. All in all a 4 out of 5.

pankaj prasad

Arrogant behavior when i came to pick up food. Tells me dnt follow the app for pick up .. so we just have to guess and come for pickup

Blake Facey

Nice option for a lunch buffet, with a good variety.

Brandy Wood

Love the food and service.

Amber Bodily

My husband and I decided to try this place after looking at several Indian restaurants in town. We enjoyed it very much. The service was excellent. Our water never reached the bottom of the glass and our food came out promptly and was nice and hot. I highly recommend the chicken samosas appetizer. They are AMAZING and I LOVED the sauces served with them. The entrees were delicious as well. We loved the international grocery shop next door, too. So cool! We never would have found it if we hadn't gone to this restaurant. Its a great place and their service is top notch!

Cristen Kearney

Very good food, I liked the buffet option. It offered many things for people who don't eat meat, and those who do. Well done.

Daryl C. Jackson

Excellent food, great service and pleasant atmosphere.

Darya Jackson

Best Indian food in town. I had mushroom chicken. It came with perfectly cooked airy and delicious basmati rice with just enough bite to it. Chicken is made in creamy sauce in beautifully appointed spice combination.

Kathryn Beaven

My favorite Indian Restaurant in Indy. My family loves this place.

Marcus Whitesides

Great lunch buffet, always clean and well run facilities.

Ben Wadler

Really good lunch buffet.

Chinwe Aniche

I like how the food tasted and that it was affordable during lunch time. I like the setting, the music is very different and the servers make you feel welcome here. I have a card from them for discounts and i will keep coming here if they keep making the food delicious like this.

Glenn Weaver

Great tasting food and GREAT service!!! Plus they have Taj Mahal beer...cant't beat that! Plus expect to take some home in a doggy bag for lunch the next day.

Mark Stroud

Best around! My wife and I drive 35 to 45 minutes one way just to eat here. Their buffet runs from 11:30 - 2:00 and is well worth the price. I recommend them regularly to anyone who likes spicy foods.

Justin Chow

I went in for the lunch buffet just before 2:00pm (they close at 2:30pm for lunch on weekdays), and the food was still fresh and they were happy to serve me. If you're looking for good Indian food at reasonable cost in Indy, I cannot imagine a better place to go to.

Ariel Trejo

Great service. Not personally a fan of indian food but their food is pretty good!

Barry Boseman

I did a more extensive review on Yelp. This is quite a nice place and this bit of a surprise based on the location in a strip mall. The food seemed very authentic and the service was excellent.

Jonathan O'Leary

Excellent food and great service. Great value as well. I went with a big group after church on a Sunday. They sat us immediately and we enjoyed the buffet. I will be back!

ions Brewster

Food was good but a bit more variety needed.

David Hasch

I had done the buffet before and thought it was terrible but decided to give it another chance. I arrived at 11:30 when they opened and the food looked as though it had been out for hours. Only a few selections to choose from and two were cauliflower: one roasted and one fried. I love cauliflower but Shalimar lacks variety. The staff were plentiful but unfriendly, including one female who just had a miserable look on her face the entire time. Noteworthy is the fact that there were NO Indian customers - they’re all going to restaurants where the food is good. Sorry I went - will not be back.

David Crist

Love this place. Best Indian food in Louisville.

Charles Houston

Great buffet and courteous service. Always had a fantastic selection and everything tastes very fresh.

jaye carrico

Wonderful food and great atmosphere. The leftovers were amazing too! The only issue was that my food took a very long time to come out of the kitchen and no one came to update me throughout the wait. Meanwhile, i watched other people get their food even though they arrived and ordered after me. Even so, i am still planning to return and recommend others to give them a try as well! (Although, next time, i will plan for the wait!)

Thomas Hargreaves

Buffet style i regularily visit

Suhas Chavan

Great ambiance, warm-excellent service,

David Paragon

Awesome Indian lunch buffet! If you are not familiar with Indian cuisine this is a great way to try different things! They change up the courses daily! A regular lunch stop for me!

Steve Davies

Love the food. Always good.

sundeep krishna

The worst restaurant where I had ever ordered food. The food quantity is too small not even enough to a single person but the costs are too high . Never ever visit it.


Bad food, rude people

Elizabeth Patton

Always delicious. Always hot. Always a treat! Lots of vegetarian options. Their Sunday buffet has become a wonderful tradition for us.

CE Mullikin

Food always delicious and after a 2 year gap in visits remembered my name and special dish i order. Great food, great service !!!

clifford close

Best lunch buffet! The tea is the bomb! Love this place.

Francys Hernandez Ocampo

Always wonderful service and food

Satya Raai

Decent restaurant.

Jay Snyder

Service is great here....just need to have the food quality match this and would give a 4 star rating for the lunch buffet.

Brad Schilling

If I could I would give it 4.5 stars, but it's closer to 5 than 4. The food always tastes great and they almost have coupons that make the meals cheaper. They have an amazing 20% off carryout that you can get in the mail and everytime you pick up from them there is a coupon set. The only reason I would knock it half a star is at times they can be a little short. But that's not to say they are unfriendly, just not always overly friendly. I highly recommend it.

Dennis Horn

Very nice and well-managed buffet at lunch. Lamb Korma (menu) is wonderful and I like their goat curries as well. Very nice.

Ronda Johnson

Best indian lunch buffet in louisville


The food was delicious! I had the Saag Paneer, it was among the best I have ever tasted.

Trent Taylor

The food is great. A wonderful taste of India and not overly expensive. The buffet is a steal.

Jeffrey Brady

Service was exceptional and our food was tasty. If you haven't tired Indian food before don't be scared of the heat. They will adjust the spice to your taste. Also try the cheese kulcha (cheese naan) it's good.

Ahmed Alzakwani

atmosphere is okay here, staff were nice and cooperative. the vigi buriyani was good but chicken curry was untasty

elizabeth miller

Thats not chicken tikka. They dump so much tumeric in there the flavor is lost. There is no cilantro and honestly it doesnt have hardly any flavor.....and that is not what indian food is about. I cant finish this food. Aldis makes a prepared chicken tikka sauce thats better than place

kondi sandeep

Waste worst food ...better eat MC Chicken in mc D

syd sood

Taste was very sub par. Presentation was spot on and so was service. They really need to work on quality after all that's what matters.


Best Indian Buffet in Indiana. Quality service and love the atmosphere. I really enjoy the Tikka Masala and the Chicken Curry.

Sunny Dronawat

One of best Indian food places in Louisville. Try the Tandoori Platter

Emily Tatum

The food here is absolutely delicious!! And there is plenty of staff to ensure a drink never goes empty or an empty plate doesn't sit on the table. They are all so helpful and kind. But the food... did I mention how amazing it is?! I could eat here every day.

David Douglas

Go for lunch, it is awesome.

Sampathkumar Pathakamuri

Worst restaurant ever tasted

Boris Suarez

One of the best India restaurants in Louisville. If you go during lunch hours they offer Buffett. But on dinner time they offer you a variety of options in their menu. Very clean place and the service is always great. Thanks.

Sanket Joshi

The place has good ambience but the food quality is average. I hope they improve more on their service!! Shalimar Restaurant from louisville is amazing!!

K'D Footman

Really good food and nice service. The extra hot food option is nice and spicy

anand rao

Good food


Service was great and one of the best in the area! Food is also delicious, especially their lamb options. Their buffet is also of great value.

Swapnil Dhondge

A good attempt to serve North Indian Cuisine. Good service and ambiance. Staff was nice and respectful. Food still has way long to go in order to taste like authentic North Indian food.

Sherri Clark

Not the restaurant it used to be. Won't be back. Some of the food was still somewhat decent but the rudest service I think I may have ever experienced. They close at 10 but mid meal around 9:30 (after already having some pretty rude behavior bestowed upon us) they were dropping carry out boxes and checks plus turned up the high level "you don't have to go home but you can't stay here"q lighting on us and the two other couples that had come in at about the same time. Nope, never again.

harsha lenka

It's not bad but could be better. I think the food could be better

Lainey Bell

Great food and enjoyed eating authentic Indian food.

Leona Evans

Love love this food! It is also very clean and has a relaxing atmosphere. My favorite place to eat!!!

Henry Offiah

Great food

Jason Whelan

Great buffet and friendly staff. I can't wait to go back.

Michelle Scott

Consistently excellent food. We live in the neighborhood and this is where our loyalty lies.

Navidullah Tahsin

Great food and excellent costumer service.

Anjan Kashyab

Shalimar is a fantastic Indian Restaurant to visit in Louisville anytime of the day and the buffets are great. My family and I have been very happy and satisfied customers of theirs for 16+ years.

Bobby Singh

Food is always delicious, and people are like family

Sarah Pardue

The food was delicious!

Kay Malley

Delicious food! We've been going here for years, and my kids love it!

David Madden

Always wonderful food here. No Indian dining is ever inexpensive but this place is well worth the price.

Godfred Gbekor

Not good service this guy never even ask if we like the food just because we black skin and attend to only the white asking them how is the meal and quick responding to them .... I wikl never return or think of coming there ... secondly check the Bill's carefully... because they added something i did not order for but my wife ask me to be mute ..

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