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1059 W Eads Pkwy, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

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REVIEWS OF Sakura Japanese Steak House IN Indiana

Shaina Watson

Olivia Lawley

The food was amazing and so was our chef but the servers were a little bad. They forgot to bring our soup and salad before the meal and when they did the soup was very cold. We asked to have hot soup and they brought cold soup again. Otherwise wonderful performance from the chef andthe only place we could get a wonderful meal on a Sunday night

charlotte mollaun


Sallie Vilardo

Sheryl Haag

Bob Patel

Met with friends and the chef did a fantastic job, keep the atmosphere fun and the food was excellent. I was actually impressed on how well the service was.

todd peak

Was disappointed with the show...

Lynsie Reeder

So worth the money ant the sushi is amazing

Sharon Secrist

I love the food. It's fun to watch them make your food at the table.

Art Wells

Denisha Gross

John Benett

Bo Strategier

Jacquline Bridges

Expensive but fun and enjoyable

Bobbie Fox

Elijah Wessell

Sylvia Moses

Love love love this place it's amazing and so are the employees

Ansel Leonidas Martinez Murillo

Bobbi Koopman

Food was great but the service was very slow.

Joyce Greene

Good food, good service

Donna Kemper

great food. service a little slow

Sharon Hourdeaux

Portions are very small for the price you have to pay.

Floyd Tinker Walston

Cat Hizer

We're shared our birthday for my husband big 50

Ashly lanae

Cory Knoll

Josh Prescott

If your up for overpriced grocery store grade sushi rolls and small plate of $10 noodles this is your place! Service was pleasant


justin Kreutzer

Good food but it is expensive and not the biggest serving

Emily Dawson

One of the best restaurants in Lawrenceburg

todd bischoff

Love this place!! Great good! Great service!!

Kim Lyttle

Always a great time, great people, great service, great food!!

Danny Lewis

Order the Samurai Special...

Timmale Craig

Very expensive

Stephanie Rullman Rice

Shawna Howell

Katy Lawrence

food was good, BUT extremely expensive for the portion you recieve. unsatisfied with the vegetables they serve with their entrees... they only serve mushrooms, zucchini and onions.

Natasha Bennison

What a great friendly place to eat. My only tidbit is it seams the portions have gotten smaller. Been going here for eight years or so and used to be like having a plate and one to go! For the prices I think portions should be bigger! Like they used to be! We would probably come more often then once a year

Jeko Made

kim cuneo

Rob Crum

Absurdly overpriced! $15 kids menu & then was charged $5.75 for fried rice with the meal. Manager refused to adjust the bill so I ended up with a $118 check plus tip for 2 adults and one 4 year old with the only alcohol being 1 beer on the check. Btw, $10 charge if you want to split a plate!

Amberly Wolfram

Tracy Evans

Wonderful food, large portions, great service. My favorite place to eat.

Draqoun Maguese

Adequate. Could be cleaner.

Big mike

What can I say about this place besides amazing and its a must try for all sushi lovers

Sarah Tidwell

Love it

Vivian Li

Have a sign on the window saying 1/2 price sushi. Then when you go in to order they say you MUST dine in. Even though the sign says nothing of the sort. Fix your sign.

Jon Nicholas

Fun place to eat

Mike c

Great food...always a great time!

Bryan Fehr

Good food & great service it's a little pricey but great for a date or special occasions.

Lisa Brie

It's okay..$4 extra for fried rice is crazy! Place doesn't "feel" overly clean. Wouldn't rush back.

Patrick Clift

Simply amazing!

Korrina Denny

Jeffrey Weimer

amazing service and amazing food

Tony Rose

Good food , way over priced

Bev White

This was my first time here or any teppanyaki restaurant. Each station seats 8 so our group of 6 joined a couple. The waitresses are polite and on top of everything. Our Chef was amazing and fun. He cooked the food perfectly and so delicious!!!

Michelle Cooper

Love it

SB Long

Jonathan Clark

Sheila Demetsenare

j harrison

Got food poisoning

Bob Neuendorf

Best food in this area August 2018. The meat was dry and tough. It seems they are now getting cheaper cuts of beef to increase their margins.

Eric Oatman

Had a birthday dinner staring with sashimi yellowtail and tuna. It was excellent. Also shared an order of the Seafood Diablo...spicy Udon noodles with scallops, shrimp and fish. The meal was excellent and service was great.

Robert Ash

Nice food with a show. A little pricey but you are paying for the show (cooking in front of you) as well as the food. A great change of pace for Lawrenceburg.

Karen Centers


Not very busy

Debbie Sakraida

Hey Will it is still in business.. I admit it is pricey but I know this going in. Never had bad service. Food is cooked the way I like it. Just because you don't like the price Will doesn't make a bad place. I paid $50 for two and I even had a drink. In fact family is going tonight..

Sharon Jackson

Decent food over priced

Stephanie Horn

First time Eating here, but will definitely be back.

Blackout Brothers

Sign on window is wrong. Went to get sushi for the half price. Then was told we must dine in. The sign says nothing about dining in. Won't be back. Jungle Jim's have cheaper and better sushi.

Lily New


Christina Hubbuch

We had a wonderful time and the food was very good. Our Teppanyaki Chef had a great sense of humor and was very skilled. The rest of the staff was also very pleasant and made us feel welcome.

Britany Schilling

Our chef was incredible, he had a great personality and was very entertaining. The food he made looked great and tasted amazing. I wish I didn't live 5 hours away.

Ty Cobb


Prices are too high and I ended up getting diarrhea not fun

Jason Sublett

Jamie Byard

Not sure what everyone is complaining about the price, it's comparable to EVERY OTHER HIBACHI restaurant I've ever been to. The food is fantastic and I always have some left over for later. The chefs are fun and entertaining and the service staff is usually very good. Only reason it didn't get 5 starts is because the bill had been messed up a couple times, but they were quick to fix it. Also trees it's not fun to pay extra for fried rice, but that's pretty much any restaurant, so not sure why that's a complaint either.

Elizabeth Yelton

Sandra Stargardt

Great server!

Will Schwing

Not a real Habachi experience walked in got seated on some of the worst seating I have ever seen, then got waited on for a drink which of course I chose water after looking at the overpriced insulting excuse of a menu they have. Almost $25 dollars for just simple teriyaki meal?! Are you serious?! After looking at that and with the place having little to no Japanese atmoshpere, I immediately stood up and walked out not looking back. Would see this going out of business soon

Travis Ashcraft

Angel H

Erlinda Bailey

Brian Bays

Lovely scallops and chicken fried rice! BUT I went there for sushi and they were supposedly "out of rice" for the makings of a wrap. Seems a bit weird for a sushi place on a midweek to be out of the main ingredients. I went in around 8pm so I think they more or less didn't want to make the rolls after cleaning up. Who knows, maybe it was true

Travis Bush

Dinner and entertainment at the same time can't go Wong here

Marshall Crabtree

First time this has happened in several times eating there. The Chef tried to pawn off a cheap flat steak as a Filet Mignon. Then argued with the person when it was obviously not a Filet. $45 meal you want a Filet. He finally went back to the kitchen and brought out a Filet. There was a big difference.

Andrea Ewan

Great food! Aaron is our favorite chef, and highly recommend the Valentine Roll from the Sushi menu.

frank oser

Food and show great prices are a little steep though

Casey Cannady

Prices have gone up, but portion sizes, food quality and general cleanliness have gone way down. Probably won't be going back as there are better Asian options in and around Cincinnati.

Juan Reiter

Hidden prices kinda over price too

Agent Tess

Garrett Schwing

Hey Will, what are you doing trolling the steakhouse page? I paid for your meal!

Matthew Enzweiler

Ben W

Solid hibachi place! Good sized portions and staff was friendly.

Randal Ratz

Robbyn Fussnecker

Awesome place to eat. A little pricey but worth it. The only thing I would improve is the wait staff. Ours had to keep going to the back to answer our questions.

Melissa Hughes

Sakura is great overall. This last time it felt like portions were less than usual.

Peggy Rhoades

Pricey but good

Allen Goodman

Excellent food and service!

Larry Bovard

Very entertaining and delicious. Little pricey but great for birthday or other celebrations .

Matthew Dew

Meat was good. Zucchini was bland. Charged $5.50 extra for fried rice. For price it cost for 2 will be finding another Japanese Steak house!


Just celebrated a birthday here and the service was phenomenal. Staff was super friendly and attentive. Food was delicious. Price is comparable to other hibachi restaurants I have been to. Oh, and the chef was great! A big thank you to Sakura owner and staff for helping to make my birthday dinner AWESOME!

Sergio Jones

Enjoyable restaurant. Typically very good other than one cook who likes to burn your food a little. Prices are high and were recently raised. Accommodates dietary needs. Yum yum sauce and spicy sauce are great! Pass on the sushi. I go often

Travis Lattire

Jamie Rose

Jeanne Dolby

Chef was entertaining service was ok food was good but not up to the expectations one has for prices they charge.

Alex Volz

Melissa King

Order carry out, very expensive meal that had little to no taste. Service was good, food was very disappointing for the price.

Tommy Mann

Tonya Davidson

Maura Boze

Lisa Tyner

Jamie Smith

Jeffrey Burns

I really enjoyed my visit. I realize there is some entertainment value in the experience but I thought it was moderately over priced.

Anderson Rick

Good food a bit pricey

Steve Walters

Kenneth Groeneweg

Chem Chem

Bait people in with half price sushi. Rudely told our group " you know that's for dine in only..." Was not posted on their sign. Sushi was overpriced and lack luster. Go to jungle Jim's it's was better then this rude, pathetic business. Will never go again, enjoy my one star cause that's all you'll get from me.

nathan coy

Great place to eat, very friendly and great with our young children.

Fred Mahin


Anne Volkmann

Disappointing reduced sushi menu. Between 6:30 and 7 on this Friday they were too busy to take a carry out order, overhead this while sitting at the bar, yet the 2nd dining room is closed. Fear this closest to home sushi spot may soon disappear.

Mary Shelton


Billy Rash

Great food but cost too much

Dan Weitzel

Annual neighborhood Christmas dinner. Had reservations for 20. They had 2 tables set up. Everything went off without a hitch. Couldn't ask for more

Christy Clark

Karl Hoffman

Great dining experience

Shawn McBeath

Good food

bruce mastorovich

Really expensive plate was dirty couldn't get refills on drinks from our waitress had to flag down another the included the tip in our bill because we had 6 ppl $300 for the meal and I left hungry

Jesse Kaylor

Don't get the sushi ...I haven't had the dine in though. 13$ for a roll??

Alyssa Halcomb

Horrible service. Ordered sushi to go and it took an hour when they said it would only take 20 minutes.

Clarence Roy

check the receipt before you pay for it

Lily Sunderhaus

They had the best food ever! Good sushi (first time trying) they got other foods to! Best workers.. I got Poppy's choice, it came with Steak, chicken, shrimp, fried rice, yum yum sauce! It was so good

Rich Farmer

tracy ball

Awesome food,and one really good chef

Amanda Wilson

Dark, dirty, bathrooms were out of toilet paper

Jennifer Keith


Robin Fischer

Stuart Hilsmier

The chef made the night very fun. It was an interactive dining experience. Food was great. I got both sushi and hibachi. Be prepared to pay for it, though. It won't be a cheap night

Michael Crawley

Awesome food fun evening

Jenny Spahni

Good was great, staff not knowledgeable and fumbling. Not worth the price.

Joshua Gibson

mark yup

Great staff fun family time


Carole Current

Linda Schwerman

My very most favorite restaurant. The filet and chicken is wonderful and I can never get enough of the yum yum sauce

huston b

It's been a while (~1 year) since I last ate here, and it's due to some seriously poor service that I received. It was a very busy night, and my wife & I chose to get sushi (IE: not sit at the hibachi tables.) The hostess/waitress lady (she did both jobs) sat us, and then we waited. And waited. And waited... Had we not been craving sushi, we would have left, but we endured....and, unfortunately, we rarely saw our waitress/hostess combination for the rest of the night. I'd assume that if you're sitting at one of the hibachi tables, customer service wouldn't be an issue, so this may still be a decent option if that's what you're checking this place out for.

Nathan Carr

Nick Webb

Sharon Green

Omgosh the food is amazing and staff are so kind and all ways on top of it love this place

Dominique Hahn

Amy Ciskowski


Keith Huster

Great local hibachi resturant. I definitely recommend the Seafood Diablo.

thomas linder

Chef's put on an good show while preparing the food; which young & old will like. At the same time they manage to be personable. Prices are reasonable.

Dominique Rolfes

A bit pricey but overall very good

Serra Brindley

James Berger

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