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REVIEWS OF Kuma's Corner Indianapolis IN Indiana

Dagoberto Rodriguez

First time to Indianapolis and my friend brought me to Kuma’s Corner, awesome place, good music and wall decor. Jalapeño bombers are BOMB and their burgers are really good just not a big fan of their French fries, but still a great place and I would go back. Thanks

Kristi Roberts

Exceptional food and very friendly staff. I have been there 2 times and each time it has been an amazing experience!

Erin Kunkel

Kuma's has an amazing decor and awesome food. Their monthly themed burgers show interesting variety and a nice sense of humor. In addition, this place has the best mac and cheese I've ever consumed.

Danielle Muscato

Food is really great, but service was so slow and it's too loud to talk. Several times we saw servers standing around chatting it up while we waited to be seated, to place our order, to get a box, etc. The place is cool inside and I would go back, but be aware this is really more of a bar than a restaurant, I think!

Mary McDaniel

Great atmosphere. Great food and the jack and coke was only $4.

Steven Riddle

Chicago Illinois home town brings you metal and rock and roll to Indianapolis. The experience is in the food and atmosphere, burgers named after your favorite bands including Led zeppelin burger to the iron maiden. Check it out... fountain square

Paladin Andrew

Want the best burgers in Indy, this is the place. Metal music inspired. Good brews, fried pickles, mac n cheese are a must have. Kumas Corner, guaranteed good experience. Close to the Hi-Fi. Get your food on, have a brew, go see a show. Cant go wrong.

Heidi Melms

Update 5/4/19: I brought my friend and husband back yesterday. Once again amazing experience. Also found an amazing new drink, Pineapple Mead- delicious. Took a few photos, but having issues uploading on Google. Yesterday was my first experience at Kuma’s and it was delicious! The hamburger options are unique and lots of variety. Any hamburger can be swapped out for chicken, which is great for non beef eaters. My burger was massive and they gave me a truck load of fries too! Some of the very best fries I’ve had in Indy. Perfectly seasons and have a bit of crunch too them. Sad to say, that heavy metal genre isn’t my thing, but that doesn’t keep one from enjoying this location. It’s playing, but not too loud, so I was easily able to hear and converse at my table. Bathrooms have writing all over wall, which was fun to read, but more importantly, the bathrooms, like the restaurant, are clean. Sadly, I completely forgot to take any pictures, but I’ll be back!

David Moudy

Always great! Great service great food great atmosphere.

Sherah Dill

First time here, and the mac & cheese is amazing! However I ordered a burger and after like 20 minutes didn't have it. I was so hungry that I asked the waitress to add a full order of mac & cheese. Not too long later an order of mac &cheese comes out. It's delicious and wonderful and creamy and yummy goodness. Still no burger....I eat all my mac & cheese. Then I'm told that was a half order. Waitress puts in for another order. This time burger and 2nd mac & cheese comes out. After 40 minutes 2 orders of mac & cheese I get the wrong burger which I didn't know til I got home because I had waited so long and had to leave. It had cream cheese and stuff that I just couldn't eat.....very disappointing. Will definitely get the mac & cheese again though!!!

Rick Hensley

This place is amazing. Went with my company for lunch... Great service! The waiter knew his stuff, and was very helpful. All the food was good, but the burger was the best I've had in Indiana! Absolutely recommend this place, and especially if you like rock.

Jessica Porter

This place is amazballs! The service is quick and friendly. The atmosphere would make any metalhead happy and the food is otherworldly. Seriously go there now.

Paul Cassutt

This place has stupidly good burgers. Seriously, they’re amazing. They’re juicy, huge, and have a huge range of topping selections. I say this is the best burger in a town with a ton of burger restaurants. The mac and cheese is a great side option as well, and the beer selection is everything you could want it to be.

Christopher Vasiento

One of Top 5 best burgers in town. A new Burger of the Month every month. Great lunch specials. One of the best beer selections in town both on tap and cans/bottles. Huge patio. If you like heavy and loud music with your food, the place is for you.

Nick R

Good selection of beers, great food, very good service

Shawn Burt

I had the Slayer. I can definitely recommend it. A nice spice level without being overwhelming. And the burger wasn't the kind that needed covering up. Had to take most if it home because of the generous serving. The Fruity Fresca paired well with it for my taste. Andrea G was our server. Pleasant, cool, and as attentive as the crowd size allowed.

Alice Hedden

Delicious unique choices. Yes, some spicy. Wonderful service. Burgers are very tasty. Have been able to sit outside each time I'm there, weather was comfortable. You aren't forgotten if you're outside.

Jamie Dihiansan

Same vibe and same level of quality as Chicago. The portions are huge, so come hungry or be ready to take some home. Lots of beer and drink options. I went with a large group and the server was able to split tab. Music is loud, so maybe not the best place for a first date.

Footy Fan

Always a favorite! I always take family here when they come to town and everyone had loved it. Heavy metal themed burger place, with unique drink selections and amazing (if a bit spicy) food. The fried pickles are the best we have ever had.

Patrik Wenner

The music and food all come together in a glorious mosh pit


Sweet metal themed restaurant. Little pricey but the food is delicious. Good beer selection but their draft list could be more diverse. Not everyone likes IPAs.

Austin Bousquet

Love this place. I live in Montana, and the last two times I've visited Indy, I've come here to eat. I also love Mastodon, and it always come over the playlist while I'm here. Love it!

Christopher Collins

The slayer is all you need to come here for. Best 'burger' I've ever had. This place has some great music and great names for their food and drinks.

Steve Lones

If there is a burger heaven and Kuma's corner may be close to. I tried the Mastodon burger and it was big as a mastodon. Generous side of fries. Paired with IPA called Anger. Perfect meal! Staff friendly and great work ethic.

chad veal

Best Burgers Ive ever had hands down. The Mac n cheese is also definitely worth the $3 side upgrade. If you live in Indianapolis and haven't had Kumas I would have a serious talk with yourself on how you are managing your dining options.

Rebecca Wallace

Husband and I went here on a date on a Saturday night. We were seated immediately. Awesome atmosphere. Very clean. Our waitress was great, very friendly. Very helpful in ordering as it was out first time ever being here. Food and Beer were incredible! We definitely will be going back!

Nan Van

We'd never been to Kuma's Corner in Fountain Square but were invited to join others there -- and wow! The monthly-special burger was possibly the largest sandwich I've ever seen! My own order was for the Kuma burger, which itself would have been enough for two people. We came home with enough leftovers for about three more meals. Tasty options, and lots of food for your money! Would return. Recommended.

Samantha Enloe

Was very excited to order food when I saw the menu, however after we were seated nobody came to serve us. We waited 20 minutes without any of the employees acknowledging our presesence (we weren’t even given waters) and then we left. It wasn’t at all very busy, we were just ignored. Several servers walked by our empty table, yet none of them bothered to even stop and check on us. One waitresses walked by and wreaked of weed, which I think is fine, but if you choose to get high at work you better still be able to do your job. I am extremely disappointed in this place and the experience I had here. It could have been really fun but the service ruined it.

Stacy Kirchoff

Food was great! I recommend the Hatebeak and my husband loved the Led Zeppelin. Fries were so good, fresh cut.

Rather not mention

My fiancé and I took our daughter here as it was close to our hotel. We was beyond impressed! Amazing food! I fell in love here. So sad it is 2 hours from our home. Our waitress was amazing and patient with us. No very kid friendly but all the waitresses and servers made our 4 year old feel special

Kyle Phillips

Amazing food and service. Had a great time there for a friends birthday!

Melissa Hettinger

Limited menu items however very good food. Not a place you can go and talk because the music is extremely loud. Beer selection was good as well.

Melissa collins

Best place ever! Always have creative burgers on the menu, a killer bar selection and the friendliest staff. The restaurant is full of heavy metal themed artwork and music, definitely the coolest restaurant in all of Fountain Square

Robert Johnson

Amazing burgers. Some of the best I've had anywhere. Staff are also very good and it has a cool metal theme and feel as well. The fried pickles are also a big win here. They also have a solid beer and drink list. There is also a vegan burger option, which I did not try, but thought it was cool.

Megan Anderson

This is my husband's favorite restaurant! Such a cool concept and the burgers are ingenious. I've never had anything short of amazing customer service. The servers are nice, genuinely knowledgeable on the beer selection, and great at following up. We go here anytime we have plans for shows in Fountain Square!

Codie Johnson

Loved it here! The burgers were amazing and the fried pickles were to die for! Ugh! So sad we live out of town but this will be our must have everytime we come back!

Yahira Short

The best Mac&Cheese. Great service, good atmosphere.

John Barten

Heavy metal themed Burger bar. Nuff said. Go here. Have a big Burger with a lot of great tasting stuff on it. Have a drink. The end

EVtrnr chris

Always amazing servers when I come, fantastic selection of beer and burgers always great food too!

Amy Hargett

Amazing burgers!! Great selection of beer although I wish there had been more to choose from on tap. Definitely recommend!

Tyler Cunningham

Amazing food and service for a totally fair price. Draft beer selection is large and always updated. Great for metal enthusiasts and can sit outside if the music is rather brash for your liking

Justin Colee

One of the best burgers I've ever had! I went with the Slayer for my first time there, it was amazing, fries underneath a 10 oz burger patty covered in chili, so so freaking good! The staff was also incredible, super nice and extremely friendly. Can't wait to go back again!

Danielle Hensley

Great food, good staff, and a variety of adult beverages make this a wonderful place to visit in Fountain Square. Their mac and cheese and BLT are both super delicious!

Chris Barndt

Burger of the month is fantastic and dave behind the bar always has the best suggestions

Sarah VanSickle

Amazing food, but be warned! Their bloody mary's are not for the faint of heart. If you like vodka with an EXTREMELY tiny splash of tomato, this one is for you. :)

John M

I'm a Chef, metalhead, and beer drinker. I live in PA, about 9 hours away from Indianapolis. My girlfriend went to graduate school in Indy, and we came to this place for the first time on a whim some years back. It immediately became one of my favorite places to eat. It didn't feel like a gimmick, the beer list was excellent, and the food was my favorite style to eat-high quality bar fare. Everything that comes out of their kitchen is really high quality, delicious, and leaving you satisfied with the experience. I've been in kitchens since I was 16, and their food is fun and impressive. Definitely don't modify anything unless you have an allergy, and try something you think you don't like. It's all delicious. For the next four years, every time I would visit her we would come to Kuma's at least twice. She is now finished with her program, and I visited for her graduation. We, again, visited Kuma's twice during the two days we were in town. Those visits are the last I will have at Kuma's for a long time, and it honestly is upsetting. I really hope they open a location somewhere in central PA. If they don't, it's definitely worth a 9 hour trek.

Rob Armstrong

Had dinner here and was blown away. The staff was great and the food was amazing. I had the Slayer and was warned it would be a lot for one person. Not one to say no, I’m so glad I tried it because it was amazing! And no, I couldn’t finish it all. Make the trip to Kumas. You won’t be disappointed!

J Michael

If you never tried duck bowling, you need too. This is a blast from the past and this is really like stepping into a time capsule. Duck pin bowling is a lot harder than regular bowling so don’t get discouraged! The game is fun and they have a nice bar.

Christina DiLiberto

I knew this wasn't a kids place, but some reviews said it was okay so I risked bringing my 4 and 6 year old for burgers. Who between the two of them of course had to go to the bathroom 3 times

Scott Eby

If you love burgers and heavy metal then Kumas is your spot! Super chill atmosphere with great music, great beer selection, certain liquors on tap, and amazing burgers with heavy metal influence. I recently had the Led Zeppelin burger and loved every bite.

Kaitlin Frick

The burgers were AMAZING. I highly recommend the goatsnake, though I don't think you'll find a bad burger here. All of the staff were very friendly, and service was fast and efficient. Overall, I highly recommend. My only criticism would be how loud the music is; if excessive volume bothers you, definitely go on a day when you can sit outside.

Drew Clyngenpeel

I've been here a handful of times and haven't had a bad time yet. Service is down to earth and top notch. Great selection of well composed burgers and building your own dream mac & cheese platter is fantastic.

Andy Steffen

Good burger cooked to order. Good fresh cut fries but no malt vinegar. Beer list was ok. I had the Iron Maiden from Trooper because ESBs are tough to find and I'm about that life. I enjoyed it. I recommend the place provided you can find parking. I imagine it can be a struggle at peak Fountain Square activity. I guess off site parking is available but I'm not sure if that's advertised. Over all a good experience. The shot of malort didn't even ruin it.

Shamson Sundara

Our band The Anchor stopped by here because we had a show at The Hoosier Dome down the street. Great burgers! It's very neat as far as the theme of the restaurant. The burgers are named after bands and the decor gives kind of a music venue vibe. The portions are huge and will definitely hold you over. Want to definitely come back.

Jama Bradfield

Had a Greek version burger with olives and Tzatziki with a side of fries and a nice sour beer. Patio was great. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Great location. Would recommend to anyone who wants to try alternate burgers in Indy.

Marci Ball

One word: YUM! My burger was huge and cooked perfectly to order. The fries are fantastic. I loved my cocktail, too. Service was good, and I enjoyed the ambiance, music, and decor. I'll be back!

Kathleen Barrett

Dinner was great, but their wine choice were in little bottles

Kevin Manny

Love the metal music staff, decor, theme. My burger was excellent, but took till after forever to get it. To be fair, the place was packed, with a line outside. There is a reason for that. .... (forgive the Black Sabbath reference)

Cathy Salyer

Great service and burgers were very good love the names . Atmosphere great and lets talk about the ketchup I am NOT a dip your fries in ketchup but they make their own and its good.will be back

Jesse R

Weird vibe inside, but our food was good. Expect pub food. A party of like 10 was having a big and kinda silly dispute with their server who was handling the situation nicely and with lots of patience. Wish I caught her name to give her a shout out!

Adam Hope

If only rating the food then it's only worth about four out of five stars. The food menu is great after all but not uniquely fantastic with the exception of a few offerings. The plentiful combinations of burgers is great and the combinations and customization options are endless. The veggie burger is probably one of the best, well crafted, and flavorful to be had in all of Indianapolis! Portions are huge so it's always a guarantee to have at least an entire meal from the leftovers. No complaints there at all especially since I'm a light eater. While the main fare and entrees are good, sides and appetizers are a bit less than stellar. Upon visiting for the first time, chose the chips instead of the fries. While the portions were excellent, the taste and texture just wasn't there. The same can be said for the fries, though side pairings are often overshadowed by the main dinner entree, it really wasn't a big deal for me. The jalapeño poppers were acceptable though a bit oily. The real reason I love Kuma's is the beer menu. Hands down the biggest and best in the entire city! So many choices so little time to sample them all! Paired with the metal theme, music, and ambiance, Kuma's is definitely one of the coolest spots in all of Indy. The menu is rotating so there is always some new burger to try for each visit.

Cassandra Latorre

The best burger in town!! Service was superb and had great music. Loved the decor theme

Mel D'Amato

Just as good as it's Chicago locations. Music is just as loud. Don't count on having coherent conversation

Lisa Clark

OMG the mac and cheese is fabulous! Best burger I've had in a long time. Tasted like they grilled it outside. Fresh toppings and plenty of them. I got The Neurosis Burger. Spot on and the horseradish mayo was perfection. But the mac and cheese...Im in love. Staff was freindly. Lots of tats and piercings. Cool people.

Katie Epps

I have never not had a good time here. Huge tasty burgers, great fries, service is always killer. I love the atmosphere too. There's cool art and good music. Also nice selection of craft beer and ciders. It gets a little pricey, especially if you order multiple drinks and an app, but it's delicious.

St James

Not a huge fan of burgers in general, that being said, I had an amazing burger at Kumo’s. Extremely friendly staff, that seemed to work well together, watching each other’s tables. Made for a very pleasant dining experience. I also prefer a regular franchise soda fountain (Pepsi, coke, etc) but the availability of the different jones soda was a great substitution. Thanks for the great experience.

kelli carter

Found a beer I actually liked here! They had this great cider called The Dude's Rug that was amazing. Didn't really have any food but the fries were good. The other people with me ordered some burgers and enjoyed them. Great place for day drinking.

Jonathan Mirgeaux

Great burgers. They've turned down the volume of the music a notch which makes eating inside better

Carli M

Great service, good food. A little loud so if you want to talk, this may not be the place for you.


Fast friendly service... Excellent food... Very enjoyable experience:)

Destiny Scott

Keep in mind the kitchen closes an hour before they close but the bar is open until it says they close. Still great food & great music!! A good time.

Brendan Knapp

Incredible, huge burgers. Heavy metal music. Great selection of beer and cocktails. Highly recommend.

Karmen Sanchez

Amazing food, amazing service. I like how they have so many cute burger options with their own different flavors. Highly recommend.

Jason Chelf

Party of 9 on Saturday 9/14. Everyone LOVED the burgers! (one person misunderstood the Sourvein and was disappointed; but it came exactly as described) 2 people ordered Mac & Cheese, and that was phenomenal as well. 7 others all received burnt fries. Not just well-done or crispy; these were burnt! No one ate theirs. Not even the bottomless pit teenage boy in our group. He ate the lettuce garnishment that was served under the fried pickles and jalapeno poppers instead. The person expediting food or the waiter should have noticed 7 plates of burnt french fries. Tried flagging down our waiter, but he never got close enough to our table. Towards the end of the meal, a female (hostess? mgr?) came by and asked how the food was. We told her about the fries, showed her that no one had eaten them, and asked if they were always that way? She said "not usually, I'll take 10% off the bill." Really appreciate that, but I would rather have paid full price for good food. Her reaction was so quick, it actually makes me think that this happens quite often. Will probably return for burgers with mac and cheese, but doubt I will risk the fries again.

Samuel Leroy-Melamed

My wife and I love this spot. I cannot say enough good things about the food, the service, or the ambience. The ambience comes with the caveat that they are true to their mission. It's loud in there for sure. There are countless places out there that will sell you a greasy hamburger. This place is a cut above. The ingredients piled on top of the meat are simultaneously plentiful and thoughtful. Many (all?) of the burgers come on a pretzel bun, which ingeniously keeps the structure of the burger afloat. The beer list is outstanding. One last comment on the service: The wait staff- at their own insistence- returned my wife's burger TWICE because they didn't believe that it was properly cooked to her preferred "done-ness." Props also to the manager for following up with us, and getting my wife a free drink.

Jonathan Brown

Great food and cool atmosphere. We went here before a concert and it was a perfect fit. This place is unique in its references to heavy metal bands, which creates a cool feel and experience, but that would not be important if the food didn't hold up its end of the deal. The food definitely stands on its own. My friend and I both loved our food the staff was very friendly and accommodating. Parking can be a pain as this appears to be a popular area for dining and drinking.

Grace Clay

Delicious! Goatsnake burger with a veggie patty, side of mac with sweet corn and portabellas. Will definitely be back to try more.

Tiffany Burdine

Worst craft beer I ever tasted. I'm not the only one that went multiple times and felt the same way. They won't even let you have a sample before you pay 5 bucks for a whole glass of beer. That's ripping people off just to get paid and stay open. Nice looking place though.


Hard to find parking. According to the website, the small lot across the street is theirs, but it was full. I'm assuming it's from from neighboring businesses, because it wasn't very busy. Cool atmosphere, even for those who don't listen to Metal music. Anyone with an open mind could easily enjoy it. The food was amazing and staff was nice. I had the Pig Destroyer.

Steven Lanz

Great food with an amazing atmosphere.

Robynn Alexander

Amazing beer/mead/soda selection and fantastic food! Dog friendly patio and great service! Andrea G is a wonderful server. We'll be back soon!

Erica Mueller

Great service! As far as burgers--lots of unique options for toppings! Big serving sizes so definitely worth the prices. Their fries are delicious too!!

Ken Miller

The food is quite good, and the selection of drinks are rather ecclectic. The decor is well done, although the metal rock theme is everywhere. The only detractor is the music volume. It's so loud that you can't have a conversation: we resorted to texting rather than trying to shout across the table.

Michael Crowe

Neat burger combos. I'm fairly simple, but I tried one of their unique creations. Not too bad!! It's a hard rock....musically speaking...type of atmosphere too. Inside or outside dining.

Amber Frost

My new favorite place in Indy! Hands down, the best burger I've ever had! A fun and unique atmosphere.

Jacob Scheid

Went for the first time. The burger was amazing! They always have a great craft beer selection. And of course if you love metal / rock music this is the place to be!

Jerry McCory

Food was perfectly prepared, service was great. Wonderful atmosphere throughout the restaurant. Will definitely go back!!!!

EWC Home Services And Interior Design

Great sandwiches, craft beer and a cool heavy metal vibe. Waiter had served us before and very knowledgeable about the menu and surrounding communities. We will be back.

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