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301 Southern Indiana Ave #600, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

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REVIEWS OF Kobe Japanese Steakhouse IN Indiana

Cherie Beach

Didn't like it as well as I used to!

Janice Pullen

Food and drinks were YUMMY! My guest had never eaten Japanese food. By the end of the meal I'm convinced you'll have a repeat customer.

Carla Morgan

Wonderful food, great atmosphere, good prices! Excellent service!


Very good. Little hole in the wall but worth looking into

Amber Mason

It was cool to learn and watch how they make the dishes on front of you

Stupid Cat

It was pretty bad. There were two groups of people in the entire place, and it took us longer to watch them cook the food than it took for them to actually cook it. The salad tasted bland and fake, not a very good one. The soup tasted so watered down that a pack of 60 second Ramen noodles was better tasting than it. The chicken and rice were the only good things there. The server barely ever came by, and it took longer for them to get us drinks than it ever took a waitor in a crowded full restaurant. The plates and cups looked older than dirt. I do not recommend it. It's too expensive and for the price of one tiny sushi plate, you can get a 12 ounce steak, French fries and a salad at texas roadhouse for a much better deal and they serve real salad at texas roadhouse.

joe karr

Habachi chefs are great and food is really good.

Chris Lucien

Great food and service. Very quiet when we were there. Almost uncomfortable.

Jennifer Moore

There sushi is so fresh and the variety is great too!

ruffryder starr

It isn’t the same! It’s DIRTY and the cook is horrible. The owner is way disrespectful!!

Andrea Whitman

Friendly staff, amazing food. Can't wait to visit again

Francisco Enriquez II

Very good service , waiters name Kyle great service , we had numerous type of sushi and sake

Allison Cordy

Sushi is always super fresh and delicious. Grill tables at lunch are a great value!

Heidi Howard


Frank H

Definitely not up to the standards of other Kobes. Staff was friendly enough and the food wasn't bad but the place is as run down as can be. Decor is old and worn and the sign on the front was out. The night we went all but one chef walked out on the owner and we had to wait almost an hour. They provided free appetizers and even drinks so again, wait staff was amazing but the owners apparently don't care about their business.

Valerie Lawson

Scallops were delicious. Chef Max was awesome!

Lance Stewart

Every time we visit, it continues to decline. No longer a decent value.

Jonathan Parrish

Food was good and was delivered quickly.

Me Who

Delicious food, very entertaining

M Park

It's OK. Nothing spectacular, but the quality is good

Lt Logan

Great service, good food

Chuck Heitz

Sushi was good I thought the steak wasn't the greatest the scallops was not bad either the service was excellent also the veggies was about half cooked

Carleen Dixon

Jester does the

Blackfoot Winyan

I've been coming here since they opened as I asked if they used real crab and Ms D said yes. I loved it. I've told jokes everytime I come up from Florida how we have crab everywhere and they use imitation so I have to go to Indiana to get the real thing. I would tell all of them this as each time I would ask you using real crab right? She would always say yes and the roll makers would look on. I went to another new place on Chas Rd as Kobe is starting to get skimpy and they don't know how to do tempura; it seems all you get is this slimy grease logged advocado so I take it they just not letting their grease get hot instead of leaving it on. I'm beginning to think alot of rules are being broken and it saddens my heart as I loved them. But to find out I've been lied to for 18+ years on getting real crab when it's imitation was a huge heart breaker. I even asked her, ", you up the prices but now skimp on the food, what's up with that?". She said you know real crab and advocado is expensive. Hmm so what's the excuse for the other items. So unless I eat at the hibachi table where they do have a cheaper mix of mustard sauce they are using and no more veggies in the rice and hardly any butter and its fake kind not the real, but because according to them some people complain as I replied then tell them to get white rice! Why make the rest of us suffer? The place on Chas rd. As I asked if imitation crab and they said everyone uses imitation, I said not Kobe's. The guy told me someone there that used to work for them told them that even though they their crab was real it was imitation. We argued. As I thought she would never lie to me. He said just give us a try. I did. It was good. But I was alone and he kept coming over and I was eating sushi which is hard to eat with no mess especially if have ms. So I'll go back. There is a great place on Veterans Pkwy called Kansai. The bad thing is they shut down lunch to early and don't tell you. I believe it's 1pm. Plus now I have to start all over on figuring out what I like to eat as far as sushi. Because everyone has their own name. Plus they are embarrassing as they fly a piece of food in your mouth to catch even if you say no. Now realize you are sitting with a bunch of strangers, sometimes all men and I'm 57 and have just started out eating alone after 20 years. They have now made their salad dressing like Kobe's so much better. Their food is great and they are close to where I stay. I always have left overs and you can say put the butter on in a big scoop and mustard and sesame please, as I've asked and everyone don't care and he will ask and they will say yes scoop that real butter makes me laugh. We love sesame seed go ahead. So no more sushi of fake stuff or hibachi of everything being left out. You watching your calories and don't care about msg then Kobe's the place. Sorry to say. All of these Japanese restaurants use imitation crab so eat at the table or get shrimp or something if that bugs you or you Ill. I have MS and don't need to be eating msg and it really upsets me as she has cancer so would be like me feeding her a bunch of fiber in her broth without her knowledge, knowing it's no good for her. If you eat at the table or get shrimp rolls nothing with crab unless soft shell then your ok. If your Ill, just stay away as msg is no good for anyone. Sorry Kobe's if I would've done this two months ago you would've got a four but now I honestly believe the board of health should make you people tell if you using take crab, butter admitting with msg. Because some illnesses prohibit it like tomato's!! The staff is nice but they do hire any race, whites, Chinese because they Chinese, Philippino, don't think I've seen a Japanese person in there in years so there went the ambiance!!

Christie Schmitt

Food was good. They had a difficult time accommodating our group that reserved the place. Should like to try again with a smaller group. (We had around 100+ people).

Amara Taylor

The best sushi in the area hands down. They have a cucumber roll which is made of cucumber and not your typical sushi roll but it is delicious. The other rolls are great as well! Another one of my faves is the Tsunami roll!

DeAnna Myers

We stopped in here once to see our favorite chef and it was delicious.

Chris Batts

Max is here again. Always a pleasure coming to see him and enjoying the meal he prepares. He's the best.and the causes here are better than most of the other restaurants I have visited.

Johnathon Gardner


Miss Dealing

The menus were sticky and dirty. There were only 3 of us, but the waiter added an 18% gratuity, which I thought was a bit presumptuous.


I have always enjoyed Kobe Japanese Steakhouse but the 20% automatic gratuity added is ridiculous. I can see if I was sitting at the Habachi grill but sitting at a table and charged is crazy. This is my last time frequenting this establishment. You have lost a good(weekly) customer that spends over $100. Watch your tickets as we were overcharged but caught it before we left.

Gary Coffey

Food was great price so so

Kala Thomas

This is my go-to for amazing hibachi! Their food is delicious and you get a great portion without paying crazy prices. The teriyaki chicken is delicious and the yum yum sauce is great on the side! The bathrooms aren’t as clean so if you have children I recommend changing them in the car. A military discount is available here.

Bram Avontuur

The menus were dirty and sticky. The waitress gave us beer bottles without opening them, and they were not twist cap bottles. There was some drama and some customers left angrily because they appeared to have to wait for a long time. There were 3 tables with dirty plates on them when we arrived, and they were still there when we left about an hour later. We intended to have sushi, but after witnessing what was going on we opted for simple cooked dishes instead, and left quickly.

Bill Sullivan

Fun cooking show and tasty food

Young T

The food was excellent and amazing as always. The best Japanese steakhouse house in southern Indiana. The chef Max was very entertaining and enjoyable. Visted with people from out of town they loved it.

Stephen Carter

Amazing food. Went like 3 weeks in a row when I was up in louisville kentucky

Bruce Cadillac

It was a little sketchy, but good time overall

Josh Bossie

Food is always delicious and the staff is very friendly!

Carol Griffin

Really good food and friendly people

Michael Otto

Awesome experience..we had the best chef (older Asian fellow) food was awesome big portions..

Mr. Carter

The service was great the cook on the grill put on an amazing show while producing an awesome tasty meal

Kyle Fluhr

This was an experience and as a former worker in the food service industry, the problems that caused my low score seem very internal. We were greeted at our table by one waitress who said she would be right with us, but before she could return, another waitress came to take our orders. Not 3 mins after that the original waitress returned and when told that another waitress had come by and taken our drink orders, her look went to one of aggravation. My friend said his steak was good but he also got it about 25 mins before the rest of our party got their food, which were a total of 4 sushi rolls. None of which were very good. There was no atmosphere(no music of any kind playing on Saturday night) confused service and an extremly long wait on food at a time where they may have been 20 total people in the restaurant. Ive eaten at many Japanese restaurants. This is one I will avoid in the future.

TheGoat Thomas

Understaffed! Food didnt match quality of pricing. Upon needing to speak with a manager about their short comings, she behaved uninterested in fixing the problem.

Douglas Cooley

I cannonly speak on the

Richard McCameron

This place is nothing like it use to be. A lot of businesses on the riverfront are having to shut down. I think they most be hurting. They always have new staff and are in training. So the orders get wrong. Prices are going up and the food quality is going down. I don't write reviews off one bad experience. I have gone about 10 times last year and all were bad. Looks like I will be staying on the Louisville side of the river for lunch. It's really said there food was so good. Had to remove my photos because it's not a good example of the food any more.

Brad Heimbrock

Some of the best food I've ever had. Never had a long wait and the presentation is always fun.

Destini Bryant

Kobe’s has been our favorite place for years but they have really went down. We went last night I had to ask 2 times for my sushi order to be put in. The chef came out and didn’t smile at all interacted with the kids a lil rushed through the meal our rice was so hard when I told him it was hard nothing he could do about it. Never asked how we wanted or stake cooked. I ordered a drink when we sat down got it 10min before we left I asked repeatedly for. It was just awful and pretty sure there was only one chef working.

Stephanie Meredith

Great Chicken

Anthony Crist

Love this place everyone is always very nice and food is always amazing.

Joanna Turner

The hibachi cook we had was entertaining and the food was delicious

steven schilt

Exactly what I was looking for, every time I come in. I have never had bad food here. The place gets a bit packed on Fridays but they still serve just as fast as they can. I've never eaten at the grills as I prefer a quiet table but I eat items similar to the grill and enjoy them.

Jessica Mack

I've been here a few times and this is the only time I didn't have an amazing experience. We had to wait for over an hour before our Chef came to cook our food. But food was good as always Chef was very entertaining and our server was very attentive.

zephyr johnson

Pretty good! Ordered Chefs special, worth the money!

Crystal Copperwheat

Went in for lunch with a group of friends. After being seated our waitress came to get our drink order immediately. After receiving our waters, we asked if there were drink specials since there were signs all over the entrance area for $5 cocktails. The waitress continued to read off of the specials wall that Wednesdays were 50% off bottle of wine. We proceeded to ask about the drink specials that were posted and the waitress tells us that is only on Friday and Saturdays only. The waitress took a long time to come back to take our orders. By the time the waitress came back we all needed refills for our drinks. Everyone at the table ordered salads. 2 large ginger, 2 small ginger, and 1 cucumber. When the salads came the waitress brought out 3 large salads and 1 cucumber. So when it came to the 2 people that ordered the small salads she asked if they wanted to share the large salad. WHAT?! We asked if she could bring out another salad because that is not ok. The ginger salads were ok, the cucumber salad tasted like the dressing was just straight rice wine vinegar. The sushi came out and it was very underwhelming. The rolls were tiny. I ordered the red bull roll ($14)and the steak was overcooked and tasted way too smoky. The rest of the rolls were good, but as I said were very small. After we finished eating, we had to flag down out waitress to get our checks to which she replied "Sorry we were doing scheduling.". We were the only people in the restaurant which made me wonder why we received such terrible service. This was my first time here and I will not be back. Overpriced tiny rolls and terrible waitstaff.

cynthia plunkett

The service is phenomenal. Although we had a server, the entire staff works cohesively to ensure that the customer is well taken care of.

James-Jeralee George

The cook was great, entertaining and fun to watch. Food tasted great, however... the service was horrible!! Worst I've ever experienced by far!

mary fletcher

Great place to eat

Cisco Morales

The food is great and the atmosphere there is nice. The people are polite. It's always busy. Close by the river.

Devaris Johnson

Very good food service is right in front of you

Marilu Uland

The food at the grills is fine, but the management seems disorganized. The Kobe's in Jeff used to be fun to go to, especially with it's bridge over the koi ponds. They've taken out all the fun stuff, though, and even added weird non-Japanese foods to the menu.

Eddie Hardy

Food is amazing, staff is friendly, and has a nice atmosphere.

Kerri Caldwell

My toddler loved the hibachi grill. Server was super nice.

Carolyn Watson

The food and service are always exceptional. They have a nice wine selection. The raw bar, salads, and of course the steaks are all great!!!! We have friends that insist on dinner at Jeff Ruby's every time they are in town.

Dylan Thompson

Amazing restraunt excellent servers and skilled chefs

Jeffrey Bell

There's nothing like having a meal prepared right in front of you... Highly recommended...

Nicole Kirk

So much fun and yummy food!

Chanethia Gaines

Food is soo good!!! They make it right in front of you....

Dennis Jones

The food was good as usual. One of the couples joining us had a $10 off coupon but, it wasn't accepted because a manager wasn't present to verify the coupon. Not a very impressive way to run a business...

Kyle Moore

It was a bit hectic but mostly do to a field trip of an elementary school.

Jason Smith

Meals are great, sushi isn't worth the price. We ordered multiple rolls and didn't care for any of them. We love sushi and frequent many places in the Kentuckiana area, but this is one of the lowest on that list.

Robert Joles

Good amount of good food for a good price.

Barbara Kyriss

Habachi and tablemates were great...thanks Max for the entertainment.

Tanisha Trice

Nice atmosphere Good Food!

David Pollard

Best black to eat if u like the food cooked right in front of you great staff and very nice and funny cooks they also do little fun tricks while cooking ur food

Lisa Rogers

Fair. Food was good. Service was mediocre. They gave most of the food to another group that the chef was flirting with and also forgot to cook part of my dinner.

Cadence Doyle

I always have an absoulute amazing time here .If you have never experienced the delite you should definitely go to the hibachi grill and the soup and rice is my absolute favorite part defenitanly a favorite.

lashonda fletcher

Awful service!! Drink has a bug in it! The waitress was slow and the hostess was mean and nasty! This use to be a great establishment...

David Long

Seated immediately but 1.5 hours before they started preparing food even though there only two tables with customers.

Ruben Clinkenbeard

Had a great time with my grandchildren. They eat all their food. And had fun with the whitish .Thank you all . You'll see us again

Christopher Hurt

My chef was Max and his wife was my waitress and they were amazing! Will be back often! Just had the hibachi but the sushi looked amazing! If you go, ask for Max's table and ask for the plum wine and anything with scallops and you won't be disappointed.

NebulaSpaceKitty 1

Great service, and good food. I ordered a sushi roll and the chef came to our table. He was very friendly and explained the food, it was my first time having this kind of food so It was nice to have someone explain everything. Very comforting


After being lied to for years I found out their crab is fake. I point blank asked years ago and was told a lie. Other than that the rolls are good I would say awesome but the past year the price has risen while the quantity has depleted. Hibachi is good but they have changed their fried rice a few years ago adding no sesame or veggies stating people don't want it... Also they've changed their mustard sauce. They also charge for Xtra dressing on your salad. They also try and rush you when really it's not like their are people waiting in line. It's a good family night out for a price... But the children will enjoy the show or what's left of it. The ambiance of the whole Japanese theme is gone... Waiters of any race can work there with all of this diversity stuff; so can't hold them accountable for that. 3 stars means average to me... No longer awesome but still good. They've went totally downhill. The prices are out the roof and the quantity has went way down in portion sizes. Hate to say it but Kansai is more expensive but so far they haven't ripped me off on aunty they just have to many cream cheese white man's rolls. Tao off of Charlestown road behind penn station is good too and they have an authentic Japanese ambiance which is nice to see. Waiters very friendly it. Either place better than jibes. Even all of their help has left them so they have a new crew once again or two times again or three times again but the last two that were hanging on are now gone. You tell me...

Dannella Kender

David was amazing couldn't ask for a better server

Joe L

Really good and fresh sushi. The only dislike I have is they're closed between the hours of 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Sleepy Sloth

TO BE FAIR obviously the seafood in this establishment would be subpar, but like WOW it was bad. The ginger salad was literally floating in ginger dressing. The edamame was basically microwaved raw and came out like firm but hot

Brittany Longmire

Food was quite delicious, but this place is pricey! When you order a $17 sushi roll you expect a good portion and a great taste. Sadly that was not the case with the Foxy Lady Roll. The VIP Roll was a fun experience with fire but was lacking in taste and they put so much sauce on the plate that it made the sushi mushy and hard to pick up. The Shrimp Pad Thai was flavorless and the shrimp was over cooked. The only really good thing was the egg rolls and gyoza, they where amazing. The service wasn't really that great either and the staff doesn't know the menu and are quick to tell you so. They also don't listen very well and had to ask multiple times for boxes which came to us one at time, one trip at a time. If you are thinking about coming here, I won't advise having high expectations.

Edric Salone

This place was a little hard to locate but ended up being quite entertaining. The hibachi chef had good personality and presentation. Everyone felt welcome and the food was good. Great salad dressing as well. Even though we were seated quickly it did take quite a bit of time for our chef to get ready. Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area

Detrick Clark

Great sushi, filet mignon, and lobster.

Shelley Kimmel

We ordered the 12 piece sashimi plate, salmon roe, 2 pieces of mackerel and the Godzilla roll. I also ordered the Wasabi bloody Mary. The sashimi was really fresh, chilled and fresh. The roll was PERFECT! I wasn't a fan of the Bloddy Mary but I think it it's because there was no garnish. I would have liked to have more wasabi on my plate instead of having to ask for it. Our server was friendly but a bit pushy. Our Chef was very friendly and super efficient. Overall we had a great experience and look forward to returning.

Antonio Frazier Sr

Food was awesome chef did a great job so I decided to give him a nice tip only to get my check and there was gratuity added for only 2 people eating so I asked to either take the gratuity off my check or give back what I already paid to the chef I in turn had planned on tipping my waitress also but since she added it herself I guess I'll keep the rest of my money in my pocket that's bad business and I won't return or recommend this establishment to no one else!!!!!

Laura Houston

Today's my birthday and wanted to come to Kobe's. I always order my rice without eggs.. Max "the chef"says I'm going to make them special, and if you don't like it I will make a special order for you. Let me tell you that was the best rice I've ever had.. Hats off to Max the guy with the special sauce & Jennifer for making it a great B day!

Storm Maker

Everyone was especially nice we did the hibachi we got sushi and was a little pricey and they added gratuity but overall it was well worth it

Sandy Baskin

Awesome customer service

damont perkins

Always have a great experience when I go to Kobe's

Dee Morabito

Very fresh sushi and steak , the restaurant is clean servers are very friendly and helpful .

Donnie Dunn

Oh yeah n the girl I was with is hot

Jeanette Mullins

Aw its the best better than all the rest california rolls

Monnesha C

My all time favorite restaurant!! If I do hibachi, I order the chicken (comes with a load of veggies and rice), and they bring you soup and/or salad that is AMAAAAAZING! If I just do the diner side, I order the plain rice and green salad (approx $7 total). The dressing used on the salad is heavenly lol & no one makes great rice like them! The chefs are super friendly I love watching them engage with the food/guests the way they do!

vuong le

Best chefs and service. High quality japanese products.

Tonya M Marshall

omg, this place is so greasy that you slide on the floor. if I hadn't met a friend for lunch I would have walked out. so gross!

Kozak UK

Its dirty inside, food was not that good at all. Wouldn't come back

Stretch Holmes

Ask for max. Tip him good.

Kevin Popeck

This was our first visit to Kobe and both my wife and I really enjoyed our donning experience, so much so that we cannot wait to go again.

BrightEyez 4U

Not as nice as it use to be. Saturday night, and only one server in the building, food was cold, only 3 couples in the dining room and they sat us all in neighboring booths, and it took forever to get any service. Disappointed.

Susan Holstein

An old favorite. Started eating there when they opened. Have never been disappointed. Love the food and the service!

Michelle Flood

The food is good, not great.

joann skaggs

It sick am never going to the food sick s

Cherish Sizemore

Food was delicious and service was great!

Isabelle Crespo

My dad and I are from Chicago. We were on a road trip and came across this and we LOVE IT! This food was so bomb. Everything was super delicious, everyone was nice. We ate hibachi and the service was amazing ❤️

Devin Bizer

Always a pleasure, they just seem to mess my check up when I go. Food is phenomenal though and they are always so kind.

Crystal morris

Service was good and the food was amazing. Best sushi! The chefs for the girl and sushi bar was very friendly and great at prepping and cooking. Me and my husband make it our date place. Love it!!!

Margaret Smith

Here for the first time today and we loved it! Very quick and friendly service. Chief Bobby was very entertaining for all of us. Highly recommend! Food was delicious!

Geoff Miller

Chef was great, very personable. Food is delicious.

Rain Click

Friendly employees and food are delicious. Sushi bar is the BEST. Awesome sushi chefs. Will honor your sushi request. Recommended when you are in town.

Gus Corolis

For being one who doesn't usually eat Sushi, I had the beginners platter and LOVED it! Going back soon.

Jessica noland

The food was delicious ,the service was great , everyone was very friendly to talk to and very helpful with the menus , Sushi roll was excellent , will be back

Theresa Taylor

Denied service at 8:15pm with a group of 14 because it is Thunder over Louisville and they want to close by 9:00. WOW! I came here once a week and always spend more than $200. Never again!

Maureen Boulanger

Service was a little slow. Food was excellent.

Randi Bryson

The silverware was not all the way clean. There was a piece of salad in my boyfriends drink before we even got our food. The teriyaki chicken is delicious, but their “deep fried” shrimp was something I’ve never heard of, and certainly wasn’t a fan of. The meal I had gotten honestly just made me feel sick.

Larissa Mejia

Great food! Me and my husband had sushi and all 3 rolls were delicious! We had the lobster roll, tsunami roll, and can't remember the third but very good!

Zen Zem

The chef was very entertaining I suggest that if you come here bring your wallet because it is a bit pricy $$$ but the quality of the food is definitely worth the price also bring your appetite because the meal is not small(if you are dineing with a party of more than 4) and you order some thing other than sushi lol.

Kendra Zumhingst

Very good! Our waitor was excellent too!


Absolutely love this restaurant. The sushi is always fresh and hand made. Prices are perfectly reasonable. I suggest trying their Ninja Roll! The waiters can be a hit and miss with their service but there are plenty walking around willing to help with whatever you need. The grill is an amazing experience and doesn't cost extra to sit at. The cooks love talking with you and playing tricks or telling jokes. The food is always cooked perfectly and the sushi comes out at a perfect time. And if you want to relocate from the grill to a table, they'll move everything for you without any hassle. We have several sushi places closer to us, as we live in Louisville KY, but Kobe is certainly worth the trip.

Michael Hayes

Went with a group of people and never received mine my gf or my nieces food everyone ate in front of us and got there to go boxes and no worker even said anything

Lillian McCoy

The chef was good and entertaining and my food was good I was turned off by the man who came out of the back with a soil white tshirt got to fix that

Robert MacKenzie

Good AmeriJapan food. Staff is friendly and a clean environment. I will be back again!

Leigh Vanhoose

Service was HORRIBLE!! Waited 10 minutes to be seated then when we were it took them about the same amount of time to even take our drink order. Then we sat there for bout 20 more minutes waiting for someone to take our food order. Another 30 to even get the food which was only soup and salad then waited more time for the habachi cook to come out only to discover that the table hadn't been turned on so he could not cook in front of us then offering to cook on another table then serve us from that table to ours. That would have defeated the purpose of the whole show of cooking the food in front of us. ALSO they place their dirty menus directly on your dinner plate so as to make sure you get just the right amount of nasty germs with your dinner. DISGUSTING!!!!! WASTED TIME AND WASTED MONEY WILL NEVER GO BACK AND CAN ONLY SUGGEST THAT YOU FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE ALSO. STAFF WAS RUDE AND NOT ACCOMMODATING AT ALL. YOU WOULD BE BETTER OFF EATING AT TACO BELL THAN THIS PLACE. !!! STAY AWAY FAR AWAY

Jordan Thomas

Very nice for decent meal. Medium portion sizes

Pissed Off

Ordered 2 large combination fried rice. They charged me almost $50. When I tried to tell him I had the exact same order last week and I came to $25, the guy acted like he didn’t understand what I was saying. When he finally realized I wasn’t going to pay that much for the same meal that costs me half of what he quoted me, he could finally understand me and charged me the correct amount. This is the second time they’ve tried to pull this stunt. They’re some con artist at this Kobe location! The food is good though. Lol

Mary Tobin

Love's was such a great place to eat. Everything was so good from the great service to the food. I recommend it highly.

Brian Fouch

Awesome place to eat food was great an gotta love the sake

Jennifer Akers

Always a great meal. Amazing showmanship on the hibachi and great service.

Erick Mays

Great food the Texas Roll and the Philiadelphia Roll was amazing

Maritza Romero Lopez

This its amazing restaurant we are here for vacation this is my second time here food fresh and delicious


This is a very poorly run establishment. My fiancé worked there for a week before being fired in a txt message. Not even in a text message from a manager or the owner but a message from a server. Apparently the owner had passed on our number to a server to have her fire her co worker. I’m not sure who runs this establishment, if it is the owner or the girls that recycle they Clark co detention center week after week but obviously this place needs some work. The reason she was given for being fired is “more or less you ask questions about things and your concerns type training”. Whatever that means, it sounds like a petty excuse to free up a position for a buddy. Also from what I seen from the place it needs a complete overhaul. Everything is dated, and it appears to need a deep cleaning.

Brandon Fowler

The absolute best restaurant I've ever been to in my entire life! It's admittedly the only Japanese restaurant I've ever been to in my life but I absolutely love the sushi there and it puts the sushi at Chinese buffets to shame beyond a doubt! The prices are no more than you'd pay for entrees and appetizers at your average Steakhouse for example. Please give this place a try if you like quality food because it is truly and absolutely the most delicious you will ever taste!

Bobbie Lee

Best food ever just don't sit on a corner part of a table you might get hot by something.

Brent Ward

Crazy awesome options for entrees and sushi rolls. They are willing to custom make if you have a favorite not on the menu. Great people!

kyle newby

1st visit early 2018: Sushi was great and the hibachi chef was very entertaining. It's a little pricey but food is definitely worth it. 2nd visit march 1st 2019: came on a Friday night at 6pm, place was mostly empty, was told a 45 minute wait for hibachi grill ( 3 grills are completely empty ), so we sat in dining room, had almost an hour wait for food that was all cold and cooked completely wrong. Manager would only take 20 dollars off each check. This place used to be so good but has really went down hill. Would not recommend.

Felicia Muncy

decently priced Hibatchi. always have a good time

matt kull

Omg best Hibachi in Kentuckiana

The Hencard

I absolutely love this place from the servers to the chef this place is a must see, and eat at restaurant. It is fun for the entire family they interact with children very well and it seems with the smile and playful demeanor of the chef it breaks all language boundaries. Two thumbs way up i will always be looking forward to my next visit.

Crystal Newton

First time at a Hibachi grill and by far thee best restaurant experience I've had on a while. Went with my fiancée, Jack, and the Chef Max was totally awesome from start to finish. On top of that, I had one of the best mixed drinks I've had in any restaurant EVER!! I will definitely be back!!! Thank you!!!

Heather Ernst

We had a great dinner and had Max as our chef! Definitely recommend!

Dennis Horn

My son used to love this place when it was in Shelbyville KY. We've visited here a few times over the years, It's nice, but no better than other Japanese food-and-a-show grills.

Pamela Turner

food was excellent and so was the service

Audrey Steier

This place is always delicious with great customer service. I love lunch at Kobe.

Dan Carter

Wounder full time tasty food

James Wilson

Well this place had been an occasional favorite for many years but they just made it so I am very unlikely to ever return. See the attached photos...they said they were too busy and it would be an hour and a half before they could serve us. Really!?! I see that you had a large group but you have plenty of seats free at both half empty and unserved tables as well as completely empty tables. Almost no one in the other side. The large group you admitted was a prior reservation so you should have staffed accordingly. Even for two cooks it should take more than about 30 minutes to serve everyone seated. I really feel that the lady and gentleman at the counter (who took a good ten minutes to simply tell us this information) were more interested in talking to each other than working. But, that is ok. We ended up just up the road at Kansai for the same food at similar prices with more customers and no wait. (Photos coming soon. They are in my camera roll but google maps on iOS is allowing me to take a new photo but not pick one from my photos. I am working to see why. )***Update I left the feature open while I tried to search to see what was wrong and the photos eventually loaded for me to pick from.

Tawanda Johnson

Food good..needs updating

Terri Matthews

Food was great. Service was show during a slow hour. Need to hire more staff.

zoey OwO

Great food, great people who work there. Amazing!

Denise Weiter

Lunch prices are very high. Also they now add a 18% tip for the chef automatically to your bill, our chef today was nothing special. Then you tip your server seperate. Have been a customer for many years but will not return.

Terine Whipkey

Max is the best chef!!

Brenda Thompson

Honestly, the food is good but the place is really run down. Service is mediocre and costs are a little high.

Dave Davis

We stopped here for lunch. Sushi was excellent! My steak teriyaki was really good. My wife got the chicken teriyaki, was very lacking on flavor other than the teriyaki sauce. The vegetables on both dishes were more steamed than stir fried. Over all good, but $44 makes it a pricey lunch.

Maryann Amos

Authentic Japanese food done right. Delightful place to dine. Friendly and attentive staff.

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