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59 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

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REVIEWS OF India House Restaurant - Chicago IN Indiana

Nipun Joshi

Waitress were politely rude and food was not that great.

Yesenia Poole

Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. Certainly worth a return trip. This place has good reviews for a reason.

rahul nair

Super frndly staff... food is ok... i felt the place was bit congested... overall had a good experience

Richa Arya

Never eat vegetable jalfrezi, kashmiri naan or jaipur naan. You'll hate it.

Mayur Thakkar

Not worth the money. Taste was average!!

Usual Family

Great ambiance, service and food!

Chris W

Their lunch buffet is amazing, and cost $16 / person.

Satheesh Kumar

Food quality is bad, asked Vegetarian Biryani but got rice with color without any taste When asked them about it they took it inside and added lots of salt and made it very spicy. Prices are expensive (may be because it is in downtown )

Varun Goyal

I tried couple of items. Chicken Tikka masala I tried was tasteless and was not properly cooked. Biryani was below average. It is very costly restaurant and definitely not worth the prices they have kept for the menu. I have also tried their vegetable thali which was also very overly priced. Sweet in thali was not good. Chana masala was average. Who charges you $27 for a vegetable thali? I will suggest to give a skip to this restaurant. Highly over priced

Irwin Demetrius

Absolutely a spot worth stopping by, the food is great and fresh, the prices are affordable and it is constantly clean here. Keep it up.

Stephen Leonard

The ONLY thing better than the food is the AWESOME service.

shiwanshu kumar

Its nice restaurant in the area and, good quality indian food.

Mani Kandan

I have visited Chicago to participate Chicago Marathon, I was in diet, can't eat more before my big race. I came to this restaurant for South Indian food, particularly light food. Once entered the restaurant come to know there was a buffet lunch that day. Then decided to try. Really all food was delicious taste. Particularly Chicken and fish finger was yummy. The variety was incredible, also excellent hospitality by all employees of this restaurant. I am really very happy, had lot of food and forgotten my diet. It's OK I can manage by running some extra miles. Really this restaurant is worth for money. Also seen many other country people enjoyed the Indian food. Felt very proud. Thank you for the opportunity to review this restaurant, definitely will get a chance once again to Chicago, never miss this restaurant. Thanks

shambhavi bhushan

Wonderful experience. This is the closest I have had to authentic Indian food in Chicago. Mango ice cream and tandoori chicken

James Frenzel

Fun buffet style lunch with friendly service. Good for vegetarians.

Mike Shaw

The restaurant location is great and the decor is pretty good and the staff is caring. However, the food at this restaurant lacks basics: taste, freshness, appearance. It is almost like the cooks lack training or are mixing pre-prepared ingredients to make the dishes. We tried 9 dishes and none of them were of acceptable quality. We found only the garlic naan acceptable. For the restaurant's and their customers' sake, the restaurant needs to fix the basics asap. For the steep price they are charging and the 'fine dining' experience they want to provide, the restaurant will need to far exceed the basic stuff though.

Ryan Aguiar

Took an Indian immigrant here and got the seal of approval. We all loved it. Take a chance on their signature cocktails too. They're worth it

Stanley Sequeira

Loved the buffet, but they should add lamb to the menu - which is quite common with any standard Indian luncheon.

Shiv Shankar Pandit

Wide spread Lunch Buffet with reasonable price and true taste of India. I was amazed by the taste of each of the items. Desserts were awesome. Tip: Go Empty Stomach as you would need space to fill up yummiest food of the town. I would definitely recommend if you are in town and would love to go again.

Saranya Venkatesan

Best restaurant and best buffet price was 16 dollars we had lot of varieties for vegetarian items like pav bhaji , panipuri, naan , veg briyani and lot of options in gravy ... desert mango ice cream and gulab jamun staff are very friendly I highly recommend this restaurant must try in Chicago

Peter K

The only reason for 4 stars is Food is delicious, ambience is great. The server appeared very indifferent may be coz the restaurant was about to close in 30mins. Cocktails were watered down and a big let down for the pricetag.

Karen Waters

I must say that this is probably one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. The staff was patient and attentive, very knowledgeable about the menu, offered some great suggestions. You could eat here every day for a month and just get through the menu. I went here with a friend of mine who had the curry chicken and I had the curry goat and the food was exquisite. If you've seen any of my previous ratings that's not a word I use a lot. Honestly there is nothing negative that I can say about my experience in this restaurant

Lucas Coady

Was there for lunch buffet. The food has slipped a little bit but it’s still pretty decent.

Moriba Diallo

Good varier of Indian food! Their lunch buffet is awesome

Amit Asnani

Great Indian restaurant in Chicago!! My US colleague took us there for dinner. There was no buffet at that time but the food was so delicious, from start to finish. After ordering appetizers we also ordered the dinner for three. We had so much food that at the end we also had leftovers, nice !! Desserts were provided complimentary and it was superb. Service was excellent and the restaurant is very clean so that's a plus. Can't wait to go back !!!

Siddharth Singh

Awesome food value for money

mithilesh chowdary

Didnt Find a lower Rating Than One for This Place, Service is not Prompt. Food tastes good but never try bhelpoori as I doubt its Being done in the same Bowl since Long, I Tried Buffet and would request you to not try buffet at all they claim they have 250 items but I didnt find at least 10 and the food is so normal Dont know how this place Got these reviews.

Chandini Vynatheya

It's a decent lunch deal for the price of $15 but strangely enough, they did not have a "Tandoor" option for vegetarians. They had tandoori chicken but no tandoori paneer. The fare in general was alright. The baigan bartha was delicious and so was the pav bhaji. The live bhel Puri counter was a nice touch but the bhel could definitely have been made more exciting if they'd only had more options as to ingredients. The salad counter was quite basic. Dessert was gulab jamun, kheer and mango ice cream (made in house and was very nice) It was quite nice overall, worth a one time visit.

Naina Lalka

Excellent food and service, though it's pricey

Midwest Concert Video

Exceptional lunch buffet. Not cheap, but it's reasonable for the neighborhood. I got there at 1:30 on a Tuesday, well after the rush and still got fresh naan and tandoori chicken and all of the food was fresh and tasty. This is one of the very best places to bring a party with vegetarian members. They had ten vegetable entrees and three meat ones (not counting the tandoori chicken) and those were on a separate table so they could be avoided by non-carnivores.

Sukrit Gupta

The food is good, the buffet has a lot of options and the chat/other stuff is good too. The staff is good and serves properly and on time, so complaints there. The only thing is that the cost of this place does not justify the taste of food you eat. It's not bad, but it's not the best either.

Location Review

This place has one of the LARGEST INDIAN CUISINE spreads I have seen downtown in a long time. The food is fresh and there is plenty to choose from. Their menu offers all the traditional Indian recipes with twists and similar names for well-known dishes. I love Indian food and this was my first time coming here for lunch. The noon hour is bustling with people of all ethnic backgrounds. There are vegan options as well (a little limited, but I'm sure it will grow. The daal, parathi, aloo, channa masala were a HIT! VERY AFFORDABLE! If you like Indian food, then you won't be unsatisfied. Tons of meat and tons of vegetables! You decide!

Jodie Àrmstrong

Very flavorful. Great customer service. Highly recommended.

Katwren Anderson

Great midday buffet.

Ashwin Prabhu

The ambience is great. Mostly North Indian items on the menu. My server was Viraj. He was polite and answered our questions about the menu. The food came on time. The food was good. Nothing wrong with the food except the fact that there was a bit more oily than it should have had. The tables are closely packed making it a bit difficult to talk to the person on your table. There service following the food was slow. It took time to clear our table. We waiting for the hand cloth the bill the box . The could have definitely done much better than that considering it's and upscale place. The restaurant is easy to spot. We were seated immediately as we went on a Monday evening.

Martin Luther

Little expensive for the varieties they served. If you are in downtown and you really want to eat indian this is the place you have to go. Nothing is better than this near to the downtown when it comes to indian food

Jessica Ahn

I frequent India House for their lunch buffet. There is a wide variety of foods to chose from - salad bar, curries (veggies, fish, chicken, beef), naan, dessert, and per table, the provide tandoori chicken (unlimited refills). The tandoori chicken is on point - moist and flavorful! The staff is always friendly and not too overbearing. Love making the trip from the loop out to River North for the buffet.

Rupam Chatterjee

Good place but bit unreasonable in price

Auguste Dubuisson

Great place to go to lunch or any occasion. The staff is very friendly.

Yatin J. Patel MD MBA

Expensive but worth it. Tamarind Martini has red chilli powder on the rim. Naans are soft and rich. Palak paneer is consistently good. Service is fast.

Raju Ahamad

Top.. good for buffet lunch

Abhisht Bhartia

Nice staff. Good food! You can request to make the food spicier.

Rahil Shah

This place has amazing Indian dishes. It was about to close the buffet in the afternoon but we got the chance to experience the delicious food. The most I loved was Tandoori Chicken and Gulab Jamun in the desert. At last, would surely praise the team of this restaurant for the service they provide. I would surely recommend this restaurant to all taste buds who want to experience the finger licking Indian cuisine.

Mithra J

Here for a conference and stopped by the restaurant to get takeout. I asked for lamb vindaloo and spicy naan... it is so tasty! Food is so good! I did not stay at the restaurant but the restaurant looked nice and the staff was really nice! Thank you Chicago curry house for giving me amazing food!

archi dsouza

It's really expensive restaurant and does not justify the price for the quality and quantity of food. It is fancy restaurant, good for fine dine with family. There are better Indian restaurant than this one.

Blaine Bertrand

THE BEST Indian food I have ever had. A must for any Chicago foodie! The Paneer Makhani is to die for

scarlett san

Love their food!! Delicious all you can eat for $16 at lunch! All-you-can-eat buffet is only for lunch though! Not for dinner!

Esperanza On2

Lunch buffet was delicious, and included dessert/sweets, naan, and the best tandoori chicken. Fairly priced for downtown location. Staff was friendly and responsive. Nice that the windows were open for that "patio seating" feel. No veggie samosas that day - only reason for the 4 stars.

Tushar Sonawane

Good restaurant for Indian food in Chicago downtown. Ambience of the restaurant is good, restaurant staff is friendly. Must-try....

Nick Green

My favourite Indian restaurant so far in Chicago. The main menu is quite pricey, but the buffet is possibly the best Indian buffer I've experienced. They have all the usual bits and pieces - samosas, saag aloo, paneer - but have a nice selection of buffet deserts. My favourite - the mango ice cream, could live off the stuff!

Vazir Fatehi

Great food and ambience

SoniA A

Great Indian restaurant!! We went for dinner so no buffet at that time. The food was still delicious, from start to finish. After ordering appetizers we also ordered the dinner for two. We had so much food that at the end we also had leftovers, nice !! The service was excellent and the restaurant is very clean so that's a plus. Can't wait to go back !!!

Nishanth Tokala

I’d like to start by saying that this place has good ambience. While we were there we had ordered a whole slew of dishes. We had ordered, Samosas, Cutlets, Chicken 65, Curry Chicken, Naans, Paneer Kulchas, Rumali Rotis, Mango Lassi’s and others. I’ve grown up in India and there were quite a few high and low points to this restaurant. Let’s start with the high points: 1. Good ambience 2. Good courtesy by staff 3. Food presentation was on point 4. Extensive menu options The low points were: 1. Under seasoned food. All dishes mostly lacked salt 2. Expensive for what was offered 3. Misrepresented food - Chicken 65 neither looks nor tasted as it is supposed to 4. Very inconvenient to park around that place. Your only option is to valet and the valet guy demanded more than what we owed. 5. The Curry Chicken we ordered wasn’t pleasant to eat. The meat was tough. 6. The Rasmalai dessert we had order felt store bought and didn’t taste like it was freshly made as we had expected from a fine dining restaurant.

Sourav Naik

Nice Indian food. Lil high priced but good

Mohanasruthi Sanku

The restaurant is situated in a busy part of town. The interior decor is classy and modern. The buffet is pricey but if you have the appetite, go for it!! The tandoori chicken you get for the table is complimentary I believe and it is delicious. The buffet options are vast on the veg side and non veg side. I am obsessed with their punjabi style pickle you can find in the salad section. Their gulab jamun is the best I had so juicy, big, and moist cooked to perfection. Hubby and I would always work up a huge appetite before we went to India House. Groupon did have coupons for this place not sure if they still do.

Joe Robinson

Visited near twelve, it was not full. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. Prices are fair I would say. This place has positive reviews for a reason.

Ajay Grover

Awesome food & the portions were decent size. Everything we ordered was very good. Little on the expensive side but I am sure being in Chicago downtown adds a lot of overheads.

Aeregon Cricket

Had a great time coming here with my gf and her best friend. She and I enjoyed the food, and her friend told us that the food is authentic and this is the reason why he loves coming here. I'm not a big fan of buffets, but this place kept me interested and I would recommend to give this place a try.

Jason Sears

Yummy Indian food. We went at dinner and the server Tatiana informed us on a great meal to share that was reasonably priced.

yogish pai

Had chicken biryani here and it was awesome. Very nice restaurant with friendly staff. Would definitely like to visit this place again.

Adrienne Cornfield

Absolutely stunning, great service, food was fantastic.


Close from union station. You can easily get uber. Great menu. Value for money.

Raj KS

I am rating 3*s only because of impolite behaviour of the floor manager today during buffet lunch. Yes, we were 7 members with only 3 of us opting to buffet dinner rest wanting to try some other restaurant. We explained to the waitress and she okayed saying other members shouldn't share our meals. Fair ask. But, manager, when he came to us and rudely rebuked the staff infront of us and also asked us to leave the others at the entrance itself. He certainly could have done that in more decent and polite manner than he did. It was indecent and impolite conduct not behoving of this restaurant. Needs condemnation and reprimand. The buffet spread otherwise was awesome and excellent. Hope management educates the manager.

Adheesh Saxena

First time we visited this place was back in 2017. We went for dinner that time and frankly felt the prices were too high for the quality offered. However, we tried again this place today in Oct 2019, this time for lunch buffet. We really liked the Sunday buffet. There were loads of options to chose from. We are really glad we gave it another chance. Although, few pointers (suggestion from Indian customer) would be, spice. We love spicy food and the buffet could've been so much better than it was with a little bit of Indian spice in it. Just a suggestion, no points against the place. Its wonderful and serve delicious food as well. My partner is in the service industry and she really notices stuffs other than food. She added that the staff seemed really professional and well trained. Way better than other Indian restaurants in the vicinity. Keep up the good work guys. We will definitely come back.

George Rockel

Good food, good service, nice decor. When the say a dish is hot... believe them!

Sonm Pawar

Great service. The buffet has a good spread of vegeterian and non-vegeterian dishes. It could have been a tad bit more spicy. Atleast there could have been one dish with real Indian spices. Suprising there was no daal in the spread.

Pratik Bakore

One of the finest Indian restaurants in downtown Chicago.

Sumitra Singh

Great amabience for an Indian restaurant. Loved the decor and the food was very delicious too. The butter chicken is a must try. Will be back soon

Benard Ssebide

Great food, friendly staff.

Aravinda babu

Great food and service.

Mayank Churiwala

If it was possible to give negative rating, I would have surely done that. One on the worst food I ever had.

Augustus Boone

The spot is nice and spacious, the menu was yummy and the prices were very inexpensive. rapidly, effective service and very welcoming staff members. I highly recommend this place.

satish kumar

Just ok. If you are looking for native Indian food, this is not for you. Too pricey for the quality food served.

Kgn Babu

Biryani ok but ordered for aloo paratha, which was a hard to chew

Srishti Arora

I gave two stars on the basis of 1 visit, may it wasn't the good day for lunch buffet. In my experience, vegetarian dishes were lacking freshness in taste and chicken was too dry to eat. May be next time it will be a good experience.

Emma Henson

Very filling. This place has a cool atmosphere. Not so close to my office, unfortunately.

Jonathan C

A great place for lunch, buffet price is very competitive to what you end up spending at places nearby.

Samara Crudup

This restaurant has horrible customer service. We went to their Sunday buffett on Grand Avenue, Chicago. We got there at 2:30pm. No one came to wait our table. We got up to get our plates at the Buffett. Sat down to eat at 2:40pm. They came to our table at 2:50 pm and told us to ho get another plate because they were shutting down the buffett because they closed at 3:00 pm. They took no responsibility for not making us aware of this when we came and charged us full price for both myself and 12 year old daughter who barely ate.

Maciej Rembikowski

Nice place with very good service. Food is delicious. Perfect place for lunch (open buffet)!

Santosh Subudhi

The food was tasty and had Indian touch.

Tammie Hardrick

I was here with a small group for the lunch buffet during the business day. They stay busy! The staff was friendly and the buffet lunch had plenty of very tasty options to choose from. They kept everything pretty full even with the large amount of customers here for lunch. There were plenty of options for the vegetarians in our group as well as the carnivores. The atmosphere was very casual.

Komal Gupta

Food was delicious with good ambience but in the end we were disappointed by seeing the bill. It had 18% gratuity already included. Although the service was good and we would have tipped around that, but adding gratuity in the bill seemed brazen.

Thadeus Maximus

Good place for a group lunch, buffet all you can eat, at a pretty reasonable price, buffet items change frequently, it includes naan and tandoori chicken. They have a full service bar from what I can tell, service is usually pretty good. I do think they may have an a la carte menu though I think most people get the buffet. The buffet includes various types of salad, main courses (which usually include vegitable, chicken, fish/shellfish, lamb, and sometimes beef [pretty rare]) and desserts. most of the items I have tried have been rather mild though some can be somewhat spicy.

Anurag Jain

Overall the food is really good. At the time I went they had idli, pav bhaji, dahi bada and bhel puri among appetizers which were all very good. The main course was decent and the desserts were awesome.

Nidhin Pillai

I ordered Chicken biriyani and I felt it’s something like a masala rice and cooked chicken with no taste. Seriously it wasn’t good at all. I have had liked the ambience here but since I didn’t like biriyani I will just give two. I hope they will improve the taste if they take reviews seriously.

Jessica Grover

The waiter was very entertaining and showed me and my family super cool magic tricks while we waited to be served also the food was AMAZING!! hands down the best indian restaurant ever

David Colin

the buffet options were okay, nothing great or over the top

ankita upadhayay

It was just ok. Not that good and service is slow.

Nicole B

The best Indian food! Food and service are excellent! And because it's in downtown Chicago, it's really worth to go there to have an awesome meal! It doesn't matter the price!

padmini VK

They had been here on a Saturday for lunch buffet Ambiance 10/10 Service 6/10 we had to repeat order of tandoori rotis and wait time was 20 mins Food spread 9/10 on the buffet was wide and Tasted good. Location convenience was 10/10. Overall we liked the place and recommend.

Atiya M.

It was good. Didn't have what I liked last time tho

michael brcic

Very good buffet, nice decor, great service

bhrugen patel

I always enjoy their malai kofta

Praveen Pandey

Good food and awesome people. They will customize your food to tour taste. I like the dal and rice. Don't go for any birayani. Not true birayani.

Stephen King

I came on the weekend, I came for New Jersey, where we can see lot of India restaurants, I never see chicken tandootis served like this instantly(usually 45 minutes in every other restaurant, — I should give 5 stars to the chef and his technique, service is purely American— I should give 5 stars, taste of ice cream with mango flavour— 5 stars. And the other item also excellent with very reasonable price, when ever I’m there, I ll visit again and again .

Shwetha A

Nt for person who like spicy indian food.. skip it if looking for authentic food ..

akshat kumar

Good food right in downtown.Lot of options to choose from!!

Bijesh Sur

Overpriced and overhyped. No taste in food! The live station during lunch buffet is a joke. I have never seen such a disinterested person doing something for which he's getting paid!

Abhishek Kumar

Excellent food and quick service. A bit busy but that’s totally expected from a downtown restaurant serving great food. The tandoori chicken was to die for! Will surely come back again.

vinod jain

Ok good..not that great

damanjeet banga

Food was barely average.. We ordered hydrabadi chicken and malayi kofta.. gravy for both were same and smelled of raw tomatoe paste. There were so many employees standing there but not one asked if we needed anything else or if the food is ok.

very good stylist

For the food and Service

Sastry Saku

Food is good. Ambience also good

Wali Tube

All the staffs need to smile more here! Overly serious attitude. The gulab jamun was not prepared right. I was not even able to take the gulab jamun to my my mouth from the spoon, they were already broken. A glass of water took a lot of time to come.

karan gm

Good ambience, great food items (some of them) and expensive. Chicken Tikka Masala - 4/5, one of the best i had in USA. Garlic Naan, Onion Kulcha and Rasmali were also too good. Chicken Samosa - 1/5, disappointing. It was burnt. Cumin Old Fashioned (Cocktail) - 1/5. Mango Lassi - 2/5. Service can be better for the price one pays overall.

lahiru pothmulla

Good and tasty food with great ambiance. Somewhat pricy but I guess that the price in Chicago. The dish I ordered cost like 30 dollars. It was a shrimp biryani which tasted really good. My friend ordered a chicken curry but he had to order a bowl of rice separately unlike most of the other Indian restaurant we went to. Those restaurants usually have a bowl of rice or bread or sometime both. However, just stating the facts and it was not a Biggie. They also give some naan bread as a starter on the house I guess. Overall, good tasty Indian food

Kayi Lawson

Food was rich with flavor. Topped off with a very knowledgeable waiter. Only negative was we had to wait 20 minutes to get seated when we had a reservation. Food was great though!

Jacoby Bennett

I actually liked their dishes and customer service, fantastic location nearby to my home. The workers are always very friendly. Will come visit again.

Brett O'Brien

Great food, and friendly staff. Definitely recommend it.

Tia Framroze

I always love the food here. Their goat biryani and butter chicken are delicious and some of my favorites. They’re a great option for Indian however might be one of the more pricier Indian restaurants being downtown. My only suggestion, if at all, would be that I know white meat (the breast) is more economical to purchase in bulk but it dries and overcooks very fast. Wish they used more dark meat.

Jairahadeep singh

Food is always on point! They serve beer in a frosted glass. Service is very attentive.

kiran vooda

Standard Indian buffet with consistent menu and taste ... nothing to complain and nothing that stands out as well

allyson ronk

Great place for indian food. This has become my go-to spot for Indian food in Chicago. Love this place.

Ebin Abraham

Tried Buffet Lunch, below average for our taste. Desserts were good though.

J. Thompson

Great food. You could taste the subtle differences in the sauces. Be prepared for a long, leisurely dinner.

Sam Araya

Delicious food and wonderful service. The decor is elegant and the restaurant is calm. A perfect place for a quiet meal.

Ankita Shah

Tooo much costly for buffet.... OMG

Shashwat P. Baxi

Strangely enough, the food was a lot better here than it was at their suburban location. When I go out for Indian food, I have very high standards considering that I could just make it at home. We took some out-of-towners here last night and everyone enjoyed all of the dishes. The portions are a good size, the flavor was well balanced, the menu provided a good variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and the total bill wasn’t that expensive. Overall, a very good meal and experience!

Michelle Choi

Came here for dinner on a weekday. Not too busy. Good service. Food was delicious and the portions were fair. A bit pricier than I expected but would definitely recommend this restaurant for a date or group.

marwan tamimi

This is the best Indian restaurant in Chicago. I was amazed with the flavors of the food. Every bite I took like there is aparty in my mouth. The buffet is excellent and very reasonably priced in downtown Chicago. The mango ice cream is to die for. The fresh bread is awsome, the sizzling chicken is very tasty. There is nothing unpleasant about this restuarant. Clean, good service. Thank you chef for these excellent dishes

Deepak Srivastava

We went for team-lunch and had the lunch buffet. If you are fine rubbing back to back while taking the items off the buffet table, then you might want to go for a lunch buffet, it's that jam packed. Seems they do over-reservation, and office goers like the place for an affordable Indian 3 course delight. Not the best of Indian cuisine taste in Chicago, but it's not that bad. Service staff is good. I have gone for a-la-carte menus too, which I found overpriced for the price you'd pay. Overall a nice India dinning experience, but don't go with huge expectations, you'd be surprised.

wilson mafi

From the presentation to the aroma, I just knew these lamb chops were about to get me alright. Moist and well flavored! Don't forget the Mango Lassi... #HappyMonday

Dixie Watkins

Every dish that we ordered was delicious. The food can be quite spicy which is exactly what I love about it. The atmosphere was great and the staff was nice.

James Budelman

Excellent, but the dal was a little too hot (spicy hot) for my wife!

Nancy Hardy

great food with quality ingredients. looking forward to returning with my friends. the bill was well within reason for the quality.

maahi priyanka

This restaurant is located in downtown and few miles to the bean. This restaurant looks so classy so as the food. You get lot of varieties here. Staff is amazing. I would come back again.

Kushal D

Loved it..superb food. Buffet on weekend is worth a price..I recommend this place

Shuvo Alam

Delicious buffet style, convenient and reasonably priced valet service.

Vinit Kamboj

Really nice ambience. Best place for Vegetarian

Ashish Oke

Decent indian food which we had after 2 weeks of eating local American stuff. Chicken tandoori bead excellent and Biryani was good.

Shirley Fleming

Nice location to meet with family. Looking forward to coming back with my coworkers. It has a cool feel to it.

hemo alharbi

one of the best Indian cuisine. I’ve known this place for more than 10 years, the same quality and taste.

Simon Venshtain

Lunch buffet is excellent! We went there for a work lunch several times, it’s been great everytime. The naan and Tanduri chicken served for the table are also great.

Monique Nixon

Was in town for work and went here with my coworkers. Nice restaurant, staff and the food was great. Definitely would come back when in town again

Rosalynn Normandia

Authentic Indian cuisine. Love it! And the manager/owner is very hospitable and nice. Thanks!

Ram Manohar Oruganti

Their lunch buffet was very good. Four kinds of vegetarian and meat entrees. Nothing banal about the choice of entrees too, I was half expecting to find palak paneer and other basics but I was surprised to see paneer butter masala, dal makhani, malai kofta and vegetable jalfrezi. Their dessert options were also exciting with Rabdi, housemade mango ice cream and what looked like mini puran Poli. Their naan was soft unlike the rubbery naan you find in most Indian restaurants. Docked one star for the subpar appetizers.

Sina Safayi

I've been a regular here, since I liked the food. Originally, I gave them 4 stars, but tonight (Oct 10, 2019), the two Indian waiters (one serving the table and one bringing the food) were both unbelievably rude and extremely unprofessional. I will never go back again.

Sakshi Khanna

Hospitality was not good .. can improve a lot on customer satisfaction


Lovely ambiance, nice food. Nice and decent staff and the highlight was mango ice cream. Highly recommended.

Sriram Natarajan

Decent options on the menu. Tastes are good: by US standards. Need to use valet parking here. The chaat items tasted better than the main course.

Scott Griffith

This restaurant is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. when I feel like having a fair lunch, this is the place that comes instantly to my mind. outstanding and diverse food and a rich menu.courteous staff members, and great spirit. Not less important, the bill is reasonable. I sent my friends to this restaurant with great pleasure.

Bharat N

Lunch buffet is worth the money, lots of options for vegetarians which is unusual. Most places less veg food options in the buffet but India house has lots to choose from and the food tastes pretty good too. I ended up having lunch twice in a span of 3 days.

Krishna Venigalla

The best indian food in downtown chicago

Ujjwal Sehgal

Good ambiance for a fine dining restaurant. Great service. Not the best Indian food though. The food is nice but I have eaten better Indian food at other restaurants

Mark Nagra

Amazing food and service. Two thumbs up!

Kunal Wadhawe

Terrible food. Tasteless curries. Tandoori chicken and fish fry were good but rest everything was mediocre or worse. Also they deceptively already include 15% service charge on the check and then inattentive customers pay tips on the credit card charge slip.

Ankita Hrishikesh Updhyay

I had buffet here and the food was okay. No great not bad either. They had a lot of variety but kind of pricey. Its recommended to atleast try their lunch buffet.

Shahzaan M

Food is really good except for some kind of ingredient (Aginomoto or baking soda) they include in their rice or curries offered in buffet. I know restuarants do that to restrict buffet customers eating more than they can offer. However, you will definitely feel your tummies uncomfortably bloated after trying their buffet which is not the case with other restaurants.

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11AM–2:30PM 5:30–10PM
11AM–2:30PM 5:30–10PM
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11:30AM–3PM 5:30–11PM


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