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130 N Perry Rd, Plainfield, IN 46168, United States

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REVIEWS OF India Bistro IN Indiana

Lisa Dietrich

I rrreally respect India Bistro. This was my second visit. Their buffet is notably flavorful. I've tried a lot of buffets over the years. A lot of buffets are so scared of how mild a lot of Americans want their food, that they make it sooo mild it's like the school cafeteria version. Whereas India Bistro's food is intense and delightful. The eggplant dish tonight was clearly developed over time with complexity and depth. Brrrravoooo!!

Manu Batham

Not for Indians. I do repeat, NOT for Indians. Bland taste. Didn't even like the Naan here. Prices are reasonable ($10 for buffet on Saturday)

Sumit Mishra

Decent place. Okay good. Would not exceed your expectation but it's good enough for a happy meal.

jakob meister

This is by far the worst so called "Indian" food I've ever eaten. Everything my friends and I ordered tasted like tomato soup and spaghetti. If you want real Indian food, dont go to this place. But, If you have no taste buds, I recommend this place. I live in Flint so normally when I go places that have exceptionally clean water, I am thrilled, but not when I went here where it tasted like soap.

Greg Marine

It is always a wonderful experience at India Bistro. Everyone is always friendly and the food is beyond fantastic. I have been to many Indian restaurants and even enjoyed food from Indian friends. India Bistro is just as good as the homemade dishes my friends have made for me.

Shraddha Birare


Kaylyn Johnson

Love it! Best comfort food and all the staff is so friendly. They remember me when I come in and the to go time usually ends up being shorter than quoted (when it's not, it's right on time!).

Hailey Stoker

Very sweet staff, food is great, too. It will easily fill you up, so the price seems very fair.

katie o'meallie

The food is always quick and affordable, but most importantly it is always delicious. We are always looking for chances to drop in for a meal because it is crave-worthy

Rabi Narayan Pattnaik

Very good for Indian food. Value for money.

Devansh Gandhi

Fantastic food, service, ambience, and very reasonable rates (especially for students). Buffet is really good!


Best Indian food in Indianapolis. Even better are their unique fusion offerings.

Carol Wooton

Amazing food and great service! They are food allergy conscious and have fresh bread. I love the vegan options and the Baingan Bhartha!

Jeph Wilkinson

One of the best indian buffets I've found.

Taylor Schloegel

I freaking love this place. People are so nice. The service is always great. The food is great. I'm a regular they know my name and order. I'm always showing this place to my friends.

Jim Bomb

The food was nothing special. The chai latte was the worst I've ever had.

Richard Trierweiler

Great Indian buffet. Excellent mango mousse.

Nicholas John

We really like this place. Good food, quick and friendly service. Whats not to like?

Keating Rowe

Good naan bread

Mohammad Sultan Safi

I have a lot to say, but I'll drop one word this place is like my own home!!!.


The food is pure torture. If you don’t like someone, you can feed them this food. I ordered 5 entrees and they had it ready in 10 minutes. Either they are using leftovers or canned food. And the food tastes TERRIBLE!! 2 ppl in our group vomited when we got home. Everybody else stomach cramps. BIG disappointment. Don’t waste your money, save some time and go elsewhere.

Melissa Vardy

Always great food! Always friendly staff! I love that the buffet is handled by the staff instead of every customer themselves. I'm extremely hesitant to go to places with traditional buffets because of the germs spread around them.... so it's awesome that India Bistro has staff dish the food out! One of my fav local places!

Dan Hankee

Great food at a great price! Would absolutely recommend the chicken tikka masala!

Megumi Bond

Felt like I was walking into my friend's kitchen! Everything was beyond heavenly. Very flavorful and I would not have argued to pay more for what I received. Will post a picture for sure. So sad I live over 3 hours away!

Mark Mannhalt

Good quality and reasonable prices. Staff is friendly and courteous.

Will Frahm

Overall: very mediocre Indian food for cheap prices and large portions. Fair warning: I've lived in India previously and for better or worse, I'm quite judgemental of Indian restaurants and find it hard not to compare to the authentic Indian food I had when I lived there. So take my comments on the food how you'd like. My order: I ordered the chicken biryani. It was $11 or $12, which is a great price for Indian food in Seattle. The portions were also quite large. Unfortunately, the food wasn't very flavorful and the chicken was dry. I had ordered 3/5 spiciness and it was a bit spicy but not too hot, so I think they got the spiciness right. My partner ordered the chicken tikka masala and it tasted like plain marinara sauce--just way too tomato-ey. The chicken was also very dry in that dish too. The food tasted microwaved, not fresh and flavorful. We also each got chai and it wasn't very spicy. It tasted bland. Even the raita I ordered on the side for my biryani was too thick and just didn't taste quite right. Service: the waiters were pleasant and filled our waters a few times. No complaints here. Atmosphere: I was here on a Thursday and my group of 2 was one of just a few tables. It's a fairly large dining area and could likely seat some large groups. It's in kind of a cool building too. The decor was a bit rundown looking, but overall pleasant enough.

Sushmita Pradhan

Had lunch on Christmas day - Excellent food especially the vegetarian selection - very nice home made feel.

Jas San

Service is a bit slow and spotty, but the food is good. Food is served in hot plates with candles to keep the food warm, and it works quite well. The martinis are a bit weak, but still relatively tasty

Teresa Hultz

Chicken curry and garlic naan bread was really tasty. Better than a place closer to home. The owner came to our table to chat for a bit. I like supporting local business owners. Service was on par. I wish it were closer to me so I could go more often.

Ash Kay

The place was poorly air-conditined. Ice for your water was in a self service bucket with the scoop that everybody touches dropped inside the ice; unsanitary. Stews were not authentic, chutneys not authentic, Golab Jamun was burnt blackish bitter and stale. Totally overrated. And it's not a buffet; you should go to the counter each time and ask for more and receive food in school cafeteria style plastic platters. And they don't take your dirty platters away from your table, you should do it yourself. And they don't even bring a pitcher of water to your table.

Sudheer Nagam

Great in taste and quality. I come here everytime I visit Plainfield. Very friendly staff.

Aashay Kedar

Buffet is underwhelming

Ellen Bales

I never knew how much I love Indian food until I recently tried India Bistro in Plainfield, Indiana, on a whim. The Chicken Korma is to die for! And one order is so huge my boyfriend and I can share one. Or I can have it all to myself and still have plenty of leftovers--it is wonderful reheated the next day! Their garlic naan is great too, and perfect for sopping up the juices from the Chicken Korma. India Bistro is the newest on my list of places I will return to again and again.

nitish subandh

Nice place. This is the only place I have seen that it's not self service for buffet. It helps to minimize the waste of food. And we can tell them what we need and how much we need.

Jenene Lighty

Super good food. Wonderful selection. Service is excellent. We are frequent visitors lunch or dinner !

Sameer Meshram

Their starters especially samosas are good along with a variety of curries.

Kari Nathan

Very flavorful entres! Not very expensive for such large and tasty dishes.

Indi Ana Wanderlust

Best place in Plainfield. The food is always good, the staff is always friendly, and the place is always clean. Accuracy is receiving what we ordered is very important to us when we go out. We eat here often, placing large carry-out orders, and always get exactly what we ordered. Love this place.

Md Islam

Not so many options can be justified by the price. Food tastes good.

Catherine Devereaux

Overall this was a very good experience. We were seated right away, served hot naan, and had the choice of ordering from the menu and/or going to the buffet. I chose the buffet and it was great. Everything was fresh and it all tasted delicious. Good prices, food, and service!

Dashai Holder

I love this place! And please, don't claim its not "authentic".... unless you live and cook this type food everyday don't do it. It is absolutely real indian food! I'm indian, and I don't like to just go anywhere for something I could do myself! But the service is great. Food is tasty! And it's catered to how much or less spicy you like

L Durant

Great service & really good lunch buffet for $8.99. The buffet has a limited about of entrees but the menu offers a great variety. Nice atmosphere with good music & great food.

Claudia Defrance

Very good and reasonable price

Mfumu M.

Spicy and delicious

Bryan Comer

What's not to love? This place has incredible food, very friendly and helpful staff, and a very cool, relaxed atmosphere. All of this and at a reasonable price! We try and stop in anytime we're in the area and have always left feeling very satisfied.

Evan S

Love this place, has amazing Indian food. Can't go wrong with any dish.

karthik unnikrishnan

The so called Indian buffet here is bad. The tandoori chicken is full of food color and it's not even roasted. If tandoori chicken isn't roasted, then it's not tandoori. The dal, such a simple thing to get right, lacks salt and spice. The lamb vindaloo has such big potatoes that it ruins the flavor of the lamb. The dal makhni, typically a dark-brownish to maroonish rich dish was also flawed. Instead the consistency was wrong and lacked taste. Although their Naan & Pakodas are pretty good. Now comes the dessert. Their mango moose is really good, the kheer is okay. But, the mango moose is not even an Indian dish. An authentic Indian buffet would have Gulab Jamun,rasmalai or jalebi. It was just disappointing. Overall, most dishes reek the taste & smell of ready-to-eat frozen food & excessive use of tomato paste. I've dined at this place many times, but today the overall food was really bad, which forces me to put this up. I'm Indian & I know what Indian food tastes like. Head over to kathakali in Kirkland for a really good & authentic Indian food experience.

Prasoon Srivastava

Loved it. The food is awesome. You do need to try this place if you like Indian cuisines.

Bryan Brown

The service was great but the food, overall, was bland and disappointing.

Sean O'Donnell

Consistently excellent and a bit more daring with spice than most. I don't think the hotter the better but really enjoy the range they provide.

Jason Trainor

Shrimp Curry, garlic naan and rice pudding. Great place with flavor and spice! Also well worth the money. Service is also on ooint. Only suggestion is get a fountain machine for drinks. Will be back with one of their best customers Sonny Rooney. Thanks bro!

Joel Bantly

Small yet cheap buffet that taste great. The mango mousse was worth it.

Nirmalya Ghosh

If you are Indian DO NOT EAT HERE. You won't get the Indian taste. This is america.

Antonio Boyd

Pretty good place to eat

Tatiana Snow

I tried this place for the first time. I get really excited to Indian food (huge fan of India palace and shalimar) I was looking forward to some very flavorful Indian food and all about supporting small businesses. I was so upset to see the teeny tiny stingy portions for the price you pay!!!! Like oh this is the lunch buffet but you can't handle your food and we are going to give you a cup of rice and one tiny piece of chicken to a ratio of 6 cups of sauce ...oh and BTW it's a dollar more on Friday's? And one piece of naan. Not only this but the food lacked spices. Where was the spice in the white rice? The garlic and parsley on naan? Where was the spices in any of the curries?! I will never go here again my friend also recently tried it said it lacked spice as well....I mean it's Indian food shouldn't it be flavorful! Go where other Indians eat their daily lunch and you know it's really good Indian food like India palace on 38tn and Lafayette!

Alankar Gupta

India bistro is my favourite Indian restaurant I am from northern India. The price is very good and the food excellent. I often go for buffet lunch, less than nine dollars. There are always a lot of dishes to choose from and the restaurant often changes the menu. It also serves dishes not moally found.

Eric McClellan

Awesome service! Amazing food! The only downside is they are a little stingy on the naan. The lunch buffet is the best way to try a little bit of everything. You cannot go wrong with any of the food options.

Russell Walters

Love this place.

Don Kline

Food was good,prices are reasonable, will return

Zack Billings

The samosas, Chicken Vindaloo and Paalak Paneer were all very good. I ordered online and picked up. Easy ordering process and the location was easy to find.

**M** **S**

Good food Good people

Van Mitchell

I really like this place. Here’s the rundown: great food, good service, nice staff, clean and nice buffet. I don’t like the mood as much though it’s always kinda empty in there and it’s kinda dark. I recommend the mango chicken. Small detail they have little treats at the front desk.

maky tonka

We ate lamb tikka masala and gou "unsure of the name"; fish in coconut cream sauce. Both dishes complimented each other. Tomato base and coconut cream base helped balance the flavors. Overall it was good. Will come back for more and try the other dishes. Btw the the cabernet was also good. Fyi if anyones knows the name of their cab lmk asap.

Deepak Bhasin

Bland food, tandoori roti was like rubber no flavor no zing, I ordered la carte

blake m

Wonderfully authentic food. Medium hot was pretty spicy and brought some tear action to my I absolutely loved the food.

Jeff Cash

This place is amazing, the selection for their buffet at lunch is great and you can't beat unlimited naan bread.

Bobbi Drury

Always good food and owners are so nice! Very Indian food in Indy!

Amy Hersh

Delicious food, great prices, I come here all the time. Lunch buffet can't be beat.

crumlish alex

Maybe too early to tell, as I just finished my meal less than 30 minutes ago. But I ate a variety of dishes and wound up with a lot to take home, and I feel pretty great with a little bit of that typical Indian food "high". Pretty solid portions. Also the staff was incredible. I liked the new age music selection, but I'm also not opposed to traditional Indian music. Again, the staff was extremely thoughtful and kind; that is really what earned this rating. Here on a work trip, I'll probably be back!

Britney Edmonson

The service and food was great!

Tharun Kumar Reddy A

The lamb kebab is completely raw.I called them but no response.I don’t recommend this place.

Kimberly Anne Santos

I dont always give 5 stars, but after having a really bad experience w Indian food for my first time, this place held the title for making me crave it ALL the time. My favorite Indian restaurant. All you can eat buffet ends at 3 though so unless you know what to order & are ok with just 1 $10+ entree that comes w rice & nan, I'd suggest you come before to try it out.

Charles Whitmore Jr.

Wonderful food, good service, good prices. You can't make a mistake here except not to go and try it.

Simi Ily

I had both Chicken and Goat Biryani. Be aware that it is not a Biryani at all. They just mix rice and Chicken/Goat Curry. Add Spice as per the order. Don't be fooled and don't waste your money.

Tyler Caldwell

The food here is great. Good price, quick turn around on fresh made food and the staff and owners are wonderful. My family eats here regularly and they remember us everytime. could not recommend this highly enough to someone wanting good inexpensive Indian food

andy schaeffer

Delicious food bar

Alex Patrevito

One of my favorite local places. I don't do the buffet, but rather the dinner made to order. The food is always made well and at the spiciness it was ordered. The naan is always awesome. Atmosphere is very nice, clean, and modern. It's welcoming for groups of friends to catch up, a night out with someone special, or just a place to pick up carry out. Staff is exceptionally friendly, and we've been there enough they remember us lol. Love this place!!

CJ Livingston

Lunch buffet was good, more choices than often at buffets, paan after a bit. Friendly staff, refilled the water. Parking isn't, but it is right in the main transportation hub of the Roosevelt neighborhood.


Really fantastic food. Great location and space, and the staff are super helpful and nice. I will say that I've had better, less greasy garlic naan elsewhere, but in the immediate area on this side of the bridge, this is my favorite place hands down.

Jaleen Wallen

Cafeteria style lunch at a great price all you care to eat. Friendly staff

Bernard Terreblanche

Great dining experience, food was delicious, service was fast and very friendly. The atmosphere and music was awesome! They played deadmaus and other modern music.

Sher C

The food was pretty good, the service pretty poor, the chai was meh and the prices pretty awesome.

Anthony P

Great food and service. It's a nice change of flavor.

Kavitha Lingamoorthy

Inexpensive Indian buffet in Roosevelt square. Service was friendly. Selection of food was decent. Chili chicken and channa masala were the best of the lot. Tandoori chicken wasn't the freshest and the butter chicken was sweet. Kheer (rice pudding) was a nice finish to the meal.


Can’t find any Indian food I like better.

Chandni Balchandani

Amazing food at reasonable prices.

Aiden G

Best value in Seattle

Stephen Peterson

Really good value for money. The sauces were good and just-spicy-enough without overwhelming the other flavors with heat.

Crystal Van

Always delicious!

Hallie Martin

Absolutely love the staff and the food. They are always so friendly and food has never disappointed. Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone!!

Kathleen Anderson

The food here is so good. It has ruined other places for me! Fantastic service. The hurry curry lunch buffet is a wonderful deal. The naan bread is so fresh. Highly recommend the garlic version. Samosas and the chicken tikka masala are our go to dishes. You can customize the spice level. (Except for hurry curry as it is a buffet)

suresh udayagiri

If you want to develop an aversion to the Indian food for any reason, then you should try this place. The food tastes like soap and the chicken is either half cooked or left overs from last week. Not even 1% match to the Indian food. Insult to Indian food...

Carrie Ridenour

Love this place, amazing food, excellent staff! Probably my favorite restaurant!

Anurag Panchal

Awesome buffet with so many varieties in the lowest possible price!

Suzette Zablon

Food is good but I don't care for the service type it's like cafeteria, not for me

Matthew Paik

Rich, tasty, and price is not bad.

Jason Kim

Love the lunch buffet for 9 bucks. It tastes great and I like the selection. I will visit again.

E. Menss

Excellent! Great food and great service

Garrianna Lee

Everytime I go here my food is delicious and fresh. The hurry curry is great too and I love everything at the counter. They are always so friendly and remember your name and order. They are patient when you can't pronounce some of the food.

alicia zweifach

Our favorite indian restaurant. Genuinely nice people. Delicious butter chicken and saag paneer!

Mateo Jo

Excellent food and the people are really nice and ready to go when u get there and the food is delicious

Rohith R Pai

The mango moose at this restaurant is to die for!

Ariel Goldman

Best lunch buffet around! Flavors are bold and spicy! On point everytime.

Rocky C

Absolutely one of my favorite lunch time spots. Very inexpensive, excellent quality and very nice people. I 100% recommend to at least try it for yourself and talk to them about the differences.

Troy Maynard

Delightful small spot for yummy Indian favorites. All-you-can-eat scooped for you cafeteria style, even in cafeteria style trays, and with unlimited trips back. The staff are all wonderful and friendly and the food was very good. The dining room is tiny but efficient. Prices are typical for the area. The tandoori chicken was the most juicy I've EVER had, as it's usually fairly overcooked everywhere else. The goat curry was wonderful, but served in the traditional bone-in style, so not for the faint of heart. I will be back.

Andrew Johnson

Always delicious and wonderful customer service. I been a regular for a couple years now and they never disappoint!

Timothy Radonich

This is my favorite restaurant. It is almost authentic, the spices are a little muted from what you might get in India, but only a little. I have only eaten the lunch buffet and have always been well pleased and reminded of India.

Erin Salthouse

Great Daal maharani and mixed vegetable curry. We ordered medium and hot delivery and it was fantastic! Speedy delivery too! Loads of Naan in a serving and delicious pickles and green mint sauce. New favorite place.

Joseph Chen

Very solid. Nice interior. Great buffets including a buffet on Sundays!

Mario Santos

One of my favorite Indian spots.

Aidan Low

The best Indian weekend brunch in the city!

Jaswinder Pal Singh Ahluwalia

Good place for afternoon buffet.


Amazing food so filling so good SO HAPPY I have leftovers haha SEVERAL vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options def recommend and def going back

Keith Duncan

Great lunch buffet. Very impressed

Julia Liang

Went there last night again, feel like have to change from five start to four, the food was good, it is slow but since they have a lot of customers. Where the star drops is the service, very hard to get attention, they forget to provide the appetizer bread until we asked, and my water comes 5 minutes later after I order, ////////The food were so delicious, a bit spicy but really delicious; the service were really good, considerate waiters and waitress. We feel one dish was too spicy, they insist to redo it for us even though we said it is ok, and give us a free juice to cool down the spicy. And the price was so reasonable, we ordered 4 dishes, totally after tax less than 40 bucks. I will definitely recommend.

Jonathan Amundsen

For lunch there is a simple and delicious buffet for $9.something. The staff treated us well. I was glad we went.

Ravi Trivedi

Awesome food, ambience was good. They have lesser items in menu for buffet but each item is simply delicious. I dont remember when last time i was able to eat everything in any buffet gone in seattle area. Must go for every indian food lover or first timer.

Tenaya D

Great food! It is my favorite Indian food restaurant I've been to in Washington. The buffet is amazing and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend this place


The food here is amazing! Totally worth it. We eat here at least once a week.

Bobby Mello

My wife and I loved it. I've been here twice now. My friends from India state that the flavor is so Americanized..... That's okay with me because I truly LOVE their Chicken Tika Masala. I have ordered off the menu and been there for the buffet at lunch. I recommend the menu so that you can order it spicier. I will go back here to eat.

Mikey H

An amazing Indian place. There’s a lot of Indian restaurants in the area but you can’t wrong with this one. We’ve had a lot of positive experiences across all the restaurants but this one is slightly better. They have a garlic-basil naan that is on point. My favorite their is their Kofta, a vegetarian dish but excellent none the less. The butter chicken is also amazing. We also sometimes get the soup to store in the fridge. You can also specify how spicy you want your dish.

Josh Smith

I've visited India Bistro a number of times for the dinner buffet. The curry here is always piping hot and tastes pretty good for the very affordable price. Yet, the delicious samosas and tandoori chicken are the reason why I return so frequently.

oscar mata

My first time eating Indian food it was amazing good food good service beautiful atmosphere

Daniel Snoozy

Delicious food, pleasant staff, and a warm atmosphere.

Carol Frieberg

Excellent take out. Best Chicken Saagwala I've ever had! Beautiful atmosphere. I'll be back to dine in.

Devon Merritt

Nice dinner buffet with a good selection of vegiatrian options. Great value.

Cool Breeze

Delicious food at decent prices, considering how expensive life in Seattle has become.

akshay bagi

Good taste but not many options. Not costly. Worth visiting once. Good ambiance.

Andre Ruette

Buffet is nice, especially for those new to Indian. Dishes are slightly more bland on the buffet than what is prepared on an individual basis. Chicken and vegetable kormas off the menu may be the best I've ever tasted. Delivery service is also solid and the quality of the meal is no different than dining in. Restaurant has a full bar, great service & relaxing atmosphere... All in all, this place is worthy of being called the best Indian in Seattle.

Rubal Multani

This restaurant is amazing . The food is cannot go wrong here .

Haley Tinsley

The staff is amazing. This is literally my favorite restaurant, the food is phenomenal.

Trent Brink

Pretty great restaurant, food was good, they kept everything clean. And the all you can eat option was priced well

Devin P

Some best Indian food in Seattle! Really great service too. Staff takes a lot of pride in the establishment you can tell!

Don Annis

Decent tasty buffet and reasonably priced.

Vinod kumar

I ordered chicken biryani here and I was wondered looking at it!! It's just masala rice with small fried chicken pieces. Normal fried rice better than this. Don't ever try biryani here!! I warned you.. Peace

Asit Patel

Quick friendly service. The menu has a lot of options for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meals. Gluten free and vegan options are clearly marked. Everything I ordered was delicious.

Derek Ringer

This is just a great little place to eat. All you can eat "hurry curry" and it's delicious. Spring rolls are fantastic!

Boris Uni

Great Indian restaurant with a nice upscale vibe, very spacious but tucked a bit away from the major arterial. Went in for lunch buffet, great value, food was good, selection was good enough, food was a bit spicy but tolerable. Went in towards the second half of their buffet hours, plenty of seating available.. try it out..

Paddy Wu

They have a great lunch buffett special! Cheap (8.95, 9.95 weekends) and good food. Wide variety of curries, including goat! They provide naan and other dishes as well.

Amanda Lee Smith

Great lunch buffet. I love that you can get a to go box from the buffet and it comes with naan. The fri-sun price is a dollar more but they usually have better options as well. Get the baby eggplants if they're available.

Deependra Prasad

Goa Curry Chicken and Nan was exceptional. (Recommend at spice level 4) Service was great too!

Ryan Bond

My favorite place to eat lunch in Plainfield. Their food is delicious, the naan bread is remarkable, and I always appreciate their suggestions for what I should put on my tray.

Eight Moons s.r.o

Best value for Indian food in Seattle.

Pavan Vankadaru

Restaurant was closed although the timings on google were listed as open

Kevin Chung

The lunch buffet was fantastic and a great value!

Dan Cumberland

Great indian cuisine with kind servers. I often get it to go, and the give generous portions.

Paranormal Kativity

So delicious! Lots of vegan items and all of them are so good! The spring rolls blew my mind! The staff was very helpful with it being my first visit and having a restricted diet. I cannot recommend India Bistro more!

Anthony Brown

Friendly staff and delicious food! The portions are large for a great price!

Mandi Garland

My husband and I love this place. Friendly, attentive staff, nice atmosphere, and delicious food. Prices are VERY reasonable and they have carry out in case you want to dine at home in your fat pants.

Parminder Kaur

Good atmosphere..with great choice of food..yummy food..with perfect customer service.

Aadil Palkhivala

The Buffet lunches are superb. The a la carte menu is very mediocre.

Finch Brown

delicious, pretty cheap

dragana polimac

Great deal for buffets and really good chicken Tikka Masala and paneer masala

James Stack

Great Indian buffet place

ben roembke

Great quality of food at a good price. Service staff was friendly and helpful.

Nash Chastain

This restaurant is a great introduction into Indian Cuisine! Restaurant staff is helpful and courteous and the food is fantastic as well. Will be coming back week after week.

Matthew Hurst

Lunch buffet, creamy curries

Daniel Benzon

Delicious food. Very friendly staff Will definitely be back

Lil Olin

Came here for the weekend lunch Buffett and really enjoyed it. It was only $9.95 and everything was quite tasty. The buffet offered a lot of different options to choose from, and they brought out complementary naan to go with our food.


Best Indian food in University District, Roosevelt, Green Lake area. Buffet on Sundays and Mondays is really nice.

Sean Henderson

Delicious lunch buffet. The food was hot, tasty, and plentiful. Even at 1:30 there was plenty of food available and the were bringing out fresh veg and other items. Well done. I will have to try the Ballard location next.


Consistently good food. We really like the dinner buffet on Sunday evenings.

yashwanth kumar kalwa

The food is worst, they have just boiled it and kept the curries, frozen spring rolls as appetizer and boiled dough as gulam Jamun. It's not at Indian type food no spice at all just boiled and kept. Please don't visit if you want to taste disaster in name of Indian food. Never ate just bad Indian food. Very bad experience

Priya c

Honestly we came here after seeing 4.4 rating but it was full of disappointment. Very bad maintenance, my plate was full of dirt. The starter (Samosa) was bland. Garlic nan was ok, do not order vegetable wrap ever. One suggestion is read the indian's review for indian restaurant.

Ben Curtis

So delicious!

Angi Kimmel

The staff is always extremely polite and the food is always amazing!


Very worst Indian restaurant which i have never seen it before in Seattle. I have been visited this place by seeing the reviews and ratings. In buffet lunch nothing was available. Also the food has no varieties too. In simple ,not even worth to spend 10 dollars over there.

Dude Wanderlust

Great Indian food. If I could I would eat here everyday.

Pawit A.thikumporn

Taste good but a little bit pricey, Large portion though.

Jason Douthit

This is one of the best Indian places I've been to in Indy. Food is incredible and the service is great.

Anna Garrison

Went for the buffet, didn’t eat that much only went to the buffet once, but they charged me for 3 buffet plates.


The service was great, the food was only ok. The portions were generous and the mangotini was tasty. I always get chicken tikka masala at every Indian restaurant which is what I judge these restaurants by. It was lacking a good amount chicken and the sauce was more like an Italian tomato sauce rather than Indian. Seattle is full of quality Indian food so I probably won't return to this restaurant.

Garv Nayyar

Authentic Indian food. the owner is awesome, makes sure your visit was to your satisfaction. Been there for much and well as during regular hours when buffet is not available. Never disappointed.

Amanda Nosie

Food is amazing and very reasonably priced. A lot of tasty options for vegetarians and vegans. Samosas are to die for! Fast and friendly service as well. Occasionally has a buffet option for lunch.

Mike Mullin

The food is excellent. The ambiance is more fast food than fine dining. What's really annoying is that they charge a $2 fee for carry-out! Why should I pay more to carry out food than to eat in the restaurant? They ought to give a discount for not using their tables.

Aaron Poland

Absolutely phenomenal! Wifey and I went to India Bistro for our "date night" and I've got to admit it was the best Indian food I've had in indiana!!! Will, definitely, be back!

Betty Green

Excellent food and service. Friendly staff. Great place to eat.

Drew Halverson

Great biriyani and the samosas were outstanding. Staff was very friendly and helpful with recommendations. I liked the decor and atmosphere. A lot different than your average Indian restaurant.

Erin Link

Delicious food and wonderful service every time I come here.

Mark Schroeder

Nice place with good currys and nan and many surprises Usually techno music at lunchtime

Marcy Reardon

Wonderful staff, fantastic food! Great price!

Adam Knust

Always awesome. Great flavor with lots of options. The palak paneer was outstanding this time. Naans with the mango and mint chutney are must-haves. My kids love this stuff too!

Mandeep Singh

Worst place for food.. don't ever going again. They don't know how to cook food..

Amy N Smith

Great atmosphere and food! Beer is available also. My daughter loves the masala here.

Todd Johnson

India Bistro is our favorite Indian restaurant. We visit for lunch every chance we get. Not sure where Tatiana visited but she must have been at the wrong location. The portions are plentiful and spices are just right. It's a great place to try different dishes. Maybe a good GPS would help to make sure you are at the correct restaurant before adding a review.

Jeremiah Gillam

Love this place. My family has eaten here around 20 times in the last year and have always enjoyed the experience. The staff is friendly and accommodating and the food is simply amazing.

Jefferson Eagley

The cumin potatoes are unusual and tasty! The mango mousse is wonderful. Tasty food! A bit difficult to find parking

Ross Collins

Hands down best Indian buffet in Seattle, and I've tried them all!

Pam Shaner

The lunch buffet is fresh and hot, a great way to taste a variety of foods. For dinner they offer a large menu at very reasonable prices. The service is always great! Highly recommend!

Michael Joslin

The food was very good, as was the service. The prices were very reasonable as well. I've never been to India, but my brother has spent a lot of time there and regarded the food as authentic. We had been to Bengal Tiger around the corner in the past and probably won't be returning, as their food wasn't as good and cost more.

Abhijith Shasheendra

Value for money

Elizabeth Roe

This place is my fav! They are friendly and there food is just down right amazing!!

V N Krishnan

Very good food. Very economical. Good service.

Bry Jaz

Great hospitality and the food is amazing.

Caroline Good

Best palak paneer and lamb curry!! We go every time we're in Plainfield. Love the staff and service too! Very fast and friendly.


Great place for a quick bite, buffet is very tasty and service is fast and friendly ! I typically am not a big fan of Indian dishes ! But this place has made me into a fan ! Love it !

Daniel Shannon

Traditional Indian food in a modern cafe. Standard options. Good for vegetarians.

Horseshoe Coins & Antiques

If I'm ever down Seattle way on my day off, I always time it to go here on my way back north. Their Sunday and Monday night buffet is a slice of heaven. Food is very fresh, delicious, and ample. On top of their large variety of dishes, they have many apps and for dessert, you just can't beat the Mango Mousse. I've eaten at a ton of Indian Restaurants, and this one is one of the top. You won't be disappointed, I need to get back there, and get more of their business cards, as I've handed them all out to customers in my shop.

Melinda Taylor-Kelly

Wonderful! The only issue is that the Tikka masala had dark meat, not breast, as listed in description.

Jonathan Sandmann

So good!!

Jaime Guerrero

Great favorable food wood eat here if i was you

William Powell

Pretty good food and best price around for Indian buffet. I recommend. The mango mousse was good!

Cora Chaney

Do yourself a favor and try this place. Had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. It has a good atmosphere.

Jeremy Leishman

You like it, you just might not know it yet. Go there. Do it.

Volodymyr Kunko

Not only a nuanced balance of flavors/spices, it's how you feel 24 hrs later ... Best in the NW! ... Gurman Singh's exceptional mastery! ... + Mango Mousse!!!

Danita Timmons

This place is a gem among the all the chain restaurants that are in Plainfield. Food is always delicious and the owners are genuinely glad you are there.

Anirban Biswas

My favorite Indian buffet in the Seattle area

Nandhini Ashok

They have one base sauce made of tomato ketchup, onion paste and a smattering of garam masala. This is definitely not Indian. Drive 20 more minutes for better Indian in Indianapolis

Jim Kincaid

Good Indian food on the West side. Have goat curry everytime I've been there.

Amrutha Varshini

Weekend dinner buffet not worth the price. Taste was ok, but less spicy , less sweet in desserts .. I think it's not good enough for anyone who knows how it should actually taste like. Average place

Brenda Aparicio

Delicious food and great service!

Michael J

Good food, decently priced, I have only eaten take out

Jennifer Vance

Great service! Great food!

Jessica Eichhorst

So good! Prices good too! We had dinner, not the hurry curry, but I would like to try that too. My daughter has had it and she likes it. Lots of vegetarian options.

Rebecca Bilbrey

Nice people. Good food if you don't have tomato allergies or gerd. Limits your items to vegetables and naan. But they are still tasty. Others in group really enjoyed the tika marsala.

Subhash Rusiya

Lunch buffet is value for every penny of your 8.99. Love their mango mousse.

Kristina Kledzik

Our go to Indian restaurant! My favorite is the eggplant bharta, which no one else makes as well.

Adam Ellwood

Great lunch buffet! The mango mousse is great too

sanchit sharma

Really cheap and great tasting buffet

ahmad hayajneh

Great and wonderful place ,,very nice and kind staff ,love this place

Laura Miller

This place was awesome, not a big atmosphere place but excellent food, will definitely visit again when in the area, have recommended for a quick place for Indian food. Loved the bread!


Delicious food. I love it!

Viral Parmar

Worst experience of food ever. They don’t know even how to cook food . Very much disappointed. I never wrote review about food but this was more disappointed I Ever had. don’t waste your money on food here.

Brennen Wright

Fantastic Indian food. The buffet is great at lunch. Lots of tasty options to choose from. As virtue of it being Indian cuisine, there are great vegetarian choices too (like half the buffet). You can even grab a beer if you need a libation. Haven't yet tried their full menu because I'm only here for lunch. Definitely stop by if you're in the area.

BeccaLynn Ifland

The mango chicken is delicious! Great service, great prices, nice atmosphere.

kyle sproul

Had my first date here with someone special. Indian food makes you fall in love. True story

Sheheryar Kadir

Great food, great price

Claudio Marimon

Great lunch and quick dinner place if you are looking to try some Indian cuisine. It is an all you can eat place. They have both vegetarian and meat selections to pick from. You can pick and try as many selections as you like. Bread is fantastic. No soda dispenser here, so only canned soda drinks. They do have hot tea and water.

David Miller

Friendly people, tasty food, great price. I recommend it.

Samantha Merritt

Awesome food and great service in his small bistro. It was totally worth the risk checking it out. (We were skeptical about trying it.) There is a pretty big menu, looking forward to trying more things.


Great food, whether you're ordering ordering off the menu or filling up at the buffet. It is very flavorful and may be a little spicy for some, but still good. The staff are also extremely helpful.

lindsey beadle

Chicken korma, naan, and hot chai is my fave here. Try it.

James Couture

It's often a bit chilly and the ambiance is flat, but the food is good. Their food is actually spicy if you go for four or five stars. It's not just PNW spicy.


Horrible experience half cooked Chicken the other half burnt black have no idea how that was done and drowned in hot gravy to be cooked while it’s in front of me. I’ve eaten a lot of Indian food and never gave a bad review to anyone Ever!!! This is my first because it was that bad. Don’t even deserve that one star.

Jonathan Henriksen

Delicious food and great service.

Robert Fahey

We showed up just after the buffet ended. The place was dead quiet, not a single customer in the place. Lights were off. We asked the girl who greeted us, “Are you guys open?” She said, “Let me ask.” Odd response. She came back and said okay, come on in. We noticed four guys dressed in white sitting in a dark corner. One of them was lying down. We thought nothing of it and sat down and ordered. A half hour went by. No exaggeration. We sat there for a half hour in an empty restaurant and waited for food. What could possibly be the problem? We were the ONLY customers! We finally asked the girl, “Uh, is the food almost ready?” A minute later, the four guys who were lounging in the corner went over behind a counter and started cooking. They were the cooks! Apparently they’ been taking a long break after their busy buffet rush, and we had interrupted them. The food itself was five stars. Good stuff! But shutting down the restaurant with a family sitting there cost them three stars. Fair enough?

Shreya Patel

worst food ever. the dish was very watery instead of creamy and when we gave feedback to the employee, he didn't care at all showing no interest in customer care. if I could give 0 out of 5 star, I would. STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN SAKE!

Jake Estornell

Amazing. Stopped here on a road trip and had a great time

Robert Murphy

India Bistro is a nice spot for a decent North Indian food buffet. Definetely if you are hungry in the area, want good taste. and comforting good.

Alex Verdoorn

Definitely recommend this place! They were super friendly (too talkative for me, but that's only because I want to be completely left alone) I had the bangin ka bharta it could have used a little more flavor, but the texture was PERFECT. I had medium spice, and it wasn't spicy at all. The ginger chi tea was great too. The place is small and compact which I enjoy. Will definitely return!

Ben Zone Fun Zone

Great place with amazing food. The owner is always friendly and helpful every time I come in.

Jessie Dowell

I’ve had a lot of Indian food it’s one of my favorites. So I was in the area and had opportunity to try this place. It said buffet so I thought lunch would be good to try what they have. Well, the place is very small not like I expected for an Indian restaurant most Indian restaurants have a very relaxing welcoming feel. This one was crammed and tried an attempt at modern design but with the constant techno music I felt more like I entered a spaceship headed for the outer galaxies in the universe than coming to eat good food. Then we sat down, awkwardly enough I guess u don’t sit down here, u order first at the counter where they also serve u the Buffet. So it’s really not a buffet it’s more of a we serve u idea. So I stayed positive go what looked good and a Taj Mahal. Well I tasted the food, I have had much better. The taste is missing something im not sure if they don’t line garlic or ginger and just refuse to use any flavor. The food tasted liked paper. It had no taste. The chicken had no good curry taste to it the naan missing the garlic buttter or anything it just tasted like bread and even that was nothing in the bread but water. No flavor at all. Save ur time go to India palace well worth the drive for the taste there. Luckily the Taj Mahal still tasted good u couldn’t loose that. Please stop playing techno music it is sooo awkward and the school Lunch trays made me feel like I was eating at high-school cafe again or a hospital. And I know lot of reviews on here said it really good I tried to believe them but i believe these people may enjoy eating wads of paper, please fellow reviewers try India palace u will know the difference first taste

Sherry Vanover

It was okay, daughter and husband though it was good and they would do again.

Zach Hansel

Fantastic food. We just love this place!!

Daneil Newcomb

Such a gem! The quality of food for the value is wonderful. I love getting weekend lunches and dinners at the buffet when I'm in the area.

Sally Codarmaz

I go here weekly! Love the food and service.

Tim Blake

Always good Indian food. The buffet gives you a chance to try many different dishes.

Dan Hobbs

Top notch food, the tika masala is awesome and the staff really are super friendly. One of the better lunch places in Plainfield for sure, the unlimited curry is a great value and I always walk out in pain (in a good way!)

Darryn Gilliam

First time eating here. My doctor suggested it due to proximity. My meal was amazing, Saag Aloo and the mixed vegetable coco curry were my choices. I am definitely coming back.

Jeanne Nadreau

Garlic Naan had the right amount of garlic. Curry dishes came out with sterno (?) heaters underneath to keep them warm. Great service, nice ambiance. Would definitely recommend, and would gladly go again!

Sohaib Gutub

The butter chicken was really good

Lisa Kern

Always delicious and great service!

Robert Stoppel

Good food and great service! Nice modern decor.

Lindsay Dawson

SO GOOD! India Bistro is one of my favorite places for authentic Indian cuisine. It has something for everyone - classics like curry vindaloo, or tikka masala, or more inventive dishes. The naan is awesome and the venegtqble pakoras are my FAVE. It's a family-friendly restaurant with great service. They also have a very affordable buffet on Sunday and Monday nights. If you're in the Roosevelt area, definitely check it out!

Unreadable Menu

Great Indian food, and old objects and pictures to see.

Amelia Bourke

This place made me fall in love with Indian food! India Bistro has amazing flavors and spices. The portions are large for the price. I've never been disappointed by a dish here, and the naan is fantastic.

H Williams

Very friendly place. Good food. Best saag I’ve had!

Jacob Saffold

I love this place, the foods fantastic, the staff is so friendly. The guy who served my food remembered me and my order after my first visit. Always a pleasant experience

Krista Martin

Had the chicken Tikka masala and onion chutney and it really hit the spot. Awesome flavor and spice. I had carry out but am excited to try the buffet. Place was spotless and loved the modern decor.

Brian Perisho

It was very good. This was our first visit. We will be back again.

Josh Coots

One of the best (if not THE best) lunch spots in Plainfield! Great food, great prices, and super friendly staff.

Adam Strange

Stopped in for a quick late lunch. I missed the Curry in a Hurry all you can eat lunch, but ordered chicken vindaloo with garlic naan. Service was great, food came out quick, and flavor was good. It does not feel like your typical Indian restaurant and is much more modern and has a feel of a good food fast kind of place. They have a lot of standard Indian dishes and a nice variety of vegetarian dishes and breads. Prices are pretty cheap and they give you a lot of food. I will definitely be back if I am in the area again.

Nishan Biswas

I went there once in the last week and I must say that this is the place with least price Indian buffet in U District Area. Food is really tasty and environment is awesome. I must recommend this restaurant to everyone.

D'Arcy Berry

Good food and a lot of it. Can't beat the lunch buffet.

Kim L. Hooper

Interesting concept on the All-you-can-eat buffet. It is, but God is served cafeteria style on trays. You can get as much as you like, and the food is good.

Mohd Radwan

I would not go back to this place again .. Service was bad .. I paid $ 30 and the food was not worth it

Akshat Kedar

Good food for the price and buffet have samosa on Sunday evenings!

Kamal Kashyap

It's the best restaurant in Seattle I love there customer services very quick and fast

john ross

Very nice setting, super clean, fine service, and, most importantly, wonderful food. We had three menu items as well as naan bread. I agree with other reviewers, we look forward to dining here repeatedly.

Kinshuk Mitra

Rat spotted entering the Kitchen during lunch buffet. Management claimed that there’s only one and it came back after a while. Would’ve taken a picture except I was in shock and the rat was quick! Filed complaint with King County Food Safety

Jacob Danielson

AC was lacking but the food was delicious and the dollar value was great

Melissa Warner

Great in and out and brows look great

Win Ro

Quite tasty lunch buffet at a good price.

Daniel Coombes

I was excited to go based on the reviews but we had gnats flying around our table during our dinner. Might have just been a bad night but we won't be going back, gross!

Rodrigo Orozco

Good Indian lunch buffet at a great price in a cozy atmosphere.

Richard Fuller

Good lunch buffet and you can get the buffet to go as well. Very friendly service!

James Byrd

One of the better Indian Restaurants in the metropolitan Avon/Plainfield/Brownsburgian area. The food is of good--premium quality; but a little less "authentic" than other restaurants in Indianapolis. For patrons like me, this is a good thing. I like the flavors of this type of cuisine, but don't like running into a large chunk of onion. For this reason, India Bistro is a great way to introduce Indian Food to those who are picky, or squeamish.

Paul and Jamie Bhosle

Great Service, Great Food, and Clean

Michael Napodano

Awesome food and nice staff. Buffet was delicious. Would recommend

Yogit Bhatt

Staff was very friendly and nice! Service was also very quick but the food was TERRIBLE. The cheap prices definitely shows what kind of quality they provide. Food was extremely watery and the chicken was extremely rubbery/chewy. Maybe prices are so cheap because they use water for 90% of the recipe. Me being indian, I know how good food, spices, and flavors should taste and this place wasn’t it. The only good thing was the veggie spring rolls and the naan but rest of the stuff was so bad I wouldn’t go there again. I wouldn’t mind paying $5 more if food was better!

Stephen Wood

Gave me the completely wrong Uber Eats order.

Michelle Graves

First Time with Indian food.. Loved the Atmosphere, awesome food. Definitely a must go!

Margo Kislinska

Love this one better than India Bistro in Ballard. It's bigger and looks a little fancier. Lots of delicious Indian food that you most likely won't finish (unless you have a big stomach:) so if you're hungry and craving some good Indian food: this place is for you! Enjoy! :)

Brad Wagenaar

This place is great. Been here for the buffet -- awesome. Been here for standard dinner meal -- awesome!

Sebastian P.

Everything was perfect, food, atmosphere, service, and they made it so quickly, we were quite amazed.

Travis Little

The feel and process is odd to me, being a very limited buffet served on school cafeteria trays, rather than serving ones self. The food was middle of the line in flavor, and I didn't find anything deeply and traditionally seasoned, or spicy. I would not go back, but for a quick lunch it might be okay. Much better options with more variety, I feel.

Alec Caprarella

Amazing food and awesome staff


Love the food and the service. Always friendly and efficient.

FragBoy Stewie

Great food (and great quantities) for very competitive prices! Absolutely recommend checking it out!

Abby Butterfield

Everything was excellent, but I wish there were more entree choices from the buffet. Great value!

Leslie Crane

Great service & delicious food!

Krishna Viswanathan

Decent restaurant with good food for the price. I visited for a weekend buffet. The grilled veggies with potato patties was very good. The mint chutney was alright and I could find veggies in the pakora than just dough, always a plus in my book. The basics like daal and tandoori were really well done and like back home!! I also liked the turnip curry, very unique and well done. Also they gave me half a naan, which I appreciated. I usually cannot eat a full one by myself and don’t like to waste. I was left alone-needed water and napkins and finally ended up asking for them. Also, the owner/chef was staring at me, not sure whether it was friendly or if he was keeping an eye on a suspicious looking fellow Indian. I do look suspicious so I don’t fault him

Austin Bolton

The lamb vindaloo was great. If you ask for hot, it'll make you sweat! Good service from Anna. Pleasant environment. All around great experience. Topped it off with some rice pudding stuff that was the perfect way to end the meal.

Suryanarayanan Udayabhanu

Good indian food. Enjoyed

Amy C

Consistently one of our family's favorite restaurants in town. The Hurry Curry lunch counter is excellent. We especially love ordering from the full menu so we can get our food spicier. The Naan is always fresh & flavorful. The service is always incredibly friendly. Highly recommend.

Trina Williams

Lunch buffet always good.

Charlie Liu

Always a lovely experience. I believe their lunch buffet is about $10. The staff here is very good at refilling your drinks. It is very pleasant and even classy.

Thomas Li

This place is the best for buffet lunch. They have a bunch of good vegetable dishes on top of lamb vindaloo and butter chicken. And the price is not to be beat. I come at least once a month.

Lasagna Jon

Great place with wonderful food and staff would definitely recommend you go there if your looking for a great place to eat.

Kyle Millholland

YUCK. Not much more I can say to that. Now, I do say that for several different reasons. Let's start with the food....which is the most important thing for any restaurant. Well, it's bad. I ordered garlic naan, butter chicken (which came with rice), and vegetable pokhara for a starter. I dont really have anything complimentary to say on anything unfortunately. The pokhara was pretty basic and served with two sauces on the side. The potatoes in the pokhara looked like someone stole the potatoes out of BW3's and fried them in chickpea batter. It was "ok". Then came the feature of the show, the naan and the butter chicken (with the side of rice). The naan was dull, lacked flavor, was luke and extra spongy. The rice was ok, a bit clumpy in parts but's rice (although basmati rice should not be clumpy when served properly). Lastly, the butter chicken was absolutely HORRIBLE. It was bland, lacked any hint of spices, and the chicken used was scary to say the least. I found several pieces of un-chewable tendon that I had to pull out of my mouth. I had quite a bit of rice and butter chicken left by the time I called it quits and I didnt even bother to take it with me. On a few small side notes, my pitcher of water had about 4 almost melted ice cubes floating in it so I had to ask the guy to give me more and he gave it back with about 8 ice cubes added in. No big deal but just not a great showing to start. While I was there a group of 3 guys came in and one of them was of Indian descent. He asked to not get rice but instead vegetables or even just cauliflower for his side. He had to explain it about 4 times and finally they just told him that they don't do substitutions and then they made him add it on to his order. Again, pretty poor. No for the coup de gras.....the final price was $20 for what was a very sub-par meal. All in all....wont be going there again......and yes, YUCK.

Rajesh Ramadas

Small place , good food

Zeta Retikuli

Great locally owned restaurant in Planfield! Squeezed in between endless national and boring chain restaurants, India Bistro offers a departure from Plainfield's boring chain restaurant scene. The service is always prompt, friendly, and done with a smile. The Hurry Curry lunch option offers several of the traditional and some original fares and includes several veggie entrees as well. The full menu is offered all day and food ordered from the menu is cooked to order. Naan is extra if you order from the menu but is included in the Hurry Curry lunch. Great small spot to eat at for either lunch or dinner. These nice people know me by name and look forward to eating here again very soon.

alex ajay

Taste was really great.

Dan Kimbler

Yesterday, we went there and had very bad experience. Their service is 0 star our of 5. Their food absolutely not OK for vegetarians, nighter in test, nor in choices. Leaving in this area since last 2 years, but this was worst experience. We told this is their management and instead of understanding, they first argue and than charged double (who charge buffet price for 3 year old kid) Not recommending.

Rob Lemire

Very nice people. Love the food. Lunch time buffet is the best. Weekdays and weekends

Janene J

Ready to eat buffet. Delicious food. Great value!

Mike Gray

This place here india bistro is the place to go if your looking to eat differently awesome delicious food my favorite is the chicken briyanni medium hot

Heather Eden

Very friendly staff and the food is delicious!

tough critic

Best curry in indiana by far. Vindaloo is nice and hot and samosas and naan are fantastic. Ingredients are fresh and place is clean.

Paul Robarge

Great Indian food and excellent service. Both the buffet and off the menu are good. Lots of chai and smiles.

Milap Patel

They should have a warning board outside: NOT FOR INDIANS!

Melissa Morgan Wagley

Love the India Bistro. Great quality & tasting Indian food. If you go during lunch time then you can try a variety (buffet style). One of my favorite spots for lunch.

Keith Roberts

Second visit. Informal, but really good food. Will definitely come back again.

Tylor H.

This place is so good. My girlfriend had showed me them for the first time and ever since then we try and come as often as possible. If you've never tried this type of food defiantly be open minded and give it a shot.

Supun Kamburugamuve

Food doesn't taste good.

travis wethington

This place is AMAZING! All the food is fantastic and they have very friendly staff. Always a great experience.

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