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1345 W Southport Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hong Kong Restaurant IN Indiana

Rick Shaffer

Always good food. Always. I would rate it a 5-star, except the restrooms need to be totally replaced. Nice employees, too.

Chad Romero

Service was great! Food has been better. I don't know what changed with Hong Kong, but the quality of the food sure has. Long time customer here. Hoping we can go back to how it was....

Way cates

Old facility but good food. Good selection on buffet.

Punkie Birch

At 6:10 P.M. I placed an order. When asked what time I would be there I said in 20 minutes. From many past experience's I knew that the order would not be ready in 20 minutes, therefore I did not even leave my house for 15 minutes after placing my order. When I arrived at 6:40 to pick it up it was not ready (as expected)..One of the servers there, I think her name is Anna was getting ready to leave to go home after working her shift but was so polite as she saw me sitting there waiting for my order. She went to the kitchen and expedited my order herself and got it all together for me even though she was leaving from her shift. I loves Hong Kong's food and I appreciated the way Anna attended to me. It's hard to find good workers like that. She deserves a pat on the back. 5 stars for the food and because of the good service from Anna.

Catherine Smith

Great food fair prices and quick

Matt Steigely

Giant portions. Great tasting food. Good prices.

Christian Motorsports

The lady at the front running the cashier would give me dirty looks as if she didn’t know what I was talking about, nor did she give me time to respond. She seemed very agitated when I was trying to order and didn’t know the name of the combo. Food is good but the service is disgraceful.

Nickholas Harris

Food is not that great. Service is good. Oh they have the biggest egg roll I ever seen

PMTasha B.

This restaurant has been here for years!! We come at least 2times or more a month!! The staff is pleasant and very helpful! The food is always delicious! This place stays packed, especially on weekends! ! Due to large crowds, the food is alway fresh on buffet. Don't forget to try the gumbo! Easy access on and off I-10 in Sulphur.

AshLey AnN

Our family eat there all time that is our food to place nice service great food

Terry Haines

Good food, although it did close early in my opinion (9:30 p.m.). It's a function of the little town in which it lives.

Angie Bolton

Love it

Louis Michiels

Great food. Great service.

Donna Reed

I enjoy the quizine at this facility. The service here is superb and its very clean. This place is highly recommended.

Melissa Nixon

The waiter we had was kinda rude

Veneta Romero

Some of the food did not taste right. The staff was nice except the cashier who was on the phone when I came in to the restaurant and when I left. There was a few things I had never seen before on a Chinese buffet but for the most part it was traditional American Chinese food.

tim duffie

Mandy Hollenbeak

Best Chinese food in town have been going there my entire life and can never get enough of it. And the servers and hotsses are awesome

Gina Larson

Great place to eat, friendly, clean, great atmosphere, family friendly, great prices..

Cherencueca M.

Food is food you have to eat no matter what i dont like and the experience i had is the person who took my order first she was rude getting my order. When i order my roast pork lo mein without vegetables i wanted cabbage on it she made a funny face like. Why or we cant do that i mean. They have to treat customer with respect and make the cusotmer happy not made them feel uncomfortable. Second i was looking for soy sauce and i asked if they have soy souce and she said how many bags i was seriously i have to tell me how many i want so i said 7 and she thrown them at my bag and only 4 i was. Really im not gonna argument with these kind of rude people. There specially when im hungry. and want to eat i hope they can fix the way to treat customer because i did not like it at all. So my point is u cant request anything special on ur food because they dont like it at all either they make faces and then be rude what kind of customer service is that its no i dont recommend this place until they treat better customers

Byron Palmer

Marietta Gary

Still great cooking.

Paula Doney

Best Chinese in the valley inexpensive great food and great service

Kelly Hernandez

Decent buffet. Good service.

Robert Larkin

Lydia letulle Lydia Letulle

Place is old food was cold I don't recommend


I'm from Tennessee just passing thru but this place is got the best service and food I've ever had. Being a truck driver I've been to so many Chinese resturants I can't count but I will remember this place with no problem. I will be back and I recommend everyone to stop in and eat here

Michelle Foster

Love this place. Great atmosphere and great waiters.

Daneisha Mills

Cold food

Kelli Humphrey

Good food. Interesting atmosphere. Has a full bar and video lottery for those that go in for that.

Daniel Mitchell

Our go to Chinese restaurant. Love this place. Crab Rangoon is disappointing though :(

Chad Guenther

Good food and great staff

Terry Dunn

Great food, great price.


great food and friendly service

Adam Felien

Good food, good help, stiff drinks

Anitarene Aguirre

The best! Our fave waitress Anticipates all our needs. Portion size is huge and my husband sometimes takes some home! He 6'4" and weighs 250. What's really amazing is that they have steak on the menu. I eat it often since my guy loves Chinese I sometimes just want a good steak. This steak is delicious and topped with mushrooms and onions. Even their baked potato is good!

Robert Lacombe

The best Chinese food in town

Christy Sanders



Food was great service not so much

Trameka Rankins

Food was lacking flavor and food was not hot, it was tepid at most.


Great food and lunch meals

Virginia Quintanar

Old food and not abig variety

Joe Terry

Order was wrong would not replace and it was cold!!!!!! Will never eat there again


Delicious food, fast service, friendly staff, great prices and nice atmosphere.

Angel Santiago

Tasty food but cold

xiangshi ma

Nice people good servers .

Cindy Deaver

I give the food and waitresses 5 stars....but the cook was an jerk, he was yelling at the waitresses for things beyond there control...not just once, but several times I heard him....and I was at the counter waiting for a pick up order, he was in the kitchen, that's how loud he my eyes that was very disrespectful to her and me.

Amy Clare Baker

Love their coconut shrimp, boiled shrimp, mushrooms, house fried rice, and baked salmon. Wish they had more + better sushi options. Decent buffet, usually busy. They really need to update the interior. Great hot green tea. Always good service.

Debbie Starks

Good food ,great service..

Tanner Sherrell

Great filling food


excellent buffet

Anne Curphey

The family has enjoyed this place for years.

Stephanie Swire

The food was good. The boiled shrimp was the best today. Out Waiter was on his game today. He did an very good job clearing the table and keeping our drinks filled.

Justin Burton

Good cheap Chinese food

Adam Goodwill


We live across the street and get take out at least once a month. The staff is freindly but sometimes hard to understand on the phone. No biggie though, the food is always hot and tasty. Eat hear if you want to.

Ryan Christian

If you like to be seated and ignored for the next 20 min then this is the place to go! Finally got sick of it and left! Nobody came by to take drink orders, food orders or even notice we left! Horrible service!

Edwin Casablanca

Joshua Schubert

Average Chinese food, served quickly.

Amy Sacher

Andrea Wakeland

Food was great... only problem was the dried "booger" on the inside of my water glass that I didn't notice until I drank it all... Ick! And no one ever even made an attempt to apologise or anything... makes ya wonder about other things being clean.. or not.

Alice Hess

They have some good food on their Buffet but not too much in the way of sushi


Good food, nice people working there

Sheila Byrd

Food was Cold & the server sucked. Wasnt Worth 11$ for lunch

Todd Krebs

Love their steamed dumplings! Go there at least once per week! Great food at great prices!

Kristen Lupan

I Love love love this spot! Its amazing

Fred berge

Good food! Good service!

Betty Fontenot

Nice friendly clean

Michelle Edge

We loved our waitress. The food was super hot and fresh. We had the Deluxe and it was enough food for a small army and tastey.

James Thompson

Good food great service fair prices.a

Kevin Neumann

Melva Solis

Only good thing was the service, place needs a good cleaning .

Pat Long-Wu

Food ok

Michelle Billings

Bill was $103 said to take up to 115. But charged my card $127!! NOT very happy with this place.

Don Stracener

Friendly waitress, good food, Reasonable prices.

Grace Ely

The food is consistantly good, friendly wait staff, & the price/value the best in town!

Arthur Sharp

Good food fast service

Wayne Miller

The food is great,and so is the service! of my favorite restaurants

Linda O'Dell

The buffet has a wide variety of food, something for everyone. Waitresses and waiters are friendly, fast and efficient. They also have a menu to select from.

Eva Fortunato

The food was good. Quick and easy to get our meal. We enjoyed the buffet.

Samantha Routh

This place is a weekly stop for my family and I... Great value Great food.

Jamie Westerman

Awesome as always. Love the food and the ambience

corey cranfill

Karen Lynn

Great food! They'll even cook to your liking.

Andrew Bertrand

Great verity of food

Dewanna Tompkins

Service was excellent and food was fresh tasting over all great

zenita haugen

Awesome food great service!

KathiSue Summers

My mom enjoys the family style menu.

Anrisparce Kurokaze

Enjoyed my ice cream - yes, i mainly wanted ice cream! Had some chicken and potato wedges for foods, but got my ice cream fix

Janet Campbell

vl ngura

Thawng Pi

Never wait more than 10 minutes

Audina Jephson

Our favorite Chinese food in Grants Pass!!! Always good and soooo much food!

Eric Trevizo

The food taste old even the fortune cookies taste old/stale however great service just there food doesn't taste like there happy 2 make it..

Contessa Mills

Love their egg rolls never to busy food always good and fresh

Cindy Trevino

Good food, enjoyed eating there, small amount of variety. Food is tasty I enjoyed the noodles and shrimp. Overall some what good service, meh, although you have to ask for refills and to take your plates. It's always full and parking space is alright. I paid 12.99 for the buffet including a drink. There's also take out and the plates look reasonable!

Logan Tucker

I travel the country often and now live close by to this place and I have to say it has the best Chinese food I've ever had! Love the beef and broccoli!

Amanda Lott

Decent at best. $35 lunch for myself, husband & 2 children (9&5) Over priced for lunch buffet, especially for the variety. Buffet bar is clean & well kept tho.

Melissa Jennings

Very friendly family atmosphere even the bar has a good friendly feel. Could use update on decor

Heather Dunham

We enjoyed the lunch buffet. There's a pretty decent selection of items. Our server was polite, attentive, and friendly. The restaurant was clean, and it has a relaxed atmosphere. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I felt it was a bit pricey for what we ate.

William Davis

Food that’s supposed to be hot was cold. Food that’s supposed to be cold was hot. Guy behind the register was on the phone when I came in, was on the phone banging his fist on the counter when I was eating and was still on the phone when I payed and left. Oh, and never got a refill on my water. Two stars for the ice cream cone only!

David Bosquez Jr.

Always good, friendly staff. Good selection. No beer.

Patti White

Food is always good. They use fresh vegetables and meats in their dishes. We always order extra to bring home.

Jordan and Braxton Volgs

I just had a bad experience here when normally my boyfriend and I have good service here. I had called and ordered our usual takeout order, at the end she told me my total which was a lot more than what I normally pay. They hung up without telling me a time to pick my food up and when I tried to call back they didn’t answer, a second time they picked up the phone which was literally 2 minutes apart and I explained that I think there’s a mistake, I re-told them my order and the lady tried to tell me “it’s already made” I said “how? I just called literally 2 minutes ago, there’s no way..” when at that point she said “I’ll change the order but are you sure?” I said “yes I’m sure” she said “are you sure you’re going to pick it up?” I was shocked she even asked me that...I said “uhm yes?” And she said “okay” and hung up the phone on me. I will not be spend money here ever again.

Randy Hebert

Was ok. My taster is off or something. It's been around 3 years since we ate there. Service was great but the flavors just didn't hit the mark the way I remembered it.

Thomas Conway

This was my first time coming here, and definitely not my last. The food was delicious and the employees were very friendly. I told my friend I felt like a pig because I actually ate all of my food, I usually take a to-go box..

Melanie Gerard

The best Chinese food in Grants Pass! The service is always fast and friendly. My only suggestion..... take some time to remodel. The waiting room is like a time capsule from 1960, and not in a good way. Grease stains, peeling wallpaper, and a pile of boxes thrown into a corner. High time to spruce things up!

Michael Harris

Absolutely delicious!

Glynn Dowers

Good buffet good waiter

Bill Mitchell

Good food, great staff, inexpensive, very busy place.

Robert Cloud

The food is pretty good and at least tonight the service was excellent. I would rate the food at 4 stars the selection at 3, but since this is Sulphur, La I would go ahead and round those off to 5 stars. I pass through often and usually if I stop here it is between 12 and 6pm. The reason they are getting two stars even thought the food is pretty good and the waitress was excellent is that this is second time I have been there when they shut down the ice cream machine and start cleaning it well before closing , and when I asked about it the guy at the front desk just ignored me as if I did not ask anything. He could have at least said well we are in a hurry or just lied and said it broke down. If the sign says you are open until 9:30, I expect the full selection until then, or at least not taking things away at 8:45. I asked my waitress to verify that they were open until 9:30 and not just 9:00. I do not expect them to take any special requests or bring out anything new 10 minutes before closing, but do not take away stuff with 45 minutes to closing and there were plenty of full tables and even new customers coming in. This happened another time I was in here but it was a little closer to closing and I blew it off and thought well maybe it was empty, but it was definitely still full tonight. I was not the only one put off by this. The table next to me was complaining as well. It may be petty but one of my favorite parts of dinner at a buffet is the soft serve ice cream and I usually will not go back to one if they do not have it. I will definitely not come back to this one after 8pm if ever at all.

Daniel Harpain

Food and service were both excellent

Dee Shoup

We always enjoy our meals at the Hong Kong restaurant.

Jeston Hodge

I highly recommend the Almond chicken dish. This is now my favorite Chinese food place. The food was an appropriate amount of time for how much food we ordered. The service was excellent and polite.

rick altieri

I go there all the time, great food, and good service.

Eric McClease

Good food and drink.

Kolton Newlin

In Indy

Jud Gilbert

Bathrooms needed attention. Drink station is visible on the way to the bathrooms. It needed attention also. Lunch buffet was cold at 115 pm and overpriced. Server was very attentive however. Charging the same price of a super buffet and only having half the amount of food/options just doesn't make sense.

Angel Eaves

I've had better food at a gas station

Nanette Martin

Because they are closed on Tuesday I found a better Chinese restaurant.

Adam Ling

Htayni Sui

Great food.

Lindi Baker

Delicious, fresh food and warm, friendly, home town service. Will keep going back to this restaurant.

Ruth Wagnell

Delicious food! Well served.

Alyssa Kregel

This place is pretty much everything you could want from Chinese takeout. I eat an excessive amount of their Crab Rangoon and love their General Tso's chicken. I can't say that I've tried anything else because I've enjoyed my order so much that I've just stuck with it.

Robert Kerrigan

Best Chinese Cuisine in the Rogue Valley and the experienced waitresses are very courteous

Tracy Gentry

John Valorosi

Very slow service for large group.Friiendly servers.

Melissa May

Love the homemade chinese food....very delicious!

Lance Hughes

The Hong Kong is an old favorite of mine. I love Chinese Food and they have been serving good food there for over 25 years. They could stand to remodel, because the decor is also over 25 years old.

Tiffany Reed

Best Chinese food in grants pass fast friendly wait staff and clean atmosphere this is the only place I will order Chinese from

Jay A

Nice food

Todd Kwok

Good fast and cheap.

Ben Conrad

In my opinion not good

Wendy Beckwith

Good food

Justin Shidler

Crystal Franklin

Food is great! But customer service

Mike Miller

Usually no problems tonight very bad not prepared well at all very poor ingredients Had a dinner roll picked it up to butter it and the bottom was completely covered in mold . Made me wonder about what I had just Eaton. Was given a 10 percent discount was not pleased with that

Zachary Roach

I am a lover of Chinese restaurants. I have consumed food like this at probably 20 different places around Indy. This place is by far my favorite. No better Chinese on the south side. The only place i go besides this is Dongs over in Moorseville. Hong Kong is the best carry out chineese in Greenwood or on the southside of Indy. I live right by Wang Chai, Panda Express and others and I will make the 15 minutre drive to get this instead of driving 2 min. HONG KONG is the BEST

Brittnie Arbuckle

Love the food

Christy neal

Eat there alot. Just spent mother's day there!

Joe Mcmurrough

Food isn't the best but some of it is really is one of the better places I have found around sulphur,la

Miguel Saquic

Great food on the go.

Brandon Walker

Took about 20 minutes for an order for 2 people, but they make it to order and it was worth the wait.

David Wise

I've been going here for many years, always great food, friendly staff.

Lauren Bloom

Have ways liked it. Nice staff, good food, always served nice and hot. Do wish they delivered though:-)

Doug Fresh

Fast service and friendly service, thank you to my waitress Jessica!!

sallie smith

Only Chinese place I will eat at. Best food ever

M Thomas

this place is garbage alllllllllllllll the food is alllllllllllways cold my sister always ask me to go with her that's the only reason I go I only eat the boiled shrimp gumbo and rice because gumbo holds heat some what. this place is really a mess definitely not worth the money. the worst asian buffet I have ever been to. food is pretty nasty also it's one of those places you choose as a plan D giving that every other restaurant is unavailable to you. trust me

Opal Elder

Want good food and even better service that head on in for a good time

Adrienne Fuller

Really good sweet and sour chicken

Carol Santiago

Awesome place awesome food

Noah Kelly

Amazing Wonton soup and Veggie spring rolls! Will not be disappointed

Nick Zook

I was not impressed. Breading on everything tasted like old oil that was burnt or something. Mushrooms tastes exceptionally bad. Seemed to absorb more of the flavor. The bartenders best drink was not good at all. And tasted like bleach. There selection was minimal and could not make my first 5 requests

Aqsa Anwar

This is my favorite chinese place! The family maintains a very clean environment, the food is very fresh, and the prices are affordable. The food is always delicious and fresh! In my 10+ years of eating here, I've not found a dish I didn't like.

crystal cabrales

everyone here is very friendly ! the food is delicious and prices are amazing !

Jesse Sanchez

Absolute favorite place to eat Chinese food with friends great customer service!

Alex Sacks

The food is typical American Chinese food, which is good as one would expect of it, but the service was quite slow. The main attraction is the famous "pink sauce" which is delicious.

Tiffany Brandon

The best chow mei fun! I love this place!

Jerry Tk

Devon York

always on point

Suzanne Durham

I love this place. They make the best pork chow mein and egg foo young that I've ever had. The employees are very friendly and do a great job.

Chuck Haas

Very quiet and peaceful. Great food and service.

Abrielle Meadowbrook Clayton

Yummy food. Okay service tho

Wade Johnson

Excellent Chinese food.

Faith Krouse

It's the best in town or in a 50 mile radius lol

jessica smith

Angela Garibay

Fresh food, great service, great hospitality ambiance in the lounge! Best Chinese food in town!

Gerry Shoulders II

They have the best General Tso Chicken period!

Kim Jinks

The food was decent but this restaurant was very filthy. Blinds on Windows dirty, wall paper coming off, kitchen was extremely dirty, chairs are torn and worn out, you can see the roof has been leaking. As much business as this place gets you would think they would take better care of their restaurant and definitely their cleanliness is very lacking. Ive worked in the restaurant business for years I don't know how they pass state inspection.

Erich Brackmann

Jeffrey Nuñez

Love it took family was worth it i loved it wife loved

Lindsey Gardner

Terrible. Cold, tasteless food. How is this even considered Chinese? And what place did all these people go to that are giving such rave reviews? It certainly is not the same place I went to this evening. You are better off with Panda Express, cheaper, better tasting and HOT!!!

Jennifer Shake

Kinda pricey...

Inked Skye's Tattoos

Loved it! The best Chinese restaurant around!

Cassandra DaSilva-Dimmick

The waitresses were rude, the service wasnt good, and the food was just okay. I wont be going back.

Angie Morris

Customer service poor, owner very rude. Food disgusting!!! Schewan Chicken very chewy, veggies nasty, fried rice nasty, & shrimp egg roll only cabbage!

Miles Dodds

Food is good and prices are reasonable

Traci Smith

The waitress was amazing. Grandma72

The service was very good. The food was good. A good variety to choose from.

Kevin Schultz

Great food!

Aaron houston


My family and I love Hong Kong. Its the only place I know in all of southern Oregon that you can find traditional "American Chinese Food". What I mean by this is traditional chow mein, Mar far chicken, etc. Hong Kong restaurant reminds me of growing up on Chinese food of the East Coast. This place can be busy and they still have great service. Definitely stop in and try them out.

Michelle C

So very disappointed! Last night took friends from out of town for dinner, I used to love eating here. Last night the food was sub-standard; the rice tasted burnt, the portions were small and tasted as if they had been previously cooked and frozen then reheated. I tried to ask the cashier a question; she was as talking to another waitress about conditioning her hair and completely ignored me. When I excused myself to interrupt the employee’s conversation; if looks could kill I’d be dead. The in perfect course for me at the restaurant - ice cream. So sad, but I won’t eat there again!

Toonie Bubblicious

This was absolutely the worst experience. Our server a veteran employee 26 yrs was dragging her feet and it was more important for her to smoke cigarettes than pay attention to her customer. Also we ordered the Lemon Chicken and it was very appalling. The breading fell right off and chicken was under cooked and it was a huge plate of gross mush. I said I was unwilling to pay for it excluding the terribly bland pork fried rice I ate 1 bite of. They insisted I still pay for half. I asked to speak to the owner/ manager and she refused to come speak with me. We were in there for 1.5 hrs during lunch. A huge waste of time and money. Extremely disappointed. They get -5 stars. I highly recommend not patron this awful establishment

Shannon Eichorn

Jay Ling

Great service, and were quick to make my food. I was out of there in no time.

Barrett Frisk

More expensive than Main Moon. But good buffet and plates to go.

Rex Denham

Good food great Service!!!

Cody Clary

Such good selections and very clean helpful staff

Jonathan Scott

It's a hit and miss on the food. It's an older establishment so it's kinda run down looking but overall, a decent buffet.

MadSweeney89 !!!!!

It was fast seating but..... The food.. Meh.. Must have been a short handed day in the kitchen....

Costa Pobre

Excellent food and plenty of choices.

Teri Marty

Great food, but always have to wait for a long time for the bill and to go boxes

Jerry Kennedy

Just okay.

Daralynn Wagerle

The only place that I eat Chinese..been here 40yrs and it seems they have been too. Great food, friendly hardworking crew always helpful. Never disappointed especially with the prices.. Come check it out yourselves, you wont be sorry.. P.S. they also have a Bar in back..

Nick Stricker

There was nothing good about this place. Where do I start.... We waited forever to be seated. When we were finally greeted ( if that's what you want to call it) the hostess was rude and very short with us. The food was all either overcooked or under flavored. The waitress was very inattentive and clearly had no idea how to do her job. The water tastes like it had been scooped out of the toilet. Then as we were eating I overheard the waitress tell another table that the power had been out for over an hour shortly before we got there. Now normally that wouldn't be an issue but with this being a buffet( a very small one with few options) the food sitting out without heat for over an hour is dangerous. When I told the manager about my issues he was also very rude and very short and confirmed my fear that they did nothing about the food while the power was out. He also refused to do anything about our ticket until he went and asked the waitress how much food we had eaten. When she told him that we did in fact eat next to none of our food he only took off one of the meals. All In all the worst experience I have ever had a buffet of any sort in any state. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE AND THEIR SHADY FOOD SAFETY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICES!!!!!!!!

Albert Castles

Our favorite Chinese Restaurant. Very good.

toc johnson

Food was not fresh.. Half of the buffet pans were empty.. We as customers pay the price they ask.. They should keep the food fresh and buffet items full..

Allan John

love this place....if you know wen to go ;-)

Claude Byrd

Good food for the price

Penny Johnson

I'm from Texas, and everyone I come to Grants Pass for a visit I have to stop here. Food is great, and the people and service is wonderful!

Ron Smith

Great Chinese restaurant of the kind that i remember from when I was a pup. Our waitress has been employed there for 30 years and was professional, personable, pretty, and as sorry as a year-long kitten. Food was great and they make a mean Long Island.

Miguel Rodriguez

They got good variety of good food.

Amy Britt

Never disappointed when we eat here. Nice family atmosphere, pleasant waitstaff and great food!

gary jennings

I like this restaurant.. Its not perfect , but i always get filled up , and the food is tasty to me .

Cynthia Webb

Good food and service with a smile

Don Askew

Good food for the most part. Just disappointed that my 2 year old got charged 4.99 for a buffet when he only ate 3 bites of rice off my plate.

Ryan Gleim

Cool restaurant, especially if you chill in the lounge in the back. Staff was very friendly and attentive. Food was good. I would eat there again if I was in the neighborhood.

Troy Gainey

Chicken tenders and coconut shrimp are good but shrimp fall apart in the sauce. Crabmeat on top of the sushi was the worst I ever had. Fried shrimp have 5 times the batter they should have. Jalapeno chicken was crappy. Fries were good. Outside of the building is unkept. Salmon with cheese? ....that will sure no one eats it.


Green K

Bull. Used to be great quality. Now no effort is put into preparing the food, served raw meat and vegetables. Just all around ignorance and no pride in the food they produce.

Brother Indy

Always quick, clean, and delicious.

Raechel Good

Really good for the price.

Michelle Garcia

Great at Dinner tyme

Roseann Williams

The food always appears made to order and is always fabulously good! Consistent. You can always expect to be satisfied and have that satisfaction fulfilled! And the best part? It is affordable. I love Hong Kong it's my favorite place to eat in grants pass.

Sandra Smiley - Sallier

Buffet is consistent.

Brian Vest

Always the best

Donald Sonnier

Great,as always, yall need to build one in Southeast Tx! ;)

Christi Yager

Hank Nguyen

Amber Shockley

Really good. The black pepper chicken was delicious.

David G

Very friendly staff and a moderate selection. All the food was cooked properly and replenished often. I'll definitely be stopping again.

Amber Miller

Food look good? Yes my mom, daughter & I thought so to until our food came complementary with HAIR IN IT! Yes hair and NOT our hair either. We choose this restaurant while visiting my grandmother in Grants pass. This restaurant had 4 stars attached to it so we were looking forward to a great dinner befor our drive home. The building itself looks ran down. Peeling pain, dirt and thick dust everywhere. My moms bench seat was broken and at an angle. The tea was horrible.. and we dared not drink out of the water glasses as they were filthy as well. The waitresses were nice but as soon as we pointed out the hair in the sweat and sour pork they completely avoided us. Until it was time to pay. We recieved a 10% discount and another apology..but will not be returning or recommending this restaurant to ANYONE else. Ps. Dont order a bloody Mary unless you wanna laugh!

Diana Haines

Good cooking, lots of choices, good prices, fast service,friendly staff.

Jacquelynn Lenahan

I ordered pork noodle soup. It's delicious with lots of barbecue pork on top, green onions, half hard boiled egg, great broth! Serving size big. Would order again!

mark mobley

Good food and good service

Jared Stafford

Worst chniese food ever. If you want really crappie food come here. Egg roll king is 1 million times better.

Katie Henderson

Good food. Not bad price. Delicious.

Mike Burns

Found a worm in the soup

Carlo Krun

Great food, well worth the wait

Shannon Strait

I only eat sweet and sour chicken and there sauce was nasty and they didn't have any chicken.

Angela Sheedy

Good buffet that had a lot to offer.. Food was tasty.

Mark South

Great chinese american food

Ron Romero

The food is always great and the service is always fast

Bonnie Matthews

The food was great, the waitresses very nice.

Devon Bodak-Gyovai

Poor quality food, worst then the Chinese restaurants in the ghetto of north philly but twice as expensive.

Pete Richardson

Jerry Silcox

Cindy Enloe

Good food. Great service.

Noel boutte

Ok service, foods ok , not really a fav. Of mine

Jenalie Smith

The food was very good there

Erika Chapman

Always delicious

Mary Anne Morrison

My favorite Chinese restaurant in Grants Pass. I have been coming here since I was a kid. Excellent food and service. The best Mai Tai!

Cassandra Ferguson

Usually a very quick service. Everything is so yummy. Even their hamburgers, I like to opt out the fries and get pork fried rice. I really could continue to go on but id be here forever. BBQ pork delicious. Mar far chicken yummy. Sweet and sour pork so good. They are closed on Tuesdays right now so that's sad but still awesome food!

Daniel Kinney

Really good fried rice! Friendly and quick service.

Glenn Snyder

Not very fast service

Sammy Granger

Good food friendly service good price

David Kosobucki

Lance Svetlovics

Justin Reon

Great food! Great staff! Did I mention great food?

Gene Merrill

Solidly good food, prices are reasonable

Philip Matherne

It was just ok. Plenty of fried foods and my soft drink was flat.

Emily Hale

Service was amazing, food quality was very far from decent chinese food.

Sara Dabney

Wonderfully excellent food and atmosphere..

Aaron Charlesworth

Good food, good service, great pricing, everything I expected in a Family Style Chinese food dining experience.

Amber Blanchard

Food was a little over fried. But still tasted pretty good


Sometimes a little busy, but well worth the wait. And you get ice cream for dessert.

Suzanne Mareachen

Delicious Chinese food! Open an East side location, please :)

Dorothy Bradbury

The food was so good, service was excellent too. Unfortunately I am diabetic and the sugar in the food raised my glucose level too high.

jarrett williams

Brandon Allen

Service was slow and impolite. Food was over cooked. Never go there again

Daniel East

We never Leave there Hungry, an Service is Awesome

Shane Southwood

Always great food

Scott McCaw

Have been going there since I was a kid... nothing fills the bellies of a large family (for under $100) like good ol' Hong Kong!


Food was terrible. Sushi was warm. Fried rice was just butter and rice. Definitely avoid this place

Mr Mind Game

Classic Chinese buffet that has everything you would expect. Nice folks.

mark nicolas

This place is absurdly good. Furthermore, the prices are out of this world. It almost seems like the more food you order, the cheaper it gets! It seems impossible. I only wish they delivered. Also, the choice to use a phone number as the website name seems curious, but whatever.

Chauntelle LeJeune

Not very good. No flavor everything taste the same, the pepper steak, the chicken and broccoli.

Joy Benware

Best Chinese restaurant in Sulphur!

Jacob Cameron

The faculty was nice and staff was nice, but food was meh. We felt kinda sick after eating it. We probably won’t go back. Wasn’t really worth the 11 per person we paid for the buffet.

DeMaura Gnospelius

My favorite is lunch #K. Cashew chicken is boom! Best fried rice in town.

Roman K

On a busy night they are so good

Jay Davis

Always consistent and good food!

Sue Crane

Very nice food and service were good

Hexus C

Slow service, bad food, gross cocktails served in dirty glasses that stank of mildew.

Sherri Rambo

Always a sure bet for good Chinese food and great service.

Jacob Harris

Very tasty. A lot of food in an order.

David Goddard

Great service. A good variety of great tasting food.

MrPJ Vernon

Aye Mates... Landsailed past here a few times...Today is the day I be amazed. If ye be liking hot.. I mean really hot, like kill the parasties in your bowels hot... Then order the kung pao chicken extra hot and be amazed. I can not recall a better helping of this dish in the USA. Yes I be all over the place always having something Pirate to say.

George Nolan

They had nothing left on their Buffet they could have told us they were closing in 45 minutes it was horrible

Jamie Nieman

Went to dinner here this evening. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised. The restaurant was clean and fresh looking. The celining was nes, the lights and decor was new looking and clean. Nice new granite table tops, very nice hostess and waitress. The food was very good. I had Chicken lo-mein and I took most of it home, there was so much. The salads looking so fresh, I didn't have one but certainly will next time. My husband liked his meal also. Every table was full, I'll go back for sure.

Barry Smith

Tommy Sirman

Love the Buffet I like Those green beans

Margaret Britt Gray

We enjoy our times at Hong Kong Restaurant

Joseph Burkhardt

Good buffet

Maddie Limon

Chow Don... delicious. Or for a Pleasant Surprise, American Dish, Fresh Roasted Turkey Dinner w/ all the fixings. I personally order all DARK MEAT. Yumm.

Alex Bischoff

Diana Burnham

Great tasty food and great prices

Jo Sierra

Worst customer service I've had in a while. They open at 11:00 but had to call and ask them to open the door as it was several minutes after. The food took 45 minutes to come out and and the waitresses looked like they wanted to be anywhere else but there. We had to get up and look for them everytime we needed something.

Gary Coleman

Delicious food

meade bowers

The best buffet in town for Chinese good and fresh great recipes

Debrah Aust

Good food for the price.

Geraldine Dierksen

Excellent food been going there for almost 50 years

michael boyd

They take forever to do everything, especially to cash out. Food is mediocre.

John Roberts

Pretty good buffet, cozy atmosphere

Taf Nyambara

Louis Flores

Fairly fresh food but only a small selection.. the buffet could be bigger

Steven Scalia

Great place to eat.

Kristin Wilson

Best Chinese food around. Their hot & sour soup is the best!!!

Justin Bowman

Never had to call or go back for anything they are always welcoming and ready in 15 min

Linda Carrico

It was delicious help is great

Kathy Davis

Food is good. Service is very poor. Two times I ordered food and they put it on the buffet and I had to wait 15-20 minutes for my food to be ready.

Alberico Servin

It’s good for the price and fast service. Difficult to find menu and food is average.

Juan De Dios Sanchez

The Fountain Drinks, Doesn't Work,The Food Is Ok...

Winslow Field

service good food average

Jessica Mitchell

Great food

Regina Farr

Quick high quality Chinese food I would skip adding fried rice to your meal it's just yellow rice.

Gregory Hicks

The manager is completely arrogant, unreasonable to small requests of sauces most people enjoy for their sushi. If this man cannot listen to the requests of their own customers then it becomes COMPLETELY selfishly about money and not quality

Their Gamma

Our Uncle loves this place so we took him.

Weylin Lucore

Decent food. Price is right

William Wilson

Really wanted Lo Mein and there's is made with what looks like angel hair spaghetti pasta, not traditional egg noodles -.-

Jacinda Elizabeth

I will never eat here again... The food has no flavor.. the portions on my to go order was so small for $11. Panda gives me so much more along with four seasons!! Pathetic.

Ally Armacost

Aaron Thompson

Been eating here with my wife for about 8 years and we still love the food here.


James Kibodeaux

Foods always been good and friendly service

Grace Amanda

our order of "Happy family" consisted mostly of fried bits of dry meat . there was a chicken broccoli dish included too. it all felt very unhealthy.

Google User

Fast and friendly.

Rebekah Savoie

If you want fresh real Chinese food this is it.

Karyn G

Food is ok, help is rude, always!! Don't ask for anything special, first thing out of their mouth is $$$ not ok, or yes we can do that. It's that cost you more

Todd Piechocki

Good food just way overpriced for a to go box.

Max Pennington

Just terrible. Long wait. Rude staff. Weak food.

vera lejeun2

Love their food. But went to late a the food was old.

Terry Bouillion

Good selection not great selection of Chinese food

Shane Haney

Food is on time and tastes great. Sometimes they do get the order wrong but not very often. When the do get it wrong, they make up for it.

Mark Bischoff

Gary Christie

Jacquie Beaumont

Food is awesome! Staff is awesome! If you want a budget friendly night out with awesome food? This is the place to go! I love this place and their staff!


WOW! Large eggrolls packed with shrimp. Lomein was delicious. Great place. Generous portions. Fair price! Definitely will be back

Amanda Adkins

Definitely one of the best Chinese carry- out places I've had. The staff was very friendly, the food was fast, hot, and fresh, and the portions were huge. I ordered one combination platter and an order of steamed dumplings from the dinner menu and there was more than enough for two people.

Jeff Couvillion

Cold. Most of the food taste like it was cooked the day before and reheated. The crowd was very thin for a Sunday buffet.I didn't want to do the buffet and wanted to see a menu instead. One page??? Even the menu was filthy. Not ever likely I'll return. Just isn't up to par!

Terry Conrad

One of the only local Asian-style restaurants left in Grants Pass. With the recent demise of Asian Express (or "Tasty Bowl") any cravings for such food have to be addressed by Hong Kong Cafe. The food is okay, very consistent and reasonably priced for the portions they provide.

Matt Sivley

Ate in the bar last night. Fun crowd. Christie is a great waitress / bartender. She is always up beat and fun. I told her she would get a 5! decent food.

Georgia Strong Hydle

OMG.. today we got fresh food and it was so good.

Tabitha Wolfe

Always hot and fresh

Edward Arabie

Great food, good service, no waiting for table

Thomas H Smith

The buffet never gets old.

Jillian Powell

My family eats hear at least once a week, excellent food, best dumplings this side of the planet!

Kyros Dartanian

James Bond would not approve of this restaurant. Some books can be judged by their cover. My first and last experience at this restaurant.

Roxanne Wheeler

Kimberley Kennebrew

When it has fresh food replaced on tin its heat

Kathy Miller

Good food. Good service. Reasonable price for buffetClean dining room even though it hasn't been updated in years..

Joshua Wooten

Love this place a local favorite

Joe Sacher

Donna Finley

We always get great meals at the Hong Kong. Food is served fresh and hot and tastes delicious. Our server last time was 0009 (sorry I don't have her name, but she is special) Good variety.

Pam Grillo

kara_what_are_you_doing ??

Good food and some of the employees are cool..

Dorothy Wright-Duhon

Great place to eat and enjoy family time!!

David Van Heest

Always consistent very curtiues and Poliget


It's magicly delicious


Not that good and they keep going up on the prices

Jill Mastel

To-go order of the #5 and lemon chicken. The time was a little longer than what had been said, but the food is so good, it's worth the wait!

Jennifer Jackson

I have been going to this place since I was a little girl. Amazing staff, excellent food, my go to comfort food, feel cared about, favorite restaurant for Chinese in GP.

Dennis Harmon

Food is always good

John Mang

Jenny Lynn

This place is absolutely disgusting... Seriously it has to be a front for some other shady business, because they aren't making any $$$ off their food.

Nagaraju Poleboina

I was here visiting a friend. The first time I went in I ordered sesame chicken. It reminded me of back home in Bangalore. The reason being they made it in Indian style. Definitely, my first recommendation around.

Brianna Cryer

Everything was hard as a rock or either really soggy , if you get anything past 1 good luck getting anything good

Melinda Martin

Always great tasting, best shrimp ever! Great Chinese food.

Adrienne Verbeck

It's okay, manager/owner is always grumpy.

Keith Lawrence

Recently they have been a little off with the general tso but still the best in indy.


i have been going here for some time always good hot food staff is a little odd but very nice and fast great carry out

Anna Istre

Food was very good and the waitress was sweet and attentive.

Richard Bertolino

Not in a good way....WOW

Amy Khan

Great buffet, fairly priced, clean, fresh foie DC with large varieties, and friendly fast staff


Staff was cheerful and kind. Buffet was full of delicious dishes.

Katelyn K

I've gone here since I was a kid. I've always loved eating here.

Omega Overload

Good food, Nasty service. During our time there, My mother and me were trying to enjoy our dinner while a waitress was speaking very loudly with another customer over a span 30 minutes about 20 feet way Their conversation about soaps and others mother and more was heard by the few others patrons in the restaurant. The waitress frequented that table many times to continue their extensively loud chat. When my mother and I were paying for our dinner the Loud waitress was there. She began to thank us for coming and asked is everything was alright during our say. My mother replied the food was great but there was a waitress and another customer talking so loudly that it made the first 30 minutes of our stay quite unpleasant. The waitress asked about what she and the customer were talking about and I repeated some of the subjects that they were discussing about. The waitress became quite upset about this and fired back, " This is a public restaurant, you don't have to come here!" Now a simply apology would have ended this but, for Miss Amy to become so triggered to show such a rude attitude directed at my mother and I warranted to write this review.

Ryno Krieg

It's a family tradition to come here before we go to the movies. Very nice family who runs it.


Great food

Dale Douglass

Joshua Johnsen

You get a lot for your money here. And the food is good-not-great tasting. Only downside from our recent visit was not enough staff. Took a very long time to order and get our food. Even though our server was extremely friendly and apologetic it was too bad.

Kayleigh Benoit

Food was old didn't have any fresh food out except the noodles

Ryan McBride

Sierra Hunter

The food is delicious here but the wait staff is terrible. They never answer the phone, we watched it ring with numerous staff standing around ignoring it. If they answer it, they place you on hold and don’t bother coming back. Double check your order if it’s to go because it won’t be correct. The only reason they are still in business is the food.

nerd at heart

The service is great. They were constantly checking and refilling the buffet. Our waiter was nice and was prompt with our drinks.

Lisa Phelan

Good food

Teresa Faulkner


C.S. Burns

Our favorite Chinese restaurant. Best hot and sour soup on south side

Nels Arne

Great atmosphere and staff. Food was kept well rotated on the buffet.

G Stein

I was actually quite pleased with the selection. It is not a huge buffet but it has the essentials. The quality of the food was where this place stood out. Everything was fresh and super delicious. Just FYI... sushi selection very small. Just 2 basic types. Nothing to write home about there. Other than that, everything was really good. I will definitely eat here again.

Shelle Mc

Crab Rangoon was soggy. Chicken Fried Rice ...the chicken was like rubber. Rice is yellow. Egg roll was ok. Egg drop soup was good.

Ct Hood

It was good

Shone Nelson

Great food and wonderful staff. Bet you like it when you try it.

Mike McClure

Good food, good portions, friendly staff


Neil Stiener

Diana George

the resturant is gorgeus , the food is excusite we took a big box home filled with the family dinner for six an it lasted a couple days for leftovers

Jerry Petro


Dana McKeever

The 1 thing i liked was the mongolian beef. We got delivery which was so convenient.


Best Chinese place around, friendly service, delicious food, and it's always clean. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Flip Vega

The food is good. Service is fast and everyone is friendly. I have never had a bad experience here before. I love Hong Kong. Eat here. You'll love it too.

Sara Cameron

Angela G

The BEST! Chinese Food in the Beautiful city of Grants Pass, Oregon. Wonderful service, delicious food and great lounge.

Jim Ott

Best Chinese in grants pass

Blanca Rosa

Billy Jean Breslin

Gotta say I've been going here most of my life and I love this place for the first time in a decade I ordered something new on the menu and I was pleasantly surprised! Good service as always you ladies rock it!!! I would and always do recommend this place to any new people or out of towners! I honestly don't think I eat anywhere else but here!!! Keep up the wonderful works guys!!! Did I mention they make my favorite sweet and sour sauce!!! See pic of red sauce in a bowl

Teresa M

Ahfook Ahfook

Needs a little more variety

scott bouldien

First time to try this place. We live across the street so I called in an order. The lady was friendly and when our call was accidentally drop she called me back. Picked up our order about 15 minutes later and when I walked in the lady I assume I ordered with was sitting at a table snapping frees peas. This as a good sign. Delicious food, a good value. We will be going back.

Ivan I like to bi mam

If you like hardened chicken that feels like it's been encased in jello, then this place is for you.

Candice White

Julie Lackey

Very good food, a little slow on service.

Patrick Reynolds

Summer Buck

Good portion sizes and food quality seems to have improved over the last few visits. Staff is always friendly and price is affordable. We will be back

Logan Sims

Food is always great!

Ty Royer

Always love some good Asian food.

Thaddeus Jones

The staff are always nice and I haven't found a meal I don't like. Food is prepared when your order and comes quick. Awesome restaurant for South side dwellers.

Nancy Schultz

Great as always

Candy Mount

It was OK not my favorite place i don't recommend it..its not clean

Matthew_Thaxton94 Homie1

Not worth it don't go , food was cold not heated properly.

Linda Bushnell

I have been eating at this establishment for 50 years, it's the only place worth eating at. I Love the food, I Love the people, I just Love, Love it!!!!! I take all of my family and friends there, and they become addicted to it too!!!!

Candace Nicholson

Good, moderately priced buffet here.

Carmen Huertos Martinez

Been going here since I was an infant with family and friends its a staple in Grants Pass! I will always be a loyal customer :-) thanks Hong Kong Staff! Rated 5

Joshua W

Usually really good, but best chance for freshest food is when they’re busy.

Chance Jolivette

1st time going, the food was great had a large selection of food, the servers were nice

Colin Morrison

Wow the reviews for this restaurant are way off. The food was overly salty. The coating on the fried shrimp was inedible and tasted like baking powder. Everything was over cooked. It’s like they just don’t care at all. I can easily say the worst Chinese buffet I have ever had.

Amberlynd Gottschalk

8 of us went to get chinese, as the selection in Lake Charles is limited. This place is lacking in cleaniness and delicious chinese food. Dont be fooled by the wontons. They mix cheese and apricot jelly together. The sushi is awful. If you want chinese, drive to Houston or NoLa.

Becci Parker

When hungry for Chinese this is my ONLY choice. My husband & I have been eating here for over 20 years & have never been disappointed. The quality, quantity & taste have all been consistent. The prices are very reasonable for the food & service they provide.

Mike Noonan

Friendly service for take out

frank rankin

Excellent food and great prices. Crab rangoon is awesome

Scotty McBride

Greatest Chinese Buffet in town.

Betty Rouget

Pretty good chinese food, but not as good as chinese food in southern california

sunny m

Good food great pricing

rad gramma

It was ok.....not like it use to be and i really enjoy Chinese food but next time i will go to a different place

Jeremy Hammel

Fast and nice.

Anthea Kamffer

If I coul I would give it a -1!!!!!! 1. Before we were all in the restaurant (8 people) not even seated yet - they wanted to know what’s our drink order. Haven’t even seen a menu yet!!! That question was asked 3 times before we were seated. 2. It was dirty inside! Food from previous dinners under our table. Food lying on the floor at the buffet... had to walk around sushi not to slip. 3. At the buffet it says Fried Rice BUT at our table we noticed that there’s shrimp, pork and chicken in the rice... I’m allergic to shellfish!!! When we told them to maybe just change the name of the fried rice to warn people that it contains shellfish, the waitress told us it’s a combo of fried rice so you should know it.... 4. Who puts their freakin flip flops on the bar counter of a restaurant!?!?!? We were passing through the town and stopped for luch, next time we’ll pass by Hong Kong restaurant and enjoy our meal somewhere else!!!!

Niels Rasmussen

Great food!

Sandie Johnson

We love eating here. The food is great.

jessie kelly

Courteous employees, delicious food always.

Andrea Brelinski

Yes! Hong Kong is always the same! A GP landmark that I've been eating at for over 40 years,wow,40 years!!!

William Schaefer

Best egg rolls!

Norma LeBouef

This is the absolute best Chinese restaurant.

Stefani Ferraiz

Great food, decent price, terrible phone service. You typically have to call several times with the expectation you'll probably get hung up on while waiting on hold because they left you for to long. Then you'll get busy signal for several minutes until they remember they have someone on hold.

Andrew Fair

Best. Chinese. Food. Ever

Bob Bowles

Best Buffet in Town. I’ve never been disappointed.

Ana Sung Thlaceu

Loved it cause my kids love it and it's amazing. Also my kids cousin works there.

Cody Miller

The food was mostly cold when I got a plate at 11:30 am. The fried rice had a really sweet flavor to it which I did not enjoy. The pepper steak lacked good flavor. All in all I had less than half of a plate and asked for the check. I will not be coming back here in the future. The service staff was very friendly and courteous though! I do not recommend this restaurant especially with the others in this area with MUCH better food!

Holly White

Super fast and yummy everytime

Justin Hunt

Lydia Lawrence

This place is AMAZING! We recently moved an hour away and cannot find any place who does General Tso & egg rolls as well. We make sure to get take out any time we are back in the area!

Caitlin Davis

I love the service, the food is AMAZING. The portion sizes are great, if your looking for a great place to eat Chinese food, this is the place to go..... you will not leave hungry!!! Egg rolls are to die for omg so delicious.

Sarah Sutton

Passing thru. Food was good (waaaayyyy too much mayonnaise) clean facilities and good customer service. There was a wait but not too bad. Sat down to eat and every table was clean. Would visit again

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