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REVIEWS OF Hedge Row American Bistro IN Indiana

Herbert Hopson

Service was slow, cocktails over priced. Will not return.

Cheri Lowry

Great service wonderful food and great atmosphere. Price is pretty good for lunch menu. Side are meant to be shared.

patrick oconnor

Went for lunch, loved it. Service was good, food was great. Wife is a pesce/vegetarian so she can be hard to please but they had the perfect meal choices!

Pam Shelby

We ordered a starter 20 min before submitting our dinner order. Then we waited for a long time for it to arrive as we watched others around us ordering and getting served. Finally it arrived, we had taken one bite of our starter and our dinner arrived! I mentioned the bad timing to our waitress and she acknowledged the same. The hush puppies were the highlight of the evening. Two out of four did not care for their meal. The two that didn't like their meal ordered the same, the pork chop. Both men complained about the toughness. On the other hand, I had the chicken and it was delightful. The other companion had pasta and liked it. As we were eating, a manager came by to ask about the dinner, I told him about our appetizer coming out with our meal. He replied that they had no such thing as an appetizer and orders come out as they are put in. I pointed out that the tables around us hadn't been there as long as we had and yet they had theirs. He was defensive, as I told him, you can't fix an issue unless you are informed. He didn't seemed to care what I had to say. Then we ordered dessert. We ordered 1 butterscotch and one icky sticky dessert, BUT we received 2 buttlerscotch desserts. Sent one back. Honestly we should have stuck with the butterscotch dessert. The icky sticky dessert wasn't very good. We won't be back! Management needs to listen more carefully. .

Nick Nolan

Great experience. Cocktails to the end of the menu. Wide range of options and delicious. Christopher (server) was exceptional.

David Rieck

We had a great dinner featuring a unique menu. Our server was fantastic and the drinks were great. It is a little tight and loud during dinner, but would still highly recommend. Can't wait to go back!

James Arnold

Very cool place

Brandy Jones

I really want to like this place. The vibe is great, the service is good, and the wine and coctail list is plentiful. However, I found the food to be underwhelming with a failed attempt at a posh presentation of multicultural dishes. It is also over priced for the priduct..

Joy Mills

Delicious food and really good staff. Quick table bussing and great attentiveness. The management is also really invested in making the customers have an enjoyable experience. Will be back for sure.

Robin Shaw

The atmosphere is everything!

Kyle Daugherty

Really cool environment, and the food was all delicious. Great spot to check out.

Alex Leykin

Nice presentation. Food good.

Brenda smith

Great Meal! Celebrating my Son's birthday.

Gary Mo

Very nice farm to table resto. Creative dishes and impeccable cocktails. This is a great place for groups as the dishes are made for sharing, and you really should try sharing as it would allow you to try many dishes in one sitting. Services are top notch and the bartender is very gifted. Highly recommended, dinners, lunches and brunches available. Bring some friends and make your way through the menu!

Amy Miller

Great small plates and innovative dishes

Lisa Barnes

We all enjoyed this brunch yesterday. Ordered a wide variety of brunch items (sweets, hush puppies, continental breakfast, shrimp and grits) and enjoyed all entrees and starters. We were in town to see a Butler fb game from Chicago and would definitely recommend this brunch.

Jonathon Hosea

New favorite brunch spot in Indy! Christopher was an amazing host. The food and drinks were on point and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Thomas Miller

We stopped here on our way to another restaurant. Great choice! Glad we decided to stay!! Awesome food and service. Highly recommend!

Lorraine Ball

There were four of us, so we were able to taste quite a few items on the menu. Everything we tried had a unique flavor. All delicious, but each was definitely distinctive. Loved the Gulf Shrimp Hush puppies. There was enough shrimp in the batter so you could really taste more than just cornmeal. The Wood Roasted Carrots came in all colors, grilled to perfection with a lovely dipping sauce. The server was great, helping us decide on quantities, letting us know which dishes only served two and which the four of us could split. The meal is casual, and food is served as it is ready so sometimes the table was a little crowded, but not for long as we sailed through each dish. Can't wait to go again, because there were so many more items on the menu I wanted to try.

Jaclyn Thomas

So yummy. Great new spot and delicious wine. Garlic fries were the only thing that disappointed. The half chicken was really good.

Chad Kirchhoff

A simple brunch of tomato soup and eggs took over 90 minutes. The service was not good and many customers around us left without getting their food or drinks due to the wait. Not what we expected based on the previous reviews. Took the wind out of the sails for the start of a birthday surprise.

Larry Mann

Great brunch !

Stephen Mooney

It's a great place for a bite...casual dining with some delicious options for breakfast and lunch

Leah Lukovic

Great atmosphere, wonderful service, delicious food! Will be back again!

Julie Ahearn

Everything about this place is great - location, vibe, food, drinks, service. They are super focused on sustainability and partnering with local farmers, which really made the menu shine.

Kathy Roux

The hummus is really good. It has a nutty and herb flavor that gives it a 'pop.' Pork chops are super tender and flavorful. Lamb meatballs are delicious, moist and savory, best if paired with bread for the sauce. The best fare is the hush puppies! They come out fast and hot, stuffed with shrimp and a nice crunchy coating - don't miss them. Ask for Isaac, he saw us outside, opened the door, came outside and invited us in!

John Thakidiyel

Really nice place. Kind of expensive, but the food is really great.


Took my husband here for his birthday. We ate outside, and the atmosphere was great. My cocktail was delicious and all of our food was wonderful. There are so many fresh and subtle flavors going on in every dish, which makes each one a true experience.

brian hampton

Great place to eat with friends

Martin Shelly

Great Service, EXCELLENT food!

Ashley Turrell

We went here for brunch and it was DELICIOUS. The shrimp qnd grits were amazing, and everyone at the table loved their meal as well. Definitely a great addition to the Indy culinary scene.

Mary Ann Crisman

Food was fresh Service was good. Portions on some menu selections were small (teenage boys in tow so they eat a lot

Chris Maertz

Great gluten free options. Good service and ambience was excellent.

Oscar Ortiz

The best place for breakfast!

Timothy M Schwenk

Great food but a bit more expensive than similar establishments in the area. Espresso is good as are the fish taco with the lettuce wraps instead of tortilla.

Tony Sahm

Very nice setting. Warm atmosphere. The menu is diverse with plenty of vegetable and protein options. Service was very good and the server was very knowledgeable. Beer menu had some local selections. Sorry, I stink at taking food pictures. But I had the roasted chicken. It has a nice cous cous bed to accompany.

Jamie Lee

I was in love with the atmosphere of the restaurants and the food was delicious. The parking and traffic around the restaurant was horrid.

sabrina modellas

Solid dinner option with pretty good cocktails.

Joe Gramelspacher

Excellent food and top notch service.

Bailey Bintz

The hush puppies omg. Came here for a work dinner, a few of us had drinks & appetizers at the bar ahead of the meal. Some awkward attempts at conversation by the staff when dropping off apps, but the quality of the food and drinks was great. Our server recommended the chicken, which I would never take someone up on but it was really great. Tons leftover to take home to sig others. The only other weird thing was the wine recommendation, server clearly didn’t know how to profile a wine and then the distribution, the server would pour one person’s glass extra heavy and then there wouldn’t be any left for the next person. That forced us to order another bottle since the wine we were drinking obviously wasn’t available by the glass. Kind of a sheisty way to drive up the bill. Overall I would return and bring a party in again.

Matthew Hedinger

Bottomless mimosas, Bourbon sticky bun, and farmers breakfast was all amazing... The everything avacodo was so good also

Theresa Wadlinger

I stopped in for dinner. Service was great but I wasn't a big fan of the meal. Had the short rib and the rutabegas and tomatillos were a little too raw for my taste. Not the end of the world but you've been warned.


Always wanted to try the first Indy restaurant opened by Elon Musk’s brother. Overall it is a nicely designed place with friendly staff and good menu. Our food arrived quickly and everything tasted great. Price wise it is at a mid point so it won’t break your wallet. Good spot!

Doug Esopenko

We shared nearly all of the Starters. Balance of each dish was spot on. Expect a thread of heat throughout. Yummy.

Katie Leppert

I love this place. It’s adorable and the service is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and the servers help each other out. They have Gluten Free options and GF bread. The poached eggs were delicious! They even have amazing soap in the bathroom!

Evan Steiner

Excellent service and food was well prepared. Best eggs I've had in ages (brunch)

Kristie Smith

2nd time attending. I just think it's okay for the price. Nothing horribly wrong, bit it doesn't compare close to Vida downtown with a similar price and genra. However we were there on Halloween week and 15 drag queens came in and cased the place asking for donations to a charity with buckets. Very poor taste and the restaurant leadership did nothing to shoo them out. It was a real downer experience to be hustled while dining.

Tyler Bosshardt

Great patio area. Shareable plates. All of the food we had was on point. Drinks were on par with local upscale bars. Keep up the good work!

Amy King

So the food was amazing. Service was great. The only thing I will say about this place...we were sat at a table on the long bench along the wall and it was SO TIGHTLY PACKED, we were sitting closer to the people on either side of us that we were to each other. The girl sitting next to us kept interrupting or meal to tell us how good the food we just ordered way because her and her boyfriend ordered it and omg blah blah blah. Additionally, when the server would come to a table on either side of us, his butt would be A) right in our faces and B) right on our food. Not appetizing.

Blake Walker

Everything was great. Can't wait to go back for brunch.

Diana Moss

Perfect for date night! Service was excellent, food was unique and well prepared. A bit on the pricey side.

Weston Bonczek

Has a spirit free drink menu.


It's a little expensive but the food is terrific!!

Karen Tackitt

My husband wanted to go somewhere different for Mother's Day. We had seen this place but had never been. So... I think it's my new favorite place. We started with the Gulf Shrimp Hushpuppies. We each had one and decided we would need a couple of more each to confirm how wonderful they were. They were firm and not overly "shrimpy", just perfect. I had the Poached Eggs resting in green shakshuka. Not for everyone but was great. My husband had the buttermilk waffle with fruit. He ordered hashbrowns and sausage on the side. He said the waffle was tender and the fruit was fresh. The sausage was incredible. They are farm to table and it showed. Amazing. I did have a mimosa but skipped on dessert...still had lunch to do with the kids. We will definitely be back. I would like to do a shout-out to our server, Chris McDaniels. Very gracious and attentive.

Patrice Spence

Amazing! So much flavor in every dish. Can't wait to go back!! Great service as well.

Ryan Martin

My wife and some friends went to Hedge Row on their second day open. The location is very nice, easy to see, and nicely decorated. I really liked the wood they have stacked around reminding you that the food is cooked in a wood oven. The food however was lack luster. We had the fries, hush puppies, ceviche, lamb meatballs, fish tacos, pasta, and the steak. All of the food was fine but not spectacular or unique in any. Everything was well prepared and cooked perfectly but nothing special. I feel like I was eating, not at a new trendy small plate restaurant downtown, but as if I collected a bunch of dishes from different bars in town. All of the food is meant to be shared, but when I asked how would we share the tomato soup, our server was dumbfounded. The deserts were another let down. we had the cookie and another butterscotch pudding dish. Once again, nothing spectacular. For the money I was really let down. I was hoping the restaurant would have the same vigor and innovation seen in Musk's brothers endeavors, but alas it did not. In my opinion you are much better off going to the Indianapolis staples like Bakersfield, Vida, Livery, or The Eagle. I do not think Musk was fully aware of Indy's emerging food scene and came in with a half-cocked menu that was not able to go toe to toe with its local competitors.

Brian Skelding

Really good food! Lots of options and mindful of diet restrictions. I will definitely return to try other meals.

Rebecca Hill

My experience at Hedge Row was great! I made a reservation for a larger group and used the private Mass Ave room and it worked great for our business dinner. The service was timely and the food was delicious and looked fresh! If ever back in the area, I would definitely consider choosing Hedge Row again.

Dave Michel

We went there with another couple who had eaten there before. The server, Avery, gave us good advice on each menu item. All items on the menu are set up to share. We ordered two small and two large plates which was plenty to eat. Had the1/2 chicken and trout, both done well. Also the Chinese broccoli and the roasted beets, which complimented the large plates well.

Kim Howard

Went for the Shrimp boil on my birthday. Everything was just okay. Our wait to get a drink was long and our wait to get our appetizer was long. When our shrimp boil came out it was just warm enough to eat. On the fence if I would go back.

Jason Dadah

Yummy apps and tasty cocktails. Short, but decent beer list as well. Stopped in before dinner for a drink and a snack. Was not disappointed.

Googlicious Bytes

1st Time Here: It Was Acoustically Loud...Many Of The New Small, Eclectic Places Tend 2 B Now (U Literally Feel Like Ur Sit'n In On Some1 Else's Conversation & Can Barely Hear Ur Own Table's

Michelle A

This is a lovely place on Mass Ave with a wonderful staff! Good food that's different from any other place I've eaten. The food was light, healthy, and amazing. The atmosphere is quaint, open, and inviting!

John Moran

Nice atmosphere and Got the beets for app and Bolognese for dinner.

Ray Walli

Food was so-so for the price. The service was actually too over the top and very in your face.

Ollie Guy

Had the pleasure of celebrating a late Valentine’s at Hedge Row. Christopher, our server provided excellent attentive service, described the menu with great detail, and made wonderful recommendations. Our meal was thoughtfully flavored and perfectly prepared. It was a nice sharing experience.

rinki tomar

We went here for a Team lunch & really liked the ambience it was a beautiful fall / summer kinda decor and their patio seating was good too . They have a great hummus veggie plate which I loved so, good for vegetarians too ! Food was a total 5 Star .

Clandestine Events & Experiences

Such a great spot to relax and unwind. The food is superb.

Justin Goodin

Amazing food every time we come here!! Will be back!

Christopher Zazzetti

Not my greatest experience in this restaurant! I'll start saying the waitress was very nice. We started with the appetizers, the garlic fries were decent and the shrimp hushpuppies were actually great. But we ordered the pasta for the entree and it was vastly under cooked. When we informed them, they seemed they were very sorry and I know it's not the waitress fault. I didn't expect a free meal, but I did hope for some kind of discount being that over 3 quarters of the meal we didnt even finish because it tasted like chef boyardee. (Not exaturating) Instead we were offered ice cream for a $60ish dollar meal that was very below expectations. Not really sure what to think of it. I think maybe a second chance might be in order. Maybe it was just a one off experiance. Because other reviews are good. #hopefull

Wendy Becher

Absolutely the best evening out downtown. Exceptionally prepared, locally-sourced food delivered by a cheerful staff, in a relaxed, modern setting. We have been visiting Hedge Row since they first opened, and truly, it gets better every time. Thanks, in particular to Kris and to Nate, who are like family, at this point. Also, kudos to the entire establishment, who promote charitable outreach at every turn. I would leave ten stars if I had that option. We are so happy you chose to call Indianapolis home.

Michael Schulman

Wasn’t sure where to eat before our show. Stopped in told the waitress that we were short on time. She said no problem. Food was AMAZING and quick. We will be back!!

Eric Petit

Good service, food and drinks

Andi 2421

This was our 1st time here, and we loved it..our waiter Christopher made some great recommendations, particularly about a rose wine they had, and both wine and food were lovely. This is farm to table with a varied menu. Most of all, our waiter was old school, and by that I mean someone who read his customers well, a skill sadly lacking in most wait staff these days. He was also friendly and attentive. We will be back!

Spencer Biddle

Pure and fresh. Great spot but didn’t rock my socks off. Had a nice little heirloom tomato and melon salad, lamb meatballs, and steamed mussels. Loved the back patio. Super fresh ingredients but our server seemed pretty disengaged.

Shannon Wiley

Fabulous food and drinks. The best patio for people watching in Indy.

Abby Featheringill

Christopher M. was an outstanding server who went more than beyond any expectation you could dream of, if you go there ask for him!! The environment was upbeat and the food was amazing!

Patti Lacey

They have GF Gluten Free, GFO Gluten Free Option, V Vegetarian, and V+ Vegan menus. Everything I have had so far has been the best food, beverage and dessert. The thing I love the most about this restaurant is the cleanliness especially the silverware. Ask for Chris if you are dining in the restaurant.

Teo S

Great customer service! The appetizers were delicious! We had roasted carrots with ricotta cheese and roasted beets-delish! My main meal was not great, I had a salad which some of it was old(had brown spots on the leaves). Usually when I cook at home, I remove the top leaves with brown spots, so for sure I will be picky about a salad when I pay good money for it! My husband was happy about his sandwich!

Mihaela P

The most disappointing restaurant ever! The food is just a bad joke!

Connor Ray

A great lunch stop if you're willing to spend a little extra money. The tuna ceviche, shrimp hush puppies, and piri piri chicken sandwich were fantastic. It's definitely a more upscale locale. It's worth the price!

Garnett Bruce

Made reservations and we were seated right away. The service was very attentive. I ordered the Cucumber Cayenne G&T and it was delicious. If you love g&ts I would recommend. The cayenne isn't hot but does add a density to the drink. For my entree I ordered the pork chop and it was delicious. A huge serving. Would recommend if you're looking for a nice restaurant on mass ave.

Austin Graff

Hedge Row American Bistro exceeded my expectations. A group of nine of us were looking for Easter brunch reservations and this place had space and open slots so we booked it. In the end, we all were impressed. Here's why: 1) Food: They have a classic, yet interesting menu with something for everyone. The donut was great, the smoked salmon, really everything. I ordered the BBQ pork on spoonbread and it was balanced and tasty. 2) Space: It's large, simple, yet beautiful. 3) Service: Friendly and spot on! 4) Location: It's near other great spots in a fun part of town. I recommend this place!

Blair Hartman

Mass Ave was where I spent my free time when I lived downtown. There are many places I love in the area, but this is the only place I ever go when I want to eat these days. The food is excellent and affordable. The staff is very responsive. I highly recommend Hedge Row for any business or social meal.

Dana Miner

A bit pricey, but good. State that the plates should be served as shared portions, but they are sized small. Most of the food was delicious. Grits lacked flavor, but the short ribs melted in your mouth.

Joshua Sadowski

Great food & incredible staff.


Food tasted okay. Perhaps overpriced for the quality and portion size. I expected more from the prior reviews.

Zack Trapper Fey

Amazing shareable-style restaurant by Kimball Musk's restaurant group. Fair prices for delicious entrees coupled with fantastic drinks make this place a must-go in downtown Indy.

Michelle Langridge

Dasha was my waitress and she was absolutely exceptional!!! She made my dining experience memorable and personalized to me. The food was amazing! I had the fish tacos! I definitely plan to go back next time I'm in Indy!

Agaitha Johnson

This was a beautiful unique place. Food and atmosphere were great!!!

Corey Choate

Friendly service. Great burger!

Sarah H

The food was okay but the service was terrible. Ordered a drink, 20 minutes later was told they didn't have on of the ingredients.That's fine, not a big deal. The bill was brought and we hadn't received the food yet. Shortly after, another table was seated next to us with two more people than our table. They received their food before we received ours. Received our food and the eggs were overcooked. The food had some flavoring but nothing close to memorable. I'm sure the restaurant will do just fine because of its location but there are plenty of other restaurants on Mass with better food, flavoring, and service.

Kara Gladish

Finally went here and to celebrate! The cocktails were amazing (Starry Night is one of the best cocktails I've ever had), food was amazing (the beets and lamb meatballs were my faves, and of course you gotta try the garlic fries), and Chris our server was so helpful with recommendations and went above and beyond to make it such a wonderful experience!

Jon Rutkowski

Great foodie place

JT Cowles

I’ve had brunch here three times and dinner once to confirm it’s my new favorite Indy restaurant. The room is well designed and comfortable for the winter visits we’ve had thus far. The dishes are well put together and all items ordered, even simple breakfast offerings, have been excellent. I highly recommend Hedge Row.

ashley kozik

SO good! It's a super cute atmosphere, staff was great, and the food was amazing. I'm pretty sure they even make their own ketchup!! I would recommend the chicken sandwich if you're okay with spice. It was incredible.

Jeffrey Fish

Excellent brunch and service. Unique menu and very well executed. Highly recommended.

Ashley Polk

Excellent service. Very delightful and accommodating. Fresh and delicious food and cocktails. I highly recommend the garlic fries.

Andrew Osborne

Wonderful menu! Very well put together restaurant. Comfortable and inviting atmosphere! The food was incredible. Would highly recommend and absolutely will return!

Jordan Edwards

Amazing staff and service along with delicious food. Sat outside for brunch was a baller experience as always. Quality.

Taylor Fuller

The meal was wonderful! Service was very friendly! I will definitely go back just to try the changing menu as they come up with new offers!


Great place with great food

Roger Lee

Hands down my favorite restaurant in the state! Great brunch, great dinner alike. World class service, fantastic food & always a great time.

Carla Ghaoui

Excellent food. I was very surprised. I just ordered a chicken but it was one of the best chicken dishes I've ever had. Also their desserts are outstanding.

Ashley Larochelle

Lamb meatballs, fish tacos, and short ribs were all fantastic. Service was great

Torie Reynolds

The food, atmosphere and service were amazing! Can't wait to go back!

Marrissa J

Fresh hot flavorful food. Friendly atmosphere with a great view

Don Fair

Excellent cocktails, beers, food, and service. This place has it all. Sit on the patio on a nice night and watch the Mass Ave life pass you by.

Joe Janik

Had high expectations and was a bit underwhelmed. Food was decent and service was just ok. Many little things added up to a mediocre experience. We were given only 1 menu had to ask for another one which was taken from the guy at the table next to us. The menus were different and there was no explanation of if we could order from the dinner or only the lunch menu. The tables were uncomfortably close as we basically sat in on another couples' first date. Then banged my head on the lamp as I slid my butt on the table next to us to get into the bench seat. I would expect for a new restaurant that the server would ask if we'd been there, if we had questions, explain the specials they had for the royal wedding celebration they had going; Nope. Very aesthetically appealing inside, but fell short in all other categories in my opinion.

Chad Reischl

I've been to Hedge Row twice both times on work trips to Indy. The food is great, the cocktails are excellent and I've had pleasant conversations with other folks at the bar. Keep up the good work.

Brad Keusch

Fantastic spot

B Benson

Location and venue is fantastic. Service isn’t bad. Food and drinks are overpriced and subpar. Asked for the burger to be cooked medium-rare (it IS a $15 dollar burger). They said they couldn’t and it usually is cooked medium-well. Came out well done and dry as hell. Worst $15 dollar burger I’ve had. The carnitas sandwich (also $15) was just pulled pork on ciabatta bread. Just another eatery with overpriced food in a pretty package, with little to no flavor or substance.

Brent Fowler

Really good food, but also pretty expensive. Everything is 'a la cart' which adds to the cost as well. Worth a visit though for sure, just be prepared to spend a little bit.

Jonathan Bright

I have eaten here several times now. Their food is delicious and their customer service is on point.

Sarah Petty

Food was excellent, service was great! Definitely share plates, it was such a fun meal and great ambience!!

Aimee Hudson

We had reservations on a Friday night and they sat us immediately. The food is amazing, and the drinks were both creative and tasty. This is a great spot for date night or a small group (4 or less) we had a table for 6 and it was a bit of a tight squeeze.

Connor Phelan

My roommate and I started with the honey almonds and some cocktails. We ordered the roasted carrots side dish, and for our entrees my roommate ordered the new york strip, and I ordered the half chicken. The cocktails were some of the best I have ever had. The wood roasted carrots were the best I have had. My chicken with the yogurt, and apricot couscous was fantastic. However, my roommates 42 dollar new york strip was problematic. It was initially undercooked (rare when he requested medium rare), then when the steak returned, the fat on the side of the steak was not rendered, and thus chewy and not edible. The steak also had silverskin fat throughout that had to be cut around. The demiglace sauce was very good, but the steak itself had issues. Everything else I had here was fantastic, but stay away from the steak.

Carolyn Harris

Went for lunch. Large portions and fresh delicious food. Will definitely go back.

Melaina Chromy

Fabulous and friendly service in an amazing setting. The food was great!

Sivan Maymon

Had such a great experience at Hedge Row last week. Such great drinks and food. Loved the vibe of Hedge Row and the service was outstanding. Nate Drees the manager went out of his way to make us feel special. His staff was on point and knowledgeable of the menu. I can't wait to see what other food and cocktails they will come up with over the next few months so i can keep bringing new and old friends back for more!

B Zoell

Great food, good service. It was so loud at lunch time that it was difficult to have a conversation without speaking very loudly.

Jenna Spurrier

The manager here was SO nice and accomodative. Small plates. Beautiful presentation. All very delicious and just the right amount on portions. Very attentive service.

Sydney Adams

Was in the first time and didn't have the most pleasant experience. Boy! You want to talk about a restaurant making sure they corrected something! It was a very busy weekend and my daughter was taking me to a play that a lot of other people were also attending. So of course the night was kind of hectic. We had a few small issues and they invited us back. These are truly some of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure to me. From the manager to Lauren and Christopher our waiter. Do yourself a favor take the money you would have spent it mesh restaurant and go to Hedgerow. Not only do I think the food is better the staff are truly memorable. As for Christopher. I was a waiter in the early life for 9 years. And did quite well at it when I was in college. I can safely say he is one of the best waiters I have ever had in my 57 years. So stop reading my review and get in the car and go :-)

Cole Wilgus

AH-MAZING! From the service to the delicious and fresh food. Taste explosion! Even reasonably priced! Please please please get the hummus!!

Kyle Kent

Came here for a late lunch on a weekday. Great atmosphere, and great food. We both got their burger, which was a perfect amount of food for lunch and was plated beautifully. There are many vegan, gluten-free, etc. options, so we'll be able to bring friends with varying diets. Definitely will return.

Chris Capehart

Kayla had put together such a great team. I am always impressed.

Annie Mack

My boyfriend and I ate outside for dinner and had a wonderful experience. The service and music were great. Plus, it was a perfect evening, weather-wise and our table was in the shade. All of our food was amazing and we were trying to remember the last time we had such a delicious dinner in Indy. It seriously was one of the best meals I've ever had at a restaurant. We got the Brussels sprouts and pork belly BBQ skewers for appetizers, then the fish tacos and half chicken for dinner. The curried couscous w/ apricot that came with the chicken might have been my favorite part. Then for dessert we had the sticky toffee putting and that was amazing as well. It was a perfect amount of food and the price was right. We will definitely come back! Make a reservation, because this place gets busy on weekends.

Jason Perry

Went for drinks. Great bartenders and great atmosphere. High quality ingredients in cocktails and cool clientele. This is where the cool people go. I mean it's Kimbal Musk behind this place!!

Heather Conner

Had a cocktail and a glass of wine. Both are decent, prices were reasonable Hummus appetizer was really good, loved that Had some roasted Brussels, and their "famous" chicken Overall it was good, but nothing wowed me I'd go back to try some other things :) It was kind of loud, but the atmosphere was fun. Their patio looks like it'll be great in the summer. I see brunch and Mimosa's in my future

Bastard Pineapples

3 words... Gulf Shrimp Hushpuppies!! Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Can't go wrong here. Good people too!

Becky U

The shrimp boil was delicious! Only on Sunday. Added lobster with the our meal. Our waitress was attentive and friendly. Great food. Plenty of tables for outside dining. Cocktails were great!

Jake Carr

Really enjoyed the BBQ skewers and Zero-proof cocktail. The other food left my wife and I a little underwhelmed, especially for the price. The service was a little too attentive. We couldn't really enjoy our experience with the amount of times the wait staff was checking up on us.

Romily Bridges

Service was nice and the bartenders knew their stuff. The food seemed typical. We really liked the shrimp hush puppies and the lamb meat balls. However, the Bourbon Sticky Toffee Pudding was to die for.

Champ Clark

Excellent Atmosphere & Outstanding Food Quality

Jeremie Beecroft

My wife and I came upon hedgerow by accident. We were celebrating her birthday in Indy and decided to walk up Massachusetts Avenue instead of taking an uber to broad ripple, and oh what a great find so much so we had to go back the next day. Our first time in all we had were drinks my wife a lemon drop martini and I had the French connection, the bar tender Dimi was fabulous and made the drinks to perfection. Like I said we enjoyed ourselves so much we went back the next day had our drinks again and tried some food this time and it didn't disappoint superb, we had the crispy fish tacos in lettuce leaves, and the garlic fries, both were delicious and awesome just big enough to satisfy your appetite but not so much that you wanted to stop drinking. Great experience both days can't wait to return one day and hopefully Dimi will still be there she really helped make the experience.

Dale Goldsby

Service great, food was hit and miss. We recommend the trout, and fish tacos in lettuce wraps. Sticky toffee for dessert. Pink spritz drink for the ladies

Polina Osherov

Probably my most favorite thing about this place is the campfire smell that permeates the air as you walk closer. It's got a nice, contemporary vibe - love the bar area and the outdoor seating (when weather permits.) Service is great. Food is decent. I've had some items here I've really loved, and some that were underwhelming. Worth visiting at least once!

Yousef Mohammadi

Philip is the guy to see at the bar! He is amazing. Great drinks and quality customer care.

Josh Lee

Great restaurant! Great staff! Great food! Ask for Demi she's amazing!

Andrew Ferguson

Nice atmosphere and impressive food.

Lawrence Whitaker

Awesome place.... Great food and service.

Diana Erkul

Great service and uniquely prepared delicious food

Shawn Peterson

Best place I have eaten at in indy. Everything I had was amazing I can't wait to go back.

Aron Fitzpatrick

Awesome atmosphere and epic bartenders! I'm ranking this place a 5 before the desert has even arrived. The Little Gem Salad was great and the Tuna Ceviche was incredible.

Jose Casasnovas

Very good food and service, nice ambiance

Erica Mueller

Stopped in for coffee and dessert. The homemade cookies and ice cream we're both delicious!

Ciara Garity

I had a spicy bloody Mary and burger off the brunch menu, it was amazing!! Great service as well.

Lainey Bell

My friend had plastic in the food. And only his meal was free. The server was friendly, but the food was overrated. Trendy, but was not impressed by my food and still left hungry.

Jacob Harley

This place is very tasty, with good service and friendly staff.

Tom Marvel

The service at Hedge Row is one of the areas they really shine. Our waitress was knowledgeable on the menu and extremely courteous. The food was also very good. We enjoyed the meatballs and the french fries the most.

Kenneth Lee

Really nice people. Excellent service and great atmosphere. Loved the outside patio area. Be sure to try the Chinese broccoli and salmon.

Will Jaynes

The food here is amazing. I have never been let down thus far. The smell inside is comforting with some sort of wood smellm the patio are is nice, but a bit to small. I'd give it 5 stars if it weren't so pricey.

Pyro J Guy

Went there with friends and we each ordered an entree. What I remember most vividly were the lamb meatballs and the mole-braised short ribs. In fact, we put in a second order for the ribs because the were so delicious. Great beer selection and the Imperial stout was perfect for the meal. While this place is a bit pricey, it is well-worth it.


I've been here multiple times for Brunch. Great food, good service. Not a huge menu which is good, as everything has been great. I didn't partake, but they did have a bottomless mimosas on Sunday.

Brandon Flynt

Great food and the service was perfect

Jack Korb

Nice atmosphere, good service, food was hit and miss. Would try again.

Felicia D

Very diverse menu, unique dishes. Goid delection of appetizers, small & large plates, veggies, salads, sandwiches. A little more expensive than average but very good. Great service, very friendly knowledgeable server. Roasted mushroom sandwich with garlic fries was very good. Gulf shrimp hush puppies were excellent. Will be happy to teturn.

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