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REVIEWS OF Guru India Restaurant IN Indiana

Leighanna Banks

Always a good experience

Chris King

Food was amazing. We had the Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Curry. The Kashmir Nan bread was fantastic. Service A+. So much food..

Brian Gilbert

Great food and service!

Avyukta Nagrath

The food here may have been the best Indian I have ever had, and that is from someone who is Indian. The menu had options for vegetarians, and was full of variety. The food was full of flavor and very appetizing. The best part, however, was the service. We got our order in 5 minutes, even though there were around 20 other people. Let me say that again. 5 MINUTES. And it did not taste old at all, instead it was hot and fresh. I am still amazed at how they did this. The servers were also very nice and friendly. 10/10 would go here again. Conclusion: Come to this place for amazing food and quick service!

Mike Burkhart

I would eat here every week if I lived in town! Guru's staff is kind and welcoming, their food is delicious, and the selection is first-rate. I recommend the Thali dinners, which are like Indian Bento-boxes - a little bit of everything!

Loretta lockednloaded

Portions are much smaller than other Indian restaurants that I have been to. Service was excellent but the servers were cold. Not friendly. I will say that the chicken korma and saag paneer were delicious. But I will have to look for a friendlier Indian restaurant to go to.

Steven Edwards

Amazing food and staff! Best Indian restaurant in the Cincinnati area.

Kayla Dixon

Clean restaurant, prompt water refills for the lunch buffet, excellent variety. Please never take away the bhatura; it is amazing. I've also been here for dinner before and it is delicious. Typical pricing for Indian food - reasonable.


Always friendly and welcoming with a delicious selection of food. You can't go wrong with the lunch buffet.

Mr. Tim

Good Indian but not the best in town.

Aaron Smith

Love this place can't really say anything bad about it. The lunch buffet is wonderful and changes from day to day so you don't get bored!

George Swaiss

Excellent food

Gabriel Rains

I don't know what crimes I committed in a past life to the owners of this establishment, but the past three times I've come in for dinner the same server has treated me and my friends as though we are a burden. Ive been treated with more respect while blackout by complete strangers. The food is just okay, go across the river to Mayas for superior Indian food.

Anbumalar R

Today we went as family, all food was taste less, they give old food, mango lassi was spoiled , I felt vomiting

Kevin Shafer

Great food. A little pricey

Holly Mullikin

Awesome buffet and very clean and pleasant environment❤️

Craig Knapp

Had lunch buffet could of had more variety but what was there was good and plenty there to have price was okay ppl were great!

Pratik Chavan

Ek number. Good food. Management is also good

Troy Uahinui

The lunch buffet offered a wide variety of dishes from the classic tandori chicken to several vegetarian choices. They had fresh nana bread, rice and broccoli pacora to complete your meal. The suggested improvements are: please offer more than just plain nana, maybe onion or garlic? Also some dessert options more than the mango sauce would be great.

Scott Malof

We like Indian. And we love Guru India. Wonderful Indian food. And quiet, which I cannot say about most of any of the other restaurants we frequent.

Debbie Wade-Hicks

Great food. Love the friendly and efficient service. A little.pricy, but worth it.

Shashank Bhadri

One of the worst indian restaurants I have been till date.Lunch buffet is a strict no no...No salt no spice no taste...Not recommended even for Americans

Gina Garcia Kleier

Delicious Indian Food with lots of choices on the buffet!

Venu Chowdary

I ordered for chicken biryani with extra spicy... but they add black papper powder for spiceness... raw black papper.... It’s very bad, I can’t eat 1/4 also.. please don’t choose this.

denise bosma

Lunch buffet hot fresh tasty.

Anthony Rademaker

The lunch special is to die for and the dinner is amazing also. Though, like all buffets come early while it's fresh. Never had a bad trip here and I'll be coming regularly for sure.

Alexander Romero

Very good Indian buffet. Also have as menu as well. The is also a small market in the restaurant as well. Food is delicious & very friendly & attentive wait staff.

gery encheva

My and my husband went out for a date night. I ordered a meal and i was brought something different. I was not bad, besides the chicken felt not to be cooked enough. Overall i like the food, however i feel that the place is a bit overpriced.

Kayla Kimble

Great food and service!


The food wasn't very good.


Me and my friend visited for a lunch buffet there. The staffs were welcoming & quick responsive. The dishes for buffet was not tasty and only had few dishes. The only thing I liked is aalo paratha, all Curries were not upto standard.


Amazing food! So far the best India restaurant in the area that we could find. Will definitely be planning another trip soon.

Weird Moons

Great place to eat, I’m sure you will enjoy the experience.

Jesselee Whitson

Decent selection of foods. Always clean. Pleasant staff. Isn't my favorite Indian dining experience but since it's the only one that seems to survive in nky this is the place to go when you've got the craving

Andy Miller

Watered down sauces. Coupons are actually for $0.50 not $1 so don’t bother printing. No cones for the ice cream. Also no tikka masala on the buffet???

Brad Anderson

Service is fine but food is bland. Not authentic in any way IMO. I may be spoiled from my travels to India and other wonderful domestic locations but this was not good. I did come for the lunch buffet and maybe that's the issue. I'll order a dish and give another review but I was not impressed.

Stephanie F

Here's the deal y'all....I've been to MANY Indian restaurants over the years, and so far, I haven't found another that makes their biryani quite like this. It's SO outrageously good - I've even driven the 1+ hrs it takes to get to Guru India, just to order this ultimate comfort meal! Maybe I just have a weakness for Northern Indian cuisine, bc I literally crave this particular recipe of biryani like none other. The naan is fantastic and I will order the tikka masala and chicken mahkani every once in a while, but I'm a creature of habit - I just love the biryani!

Luke Wise

Guru India... Where do I start. If you are on the fence on trying out this foreign cuisine think no longer. Make the call and go. Just go. You will not be let down. I am not the type to write reviews, but I have stopped by for my 4th time during my lunch break today. The professionalism and service from the staff is bar none. I am continually blown away by the prompt service. So much so that it makes me feel like I am an honored guest every time I step foot in this restaurant. The Facilities are clean and well kept. You will not find dirt and grime anywhere in this local eatery. You can clearly tell that management and staff take pride in their work and restaurant which is refreshing in an age of fast take out and sub par service. I wish everyone at Guru the best of luck! Keep up the great work.

jordan lee

My favorite Indian restaurant in northern kentucky! The lunch buffet is amazing!

Austin McGee

They have amazing Curry and different levels of spice to suit your taste. The buffet is amazing and well worth the money.

Aloysius Arszman

Always good tasting

Janet Gamble

Food is so comforting. Wish this place was near my home.!

Madan Nagaraju

Wonderful place, well maintained, friendly staff. On the food could be improved, lot less flavor and not close to indian authentic food. Tried their lunch Buffet, lots of options to choose from, food quality is good but less flavorful. The desert was really good. Clean and neatly stacked. Overall decent indian restaurant.

Sam Dababneh

This is the go-to place for the best Indian food in the greater Cincinnati area. The food is always fresh.

mokshaa reddy

I always feel greatful about the food I eat. As an Indian I say this is the most worst Indian restaurant one can ever experience. Cheapest quality with highest rates. This is the second time I visit this restaurant. I suggest owner to learn cooking first and don’t be stinky when you charge high rates. I left restaurant with hunger. Don’t ever encourage these kind of restaurants please.....

Hemanth U

Great ambience. Nice food , definitely worth trying it out.

Toby Soward

Great food!

Jay Bhatt

Great service, great food, very cooperative staff,

Daniel Mani Ananth

Worst place for Indian food and the chef and hotel management does not know what is Indian food. To top it all hefty prices. Waiters are worst and they mock, show faces to the customers. They charge gratuity even for buffet, when the waiter does nothing but watching the customers eat. the 2 ladies in the restaurant mock at the customers. I will never ever recommend this place and even if i have to die without food, will die but not eat at guru india.

Aoi Uvanox

I love their lamb curry. I get spice level 4. It's spicy, but not overwhelming. It's delicious.

Michael Torbit

Affordable lunch buffet. I usually come here for the buffet at $10 a person. If you have the local Reach magazine, you can find a coupon. They serve a cart for hot food with ten bins and a have a buffet cart for cold foods, including fresh vegetables and dessert. They also serve up to three hot soups for you to choose.

Laurel Messmer

We have been enduring their truly mediocre food because they're the only Indian restaurant close to us. After today though, they will never have my business. Don't take a customer, if you're not going to let them get a plate and eat it before you shoo them out the door. $11 for lunch buffet . They didn't even let me finish my plate, never brought the tea that I ordered, and refused to refill my water glass so I left. $11 with not finishing my one plate completely or being served enough fluid. Here is a tip. If you want the customers gone by your closing time, stop serving at 2. Don't sit a customer take their money and then kick them out. SO INCREDILBY RUDE.

Rick Berry

The food was amazing and the service was excellent! what more can I say A+

Benjamin Barkdoll

Loved the food! The people were very friendly and kind. They had a little grocery store in the back with ingredients to some of their dishes, which I thought was a super cool touch. It was great!!

Terry Kemen

Our family recently went here because someone recommended the buffet. To our surprise the buffet was not up that evening. Because we were already seated we felt obligated to stay and eat. With no previous knowledge of indian food we blindly ordered off the menu. All I can say is WOW...Will visit again and again.My new favorite restaurant.

Dana Hill

Decent food but not the best Indian food I've had in the area. The sauce in our chicken Tikka masala was pretty watery. Carry out service was decent. Located close to the highway and other shopping.


Best Indian food selection

Jim Fahey

Great restaurant, amazing food, love the staff! Best Indian restaurant in the area!

Kacie Leavell

Delicious and affordable!

Weird Cow

I had dinner here with my family last night. We were seated immediately and our food came out less than 10 minutes after we ordered! The food was good but a little bit pricey!

Nathan Reardon

Great food. Affordable. All you can eat buffet for lunch is great but their full dinner plates are much higher quality.

Scott Moyer

Absolutely caught me off guard how excellent the food was!

dr tarun Dalia

Very good punjabi style food. Will come again. Service is fast and staff is friendly.

Julie Gauthier

Good lunch buffet, varied food offered, great service, good price. Always enjoy a trip there!!

anas mohammed

good North Indian (Punjabi) food!

Kunal Grover

Good service They try very hard to make it special Very kind and cordial staff Good preparations Their garlic naan is awesome Chapati / butter roti fresh and crisp A little variation in Curry is advised but meats we're all fresh

Desiree Lucas

My favorite Indian spot, probably order carryout 3-4 times a month! My personal fave is the Chili Chicken, spice level 4 with a traditional naan. Staff is always pleasant, food is always fresh & hot. Lunch buffets are available & offer a wide variety of dishes to try.

Santhosh Vanaparthi

1st take out the name tag Indian restaurant when you don't respect an Indian customers the way you respecting non-indians. 2nd buffet taste is worst. Tandoori chicken is famous for Punjab restaurant but taste your tandoori roti and see how it is. 3rd buffet with very few items that's very bad because some items may/may not be good so better to have some more items (you can increase price if you add items).

Vikas Jain

New management team is much better compared to earlier. Quality of food has improved

Case The Base

Excellent food!

Brad Meyer

Nice staff and good food.

Jen D

Go every sunday. Excellent lunch buffet.

Rhonda Hamilton

My favorite restaurant

Rae Snow

Food is out of this world. Avoid the buffet it is very bland and old food just tossed up there. Otherwise kicking good food but order off the menu. Carry out portions are much smaller then in house.

Aaron Knowlton

Great food. Never a complaint and a great place to introduce Indian cuisine to someone skeptical or scared of some these amazing dishes.

Sarah Bryant

We have been eating at guru for over 2 years now. The staff know so us, everyone is friendly, food is great. All in all, if you are looking for fantastic Indian food, go here.

Mary Beth

It's rare to encounter a restaurant with such a commitment to high quality ingredients. Dishes are prepared with cream instead of cheaper milk. Rice is prepared with ghee (clarified butter). The result is a taste sensation rarely found at such an affordable price. The owners are gracious and service attentive.

Pamela Miller

I love this place. The food is amazing. They have a wonderful selection from their menu and their buffet is great. The people are so proud and amazing. I cant wait to go back again. It won't be long.

Manda Meier

Food was delicous and the staff is very nice. Will definitely return.

Curt Hawley

I always eat too much at the lunch buffet... its that good


Great food. Reasonable prices for take home size portions.

Zeferino Vazquez

Wonderful taste!!! Cold beer!!!

Alana Gould

Food and staff was amazing. This was my first time there and will definitely be back.

Jacque Johnson

Enjoyed the lunch buffet. Nice variety of food, lots of friendly smiling faces.

Arpit Patel

The service is ok, it depends on what you are buying. You can get a same gravy test in veg and non veg. It’s better than ok.

Lauren Olson

Take out is quick, dining in is always a win. We are never disappointed!

gamil mattar

Excellent Indian restaurant and very good prices and the lunch buffet is very cheap

Todd McMurtry

Overall, this is a tasty Indian buffet restaurant. The service is always prompt and friendly. The food is fresh and what you would expect. It is a great spot for a quick lunch, but is also a pleasant dinner location.

Mark Athey

Best Indian buffet I've ever had. When driving to Cincinnati we always try to stop for lunch. Highly recommend

Genevieve Shonert

Wonderful experience everytime I go.

James Perkins

Awesome Ambar India Owned Buffet. The Best!!!!

Pete Roush

Great food at a good price.

Becky Kempf

My favorite Indian restaurant! Love the lunch buffet! Fabulous food and customer service!

Rachelle Le Roy

Lunch buffet was great for a mid day date

Jill Philpot

Restaurant very clean employee's very very nice and food great. This was my 1st time there

Ankit Patel

Best indian food in ohio

fred richter

Amazing everytime! Incredible food, awesome waiters, super fast service. I cant get enough of this place.

Ted Smith

Best Indian food in the area!!!! Gotta go for lunch!

Rachel Hester

Fantastic food, great service and good prices. If you like Indian food then you want to come here!

Tom Sturm

Food is always great. Love this place.

Greg Wilson

Nice family-owned restaurant. Food is always good.

Young-Gu Ju

18% tip was compulsory for buffet which was unusual to me. Lassi was expensive and not good. Most food ran short when we ate.

Amitabh Patnaik

Delicious food, good ambience and great service. Nice cosy place to dine with friends and family for great Indian food.

V Patel

I have been here a few times now. The place needs a serious renovation. Went there yesterday after a long time. The staff said we couldn't use the bathroom because they had a sewer back up! Shouldn't they be closed for that issue? The food is never consistent and yesterday was no different. Will be driving further north to Cincinnati going forward. This is just ridiculous.

Nick Tepe

The service is always nice and the food always tastes great. Portions are enough for two. Atmosphere is great. They are amazing to dine in and are great for carry out.

Nick Troehler

I always order chicken curry, but can say confidently it's one of the best I've had!! Everyone here is very pleasant, and the market has some great stuff I'd have to drive to Jungle Jim's or Clifton to get. Take out is pretty quick for an Indian food restaurant too. (And delicious. I'm eating it right now.)

Rahul S

One of the best Indian restaurant in Cincinnati area.

Roy Patel

Amrjit I love your service I try to make your business go up and up (Gore log ko Aapka address deta rhuga you all staff great job ) JAY BHARAT SASARIYAKALJI

Dwight Cox

Buffet was delicious. Been there before and is always very good. Highly recommend.

Chad White

Great lunch buffet

Brividha Vinodh

Good food, nice staff! I want to go here again, because I first went here to pick up a parcel when i moved. Good! The only thing is they need more options. Overall, good food!

swargam prashanth

Costly and horrible. If u r heading to airport and decide to eat . Don’t stop here. Food is costly and you hardly get enough to fill your stomach. Food is spicy.

Chris Smith

We like to get Indian once a month. The service here is always good. The meal sizes are nice. The taste of the food is good. We moved from Cincinnati to NKY about five years ago. Only Ambar in Clifton serves more flavorful Indian dishes.

Murry Games

Ate at the buffet. Food was a bit luke-warm, even when it'd just come out. Smaller selection than other buffets but nice staff and warm environment.

Good times Around the corner

I enjoyed this restaurant for both food and service. I will recommend all day long.

Vivian Hurley

Nice Lunch Buffet. Flavorful, good selection, fresh. Excellent customer service. We arrived for a late lunch about 1:45. (Buffet closes at 2:30) I appreciated that the manager asked if we wanted any thing else off the buffet before they started tearing it down.

John Helmy

nice people but needs improvement

Sally Stewart

Food was delicious as always, but the staff was not very helpful are very friendly. We did not feel like they were very interested in us as customers.

Susan Chase

Very good ethnic food. Spice levels were not always consistent, ie. level 3 very spicy one time and less spicy the next.

Nena Vesey

Always a great experience. Love the staff, every employee there is extremely helpful and grateful that you are dinning with them. The food is excellent. Real Indian dishes. My family will continue to dine with Guru and purchase from their store.

James Kuchle

They are great. They have a pretty large selection on the buffet. The chicken Tika was very good. My mom tried one of their mango drinks and it was very good. There aren't many options for Indian in Northern KY but this is a very good option.

Sanassa Diane

Typical Indian restaurant except they are more expensive with smaller portions.

Elizebeth Thomas

The weekend lunch buffet is popular, great fresh food, good value, excellent service. Best Indian food in nky

Shobhan Pujari

Not satisfied with food taste, biryani worst , don’t expect taste much. worst experience, don’t wanna visit again. There was no justification for the amount we paid.

niranjan reddy

Worst Food ever. You will find watery chicken tikka masala,watery chicken curry and rest of them are watery as well. Very very limited number of items when compared to other Indian restaurants. Everything is so bland. Desserts were horrible and watery as well. Go to other Indian restaurants like CURRIES you will be much happier with the taste and indian flavours. WORST experience and I’m not going back. I think this restaurant has some free contract with cream industry coz every curry has tonnes of cream in it. If you want to try some good indian food this is not the one for you. Very disappointing and dissatisfied.

Ian Campbell

Friendly, caring staff. Food is excellent. I go as often as I can.

Samuel Lite.R.

THE worst Indian restaurant. The chef doesn't know the meaning of medium spicy, all he knows is chilly powder makes food spice. Please avoid making this wrong choice..

Dan Kemble

Extremely good Indian food. Numerous menu choices. Parking is tight.

Hussien Gudah

Amazing dinner place. Passing thru town and luckily decided to have Indian food for dinner. Everything was above and beyond...

Latasha King

The food came out hot & tasted good. The place looked a little dirty & staff forget to give us silverware, I got up and got my own. My son and I waited awhile for a refills on drinks, but overall it was a pretty good experience.

Christine Gilbert

Food was delicious! Staff friendly and attentive! Always great to find saag on the buffet!

Charles Lutkie

Good service and wonderful food. Daily lunch buffet with amazing curry and rice/mango pudding for dessert.

Seri Smith

By far the best Indian food in the area. The buffet is full of yummy options and the price is fair.

tom cronin

Good food and service.

Josh Handy

Great food. The Chicken Tiki Marsala and Garlic Nan were on point!!

Jay Patel

Excellent service and delicious food..!!☺️

Alex Romero

Very good Indian buffet. Staff is always friendly. While the selection is limited the food is delicious.

Kathleen Walker

Great staff but food not authentic. Too much cream and all sauces taste same and out of jar.

Lynn Denise

My husband and I love this place! They make delicious food hot enough for my husband

Wayne Guilliams

Really good food and friendly people. Great mango ice cream.

Dylan Shinkle

Servers are very nice and energetic. The menu has many options easily laid out and described. First time here. And the food is fantastic! Try the lamb. Also anything in the cashew cream sauce. I can't wait to come back for the buffet.

constance bell

Very nice place and friendly staff. Food was Delicious ❤ I even shopped in their store. I tried the Buffet, great choice. Everything was fresh.

Mae Abed

It's a really good place for lunch

Constantine Bleys

Excellent curry, had the shrimp curry at a 5 spice level, next time I'm getting the 6. Quick service, clean space, and at a good price. Waiters also make sure you never run out of drinks.

Jelena M

Absolutely delicious food every time and the special chicken tikka masala is amazing!!!

Shelbi King

Most amazing food ever

Kandimalla sivajiganesh

If I am a south indian I wont prefer this place

Isaac Cloud

Absolutely great. Go spicy with a level 6!

Belinda Pauchard

Mouth watering, great tasting food. We had ordered the Paneer burji, Dhal tadka, Bharta, Garlic naan, Samosa, Masala tea and hot black tea. All must try!

Peter Smith

Best Indian lunch buffet I've had in the greater Cincinnati area. One of my regular go tos for dinner as well.

Natasha Heidlage

Absolutely the best Indian food in the entire Tri State. I eat here at least once a week. They accommodate all special requests.

Elizabeth Farnsworth

Good food. A little bit more expensive compared to other Indian restaurants I've been to.

Brian Miller

A great Indian lunch buffet with a large variety of choices and a friendly staff.

Jazzmine Rabe

Great food, good music, friendly service!

Miranda Lewis

I have never had an unpleasant meal here. The biriyani dishes are always incredible. I've had curry dishes with different proteins and have always enjoyed it. I've tried vegetarian dishes that are spinach based, potato based, and cheese based and I genuinely like it all. Every time I've been I get garlic naan and mango lassi. Both items add to the dining experience, in my opinion. I have a moderate spice tolerance (with peppers I can handle somewhere between a jalapeno and habanero); I find a level 4 spice to be the perfect balance for me.

Arlene Strup

I wanted to try their lunch buffet as I haven't really tried Indian cuisine. The staff & restaurant was very nice. The food just isn't for me. I tried the food that I was possibly sure wouldn't be spicy. I was wrong on 1, but the rest were not, but not many of the dishes didn't have heat to them. So if you are not sensitive to spicy foods, I would recommend it. My son went with me & he enjoyed it. However, if you can't tolerate spicy foods, I would go someplace else.

ramachandran swamy

food was really good but service was ok

Chris Olivigni

Great food and the buffet is a great lunch.

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