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REVIEWS OF Grilliant Foods IN Indiana

Steve Stauning

Solid BBQ in a small, hidden building. Worth the trip if you’re in the area.

Adam Bernard

Great place to get all your smoking supplies

Ben Hinnegan

Love this place.

rick brandes

As always

Robert Bilek

Awesome food and lunch specials.

Stephen Vanderipe


Dawn McKnight

AMAZING food, small market inside too. Might look sketchy on the outside, but SO worth a try! Looks like a little house from the road.

Marvin B

What an interesting place. Owner is very warm and informative about the food he offers. I had dinner and bought groceries. Some of the items for sale are not found in indiana very easily. I will be back!

Rhea Warren

Best food ever!

Cyber Patriot

Mostly BBQ and some European food. The place is cozy, but the food is outstanding. If you want BBQ you need to go here. They also sell BBQ supplies for cooking and supplies for the BBQ grill.

Becky Milan

Carry out, shortly before closing time. Found it on another phone app. Grilliant Foods had high ratings and several photos that looked good. We decided to drive by. From the street we had reservations, didn't look like at all like a good restaurant. Appeared more like a small market in a bad location (very safe industrial, only a block off very 'typical beaten path'). We took a chance and went in. Still with some reservations we asked a few questions. The staff and I believe the owner were very friendly and happy to answer our questions. We decided on carryout to take back to our hotel. The ribs were good, pulled pork was fantastic. The bacon mac n cheese was awesome, and the beans were superb. Highly recommend checking it out.

Jordan Walters

Very good BBQ, and incredibly fast and friendly service. Next time I'm bringing my friends! Great food selection, and great assortment of BBQ supplies. Homemade sausages were very good. If you are looking for something different they also have a wide variety of Eastern European fare. This is a hidden gem.


Ernie & Jim are a couple of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and their food is even better! This is my go-to stop for lunch at least once a month. There are many BBQ places out there, but they don't compare to the quality that Grilliant has to offer. My personal favorites are the brisket tacos, the pulled pork sandwich, and burnt-end Fridays, but everything I've had there is absolute quality!

Eric Beeler

Best BBQ in city. Great food and great people

Jode Powell

Best Tenderloin in town. Unbelievable Brisket Sandwich with Potatoe Salad and French Fries.


The BEST Barbecue in Indy! Perfectly-smoked, tender and delicious. Plus an amazing meat market featuring locally-raised meats and fresh-ground sausages! The restaurant features tender, delicious brisket, ribs, pork and brats, perfectly-smoked. Potato salad, bacon mac & cheese, baked beans and cole slaw were all amazing. Grilliant is ran by a 20-yr professional butcher and features locally-raised pork and beef, including Tomahawk Steaks, and a huge selection of American and European meats and sausages.

Benjamin Shover

Great BBQ and a cool little European style grocery store. Try the smoked meatloaf, it is fantastic.

Norma Keywan

Great food and sch a delightful deli

Amy Northard

The tenderloin is the best I've had in Indy! Pair it with mac n cheese

Chris Brown

Excellent service and hot food every time I go. I know that when I get there my food will be hot and made to order. I would recommend it to anyone that like barbecue. You will not be disappointed.

Kris Crossley

Great food reasonable prices and amazing bbq.

Harrell Ryan

Excellent as always !

Stefan Sassmann

Awesome BBQ, I enjoy it every time.

Luis Zepeda

Best BBQ place in town. Wide variety of food. The deli is great and if you are looking for a snack, they have some international chocolates.

TheBombIsReal : Factions & More

Great owners, been there about 10 times now and LIVE there foid, but they dubble booked when catering is sadly, but all and all, GREAT PLACE

Nathaniel Cantwell

Really freaking good. The barbecue is the main star of the show. It's tender, smoky, and the barbecue sauce they use is delicious. I'm a big fan of Big Hoffa's in Westfield, and whole I hate to compare, this place isn't quite at the same "melt in your mouth delicious" level. Although not the main event, the sides are hardly lacking. The mac and cheese (which had bacon in it, by the way) was cheesy and flavorful. Their vinegar coleslaw was the perfect compliment to the other, heavier food items. To top it all off, they have a store which sells specialized European food products. If you somehow still have room after eating the barbecue, you're greeted by a whole host of other sweets and delicious items. Grilliant has a lot of flavor, and I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Carl Short

Great food and lots of it. The folks were great. Will definitely eat here again the next time we are in this area.


Amazing food even better service. 10/10 a must stop for BBQ lovers.

Yazeed Musaad

My new favorite place for BBQ! Highly recommended!

Michael Verdone

Simple, kind, and amazing. I've been to 30 countries, but i haven't traveled abroad in about 13 years. What a great place to be reminded me of my travels, the wonderful food, and hospitable people I've met along the way. It took 1 visit to want be a customer for life.

Jon Thompson

Ambrosia. The food here is a trip of inventive and classical takes on traditional barbeque and Americana favorites. Not your typical tender eatery, this local favorite has been a staple to those who know for forty years! They've cracked a winning formula.

Shelbiisaurus Dude

The pulled pork is the best! Best thing I've tried from Grilliant. So far, I've had the pulled pork sandwich, ribs, brisket, and burnt brisket ends. I recommend the pulled pork and the burnt ends for sure! The ribs were decent. But I really didn't care for the shredded brisket.

Alex Hitzemann

Awesome BBQ. I tried the pulled pork sandwich as a baseline and it was amazing! This is the best barbecue I've had in Indianapolis since GT South's maybe 15 years ago. Also, met the owner nice guy. I just wish they had more lunch specials.

Nate Reiter

This place is in my top 2 for barbecue. Seriously. Effing. Phenomenal.

Neil Thompson

So delicious with great barbeque and huge portions, not to mention the wide array of cool European groceries.

Travis Hainlen

Great food and great atmosphere. Very homey feel.

Joco Varro

It brought back good memories of home. Delicious Hungarian sausages Borsec water and many other European foods.

Brett Hendrick

Best in indy

Sherry Clover

This is the absolute best place to go for BBQ!!! We are originally from the St.Louis area and once we moved to Indiana we were really struggling to find good top notch bbq cause that’s what we had in St Louis. This by far is the BEST BBQ in Indiana. We go their as often as we can!! The owner and staff are very nice also!!! I HIGHLY recommend Grilliant foods if your looking for great melt in your mouth bbq!!!

Matt Riddle

Visit #1 Brisket sandwich was amazing. Fries were not all that amazing. Friendly staff Visit #2 Similar Experience. Brisket great!!! Baked beans and creamy coleslaw were excellent! Friendly staff Visit #3 Went in today for lunch. I was a little surprised to be honest. Baked beans were old and dry. Pulled pork sandwich was awful. Draft root beer was very flat and tasted pretty bad. Brought a friend for the first time and he had the brisket and it was dry. I'd have to say I'm a little confused on this one...

Cole Stackman

I live about 65 miles away from this place and im always planning a trip back up there, BBQ is awesome but im all about the euro deli. The staff is always very knowledgeable and friendly as well, you really can't beat this place!

DeWayne Martin

Great place to eat BBQ. All kinds plus a unique store with cooking necessity, meat market,spices,lump charcoal, this is the place to get your 'smoking' on.

Scott Moore

Chicken fried steak was awesome thanks Ernie

Montiel Hancock

Chad Meador

Great smoked food. Super friendly and great service!

Oliver Twist

We decided to try this place after seeing all the positive reviews. I ordered the brisket and baked beans. The baked beans were very good but I can't say the same for the brisket as it was very greasy and was served lukewarm. I didn't care for the barbecue sauce that was on the table as it was a pretty bland sauce. I would expect more than one kind of barbecue sauce in a barbecue place.

David Harness

Friendly staff, decent BBQ for lunch.

Michelle Barbuch

Nice to have a BBQ place close by that tastes great and good value.

glen canfield

Jeff Adkins

Aaron Lathrop

Great tenderloin and smoked mac n cheese! I'll definitely be coming back again.

gary jewell

Great BBQ place!

Scott Regal

Great little store good food lots of character.

Andy Stuckey

Grilliant offers the best BBQ in Indiana, by far. The brisket and the pulled pork are my favorites, but you can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

Laura Smith

Lance Givens

Real deal BBQ, BBQ supplies (rubs, sauces, wood), and good people.


GREAT PLACE FOR SOME GOOD BBQ...FRIENDLY OWNERS! I went two days in a row the first time I had it! Daily specials,European Market, and more. Check it out!!

John Ulmer

Great barbecue and lots of interesting sausages.

BriAnna Glenn

Amazing food and fantastic customer service.

Leisha Maude

Awesome food and friendly people

Judy Hatten

Really enjoyed! Good food, fast service

Ron Linn

Very nice

Scott H

Damn good brisket with an excellent selection of sauces. We ate this for breakfast at 10am.

Patti Cook

Fantastic BBQ. Loved the Pick 3 sampler. Ribs were the meatiest I have seen in a restaurant. Brisket and pulled pork were delicious. I loved the baked beans too. I also bought some liverwurst and Euro candies from the European Market.

Gage Mauck

Great food, great people

Russ Jehs

I wandered into this hard-to-find place when it was an Eastern European deli-type store. It's a small house tucked back in an industrial area and one can easily miss it when whizzing by on 96th street if not for the flapping BBQ flags out front. That's what pulled me back to re-check out the place about 3 weeks ago. There's a small dining area, but most patrons seem to be stopping in to check out the specials on the chalk board and carry home their treasures. Two nice guys are generally running the front and back and seem genuinely pleased when anyone walks in. My first foray was the half slab of St. Louis style ribs. I ate them right there on the spot. They're huge, they're tender, and they're ohhh so good! I was back again in 3 days for the same order as a take-out. Just to be adventurous, I returned again on a Friday to try their burnt ends special. Once again, absolute heaven. I swear I'm eventually going to try everything the place offers, once I get over my ribs and burnt end addiction. A man must have a goal!

Joe Zhao

Good food

Mr. Hill

Brent Knowlton

Great food friendly service

Miranda Chattin

Best place ever and the people here areally great

Jeff Kaser

Great people. Brat was excellent. Brisket was great. Owner used to be butcher at o'malia's. I have to go back on Thursdays for the tri-tip sandwiches

Jeremy Long

Outstanding smoked turkey for Thanksgiving that all enjoyed.

Nicole Kobrowski

This is it- love it. They make very good gulash. We had the Groupon deal and were served a huge portion of gulash. I had beef, my husband had pork. The owner, who is darling, also gave us a ton of bread to go with it. Best part? Can't choose but they also have a European store attached to it. Good, hard to find stuff, for cheap.

Frankie Rodriguez

If you're in the area, do yourself a favor and skip the 'big guys' and stop here from some great bbq. Also great European products on the shelf in the quaint market. Oh, and COLD BEER!

Pamela Batten

I can't believe barbeque can taste that good. Perfect

Eva Lindauer

The food was good and the employees were very friendly! They had lots of options for barbecue also! Will definitely go back!

Tina Cissell

Great barbecue. Wasn't sure I'd like the creamy slaw-mandarin oranges--who knew? It was great & the guys were friendly & personable-funny too.

Charles E.M.F. Wolfe

Delicious. Ernie knows BBQ!! Try the chorizo, you will thank me later.

Cyndi Portteus

Amazing barbecue and a really interesting Euro food market. Go on Tenderloin Tuesday or Friday for burnt ends, my two favorites. The root beer on tap is great. Ernie, the owner, is almost always there and very nice. He obviously cares a lot about the quality of the food. Parking is limited, so go early or late. Cannot say enough nice things about this place.

Becki Cronin

We had the brisket and it was so good!

Gregory Dalton

The best tenderloin I've ever had!! This place is the best!! Can't wait to try the rest of the menu and shop as well!

Dennis Mungle

Stocked up on cheese and brats.

Chris Trump

Best Bbq in town. The ribs are to just die for I have a hard time trying anything else they are so freaking good! I always get a full slab eat half for lunch and half for dinner the next couple days a full rack will feed u for 4 meals easily these portions are huge. It's Def worth the trip there and taking new people there to enjoy it too is always good bring on the people always good to support small local businesses. Once you try it once you're a loyal customer for life plus offering you all your catering needs to for your wedding, party, or special event. Can't go wrong with anything on the menu everything taste great u won't be disappointed. The owner and employees stop at nothing to make sure your satisfied with your meal and visit there plus making sure you never leave hungry lol. Well deserved of all of their many many awards on display including several from state fair competition and many more to come im sure!

D Myer

Had the pulled pork sandwich. First the car smelled so good. I could' hardly make it home. Secondly. Had to chill it till dinner. Lastly. Warmed it in Microwave and prayed I didn't ruin It. The absolute best. Tender , sweet. Delicious. I will come agin

Brian Fox

paul scarff

Just enjoyed a dish of excellent buffalo shrimp and fries - awesome and just sad I am only in the vicinity for one day!! If you're near don't go anywhere else!

Cameron Hall

I have gone there quite a bit. Seriously everything on their menu is amazing! Great selection of meats for purchase as well. If you need materials for smoking or grilling foods they are your spot. You get a great vibe with the people and they are always willing to make recommendations. I would definitely try it if you are in the area. Heck even if you're not in the area it is worth the drive!

jim selvio

Brilliant! Great experience. Tasty. A must for all BBQ lovers. These guys are masters.

Christine Cooper

Amazing food and great friendly service...quick delivery to this place

Joshua Johnson

They had a beef rib on special. It was Awesome!!!! Cool store. I will be back.

Joseph Barnhorst

Best BBQ in the city of you ask me, I can't say enough good things about this place and the staff. I eat here at least 2 times a month and it would be more if I wasn't on a budget.

Ed Smith

Food is pretty good!!

Hunter Wiseley

Didn't think it would be amazing, but boy was I wrong. Everything I have tried here has been great and it's super cheap too. Try it out!

Trucker Matt

Best BBQ around!

Matthew Patterson

Worth the visit! Award winning BBQ and sauce! My favorite was the brisket, but the pulled pork was also fantastic!

Tony Anderson

Good BBQ!

Michael Ulmer

Great local BBQ, daily specials, unique grocery items and BBQ supplies

Jim Kincaid

Excellent European restaurant and grocery. Great lunch specials too.

Eric Henn

Burnt End Fridays are absolutely amazing. They also have a really good use your tenderloin. If you like barbecue this is the place to go

Willie Maekit

This is a neat deli/restaurant that appears to be run by its very friendly owners. As other state, you get a warm welcome with samples of sausage & cheese. They have a full-service restaurant where you can get European-themed meals. The market section of this establishment offers a wide variety of European deli meat, cheese, sausage, candy and other various different European foods not found at the supermarket. We took home about 1lb of mild (because the wife & kid are wimps) Hungarian sausage. Took about a month of cheese & cracker snacking to get through this first selection. We found this sausage to be a good quality, coarse-grind with a good blend of smoke and spices. Next time I think we'll get some of the (real) Black Forrest Ham and spicy Hungarian sausage.

Bruce Mair

Excellent Burnt Ends. Large selection of gourmet foods.

Dirk Schumann

Pricey but yummy. Like Mom used to make.

Allen Yagle

The food is great!

Cecil Taylor, III

Best Barbecue around!

Tim Sparks

Exactly excellent never a disappointment...

Eric Craig

Only lost one star because they only have the syurup-y sweet "bbq" sauce. No Texas Smoky style or the like. Otherwise, good food at a fair price.

Brad Barnes

Michael Shipe

Limited menu. Very good food. Great store for odd foods.

Rade Lukic

THE spot in Indy for east European fare like cevapi, goulash, etc and a deli with a huge variety of cured meats, cheeses and sausages, not to mention the grocery. Odlično! šta čekaš?

Gurry Notlaw

Great food and friendly service.

Amy Northard, CPA

Met some friends for dinner here. Fun to look around the shop while we waited to order. We all had different things from the menu and loved it. I had the ribs and they were the amazing. Not fatty and very flavorful.

James Feichtner

One of my favorite local places. Their bbq is delicious and makes for a great lunch spot though the week. In addition to their dine-in menu, they have a great selection of bbq sauces, rubs and smoking woods, and a good selection of fresh meats. Staff is friendly and conversational. Highly recommend this place.

Dustin Grethen

I got some decent Eastern European food from here I should try the meat.


Great bbq great meat period reasonable menu price great selection something different from the norm and gives opportunity to explore different area of the city

Randy Charles

Great food. Great people. Wife and I eat there regularly. They just added the chili. Man is it great. Stop in and see the guys. You won't be disappointed!!!!

Mark Williams

Outstanding BBQ!

Erik Thompson

Great deli counter for meats/cheeses and delicious sandwiches and meats to go!

Adam Atkison

Great food and great service!

Jared Slibeck

Nice little place that you may not know about.

Damon Turner

Good brisket

Milica Djukich

They were fantastic! They used to be here in crown point, Indiana, going to miss them! It was always such a warm pleasant atmospher! The people that run it a husband and wife were always nice people ready to help and served delicious food either to eat there or take out! I.m sure going to go there, its a drive but its worth it! A wonderful place for different ethnic food! GOD BLESS them and may the business prospher even more there!

Jeremy Duncan

Beckie Margedant

The food was AMAZING, and the selection of Romanian and other eastern European foods was spectacular.

James Roscoe

Wide assortment of European focussed ethnic foods hard to find otherwise in the area. Really high quality meats - should not be missed. Local treasure.

Vonni Maclin

Good food

Dan Hubbard

It’s very easy to miss this place. It is located in a house, in the middle of an industrial area. The ribs were great, the gentleman who took my order, as well as the guy who brought out my order, were both extremely nice and down to earth. The price was right for a non chain establishment, and they had a store area inside as well.

Jeremy Curry

Best smoked beef ribs I've had. It's now on my "must visit" list when I'm in Indianapolis visiting friends.

Vincent Zipparo

Unbelievable pulled pork and great customer service

Kevin Johnson

Just found them after driving by the place for over a year. Tough to get permanent signs out front being in Hamilton County, so they put some portable ones up and grabbed my attention this time by. I am glad I stopped in. I was greeted when I walked in the door. I told him I had never been in, so he gave me a tour of the place. It has a grocery store, a restaurant, and numerous supplies for BBQ (Smoking). They have a nice selection of hardwoods as well as spices. I left with some spices and Brisket from the counter and was amazed. This place will be frequented.

Barry Thompson

Scott O

Better than the big chain BBQ, if I lived closer I'd be there all the time.

Zach Sweet

Great food! Good Bbq and burgers! Good place to get euro groceries as well.


Barbecue and Euro market, because of course it is. This place is amazing! Make sure to come on Fridays for burnt ends. Yum!

Alex Adams

Excellent BBQ

Arthur Morris

Best BBQ I've every had. Been there 3 times in a month and heading back today for Lunch! Gotta quit talking about it, mouth is watering just thinking about it so I've got to get over there ASAP! Leaving now. Keep it up!

Shonna Allen

This is a small out of the way restaurant that is so worth going to. The service was great, the food was delicious and we will definitely be returning in the near future with friends and family. We had both the goulash and German brats today and picked up some sausages from the deli to bring home as well. Can't wait to go back!

Pavlo Earle

If you want some great BBQ, skip Famous Daves and drive down the street to Grilliant foods! Whilst you're there you can also check out some new foods from around the world.

Tony LaMere

Sherman Strange

If you like beef ribs, look no further. Food is great. Made a new regular

Lydia Barrett

I love this place! The BBQ is delicious, but more importantly I love getting chocolate and candy here!

Rob Cummins

First time tonight and we were not disappointed. Everything was amazing and we will definitely be back again and again. Our new favorite BBQ joint for sure.

Jerry Hedrick

Out of this world food, serve the best ribs that melt in your mouth and the burnt ends are top notch.

scott caton

Takes Grilling to another level! Oh.... It's Grilliant!

Jody Canfield

I think it is the best BBQ in town. Big portions and always hot and fresh.

ben hinnegan

Best BBQ around.

Erik Barker

This place is great! Brisket tacos, pulled pork sandwich... Everything I have had has been delicious! Give it a try!

Kayleigh C

Kevin Walter

Best bbq in town

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