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REVIEWS OF Great Wall Chinese Buffet IN Indiana

Mary LeMay

Good food and price. We had never been there before -were a little disappointed that they didn't have sushi. But was good. We look for Asian buffets wherever we go... wish we could find one that doesn't go so heavy on the oil. Want to eat more healthy.

Sheila Rudicel

Love the food, service was slow but we understand that they were busy.

Philip Dunn

Good food. I like to have the steak cooked as we eat off the buffet.

Violet Dawn Elliott

Good food but for the price we should've went to El Reparo instead.

Carol Thrawley

Widely tasty, bountiful buffet. Polite friendly staff. Plenty of parking lot to handle small to large crowds.

Maple Uwan

The Great Wall Buffet is an excellent chinese restraunt. They play chinese music and have chinese speaking people. The food tastes good and the buffet price is decent. They have carry out boxes for the buffet and some made to order dishes available. Overall the experience is pretty good.

Dean A. Henderson

If you like Oriential food it's about as good as you will find in this area and the price is right.

Joseph Pope

Food is great.... when its fresh, which is hit and miss. Servers are rude

Nellie Higdon

Food was good, lot of the breaded chicken was soggy. Wait staff was rude. We'll go back another time to see if it's better.

Stacy Vance

Food was lukewarm. Service was ok.

Steve May

Good food but seriver could be a little faster.

Theresa Fahie-Trusten

Great food with great prices!

Ender Wiggin

Hot and fresh. Great buffet with a wide variety.

Cindy Scudder

The food is always good there

Jenny Vores

Good food. Place is looking very ran down. Carpet wore, booths torn and ripped up. Tables lean bad. Grill cook only cooks one plate at a time. Takes a while to get food.

Petar Djuric

Smaller place but clean and everything was fresh and warm. Very good!

Betty Hite

I was very disappointed the lady who waited on us was just very rude. And really full price for a 3 year old. How much food can a 3 year old eat. NOT MUCH. And $5.99 for 2yr olds. Just robbery they don't eat that much either. Just very dissatisfied don't know why you ask your never going to doing anything about it. Don't deserve any stars but you have to give at least 1 to post

William Oberst

Friendly place with great food

Bobby Best

My wife's favorite

Mr. ChocoDino

Great food! Excellent service!

Betty West

Great food and service

Shy shy Duffer

It was good the food was cooked right. Everything was warm and the staff got to us when we needed it 5/5

ashley white

Getting close to closing time and I asked for cabbage and was there for 45 minutes and never received it

Laura Stewart

I do not like this Chinese restaurant... at all! Overpriced, same food again and again and the waitresses are sooooo rude. Never again!

Nicole McNicholas

My all time favorite place to eat!

Rebecca Bottoms

Subpar food and service. The only reason I return is bcs its fast.

Vickie Green

I wasn’t impressed at all. I like the Happy Dragon in Lawrenceburg much better

Tony & Karen Branstutter

Food wasnt that hot. Should of been hotter. Prices have went up.

Dick Dodger

Good food, cute waitresses, nice place. Kinda pressure you to tip, but no big deal if youre the type to tip anyway.

Big dummy

Most people are unaware you can get carry out from a Chinese buffet by the pound. Great Wall does this. And I found you get to taste them at their best when they first open at 1030.

Kathy Fields

We have been patrons of this restaurant from the time it opened in the 1990's. They have done nothing but improve over the years. The food is delicious and the service acceptable for a buffet restaurant. I would highly recommend this one !

Gauge Moore

Tea was watered down No Crab legs and No Donuts spent 80 dollars and the kids eat mostly macaroni and the cheese ..

Tim Dolph

Great food kinda pricey but the guy who cooks the steak tip that guy lol


Decent food, very aggressive about tips. I used to go here often but it has become an uncomfortable environment.

Barbara Lowery

Always delicious!!

Kerri F

Food used to be great here. It was old and disgusting. I wasn't able to eat any of it. I felt sick with minutes of taste-testing items.

Jodi Wood

Always a good variety of hot fresh food on the buffet and it's all very tasty! The coconut shrimp is my favorite, only served on the weekends. Bonus, theres a loyalty reward card for lunch or dinner when filled, you get a free meal!

David Mitchell

Very good

Ian J. Self

Frog legs are great!

Angie Perdue

Would give no stars if possible got food poisoning from there will never go back.

Pamela Shinn

Buffet style, good variety of food. Restaurant is old, furnishings are worn, but the staff is friendly and curtious.

Audrey Hernandez

Best Chinese in the region.

Marilyn Gray

Great place to eat. We enjoyed our visit

Helen Hasler

It was great only thing they didn't have tried shrimp or frog

Steve Harvey

We always look forward to eating at this restaurant, the food is so excitingly well prepared. The price is appropriate and the waitresses are very efficient.

Larry Gray

Great food at a great price. Buffet is constantly restocked. Has a cooking station where the cook will prepare custom items for you, at no additional charge. Highly recommended.

Ben Westendorf

Great place for a town like Greensburg.

Chris Slavey

Awesome food great price

Wendy Friend

Decent place to eat

Nick Feller

Food was subpar. Definitely mostly frozen. It's ok at best for the price. Still a disappointment. When you go out to eat ethnic foods, you want something fresh and real, not fake and frozen from a frozen aisle at Aldi. The restaurant itself is in desperate need of remodel. The seating is old, ripped, tables are wobbly, decor is old, outdated, floor is nasty, the service is the same as the food. Just ok. The tea they serve is brisk tea from fountain. Not even made fresh. Disgusting. 2/5 stars is all they deserve. If they would improve the interior of the restaurant, it would upgrade to 4. Then upgrade the food to fresh (non frozen) authentic Chinese food, it would be a 5/5

Nicole Caffee

Egg rolls have been different last couple of months do not like the change.

James Weinkauf

Pretty good and the only place for Chinese in the area.

Paul Whitecotton's Keto Kitchen

Good food but the check out person is cold and unfriendly. She asks if you want to leave a tip on your card when you check out. IT'S A BUFFET FOR PETE'S SAKE! All the waitresses do is bring you a drink and take the dishes away. And they charge you for the drink it's not included with the buffet.


Could be better. Same food all the time.

Glen Richards

Clean restaurant good service

debi Wilson

Wonderful buffet, staff very friendly, food was all fresh this time. If something needs freshened they will promptly bring fresh out. Best buffet ever!

Laura Covert

Its good food and a decent price.


This used to be one of my favorite Chinese buffets but the service and the food quality have really started to go downhill.

David Ditman

I love the freshness and quality food they have. They have all the top Chinese food everyone loves on there buffet.

Grover Fitchett

Good food service

Peggy aka LILPITT Hoover

Very good food n price but wish they had sushi n crablegs

Davian Perry

I am going to try some foods at this place. If they are no good I will not like this place.

Dreama Fenney

Food. Food was mostly cold or bare warm.

Sonya Vantuinen

I ordered my food to take out and they were very friendly and my order was excellent.

Troy Zerbian

Good food has chef that makes what you want friendly service reasonably priced food

Daniel Smith

We came at 845p and their posted closing g time was 930p. There were three other couples in the establishment at that point. We had a group of 9 and they were not happy that we came in tonight. They were grumpy and stood staring at us while we ate. They made comments to about our group. Then they brought the fortune cookies. I asked them if the bringing of the fortune cookies meanted we were to leave and the waitress said, "Yes.". The food was okay but not what it had been in the past. One dish was spoiled. They have been great in the past

Nadine Goeft

Delicious food. Hibachi grill. Fair prices.

Jennifer Doerflein

Food is outstanding

Angela Butts

great food but staff are rude and u know there are talking about everyone also if u pay with card they asked if u left tip come on get real if u asked for tip u will not get one at least not from me

Debbie Rogers

Excellent food clean staff is very friendly

Jerry Wolfe

The best buffet so far

Shanna Walston

Love there food! Its useally fresh also the staff is super friendly. Ive been going here since I was like 2 and I still go like every other weekend! Its defiantly my favorite place to eat!

Rhonda Woods Dixon

Love my friends and the food they serve at the Great Wall!

Aaron Williams

Food was old and chewy. Not much flavor. Under seasoned. Service was not too friendly. Was asked if everything was alright and I said no. Asked what was wrong and I told them. Wasn’t trying to get food cheaper but was being honest when asked. Got the eye rolls and the obvious discuss to the staff in a different language. Nothing was done or said after that. Pretty disappointing. Huge waste of money!

Brandy Emery

Service was fantastic and the food was great!

Larry Holley

The food was very good and fresh. Employees was friendly. Clean place. Good price on their food.

Lisa Smith

My favorite chinese buffet. I drive from my home close to Flat Rock to Greensburg every chance we get. I live with my Mother and we enjoy going there occasionally. I go by myself a0lot too.

Marcia Sisson

They all know me. Very good food. The pork chops and steak are grilled perfect, and tender The eat and Peel shrimps are cold. Love the sweet and sour soup. The mocha cake is delicious. On Friday night they serve crab legs, delightful. Check it out. All you can eat. Reasonable prices.

marcela alonso

Food was great and server was too. Some food items were warm to slightly cold but overall it was good.

Dan Brooks

Tired buffet but still good

Vicki Williams

Food was good our waitress want very nice this time.

Daniel Middleton

Very large selection. Many desserts too. Good service.

Philip Jackson

Fantastic Asian cuisine and always fresh food on the buffet.

John McCullough

One of the best Chinese restaurants I've been to. Decent size buffet, desert bar and best of all the grill. You can choose from many meats and veggies and put them on a plate, they cook it for you and place on a new plate for you, all included in their buffet price.

Austin Wilson

It was good, not the best Chinese buffet. Wasn't too expensive, I would probably go again.

Kacey Gray

Could be nicer dinning area, but I feel this way about most china buffets.

Zachary Asbury

Good food, decent selection.

Libby Tanner

Food was half cold. Cashier up front was very rude. Pointed out exactly where to leave our tip. I said I was leaving it on the table. She yelled into the waitress to check the table for a tip. The waitress then walks over and looks all around our table yelling back at the cashier. All while some are still eating. Just because I can't understand the words doesn't mean I can't understand the actions.

Jodi Lea

Food is GREAT, portions are big. Only bad thing I've seen is there girls at the register TALK about people in Chinese after they check them out. NOT cool

Alexandra Maher

Food is ok,but they need to remodel the place.

BonnieJ Volz

Love the much of it and so delicious too!

danny mike

This is a great buffet. Wide selection of excellent chinese.

Zach Himes

Run of the mill Chinese buffet, you'll get what you expect.

A Rankin

Good food and always fresh

Starla gfccfccvcxv burxII'mI'm78I Richardson

Leaves a little to be desired. It always feels like they are trying to rush you out the door. They never give us refills on our drinks and act like its the end of the world if u ask for extra napkins

Rafael Burgos

Even for a small town I was hoping for a bit better.

Della Hull

Will not order from there again they will not filter their water so when you get a dish like shrimp fried rice the shrimp has been cooked in Greensburg water and it tastes awful unfortunately that was the only thing we really like we did go in for the Hibachi Grill and small plates you could not add a very much of anything to enjoy good luck

Dustin Wheeldon

I personally didn't like it much. Most of the cold items salad, cottage cheese, fruit, dressings etc were not cold. The cottage cheese was so warm I about gagged when I tried a bite. My wife and kids didn't seem to mind. They all liked it and the kids really enjoyed the chocolate fountain.

Tanner Johnson

food was good, then got desert (icecream)and pulled a 12 inch hair out of my mouth. told the server and then my 2 year old pulled 2, 1 inch hairs out of his mouth. went to the desk and the woman told me to show her as three buss girls were cleaning our table. super disrespectful!!

Peggy Rhoades

Foods good but employees not to friendly and speak among themselves in Chinese so you don't understand them

none none

Food is decent, they have a great selection and even an open grill where you can choose what you want them to make you fresh! I think the biggest disappointment is the prices and the staff talking so loudly. If they would budge a little on the prices and stop basically yelling at each other all over the restaurant it wouldnt be a bad place.

Pam Clayborn

Excellent and fresh! friendly staff

Virginia Morrison

Good selection fresh food friendly staff

Ron Young

One of the better Chinese buffets I have found. Large selection of items to choose from. Love the peel and eat shrimp.

alan murray

Love this Chinese restaurant. They have great food at a very reasonable price. Disclaimer: though I love this food, most of my friends seem to think it's just average and usually want to go somewhere better. They just changed management and it seems if the food is constantly improving. They could make some cosmetic updates and see more lighting.

Brandon Masters

Waitress yelled for a tip when paying. Food was not up to the quality for the cost.

Steve McGrew

Seen a 3inch roach crawling around in broad daylight imagine what it looks like at night

Gloria T.

Love it!!! Great buffet ,keep full. Also has station where you pick out meat and veggies and they cook right out there too. Great steak!!!

Victor Rigby

The servers r not very happy do not smile at all. They make me feel like get what u want & get out

K. Joseph Thomas

DO NOT EAT HERE!!! I watched them pour a cup of someone else's leftover drink into my cup as a refill. Then when I said something about it they called the cops. (FYI... I made no threats, nor did I cuss) I will be reporting this to the health dept. Furthermore, they refused to give me a copy of the receipt. The police had to make them give it to me. THANK YOU to the Greensburg police dept. for their courtesy & professionalism.

Todd Hallgarth

Good food fast service and menus for all tastes

Robert Evans

Love the food great selection

Max Butler

This is one of my favorite buffets. It is a great place to eat great Chinese food. You can also have steak or pork chops grilled for you.

David McDonley

Great food friendly staff

Ryan Rouse

All you can eat. Ok food . Ok service

John Cornett

Very mediocre food. Alot of yelling in Chinese as well.

Neil M

Polite. The food was good but not great.

Greg and Lovely Kinman

Its changed alot here over the years unfortunately. The food is lower quality now, not as fresh and hot and the service isn't very friendly

zachary haley

Best China buffet around

Wesley Moyer

Food is always very good, and when you're there early it's fantastic! After they stocked the buffet, the folks in the kitchen and the waitresses came out, got plates and ate lunch! You don't see that often. Always nice and prompt service!

Ohmer Miller

Got heart burn and gas

Jerome Metz

Good food friendly waitress reasonable price

Travis P

In the class of All You Can Eat Chinese it's as good as you can expect in rural Indiana. Has Mongolian cook-to-order as well. Just enough selection, and solidly reliable quality and freshness.

William Meyer

Pretty good buffet style food. You can get just about any "usual" Chinese food,.

Omar Dozal

I've been a customer dor over 15 years and the food quality still great.

Mary Poe

The cook for fresh meat, went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make our visit extra special. He specifically picked out our meats, and delivered them to our table, after preparing them. They were cooked PERFECT to our likong. We have had the pleasure of his great attitude in the he past, and SUPER GLAD he is back!!

Steve Richeson

Visited at five o'clock on a Friday evening. The food had been sitting awhile. Fresh food started coming out only the old food was gone. Service was good.

Mark Putnam

Eat here alot good food great people

Glenn Ruhlen

The price is outrageous and they stop putting fresh food out at 9 and don't close until 10:30 won't pay that price again

Wayne House

Great food and service!

Liesa pow


Dezarea Carter

I just love this place so much. If I could live in a resterant it would be this one. Everything is so good

Mike and Linda Howard

Good food. Eat there quite often.

Young Sung

Great for a Chinese food fix. Unfortunately the only place in Greensburg for Chinese food but doesn’t leave you disappointed. Good service, the waitresses always interact with my kids and play with my toddler. Stay away from the mussels though because they don’t taste the freshest.

Duane Noah

Good food and service

Erna's Adventures

Nice place with friendly staff

Maria Maldonado

Food and all you can eat

Kody Tormoehlen

Mmmmm chinese...

Lester Gibbs

I took my dad there for fathers day

Sarah Dickerson

All right service was okay. It wasn't one of the best I've been to but it was pretty good once again it did have an ice cream bar that made it kind of special I enjoyed ice cream bar

Steve Green

Fresh food. Very clean

nicole asher

Well foods Pretty good when you order it made right then.

Randy Strahl

It was really good. Service is great also the people are friendly.

Rat Momma

Very rude service, very over priced, and very nasty......

India Coers

Very good place to sit down and eat at. Nice buffet witha variery of foods to choose from.

Mary Tyler

Was hassled by the checkout girl about

sheila morrow

The food was good, but the place could use an update.The chairs and booth need to be fixed up,new flooring

Peggy Brower

Great food, friendly staff, excellent prices

Tyler Dickman

All you can eat for $10 can't really go wrong.

paver 1423

Great food friendly staff

Corey Simmons

The ONLY reason theyre getting 1 star is because I cant post a review without a starred rating.. Stopped in here today around 1PM and have to say this was the WORST buffet experience yet! Both hosts, cant remember their names.. one started with a 'C' and had glasses...both, however were severely rude and disrespectful. Both yelled at me and my spouse for trying to find a table that we didn't know they had already chosen for us then yell at us because we forgot to mention what drinks we wanted, they NEVER even asked us before hand, mind you so at this point we were already aggravated from being treated poorly, so we went about our business and sat down to top it off, our food was now cold and gross and our cups of water were dirty so we decided to leave and confront them about only paying for half our bill (cause of their customer service), the host flat out tried to deny everything even though we had plenty of witnesses...she then proceeded to ring us out and shoved the money at my spouse... Can gladly be saying we will not being coming back and hopefully something will be reported to management and the health food department. 0/10 RATING - SEVERELY dissatisfied

rick christman

Good food, high calories

Clairetta Lee Bolyard

Even though I don't like Chinese. I found enough to eat and in a variety of kinds. Good atmosphere too.

Dorothy DeLong

Good food with a large buffet and very reasonable rates.

John La Rue

Very good selection on the buffet. Fair pricing and courteous staff

Jamie Knox

Sometimes these places are decent, sometimes not. This place is not. I ate here and everything was below any sort of standard i could claim to hold. Everything was either overtly sweet or tasteless. All the meat was tough and most of the dishes were less than warm. All you can eat isn't worth the price when nothing is worth eating.

Jonathan lincoln

Its ok

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