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398 S Indiana St, Mooresville, IN 46158, United States Located in: The Village Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Dong's China Buffet IN Indiana

Kolbey Pardue

My friends and I, (usually a group of three or more), have been going here since middle school, so that’s a good seven years. It’s one of our favorite places. We will keep coming back for sure :)

Brian Deerwester

A great Chinese all you can eat buffet. Includes dessert bar, salad bar, seafood bar, dinner bar. There are hot sour and egg drop soups. There is an Ice cream machine in dessert area. Plenty of fresh fruits included. Large dinning areas and a separate large room for gatherings, meetings or events. Food is usually fresh and flavorful. The prices are on the high side, but you get great food and service. Highly recommended for family gatherings.

tandirtyzen Eden

Average buffet fare. I will say it seems cleaner, and more well maintained than usual. Very well stocked.

Nicholas Squillace

Very good. Prices good. Staff was fast and for a buffet, fresh food put out all the time. Huge plus... Will be returning

Robert Vanmatre

Great food and service.

Adrian Gosnell

One of my favorite Chinese buffets!

Dave Hancock

I've been to three of the local China style buffets, but Dong's is the best of them. Friendly staff, good selection of food, fresh and consistently good food every time we go for lunch. If you like China buffets, go here first before you try the others.

Robert Chasteen

Friendly servers, very clean restaurant and 3 huge buffets. 1. For salads 2. For a variety of tasty courses and the 3rd for a variety of desserts. Highly recommend trying Dong's China Buffet if you are in the area. Plenty of seating and parking.

Carla Rogers

Love the food and friendly service


Meh, it was ok I guess. Kind of mediocre, but what do you expect from a one horse town?

Terry Shipley

Always excellent food at a reasonable price. It's not huge, but it has a nice selection. Everyone I've taken has wanted to go back again .

Jody R Marlow

Best Chinese food ever

Steven Reichardt

Extremely good! I found dishes on their buffet that you don't find in other places. The hibachi chicken and Mongolian chicken to name a few, were very good. Oddly enough, everything was pretty fresh. Even though I got there an hour before closing time. I can't wait the return. Hopefully next time it'll be easier in the evening and I can starve myself in preparation. ;-)


Just not as impressed with this place as I used to be! It's still decent lunch but selections minimal and some dish qualities have decreased

Sasha Cooper

One of the best Chinese Buffets. Great food, fresh, clean, nice staff

Joel Hedge

The only Chinese food buffet in town doesn't have to be this good.

James Howell

Bad food white rice was even hard

Marion Winkel

The best china buffet that I've been too, and clean.

Patsy Bauer

Best all you can eat Chinese hands down!

The 67Deuce

Fresh fantastic quality Buffet

E. Marie

My family and I eat here about once per month and we are never disappointed. The staff is very attentive and the food is always fresh. They have a variety of food you can try, my favorite is the rice noodles w/teriyaki chicken on top. Unfortunately, we relocated and live far and aren’t able to come once per week like we used to. I highly recommend!!!

Dani Horton

Always friendly staff. Great food. My kids love the dessert area. Clean and well maintained.

Corey Plunkett

We enjoy every bit of this place the customer service has always been friendly the cleanly ness is very clean prices good the buffet selection is the best in Morgan County very glad that day are open. They even serve pizza for my little one that's very picky the dessert counter is awesome and has a lot to choose from

Caden Wetrat11

Jesus man, I can not even begin to explain my love for Dong's. We visit regularly and they have always treated us nice. Not to mention it is the best Chinese buffet I have discovered withing a 30 minute radius. Crab Rangoons are off the charts! Forget the ball game, take me out to Dong's

Kayelee U

My favorite buffet! Very clean and the food is delicious!

Brenda Perkins

One of my most favorite places to go here in Mooresville there is one lady in particular that Waits on me I don't know her name but if she's not there I don't order because she is the best


Great food

mark brown

ALWAYS enjoy the food and selection. Excellent service.

i need 2mil on small Mohawk x sub

The chicken is delicious. All of them.

Tina Marie Demerath

One of my favorite restaurants! Fresh food, lots of choices, and a family favorite every time we passthrough our old stomping grounds.

Megan Nohl

Awesome buffet and great people!

Eric Collins

Best chinese restaurant ever eaten at. Food is always hot and top notch. Service and staff are always warm friendly and amazing. Never a bad word or moment in this restaurant and I would recommend to everyone!

Melissa Schaefer

Love this restaurant, by far the best chinese buffet I've been to. As with most buffets, the food is much better when it's very busy because all the food is fresher.

Lisa Edwards

Big selection to choose from. One of the cleaner Chinese restaurants. Food was hot and fresh.

Deavona Milks

Great value & selection. Food is very good.

Aaron E

Great selection of food. $61.00 + tip for four people. Very busy. Fresh food. Crab legs. Crab legs. Crab legs!!

Michael Huber

Good is always fresh and staff is on top of everything. Great service!

Sandy Barton

Peanut chicken, walnut chicken, crab legs, salad bar.... Great selection!

Joann Hart

Great food and beautiful women. Asians goddesses.

Jody Horn

Decent buffet with great choices!


Food was good and fresh. Had a larger selection to choose from. Probably had the best salad bar I've ever seen at a chinese buffet.

Julia Arnold

Always my number 1 place for Chinese. Friendly and always good

Erwin Giebler

Not bad.

Sherri Nease

Best Chinese Cuisine! No one comes close!

Angel McKinney

Great food and wonderful staff! Love this place

Janet Thill

Use to be really good price is high salad dressing was spoiled

Josh Reynolds

Went in a Thursday night near closing and the food was well sticker and fresh on the bar. The restaurant and buffet were very clean. The ice cream machine was down but that is my only complaint I have.

Jesse Pochop

Absolutely magnificent establishment. They allowed me to come in and slurp their water for absolutely free. It just blew me away with how kind they were too.

michael bennett

Like this place a lot! Plenty of food to choose from, it's usually very good. People are very friendly and take care of you


WOW !! You talking about all you can eat of some wonderful food, This is the place to go.

Cree Onk

Crab rangoons, vegetable lo mein, peanut chicken, and pork egg rolls. Literally all I need in my box and I'll come week after week, no other Chinese place compares. Also, try calling in an order sometime. The egg rolls are almost twice the size of the buffet fare, and twice as good. Many menu items that aren't on the buffet.

Amy Hornek

Haven't been here in years and the food was always amazing however just ate here today the General Tso's chicken was just gross and the dumplings were off but everything else was good

Overkill Maximus

Nice place. Food is good. Not overly clean and a bit crowded. But it is one of the few places you can go to get all you can eat crab legs!

Robert Clark

Good food fair prices

James Henry

Great food very clean good people

Karyn Cleveland

Best salad bar around. Great service.

Sandy Belcher

One if my favorite places in Mooresville to eat Buffet is usually stocked with hot fresh food!

Breezy Tomlinson

Songs is a local favorite. Only good Chinese around unless you want to drive to Bloomington Hibatchi. Usually fresh. Nice staff. Clean restaurant! Delicious

Kim Johns

Love this place and the people that work there very friendly

Lenee Hyatt

Excellent Asian food. Crab rangoon, is to die for! Best buffet ever!

Melissa Gedek

This is the best China Buffet near me. Which is about 7+ miles or so. Yes, we have a couple here in Plainfield but Dong's in Mooresville IS the best! Food is ALWAYS fresh and the price is REASONABLE. Will continue to be our go to buffet when we feel like pigging out.

Mimislove42 Always

This place has the best Chinese food around. Place is clean and well cared for. The staff is always readily available to help in any way needed.

Dan Cherry

Good place to eat

Michael Cochran

If the meat is cat or dog it sure tastes great lol just kidding

Oliver Twist

It is one of the better Chinese buffets around but it's not worth Sunday prices. They raise the price on Sundays because they supposedly serve crab legs. We saw them bring out a very small amount of crab legs once the entire time we were there and all of those were immediately grabbed by a man who had stood there for a good 20 minutes waiting on them.

Victor Centeno

Google address will take you a few yards in the wrong directions. Go to the Kroger Supermarket strip-Mall and you’ll find it in the corner. Good

Robert Thomas

Very good atmosphere hot and ready to eat

Patti Jackson

Delicious and many fresh foods to choose from. Highly recommended.

edwin roberson

It was just ok the price is high compared to other Buffett I've been to. Alot of the food was cold .

Ty Shaw

I love their buffet it's so good. My only problem is their crab ragoon isn't deret enough. But besides that, everything is amazing plus great service, you can't go wrong.

Paul E. Hart II

Great food at a reasonable price.

tyler sucks at animE

Good food, good service!

Buster Osborne

Good food, good service

stephanie Mann

Good food, but dirty floors

Robert Astleford

Huge selection. Great food.

Don Johnson

Better be hungry when you go there

Laura Brzeski

Best Chinese buffet around. Their Crab Rangoon is great. Love their salad bar as vegetables are always fresh.

Jon Reeves

In comparison to other Chinese buffets, it's a good option. Let's face it, it's only been a staple of Mooreville for approximately three decades in a strip mall that could kill a Starbuck's. Anyone remember when RadioShack used to be next door (or be at all). Yeah, it's been there that long. About the food: lots of options, good crab rangoons, shrimp balls, spring rolls and egg rolls. General Tso's is generally a fan favorite. They do offer a "to go" buffet option at the counter. Just ask and they will hand you a container you can fill with whatever you like. If ordering takeout, the combo plates are a lot of food including your choice of rice, main dish and egg roll. Oh! And the gummy bears are Albanese!!!

Adrian Richmond

Good place and good and service was good!

Angela Grubbs

Great food, very clean buffet. Staff is wonderful.

Cynthia Thomas

Avoid!! We stopped for lunch on our way back from a trip, the food alone was sub par, most of it tasted thawed out. Service was nice but only because they hardly spoke to us and when they did it wasn't rude. The whole atmosphere was scary as a person of color though! The bathroom walls had "Hail Hitler" written on them and every single person eating there was white and kept staring at us. It definitely did NOT feel safe at all and we tried to get out as soon as possible. Would never go back.

Cherie Barker

The best buffet that I have ever had!

Jennifer Albertson

Most the food cold or old and reheated. Never say i wont go back but it will be a very long time.

Lawrence Barnes

I have been going to this chineese place almost once a week for about 7 years with my family love it


One of our favorite places to eat. If you ever visit Mooresville, this is a must-stop. Some of the best Chinese food in the state.

Jason White

Awesome best place

Michael Holtsclaw

Great place great food always leave full


We always enjoy meals here.

Kristian Hill

We went here today for lunch , and although the food was good as I was eatting my first plate of food one of the ladies that bust the tables was eatting something and she walks over to the tote that they put dirty dishes in and spits in it . I lost my appetite. I spoke with the manager and he helped us and was very nice. Although those dishes were dirty you still dont spit all over them especially when your working and are around people. I hope that this person is not this dirty around the actual food

JC Preston

Best Chinese buffet in the Indy area! Love that they keep the food hot even later in the evening before closing. Also, the staff and hosts are super friendly and courteous.

Cassandra Foncannon

They are friendly and kind people who have great food and service.

Jennifer Lynn Nicole

Absolutely the best quality food for Chinese buffet. We drive from Indianapolis to Mooresville every couple of weeks just to eat at Dong's.

Steve Otto

The food was good. The employees were friendly. I would go back.

Paula Mccarrell

Can't wait to try it all I ever hear is wheel of Chinese go to Dong's it's worth the drive so I got to go this week

Sarah DeBlieck

One of my favorite Chinese buffets. Love their raggons. They always have steaming food.

Debra Riedy

Usually the service is good they have an excellent salad bar but they bought out one tray of crab legs for about 50 people to share and they never ever refilled crab legs

Grace Vogt

It's got very good food and all you can eat buffet

Linda Day

Excellent food, excellent service.

Ashley Dawn

So many options, not just Chinese. They also had things like pizza and chicken nuggets. The food is good, the price isn't bad either!

Bette Maners

Best Chinese food in Indiana. We drive almost an hour to eat here.


I was told that everyone eats at Dong's buffet in Mooresville. I see why now. It was fresh and the service was very good!

Michael Rutigliano

love going to songs really good food and its cheap

Nathan Martin

Food was hot, fresh and tasted amazing. Place was super busy and easily can understand why, due to the fact that this buffet is very well kept and food is outstanding.

Aaron f

The restaurant is very clean and the service was pretty good. The people working there are very very nice. The food is not too bad but most of it was lukewarm. I liked the green beans and noodles. I skipped the crab legs but they were there. The frog legs were great when the came out hot and crispy. If you watch and get the trays that come out hot the food is pretty good but over priced. Not likely to go back.

Jacob Elliott

Been here a dozen or so times and always good and clean with fresh high quality food.

Jerry Carson

Hands down best Chinese buffet anywhere. High quality fresh food and plenty of variety very reasonable prices. Great selection of non Chinese food as well. Once you have tried it you will coming back!

Mario Harrington

The service was good. The food was. great tho a tad 2 salty. Served wonderfully piping hot!!

Mark Steinmetz

Great food at a good price.

Tom Roberts

Good food and good service

Jon Sorrell

This is the best buffet in the state!!!

Gil Ward

Best buffet around, everything tasted great.

Michael Fisher

Great dood. Great customer service!

Paul Kelley

Good food but expensive

Jaime Ramos

I came to this place and it was just awful. I came and there was not a lot of variety of choices to pick from. Plus, the food itself was NOT good. Also it was very expensive and not worth it. When I went to get ice cream the bowl was literally dirty. There was a red syrup stain on it

Chasity Henderson

There buffet is always good Everytime we go. My kids love it, they love to get whatever they want

roxanna smith

Always good service and great fresh food !!favorite buffet. Not bad on pricing.

Mrs. Bennett

Not bad. I went because someone told me they have crab legs, which they did not when I went.

Dawn Garrett

Friendly staff! The best Chinese buffet ever!

johnnie Cooper

Real good food here

Norma Cordell

Best Chinese lunch in our family's opinion. Good is fresh and many good choices. Great value for the price.

The Michael & Thae Show

I thought this was my favorite but childhood memories have failed me. I have been to many Asian buffets from across the nation and there are certain qualities that many of the good ones have mastered. There are three common qualities amongst the best: Authenticity, Freshness, and Variety. This restaurant, during the lunch hours of operation, did not demonstrate good qualities in two of the three; Authenticity being fair and Freshness being poor. Variety was good. This restaurant is ranked overall Fair in the Good, Fair, Poor system.

Mike Myntti

Great food

Sherry Hill

Usually it's better then it has been last couple times we've been there

Mark Meyers

Fresh food clean place

Chris Wiggins

I drove to this establishment, went in to place a take out order, and while i was at the front desk telling the person what I wanted to order she answered the desk phone and began to talk to someone calling about store hours. Very very rude. I was speaking, for one. For two I had left my home to drive in, when the person on the other line was snug in their home, getting the service I should have received. The food was ok, nothing to get all excited about. But the rudeness of that moment will keep me from coming back, or giving anyone a green light if they ask me about Dong's.

Jerry Gutierrez

Nice clean place. Good food. Always a crowd. Clean restrooms also

Cathy Foley

The best Chinese restaurant around the people are very freindly and a great atmosphere great prices the only place I go to for Chinese.

Natasha Collett

Best food, prices, AMAZING customer service. I've ate at Chinese places all over the country and Dongs is by far my favorite place. Very clean family oriented environment.

ladonna boyd

We love this place great food some face I can't find anywhere else, friendly family dining

Jane Austin

They have really fresh food and a great variety of it

Charity Dent

I love Chinese food. I understand that not every meal tastes the same from one restaraunt to the next. I know that sometimes, you just catch a place on a bad day. However, this was my third or fourth time eating at this establishment over the past 10 years. Each time I have only found one or two items on the buffet, that actually tasted good, one item is a staple food -fried rice. If i rated on service alone, the place would have receives 5 stars! The ladies working were very friendly, polite and on too of clearing dishes and getting refills. Also, the place was very clean!! I love eating in CLEAN restaraunts!! I figure a low food rating balanced with a high service/cleanliness rating should get ya around a 3, right? Well, now you have to factor in the price, which you don't see until after you pick through to find items to fill you up, after all it is a buffet. The price I paid for my one and a quarter plate of food and one cup of sprite.. 15 bucks!!

Rainelle Anderson

The meal was very good the food was freshly cooked the fish fresh the chicken fresh hot all in well it was sll good.

Ed Staubach

One of the best Chinese buffets I ever have seen at a very reasonable price.

Laura Davey

Everything was absolutely delicious! Fresh, plenty of variety and friendly attentive service.

Alisha Pitcock

We love eating here. The food is always so good. They have a great selection and I love that they have things like pizza for my picky child lol. This is one of my son's favorite places tho.

Andy Rebennack

Average Chinese restaurant. At least they kept the buffet full and fresh. Bette than most

Kyle Beaman

Great Buffet at a good price

joseph hauk

My beautiful Chinese fiance took me here excellent food especially because I'm American and not used to China Cuisine

Jacquie Ellis

Love a good Asian Buffet. This one is a favorite with ample selection, staff is attentive, food options, fair pricing.

Sharon Kellar

Absolutely our favorite place to PIG OUT❤

Amber Nicole

Was somewhat disappointed. We went around 3 and one thing I will give them is that all the food was hot and fresh. But one of the biggest things lacking is flavor. The lo mein tasted like spaghetti noodles, the chicken had no flavor either. They had the shrimp out but a sign said only for dinner customers 6 to 10. That shrimp is sitting out from I'm guessing way before I got there until 6. Even on ice that seems like food poisoning waiting to happen. My husband, mother and i both ended up sick the next day also. Will not be coming back again.

C.S. Burns

By far, best Chinese restaurant in Indiana! :) So many buffet tables with all the favorites! They even have food for children that won't eat "that stuff!" So good that it's always packed...but has plenty of seating.

Nichole White

Best Chinese restaurant. My personal favorite. We drive an hour and pass at least four China buffets just to go here!

Sean's Stuff

I love this place. Great service. Plenty of fresh delicious food. I've never been disappointed with any of their food. Best local Americanized Chinese food buffet I've ever had.

Stephen Thompson

Food is always good here, it's a Buffet type chinese restaurant that has a salad bar, and desert bar as well. They also serve pizza and some other things for kids who aren't into chinese food. Employees are very nice and are very good about refilling your drinks and taking your plates and trash as your done with them.

Penny Bell

I've had better for less dollars than here

Mike Miles

food is delicious large amounts

Carrie Clark

How can anyone like this place? They must have not had good food, or good Chinese. This was terrible. The place was a hole in the wall, which I could deal with if the food was actually good. Nothing spectacular about the service. The food was mediocre at best, and I could barely eat one plate as it was already making me sick. The bathroom was disgusting, and I had to use a towel to turn off the faucet, or my hand would have been dirtier than before I washed it. Way too expensive for quality, and there are much better places for less money. 1st time here due to a coupon, and last time here. Yuck all around. Sorry I gave them my money.

Pamela Hawkins

I love this place..can't get enough almond's awesome

Candy Johnson

I love this place!

Carla Huls

Great food great service

Sis Snyder

My Husband and I have always liked this buffet, But our last 2 visits had not been good. I would have gave 1 star but the salad bar was fresh items. The lo mein noodles were old not fresh and had an odd tast to them and tasted burnt.The fried rice was old not fresh. Actually we feel they had heated up the day before leftovers. We will not be back to Dongs !!!! I really felt sick after eating there on Monday March 4, 2019.

Debi Knight

Great service and food was great

jim branham

Good and fresh

Kelly Miciek

Heard alot about this place and wanted to try it out,Not impressed,cold food,wont go back!

Angela Harris

The best around!

John Webb

My wife and i had the buffet today. The is a wide selection at a fair price. Only issue was the steam tables seem to be a a setting that was too low. Other than that the food tastes very good.

Leslie Flanigan

Bland and ordinary plus some trumped up dishes such as an average seafood salad baked on a clam shell or fried chicken pieces in warmed sweetened mayonaise referred to as "walnut chicken". I swore I would never try another Chinese buffet but Dong's has such a good reputation I thought I'd go ahead and try one more. I'm finally completely sworn off from Chinese buffets. Blech

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