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REVIEWS OF BurgerFuel Broad Ripple IN Indiana

Crystal Wilson

Amazing food! The truffle aioli is amazing! Highly recommended!

Monica Holt

Not enough choices for the not so healthy eater, but wonderful atmosphere

Ryan Brice

I stopped in here earlier today with a group of coworkers, to grab a quick bite. I was greeted by friendly staff. A young man named kevin was particularly memorable, he was very pleasant. The food was great, and he reccomend options that fit all of our taste

Health Stuff for Health Nuts

I love the v8 veggie burger and regular fries!!

JP Pritchard

So good! Finally found a burger place that's doing something interesting with their food, and it's delicious!

Amanda Keating

Vegan options are great. It's also affordable and quick without lacking the quality that usually accompanies quick and affordable.

Dustin Thurston

More beef alternative options than expected

Brianna Meyer

I do not understand all the hype about this place. I was very unimpressed with the food, service and prices. Our sons chicken was undercooked. I didn't even bother telling staff, esp after our horrible ordering experiencing. I feel like it gets a lot of hype because it's organic and natural ingredients, maybe? The sweet pickles on the burger were nasty, too. And they didn't even have decent drink selections. The only reason I gave it even 2 stars was because there was decent music.

David Miley

I’ve been to “Burger Fuel” several times since it opened. I have yet to be asked what I want on the burger. It always comes with pickles and their special sauce. I love lettuce tomato and mayo! Two of my three visits my order has been lost. They discover this and are apologetic and give me a business card for something fried for free. I want this place to be good and the burgers are high quality. The service is attentive but seemingly always inaccurate. If you want a great burger with accurate table service check out the Alley Cat five doors down the street.

Keith Robinson

Went for the first time there burgers were different I definitely will be back

Laura McCabe

Outstanding burgers. Thick cut fries were excellent. And good bottled soda.

Nathan Cripe

Great burgers and fries. The staff is awesome and I eat here weekly.

Jackie Stec

Sam I am was awesome! Very friendly, helpful, and made us out of towners feel like we were regulars! Hands down will go back again.

Matthew Smith

Wish I could come here more, always a delicious meal and friendly staff!

J Hodges

I had burgerfuel for the first time ever last week. I would always pass by it and never went in this time I decided to and there was a gentleman named kevin I believe, that's made my experience amazing. He reccomend me the burnout and it was fantastic! He was friendly and personable, in general I had a great experience, I will be back!

John Avila

I have been wanting to try this place for a while now, and wow, wish I tried it way sooner! Their burgers are DELICIOUS! And their aioli is to die for. Very clean restaurant, and very quick service. Went here during my lunch break at work and had plenty of time to eat and relax. Great experience, definitely coming back!

Jen K

I have never had a bad experience with Burger Fuel, I tell all of my friends that they have to try it, and since my son is vegan, it has always been our go to! Today was a very different experience however. My co-worker was placing a phone order for our staff meeting, and she was met with a very rude Ashley. Ashley was too busy to take her order, so she asked her to call back in 20 minutes. We waited 20 minutes, and when we called back, she began to place our order but had some special requests that the gentleman on the other end wasn't sure about. He put the phone down to ask someone how to key in the order, and Ashley was heard in the background (by my co-worker), complaining about the special order and was even heard saying "I just feel like being a c*** today." Ashley wasn't happy about us not placing an online order, and didn't seem to hide her disappointment. I'm sorry she was having a bad day. As we arrived to pick up the order everyone else in the store was friendly and mild mannered, obeying as she barked orders. We talked to Ashley as we checked out, and brought to her attention that her choice of words was not only rude, but made us want to rethink our decision to purchase our lunch. She did apologize, blaming the phone for ringing off the hook, and again questioning why we didn't place an order online. Hopefully our bringing this to her attention made her more aware, and embarrassed her a little. Have a better day girl.

Thomas Birkett

I had the Ford burger and it was excellent. Very well prepared. My son and his wife had the veggie burger which they raved about.


10/10! Food was incredible, staff was friendly and knowledgeable, great lunch spot!

Noel Dehart

Long story short I’ve been wanting to try this place since it opened so my husband took me for date night. The only issue I had was the guy who took our order looked like he didn’t want to be there, he seemed very annoyed and I was almost too scared to order. The food was delicious and fresh though. I would’ve of gave it 5 stars if the cashier was more friendly but the other workers smiled and made us feel welcomed. I may consider going back if he isn’t there taking our order. I just wished my first experience would’ve been better.

Tony Benner

Great food and people!

Mike Locotosh

Food is awesome. I had the"Freakin Ford" it was freakin excellent.

Avery Cox

Great experience!! First time here and we were attended to greatly and Coco our server explained how BurgerFuel worked greatly!

Josh Padgett

Great service. The food was solid, but felt fairly fast food-y at sit down prices.

K. Michael VerKamp

Always a great experience with fantastic service and excellent fresh food... And exceptionally easy parking in Broad Ripple !

Michael Pollom

A different burger restaurant. Pleasantly surprised. Variety of menu board choices.

Steven asher

Friendly staff and unique menu.

Ryan Good

The burger was tasteless and gross. I got the Ford Freakout, the bacon, avocado and cheese burger, you would think that the most powerful taste in that would not be a cardboard bun, but it was. The fries were good. The craft soda was gross. I will however go back because I want to try a shake.

Terri Gill

This is our second visit and we love it- burger is tasty and the spuds are yummy! Great service and beer recommendations.

Oxford Peng

Wonderful burgers. Highly recommend the Impossible burger and v-twin burger.

Sarah L.

Unfortunately this restaurant has a lot of hype but not a whole lot to write home about IMO. I got the Ford Freakout. The beef is grass fed which I don't particularly care for, however, this meat was palatable compared to other grass fed I've had. The motobites and other fries were good. My husband got the Burnout which he didn't really care for either. The shakes were OK. My favorite part was that they are environmentally conscious so they serve the food straight on the trays, paper straws provided, cardboard containers. It's a very nice concept that I wish more restaurants would do. All in all I likely will not be back.

Golam Mohiuddin

Best burger place in Indianapolis! loved their special burger buns and sweet potato fries. A must go burger place!!

Caitlin Quinto

I'm not even vegan. But that V8 is the so damn good!

Carleigh Marinah

We had great customer service and those fries and aioli were to die for, but the burgers fell short. They were not what we expected for the price. But we will definitely return for the fries.

Mr. Hill

The food is very good. But the last due times I fave ate there. The attitude for the customer was very bad and I tried to use a coupon from an email I had just reserved and was treated like I was trying to rip them off. The next time I went the person behind the counter was trying to guilt people in to signing some petition for something that was going on in town. When we decline to sign we received pore service and the order was wrong. This has made me lower the rating by 2 stars. As it doesn't seam to be getting better.

Nathan Johnson

You can tell they use the freshest ingredients. Some of the best flavors and high quality food available. Not only is this one of the best burger restaurants in Indianapolis, the atmosphere and design of the entire restaurant is amazing. They have extra parking on the side and both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Nathaniel Geise

Friendly and fast is just what we needed, and that's what we got. The burgers tasted excellent, and the environment inside was very relaxed and enjoyable.

Jennifer Johnson

I had a good experience at this restaurant. I got the impossible burger and it tasted so close to a real burger that I was questioning if they made a mistake. I will admit, it was not ranked among the top veggie burgers I have tried, but it was tasty. I also really liked the Motobites. Lastly there was some limited parking available for the restaurant, which was nice.

Bryan Salas

Absolutely love the impossible burger! For those transitioning to a plant based lifestyle the impossible burger is the go to! All the flavors really makes you forget about meat, and no burger is complete without some amazing fries! The homemade ketchup took me some taking use to but it’s probably because it’s basic ingredients (tomatoes, onions, sugar) instead of factory made ketchup.

Aliff Zaifuddin

The best. Quality foods. Great hospitality. Fair price. Happy tummy happy life :)

Stephanie Field

Best burgers in Indianapolis. Combustion tofu was delicious - great vegan and vegetarian options. Great service, very cool atmosphere. Even has a parking lot right outside! Also the kumara fries are a must try. Yum yum yum

nathan harvey

Not your typical burger joint. I enjoyed the quality and taste of the burger, but my mind was against it. Because, I grew up eating junky burgers. These are amazing!

Jason Sylvain

It's ok in my opinion. I do like that they use a higher quality meat, and their vegetarian/vegan options are great. Only complaint is was too heavy on the condiments. They should compliment the burger not be drenched all over.

Stephanie Burner

So good. I had the V-twin Vege and it exceeded my expectations for a vegetarian "burger". I loved it and don't know if I will find a better sandwich! I'll be going back, telling friends and also trying the V8 Vegan. The Spud Fries were thick and hearty which I prefer - great with the included aioli and plum/pomegranate sauce from the Vege. Definitely a good food experience

Brachston Grubbs

Burgers are great but their fries are some of the best around

Yuki Sohma

Great quality food, great selection. They have good service and even serve some local craft beers. Gluten free options. Some of the best burgers in town.

Paul Gaddie

Third pounder with cheese is not to bad, weird seasoning on the burger. The Hoosier Tenderloin is pretty good, meaty with some different condiments on it. French fries are huge and tasty. All in all not a bad place, maybe a little pricey, $25 for the 2 sandwiches and 2 orders of fries.

Jada Bell

They have VEGAN options people!!! Their vegan burger is amazing and the customer is great. Kevin was very polite and cleaned our table with out us even asking !!! I’ll definitely be back!

Charles Letbetter

There are times one just needs a burger and I had never been to BurgerFuel so I thought I'd give it a try. The space is relatively small, having been converted from what previously was a vehicle leasing office. Like many new places, the menu is on the wall, which can be confusing for someone my age. Fortunately, the staff is super friendly and seeing my confusion someone came and explained the menu for me. Burger prices themselves are pretty much in love with other high-end places around town. What was disappointing, though, was the portion of onion rings was rather small for the price. With a can of locally-brewed beer, the total was over $20 for just myself. One couldn't ask for friendlier staff. They were cheerful without being condescending. When a mom arrived with two small boys, one of the staff immediately brought them each a small stack of pickles to keep them occupied while Mom ordered. I can see BurgerFuel as a great place to meet certain friends, particularly the kind who have decent jobs and aren't struggling to make rent. While I was there, two other families dropped in and the tall tables near the front were perfect for all of them to sit and interact. Like many places in Broad Ripple, the front windows open to the street creating a friendly and festive atmosphere. The downside is that even with the open windows, the noise becomes a factor. The small space feels crowded as the noise grows. Again, great for meeting friends, probably not the best place for a moment to yourself.

Cedric Jones

Food is ridiculous!!! Service is great. SHOUT OUT TO SAM FOR A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR!! Day was terrible and he got me laughing...

Rose Smith

Love the v8 vegan burger! Mmmmm

David Valenzuela

It was awesome, the damson plum and pomegranate sauce on my burger was delicious. And the sweet potato fries on the side were excellent.

Benoit Attobra

It was really good... definitely would go again

Lily Rollison

Great burger and vegan vanilla whip! Thanks Coco for the amazing service!

alphencrow crypter

We order to milkshakes We never got them on time. Milshakes are quick to make.They served other clients first. I will never come here. I m very disappointed.

Deb Blake

The staff was super helpful and offered great suggestions on the sauces they have. Those flavored dipping sauces were crazy good. The only tiny complaint was the water offered is only bottled for over 2 bucks. Filtered Water should be offered along with ice. The burger was juicy the bun was toasted and lightly buttered the fries were fresh and really good. This place was a treat.

Karuna Anantharaman

We went here for the impossible burger, which was quite good. Delicious sodas as well. Somewhat pricey for what you get, but the food seems fresh and wholesome. Service is quick and friendly. We will probably be back!

Kelsey Ledyard

They have a good burger, terrible bun. I think they are trying to be too "hip" with all their ingredients and it takes away from the taste of the food. It was simpler then I would have liked it much better.

Brian Daw

Great Vegan options and the staff has been kind and efficient every time

Cameron Bond

Great food, great selection, and that impossible burger is significantly more pricy, it is also really good. Craft beer is mostly the only beer you can have. But, they have good selections of then.

George Ringle

First time in broad ripple, good service, very trendy

Christina Marsh

As my 9 year old put it "this place gets us". Grass fed beef, organic soft serve ice cream. Natural food at a decent price. Cane sugar soda. This place was awesome.

Taylor Lampela

I was lucky enough to visit New Zealand a few years ago and got to eat at a BurgerFuel there. I was SO excited to have one here in Indy. As a vegetarian there are multiple awesome options. Try the Impossible Burger! Also there’s free parking which is amazing for Broad Ripple. Amazing place!

Chad Bauerle

It was great! We loved it

Graham Meinert

All around everything was great. My wife loved the V8 Vegan burger, I loved the Bastard and chocolate shake. We both loved the fries and sweet potato fries. My only knock is it's pricey. $42 for 2 burgers, 4 fries and 1 shake.

Sandra Prucka

Love their V-twin Veggie burger! I typically like black bean burgers and was hesitant to try their veggie burgers but really like how unique they are. It's hard to find different vegetarian burger options so this place is a welcome addition to the area!

Dwight Yanson

What's better, the old mechanic shop feel, fresh potato fries, great interesting burgers, or the amazing customer service? I had an impossible burger or the first time, and I couldn't tell a difference in taste between it and my wife's burger. Plus, everything is recycled and Earth friendly. This place is great and it appeals to all crowds, but it feels like a great place for vegans, vegetarians, and millennials.

Tom Tomlinson

Went for first time tonight; this is the best Burger, bar none, that we've ever had! Exceptional service, casual atmosphere, easy to get to, parking at the side. This is new best place to go for burgers!

Ali Williams

Actually was referred here by a nearby restaurant- because we needed a family dinning restaurant in Broad Ripple after 9pm. Food was okay. Customer service could use some improvement and maybe consider extending hours for summer.

Bastard Pineapples

The veggie and impossible burgers are amazing. And I CRAVE the non-dairy chocolate shakes!!!

Curtis Freed

One of the best hamburgers I ever had!

Iryna Bondar

BurgerFuel is hands down the best burger restaurant in Indy. I don't have much to add. Other than, as a well known (in narrow circles) fries aficionado, their fries are bomb as well. I moved to Broad Ripple area just to be closer to them.

Chris Morgan

Can't tell the different but for sure at higher price. It's grounded meat guys. How can someone said "oh it's so tender and juicy'? Increase the fat % ratio over the lean meat, it'll get a juicy and tender burger. If it's a piece of whole steak, now you can't get away with that. It's good but no WOW factor (that's why 3 stars). Or maybe it's all the hype that ran up my expectation. Just thought not worth the price. Plus, there's just too many burger joints here now at Indy and only so much you can do to a burger. So, I'll just have to believe them when they market it as "grass fed". Might be but could've fool me. Pro: Free parking (hard to find in Broad Ripple) Taste wise? All the same.

Theo Robison

This was the most amazing burger I've ever had, and I can't recommend it enough. My friend and I drove all the way from Louisiana to eat here and it was worth the trip. The staff was super nice, and I can't reiterate enough how amazing the food was!

Andrew Pelsue

Great food and service! Very relaxed atmosphere with delicious burgers with elevated ingredients. Staff is knowledgeable, kind, and ever present without being overbearing.

Becca Deutsch

AMAZING!! The food is great and the ideas behind the company are even better. Sustainable and creative, everyone can find something they like. We were so excited to eat that we forgot to take a picture beforehand. Definitely worth it!

Gabe Evans

Yesterday my wife and I ate at BurgerFuel. I am from NZ and used to eat at BurgerFuel when I used to live there. We were BLOWN AWAY by the super delicious burgers and the superb service. Nicely priced, too. You get what you pay for and this place uses super fresh ingredients, and you can tell as soon as you bite in. Big shout out to Matt and team who looked after us so well. This is a high quality place. There is a lot of love in the food. We will be back weekly. Do yourself a favor and try it.

Cody Buchanan

The Bastard is one of the best burgers I've ever had. The sweet potato fries with their Burger Fuel Aioli are the perfect compliment. Despite the uniqueness of the burgers, the craft ketchup is likely the item I will long for. Sauce is boss; it can make bland food taste amazing. While the food here is anything but bland, the craft ketchup is the centrepoint in my mind.

Hattie Moore-bradley

The restaurant was recommended by my granddaughter CoCo. First time customer and first time trying other than a meat burger. I asked the cook for his recommedation. My sandwich didn't taste bad and matter of fact I couldn't tell the difference. I will try something different and invite someone else to go with me next time.

Alan Schultz

Excellent service. Food made fresh every time. Healthy menu and everything is tasty! Love this place.

Ravi Jariwala

Best place for vegan and veggie lovers ,whenever come to Indianapolis try fo have this burger.

walduis rowseyag

Really good burgers and fries. They also have healthy options like grilled chicken tenders. It's always nice to have healthy options, even though it's almost impossible for me to pass up on their burgers and fries. The food is all high quality.

Sara Collin

Very friendly service and the food was delicious.

Cassandra Bentley

Best place to restore your vegan powers!

Viktoria Nyari

Great burgers and awesome customer service. Location is excellent... convenient. Cool atmosphere.

Funky Kong

Not a big fan of their milkshakes but good burger and fries

Aaron Oles

Best burger and fries in bripple

Brianna C

The food was great. Had a chicken sandwich as well as a burger with fries. It was not super clean when we went, the tables and seats were all sticky, but I'm sure it's usually not that way.

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