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REVIEWS OF Buffet China IN Indiana

Brenton Frame

Pretty good food selection for a Chinese buffet. It's clean and tidy inside. The staff is very polite.

christina payne

There was a long hair in my eggroll.. I told the server an she tried to suggest it was my hair that fell in my food, i have really short hair an the hair haf chewed up food on it. I still had to pay my bill. I will never go back.

Patty Ferrell

Yum, yum ! The salmon was very tasty this time . In the past it hasn't been so . The buffet had a few new items . We left very full .

Sherry'sA Ninja

Love the place everytime. The busier they are the better the food will be!

Mark Turner

Great as usual...

Jenny Wheeler

It was ok, rice was dry chicken good. Very busy

Carl J Morgan

Good food but a bit expensive!

Nicholas Gibson

Food was great. Was real greasy though on some of it. Waitresss don't speak English. Also always hovering over you it seems.

Gloria King

I ordered of the menu. Its gross. I'm shocked because the buffet is good. My rice is soggy the gravy taste like pure salt thickened. I also have egg shells in my food

Beth Tuholski

It was one of the best Chinese places I've ever eaten at. It was also one of the cleanest I've been to. Pleasurable staff. Over all great dining experience.

Tom Gray

Food wasn't very good, restaurant could be cleaner.

Delphi Vinn

Deceptively good despite its location. Reasonable selection of casual Asian fare. Clean facility, foods are kept at the right temperatures, and the employee running the hibachi in the back is very good at their job. It really is worth the trip if you live nearby.

Rita Thomas

Good food and good conversation


This place is one of the best in Seymour. The prices have gone up a but high but it's still a good deal overall.

Walter Batman

Would give 4 stars on this place we have been going to this restaurant since it opened food and service always 4 stars but with the dinner price in the evening going up to about $13 a person I have to say I am seriously considering stopping my business here since the price is higher the food and service definitely does not match price if they raised prices because the new restaurant in the old Ryan’s building was high also they need to rethink that place is out of business now people need to stop eating here when their business slows down maybe they will reconsider lowering the price

Cody Doyle

Love it

Melanie White

Some of the food was cold. Waiters always picking up your plate before you are done. And they complain if you don't leave a big enough tip..... Expensive enough for a family of 4...humiliating.

Steven Everage

Best Chinese food in town.

Becki Meek

The food is very good. But it can be pricy.

Lynn M

Warmers always full of hot food. Good selection. A few chicken dishes had over-cooked chicken. Overall flavorful. Will come again.

Shianna Kirkland

My son LOVES this place. It's hard to get him to eat a variety at home. We go here about once a week! Service is great, everyone is friendly!

Paul Hagerman

Great customer service and hey it's a buffet so you know...... Your getting Buffet Galahad;)

Cristiano Vlogs

It was the best good ever

Tina Wooten

Great price , friendly service ,great food.

Donald Fraley

The food was tasty, fresh and well stocked. The service was prompt and cheerful. The prices are reasonable.

Richard Lucas

Nice place to eat.....

Patrick O'Donnell

I like it a lot.

Craig Schrink

I always enjoy Seymour's Buffet China. Nice people. Good food.

Danni Haverfield

Not fantastic but not absolutely terrible. A mix of Chinese and American food. I'd prefer just Chinese food on the buffet.

Jeramy Durham

Fresh for most of time. If not, let them know and they will remake. One of few Chinese restaurant I've been to where staff acts happy to be there.

Brian Pugh

Very good food. Large variety.

Keith Miller

Love it .....

Anonymous anonymous

I have been coming here 25 years. The people are like family and they keep getting bigger. they always make some delicious food and if you notify them of anything wrong they always try to fix it.

Cace Tarr

Decent food. Some was on the buffet too long and you could tell. But shoddy service. The server got our drinks and that was it until we asked for our checks.

Bryan Avalos

The place has very good food so you won’t get disappointed by the food there, but I put a four star rating because the staff there is off and on; what I mean by that is that some days there are mean to me or polite, but other than that everything is super good and outstanding.

Lin Montgomery

great variety. clean. courteous staff.

Ruth Ann Meyer

Great food

The Mother of Puppies

Lots of choices, about half of them seafood. I'm allergic, so my opinion does not apply to the seafood dishes. However, based on the rest of the buffet, easily the worst one I've been to. Everything tasted like the pepper mill had just been dropped into the pot. No other flavor, no soy sauce, no terryaki. And I'm not talking things that are supposed to be spicy, I'm talking chicken on a stick and chicken and broccoli. The eggrolls were fresh but tasted stale. The wonton soup was full on the buffet but had zero wontons in it.

Tamela Flowers

Great food and great service

Timothy Thompson

Restaurant was clean ,the food was fresh.

Chris Yenter

Plenty of food to choose from but this review is for the service. Our waitress was outstanding with our two year old and even gave him a special pair of chopstick that she helped him learn how to use.


Ended up getting real sick after eating here, food wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. In terms of Chinese buffets I’d say this one has more options than most others.

Tamar Banister

Still so damn good!!!

Thomas Beaver

Hit or miss honestly

Linda Pitre

Food was delicious.

kay graham

I really like this Chinese place the food is fresh the place is clean the environment is nice I recommend it to anyone

Jay Dellinger

Everything on the buffet was fresh restaurant was clean and service was very good

Nathan Dutcher

Good food friendly service. They have a cheap takeout lunch deal.

Ash Ann Curry

I have been going to this Chinese buffet for two years, I have not found one with a nicer staff and better Mei Fun!

Marty Lee

When reading some of the other reviews you'll see people really enjoying this place and calling it their top pick pretty much. I don't get the hype I guess, I have to give three stars. The host/hostess was unfriendly really and the service was shotty. Took a long time to get a refill on my drink and the food well... Let's just simply go with mediocre. It wasn't blast your taste buds awesome, but definitely wasn't throw up on the first bite. Very clean and comfortable establishment though! Which almost tends to be rare anymore. And I personally think it was a tad on the expensive side for what it was.. my opinion. Finally... My fortune sucked and my wife's fortune was stupid. I'd say try it for yourself ultimately.

Kailtin Kelley

Best buffet around Southern Indiana!

Terri Seibert

Very good.

Christy Lynn

Amazing food and service!


Our hostess was outstanding! Our food was awesome...would have liked salt n pepper shrimp, but otherwise supreme! Thank you...we'll be back very soon!

Andres Castro

Go there every week, servers know me and are awesome, and the food is amazing.

fred jones

Best Chinese buffet I've even had. Not that I go out of my way to sample every Chinese buffet I pass, but still.

Carl Roberts

They have frog legs too much chicken very good bug legs

Beth Bowers

This is my favorite place to go to eat!!!!!

Lucan Drax

Surprised! Great selection and tasty shall remember the eatery again. Polite employees too.

Deirdre Mcadams

Good food large selection

Stephen White

Wonderful Stephen and Nancy White

R Redmon

The best Chinese place ever

Keith Carter

Good food price a little high

Jeremy Elsbury

Great selection! Not to pricey and good.

KOG Twitch VOD

Good food, but always end up with stomach issues afterwards.

ryan waggoner

They are slow to refill your drinks other then that the food and service is good

Michele Runions

Bad service. Greasy, unappetizing

Kimberly Chamberlin

Food is usually really good. Staff is friendly and close by if you need anything.

Shane Burke

The dumplings were good. I liked the egg tarts. Salmon was tasty. The server was very nice. I only paid $7.76 + tip. This was probably the lunch price.


Good people. Good food. Reasonable prices.

Jake Hates

It's seriously one if the best mom and pop Chinese buffets if eaten at. The food is always fresh and very good. It's always packed.

Brianna mateo

This place is okay. The food was fine, the taste is delicious not gonna lie. The prices have gone up a bit though. The only bad thing about my experience is that I had a raw chicken, but overall the food is great.

Kim Hartsock

Amazing selection and presentation of delicious food. Service was great. Restrooms up to date and clean. Would definitely recommend!

Dale Sanderson

Very good flavors to the different items. Clean appearance to interior. I liked the place.

Aztec Warrior

All foods on buffet seem to be hot and fresh. Steady rotation in and out of old to fresh foods.

Haley Freshour

Great customer service. I do feel their prices have gone up a bit too much, however there is a great variety of options. The menu changes per lunch and dinner. Dinner offers a larger variety of shrimp/fish/seafood. There is a made to order hibachi grill as well as fresh rolled sushi; they offer 3-4 variety’s of standard rolls (California, Philadelphia, etc.)

Volff Nahele

There was times that this place was actually a good place to eat.but tonight was the absolute worst I mean worst meal I have ever had. Everything was cold tasted bad the only good thing on their menu tonight was a fortune cookie because they didn't prepare it. I told the manager thisand they looked at me like I was stupid so I have never going back.

Tricia Robinson

I go to place often and honestly it's really good! Butttt sometimes if u go when they are in between fresh stuff u dont get as good so it's more of just knowing when to go:)

Bruce Nome

The food was semi okay the sweet-and-sour chicken was hard the fried tilapia was horrible I won't be going back

Brian Williams

Great food at a reasonable price. Clean and comfortable dining area with interesting decor and tv's accesssble for catching up on current events and news. Takeout available. Curtious friendly service.

Darden Schurg

Quite possibly one of the greatest buffets I've ever gone to. Top notch food and service, well worth the drive to God's Country

Nicole Banks

Good food when you first get there when it opens. Otherwise I'm not happy with the temperature of the food

Danielle Moore

Amazing food and service every time!!

James Minter

Very good food and excellent service!!!

Aaron Mattingly

1st time to China buffet and I was super impressed. The buffet had a little something for everyone. I will definitely return with an empty stomach again and leave with a smile on my face.


What they have is very OK

Jessica Godina

Service here is horrible. The food is always either warm or cold, never fresh and hot. On two occasions, I was told to leave a tip. The first time a waiter brought back my receipt for me to sign and told me to leave $5, rude. On the second occasion a waitress brought our change back from the bill and began to give us dirty looks and tap on the tip tray for us to leave her something. This is very rude of them.

Bashy Yayo 2 Hands 10 Hoes aka

Only good when fresh do not come in at wrong time

Kristina Leep

I love this restaurant. They always have amazing food and friendly service.

Joseph Woodson

Really good food

Suzanne Castañeda

The honey chicken was good, but that is the only positive thing to say about this buffet....

Brandon Moore

Roach on the wall says enough.

Volena Wells

If you want Chinese,this is the best place in Seymour.reasonably priced as well.

Donavan Baxter

Very good food friendly service

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Buffet China is lapse of the great place if you like Chinese food if you're looking for a great choice of Chinese food you should stop in and try their Buffet you can't beat the prices and the food is absolutely great

Larry D. Burton

you get what you pay for I guess but as in most buffets same ol' choices day after day

Andrey The Grеаt

Good place for Chinese food. Wide selection. Big parking. Clean around.

Keisha Miller

Service was good and their staff was really nice. Good food also!

Nick French

Food is always excellent, this time service was poor ,they were pretty busy, but still no excuse for poor service.

jennifer jacobsen

Omg love

Kelley Hensley

Love this place ❤ Staff is very friendly, and food is great!

JoEllen Robinson

Great food..great service..I recommend this restaurant to everyone..if you love Chinese will love this place!

Carlos Ramirez

This place is pretty decent, food is good, servers and cookers are very nice, I totally recommend this place.

Nick Houf

I ordered off the menu which they accommodate and I appreciate that. Nice portion size The Dumpling sauce I found delicious. The beef was super tender the vegetables had good snap everything was good. I asked for it spicy, it didn't hit the level I like but I understand heat is a personal thing.

Brian Peacock

The food was a little rubbery today and the sweet and sour chicken was overcooked.


Food inconsistent quality, sometimes great and sometimes bland. Prices have increased so it is no longer a first choice for the family. Once a favorite, hoping they come back strong

Pinky lee

Clean, service was good. Food wasn't the best...greasy...some tasteless....not sure what was up.

leeann sleamon

Excellent all you can eat buffet

casey Bowling

I have been eating at this buffet since I was a kid, it's my go to. I've ate at Chinese places all over the country, and even in two other countries. I have yet to find a buffet as fresh and delicious as this one. It always has customers therefore the food is always being replaced and fresh. There is never an empty place in the buffet and the food never goes stale or old. They also have MILITARY DISCOUNT for my fellow veterans.

Dawn Bunch

The food was awesome

Daisy Martinez

The food is okay. Everything tastes the same but ive been a customer for so long that it's comfort food to me. The service improved a lot in the past year.

Janie Combs

The best Chinese restaurant that I've ever been to. They also have American food. Good prices. Great service. Friendly staff. Clean restaurant.

Kendra Zumhingst

Remodel looks great, food was good but price is getting HIGH! 2 adults, 11 and 13 yr old, one drink and three waters was $61.

Nick Baker

One of the best around, big variety

Carol Alvarez

The food was great, but the waitress kept taking our plates before we were done. She also took my pot of tea away when it was still more than half full. It was like she was trying to rush us although no one was waiting for a seat. The food gets 5 stars. The service gets 0 stars. That's why my overall rating is just 3 stars.

Terry Merideth Jr

Good food, friendly service. The only bad thing I could really say about the place is that they have the same items on their buffet and don't mix it up much unless they get some local competition.

A Monte

Great selection if you like buffets always bringing in new fresh food

Chayse Black

I've been going here for a very long time. It was my wife and I first date and they always have good food. But they kind of rush you out of there as of recent and it seems like they don't appreciate the customers anymore.

Tony Dickerson

Food is always good and fresh workers are friendly price is good

Lexie Spicer

I wish my drink would be refilled before im about to leave. Everytime

Zac Rister

Friendly staff and great food.

Kristen Winburn

Ok food. Food was warm at most, nothing steaming hot even after it was replaced. I will say that the crab ragoons were the best I have ever had but that's about it. Nothing really had flavor and was bland. Probably will not return

Amy Claire

Favorite Chinese food place around. It is a buffet, so occasionally the food is not great.

Cody Hardin

The variety of food was great! More food bars than I've ever seen at an Asian buffet. Food was delicious and customer service was exelent.


Generally good food. Service is ok to good. Prices fair.

Heather Morin

I'm in love with eating Chinese food. My son loves going in to get noodles and rice and specially their garlicky green beans he is always full and always happy and the food is always hot and fresh. It is a cheap place to eat if you're not trying to spend a lot of money I would say it is the number one Chinese place around and I'm always going to continue to go there. I'm in love with the way that they cook their food and the way that the noodles are always fresh

Margaret Morrow

Food is great

Kenny Meyer

excellent! Fresh food, they kept the buffet stocked. Very friendly & accommodating for a large group.

Volvo Truck

Not bad place! Good enough food!

Cynthia Perez

food was warm. everything looked fresh. fruit was sweet

Shawndale Hollin

I love their all you can eat buffet

Nick Schroeder

Takeout orders are always quick and food is tasty. Their Buffet has a wide selection of food so everyone in your group gets what they want.

ocean girl

Great food friendly staff

Sam Keodouangsy

i love the grill.its worth it.

Spanky Ask

The table was still wet from being wiped down, but it was nice to know it was cleaned. Something lacking at other recent outings. The buffet choices was great, fresh, and filling. We were checked on several times, and were well looked after. Eaten here many times and always been a happy camper. 5 stars, and recommended. Xie xie ( thank you). *Edit 12-8-18. The last few times we have been we have noticed the prices have gone way up. 27+ dollars for dinner for two people is putting this place out of range for quality versus quantity. As such my rating is dropping from 5 stars to 3.

Eric Hobbs

The food is amazing, service is decent. The staff are kind of pushy but overall, a pleasant experience.

Vivian Cole

Very good place to eat

Martha Paulino

Good food and good place

Tina Thompson

Best place around Seymour Indiana to eat Chinese food.. Not only great food but also Great People..

Jenny Ball

My waitress was amazing she was good with my 2 year old granddaughter

Travis&Justice McCorkle

Service was Friendly & they didn't rush us like most Chinese places do, Some of their food tasted like it hadn't been changed in awhile other than that it was good.

Stacya Walker

We love it here

jeff east

The service was good...but the food was cold I'm very dissapointed

Stephenie Leah

Got there around 5:15pm, kinda slow and most of the food was fresh. Within 10 minutes of being there it was getting packed, and fresh food was arriving on the buffet. Best variety for my picky 3 year old, and I wanted more than I could eat. First time there, and would go back over the one I frequent in my hometown.

Tom Bledsoe

Fast and friendly service

Scott Reynolds

Food has been cold lately. Steam tables not hot enough.

Dalton Poe

Tried to go here and the place has been closed for what looks like sometime. Do mot waste your time coming here. Google please remove this from the web.


Like always excellent delicious and well affordable

Sonia Hackman

Guy was nice and helped me with my order. Food was good and lot of it. So much there I shared it with my neighbors.

Maria Santos

0 stars if I could. This place was so awful! I'm from LA so I have had a variety of Chinese buffets back home, good and bad. This place is the worst so far. Fist of all, don't come here late I guess. My bf and I came at 8:30pm when they close at 10pm. That is not late at all. There was no food! Everything was dried up and has been sitting there. Majority of the food were empty and they were already cleaning everything up. We had a long drive from Tennessee and this place had good ratings, I do not know who rated this place or if those ratings are only valid during the day. But for sure do not come here at night. I have never been so disappointed. My bf and I are gonna go eat at the bar as we should have done in the first place.

Dennis Stoops

Very nice staff. The food was nondescript and basically overcooked. Fair assortment of the usual Chinese buffet selections. Limited sushi bar of which it appear to be pre-packaged. Hibachi Grill option of which I did not try. It appears to be a popular choice if you want to fill up.

Mitch Hudson

Excellent Chinese food!!! Service is great, my wife and I eat here often. If you like Chinese food this is by far the best !!!


This is the best Chinese buffet I've ever been.

Omar Sharif

By far one of the best buffets.

michael hall

It was ok not that best I've had not the worst I've had

melissa Pavey

Food was great, some things were a little dry, but still delicious. The server however was very rude. He hovered over us almost the entire time and LITERALLY took my plate AS I WAS EATING! Then complained out loud as we were walking away that we only left him a $2 tip. - It's a buffet, I got my OWN food (cuz thats how it works), and you sir were very rude, your lucky you even got that!

chris vojkufka

Great food at a good price. Go earlier in the day to get the lunch price.

Mary Hawkins

Good as buffets go, lots of variety, clean.

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