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REVIEWS OF Bub's Burgers IN Indiana

Renee Post-Cooper

Amazing burger. Love the sweet potato waffle fries.

Ashley Perry

Always awesome!

SunGirl Sunday

I eat here frequently because it is close to where I work. I always get the wings and LOVE them because they are deep fried and not the messy kind. I will say that the menu prices are kind of steep. 6 wings for $6 and never any specials.You can expect over $22 for a lunch for two.

Bruno Cassiano

Very good burger, fries and shake

Xina S

I've only been to Bub's once, but I really enjoyed it. The food was very good. Predominantly burger joint fare, but it's well done and has a few interesting twists. I had the mahi mahi sandwich, which was great (it's hard to find mahi mahi in Indiana) and the fries were well seasoned. The burgers come in 4 sizes (one-eighth pound up to one pound) to fit all sizes of appetite. Parking is okay, depending on the time of year. All in all, great experience.

Joe Newman

Pretty overpriced and the staff are less than impressive. Wait times can be pretty rough and the seating is really cramped. Atmosphere is dim and cluttered. The food is pretty good but always VERY salty. The shakes are very good and I really enjoyed the "sloppy" fries. The prices are mostly what stops a higher rating, paying 6.99 for a slider sized burger is utterly ridiculous.

Heidi Mayo

I know the mini Bub (1/8#) sounds tiny but this and a couple of waffle fries fill me up every time. Great taste. Love the atmosphere. Have been to three locations.

Alex Rittenhouse

Home of a burger challenge that gets you a shirt and your photo on the wall. Nearly the entire restaurant is covered with photos of people who have completed the challenge which makes for a nice atmosphere. Their food is pretty good and they offer some yard games out back on the patio that you can play while you wait or eat.

Stephen Clyde

Food really good. I got the special that day which was a "hangover burger". It came with ham, bacon, and egg on it. Definitely one of the best burgers I've ever had. Only reason I'm deducting a star is the cleanliness of the restrooms certainly left something to be desired.

Errol Huffman

This was our first time visiting. The food hit the door after 12 hours on the road. The waiter was quick, kind, and attentive. The burgers were very tasty. The buns do get a bit soggy, especially if you are chatting and visiting more than eating. Sides are a la carte and the tab can run up pretty quickly. Overall, we really enjoyed the food and will probably go back when in town again.

LInda Hughes

Awesome elk burger

Tiffany Deckard

Fun atmosphere

JP Pritchard

Great food and great service! I got a shake that wasn't properly mixed, and they went back and got me a fresh new one without any hassle!

dustin abbott

Good food loud ambiance

Austin Flask

Excellent burgers. Okay beer list. Shakes looked great.

Terry Cusac

Better than advertised!

Tim Gusler

Bub's is great! Been here a few times and got delivery once, hasn't disappointed me yet and hoping it stays that way. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, and amazing food. Pretty sure I saw elk on the menu, it's fairly diverse. The burgers are juicy, tasty, cooked to perfection and more than just survive the trip back to your place in their fancier (vent holes to keep your fries from getting soggy, hell yes!) NON-STYROFOAM take home boxes too. Definitely looking for any reason to come back!

Martin martin

Relaxed dining atmosphere, specializing in their burgers and they do them pretty well. They do not charge you absurd prices for being their specialty. You can honestly get our of there with a meal for only $10-12. Which great for non fast food fare.

mary margaret conley

Was a good place to Take the kids for dinner

Jeremy Simpson

The best burgers in town! Freshly baked buns and interesting choices of meat. The chili is tasty and they have games at the tables. This place makes me happy whenever i walk in here. The staff is always friendly and even though it's big and has plenty of people in there, there is not much of a wait. The shakes are handmade and tasty. If you only get to go to one restaurant in bloomington, go to this one.

Wayne Clayton

Overpriced and over cooked. I REALLY wanted to like Bubs. My son recommended we come here. First, let me say our waiter, Justin, was exemplary! That was about the best we experienced. My burger was dry and my daughters burger, which was supposed to be medium well, came out blacked and dried out. The waffle fries were overcooked as well. For $88 bucks I expected better food.

Don Sharton

Great place for a big appetite. Beef or Elk is available to test the elasticity of your stomach. The chili is good if you just want a quick bite as well

Cory Abel

Great food and service

Tammy Roberts

Great place for a great burger. Had the elk burger and will come back again. My family really enjoyed their meal and the staff was friendly.

Abby Peacock

Fantastic food and friendly service. We went in with a large party, and we were seated quickly. Family friendly with games on the tables.

Jeff Quyle

Fast casual burger place for the college crowd, with unique meat options - elk burgers? The menu is basic and simple, food is decent, service is almost always with a smile.

Dan Quirk

great seasoning and cooked to order.

Victoria Goodwin

Fantastic malts, good burgers, great atmosphere. Hard to go wrong here.

E. Ce Miller

OMG, this place is so good. Their Cajun/Creole burger is life affirming.

Gabe Fehribach

Exceptional food quality, some of the best service anywhere, perfect milkshakes. All for a good price.

Liza Perry

Decent burgers and chili. The elk is definitely the better choice in my opinion. Nice outside area for dining in the back if the weather's good.


Great burgers and good ice cream

Hillary Frye

We have been coming here since they opened and while the food has always been consistently good, the service has steadily declined to the point where we will not return. On our latest visit, we waited for nearly 30 minutes before our order was taken. Our waitress never apologized for the wait, never offered us a single refill on our drinks the entire time we were there, and began clearing our plates as we were eating. I would also point out that the place was not busy so it was not as if she was overwhelmed. We are not the types to complain or nitpick but this was unacceptable to us.

Craig Black

Yummy burgers!

Deborah Asmus

Both times I went I felt very welcomed by the friendly staff. It was a cozy place but looked bigger inside then expected. Definitely recommend them. Their ice cream is amazing!!

Jaleen Wallen

Omg try the hangover burger..mmmmm, their chili is amazing also

Chip Sedory

Best Burger in Town. Try the elk instead of the beef.

Josh Neal

Really good burgers and ice cream. Good place to go with friends or family

Charles Pope

The food is always great. I always order the elk burger, and this time when the food came, I wondered, how would I ever know if this was a regular burger? My wife got the regular burger, and I told her, maybe these are mixed up. Mine tastes way too juicy to be elk. So we swapped, and still could not tell the difference. So we asked our server. He said he would ask the kitchen. They said they served no elk, even though he said he asked for elk. So he agrees to make it right. The chili is always good, and the malts are an extra special treat.

Matt McDaniel

Delicious but pricey. The sloppy fries were great but the burger stood on its own. A fair warning, the menu I found for it bore little resemblance to the actual menu and parking can be bothersome.

Timandmary McCormick

Yummy chilli and Elk Burger

Connie Harden

Love their chili

Robbie Groves

Awesome food, service was okay. Server needed retrained did not check in and refill drinks.

Brandon Yazzie

Great ice cream.

Mary Ivey

Great service and the games at the tables were a good idea!!

Christ Black

This is the perfect burger joint. I can't take anything away from them. You won't be disappointed with Bub's. You might as well go big...

R.Jay Cortrecht

Burgers were very good. Not a fan of unisex bathrooms.

Jake Y

Great burgers. Ate the big bub burger and its doable but definitly need to stay determined!!!! Very bloomington like atmosphere. Would go back to try the elk!

Samantha Ellis

Slow service and the server forgot our to go order. Now we have to go to another restaurant to get my son food, annoying.

Marie Moriarty-Puggi

It was ok rhe kid was friendly but seemed overwhelmed there was nothing earth shattering about the ice cream but we enjoyed the murals on the wall.

Erich Christian

The burgers are great, the chili is slowly persuading me to liking chili; it is the only place in town I know of that serves Elk.

Darla Fong

Great service and the food was excellent!

pouty girl

The management is consistently rotten and unfair to the servers, cooks, and other support staff. They have been since they opened.


Food is good, staff is good, price is not good. Burgers cost about as much as a nice steak dinner. Please go back to the old price that wasn't $30 for a 1lb elk burger.

Joni Heredia

The big ugly burger was very good, very big but did not seem like something super special. It was way too much to eat. The bun was good, the onion rings were ok. The hot dog was smothered in cheese sauce and was hard to eat. The fries, both regular and sweet potato, were great. Service was excellent. They serve beer, wine, and Smirnoff Ice.

Alan Biggs

I didn't get a chance to like or dislike- walked there after paying to park downtown. Checked in, was told was at least a 30 minute wait. I could see plenty of tables available, and when I asked the hostess why we couldn't sit in an open table, she said they were just so , so understaffed. In my view, they weren't, but regardless, whenever I hear that, it gives the impression that their convenience is more important than the customer experience. We could have easily sat and had a drink while waiting, Instead, there was no place to wait other than in direct sun outside, when seats were available inside. We went to another restaurant instead.

Mr. Robotoson

Get the waffle fries. Burgers are good cooked to doneness we asked for. Bun is different almost homemade texture. Bacon is crumbled on burger. Service was great.

Angela Williams

Husband came to conquer the Big Ugly! The burgers are seriously phenomenal! Real seasoned hamburger, not frozen premade patties! Fresh off a sizzling grill! Seasoned, crisp french fries and OMG chili!!!!

Eric Schoff

Such a great option of burger sizes to choose from.

Danille McCann

Super neat burger joint where you make your own burger with the menu options. They also have the "big ugly" burger that is 22oz! They also have desserts, ice cream, beer on tap or bottle and fun bar type appetizers. The atmosphere is very fun and family friendly with pictures covering the walls, TVs playing different sports and each table had a different family game to play while waiting for your food. Only reason I'm giving 4/5 stars is because you have to walk a flight of stairs just to use the one and only bathroom in the entire joint.

Matthew Sanders

Their elk burger was AMAZING and the service was fast.


Sadly was unable to eat the wait was approximately 20 minutes. I will be back to get it out tho.

10gan 13

The Berger was grate the patty was cooked well the milkshake was think it was great

Brandon Coston

Great group. Accommodating. A little slow, but the food was pretty good. Shakes are pretty great. Expensive, but not much more than a normal ice cream shop.

Jeffrey Schroll

The best burger I've tasted. Juicy and cooked to perfection. My son took the Bub's Challenge and has his picture on the wall! My other son had the Elk burger and really enjoyed his 1/2 pounder. We will be back.

Aaron Strole

Had the best waiter ever and the food is great

Brad Calvert

If you go to bubs don't order sloppy waffle fries! It is served in a basket in tissue paper which instantly tears and pours onto the table. Also pray you don't get a horrible server named Jacob. This was brought to his attention and he took the basket and was extremely annoyed. He never ever returned to wipe up the chili which was all over the table. He also nerve offered to get me anything else to eat so I got to sit and watch everyone else eat. I am surprised a manager did not come to the table to help diffuse the sad situation. He only returned to the table to bring the check. You would be better off finding somewhere else to eat.

Carrilynn Williams

Excellent service, food and atmosphere were just okay

James Williams

The food was good and the waiter was polite and fast.

Peter Shepherd

The chili here is amazing! You will leave absolutely stuffed and very happy!

Song Brewer

The server was enthusiastic and friendly. Food was great!

No One

Very good food, service, and desserts, but the prices are a bit high

Taco Tuesday

Bubs is the place to grab a great burger in Bloomington. Choose beef or elk, the way you desire it cooked, several types of cheese, and some fresh vegetable toppings. You'll also have your choice of different sizes which include the famous 1lb "Ugly Burger", and you'll get your picture hung on the wall if you're able to finish the whole thing! I highly recommend the lean and juicy elk burger with a side sweet potato waffle fries with marshmallow sauce! The chili never disappoints either. Then grab some delicious a ice cream cone or shake out of the attached shop.

James Gingerich

The food was excellent

Sam Killian

The service was incredible! Delicious food, fun atmosphere, all the pictures on the wall and tin games on the tables gave the kids something to do

David Thompson

First time eating at Bub’s. Good atmosphere. Very good food. The elk burger is a must have. Outstanding service from everyone, but especially Liz our server. Great sense of humor and a great server. I will definitely be back.

Kalphis McFadditch

Amazing service amora, god i hope im spelling that right, and the cooks ,and everyone there are top notch. They cater to strange requests without making you feel strange. They remember you and your orders,wich is HUGE to me. A+++.

Georgenia Rogers

Just had ice cream this time. Friendly staff

Alyssa Rogers

I have a feeling this place is normaly quite good.That being said, our burgers were so bad we made the existential determination to change our lives. Very salty.

Cory Retherford

Disappointed by the service again:( second time in a few months we visited only to not have a waiter/waitress come to our table. Waited 15 minutes and watched others come in and have orders taken. What gives!? Went to Chedders as we did last time for burgers. May be our last trip. So much for small business service we use to be greeted with.

Adam Sweeny

Great burgers, waffle fries, and shakes!

Makayla S

Customer service was great! Ice cream is really nice. Little pricey though.

Chris Ervin

Outstanding customer service and great food. Best burger joint in Bloomington, In!

GoldenGoat 101

Amazing food recommend this

Nicole Cravens

They have the best chili in town. And the ice cream bar makes for a great dessert to go. Bubs is hands down my favorite burger place in town.

Scott Beam

Great staff, great food, I'd go on but the big ugly has me wanting to take a nap...

Jacob Brown

I actually really enjoyed my time there with my family. The atmosphere is nice, the service was responsive, though they were busy (the place is packed on Saturday at lunchtime), and the ice cream was pretty good. Unfortunately, our elk burgers weren't particularly great and I ended up getting sick at home later in the evening. It's also pretty expensive for the kind of food you're getting. I hate to say it, because this place seems to have a lot of fans in the area, but I really can't recommend it to others after my experience there.

Hema Patel

Great alternative to beef

Susan Hingle

Ignored by two servers in an empty area. Ended up leaving after sitting for 15 min ignored in an empty restaurant. Went back one more last night. Burger was so overseasoned I sent it back. Tasted like a salt lick. It was terrible. Strike two. I will never go back.

Corey Carrithers

Great burgers, cold beer, if you're daring get the big ugly.

David Grant Lee

Great atmosphere and wonderful service.

Jim Osborne

Went before orchestra concert on Wednesday night. Not a big crowd as it was kind of early. Server was on point. She got our drink and food order in a couple minutes of us sitting down. Food came out hot and delicious. Son and I both got 1/2 pound elk burgers. Love elk burgers. Server kept our drinks full and did an excellent job taking care of us. We will be back.

Michael Dadourian

I did not know what to expect because I had never been to Bub's before but it was busy and that can only mean, it was good. The staff was very friendly.

Jennifer Rose

Great burgers, great service, no frills. Multiple sizes and meat choices. They will cook to order. A few popular beers on tap. Good for families or a quick stop to sit down for a burger and fries. Waffle fries are great!

Linda Hughes

Their elk burger is awesome

Mandee Rust

Bub’s catered to where I just started working today and I was so impressed that I wanted to leave a review! Great burgers and super good fries! I will definitely go back again and check out the rest of their menu!

Jon Rumley

Small spot with great food. For me, a burger with elk meat and a fried egg. My wife had one with an excellent gluten free bun. Waffle fries - potato for me, sweet potato with marshmallow sauce for her. Good stuff!!!

abe m

I had the half pounder, the "not so ugly" I ordered medium well and split a small order of fries with my wife. I was very happy with the way the burger was cooked and how flavorful it was. I have been to Bub's before in Carmel and Bloomington and will continue to patronize their business. Always good service, good food, and a small scoop of chocolate ice cream for desert. Can't go wrong.

Mindy Clay

Great burgers

Pam Potts

Fantastic college atmosphere. Yummy burgers and waffle fries with marshmallow! Friendly staff and great portions make this a regular stop whenever we're in town.

Lester Burris

Bub's starts with a very tasty burger, which makes it slightly easier for those attempting to eat the "Big Ugly". The sweet potato waffle fries are particularly good, too.

Josh Arvin

Slow service but great food

Lyss Danielle

Always fast service but very limited options. I wouldn’t recommend unless burgers are your thing. Also they always bring some gross soup or chili to your table as soon as you sit down, which makes everything smell bad the whole time.

David Majercak

Great service and great food. Solid options and all very well executed.

Lucas Engstrom

We go here just about every time we visit Bloomington. Hamburgers are enormous. Fry's are great. Problem is that dinner is so filling that we've never been able to get dessert.

Dalton Whitehead

Really good burger. Only downside is my families burgers were very salty in certain spots, but mine was very good. They also have a cool challenge to get your picture on the wall. It is a must go if you like a good burger.

Alexander Flick

The Elk burger here is my favorite burger ever! Perfectly juicy without being greasy. Service was quick and helpful! Make sure to ask about their burger styles that aren't on the menu.

Anthony Christopher

This place has the best Hamburgers I've ever eaten A+

John Hayduk

Visited 8/31: Chili sample was very good. Cheeseburger was high-quality; cooked as ordered, toppings fresh; fries nicely done. Bottled Angry Orchard was tepid; glass not offered. Prices were as anticipated. Server seemed eager to go home. Manner and body language almost urged us to leave, then the server disappeared, when store crowd was light. But definitely worth another visit, though.

Michael Cheatham

Good food, good meal, good atmosphere. My only issue that eve were my onion rings were cold ... it was busy. Did not meet the level of hype in my opinion but overall good and will likely return. Our waiter was solid and good a dude overall and the chocolate malt rocked.


First time ever being at this restaurant and it was a great experience. Had great food and great service. I definitely recommend eating here.

Bokie Lee

Always great burgers. Sweet potato fries are a must.

Steve Sturm

GREAT burger...Fresh fries..Pleasant staff and a Cool atmosphere..I'll be back....

Jeffrey Smithers

Great food. Great atmosphere.

Pamela Potts

This place makes you feel like you're visiting your best friends house and you just cooked burgers on the grill!

Morgan Barrasas

Came in on a very busy day and was still seated within 5 minutes. Our waiter was kind and was helpful in picking out items on the menu. The food was hot and tasted great. I would definitely recommend to someone and I will be going back!

James Michael

Finally!!! A hamburger that looks like the photo.This is the place to go to! If your looking for the best burger, In Bloomington shoot, in the state! I just can't say enough about this place. I absolutely love going here. The staff are friendly and keep my drink full. The staff are fantastic!!!

Corey Gregory

Love their elk burgers, hot dogs, chili, and regular burgers with fries


Food quality: 5/5 Food wait time: 21mins (avg) Menu options: 4/5 Service: 4/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Great burgers! Ingredients were all very good, I had a special burger called the Hoosier Daddy in the "Not So Ugly" size(12oz, I believe). It had bacon bits, onion rings, and bbq sauce on it, very good! I also got a small size, regular fry, they were good but didn't stand out. Their burger patties are smashed and large in diameter, different but no less delicious! Service was good with the exception of he brought out sample soups with no explanation, not a big deal but it was a tad confusing. Their chili was very good! I will be returning! Great burgers!

Anthony Evans

Amazing food, burgers are always cooked how you want them, things are pricey but it's all worth it!

Brian Perisho

Good food and service.

Michael Dove Jr.

Fantastic burger. You can get them up to very huge sizes, enough for one burger to last maybe 3 meals. But the shakes are absolutely phenomenal. You will not want to leave without trying one.

Claire Freeman

This place is an absolute classic. Close your eyes and pick something from the menu. There's nothing here that I wouldn't eat (and I'm a VERY picky eater). That's how good it is. I've been going here since my childhood and hope it can be a tradition for you and your family as well!

James Manges

Always delicious and nice!

Highway Joe's

Great Burger, malts are very good too. Must stop at when in Town

Taylor Grisham

Really good food. Portions are on the smaller side but quality is amazing. Our server was very enthusiastic and made our dining experience well worth it. Although I had the hot dog which was extremely salty.

William Puckett

They're just as proud of their food as Trump is of his job as president, and the food is just as good as Trump is at being president.

Paul Stewart III

My wife and I went to Bub's for the first time. She had the less than ugly burger. I had the less than ugly elk burger. We both had the sweet potato waffle fries. She had a cherry Coke and I had a root beer. The food was first class and the service was excellent.

Daniel Thomas

Very likely the best burger I've ever eaten. I completely disagree with the reviewer who disparaged the bun. The bun really makes the burger complete: a unified whole. The bun is substantial enough to soak up all the wonderful burger juices without becoming a soggy mess. We got the elk burgers and thought the taste and texture were fantastic. The waffle fries were excellent and made on the spot. I admire the place for taking an item (the Burger) and taking it up to the next level and beyond and not try to do everything. Service was very good. Our waitress was attentive and helpful without the attitude you get in a college town from kids who think they're too good to work.

Derek Troyer

Terrible service, our entire order was screwed up. However, excellent food. Great burgers and milkshakes.

Stiff Todd-Michaud

This place is definitely a hidden gem in Monroe county. It's very much a casual, family atmosphere. They even have a food challenge for that foodie lover, called the "Big Ugly." If you conquer the challenge, you get your picture on th he wall. End your meal with a banana milkshake, because they're delish. Highly recommend.

Michelle Ferrero

A nice little burger joint! My son enjoyed the 1/2 lb. burger & I had the grilled chicken salad. Both items were delicious. :)

Donald Gradowski

Ginormous Burgers great flavor and the homemade bun was the best part!

Jennifer Comer

Food was good but service was terrible

Mark McKenney

Love the burgers and fries

Melissa Law

Love the patio, great service & food

Alexa Woods

Best burger in bloom, great service. If it were more affordable and had better sides, this would be a 5 star.

Carol Pace

Seated right away. Waited, waited, waited. More then 15 minutes. No server. Then a group came in well after us but right next to us and were waited on right away. Maybe the food is delicious. Don't know. We left.

Mary Reed

Delicious burgers served on even more delicious homemade buns.

Jason Shupe

Pretty good burger!

Daniel Lemos de Morais

Great burguers, nice environment.

Jacob Hiscock

Best burger place in town and they have ice cream to top it off! Incredible place!

Jeremy Gansman

Really good burgers

Chad Dorman

Good food but slow service


I like to come here whenever I'm in the area, which unfortunately is not very often. The burgers are some of the best I've ever had. The Big Ugly challenge is also pretty cool. If you can eat a one pound burger, you get your picture on the wall. There is no time limit, but you have to eat it all by yourself. Two of my friends manager to complete it. It's definitely a great place to go.

Grace Yang

Very friendly server. Love the burgers!!


One of my favorite burger joints in Bloomington. Their ice cream is really good too.

Christine Stoffers

Went here at night by myself. Had to wait to be seated bc no one was at the seater's desk. Was put at a back table & waited 10 minutes before my server even showed up. Never got my drink until my meal arrived. Had to ask for a knife to cut the food. Server only came back to drop off the check. They were not that busy. The only good thing about this place was the food, but other restaurants have good food too AND better service.

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