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REVIEWS OF Brugge Brasserie IN Indiana

Peter Ridder

Food was excellent, once we were able to eat it. It took us 2 hours to eat, waiting on our food the entire time. Worse yet, no apologies or acknowledgment of the issue.

Alexander Marchetti

Food is perfect, but I stood in the door way for 5 minutes before someone greeted me. They let some drunk people skip me and for their name down for a table before me. The bar is only open Friday and Saturday so half of it is closed most of the week. I will still come back because the mussels are literally amazing.

Anna Beagle

I love this restaurant and have been coming here for years, so it truly pains me to say that my most recent experience here was awful. My husband and I called ahead for dinner last weekend for my birthday. When we arrived, the host said they didn't have our names in their book. I mentioned that a woman answered the phone and hoped that they would at least try to find a solution for us, but they did nothing and told us to wait 20 minutes. After nearly 40 minutes and painfully watching other call ahead customers get seated, we got a table. While my food was excellent, my husband's steak was inedibly raw, and so was his waffle. He had to send back his steak. Our server was very attentive and friendly, so we have no complaints about the table service, but we were so disappointed in everything else we are not sure if we will come back.

Lee Strayer

Love the mussels and the frites!

David Searles

This is a very nice place for good food. Tonight was no exception. Our sever Shannon was excellent.

Ian Shamley

The Brugge has some of the some craft beer in the city. Seriously. You've gotta check this place out!

Michael Winegardner

Timing is everything for a visit to such a quaint homey place. Service was excellent, food was outstanding, and the biers were amazing! Everything i had hoped for... a little crowded, but understandably so. Will be back when in town

Emmy Cha

I took one star for the service. Food was good.

George S

5 Guys actually has better fries which blew me away due to the positive reviews here. My sandwich was lacking in toppings and flavor. If the staff were a little friendlier that may have took this to a 3 star but they were for the most part absent from my dining experience. An overwhelmingly negative experience all in all.

Heather Apel

Excellent local spot for food and drinks. The frites come with a selection of sauces for dipping.

Jeremy Foz

Had a good time here. Went during a down time so it was quiet and I enjoyed conversation with friends. First off, many of the beers were great. I got a flight, of course, to try a bunch. Definitely seems like a nice and friendly play to …

Casey D

Cozy and laid-back atmosphere with divine mussels and steak frites! One of my favorite restaurants in Indy.

Shereeta Lacy

Frites frites and more frites. Very tasty meatball sammich...and the crepes are divine. Ill be back to try the mussels!

Shane Dodge

Always great food and service!

Numeria Zayas

What a lovely place to sit and enjoy a delicious meal with your best friends. If you don't have friends the employees that work here are really nice and you can pretend they are your friends. I suggest ordering the steak frites (frites are …

Megan Horanic

Brugge has indoor and outdoor seating, both are family friendly & the patio is puppy friendly. The food, cocktails, beer, wine & service are second to none. Everything is fresh, it's innovative and the staff goes out of their way to recommend their favorites, listen to your preferences and provide the best meal! This is a must visit in Broad Ripple. There is a heart to this restaurant ❤

Teresa Cotner

Had a great experience tried a little bit of everything we had the melody starter and muscles and hanker steak and eggs everything was delicious

Mary Stockler

Delicious food and good service. Looking forward to coming again.

Ashley Hayhurst

One of our favorite places to go. We love the Tripel de Ripple and Frites with all the dips. The staff is always amazing. We know it’s usually a wait to sit outside but we sit at the bar and wait it out. The menu is limited which some people won’t be used to but we love this little Broad Ripple staple!

Katherine Shover

I've had a great time every time I've been here. They have delicious crepes, and I'm a fan of the frites dipping options! The beers on tap are also stellar, especially the fruity ones. I especially like the outdoor seating area in good weather - good vibes and a fun place to hang out with a group.

Garrison Householder

The best Belgian beers I've ever had at a brewery in the US. Amazing!

Hadya Sow

Tried to eat here today and had a terribly rude encounter. My sandwich was not what I anticipated, so I asked to be comped. They refused to Comp me, so I decided to take the sandwich home. Someone threw out the sandwich without asking, and they still refused to Comp me. Instead, @bruggebrasserie decided it was better to be wasteful and make a NEW sandwich. I asked to speak to a manager who came out and said there was nothing wrong with the sandwich. I informed her that that was my decision to make. Her response “this conversation is over.” Terrible customer service. Never eating here again. Another friend told me she had a racist encounter here once, so thanks but no thanks @bruggebrasserie. You’re just not good enough to treat people poorly. #badservice #badreviews

Artëm Кazantsev

Monday bottomless mussels special for $25 is a great deal, I wish I could eat that much :). Also try their locally made beers, great selection especially with fruit flavors. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Will be back again when I am in town.

Tim Foster

Great food but noisy as heck.

Friday Bear

amazing meal prepared by the one and only Smitty. we enjoyed everything. the menu was incredibly accommodating to those of the family with allergies and vegetarian preferences. great service by Jared. good ciders. interesting and varied menu. these guys are killing it.

Melanie Pugh

I have had a great experience every time I've been here! Always delicious and great atmosphere.

Diane Farley

Awesome food, excellent service! Brugge is a fun place. When the weather improves we love eating outside on the patio next to the Monon.

R Hunz

Great mussels and fries (multiple sauces); authentic stew; excellent crepes; limited but delicious draft beers. Friendly service; comfortable ambience. Fair prices and good value. Just like Belgium. Indy is lucky to have this restaurant.

christopher kuzma

Great service. Great mussels!

Righty Diggs

Oh my Lanta, I absolutely love this place!! Their house patte platter was to die for, served topped with a fig jam and a variety of fruit, bread, and brined items. The red curry mussels were the entree, my first experience with this particular style. Delicious. Sauce wasn't overbearing with spice just wonderful flavor. The entire bucket gone in a flash. The frittes were crispy and hot, their house made sauces always a treat. I would recommend the sorgum/dijon and roasted garlic aioli, but I havent tried one that I didn't enjoy. Last but not least, the Nutella crepe. Absolutely stunning, melt in the your mouth, perfectly cooked crepe. They presented this masterpiece garnished with a berry coulis and creme frisch that made a snowman, made my heart smile. 100% would recommend!!!!

Lindsey Klotz

This place is right on the Monon Trail in Bripp. The people that work here are always welcoming and the outdoor seating is so relaxing. The crepes are my favorite but they have so much to offer. Try a Triple De Ripple for me.

Jonathan Wolf

Very good beer, great service, excellent GF menu, delicious crepes and frites

Mikey Griesbaum

Great mussels and frites. Why else go. Delicious. Good service and good beer. Reminded me of when I visited Brussels and Brugge. The big frites is huge, at least 3 people, better for 4. The charcuterie was decent, but not great. The duck crepe was good as well. Mussels.


This is our favorite place for mussels and beer in Indianapolis. We sat at the bar for the first time and Kelly was great. There was an annoying group that hung around the bar while they waited on tables, but that's not the restaurant's fault.

Lauren Smith

Extremely friendly, helpful service! It's been a few years since I've been here, but the food (specifically the fries) was just as good as I remember. This place has a great low-key atmosphere, perfect for meeting up with friends. We shared …

Shannon McCulley

This place is amazing! Great outdoor patio for the fur babies, friendly staff, good beer, and the BEST fries (or frites) with a ton of homemade dipping sauces! Seriously everything I've had from here is amazingly delicious! Go check it out!!!!

Joshua White

They make their own beer. Drinking beer here reminds me of being in Belgium. This is the best beer in the Indianapolis Area hands down. Simple, yet complex, good darkseid without overpowering hoppy. The triple is phenomenal. Concerning the food, it is all pretty good, but I specifically like the cheese & meat plate. They have really good crepes and their fries and sandwiches are pretty solid. Staff is awesome. If there's a wait, deal with it. There's a reason why.

grant williams

Great muscles, great fries, great atmosphere. Service was good too. Definitely a slightly above casual place. Will definitely return.

Eileen Kunkler

Awesome restaurant! Great mussels, frites, and choice of beers and cider is good! Tried the Provencal mussels with the dijion and aioli sauces.

Quintin Coppola

Brugge Brasserie...I had high hopes based on the reviews. Having not tried the place, I picked this for a lunch while family was in town. It was a nice day, one that wasn't too hot or we sat outside. Off to a good start. My mother and I ordered some drinks...the Bon Bon cider for her and a flight for me (guest tap, sour, and raspberry cider). All lacked flavor to me, they tasted like they were watered down. That was surprising considering they were served warm and flat (assume a cellar/cask type). My mom's glass had lipstick and mine had a floater...we pointed this out to the waitress who took care of the issue, but it really makes you question the cleanliness of the place. My "spidey sense" was tingling the rest of the meal. My mother and I split the red curry mussels and Vietnamese lemongrass steak crepe. The mussels...they lacked flavor...not a whole lot of curry to them. They also had a weird taste to them...that previously frozen or refrigerated taste...we got thru quarter of the pot and decided to stop (save the calories for something else). The frites that came with the mussels were fantastic! Crisp, not too greasy, and we'll seasoned. We had the hot curry and garlic aoili to go with them. The hot curry was a bit of a letdown...not a whole lot of flavor. But the garlic aoili was great! A roasted garlic flavor that was nice and creamy. I tried my dad's homemade ketchup and sweet chili...ketchup was a bit sweet and the sweet chili was too thin. The crepe was also subpar. There was spinach in the crepe...cooked spinach...that did not have the liquid removed. It made the whole crepe rather wet/moist. The steak was in large chunks...needs to be cut in thin strips for ease of eating. The same could be said for the peanuts on top...chop them, don't serve them while. The flavors were a disappointment but at least they were there...overall it was too sweet and at time you got big doses of fish sauce or vinegar. Service was rather slow...but it was polite. For what we paid...about $30 per person...that was an incredibly expensive lunch. Based on what I just wrote, I would have expected much more for $30 a person. I won't go back on my accord, but if I do, I'll stick to the frites and frites alone.

Michael Covert

I love this place. Great vibe. Casual. Mussels are incredible. Triple de Ripple Belgian ale is fantastic. This is a little gem in Broad Ripple.

stuart ough

Food and service has always been great. Best fries around. Period.

Eric Willman

I've heard so much about this place that my expectations were super high. Unfortunately, they did not live up to my likely unrealistic expectations. The fries had good flavor thanks to the garlic cheese sprinkled on them and some very creative dipping sauces, but the texture of the underlying fries was tough, almost rubbery, and overcooked. The sandwiches were decent, but not phenomenal. I may go back again, just because I didn't get a chance to try their signature mussels. Maybe they will be the wow I was looking for.

Brian Stanley

Went here for dinner and was alarmed at the menu thinking, "what am I going to eat?". Far from the truth. There are plenty of great tasting savory crepes and of course the fries can be a meal by themselves. Their beer wasn't bad but nothing to go crazy about. Will return!

Corey Roth

I liked this place a lot. There are places to sit downstairs and upstairs. There is some outside seating as well. The food reminded me a lot of the food I’ve had in Belgium. I went with the steak frites and the steak was pretty tasty. It was nothing fancy but went well with the frites. They have a ton of different sauces. I went with the curry. The beer selection is all Belgian inspired. You can’t go wrong with any of them. If you aren’t a Belgian beer fan, try the Pooka as it is more of a saison. Great place.

Shirley Ferreira

Great place with friendly people and great charcuterie boards! Try their smoked trout patê!


Delicious! They offer a wide range of tasty options, and the Blueberry Lemon Curd Crepe was AMAZING. The environment was very classy, and the service was top notch.

William Franklin

Excellent food and some of the very best beer made by anybody in this country. Quaint and sometimes Lively little place. Just don't bug the Brewer with stupid beer questions

Vanessa Joseph

This place is always great- excellent food, excellent service! Always.

Benjamin Stephenson

Great food and atmosphere. Went with girlfriend and another friend couple. Great spot for a bite out. The frites (fries) are great. We all had crepes, the seafood stew, and a chacutterie platter and everything was delicious. Coming back anytime I can.

Prasad Nair

We walked in on a Saturday afternoon and were immediately given a table. Our frites came out quickly and they were amazing. Probably one of the best in town. But the sauces were disappointing. The hot curry and the pesto were very diluted in flavor. The vegetarian crepe was delicious. The portion size is more than enough. Would definitely come here again for the frites and the crepes, but would choose different sauces.


Oh my gosh, first of all our waiter Joe (sorry if spelling is off) was PHENOMENAL and you are so lucky if he waits on you, he was so well informed and friendly and fast and just all around the best. The food though, this was my first time having muscles and I cannot believe I haven't had them before. This is the only place I want to go back to for them. Joe made my boyfriend's birthday perfect and we thank him and the kitchen staff and the cidery above so much for giving us a truly amazing night.

Matt Gough

Very tasty food and beer with great customer service!

Vanessa Draves

Food was incredible and the beer rocks! Kudos to the awesome staff. Talked with me about rolle bolle and Belgian club in Mishawaka. Will definitely recommend and return on next trip to Indy.

Jeffrey LeFors

Had family in town and decided we just had to come here. I of course opted for the Tripel De Ripple, a must for first timers or any timers. Also enjoyed their bottomless mussels, a Monday special. Crepes were delicious, all three of them.

Alex Wiley

Local Euro style food and drink options, lunch special mussels and friets were excellent. Always like to check out new (to me) local spots when I'm in town and this is another winner.

Joe Consiglio

Fantastic Belgian beer and food and some of the best fries you'll find anywhere. We've been visiting for years on our way through Indy and have had a great time every time. Wish we lived closer so we could visit more often. This is a can't miss place if you are in the area.

Nicholas B

Good beer and good fries (frites). I enjoy the mussels but since I discovered the steak here... I hardly get anything else besides the steak and fries.

JR Emerson

Our first visit. It was great. My daughter wanted to come, I didn't think I'd enjoy the menu but the whole family had a great time. Great service. Great atmosphere. Great food. We will come again.

Daniel De Castro

Muscles Mondays, check it out!!!!!!! All you can eat 1lb at a time in a wide variety with BOTTOMLESS FRIES!!!! The beer is wonderful and refreshing. A must try in Broadripple for sure!!!!

Donald Wade

Their home brewed Triple is nice. Anxious to try Mussel Monday.

steven miller

Mussels are fantastic, wide selection of broths. Good ciders and beers, and excellent sandwiches too

Lindsay Schwenk

Great food! Always delicious and consistent each time we go

Sam C

Excellent place for a date! The atmosphere is great, particularly in the bar area. They brew their own beers, too! If you like sours, try the pooka. For $25, you get a bucket of mussels (your choice of seasoning) to feed 2, along with frites and dipping sauce. Best fries anywhere. Nice and crispy.

Jesse Hedges

Best frites I've had in the US!!

Tina Shipe

Great food, great service!

Barney Harmon

The atmosphere is great. There is outdoor seating which I always opt for on nice days. They have great cocktails and the service is good.

Funky Kong

I love the Fries

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