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6414 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250 Located in: Castle Run Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Asaka Japanese Restaurant IN Indiana

Christopher Lecureux

Amazing food. Great service. Sushi was light and fresh. Ramen was very well done. They have another dish that was fried chunks of chicken thighs which was awesome. Highly recommend.

Caitlin Collins

Lovely little space, the food is amazing, the tuna nigiri melted in my mouth

Nicholas Pierce

Bit expensive, but definitely worth it.

Jacob Sunmin Kim

Every visit brings good memory. It makes me go "Oishii~♡" every bite. Happy Hour price is reasonable and it is really good quality AND quantity.

Michael Singleton

One of my absolute favorites in Indy! Their sushi is absolutely the best I've had in the area so far, the service is terrific and friendly, and I love that it's a local family owned restaurant! The menu has some pretty great diversity as well with consistent quality. (Great Tempura and Ramen!!!) Just make sure to make a reservation because it's a pretty small restaurant so it doesn't take long to fill up!

Matt Litten

Authentic. Little cats everywhere. Very quaint. Happy hour plus cash payment is a fantastic deal!

shane grimm

My favourite authentic Japanese place for sushi in Indy. I go there everytime I'm in town.

Dean Trester

Best Japanese restaurant in Indianapolis.

D Gibbs

The best sushi in town. We come here frequently, even though it's across town. Authentic! Great prices. Go during their sushi hour and get stuffed for a great price!

Shane Milton

Their happy hour has the best prices!! Their sushi isn't the best in town but it is very good. This is our favorite place to go. Plus significant discounts if you pay in cash.


Fantastic sushi, great ramen, super sweet staff! Make SURE you get a reservation if you don’t plan on getting there as soon as they open as seats fill up quickly, even on weekdays. Happy hour is always worth it and of course don’t forget they give a discount if you pay with cash! Also I’ve gotten the special maki roll and hand roll every time I’ve gone (15+ times now) and have never had the same thing twice, which is super impressive. Thank you for always doing a fabulous job Nina!

Sagar Bansal

I have been here almost a dozen times. I had better Japanese food here than I did in Japan, and the service is great.

David Mc

This place is the best Japanese restaurant in the state I love going there every time

Anisha Dongol

Our food was quick and delicious, staff were all pleasant and accommodating, the decor was no frills authentic, and the vibe cozy. Great spot overall. We only went for a light dinner but they seemed to have an expansive menu for a small place. Excited to come back and try the other promising options

Evan Lawson

Best Japanese restaurant I've been to. Food is always good and fresh, there's no bad dish on the menu and the service is always top notch. Prices are excellent

Mary Dougherty

Very poor service. Waited more than 30 minutes to order a beer. Hire more workers

Ali Kohlmeyer

I LOVE this restaurant. I have been many times and have never had a negative experience. The staff are so charming and inviting, the food totally exceeds expectations, and the restaurant is cute and fun to look around. I go here as often as I can and reccomend it all the time. One of my favorite restaurants and my go-to for sushi and ramen. I'm so happy to have found this place!

Erka Phelps

Took a little long because we didn't get a reservation, but super worth the wait. Ramen was AMAZING

Cassie Brooks

The sushi is beyond amazing

Carl Overby

Fantastic food and service. My wife absolutely loves this place.

Gary Nettoc

The food is perfection, the staff is beyond friendly. Everytime I visit I feel like I'm back in Tokyo. My husband loves their curry, my favorite dish is the beef teriyaki don. Sushi happy hour is from 5-7 pm and never disappoints. You should definitely call and make a reservation or be prepared to wait!

wang ikea

To sum it up in one word: Mediocre. The Nigiri tasted ok but the rice to fish ratio was off. Too much fish and not enough rice. Nigiri suppose to be eaten in one bite in order to enjoy the perfect harmony of fish, rice, and wasabi. To make matters worse, the salmon was not properly defrosted and tasted icy in the mouth. The server told me it tasted icy because it is fresh, but if its fresh why would it be iced in the first place. I understand it is impossible for the fish to be fresh but my advise is don't make bad excuses if you don't know what you are talking about. Lastly The spider roll we got fell apart like sand when we try to pick it up with chopsticks. If you are someone who wants something authentic, this is not the place for you.

Melissa Huiras

Amazing! One evening, I spontaneously decided to have sushi in Castleton. It was a pleasure for us to find Asaka. The fish appetizer we ordered (yellowtail) was literally the best cooked fish I ever had. We placed an order for happy hour sushi (5-7 pm daily). It took a while to get it, but the wait was entirely worth it. Each component of the sushi was done excellently with perfectly balanced ingredients. Excellent flavor, perfect texture. I will be returning to this restaurant, probably with friends.

Alex Rubin

Very good overall. They were understaffed that day, but the food still came reasonably quickly. I really liked the environment. It looked very "authentic" but all the servers were white girls, which was an interesting twist. I like sashimi but they didn't have many choices. Everything I got tasted great and the portions were good. Prices were kind of high, but as expected for a sushi joint.

Rebecca Masur

Have been coming here for years and years and always enjoy the food. We had a lovely time here but I was a bit confused about why they served potato salad with the tempura. Was also confused about why the seaweed salad included kale. My dad made me take a picture of the sashimi with the pencil to show how huge the pieces are. The vegetable tempura was very yummy, the sushi was great, edamame was very good but really salty (but then again it always is everywhere) and the seaweed salad was alright. My mom and aunt enjoyed their sake and my dad enjoyed a giant Sapporo, and I enjoyed my green tea. Overall ambience is still very nice and server was friendly.

Cookie Hotaru

Walking into this restaurant reminds me of walking into my obaasan’s house. Even an old family friend. The smells are so enticing and the atmosphere makes it seem like a home. Sugoi!

Michael Harris

We have been coming here since it opened and it gets better every time.


As a person who isn't into raw fish, the veggie tempura hand roll and funky shrimp fry were sooooooo good! I went with people from work and I was very surprised at how much I liked the rolls. The curry was really good as well. The service wasn't bad for a larger party.

Sydney Hobart

Always delicious! Fun and also delicious daily specials. Their happy hour is unbeatable, just be sure to make a reservation to avoid long wait times.

Alexis Cabral

Great staff, large portions delicious food. A must try!


This place is amazing. A friend and I went on a whim because we were craving sushi. We ended up getting a roll their had on special which was amazing and only $3! But also the ramen was very filling and had such an amazing taste. I can’t wait to come back with friends and try the rest of the menu! The staff was great, friendly, and so polite! Over all was a great experience.

Luke Waller

The sushi here was delicious! The staff was helpful and friendly. We arrived about 10 minutes before they opened for dinner on a Sunday, and even though a line had formed, we were seated immediately, and our table was visited right away by a waitress. The food took a little time to reach the table, but it was totally worth it, and if you have good company, who cares about a little wait? The place itself is small and dimly lit, but it adds to the coziness. Great place!

Andrew Coomer

Friendly staff and good sushi.

Jaira Harris

My family ate dinner here last night (some for the first time), and it was a very good experience. The food was delicious and the presentation was very nice. The staff were friendly and helpful, too. I liked the fact the menu had the Japanese translation of each food item, as well. Another interesting thing is they have two pay options. The first one is the regular credit card paying method. The second one is if you pay with cash, you get 10% off of your bill.

Qiang Li

Delightful dining at asaka.

Xin Zhong

Amazing authentic Japanese restaurant. Salmon was terrific!! The servers were sweet and charming! The pics at the Sushi bar helped us in ordering food!

Michael Dono

Authentic, amazing fish, great service, and the biggest pieces of sashimi EVER! Can't beat the happy hour, you won't be hungry after.



Jim Masur

Beyond spectacular sushi. Would like to see yellowtail on the happy hour list, even if more $$$.

alicia sweet

This is my favorite sushi and Japanese food, authentic, delicious and freaking great service. Family owned and woman-led. One bad thing is no other sushi compares and the thought of any other sushi is sad. Only Asaka for me!

Christian N

Excellent sushi, ramen and ambiance. Certainly the best sushi I've had in Indy, with absurd portions of Nigiri. Great service and prices. All around a total gem.


Very bad service .food is ok.but very rude for customers.

J Hump

By far, the best sushi in the area at an amazing price. Very welcoming and polite staff every time I’ve ate there. I recommend Asaka to anyone in the Castleton-Indy area.

Priscilla March

I think that this is the most authentic japanese place in town!! Love their sushi and sashimi! It'salwasy fresh and generous cut!!!

Nevada Buckley

Asaka is a lovely shop. Nina makes BEAUTIFUL feasts and watching her & her father work is mesmerizing. The staff is wonderful and speedy. The atmosphere is calm and if you can, reserve a spot at the sushi bar in the back!

Reilly Harmeyer

Just had a great family meal at Asaka! All the servers were very nice and helpful. The sushi was great and we were able to eat for 35! Ice cream treat for the kids at the end. We had a nice time out and it was affordable. Glad we called ahead to get a reservation.


Love the ramen and sushi! Great service as well. Definitely going back.


Friendly atmosphere, top notch food. Asaka is a must visit restaurant

Cindy Hibbs

The best, freshest sushi in Indianapolis. If you go from 5-7pm, it's also the most economical. Served up beautifully as well. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out.

April Santiago

I have yet to find a better sushi joint!

Viktoria Volokhova

Excellent as always

Alexa Petrucciani

Best ramen I've had in Indy! Also, we were able to substitute the pork for extra eggs #veggiewin

Kelia Li

My favorite Japanese food place in Indy! Lively atmosphere, sizable portions and fantastic food. I went here recently for a date and sat at the sushi bar for over 2 hours as we ate sushi and chatted. Service at Asaka is always a bit haphazard but the food makes it worth it. The nigiri pieces are always generous and the Dons are authentic. Good selection of alcohol. Pro tip: Make a reservation! They place is always packed.

Empirical Data

Best sushi in indy hands down. Furthermore everything I've had on their menu has been spectacular. From then ramen to the curry, its all worth trying.

Evan MacIntyre

Awesome family-owned restaurant. Sushi was delicious.

Xuankang Lin

My girlfriend loves it a lot! Very authentic and complete menu.

Daniel Volokhova Barlan

High quality seafood, raw sashimi and nigiri slices are large and delicious. We pre-ordered our food for a reservation and it was ready when we got there. Service was quick and efficient for others in the party as well. 10% off for cash during happy hour is also a great perk when eating here.

Alexander Beech

Best Japanese food in Indianapolis, and I've tried most of them. Great prices, wonderful staff, highly recommend!

Ethan Miller

Delicious, authentic, filling, and a great value. Can't beat it!

Toi Diaz

Hands down the most delicious sushi in the city. Be prepared for a little bit of a wait during happy hour. Reservations are encouraged. The service is fantastic and the atmosphere is simple yet inviting, kinda intimate.

Jeff Price

Everything was great except that the 6 year old with another group had double the amounts of steak and rice as myself. Who knows, maybe the cook was looking out for my weight.


Delicious grilled Sanma fish!

D. Wayne Galvin

The best Japanese cuisine in Indy. Sakura doesn’t hold a candle to this place. Service is great, the sushi is out of this world and the hot dishes remind me of the restaurants I used to frequent in Yokohama.

Keith Clement

Excellent food and service. Very large portions expertly prepared. Be sure to call ahead and make a reservation. They are ALWAYS busy and you'll be disappointed if you can't get in.

jarred gardin

...Top 3 best sushi I have ever tasted w/ large portions, sushi happy hour 5-7p, traditional Japanese food options; awesome

Jeff Moulton

Amazing food! Definitely recommend

connor alger

Fantastic service, great atmosphere and some of the best sushi I have ever had.

ben brockman

Some of the best sushi in Indianapolis. Highly recommended! Check out the happy hour an make sure to call ahead for reservations during peak hours.

Karan Araya

I’ve been here for 8 years this is the only place i would go for Japanese food. you can’t go wrong but sometimes it take so long. Still super solid food and friendly ppl here.

Theresa Thompson

I recommend you make a reservation for Friday and Saturday nights or you might be waiting a while. But it is because it is very good food and service.

Lori Janssens

Love this place. Their nigiri is out of this world.

Luke Farrow

I am always impressed with the quality and freshness of the fish that Asaka provides for their delectable sushi options (especially with the nigiri). I leave with a full stomach and a nearly full wallet every visit. The prices are amazing for the quality you receive. I recently ventured across the menu and tried the ramen, with which I was not disappointed (also favorably priced). The service is always on point and I leave very happy! I highly recommend this local spot. Best sushi spot in Indianapolis...

Misha Muchnik

This is hands down the best sushi place in the city. They always have the freshest fish, a fantastic Happy Hour menu, and a great family that runs the restaurant. I’ve been to several sushi places across the city, and come back here on a weekly basis because of how wonderful the experience is. I would highly recommend Asaka to anyone!!

Amanda Lunderman

Love this family run sushi place! Generous slices of fish! Good selection of Japanese cuisine without venturing too far out of the American comfort zone. Fear nothing here, try everything!

Susan Holty

Love this place! It's a must stop every time I'm in town! Only down is owners crying baby but so cute!

Ron Odle

I really enjoyed my experience at Asaka. I think they must serve the biggest pieces of fish in the city and they offer a lot of different discounts to make your experience even better

Veronica Rogers

Great food, great prices, great service

Peggie Lambard

Authentic Japanese food! Flavors are explosive. Service was slow, but the wait was so worth it! You can preorder sushi before you arrive as long as you have reservations, so it will be available for any large parties. They open at 5 pm... (people already in line) happy hour 5 till 7pm 1/2 off sushi... spectacular food... I can't recall the Japanese names, but the entire of deep fried chicken till crispy over rice with nannan sp? Pickled veggies was grand... as well as fried tofu. Yes, we are returning very soon!

Jay Hinkelman

One of the main things keeping me from moving out of Indiana is I would miss Asaka so much!

Chih-Yuan Chou

The best authentic Japanese restaurant in the Indy metro area. Went several times and each time I was always satisfied with different items on it's menu. Sometimes the restaurant may be crowded so you may need to wait a little bit if you don't make reservation in advance.

Steve Shea

My first time and the service was slow. The food was good

Amanda Valenti

Amazing little restaurant, great sushi and incredible main courses. But be prepared to be patient, it seems like they have a very small kitchen because they get behind on orders sometimes. It has always been worth the wait for us, definitely recommend here for date night

Herb Schuttler

Great fish with generous portions, delicious noodles, and tasty sides and appetizers.

charles strong

This is a great small Sushi bar.



Joseph Yeager

Been coming here for years, even before i moved to Indy! Hands down the best Japanese food I've had in the city.

Cody Eder

I was recommend and I was not disappointed. Thank you for such a treat. I will be back most definitely.

adam kogut

Amazing sushi, reservations are a must

Jane Wang

The noodle, the california rolls, and the curry rice are excellent. I'm especially taken by the california rolls. I've had California rolls many times before this restaurant but somehow the restaurant still gives it a wow factor, amazing. The price range of the food I ordered is between $10 to $14, so it's not too bad. Worth a try. And the curry, don't mean to compare, but the curry is not like the curry in one world, it actually has some real ingredients in it.

Riley Reynolds

Always delicious, fantastic service, and a very cozy interior. I've gone dozens of times and never had a bad experience. Highly recommended.

Steve Littell

This is the best Japanese places I've been to in Indianapolis! I had the ramen and my partner had a curry fish, they were both fantastic! I plan to go back soon and often. The ambiance was great. I wouldn't call it polished, but I felt pleasantly removed from Indy. I might say it's authentic to Japanese restaurants, but I've never been to Japan.

Chris Copeland

Amazing sushi. Would highly recommend. Had a little while to wait when first arriving, but that's not their fault they were busy and had a lot of reservations. If you plan to go, make a one. Prices were more than reasonable, service was great, and it is a family owned and run business. If I had to have a complaint, it would only be that we went here while on vacation and it will be a while before we ever make it back.

Ana Wallace

Really wonderful food, especially the sushi. The staff is attentive and nice. Make sure to call ahead and make a reservation, even during the week tables fill up fast! But worth it!

Laura Strickland

Amazing hidden gem of Castleton! Best sushi in indy!

Grayson Wieneke

Best sushi in Indy. I've been coming here for over 6 years and have never had a bad experience thanks to the tireless efforts of Nina, Emi, and all of the wonderful staff at Asaka.

Stacy Gibbons

Excellent service & selection. The best sushi in Indy!

N farrar

Great folks; great service; best of authentic & local Hoosier business.

chance french

Delicious sushi

Mathieu Chevalier

Woowowowow, just amazing!! I want and will come back :-)

Dhananjay Kulkarni

Best happy hour! Great presentation and very good taste. Our go to for sushi in Indianapolis.

Kara Veal

Wonderful service and delicious food. Highly recommended!

Jimmy Crase

Love the sushi and udon.

Kat Keith

great food, great service. best sushi in indianapolis! we love Asaka!

Claudius Tapia

Great food, best sushi in the area. Call at 4 to make reservations

Brian Nichols

Very authentic! Easily the best Japanese restaurant in Indy. The staff is so sweet!

YeonWook Jung

Delicious food & friendly staff

Melanie Hull

Every once in a while there is food that not only nourish your body and fills your belly. The food at Asaka also nourishes and fills the soul somehow. I left full and satisfied without feeling heavy and weighed down. Prior to this visit I did not like miso soup. Asaka made a wonderful version that I can't wait to have again. The house salad dressing had an incredible depth of flavors. This will definitely be a new regular.... Five months later.. food still rocks, service can be rude and sloooow.

Chih Zheng

Great everytime I come here. Complentary green tea when you sit down. Happy hour on sushi from 5-7 is always good. The curry katsu is a favorite among me and my friends.

Anne Paluszny


Alexa Fisher

Always call for a reservation. Probably the closest thing to legit Japanese food this side of the Mississippi. Seriously, their katsudon is better than what we had in some places in Kyoto. Nina is an amazing sushi chef, great servers, love love love Asaka.

Mindy Bell

The food and staff are both great! It's my favorite authentic Japanese restaurant I've ever been to! The sushi and ramen are the bestt

Henry Boyter

Never heard of it.

Jama Bradfield

Best sushi in Indiana. And LOVE the fish fry appetizer to start the meal!

Mark George

Great sushi rolls, pleasant staff. Reservations recommended.

Joshua Chan

An authentic Japanese Restaurant run by Japanese people. If you go during peak-hours (6pm-8pm), be prepared to wait. So it is best to make a reservation! If you do find yourself without a reservation, be sure to put down your name on this pad of paper which keeps track of your party. Take-out is also available for certain items (I got the Japanese Curry). The Miso-soup was a bit off (watery) but everything else was great.

Angela Brakke

Great place for those who love sushi.

T-Ann Winter

Fantastic food and excellent service!

Collin T

Hands down the best sushi place in town. Over the dozen or so times I've been, the food has been of a consistently high quality. My only complaint would be the wait, which can reach up to a half hour. However, that's what reservations are for, and if you go I highly recommend calling ahead of time. Overall I highly recommend asaka.

Stephen Venzlauskas Jr.

Great food and service.

Jordan Bruno

Wow! This is one of the best places to eat Indiana and instantly one of my favorite places I've ever been. I can't believe it took me so long to get up here. I feel pretty dumb now! The service is incredible. Take note all you new places in town! The food is unbelievable! Fresh fresh fresh. Seriously everything tasted fantastic. Ok I think I'll be back tomorrow!

Adam Fox

The best Japanese food in town, forget the places popular with Americans. The sushi happy hour is a good deal, and there are tons of dishes you can't order anywhere else in town. Off hours are best to guarantee a spot since it gets crowded.

Mario Enriquez

Amazing sushi. Come for the happy hour sushi specials.

Ethan Dicks

Superb traditional fare

YeJong Yoo

Great happy hour, fresh sushi and kind servers!

Elizah Monai

As far as I can tell, this place seems like authentic Japanese food. The menu was in English in Japanese and there were lots of strange options. We tried some kind of corn patties as an appetizer, my dad got a fish curry meal and together we tried the tofu pouches and two sushi rolls. Everything was pretty good but we were most impressed with jalapeno sushi roll with cream cheese it tasted like jalapeno poppers and the Spooky asparagus sushi roll. They were great and our waitress was extremely friendly. It was a nice time! I would go back again.

Neesh Walker

Not sure if I'll be back..the food was just okay. I only picked this place because they were relatively close and I wanted to try ramen for the first time. They informed us that they were short staffed upon arrival (which was fine). We were there for an hour and 5 minutes before receiving our main course. But they kept us updated and offered free miso soup for the wait. The salad was very bare and somehow not very fresh tasting. If that makes sense. The "on special" sushi rolls were the Devil ones. Consisting of jalapeño, spicy tuna, and some type of sauce. They were really good! The shoyu ramen on the other hand was just okay. Not as much flavor as I had hoped, but I have nothing to compare it to since it was my first time ever trying it. Don't know if I would be back.

Garrett Sheets

This restaurant is incredible, and is very efficiently run by a great family. I have been lucky enough to travel to Japan, and the food here is 100% what I experienced during my time there. I would highly recommend to anyone! My absolute favorite sushi place!

que ball

At first i didn't eat sushi until i came here they have some of the best sushi i ever tasted n the workers was very friendly n good service i would go back

D. Swede Johnson

Hands down, best Japanese restaurant in town and best I have had to date nation wide. Service is always incredible, every single time we have been.

Rowena Tibayan

Authentic Japanese dishes. Even their sushi looks fresh. Love the happy hour because of price and the rolls. They even give discount if you pay in cash! Always looking forward going there. Servers are very courteous and friendly. Truly a Japanese culture and food experience.

Sarah Rice

Always love coming here. The sushi and all their food is fantastic. Every time we go it reminds us of our trip to Japan. We have never had a bad thing here. Spicy red snapper is my husband's favorite sushi. I tend to like the special rolls. Only thing is to possibly ask for a little less dressing on the salad, but that's just my preference. I feel like they did some remodeling since the last time we were there. We got sushi again. New ones our group tried was the pumpkin roll which was good and the sweet potato roll which wasn't as good. We also had the special with tuna, snapper, unagi sauce, and green onions. That was my favorite. My husband still likes the spicy red snapper. We realize the veggie tempura roll had mayo in it. We wish we would have know because our friend who is vegan ordered it.

Bryce Higgins

Outstanding food, great service and reasonable prices. You can't go wrong at Asaka.

Olivia Holt

The best sushi &ramen in all of Indy. If you don't want to wait for happy hour 5-7, be sure to make a reservation prior.

River McCrocklin

We love this place. Best sushi in Indy.

Matt Stone

I'll be honest in that I'm not the biggest fan of sushi, but the sushi here is so much better than any other sushi you've had in town except for maybe One World Market. But even better than the sushi was sashimi, the raw fish. The salmon served here was very smooth, almost butter like, and had a lot of flavor. I meant to order some of the shrimp as well, but couldn't quite locate it on the order sheet, but we'll save that for next time. I also tried out my girlfriend's seaweed salad and it was really good, and I would certainly order that in the future. Of course I couldn't come to a Japanese restaurant without ordering yakitori, grilled chicken and onions served on skewers. It was piping hot and delicious. Can we get someone just serving yakitori and gyozas in night life areas like Broad Ripple, please? Some dining tips: Happy hour is 5-7 each night they're opened, and reservations are recommended. The second Happy Hour is over, the restaurant calms down considerably. The restaurant is very small and the hallways are very narrow. If you are wondering why people seem to disappear, I suspect there is an exit out back. Finally, there is a traditional seating area as well, but be prepared to take off your shoes.

Kevin Young

Asaka has the best sushi in Indy. Everything is fresh and well-made, and the nigiri portions are generous. They also have a full Japanese menu, and everything I have tried is delicious. Service is always good. Reservations are helpful, especially on the weekends.

Rumi Sakuraeda

When I want authentic Japanese food, I go to Asaka. They have great Japanese dishes that other local "Japanese" restaurants don't serve. Being from Japan, it's nice to have somewhere that tastes like home. The sushi chef Nina-chan makes sushi look like a work of art. They have great deals such as their happy hour sushi menu plus a bonus discount if you pay in cash.

David Bradford

Excellent, authentic sushi, and a surprising variety of Japanese food in a simple, cozy atmosphere.


Family owned and delicious to the soul. I've eaten at most of The Japanese restaurants in indianapolis so trust me when I say: The ramen is great and very reasonably priced. The sushi also follows suite. The atmosphere is amazing and I would suggest sitting at the bar if you can. Not to mention happy hour from 5-7 wed-sun 5-7. Seriously, try this place. You'll love it.

Kaileigh Furr

My fiance and I always come to Asaka for our anniversary dinner. We have made this a tradition every year (this is our 5th year). Their sushi happy hour is amazing.(5-7 pm) I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND a reservation if you want to get a seat because we have seen several people get turned away because the tables were already booked. It is well worth the wait just to eat there even at normal price but it fills up FAST. Just recently I have had to start utilizing a service dog for my deteriorating health and they were absolutely awesome and accommodating about it, even when I requested to be sat as far away from other people and the bar as I possibly could. I cannot recommend them enough. They are amazing people and we are more than happy to have this as our anniversary dinner spot without hesitation!! The first picture is of our meal(crispy salmon skin hand roll, crispy salmon skin Cali roll and two others) the other picture is of the anniversary appetizer they give you. It's think sliced red snapper deep fried and topped with freshly pickled onion, carrot, spring onions and sesame seeds. Lastly is my fiance enjoying a celebratory dry Sake.

Eunice K

Very fresh and delicious sushi❤️ will definitely be back!

Sean Cavanaugh

Would never have imagined a place like this could be in Indianapolis 5 years ago. Great food, great experience.

Whitney Thompson

Best sushi I've ever had

Jennifer Herrmann Bryan

Asaka is delicious. I always get a seaweed salad and several sushi rolls on their happy hour special. One of our favorite places to eat!

Sunny Lu Williams

Go for happy hour! Excellent, fresh sushi at low prices. Little non descript restaurant in the middle of rundown plaza. Great sushi and sashimi!


Great food and customer service the sushi chef is incredible I had a great experience

Darren Logsdon

Very authentic, would gladly drive 30+ minutes to go back. This is the best sushi I've had in central Indiana. Great Price!

Mai K

Good sushi with large neta style. Shari done right. Accommodated off menu temaki order.

Robin B.

Food was good, and I liked their green tea a lot. Miso soup was a bit salty. This restaurant could have easily gotten 5 stars, but there was a group of customers sat on the bar constantly making loud train-horn noise, and no one stopped them. There were plenty of customers who bothered with that noise. I understand that they might be your loyal, frequent customers but sometimes the management may have to care for other customers who just want to eat food with peace of mind.

Lagina Williams

Sushi is very fresh. Happy hour is a steal. Large portions of fish with nigri.

Janae Santiago

This is my favorite japanese restaurant here in the near Indianapolis area. I'm originally from Ca so we eat seafood prepared differently and enjoy different kinds of fish then they do here in the Midwest so this is kind of closer to home for me. The freshness of the sushi is always very pleasant. The service every single time I've been here has been over the top, very informative about the menu. If your new to the whole sushi or even japanese food in general the waiters here absolutely do not mind helping to choose what suits your pallete and even help you if you want to be a little adventurous. When I usually go it's my boyfriend and I. We order an appetizer called Firecracker. I reccomend it to everyone, we literally talk about it all the time its so good. (We Have even just odered that alone and left lol) then an entree thats always big enough to share for the both of us, two speciality rolls we both pick out 1 each. (HE usually get the same roll called "Big Daddy" It's one of my favs so I don't mind at all) and I usually pick a new different one each time (never been disappointed) they have descriptions on each roll on menu and your waiter can clear up anything you still don't understand. Then we get like 2 or 3 choices of some fresh sashimi or nigiri. If we're dinning out here, we don't eat all day so when we go in here we are STARVING hence all the food we order. Our bills usually comes out to about 70 dollars with tip about 85. So it's not cheap but all the food we ordered also adds up. Not an every week or two type of dinner maybe once every two months or so. The food is really affordable and you don't have to order as much as we do. I'm sure your bills will be different depending on what and how much u order, but we love this restraunt. It's a treat to us so we always make it a Day trip lol. We starve ourselves while shopping at the castleton mall just down the street so we can indulge at a the end of the day.

Am L

Great sushi and service. Women led business.

Sharon Massey

Biggest Japanese menu in town with tons of authentic offerings, personal staff and great food. We had a great time!


Great Sushi and service

Na Li

Stupid place. Ridiculously long waiting time (more than 100min) and slow service. Do not recommend and not ever coming in again ever. If I could give a zero or negative star I would. Food wasn't good as we've had better. The worst part is I got sick and vomited after getting home after dining here. WORST place ever.

Mina Jung

Made a reservation through INSTAGRAM. Love the Sushi Happy Hour: Wed to Sun 5pm-7pm. Closed Mon & Tues. Yes! Sushi Happy hour on Sat and Sun! Expect long waits if you did not make reservations. It's a family run, mamma-pappa place w/2 chefs. Sometimes, companies will book the whole place so check Facebook or Instagram for these notices. You have to try their Shrimp Shumai! It's on their regular menu, but it is truly the best I've ever tasted anywhere. Family & friends are always impressed with their special sushi cake that I preorder for special occasions. Ended our meal with red bean ice cream and green tea ice cream. They are always running out of red bean ice cream, yummy! Edited addition: to the lady who complained that there was no Hibachi grill food - show like Benihana's. Lol!

Bastion Noitsab

The staff is very friendly. The location is rather popular with locals, and understandably so with how good the food was for my visit.

Daniel Mecredy

Sashimi will blow your mind

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