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2751 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton, OH 45459, United States Located in: Mad River Station Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Amar India Restaurant IN Indiana

Sajith John Moolamkuzhi

Food without any taste with worst service and everything overpriced. Avoid.

Dawn Lusk

Wonderful food!

Nagarjuna Reddy

Pathetic buffet spread. Awful. Not for indians.

Clair Cabantac

My favorite indian restaurant offers buffet and if you want to taste different indian dishes and savor the flavor then this is the place to go.

Jean-Pierre Laurin

Very Good, we liked it.

Karen D. Brame


Ben Dykes

Great, reasonably priced lunch buffet!!!

P Baker

Great food, best in the area. Only complaint is they took Keema Samosas off Door Dash menu.

Lynne Yengulalp

Great place to have gatherings. They have a nice party room.

Britanni Dayton

First time stopping in and the food was delicious. The staff is friendly and we never had to ask for refills on drinks because the server was so attentive.

Rick B

Seldom I give a place 5/5. We went on Saturday 3.25, spur of the moment and out looking for something to eat. My wife and I have eaten here several times and have brought family as well. We have also had the lunch buffet which is good as well. The reason I am giving five out of five is because of the consistency of food and service visit to visit. I don't have much experience with Indian food, but I have tried numerous things on the menu and so far I haven't had anything I truly disliked. Further upon request they will provide you with a spice shaker if you want to make your food more spicy. They go on a scale of 1 through 5. I have had 1, 2 and 3. I don't have the same taste for spicy things as I did when I was younger. 2 was it for me on the last visit. My meal was mildly spicy. If you like it spicy, they can certainly do that for you. Their Nan bread is awesome. This really is a neat little place and I would recommend it to other people.

Ebrahim Munshi

Excellent quality and tasty food. Nice location.

Jeffery Childress

Amazing food and customer service. Clean! Fast! Quality! Nice portions as well!

Stephanie Michael

We come at least once a month. It is our favorite restaurant. Great service and food! They have huge, delicious portions. The staff is so attentive and friendly. I feel very welcome here.

chaitanya .s

Biryani is not tasty and it is not fresh.. you guys using mobile phones not not taking care of customers.. no gravy, lemons, onions. Finally its not worthy

Paul Kras

Excellent wines paired with foods. Fast service.

Ammar Fakhruddin

Excellent, Authentic and good quality Indian food.

Aaron Neal

Service was horrible, but food was good.

Mike Coyle

Quick and good. Great buffet.

Sravya Munisif

Not even worth a single star. Horrible stale food. Not for indians. The buffet spread was miserable. The manager was rude.

Jenni J

Very good food! This is my new favorite Indian place.

Mohit Syed

Food used to be good at Amar, but not anymore.

Virginia Bartlam

Good Indian buffet.

Hannah Inman

I always get the lamb mushroom with garlic naan and it is always fantastic. Large to go portions and always fresh.

Charles Russo

Super food and staff

B Mandel

Delicious food and friendly staff in comfortable surroundings.

Lydia Coleman

Good food but overpriced.

Cheryl S

Well, our visit ended on a great note! We were a large party of 30. Food Service was really good & Everyone loved the food! It was delicious & I’ll definitely go again.

Anonymous A Google User

A very top notch Indian restaurant to eat at for all of you Indian food lovers out there. This is the best Indian restaurant to eat at in this area. A must to eat at if you haven't already!

Sabry Zahir

Good food but desert bar is very limited

Jonathan Konanahalli

Exquisite Indian food. Drum teacher from Kincaid's Music.

Hap Cawood

Amar India is our favorite Indian restaurant in the Greater Dayton area, and our favorite meal is the lunch buffet. We like the variety of vegetarian options, the atmosphere of the restaurant, and the service. The dessert of fruit ice cream is a tasty dessert option along with the kheer.

Bretta Spruell

Our first visit and the food was amazing! Hands down the best kheer we've ever had! We'll be back!

Vonnie Mull

Always have one meal here when I travel to Dayton!

Richard Nihizer

Wonderful food and experience!

Pat Killian

Very nice place really nice people

Michael Blackwell

Saved to my favorites list. Ordered Lamb Mater (left of rice) and Lamb Vindaloo (right of rice) and some nan bread. Couldn't have been happier. Can't write a ton as we are leaving the restaurant as we speak but definitely try it. John was an amazing server; highly recommend.

Rebecca Dailey

I love Amar India! I've been coming to this restaurant for a number of years. I always get the same dishes because they're my favorite: Paneer pakora (mild flavored, battered cheese that's deep fried), garlic naan (a type of flatbread) and Chicken Korma (chicken in a cream sauce with cashew nuts and raisins). The entrees are spiced to the level you want, from mild to hot. I prefer very mild spice (level 1). The staff have always been very helpful in explaining dishes. There are a variety of menu options, including vegetarian. They also offer a number of beers and wines. With so many options, you should be able to get something you like!

Oindree Banerjee

Recommended Indian food

Lori the Herbchick

I ALWAYS love going to Amar India!! Great food. Great prices!

Amy Ward

I experienced Indian cuisine at Amir about 32 years ago and have loved it ever since. It’s a bit of a drive, or I’d eat here on a regular basis. In my opinion, Amir is the best Indian restaurant in the Dayton area. Great vegetarian selections, excellent nan, and super service and a pleasant atmosphere as well. My husband is not an adventurous eater, but he really enjoyed his first meal at Amir and will return without arm-twisting. He had the chicken tikka masala and enjoyed with all the sauces. So happy Amir is here.

Jared Moore

I order from here constantly because their food is always so good! Definitely the best Indian food around.

Christopher Picard

Amazing food and super friendly staff!

candance davis

Food suggestion and selection tasty and delightful.

Mark Zucker

Very nice lunch buffet. Everything's nice and hot. I wish they had some seafood on the buffet

Kunal Parikh

Great food, Nice quality, Good service, Awesome place.

Cheryl Scroggins

First time customer, reservations at 430. 454, still waiting to be seated.....I hope foods better than the service.

Pradeep Rajkumar

Went there with hungry to have enough food. But not able too have fully due to the server denied to provide little extra subji... Not satisfied..

Greg Humphrey

I have been to Amar India on several occasions. Always for the lunch buffet. I have enjoyed each trip. The food is simply delicious! The atmosphere is very suitable for lunch with friends or co-workers.

brad shutts

Absolutely my favorite restaurant in Dayton!!!

Jeremiah Johns

Really amazing menu. The Lamb Curry is the best I've had by far!

SatnamSingh Sidhu

Best food and great atmosphere and good people thanks for everything.

Jim Hartnett

Wonderful place. Chicken Makhni was delicious. Be careful with spices. Medium was more than enough for me. Nice atmosphere too. Would come back in a heartbeat.

Vanessa Straw

Amar India has the best food in Dayton! My whole family has gone here since they opened!❤️

Steve Foenher

Modern, clean friendly atmosphere. This was a terrific meal, chicken tikka masala, garlic nan bread, and mango lassi. Host was perfect, this is a great local find! top stars.

Leo Zendo

Good price for the buffet. 15usd after tip.

Abdullah Alatawi

Best indian buffet in Dayton

Spencer Lukowski

Goodlunch buffet, and good service

Anuradha Devara

Best quality Indian food in Dayton area.

Chris Esch

Recently ordered the Lamb curry and naan. Based on that, I'd say this place is a home run.

Mr. FireRotor

I love Indian food and recently moved so I was in need of a new good spot. This restaurant is excellent! All of my favorite dishes were 5/5 and there is a lot on the menu that I haven't had the chance to try at other places. Every experience I've had at this place has been positive. The food is great and authentic, the staff is courteous and helpful, and the lunch buffet is a great.

Kitana Kuhn

I love eating here. Everyone is so friendly. I've never had a bad experience.

Katie Zickefoose

It was great!

Celeste French

This is where I first tried Indian food and now I can't stop. It's the Lamb Curry that got me. Four stars only because their heat scale is inconsistent. Sometimes a 3 feels like a 1... So I order a 4 the next time, and my face melts

Hector Lugo

Delicious food and very friendly staff. If you've never had Indian food, try their lunch buffet and sample some.

Mindy Elizabeth Bayko

This place was recommended years ago by a local friend, and I come every time I can when I’m in town! Great food, kind service, and a really convenient location.

Emmanuel Morales

Good food and #chillvibes

Jason Burgess

This is great! If you like Indian food you'll love this place. Elegant and friendly.


I have ordered biryani and no onions , no gravy and no lemons are included and the biryani is also not fresh . I am totally disappointed with the biryani .. I request you to maintain some fresh stuff over there and ask customers whether they should want some related stuff from you and charge for the stuff if you want.. customer satisfaction must be needed..Thank you and hope will take my review into consideration..

David Earnhardt

Service was good and so was the food

Guy Smith

I travel around the world on business and eat at Indian restaurants as often as possible. This food is excellent and I rate it in the top 5 of all Indian restaurants I’ve experienced. Not only is the food fabulous but the staff are great.

April Hunter

Excellent spot for a top notch dining experience!!!

Michael Dulan

Food was delicious, service was great and friendly, prices were affordable

Brian Stangel

Always a good time and great food. Wonderfully friendly and helpful staff. Definitely recommend.


My first time experiencing Indian and was so good! Very pleasant and clean.

Rupert Noton

Best lunch buffet in the Dayton area.

sandeep y

Food was good but wait time is too much.

Shravan Kumar

Nice Indian food with lots of varieties

Lee Huntington

Amar has finally replaced their surly waiters with eager to please and friendly wait staff. The food is terrific.

Stephanie Scheuermann

Easy to find. Friendly helpful staff. Delicious food. So many tasty vegetarian items!

Maulik Shah

Food was okay. We ordered vegeration food. Not sure about non veg option. Staff wasnt much helpful at the beginning but the lady after that who was serving us was kind a helpful.

Jeremy Newkirk

Awesome food.


Best Indian restaurant in the area!

Mindy Burgess

Lamb with green peppers and ginger served in a wok was delicious! The service was excellent. Bathroom was clean. Very nice ambiance. I'll totally be coming back.

Elizabeth Wilson

Love the lamb saag and garlic nan.

Joe Marks

Not an expert on Indian food but the best I've found in Dayton.

Michelle Price

Food is good, but service is not the best

Jason Heys

Wouldn't let our son eat wendys, while the 5 other people ordered from their menu..

Angela Kirkpatrick

I moved away from the Dayton area many years ago, but Amar still is by far the best Indian restaurant I have been able to find in years of hunting.

Vamsi Devadula

Punjabi-American Style Palette. Expected to be a pure desi palette. Suitable for Americans, Indians might not find the authenticity.

Suman Kejriwal

Great place to dine in.

Emily Dunham

Went to this restaurant with my fiance. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the food was comforting. This was great as I dumped my boyfriend during dinner.

Yuria Katsuna #NCTzen

I love the ambient here! The staff are friendly and to the point which is great for me. I love the food, especially the curry. It's pretty clean too.

Rob Folk

Well it's been many years since I visited Dayton from Canada but this was my favorite restaurant. If it's half as good as it used to be it's excellent.


Food usually lasts me a couple of days. LOVE IT!! Try the Lam Saag!! Tell them Peter sent you!! Lol jk jk

Christina Jones

My food came out a little too spicy for me, but, I was trying to make do with it anyways - I realize I'm a 'light weight'. However, they insisted on swapping it out, and also brought out some cooling yogurt condiment which also helped. They were very nice. I'd been unable until now to find a good Indian restaurant other than Ambar all the way in Clifton - Cincy. I'm very picky and not very tolerant of "hot" dishes. I will be returning.

edin Xavier Castillo

Very good restaurant nice good food can't say something else

dipak suthar

The don't no what is panir bhuji and the open India restaurant he doesn't have any Taste of India food at all nasty food nasty service

Pixie Dancer

Best Indian cuisine we have had since moving to Ohio! Waitstaff was warm and attentive and food was on the table in a flash!

Amanda Becker

Awesome food and great staff. The lunch buffet is a must. All other Indian restaurants are competing for second!

Jeff Smith

The food and service are always excellent.

Dustin Taylor

Awesome staff. Great authentic food. Not the cheapest place but worth the price in my opinion.

Mayank Agrawal

Vegetarian food wasn't so great. It seems like it was not freshly made.

Makala Young

I absolutely adore dining in and ordering this for lunch via DoorDash. I mean just absolutely lovely. I find the chicken saag and garlic Naan bread my favorite so far, I get the mild. I also love the chicken Tikka masala with the rice, the rice is so fragrant and has such good flavor. I find this to be a treat of luxury. It is flavorfull and cooked to perfection. I have never had one bad dish. The samosas are delicious with the mango chutney, high quality food. I highly recommend this place if you have never tried Indian cuisine before.


Excellent food and the staff is helpful and friendly.

Ben Hayes

Great service and great eats

Cheryl Mauer

This North Indian restaurant is my favorite. The owners are very kind and keep a steady flow of customers coming. Our daughter and son-in-law chose to have Amar India cater their wedding. The food was presented in a clean and organized fashion. While one may choose spice on a scale of 0-5, I recommend at least a 2 or 3. Delicious!

Blair Isenburg

Took my 19 yr old daughter, first time trying Indian food, so we went mild on spice. We loved everything! We had fried cheese app with 3 dipping sauces, they were amazing. We each tried different chicken entrees and both were really, really wonderful. We were stuffed and could not say enough times how much we loved the food. You have to try for yourself.

Tre Arm

The food was so dam good i love it.

*Queen B*

Me and my husband ate there on a Wednesday around 11:30. We both had gotten the lunch buffet. The food was hot and fresh. We both had enjoyed the selection that was offered. The naan was amazing!! I think I ate more naan than anything else. Definitely would eat here thing to keep in mind is the price. The price for the buffet (as of 2/13/19) is $12. My husband ordered a Sprite which was $2.50. So for two buffets and one Sprite was $28.49. Which is too awfully bad, but not everyone can afford that.

Tasha Jenkins

Interesting dining experience. Food was delicious, but a little pricey. Our server was very patient with us, and explained the dishes very well.

Nick Jerome

This was my first time ever having Indian food. With that being said, after leaving Amar, I can't wait to go back. When you walk in, you immediately think of a nice family restaurant and a comfortable atmosphere. I went for lunch with a friend and had the buffet. This was a nice little selection that was very well kept and clean. We loved it. FOOD- 9/10 SERVICE-7/10- asked what something was and didn't get an answer. Still ate and enjoyed it. ATMOSPHERE- 8/10 OVERALL EXPERIENCE- 9/10 Eat at Amar. You will love this place.

Maria Buchanan

The food is amazing!!! Prices are good and the wait staff is helpful and attentive! They also give you a choice of heat levels 1-5. Menu has good selection including drinks. Definitely suggest coming here!

Me Myself and I

We were in town for the Dayton Hamvention, and decided to stop in for a curry. We were absolutely blown away by the quality, taste, and even the speed of service. Ordered the chicken korma, tikka masala, and a couple of naan. Within 10 minutes the food was on the table, piping hot, and delicious. Great portion sizes, friendly and efficient staff. What can I say other than we will definitely be back next year, and every time we're going through the area.

Matt Barnes

Amar is pretty damn good. The service is quick and in my opinion they serve the best Indian cuisine in Dayton. I always love the chicken curry and for starters the Keema Samosa. Great stuff.

Dustin parr

Great buffet.

Tyler Simmons

Best food out there period. There’s a reason why this restaurant has been open for more than 20 years. Amazing food and amazing service. It’s my family’s go to place!

Steph R

Best Indian food around the Dayton area! Their buffet is a good deal as well. Dinner can run kind of pricey, but the food is phenomenal. They also have great naan bread. The food is authentic and delicious!

Margi Liddy

Always delicious and fresh! Friendly and fast service! My favorite!

April Turner

Great food. Fast service. I love Indian food

rose espinosa

Very friendly staff and the food was great.

Damon Price

Best Buffet!! Love their tikki masala and they have the best kheer in Dayton!

chadnjo bowling

I walked in to pick up my order and every single employee had their back to the door looking down at their phone. Amazing how technology is more important than customer service. Not very professional. Smart phones should not be allowed in the dining room!!

Hemanth kumar Cheluvaiah

Loved it . Good food nice ambiance. Overall good experience. I reccomend to try this resturant.

Jahidul Islam

Was traveling from Michigan to Ohio, and whenever we see the name stopped by there. Had our lunch done from there it was great to eat there. Specially tried their vegetarians special that, which was just amazing.

Rhianna Wyss

One of my favorite Indian restaurants in the area. I live in Lebanon, but would gladly travel here for the food and service. The staff is pleasant and attentive, and I never have to ask for anything. The Indian food is always perfect, and the spice level is perfect! I will definitely be back!

jessica gaines

Soooooo good. Had mothers Day meal with large group. Came late so my dad forced me to get a order to go. First time eating Indian food BUT this was out of this world. I am upset this mornong that I ate it all while watching game of thrones last night.

Ashley Edwards

It was okay if u like that kind of spice

Neal Crosson-Hill

Nice dining room and good service. Everyone is always so nice here. We like to stop by for the lunch buffet which has many of their regular dishes and some special items, too. We like to take our out of town guests here if they like Indian food. Everything is pretty healthy and freshly made.


The restaurant was clean and staff seemed nice. The food was made quickly and although the taste was exquisite the lamb saag I ordered was very low on lamb. It also seems to me Amar India is a bit overpriced. Other Indian restaurants nearby are slightly cheaper and definitely put more lamb in the dish!

William Raglin

The food was really good..First visit... Service was excellent...I'm a vegan...

Zachary Erbaugh

Best Indian food in Ohio! I've been to Indian restaurants across the eastern hall of the US, and few places match Amar's food or service. The staff are always extremely friendly and helpful; the manager at this location in particular is a perfectionist who really cares about his customers' experience. Highly recommended!

Nik Patel

We have been going to this place for years. Food is great in taste and service is also satisfactory!

Mark Crawford

Very good Chicken Curry

Scot Blackburn

Superb Indian food at reasonable prices.


One of my favorite Indian restaurants in the area. The food is always fantastic, the Saag Paneer is my favorite and the spice level is on point. The lunch buffet is perfect to try if you have never had Indian food before. They have the different sauces like saag, tikka masala, different curry sauce and usually have a vegetarian option with chicken. The last time there I tried the vegetable pakora (friend vegetable fritters with mildly spiced onions, potatoes & spinach) and I was so very pleased. This is where i recommend to go to friends who want to try something new or are form our of town and want great Indian food. Have never been let down.

Kaylani DeSanctis

Best Indian food in the area! I crave their tikka masala and garlic naan!

Sylvia Maynard

Always a good experience. The wait staff is friendly and courteous. The food is excellent! !


Got some Deserts from here... price was too high keeping in mind the quality was the worst I have ever tasted in my life. The desert was literally stinking. I felt like throwing up after sometime.

Jena Tarulli

First time I had Indian food and it was amazing! Definitely coming back!

Brenn Busker

a truly excellent experience. super delicious food and thoughtful service, even during the aftermath of the tornados. would highly recommend!!

John Gaglione

Friendly fast service. Delicious cuisine.

Zhe Huang

Good food, good service. Best India restaurant around here.

Billy Caudill

Always has great food and service!

ram mohan chowdary vallabaneni

The worst biryani I ever ate in my life, totally unsatisfied with the taste, It is definitely not worth buying

ramachandran swamy

Best Indian lunch buffet so far i tasted in Ohio i travel around the state every week and always have hard time to find an Indian restaurant for lunch, because mostly in lunch buffet food is not fresh and variety is very limited. but here i found the MOST FRESH AND BEST LUNCH BUFFET, there were about 20 items to choose from. there were about 5 or 6 types of vegetarian starters including soups. There were more vegetarian options than non vegetarian and everything was mild will definitely come back

Saeed Anjum

Price are to high. And they over charged food was bad and so was the service


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