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REVIEWS OF Akash India Restaurant IN Indiana

j smith

Affordable good Indian cuisine.

Robert Candido

Full of flavor! Vegan options. Loved the Bhindi Masala. Kind hostess. Will be back.

Jeff Watts-Roy

This place was great! We were the last group here and we could tell the staff wanted to go home but they were incredibly gracious nonetheless!

arpita kaushik

The food was average. We had ordered a chicken biryani and it was more like a pulao.

Peter Linko

Not to bad food I prefer the chicken curry over the lamb. (Personally) make sure if you want to order food that you let them know that or you will sit for a good bit....

Renuka V

Good Indian food.. Loved their daal makhani!

Matthew Noonan

Clean and nice food. Could use some more Kick. But I enjoyed it.

Han Figworthy

I had lunch here on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Their website says they have buffet EVERY day of the week. The manager informed me they only have buffet on weekdays. I had the chicken curry and chicken tikka masala. The chicken curry was good, the tikka masala had good sauce but was served in an unusual way, strips of chicken rather than chunks. Definitely made a difference. The vegetable samosa appetizers were great and the naan bread was fantastic, warm and fluffy. I have eaten at many different indian restaurants and still want to try the lunch buffet here. At this point I would say this is a fair to moderately good place.

Phillip Ridley II

Had the lunch buffet wasn't a huge selection. Good was decent and price was reasonable

Jeffrey Myers

Food was really good and reasonably priced. Service was very good.

Patricia Rhodes

Enjoyed the Chicken Korma. Good service.

Raj R

Food was good. Staff some are good some are arrogant. Cleanliness, not the best. Will i visit this place again? May be if i have fewer options

Heather Kereluik

This is probably one of the better Indian restaurants in town. They have a spice scale of 1-6. My husband tried a level 5 and didn't think it was spicy enough. My tikka masala tasted great, it was just a 1 spiciness level. Their garlic nan tasted very good. Another big plus is their alcohol selection and lower alcohol prices.

Shounak Bapat

It was decent. Had lentil soup and aloo Tikka. The soup had a tad bit too much Turmeric and the Tikka was decent.

Deepa Buddhavarapu

Good quality food. Great price.

Jarrod Childress

Good food. I had the lamb saag level 3 spice.. rice on the side.. very good.

Rita Thomas

Best Indian Food in Cincy!

bigyan shrestha

Poor service, bland food.


Not authentic Indian food. Especially the chicken I didn't like it. The masala tasted more like habenero and the prices are not worth the taste

Sam Herald

So good!!!

Bhavana Yuvaraj

Taste is good but the food is expensive.

Adesh Agnihotri

Delicious food, specially for Punjabi indian food... I am staying in downtown and it is the best place to eat out here.

Dr. Rajeev Chauhan

Taste of India

Sam Andoh

Good, moderately priced place to eat. The portions are large. Dinner with a glass of wine sets you back by only about thirty one dollars; and that includes gratuity

Stéphane Boghossian

I had the lunch time buffet. While not a huge expert on Indian food, it all tasted fine. Nothing exceptional, I have seen worse and also buffets with more choice.

Vishal Sharma

Great food! Amazing lunch buffet!

Jo Ben

Great food and great service!!!

Gaurav Aryal

The chicken smelt like rotten chicken.

neethu V ish

terrible place

R & L N.

Delicious food.

Scott Fischer

Ok Indian food. There's definitely better in Cincinnati area.

sivakumaran krishnamurthy

Like the dishes .it's good to have

Bob Wagner

The lunch buffet is great, but the atmosphere is lacking. It feels a bit empty.

Manu S

It's probably one of the bad restaurants in Cincinnati downtown. The basics of a good restaurant which is good food, cleanliness and good behavior of the staff is all MISSING here. They do not have anything that tastes good. Their buffet is a mess with combination food that does not go well with each other and the restaurant itself is not clean and not well maintained. They do not switch on AC/heater at all even if it's freezing outside. They do not treat or greet customers. They are arrogant and lethargic. They take Indian customers for granted also they take their taste of food for granted. By far the last on my list of Indian restaurants in and around Cincinnati.

Joshua Smith

I had the lunch buffet. Not a huge selection but all of it was delicious, mostly vegetarian dishes with three chicken; chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, and tandoori chicken. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Manoj Ramasamy

Below average restaurant. Just able to survive since there are no other Indian restaurant within downtown. Should add more varieties to the menu.

Hariskumar Panakkal

One of the best Indian restaurant near Cincinnati area

Roshan Richardson

The was really good. I ordered the special which was too much for me to finish alone.

Lee Walke

Very attentive service. Great bread.

adarsh vb

The food tasted ok nothing great

Tera Phoenix

To Delicious

Nikola Elektrizikov

Have eaten here about 3 times, the lunch buffet was enjoyable. I like their saag and saag choley, its pretty distinguishable, they must not use as much heavy cream, in the curry, which means its healthier food.

Pamela Hale

Good selection if food on the buffet. Prices are good for the buffet.

Peter Pocsik

Great Indian food and reasonably priced. Beware the #6 hotness factor as it is hot stuff but delicious! Setting is a bit odd but not a factor as food is delicious.

khusboo pandey

Food is not good every curry have similar test

Prasad Enjeti

Not clean. Poor service

Jesse Harrell

Great food.

Andrew Donaldson

It was okay food but a very limited lunch buffet.

Dwanda Simmons

Jorge was a our server and he was amazing! I eat out often but have never had such amazing service! It's wonderfully decorated and atmosphere is relaxed and fun! And the food was a perfect compliment to the service and atmosphere. I never gorge and am a tiny girl, but couldn't not stop eating! A definite favorite!

Thomas Breen

Wonderful flavor in the chicken tikka masala

Shenae Jackson

One of the top best Indian restaurant here.. I mean the food is on point

sameer sharma

Great snacks and indian tea


First time trying it and it was good

Archit J

Good Food

Manda Paolello

Always very enjoyable And well cared for here

nadine peppers

Great, I had the fish Vandaloo, excellent dish, and the service was great as well, my favorite of all the choices!!!!!!! Thank you!

Adam Langlais

Everything I had was delicious, and the lunch buffet is a great bang for your buck!

Kevin Cole

I've taken my lunch here at least weekly for 19 years. Unfailingly good.

Beth Szymanski

They will no longer make me the Mattu Special #9 that is a staple at Ambar. They have done it for me for 12 years.

vaibhav manjare

Not good food ,I tried Chicken biryani here it was the worst biryani I have ever had

Melyssa Mappus

Everything was flavorful and the service was attentive. I really enjoyed the akash Indian sampler meal.

Jennifer Leeth

Fresh buffet (even toward later end of lunch rush) with delicious favorites. Very attentive staff!

Adarsh G.

Good Indian food

Brett W. Johnson

Very good Indian food and not crowded. Full bar

TJ Colvin

I love this place. The buffet is great as long as you are ok skipping the spicey heat. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Brahmaiah Maddineni

Not many options available during buffet

Francisco Castro

The classics, at a great price.

Andrew Mollmann

The food is delicious but the entrées are so expensive for the amount of food you get. They give you a ton of rice since it's so cheap, but the amount of chicken/whatever you receive is rather paltry.

Valerie Fidder

Authentic Indian cuisine. Food was excellent,. I had my favorite (saag paneer), it was perfectly spiced and very good.

Chris Coonshead

I got the makhani and it was fantastic! A little overpriced, but what Indian restaurant isn't in the states

Jeffrey V

Consistently good.

Jenni Coco

Some of the best chicken tikka masala I've ever had!

Jayd DeSalvo

Food was delicious, dining area was clean, service was prompt and polite.

Michael Borcher

Love it


Decent buffet for the price of $11. Didn't feel bloated afterwards like many other buffet places.


Authentic Indian food. Chicken tikka masala was very nice

Mark Gruenberg

Lunch buffet was very good. Well liked by people with diverse cultural backgrounds.

chris martin

They got water from the janitors closet!

Sachin Chitlangia

It was decent

Phani Kumar

Food is not authentic Indian and you get good service only if you are not an Indian. Most of the curries are very creamy, missing the actual Indian flavours. Owner is very greedy for tip and demands tip from people. You can try the buffet since there are more options. I would go there only if I have no other option. If you are an American, you might like this place.

Olivia orso

Yummy Tikka masala. And the lunch buffet is affordable and Tasty. Good date spot if you are downtown

Darrel Glass

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood food. Hella vegetarian options. 10/10


I never had Indian food in my life. I was pleasantly surprised to how good it was! It's a very cozy place. The staff was very nice! I would highly recommend you try this place if you want some really delicious Indian food!!!

Andrew Yingling

macie mac

The worst Indian food I have ever tasted in last 10 yrs. I ordered Malai Koftha & poori and its no where near to it. Very unhygienic food. The restaurant should be brought to the notice of food control authorities to inspect & close the restaurant

Smeldrick Mcsweeney

Good food and friendly staff

oober goober

It's an okay spot to eat if there's nothing better available. The food was served to our table far too quickly to be made-to-order. Still, the food tasted fine.

Orion Trist

Decidedly mediocre.

Jean-Yves Benedeyt

Food is averge but close to my hotel

Laxman Nayak

Good food and service

Susan Dawes

Delicious food prepared for our party, and plenty of it!

Vega Bhatnagar

Average food. Buffet is not spicy so good for a quick meal at lunch time.

spencer ledyard

These other Indian reviewers MIGHT have a point but I wouldn't know because my experience was awesome.

Amy Fletcher

Had the lunch buffet. It was just okay. I doubt I will go back. Ambar and Dushmesh are much better.

Mou Chakraborty

Not good

Donna Ford

Great food and friendly staff, this actually the only India restaurant I visit.

Bharadwaj Indrala

The taste is good but hospitality so bad and people are so rude and they are not providing a good service at all. The old man who take care of the orders he doesn't know how to behave with customers at all.


Pretty good Indian food. There's a decent buffet selection, but more could be added to it. Lunch prices a bit on the steep side, but to be expected being downtown.

Alpesh Pandya

Usually I avoid restaurants with large menu items. To serve too many menu items, they have to rely on many pre-prepared and Frozen stuff. This restaurant belongs in that category. They are trying to serve too many menu items for dinner sacrificing quality of ingredients and their dishes. Average Indian food with good service.

Amy Sapsford

Never go wrong with Akash!!

Anvitha Vallabhaneni

Food is neither fresh nor delicious. Reception wasn’t good either.

Meath Mushrrai

No menu prices

Ravina Ashtaputre

Bad, slow service. I ordered a salted lassi which comes with salt and cumin addition according to the menu description. The lassi tasted like water and tasteless. I told them I cannot see cumin in my lassi, the lady just said ''I don't know, this is what we serve'' I was surprised at the response. Entree weren't that tasty either, pretty bland. None of us enjoyed the dinner. I have tasted many Indian restaurants in Cincinnati, I wouldn't recommend this.

Tricia Lucido

Very good.

Brandi Sauerwein

I love Indian food. Therefore I have been to many Indian restaurants in the Cincinnati area. Akash is by far my favorite. Writing this review is making my mouth water.

Narasimha Desai


srikanth vasudevan

Me and my family had a good indian dinner @ aksah when we had a visit to Cincinnati for a conference. It was amazing

Parth Shah

Good food decent Service

Kanishka Boppidi

Bad quality. Food is not freshly cooked. Owner is highly tempered.

Nate Blevins

Fresh, tasty buffet. Chicken is high quality. I'm surprised the reviews aren't higher.

Gene Kazimiarovich

Limited selection but great food otherwise.

Suzanne Haegele

We love the lunch buffet

Jon Meyer

Always amazing. Best Indian food in town.

Mirna Feghali

Loved their lunch buffet option

Jennifer Szczesniak

We ate here while visiting Cincinnati for a conference. The food was so good we went back the next night. I got a normal meal and my husband got a platter. Neither of us left hungry. He liked that they had a scale for how spicy you want it. You are able to get a lot of food for a reasonable price.

Nathan Murray

If you really want indian, and you care about speed and price, then I'd recommend. Otherwise find a nicer joint honestly...

Sachin M

Tried their lamb Biriyani for dinner but it was a big mistake. What I actually got was more like a pulao with some curry mixed in! It had green peas in it and the rice used was not basmati - just some cheat ordinary rice. I mean the dish could pass of as a poor fusion dish. But DEFINITELY not biriyani and also way overpriced at 14.99. Biriyani is hard to make and takes hours - so usually has to made in a big batch in 1 go - so its possible the biriyani they serve for their busy lunch-time is better . But thats no excuse since they should just take biriyani off their dinner menu instead of serving this very disappointing fake version.

Kristie Dougherty

Consistently delicious

Cheryl Barringer

Great service, good food.

Logan Delape

Rakesh Kacham

Food taste was not at all good. We asked for separate checks for our group of 5. But they charged all together with 15% gratuity ( they have a policy of 15% gratuity for group of 5 or more) and asked us to split the total bill into 5 parts. I paid almost double of what I ate. With this stupid billing, they forced us to pay 15% gratuity and also with stupid way of bill split i basically paid for other person in that bill. Very upset with food already and on top of it this billing.. Worst place to be in.

Senthil Kumar

Only Indian place near the fountain square. Less options compare to other Indian places.

Raditz Ten

Ate at the buffet. Food taste very common for the Cincinnati area, heavy creams in nearly all curries. It's been very Americanized even for a North Indian restaurant. I do not consider this authentic Indian food.

Chris Shaw

Good food, nice staff, I enjoyed my lunch there

Chad Taylor

Great lunch buffet!

DeAnna Cardona

So good!!!! Excellent food and service! Friday at wait!

Andy Kistler

Easily some of the best Indian cuisine I've had in this country. Excellent seasoning and use of spices, broad menu, welcoming and fantastic service.

shruti seth

Love to have Indian resturant with great buffet price in the heart of downtown!

Kevin Roper

Went there twice in 2 days. Very good.

Jayaprakash Muthugopal

Worst Indian food

Joe Pearce

Really good buffet lunch. A little pricey, but, you get plenty of good food and don't have to wait.

Brandon Leatherman

Wonderful Indian food!

Grayson Zhang

I always come here for their lunch buffet. The food is less authentic but still delectable in a different way. I think this is due to local preferences which is fine. Unless another Indian restaurant opens in the downtown area that is better, this is my place for Indian.

dominic coutinho

Good food and ambience

Archana Mohan Kumar

Good nicely run place. Loved the Indian food

Steve Bader

Good food

Ted Grossardt

Great food. Interesting and flavorful. Many different styles.

Robert Goff

Good lunch buffet, large selection, great service.

Lappies Labuschagne

Adarsh suresh

Weekday lunch menu is limited and basic. Tastes fine though.

Jacob Ries

Food was great. I am new to Indian food me and my wife got the curry chicken and paneer naan bread. this was a single order that we shared and it was more then enough food for both of us. Huge portions amazing flavor and our waitress was extremely attentive. would go back any day

Jay bharati

Not so good.. food is just okay okay

Chris Thomas

I've only had the buffet at lunch (I understand the food ordered from the menu is very good) and have been going a few years. The buffet is fine, it's consistently decent food but not amazing. Everything is kept mild but they provide the chutney/relish stuff of various heats to customize. Love the fried pakoras which rotate types.

Johan Backlund

Good food, sadly not very busy.

Ronak Shah

Like it


I'm never disappointed with the buffet or individual orders. I like being able to do carry out and just pay for the weight of what I get. The staff is really friendly, and the food is always great. It's also very close to my work so that's convenient for me :P

Mohammed Ali

I had chicken biryani and it was delicious

ajmal siddiq

OK ...we we're there today at 2 :15 pm. We ordered samosa, lamb, do piyaza and tandoori chicken.The samosa was raw inside. I asked them to refry them.They did the second time around and samosa was ok. Tandoori chicken was very old and I believe they microwave the chicken and then sauteed onion and bellpaper put it together on sizzling pan after one bite my wife take it out from mouth. Basically ckicken and lamb everything was stale. The only thing that was good was Daal soup and water... They know just the Indian dishes names not recipes... no

Alison Conrad

Great food and customer service

Zachary Erbaugh

Great food, nice atmosphere. Staff was pleasant and helpful!

Deborah Lepper

Amazing amount of amazing food at extremely reasonable prices. They are happy to answer questions and guide your selection.

Ward Edwards

Good meal for a reasonable price. Good selection in the lunch buffet.

Jon Sagalow

I will never go back. The owner/manager was incredibly rude. He looked at my to-go buffet box and decided it was "too full" he then opened it up, yelled at me, and then put a surcharge on my purchase. It ended up costing me 12 dollars for a mediocre at best lunch buffet. To put it in perspective, Amol costs 7.99 and has food that blows Akash out of the water. Spend your money elsewhere.

Sean Butts

The lunch buffet is the best!

Morgan in Ontario

Excellent vegetarian and non-veg Indian cuisine and they cater weddings as well

Sharon Harmon

Butter Chicken was amazing! Good friendly service.

Mark Sickmiller

I got the lunch buffet on a Friday afternoon. It was $10. There was ample seating and food. The selections favored meat-eaters but there were a couple of options, though not well marked, for vegetarians. The naan is on the buffet, so that is nice. As a bonus, the staff maintains an excellent selection of cassette tapes on the bookshelf behind the counter. Overall, the food is passable but certainly not great Indian food, at least on the buffet. I have never ordered their regular menu items, as certainly those would be a little different (I hope).

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